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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 9, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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host: welcome to life in paris, world news and analysis from france 24. marc: on mark owen, these are the headlines. vladimir putin compares his invasion of ukraine to the soviet struggle in world war ii. he was speaking at victory day in red square. elsewhere in russia, there were arrests and antiwar protest that of the moscow parade. emmanuel macron says it is obvious eu treaties need to be rewritten. he was speaking next to germany's olaf scholz. joe biden signs off on a law
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thatould make sending aid to ukraine easier. land and police measures that help the u.s. get military support to their allies in world war ii. this is life in paris. thank you very much for being with us. it russia staged its victory day parade this monday. it's annual collaboration with the end of world war ii and the defeat of the not sees. in all, 27 million soviet people were killed in world war ii. the bravery of the siet people in the siege of leningrad and stalingrad is legendary. this year, russia's president vladimir putin tried to use the parade to draw a parallel with the invasion of ukraine.
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this is nothing other than pollutants and intuitions of the truth and many would point out that in ukraine, it is vladimir putin that is the aggressor. and ukrainians are brave resistance fighters. in his opening remarks at russia's annual victory day parade, vladimir putin lays out his view of the war in ukraine. >> our soldiers fought the enemy near moscow and leningrad. he has, stalingrad and kursk. and now we're fighting for the donbass, for the security of our homeland, russia. comparing his invasion to when russia defended itself against germany in world war ii, vladimir putin says that the west refused any constructive dialogue prior to the war. the russian leader claims western powers were seeking to invade russian territory, leaving him with no choice but
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to carry out what he calls a special operation. everything suggested that a clash with neo nazis, backed by the united states and their little friends, would be inevitable. silence falls over the red square to honor russian soldiers who have died in ukraine. no formal declaration of an annexation of the donbass region , now largely under moscow's control. neither has vladimir putin ever officially declared war on ukraine. russia's ambassador to poland was splattered with red paint thrown at him by opposed protesters. hundreds of angry people waiting for ambassador sir and he arrived with a wreath of flowers at the warsaw cemetery to give to soldiers who lost their lives during world war ii. poland says the incident was
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deplorable. they ignored advice from the polish government not to attend. police help them safely leave the area. it is now currently the place where most ukraine refugees are being held. russia bombed a residential area and school at a town near luzhanska and killed ukrainian citizens. this came from clans president ukraine's presiden they contie to contr of luhansk in preparation of further assault on the town's. ukraine officials sent for -- had struck the odessa area in southwestern ukraine. odessa of course for many generations, russia's favorite holiday destination. the governor in the southwest said overnight strikes had been
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very heavy on his town. now a sight from the donbass in the east, a large part of southern ukraine is under russian control including most of the region. russian forces are preventing civilians from leaving the area, thousands have been making journeys fraught with risk in order to get out across the cracks. this report from ukrainian health territory just north of the occupied. >> these are bicycles on which people fled russian occupied villages in the region. the white ribbons are to mark them as civilians.
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some feel that coming by bikes too risky. every morning at this police station, people arrive from the region on foot, leaving as early as possible in the morning to give themselves the best chance of avoiding the russians, it is a journey of several hours. [speaking foreign language] >> upon arrival police take down the details. though exhausted, the couple are relieved to have escaped russian occupiers. they wait with some other idp's
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for a bus to take them towards kyiv. this frontline area is not really safe. these flew in recently. despite the risks, authorities say some 40% of the population is still here. marc: our reporter there in the region, we will continue bring you more on the situation in ukraine. france is president emmanuel macron is throwing his weight behind proposals from a citizens panel to reform the european union. he says the european union's guiding treaties we need to change for it he told the european parliament they need to reform our tax, it's obvious.
