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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 19, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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>> the tension continues to mount over a situation in ukraine. the united states is promising relentless diplomatic -- the tension in ukraine tested the resolve of the eu. egypt qualified for the knockout stage of the active cup of nations.
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it is nigeria who topped rhodia after all of this. myanmar is off the pitch. both players have gone down. thank you for being with us. the tension mounts. this is providing relentless diplomatic action to stop any russian invasion. this is the message of antony blinken. quick this has been at the center of a territorial conflict since 2014. blinken's message to russia as the u.s. is prepared to respond.
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>> that is why president biden asked me to come here. to underscore our steadfast commitment to ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. it is why we will continue our rent list to put medic efforts to prevent media aggression and promote dialogue and peace. >> that is a pledge by antony blinken. will it be enough? >> pressure has set up maximalist demands and has again signaled that it is not interested in any talks that fall short of maximalist it demands. however, over the past 48 hours, the germans and other europeans came up with commitments to
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economic sanctions, tag weapons, all these signals might imply that the price for whatever they are planning went be higher than expected. that in combination with diplomacy might persuade them that seeking an offramp might be advisable. >> how important is the european response to all of this? >> i would have been tter if the europeans would have supported ukraine more over the past years. the european prospect of strong sanctions is important. as far as economic relations are still a deterrent in this game,
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it is important that the europeans are behind this. >> germany stepping up to play a different role. making noise about the new extreme project. will that make a dference? it will. it underts russia's ability to sell to the european gas market. that will make pressure dependent to just keep being alive on the existence of a ukrainian state. action will remain to be seen. this will be the suicidal part. >> thank you for sharing your
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analysis. we appreciated. emmanuel macron is calling for an eu pressure security pack. this tested the resolve of the eu. military hardware has been sent ukraine's help bolster the country against what is feared to be an intimate -- a russian invasion. macron was key to point at the the democratic missable's are at risk in ukraine.
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>> that was emmanuel macron speaking. france is in charge of the eu for the next six months. >> amanda macron talking about european values at the european parliament. this lays out a very ambitious policy agenda. this is quit a long list. he talked about climate policy, digital. needing to reform the rules, developing the defense capacity. developing its relations with africa in terms of health corporations. on other foreign policy issues, he talks about the western balkans countries needing to
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integrate them into the european union and the next few years. also talking about brexit and a lot of trust with the united kingdom's government. also, russia talking about vladimir putin and saying the must keep talking to him but showing a firm line as well. this is a european speech but you would not know it given some of the responses, a great many french mups sitting up to give group reactions to emmanuel macron on behalf of political groups that is. we are turning around to face president macron, giving him some very stern words, a stern talking to. we have the same from the left and the far right. emmanuel macron not officially a candidate for the presidential election at this stage but we
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are sure that he will declare in a short time. they will not allow a menu macron to use this presidency as a campaign platform. also, wanted to take this opportunity to show their points of view on this big issue as well. >> the issue of the right to an abortion is one of the things raised by emmanuel macron there in the speech he made earlier. he is calling for her to be enshrined in eu law. the eu parliament president is on record as being antiabortion. in france, the abortion day limit is set to be extended by two weeks to 14 weeks. the french senate is doing this. five thousand french women travel abroad for this. many travel to spain. this report from our correspondence there. >> this barcelona clinic seems dozens of europeans every day
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looking for an abortion. this frenchman has come with his wife who is too tired to talk. he wishes to remain anonymous. >> the condition was not recognized in france after a 12 week presidency. the couple chose spain because the country allows on-demand abortion from to 14 weeks. over into 2022 in cases of medical problems. >> the doctor hits another center specializing in abortions. many of his clients are also french.
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>> this kind of ecologist says a three-month legal limit is here. >> not all of those french women have the resources to travel to spain. there in doubt -- injustices that only for women's rights. as well as spain, thousands of french women every year are
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doing this where headlines are more flexible. >> that is a report from our correspondent in splaying -- in spain. egypt qualified for the knockout phase of the africa cup of nations. egypt is the most successful nation in the history of the tournament but it is nigeria that top their group after a clean sweep of those games. 12 players have gone down with covid-19. that with the decisive match coming up against gambia. simon harding has been watching the game one day. surprised that they made it out of group d. they seem to be struggling.
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>> the one plar you would not expect to not be up to par was exactly that. this is an egypt side that has only scored one or two. egypt could have one more comfortably against sudan. they have a very solid defensive block. they are good on the ball in midfield and they are starting to take their real opportunities when they need them. this was not the case when they played nigeria. where they were outclassed by the superego's. since then, egypt got the job done. you get the feeling that if they don't raise their game a little
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bit more than in the last 16 and in the quarterfinals, they may well struggle because egypt in the last 16 will play against the first-team in group e. that could be algeria and equatorial guinea who have all been very impressive. >> nigeria doing the business, looking impressive in group d. >> nigeria is very good. very impressive team from the nigerians. they have been putting down a marker. it is an opportunity to sit back, play out for the draw, get any sort of result. they came out in the second half really wanting to score those
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goals. that is what they did. that is the kind of spirit we are seeing from the nigerian team. they were beaten in the last minute in the 2019 semifinals against the would-be winners, algeria. it looks like this could be going all the way. >> look after that calf and keep up the good work. that was simon hardy there. where egypt qualified for the next phase. good luck with nigeria. stay with us here on france 24.
