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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  January 24, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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day -- mandate. >> so the u.n. secretary general has condemned the seeing of burkina faso. the president's where abouts is currently unknown. earlier he had survived an assassination attempt. >> after days of gunfire, anti-government pro testers cheer at the sight of what is left at that time presidential motorcade. burkina faso special forces turned their force against the president's security detail. several people were wounded. >> what's going on here right now? nothing is going well.
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we expect add lot from president roc and he's only disappointed people more. he was the real problem. >> for the president's party this was an attempted assassination on a democratly elected leader. his time in office was up. a band of soldiers calling themselves the patriotic movement for safeguarding and repatriation led by this man appeared on state television saying they had ousted gaboe, the government and suspended the constitution. the movement which brings together all the components of the defense and security forces has thus decided to put about end to the power of mr. cabure, t with the aim of enabling our country to get back on track. gather all the forces in order to fight for its recovery and
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its sovereignty >> gaboe faced growing discontent in his inability to deal with attacking from groups from al-qaeda andy sill. millions have been displaid. it appeared to be a mutiny with soldiers asking for more means to deal with the ongoing threats escalated into a military takeover on monday with special forces taking over both the national tv station and the presidential palace. earlier in a tweet, the president asked soldiers to lay down their arms in the interest of the nation calling for dialogue. the west african buddy called on the soldiers to return to their baracks, while the e.u. urged the immediate release of the president. >> a third coup in west africa i will say that eqowaz has been extremely responsive and -- and
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strong and unified in their responses to these coups. >> after guinea, and now burkina faso, they're toppling a democratically elected president in a landmarked by unsentiment >> henry wilkins has this update. >> there's still not a lot of information at that time moment. we obviously know that the former president rok gabo re is no longer president. the government has been dissolved. since this morning, it's been a very heavy military presence on the -- on the streets outside the national broadcast of r.t.b. today. mu tineers have taken over.
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our best estimate at that time moment is that he had been at the military camp which is where the new committee started. and he gets -- he survives an assassination attempt. it's been at war now for six years with arms groups being linked to al-qaeda and aisle. although this -- this government just marked the end of their president's presidency also marks the end of the only period in bur -- burkina faso where the had demock sit >> six people were stampede north of the capital of yoendament fans ru rushed the stadium. in the african couple of
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nations. let's speak now w who is an african-american football writer. tell us what you saw and what happened. >> so i got the stadium a little bit earlier, with the covid testing and the pretty long security lines, i had to get there early. what i can tell you that around 10 minutes -- around 1970, we didn't think much of it in the press box. around the 50th or 60th minute is when rumors started to circulate of pretty severe injuries or deaths being reported from very different press. that's when i sprinted outside. i didn't see any of the scenes that i later saw on what's app photos or videos. but you counsel confirm how many -- couldn't confirm until later
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in the evening. >> i think they have a capacity of 50,000 on the ground. >> yeah, the organization committee of the afcon that capped it at 80%. tonight, there was absolutely more 80% at the stadium. it was nearly full. i'm assuming because the barriers didn't hold up. but from what i can tell you is that going into the stadium there's a corridor that is maybe two or three meters in width. around 1933 is when several journalist predicted this would happen. they have the death count at eight two more than the reported six by the association yeahed press. >> right. eight dead is what you're saying. and children apparently involved too. >> yeah, exactly. so i had a colleague who was a
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police perimeter set up from beyond the hospital. but he could confirm to me that one child has senior died. there have been other unverified video showing the mother crying -- for her kid. a minor did pass away unfortunately. >> a tragic situation. thanks very much. >> thanks. >> nato is expanding its military presence in eastern europe with more ships and force on standby. and the e.u. says it's ready to impose never before seen sanctions. moscow's master an estimated 100,000 soldiers at the perimeter. but denies an invasion. >> as western powers step up diplomatic efforts to diffuse
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tensions. and they joined by video call the e.u.'s top diplomat that should russia would block ukraine they there would be sanctions. >> we will reaffirm our questionable support to ukraine. and that any military aggress against ukraine will have serious consequence and massive costs for the perpetrator. >> earlier, the head of the commission announce an emergency financial package to help kiev. >> i am announcing a new financial assistance package to the country. made both of emergency lones and grants. first of all, the commission propos a new emergency package of $1.2 billion. this passenger package will help you create now. to address its financeable needs due to the conflict.
