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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  May 9, 2022 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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announcer: on this episode of "earth focus," lessons learned during hurrice katrinare being puto the tt along e coast olouisian some prect new oeans wil be bmerged the en of this cetury. thregion's surval depds on s abily to ada tolimate cnge. if sucessful,ouisianaay provi a bluepnt forthers ound theorld. [film advance clicng]
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tucker:here werfamilies here. tre were ds in th street playingootball,ight? the wereeighbo. this house was the candy lady. as ks, we wod come dn a spend o quarterand t here this poh and ea and jusenjoy thatmosphe ofthe commity, rig, and tht wentway ju overnht. it st got whed away [helicoer whirrg] manwe areeeing sces like this onehroughouthe city iebermando you rember if you told em thatthe leees had oken? bro: i don't reca
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specically, t it washat w orlea is floong. lters: n sit. knoed ovethem plas on their rch la night,uh? mis is se upset th you. couple months o, we haa rain stm, just ordinary rainstm in soueast louiana. it s one of the days tt we thoht, "heyjust a ltle rain but low ad behol the ci flooded.he draine sy was not up to par. tucker: we lovedurricaneas kidsi rememb when e calm came, would py out inhe ater. itas just other da off froschool, righ but now
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it's terrifng. it's teifying walters:his is n a hoax is is rl. clima change rel, so hodo we li with it? think inhis sectn of town, 'retarting undstand th water a lite chae goes hd in hand. johon: neorleans n the st 5 t7 years s really taken on a gre adaptatn of climateesiliencand clate chae. elevaon is onof the maor adaptions thayou sotimes se is thathe hous are raid higher this is t center r the sustnable engement a develoent. wehave rai gards here. help communies how tbuild ra
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garden we alsoave a chard. y see ovehere, we havlemons. t us oneff here.fter krina, u had al these tons from e water,o tht went io the il, and th's alover the lower ninth ward and probably a lot in louisiana. evidently, the process of going through the ees to br fruit,t doesn't come to t fruit. also, recommenabove-begardens wheryou can t fresh il to ve you cps that e not tanted witthat poi. wht we've ied to dis help with t communi to firs educate them becaue they t nfused aut, you ow, is climate ange a pitical ise. is iteal? we just t to givehem the cts. thewe try to sw how ey can b advatesor how wadapt to at clima. cker: we don't do someting, al this bety of newrleans tat everody love touristcome dowto e, the'll be lookingt
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just wate that's it. willms: the an we've reli onelieves at we cafight water, d if yo've er been to a ach when there's a rtide a you thk you c ght wate you willearn that y will le that btle. waggoner: with a climate adaptation plan, you have a wet system and a dry system, so when you need to lift water out, you can do that, but when you ne to let e water , yocan let e water though thasystem into thse canalsnd circute it arnd e city wiiams: ime, some pple mighwalk pas here an think, "oh, yh. it's just orgrown grass" no. 's low-lyi
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area th has certain vegetion in ithat is e perfect vetation wn you want war to absb and be able to ssipate a more grual ratei mean, doesn't loolike a t of natur scienc but the's lot o naturalcience thagoes int it. ggoner:osts lesto have greeinfrastrture becse this is low-maintenance. this is a model of a part of the city as theain draige basin you ve an unrground system, e white nes undethe ear. the id was to t the aternto thespipes, tget th watero the pumps and ush it o. that w the method. williams: uth of t matter is, ere is nway to sve our wat issues th just r pps and tbines.t's t enoughit will never be enoh. ggoner:ou know,ecades of ing thwrong ing usuay ki you. wgot our ath rning in005. lliamsif thereas a poitical ll to ma sure
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hat thisity seesnother00 yers, it wld meahaving very butiful, very aesthetic blueways along with greenways throughout the city, us living with water, so that when that next storm comes, because it's going to come--that's a fact-- that water has a place to go other than your cars and your homes and the street. [film advance clicks] reed: at some point after hurricane katrina, people started get really serus about astal iues, andhey staed to thk about sk reduion, procting pele fm floodi, togeth with restoraon as onthing th eds to baddresse and s we me up wi this cotal aster an whi is a st of projec that ve bee scntifical vetd, and s whave procts thatredge marial froone ple and pu
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itn anotheplace toctually bld new mshes whe ther's en wat at the ment. on the risreductioside, we have eensive ries of leveesnd floodtes arou ome crital coast counities.hese a project thawe thi will wo, not wok now, b work in the fuure. man: thiis skylane 5478 noember. kolke state's coaal maste an is a50 billi, 50-yea plani coider mysf an oceanogrher ana coasta geologis so i ok at ises le why weink in lisiana, d i alslook at issues like how we rebud coasta lancape. thbarrier lands are one of the first lines of defense against a storm, right, so notice how this is now pretty much continuous. there's no channels in the middle of it.
