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thk you. you are out toear fr everyay man withn extraoinary life sry. story th may welgive u a ro map to better fure. he w an acto a ng and dce manwho le off theroadway age on the wor stage i1948 king on ps border grds, arms and ole nations,howing u thate don't ve to bewed by the props o wer and ntrol. don'tave toccept world raged by wand
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plunng towar envinmentadisaster for 65ears as a cizen of no nion,only the wor o audio] rry davimade his own props ofreedom demotratinthat we-t-people n tear dn thwalls oppressn and ite our n story. we canuild aorld thats constrtive forll d destruive to ne. as vermo author abigl stone t it: "gar davis ons theoors our psonal il cells hands us thrusty olkey and ys: 'don forget dance othe way t'!" soow here is, the mabuckminsr fulleralled... "the neworld m" - mr. garrdavis! [applae and chrs] i'm ve appreciive ofhe fact at you'rhere as an audience and m here tentertaiyou, sot's like temple. u know, 's like cathedra alactors fl the sa way. d whate get
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fr you we t that.. we gethat atntion, that ectricity get that feelg back d it fee us. so wt do i nd this f? heers] [pno mus and alause] [tap sous] [ches] [mus stops] that it! [applae, ches, laughr] myeal drea.. was star... in a badway sh! i dreamt about that from aost day one! and at9, i g my big eak. ll, brea break.. i t in thehorus... got the chos oflet'face it! a bishow on oadway!! 19 yearold!!! [♪ mic] weere in bton, went to e produc and sai 'd likto understu danny ke!" heaid
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"wha!" obody cado dannyaye!" said, we, just f threhearsa the other understudies need somebody to read the role. so he thought and said "okay"... two years later... [whiering] danny ge laryngis... i'down ithe dresng room,down com the sta manager. and says the magic rds that ery undstud was to hea heooks dowat me ansays: ou're on first retion: "omy god i tta washy hair!" sold-o matinee here i a in frontf an audnce... at the impial thear... in nework... on badway!! but th want day kaye! ey don'tant me! n i rely car broadwayhow? for twhours! as t star?
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well, re's onef the nuers. ♪ o they paed a law. ♪ ♪ o they paed aaw... ♪ oh,hey pass a law..♪ ♪ down washingn d.c...♪ chor behind : "yes ld!" thankschorus.[laughte ♪ yankedoodle wt to tow♪ ♪ in goldfi bowl...♪ new and iny...♪ they we eeney, eny... miiiiney. ♪ ♪ and ced "hey ung pup. ♪ ur numr's up..♪ ♪ ha doddle di didd ♪ heeyt wgeeg ga ddle... [vy fast a indistit] ♪ brrrrrrrrrrrr ♪ the ilman gaa g...♪ ♪ dooooh ♪ estionnae! ♪ ♪ trrrrrrrr ♪ the ilman giaa git..♪
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♪ dooooh ♪report tdoctor ggaa git... danny t 3 cuain call danngot 3 cuain call got 13 f that peormance. neyork tim wrote aarticle,new yo times wte an arcle, coluia screetest aftward i was de--byhat one,one peormance! decemb 7th, 41. ka-bm! (mal 'we bri an impoant buetin frothe unit press. flash,ashingto thwhite house nouncesjapanesettack onearl harr. m no lonr an act. i'a drafte.. with emies iever knei had. i gorom thbroadwayheater the eopean thter aninto the2nd bombroup. i waed to len to fly. if i've go to w governme would tch me. my broer, ddy, chses
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the na. while i'in traing, his tin-n destror blowno bits at salno... that's shock. that's shock iope you ner have at a famy member ge killed war. what'sy reacti? i nted revge. i'furious the sairs whkilled mbrother! big broer, my mtor, weere youn we we going write weere youn we we going write pls... stoes. heas a gat poe heas a gre poet, ve talente we wergoing changethe rld. that wasy first action--just.. t these stards!! bu.. somethinhappen!as i'mlying er germa in a b- we'rordered. to bb brandeurg.