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>> meanwhile, the head of nato said the alliance would deploy troops in europe with firefighter jets. they have a deteriorating community situation. >> we are considering to further enhance our presence in the eastern part of the lines. this could include the deployment of additional nato battle groups. >> the move by nato has angered the kremlin. it denies accusation sit planning an attack >> demetri pescov says. we are seeing statement about more troops. >> it is also causing tensions to rise. i would like to point out, it is not because of what we russia are doing, it's all happening because of what nato and the united states is doing. and the information they're
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spreading. >> although embassys will remain open, the reduction of 'em bassey staff another -- embassy staff others. >> they're prepared to deploy if needed along with other nato forces. >> in some cases, some of these forces were already on a lighted posture, readiness to deploy posture and the secretary of state decided to make even more. shortened the tether even more. units would go from 10 days, now they're at five days. >> they have more reaction from there. >> we heard from the kremlin who has reacted very strongly to the meeting that's been ongoing in russ bells. >> the risk of kiev actually
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started a con flight in eastern uk. and nay believes it's a high. >> they were information is creating hysteria. that information is laced with lies. that's the official reaction so far. and we've been hearing from officials from the dumat mo is the house of parliament. the nato d dispatching troops is going to create a severe crisis they further expending. >> they were trying to prevent that from happening. but it appears all the diplomatic efforts have failed. and now, we'll we'll continue to move forward andthe russians are concerned and believes that is security concern. and they batted to make sure that nato was not expanding any further. they didn't want jew crane. they wanted to go back to 1997
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levels. after that point 14 new countries joined this alliance. and that's why near this position. they believe their security is at risk. because they're surround by a country that's part of this alliance and they believe this alliance has its own agenda led by washington. >> still ahead here on algazeera -- >> frustration among tricks lead to a u.s. supply chain stuck in neutral. >> away with go with your weather update for asia. we're going to begin in the
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northwest of india. you see the fog popping up in new delhi. the temperatures where they should be for this time of year. shower activity. but the bugging of it will pull out. myanmar with some showers as well but nothing major. we do have our plenty of storms. it's whipping rain from sebu to dev works. we do have a severe flood advisory in play. this is being am ply tied by the northeast monsoon. it's giving us some showers for coastal vietnam on tuesday. northwest is pressing down. batch of rain off the coast of japan on tuesday. likely to strike tokyo with some
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showers. but the bigger story is that snow effect snow engine tushing on again so some more snow in that area.
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>> you're watching al-jazeera. a remainder of our top stores the spokesman has condemn add coup in burkina faso. the military says it seized power. and the president's where abouts are unknown. >> france appeared to have rushed the stadium before kickoff where cameroon was about to play. the e.e.u. is ready to impose never before seen sanctions if russia attacks ukraine. before leading the kremlin to accuse it and escalating tensions. foreman lebanese prime minister says he's suspending his role in political life and will not run in the parliamentary election this is year. he's asked his political party
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not to participate either. we have more. >> he's been in politics since 2005 when his late farmer rafik hadiidi. he's been the leading sunday politician. but the three-time prime minister is withdrawing from political life. [speaking foreign language] >> there is no room for any positive opportunities for lebanon due to the iranian influence. >> our in decisiveness with the sectarianism. i'm suspending work and political life. and so is the future movement. i am not running with in the election nor a future movement. >> the future movement -- the balance of power is against them. >> he is that -- i guest --
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syrian-iranian alliance in the country. and therefore given that, it seems that the saudis and begun states are not putting much of an investment. # >> in cent years that changessed. backed by the predominantly shiak iraq. >> his exit is a turning point in lebanese politics the haddiddi's have some nateed since the end of the self war. but for many. his political position weakened in recent years. the former prims said he made mistakes by engaging with fake folks.