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earlier, a dozen states publicly opposed tree reform which could trigger that wrap up in some member countries. we have this from strasburg. reporter: today's event and strasburg may have been about the future of the european union , but there was a distinctly ukrainian color running through the entire day. ukraine of course not at this point and eu member state. several ukrainian refugees who had been invited to participate in the event, there were many of the european participants wearing the colors of the ukrainian flag read and in all of the high-level speeches given by european figures, mentions of the war in ukraine and why it was giving an impetus to the european union to make reforms to the way its own democracy functions. that included emmanuel macron, who gave an impassioned and long speech and he talked about how the war in ukraine had showed up in europe's own vulnerabilities
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from its defense capacities to its food security. on the issue of ukraine's potential membership of the european union, well, things are a little bit fuzzy. joining emmanuel macron saying ukraine is part of the european family, but not going so far as giving concrete details as to how ukraine might proceed to accelerated membership. in terms of the consultation and reforms to european democracy, european assistance who have been taking part in this consultation put forward 49 proposals. they will be examined by the european institutions. interim measures on health to climate change to migration. and emmanuel macron throwing his weight really wholeheartedly behind those today. even saying he would support changing european treaties to get some of these proposals through. he is facing already some opposition to that. 13 other eu members governments publish an open letter while he was giving his speech saying
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that they are opposed to changing european treaties. something's not as simple as emmanuel macron might like them to be. marc: catherine nicholson, our reporter there and strasburg. let's bring in some wider analysis. the head of the europe in the world program at the european policy center. good evening to you, sir. emmanuel macron's words, we need to reform our text. it is obvious that he is talking about broadening the whole european family. what are your thoughts on that? >> listen, i think he makes two important moments today in his speech at european parliament. one was precisely what you mentioned, this idea of treaty change, of revising the texts, which means that he would be favorable to open a treaty change or a convention to be able to do that. and the other bit is this idea of a european political community. so short of membership to the eu, he proposes the creation of
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what he calls in his words on organization to basically be able to bring an countriesot as members, so that they could be part of certain either security or energy or some mechanisms of integration to the eu. so i think to a certain extent, this proposal is an interesting proposal. but it is actually a very pragmatic one from him. i would expect a little bit more ambition, especially for someone that has spoken 70 times about strategical autonomy, european sovereignty and looking at this new moment that we are in europe , that european leaders have been saying a watershed moment, a turning point. and him, president macron and other european leaders, seem keen on not looking at enlargement policy also through a geopolitical perspective. to a certain extent, this is probably a more pragmatic way to move forward. also to avoid -- offering
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candidate status to ukraine and then it just sits there. this is probably his way of putting something on the table. he is proposing ideas that are important for europeans to discuss in the coming weeks and months. marc: indeed. momentum is something that is difficult to get going in the european context and of course it is important to have that to push things forward you talked about obviously macron's broader strategies. no terry cooperations, eu arming, that kind of thing. in many ways, ukraine has brought a lot of things in sharp focus for macron. >> i think it did. also to a certain extent, you could say that actually helps his argument, saying that had we been better prepared and made more efforts and asked for, we would not be facing this situation. on the other hand, you can also make the argument that even as the crisis or the war in ukraine has shown, the only way that you can guarantee territorial integrity is through nato. so this actually, i mean, i would say that there is a big chance that the countries in the
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east baltics, poland and others, will be very reluctant and pushing too much very forcefully to this idea of strategical economy and security and defense, because the last thing they would want -- and i think maybe all of us at the stage is to push the.s. out. so i think there will be a lot of debates in this area of security and defense between not only among europeans, but also with our american partners. so i think that there will be a lot to discuss, i would say, in these areas, also because our proposals, as you are mentioning, from citizens. i believe that this is putting in sharp focus also some of our european deficiencies or vulnerabilities or even dependencies. marc: indeed. the migrant crisis tested europe. ukraine is another test as well. ricardo, some 13 out of 27 states disagreed with macron about this idea. what can you read into that? ricardo: i don't actually the possibility, but i think what
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they want two aboard -- they want to avoid some of them. you see some of them are more reluctant to move very fast on integration. but what i think they would want to make sure is that europe does not enter at the moment that we face such a big challenge, such a big threat, that europe will enter a moment of inward looking. and so i think that this, for me, of all of the five or six paragraphs of the letter, this is the one that i think is very important. let's say, even if we were to go into this discussion of conventional treaty change, it is very important that we do it in a way where we are actually dealing with world as it is, and not somehow the world as we would want it to be. and in a very sort of inward looking debate. i think europe certainly does not need that now, but it does not mean that we should not discuss all options. marc: thank you so much for joining us ahead of the world and europe program at the european policy center. thank you sir for that analysis