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did, fi milesp and en we goome. and en we sathe pictes. ani was hoified at the dtructionso my renge dippeared mpletely i rned to ame. wh was i dng? my broth was kled and m kiing brhers, d bther w killed d i'm lling brhers, anfamilies why ren't werrestedfor kiing peop?! why ren't thgermans who lled yourresd?! ll, 19, the war is over. i geanother ow. "three tmake readywith y bolgerrememberhe guy? the scarrow? wonrful wonderfuactor. areat hrt. now in thishow, helays e gi sadack. now in this show, plays the giad sack. i'playinthe colol... and then t generalnd so foh. but fstage. i'a realad sack! myriendssed to s "gry isn'tun anymo." i'm watcng newsrls of bombeout hirosha, nagasi...
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(male)hiroshim seen om the air ter the omic bomblastthat vtually esed thisity of 3,000 pple fromarth. as far athe eye n see, retched enes ofesolatioand ruin a rl 10 yes old whwas 0 metersrom the icenr. yoknow that nuear war. einsin said:if we don'tliminatear r's goin to elinate us! so go on quest to finout how beat the mostrrationa enemof all waitself ask expes. io to the libraries. iook for book no one h a clue! i'thinking to myself "is wainevitab?!" then i read book credibleook caed e anaty of pce. anit strucme like ghtning, that hans alady have a syem for eminatingar!
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it'soo simpl "come ongarry, you're kding!" no! inde countes with oneovernmen we d't fightars! ow about civilars?" hah! twoovernmen twsovereigies! but ifveryone cepts one gornment, war! i ok arounnew york and iee ethn groups l over t place sa ones at were war wit each oer, in oer countes. re they' playinghess whingtosqua. ist human ture... to go war? wharen't ty at war colicts cabe resold, not blowi up neigorhoods t in a crt of la then i reatom pains "theights ofan" ine madehat famo stateme "my cotry ishe wor." sof the wod is ourountry
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- -ts is tooimple rely-- if the wld is r countr d we cla it! and we rse our aegiance to thalevel, to theop level. ha no moreictionalorders! that'she key! and therefore. no morears. ddenly, becomes verylear to . didn't g arrestefor bombg cities cause ere's noaw agast it!nation politicns fo us byalking aut inr nation law. but eaties a just des, tween soreign naon-state which cabe broke anare, althrough story. ale) "there befo his cinet prident olidge signs fothe unit states a treatyesigned to outlawar".
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cause there's noolice foe to eorce the in oth words, ry simpl . worl law ! anthat h me ke a t of brks! d that, lks, is y we fght world war ii! war betwn the naons, nobetween us, thpeoples. ife'd had rld law, we cou have elinated the glob lawlessss the worlanch at ge ri to hier and thholocat. anmy broth woulbe aliveoday! "there ner was a war history "easr to prent by timy acti han the e that haju desolat ch gre areas othe glob it cld have en evented in my beef withouthe firi of a sgle shot "whekansas a colado ve a quael over e water "they n't callut the natial guard
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in eh state d go to r over i "thebring a it to the supreme court thenited stes and ide by t decisn. "there isn a rean inhe wor why we cannot do thainternatnally."it'll bjust as easy for tions to get ang a replic of the world as it isor us to gealong the replic of t united ates." [aps] when iinally rlize tha rld law essenti for the surval of hunity i knew had to ke actio was up ere maki war bombing ties "now've goto makemends- i'veot to st the nexwar!" you image? yosee... i was gog throug myersonahell. i walike a l of thesguysback fm afghistan aniraq. you oot somedy: you' ooting aimage t psychiaists say it'sike hole in ur sou
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you n't t it out!the st strawor me wa the stt of theerlin cris. i'm inhe acte resees! [siren] what if i'm call for tive dutto bomb scow? wow! i h to do sething. so n here itoes. head to ris. march in the us bassy, and official... gi up... my exclusive.nation...citizship! noyou say is is cry. i made atatement though. i made a stement wch said: "i'm ting thlittle b of sof seign that i ssess, and am plang it up onhe topevel, ok annobody c deny mehat! becae i am oside thetates yway. am no nger aationa citin so i c do what want! i n claim at i wan