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>> there is no obvious lead tore replace him but it appears there are efforts to form an anti-hezbollah alliance. >> what comes next is we should have a large alliance. and on the politician and on everything in lebanon. >> even ha, diddi has criticized the i'm. which won their last election. their opponents are hoping to change that in the upcoming vote in may. some may argue. haddiddi. may have been standing in the weigh. >> the former roman catholic pope benedict the 16th. he says he mistakingly stoled investigators in germany that he wasn't notified that he was that type of past. and he about what he tri -- he
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plains the allegations. >> the central fact that is emerges from pages and pages and pages of evidence given by the foreman pope, just less than six weeks ago to this inquiry he says repeatedly that if he can't remember a meeting taking place, and it didn't take place. well, today, through a spokesman, he has said what he did was misleading the inquiry not through bad faith but by bed editing of this particular document. but what sensually happened right here is us historical record of sex auous of children. it has a remit in the last 35 years. but specifically late 19 # 0's. and specifically in the archsbishop of music and --
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that's where the former punch was arches bishop. he has admitted that on one particular occasion he was present when the case of a specific pryce who would go on to be convicted of child abuse. the allegation that he didn't do enough to act against this specific president. >> he said in the -- in the original evidence, well, i can't remember it. well, now these specific investigators said you were there. it follows that it is likely that you knew what happened. >> the leaders three main parties have m met in roam. >> there are concerns. but as it could bring down the fragile governing coalition. >> in the first round ofitely's
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presidential election, the overwhelming majority of ballots cast were left blank. >> at this moment we don't have on a catch we would pump their chance of wing. by voting black is to make a certain neutrality. and wait until one emerges on the one candidate. >> presidential election. almost lasts several rounds and as they move names out there app until they decide on one. just two days before the vote, former president berlusconi from the race. mary draggy, t -- the concern fr many voters if he ascends to the
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presidential is that it will aelect. also putting any current members it out of parliament out of work as the political tie has shifted since the last election. in the search for stability, votessers are even considering the current president. he's not interested in continuing. the presidency a ceremonial role the president weigh to resolve political crisis. there's little surprise that no candidate was able to win enough votes here on monday in rome because according to italy's constitution during the first three rounds of voting, a 2/3 majority is required to win and subsequent rounds that's reduced to a simple majority. political matters try to find it's parties try to find a con sen us the party to try to win enough votes. >> the stocks on wall street have rallied off to falling
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sharply after the possibility of conflict between russia and ukraine. the 1 -- and it could be a volatile week. kristen has more from new york. >> after a week of declines and a roler corps ride on monday, the stock markets closed higher in new york the threat of russia invading ukraine certainly giving investors jitters as is the prospect of higher interest rates. the fall, the u.s. central bank
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is expected to meet this week. and investors are worried that those rates could be going higher, cutting into pro-fits. corporate earnings, another concern for investors with those ongoing supply chain issues and labor shortages. they being unable to meet consumer demands, that could cut into their earnings. lots of volatility in the market. in fact, the volatility hit a 15-month high. analysts are saying expect more volatility going forward. >> thousands of truck drivers across canada protests against the federal mandate for travel across the u.s. border t. policy hurts businesses and driver's livelyhoods. >> the freedom trucker convoy departed the west coast of canada on sunday morning. and have been making their way west or excuse me, east through the west that is on their way to the nation's capital in ottawa. many stops along the way gathering together. truckers against this mandate. a mandate that the canadian liberal government justin trudeau the prime minister announced back in november. it came into effect on january 15th. there are vaccine mandates now on both sides of the canada-u.s.
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border. as truckers were exempt and there was no vaccination passport of sorts or mandate of any kind. as essential works, >> 90% of truckers in candidate like the majority of canadians overall have been fully vaccinated. but sit this local group who feel like this is political overreach on behalf of the government. and there is an expectation thousands of truckers will defend and gather in front of the parliament buildings on january 29th. >> making my way to the west toward oughts ottawa. the latest word on sold social media we are seeing that they're a little bit behind in gathering steam across the country. we'll see how convoy continues as they role their way into ottawa come this weekend. >> president joe biden is being blamed for empty shelves.
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winter weather and the search surge in omicron case adding to the disruption. the pandemic has exposed problems within the truck driving industry. >> across the u.s., supermarkets are receiving less and less because of labor shortages and extreme weather are being blamed for the lack of goods. another contributing factor, the trucking industry. 70% of goods are by road. , as it needs an streaks 80,000 to get goods where they need be and to help meet the demand for drivers people as young as 18 could drive trucks into the state. >> in 1980, deregulation turned -- under the regulation. >> they basically company that
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you're doing to deliver to or pick up from. they give them two hours free to -- sit there. >> matrix are independent contact others. so they don't may in truck stops or warehouses a trucker drives the allotted legal time and then stops wherever they are. >> you get after 5, 6:00 on the east coast, 5:00, you might be on the side of the road somewhere trying to find a spot. >> there has been a steep decline in wages for struckers. between 1977 the average trucker salary is around $50,000 a year. but there is another stock statistics. trucking has an overall job dump rate. and that is between and 9-10 drivers leally leave their jobs after a year. we reached out to the american
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truckers association but they declined to speak us to. the u.s. census shows a record number of qualified in the u.s. that's why others say the problem lies elsewhere. >> there's no shortage of truck drivers in the united states. in fact, we have a surplus of drivers. >> he says the trucking industry has used the. so inside on further relation. that way it can offer the that's wages and ben fifths while maximizing the profits. simply lowing the age independent burns people out >> seeing we've heard through this supply chain crisis that it's decades of deration that no focused on corporate profits instead of being truck depots and taking care of workers that got us here.
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>> >> the world's biggest most powerful and most expensive space telescope has areceived. nasa says it will begin with the $10 in for redetect ors ■ú
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