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prayed all the best to use her, thank you. the u.s. president joe biden has signed the ukraine democracy defense land and lease act of 2022 into law. the measure was already passed by both houses of congress. the law updates previous legislation. last used during world war ii, to help the allies, do not forget, that would have includ russia, to defeat germany. the new law will streamline the process of sending aid to ukraine. bureau chief of the guardian in washington joined us earlier. >> this is updating a law from 1941 used during the second world war for the u.s. to send weapons to the allies against germany. in this instance, the update was passed by the house of reprentatives. although 10 republicans did oppose it. it went unanimously through the senate and basically, the key here is we are removing
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democratic hurdles to supplying ukraine th weapons. as the name implies, this is lending arms to ukraine, but that's just a technicality. they are allowed to defer payment for those weapons pretty much indefinitely, so in essence, america will be givg these weapons. nancy pelosi, house speaker spoke about it. she visited ukraine. she said it is all about time, the speed of getting these arms to ukraine, as we have seen in the east. the intensity of fighting every day. this will allow the government, businesses to work toward that end without some of those bureaucratic hoops they would have to jump through. marc: david smith, the guardians bureau chief there in washington joined us a little earlier with that news and analysis about joe
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biden signing that law on that land lease which makes sending military supplies now more streamlined, easier getting into ukraine. time for sports. selena joins us with some football transfer news and it does not get any bigger than this one. the super kid playing in german football. reporter: he has been linked to manchester city for sometime now and it is understood that the move is nearly a done deal. german media saying a reported 63 million pounds could be confirmed in a matter of days. it would be one of the biggest transfers of the summer. they are close to winning a successful premier league title and have refused to respond to reports so far. he has scored a 61 goals in 66 games since joining. the 21 year old became the youngest player last year to reach 20 champions league goals.
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to tennis now, coco is through to the second round of the italian open. after winning 6-1, 6-4 in rome. bounce back after dropping opening serve prayed winning seven games in a row to take the first set and open up a to love lead in the second. the german opponent fought back to 2-2. but had her surf broken. then served out to complete her victory in straight sets in 71 minutes. it came as a disappointing recent string of losses to six in a row now. meanwhile, simona falls into the second round after beating vance's police 6-4 6-4. the champion alighted 5-1 and both sets. they fought back both times before the romanian sealed victory for a forehand winner on her opponents serve.
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the champion and top seed meanwhile, the unity crown madrid champion are both in action on tuesday. osaka has withdrawn from the tournament with an achilles heel injury. and in the men's singles, brinker has picked up his first win in over a year. first round after beating number 17. 36, 7 5, 62 in rome and just two hours. the injury hits from her grand slam champion, set down and a breakdown. 361 into of the world rankings, is only playing for the second time since his march 2021 injury to his foot. and the player says he continues because of support from the fans that keeps him going. we have also just recently seen the former u.s. open champion,
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dominic lose against fabiano 6-4, 7-6. they've yet to win a match since returning from injury in march. meanwhile, spanish teenager carlos has been lauded by some of the best in the business after winning the madrid open. 19-year-old dominated in the final against world number three alexander and he beat in straight sets in just over an hour and front of an ecstatic home crowd. an incredible achievement for now, the world number six. he was ranked 120 this time last year. he said he is right now the best player in the world. he beat world number one novak djokovic chaz his idol rafael on the way to the final. he has been dubbed as his heir. he says the rise does not surprise him and he hopes he enjoys a long and successful career/happy for him happy because we have an amazing player for a lot of years to
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come. >> i think carlos is a good guy and he is receiving a lot of attention. first, i think he is young, he is new and all the new things are more interesting than older things. when you see a new car, always looks better. when you see a new phone, always looks better than the old one. so it is something that is not old in this life could reporter: he is resting a sore ankle after that game, but he has confirmed that he will be competing on the 22nd of may. and ending with some basketball. it is level pecking in the nba's eastern conference semifinal series after the philadelphia 76ers beat the miami heat 116-108 in game four. brilliant performance by former ndp james harden. he scored 31 points, while teammate joel continued to