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and that the d the sa day i d that i cimed to a tizen ofhe world [appuse and eers] [loud applau and ches] me: 'm a wor citiz !" i lk outf the emssy. w i am free of t war sysm, liberad from natial boundars, ltzing ave the entir syem of naons! energid by a vion of aorld wi no bords ! boundars! no fr! a which we are... one ! and you know what? the wod is alrdy one! and rld citinship is not aew idea. charlie aplin caed himse a tizen ofhe world crates martin lher king ndhi, althe greagurus,
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sters ansages calledhemselve cizens of e world. but, unfortunately... not mywn famil my sisr ginny- in philalphia-- ops the reblican nation convention... singin the starpanglebanner d my fher's pling-- he's gothe orchera for i when thehear abo citizenip. wow,hat a ock! what a ctrast family! dad ilores me to ronsider,bviously/i> now thfirst thg the cons says: "mr. dis you'vgot someing longing us." "yeah? usasspor than very mu, give iback! so you ge it bac noyou've g no docunts. u walk o of thatoor on the chas elyseein paris d you'veeentered ance witut
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documts. it the lotf millio of peoe. so wt does france do they s: "g out!" geout, youe statels, you ain'in ourook-- if y don'tet out the key--go jail! i sa fine. il go to rmany help reild wh i desoyed! but can't gea visa toerma without passporthe me thing in ft, as a atelesperson no nion willdmit me,o whe's a wod citizeto go? up tthe mooninto thecean? there's other pce! son that ment someing very ieresting happens. franceeclare pais de chllot nternatial terriry" for 3 nths. for thunited nions to ld s generaassembly the on year thun waout of n york!
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they h nowhereo go the ilding wasn'built the easriver, so thewent to ris. so i sd, my go here' piece world tritory rit in theiddle ofaris? beautil!makes point so go to t press-- the nit before sept10th--make a statement givet the ap, the wireervices,euters and forth.. ta my packn my back, go to e placdu trodéro onidnight leave frce by goi to t territo of e palaise chailo i unroll my slping bag. d go to eep! [chuckli] he lovely! m out france! ne morningabout 6a dge, nge, nudg.. "moneur ! moieur u cannottay here it againsthe law." i wake uand say: ut there against e law fome! " i
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showhis gendme what ey ll a "res de séjr": theye refusi to let stay. he lks at itnd says: " muste out of ance by ptember th!" said: hat's rit! and i out of ance... did you ow francceded this terriry to thun?" him: "nobut you' in pari" me"yes but he it's nofrench anyme! it's t france "if yotake me ay, back torance, y'll bemporting anlien, yocan get rested"[laughte really cks off! he nds some ders now. and th the pre arrived. anit becama circus!
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tizen. the onlyuy they cou get to e press s the viet unrsecrery-gener. anhis statent was verynteresti: avis... "is a rld baby tates majoin... "b diaperecitizens. ny !" [lghter] anyw, the sty went o. crds start to gath around. i had udents, usewives bunessme.. people wanted peace ! is seemed a brkthroughor them!they dn't knowhy...
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but leastne guy had bren throu... talk to the directland ey coun't get d of him it was moderndavid angoliath ory. i he the grod ther in thihectic tim fosix daysnd nigs! on the sth daya buh of posl clerks me outf the pais wi sacks d dump the maiat my fe. they were from the whole world! australia, india, sri lanka, from all over africa all over europ.. itas amazi... lk aboutne world what dthey say they'rsaying e're wry of ta!" sang: "we nt peace "youe our ho!" e're wityou in o village continz!" ow do i gn up world cizen?" ny said:you're le us... if you c be a wod tizen, scan i!" nine nths of e lettersaid "we wa
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to be rld citins like u!" was theeginning of movemen on t seventhay... the unas fed u huckling politica all over the ple were f up! thiguy, you know... givings a bad p!
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alrt camus andre breton simone de beauvoir raymond queneau, well, with so many ll, witho many waing to bworld tizens we opened a registry. the small hotel i stayed in, onicallyalled the hotel of the united states... sign: "register here as world citizens" we tk over e whole hotel. thfirsfloor s receptn. the second flo was gistrati. ththird floor s media. the foth flooras euple duonde", our wspaper. anthe fiftfloor was i, me. noin two yrs we had ristered750,000 ople from allver the worl hey!t's moreeople than ma smaer natio, right?