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>> moved to the rhythms of africa. the africa cup of nations january 9 to february 6. on france 24. >> thank you for joining us for our weekly film show with our
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film expert. we are kicking off with mexican born dr. gil mel -- guillermo del toro's film, nightmare alley. out this week in france is nightmare alley starting with the cooper, cate blanchett and rudy merritt. -- starring bradley cooper, cate blanchett and rooney mara. >> most people probably haven't seen the original nightmare alley on the 40's. i was skeptical about stephen king -- steven spielberg tackling west side story. i was pleasantly surprised.
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this film starts in 1939 and spans the 1940's. bradley cooper is a resourceful drifter with very flexible morals who ends up making himself useful at a carnival. he more or less inherits the brilliant secret system developed by a now alcoholic mentalist touchingly played by david stricter for being able to read the minds of people from all walks of life. it is energy use verbal code. they practiced like crazy and ended up performing for high society folks in the big city. lilith richer played by cate blanchett is in the audience. if you think her clothes and accessories are fabulous, wait until you see her office. unless you never seen a movie before, you know that she and
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stan will end up entangled in each other's schemes. >> let's look at the brooding climate of nightmare alley. >> can you read minds? >> yes, i can. under e right circumstances. >> what do i want? >> to be found out. same as everyone else. >> are you in contact with the beyond? we have had our shares of state charmers in the past. we deal with them. >> cate blanchett looks entirely fabulous in that. >> excellent premise, outstanding production design. there is genuine talent on display everywhere you look. and it felt like the journey to the heart of our design.
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>> tell us about spencer. >> diana was from all reports a wonderful mother to her two sons. in addition to being a mom, she had to be a member of the british royal family. this was not long before diana decided she had quit enough of her relatives by marriage. the traditional role captures the essence of an oppressive environment. where changing clothes three times a day is better than over cap -- overcoming a case of anorexia. kristen stewart is very good as diana. we have all been at a reception party where we have thought we
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don't want to -- i remember hearing the reporters say that the royal gynecologist had examined hannah to make sure her hyman was attacked before the ceremony and i remember wincing. she was 19 at the time of her very special union with charles and i remember thinking that h 19 was probably the upper end. >> let's take a look at princess diana mired in some royal real estate.
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>> and everything. >> you don't. >> the film tries to give a sense of what it must have felt like to be diana. >> at it we all know now that being a member of the royal family -- english friends tell me stewart's accent is spot on and it is clear that she worked hard on diana's distinctive mannerisms. this is a story of hard-won female emancipation in the midst of hollow plenty. >> this is in french theaters
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this week. tell us about love is better than life. >> this is bottomless creative, possibly energetic. this is in situations that are semi-familiar but rarely been out. good actors love to work with him and dance to the commitment to going to his unique flow, there is a sense of fearlessness that is infectious. gerard is a completely reformed former criminal. he has a terminal illness that does not show up. his two best male buddies are youngeruys who met when they all got out of prison at the same time 20 years ago. they long ago concluded that honesty is the best policy. they conspire to set one last lie in motion.
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we will bring this about in record time. the recruit ahead of an escort service to pretend to fall for him and show him a good time on the town and in the bedroom. they agree on the fee for the arade that aligns. what could be sorted turned out to be intense and's -- and increasingly sincere. >> let's look at love is better than life. >> i worked for over 60 years with a very receptive -- respected screenwriter. this screenwriter has helped me become not a film director but elect director. this way the stories i tell on screen are believable.
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>> this is the 50th film and he has no plans to stop the thing. >> i have no plans to stop breathing anytime soon. while the movie definely stands on its own, they conceived it as the first installment of a trilogy and at the end of the film he comes right out and says real words on the screen that if audiences like this one, they will keep on going and they -- if they are bored he will stop. >> my french film festival is on until valentine's day. all of this provided they have the internet and the screen. >> this is the 12th year for the 100% online event called by french film festival.
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they came up 12 years ago with a very novel idea, letting people access french movies, selected like an in person film festival wood and making them available all over the world at the same time via the worldwide web. it is incredibly ambitious and very easy. the features in some countries cost a euro. that is a little over two dollars. or you can buy a pass for just 7.99. web users can find films in the selection but also on over 70 video on-demand platforms including the apple tv app in over 90 territories. 10 feature films are competing and if you can only see one, i recommend the night doctor, a gripping drama about a dedicated physician who drives around paris like a taxi driver,
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nicking housecalls but whose possibly a healthy relationship with his pharmacist brother gets him into trouble. and on a much later note, i can't imagine anybody not liking the comic short film by actor sam carmen. >> we will you the -- lady with a sample. our website rules on twitter and instagram. there is more news coming up on france 24.
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well-known stars of french heritage but french genius and france harbors many other hidden treasures. the arts, gastronomy, architecture as well as nature's wonders. discover france's living heritage. michelin star sporting chefs. >>xx■ú
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