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this is an example of a restored barrier island. allight. en you c senew orles, so th's e of the mor post-trina lee improvents, so thidea waso baically twall offhis area to prent a sto surge fm getti to the wer nintward. leve are somimes bui with eart and somimes th're built wi concrete, but the coreoint is thathey are l a walthat procts an aa from ves d risingater from atorm. thbiggest variae in thiis sea lel rise. the sealevel ri rates are the lownd of th specum of what peopl pdict, th you cou rebuild rge are of the ndscape and prove flood otection for lot of pple. if tes ar at thhigh endthen i think lot of areas wl be lost,ven wi thetate's besefforts.
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all rig. well, lcome to codrie. e maste plan needs aot of int, and sthe kind owork thai do fee intohe paramers th the tate nee as partf its masr plan. so, y know, iust want to ve you aiew of wt the sa marss around herlook lik you c see thathere's rsh f miles ithat dirtion. mahes pride a loof buffe om storenergy, they're a buffebetweeour huma civilition and the seaso the restorati invols pumping sement inta marsh ke this to rse the evation o allow it toetter keep pacwith s levelise and fill inreas
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that he erod. sothiss the bua dove stcture, wch is onof the major oodgatesn the morgaa to theulf leve syem. wita levee,ne questionhat you ve is who's inside anwho is tside the lee syste by drawg this walin the msh, you're chging thenvironnt, but yo'ralso setng dowa series princles of w liveshere andhe kin of oices tt these mmunitie face the yea ahead, me of which e going be veryvery tou choic.
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bert p. quin: th area used tbe lover's lane because there was trs all ov the place. you cou get ihere a go hidback the, so w'd listeto musicnd hang t with ur girliend. y'all do't md if i s that, h? all ght. i w born anraised righ here, n t tall gss rightere. i gss it reresent wre all omy anestors w born anraised nd died,nd a l is buri ov here, s well, to me, means whole bch. comardelle: the land is important to us because it's where our ancestors settled. that's wherare famies are. that's whe the hea of who we ares. i's apacthat we becomone with
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alrt p. nain: the dians we in theay othe whit man, sohey l sign eaties f more la and mor nd, and th' how we t to er here.he goverent chaseus, soe settd over hee and wahappy, a now mother ture is tting us awy. brnet: thiis my grdparents my moth'side, my grndmoth and my andfather righthere. was raid here my whollife. y. isle d jean charlesas alwaybeen a wonderl place live.he isld didn't actally opeup to thworld fuy, not uil abo the ear fiftieshen our ad was blt. was vereasy to ke up in he morni and seermadillo in theard or ossum or
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ccoon,ou kno crossinthe yad or whaver, whaot. all that h changedecause, th a lot oit just ing watenow, e tes have ed off. at you' seeing actuay just a keton of wt it useto , you kw? alert p. nuin: to , it ans alst, i gus you ca say, le a fami member ving ncer, yoknow? 'seing eaten ay, you kw, where it's just little b by litt bit gting desoyed. no the only thg is,he piecof land isasting lger thanhe human dy can.
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the onright he is an o fielcanal. ere's one at pass here. tre' one at pass a bit fther, and ere's e that pses in the back, you're lookg at water saltwat intrusi ming from theipeline nals, d they dtroyed t vegetaon that used to have.. b, you kn, most othe peopleork for e oil comnies. th'rethe one that's putng food d payin the nt and mtgages a stuff likehat, s as muchs you hate the you he to like them. dup: isle djean chaes is-- what's theommonsaying?-the
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canaryn the mi field. 're seein-over he, we calit relive sea vel riseyou ha the glol sea lel rise, whichs slightbut abou80% of the s level re here i becse of suidenceso we th subsing and y have th globasea leverise at e sameime, soe areinkingy, think i's 3illimete a yr. it don't und like muchbut you into yea, 50 yea, and yostart to noti differees whe you're ready on slightl above thwater li isle de jeanharles. brun: in theeginningit was a slow ocess. iwas real not rely noticbl but the whener the wer start comg in evemore witit, it got toe more pid becse theyad more ter comi in a the ld didn't sta a chance,
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so many ople on eir wn did me the desion to becse of thwater. dena naqn: my damoved of thesland, want to say, right before ias born cause he wasn't able get to rk with theoad floong and hneeded to rk, but i amrom th biloxi-ctimacha-octaw ba of isle jean chles, and that's my ritage, at is my dghter's hertage. y know, at'our mily legy. albt p. naqui yaah! aughter] t all t peoplwho wille namedhurry upfarmer b. a ild was rn, evrybody wt and vit
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androught aift. nowt's t appening tnk you f today's sunse. aiden, u want indian name? yes.our na is litt fox. th displacent real, really mada changen our cuure. now kind ofive-- ha ha !--like ere are iians, ok dre: the ly way tse astal mmunitiewill rvive into thlater 21 cenry is torotect oselves fm the gu of xico. i realizin 300 yrs, thisill probay be allpen wate i mn, the s will ta us all ov. what 'm ting to dwith e leveeystem,hat i'm tring to do, is buourselve two o3 generaons.