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this was the beginning... of a new constituency of citizenry on a global level... something extraordinarily historic d extraoinarily portant. now nce thun chaer mentns human righ eight tes...they h to defi them! so they pointed eanor osevelt whwas the uselegate the un ashe chairrson of a human rits committ. but e sovietloc said "han right no! "it'an invion of o sovereity. "we agrewith ecomic righ t not man rits." elean rooseve had meetings aer meetingsfter meengs and my cncil deced we he to ploa very gat big acof polital theer.
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(gry) buthe coldar isight the in thatoom! natis squabbng like ltle kids few wor in russn] (mal chair res the rarks ard, entely out order. so what did was got up bere anydy cou stop me there re balco railing leapt ov them out the fro where erybody uld see and i suted: (you garry) ierrupt! i terrup i interrt to make stateme!" [multie loud fnch voic] et him sak!!" interru... the nam the peoe t reprented he!" (mal "at then's genel assely"garry dis, the rld citin "whoot pple talking abt hiat the session'seginni
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wh he inveed e palaise chaill..."(garry) rbert evt... heooks up. sees me. [chuckng] it w like th! somebodyrom the ople d the flr given byhe present ofhe unitenations!well, started: "theations y represe divide u "andead us tohe abyssf total r. "what need isne goverent foone worl nd if yowon't dot, st aside! "and people'world asmbly "wl arise om our o ranks "to dot. cause can beserv by noing less (gry) well was hused out and, oosite, saazac is givi thsame speh in freh.
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(garry) and th we tookver. wead so ny peopl wantinto speakn that bcony that we terruptethat seson r a full hou th went alover theorld. (rorter)at a rect sittin of then's neral asmbly "an asnishing tburst from mr.arry dav knn as wor citizeno1."(youngarry shos out) pass e word tthe peop!" we... wenew we h to go ev bigger. we h to plan big, bi.. sptacular ow. to bak the ljam... when tt vote ce up the genal assemy. we rted the ggest hall iparis, lled theélodrome'hiver. theélodrome'hiver the madon squar gardenf paris.i> d we rend it on th3rd ofecembe toold the eting onhe 9th anmpossibltask to fl that hl in fivdays! theyut me a littlroom and i s doing speech. tryingo learn .
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d the otr speake wentp to t platfm. en i wt on, i s broughup to ts hugemphithear, d i was solutelytunned. byhe nber of pple ther it w 20,000 pele!! lifeagazine did big spread on th. th a chanttarted owly buiing... "gar... davi.. garry...avis..." i an i'm ud to appuse... buthis was shockwavof sound oaringpplause d chee] myyes get de hands rise inhe air.. my fists cnched [excit shouts "garry dis"] i'm taken in! [shouting in french: "freedom!"] i was taken in by e incredle [cers, hugapplause thst of por! i gan to le myself in thikind of sseaction. bumass pow is like drug! for a brief
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moment, i really gave in to the crowd's... adoration. then you draw back fearful of what... the very thing we're rebelling against-- giving power to one person-- is hapning! so, i s, younow, rrified,errified anthen speer aftespeake.. everyby's reive, was to heawhat theresidentof the uted natis said aut makinpeace. ll, finay it cam and he's one ofhe thinghe said. heaid: "asor me... "iould bin fulagreemen "with e ultite goalof wld federion and worlditizensh." the hall erupts in cheers! the letter continues. "indeed the charter itself... stipulated... "that thgreat pors would ma peace..
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"and thathe prary funcon the uted naons would to matain internatnal pee... oncehis has en made." to the public, this w sheer gbledygoo who e hell can makeeace the ifhe unitenations n't ke peacend admitit o is to ke peace naons can'make pea they makwar! the crd reacts. in a fury! [cmor of disappotment] a ung guy... his eyeseally ld, you ow hair strming pushethrough r securi jumps to e speakes platfo d he appls to : "we artired mere wos. "you'ra man ofction... "lead us "we willollow yo tell uwhat to !!" young pele, younpeople.. d everyby's goinyea, applau. hey, iidn't ow how to awer thathe w doing wt i didat the uted natis!


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