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impress on his return from injury. getting 24 points and 11 rebounds. miami pecked away at philadelphia's lead and we are close until hardin sank his for three-pointer of the game with three minutes ago go the heat won the first two games in miami and the 76ers have won games three and four at home. game fives on tuesday night in miami. in the western conference, the dallas mavericks also tied their best-of-seven series against the top-seeded phoenix suns with a 11-101 win. and that is all the sports for now. marc: so li na watching that situation with great interest. manchester at the line. amazing analysis, scary stuff. that was selena with the sport spewed across the studio, true thing are faking, that is a question. james, great to see you. starting with muslims praying on the street. it's been doing the rounds on social media. it claims these scenes were
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filmed here in paris. >> so if you go back a few years, you will remember when there was quite a few new sties. marc: i was going to say in paris. >> i think this is an article here talking about it. so, do we have the visual? there we go. so we have news stories such as out over the last number of years, so it is credible. in any case, this is a claim by an indian twitter user, so clearly quite far away from the actual offense that he is saying are happening in paris. marc: if that's paris, i'm the queen of sheba. james: there you go, that's exactly it. when you take a closer look at the streetscape, it might be somewhere in suburban paris, whatever, but it is certainly not the paris we are familiar with seeing in any case and certainly not scenes like that with a huge amount of people lined up in the streets,
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thousands and thousands and thousands. marc: it's a view for building, but it is not in paris. james: if you have not a huge amount of familiarity with paris streetscapes, that is the onion domes of the organ. -- orthodox church. marc: that's a russian building, isn't it? james: exactly. this is in moscow. even though you have an onion dome, it is a mosque in the style more harmonious of the orthodox churches. so it was broken down by quite a few twitter users saying look, this is moscow, it is the moscow cathedral mosque. you can see it on google maps etc. so pretty easy to debunk that completely falls. but for those not familiar with paris, you might fall into that. marc: i think it's more interesting james that it is happening in moscow. james: yes, it is interesting. it's as interesting. marc: believe it or not this is paris. what are they playing out? james: what is probably going on here is it is playing into
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indian politics, perhaps a degree of islamophobia that can take place in the hindu sort of twittersphere. and so, it is playing on that, on the image that muslim street prayer is a problem. marc: seeking division in france in paris as well. james: there's a grain of truth a few years back, it is credit will for those not familiar with paris. marc: indeed. we spotted it straight away. i think it's more interesting it happened in moscow. next up, that's we have here, a false claim on to where about scenes that took place during clashes at the mosque in jerusalem. now, this serious story, we have been covering it sort of throughout. what if you found? james: she israel. there were lots of clashes at the mosque. and what you have is an image that was shared of dust on the
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twitter account of an iraqi twitter user and journalist to race for the post and what you can see here, what he's claiming is going on here is a palestinian arcing the door of the mosque. in order to provoke a crisis or in order to cast this as -- what would you say question mark the handiwork so to speak of the israeli army using bullets and rubber bullets. now if you look at the coverage of what happened, indeed, the israeli army did used rubber bullets according to journalist at the scene. one ap generalist in particular in france. a piece of coverage on our website, but speak about the outcome of the use of rubber bullets, again, it is credible except actually that is not what happened at all. marc: the tapping on the door, that looks -- well it looks a good three dollar bill to me. absolutely fake. but what is he doing? james: what he's actually doing is in the context of the classes at them -- the clashes at the mosque. the doors were sealed and what
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he was trained to do here was on lock the door, quite simply. so that's real. that is real. that's a scene that took place, but if you look at the longer scene, it's clear that he is not trying to mark the door, he is tried to open the door. so that footage their in palestinian media and a back-checking article website, they fact-checks that. so this was being cast as a sort of hollywood type incident, i would suppose. somebody making out that the israelis were marking the door in order to i suppose further cast aspersions on them. marc: good for us we have the news live exactly as it is. it's very important that we have her strong editorial 100% rain to sort out the truth from the fake of what happens because it's genuinely important that we get it right every time. james: such a sensitive story.
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marc: and we could do it without people spiting the nonsense. james, thank you so much. selena, thank you for the sport. and thank you for watching. stay with us. more to come, live from paris. >> 20 years after the end of the civil war, angola is struggling to move on. the weapons may be silent, but the wounds have not finished healing. [speaking foign language] >> they fought for their country, but feel left behind. as rampant corruption widens the gap of inequality. [speaking foreign language] >> put a new generation of activists appears poised to pick up a flame, demanding yet again. [speaking foreign language] >> revisiting angola on france
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05/09/22 05/09/22 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> i have never seen such destruction. we have seen many wars in films, but never such destruction. it is a mockery. amy: out russian versus intensify their attack in ukraine, russian president putin fense the invasion on this the day of the day


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