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it's just about impossibleo includthem inta levee sysm. it wod cost pbably $300 million, and it would be nearly imposble because the salt nditionsre so ba you knowto build fod-protection oject, y have toave moreenefitsthan ost. o thing tt's t faored in e cost, ey only look athe cost the hom, the st of thbusiness, the inastructu, but, y know, i don't know howou put price ont, but ty do notonsider the st of a ole culte. [film advancelicks] [tom-toplaying] mardelleas displement
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e happeni and we just fuher sepate our commity,t' just gelost. [men anti] man: tn to theeft. mardell we leard about natnal disaer resience plan coetition,o we submied our pns. we wked to fitith the state's mast pl, and th present it, and t got fued. saders: rit now, t way elocatio typical happein the unid stateswe rely anndividuabuy-out del, anso, i othewords, meone
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receivesome compsation to goive somewhere el, but in dog so, wdo losthat cutural faic, so wdon' realnow if wcan move people clectivelas a gro cheaper d more eiciently thanndividua. comaelle: the's ry lile posite in the form resettlent of pe. you know, gernmentsust don't do it well.e presend a different mol, communitdesigned mmunitdriv. i thi that s, hud oked on th and said, "et'try itlet'try a pot progr, see if we n figurout how do thisn a aller sce so we n change it for--we have many communies in the u.sand abrd that's faci these se clite issue and i thi th's whso many peple are wahing, beuse 'sike, "okcan we rlly get thiright?" cause wenow hoimportanit is fothe fure of t wor to get right
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brnet: the's realityhere that don't ke, butt' soething that i ve to fa up to beuse, you see, had to there d make aecision lee a placthat's alwaybeen ho for 7r 8 generations, and that wasn't easy to let go of, andin fact,n spite swering at questn a few times, it still doesn't make it sy. [film adnce clic] comardel: sohis ishe new prferred se for thisland. this ishere ourommunity is gonna ve to. 's a autiful ace. to , this i new lifenew birt a sustnable ple. thiis a healthspace.
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nders: w, we donderstan thathis is historicly ibal counity, a we also derstandhat poputions havleft thi particur loation ov a perioof time, d thoseolks whore succesul in th projectill ve an oortunityo constite in theew locaon, but r primarset of beneciaries e the pele living othe isla. we wan toick up t people at are liing in ts direscenario and ense that ty live someere thais safe w and into thfuture. comdelle: i hope thathe tribe wld own t land, a actual, we st of lika mid ownersp. you kw, the folks wld have ll rightto thr land, t at theame time,f they we to go d nt to mo off of , it wou revertack to t tribe sthat waythat land wi be forer sacr for theribe thave. saers: we've g to walk pretty fe line by whicw're deloping sething tt makes sense f this counity bu also cld be apicable ta mucwider ary of counities that y be in a simir
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situion. we mply do't he good aner to at queion ye. omarlle: i fd this ery empowing.t's lowing uto eak downome of tse culturabarrie, somef those griebarriershat's en in ple from yrs past. you dn' even reize it. if ery othehurricanseason, ou're havi to reple cars or fuiture, y don't have chae to have sangs, andou d't ave a chce to alw ur kids he a bett next step life. srting ouin this pie of propty, th ca have a me and aay to proess intohe futur if i waso portrait on an eangered specs list, is is ourebirth ere we c stt our nepopulati to get f that eangered ecies ist.
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announcer: "earth focus" is made possible in part by the orange county community foundation and the farvue foundation. ■x■xqlo)?ñ q
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