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tv   Occupied Minds  LINKTV  January 14, 2022 3:00am-4:01am PST

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announcer: funding for the kcet "fine cut" series is generously provided by the bridges larson foundation. ♪
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[slide projector cliing] doug: for half a hundred years or so, we watched the ice of sperry go from the stairway carved in the mountain wall to the place where bearhat watches all the waters of the ages fall, like teardrops down the face of time, where grizzlies roam and white goats climb to avalanche and the lakes below, where the trail begins and the waters flow to columbia and their destiny, home at last in the quiet sea.
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"doug follett is the kind of guy people like to be around. he charmin witty, nny, and kindhe kno his hisry, los natureand writ poetry. a coersati wit ranger doug eay is augus anged my life. i am forever grateful to ranger doug. jill shearer." thank you, jill.
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[tin horn owing] doug: verythini have wks. my eyes ter, my se runs, i drled anwet my pts." everhing buthe wet pants. i ven't rehed th stage yet, and am veryhankful. thank yo o greatpirit, r the lile giftsou give. hi, rls. howre this? jen: dyou feelike doing on or do y want toust watch? auey: he'she storyeller. he's theistorian how would deribe himo otr people but me, he'my dad. ha! [laughr] dougi have trememb to keep on sming. if i don'tmile, i look le the mi tales of y know what.
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nnis: evybody kns him who'lived he. and i ess justnong him i rth someing. ll: i wod defineoug as onin a milon. he is ancon heren town. but in gcier par you can beeve how ople are attracteto him. jen: he rely wantso impart fantasc memori for peoe. n: he wants to he people wa away ango, "i want too somethg thatl mainta e naturaworld fous." he staed at glier parkhen started rst grad in 1961 so we spent our summers in glacier park and our winters in whitefi. audrey: and he would go off and be a naturalist. he was still our dad, but we ew when was in iform, h was the turalist jen:n whitefh anin glaci park, wee seen mor chang. we did a lot of hiking in glacier park. we were hiking on glaciers.
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10 years later, 20 years later, and they're gone. to watch the ice disappear has been really unnerving. doug: i' been waing th trl for 60ears. woman: rlly? ug: d i waed the sperry gcier ove20 years it melted back ha a mile. i w the fit six ines of d rock o spring,nd i said, "that'll be cored up nt year," le i was lling mothature. "me on, we won'have glaers he." and nextpring,here was nosix inches of rerock. the was sifeet. nextear, the was 16 et, and nody wasentionin clime change itlyn: ctainly, ere is
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a close nk betwe glacier ange andlimate. caitlyn: there's usually a very tig relatnship betweehow warmt is in the smer and w much the glacr melts. heret glacr natial park, we s that overl from 1966 to 2015, evy singlelacier contractedn size. these glaciersre numers enoughorldwidehat they actually do contribute to global sea level. another more regional impact, water resources locally are dependent upon and fed by glaciers. this is why we're all connected to glacier change. doug: , i ha seen
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the gian fall, to l beneathhe cedartall anwatch co waters rry away thelaciers' lifeblood day by day. jen:here's alacier in iland thathey havefficialldeclared dea and that they'd put a plaque on it. they said, "well, why would you do a plaque? everybody knows that it's a glacier that's dead." the plaque is for those down the road, and the plaque says, "if you read this, you'll know why we are gone." doug: and when the glacier is totally gone, the waterfalls will be gone. the problem is that it's late. jen: but don't you think something can still happen? i mean, you have to believe that we can--if we took an opportunity, we made the opportunity,
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we cou make it we could make a change. do: anything you do is better than nothing. jen: yeah. thinking about a future where things will be changing, and maybe what we need to hear is some of the stories and the philosophy that doug has and has always professed about nature and protecting it. [ducks quacking] ug: i felt wn i was ttle at i wast the ttom of a talladder. and fe was gat beuse on t rungs ave me were allinds of ople who re olderhan i wa i wonded what would b
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li to get the topung, when there w nobody se front ome, d that where im today. ug: well, this i a mounin ash. t only iit mountaiash, it's aollett a becau the asheof the fily are re, a t of us,o that wcan see thlake, whe we havspent a lifeti. xt timyou comewho know you cod be comg here tsee rang doug. this is e of mold fries
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here, th giant ctonwood. r half aentury, weived togher e avalane trail, anit final gave up and cided toay down. relate tthose. i y not beying ong the ail, t i haveaid farell to ma ofhose frids omine th are. wanto walk or to ard's? this way. jen: yea yove knownrden since u were fe? do: he lived aoss thstreet fm us. arden nted to art scho with me, bute was a ar der, a he flund back in theirst gra in order to start school with me the next year, which is about as mh as you can hope for.
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jen:eah, thas called a dedited frie. doug: ah, thatas dediced en laugh ug: and s motheried five, a he camever and askemy motheif she would beis mothe too. he hos that for a tr-jerker ah, were th close tt long. i knew he was in bad shape. anhe died. and he asked for me. he said, "where's doug?" and i wasn't there. i woulday to den, "ju waithave youbike, and i'll see yo and we'ldohe creek again anagain anagain.
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jen: youere intoiving, not dying. ug: and at was t problem jen:o! there nothing ong withhat. doug: i sited thother nit th a frid of min when the mn was brht, a ctus tal and frothere, i can he him call. i haven't seen my friend since then, but he tks to mevery now anthen. wh we dohat, it sms so rit. just yound me anthe moon and the ght. [slide pjector clicking]
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jen: well, there's a classic. doug: it could be a painting, couldn't i je we're vy aware to keep lking abt e storieand repeing the ories th my fath alwaysells to e younge generati so thathey have that feeng that ose peop are stl there. that oneictureack there,hat's u and den. i can finitelymagine sring the stors of my d. celebratg a lifehat somee has liveis what find impoant. do: my dads carryi mebody d my motr on theight. man: yh... wh-whoo! dougi follow an awfulot of otherangers, and hope thai kept up thateritage at they showede, and iope that ha passed on to oer generaons.
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caitlyn: i was on a boat tour with doug, and his accounts of sperry glaci really nd of oadened understandi, heing abouit fromomebody o'd en viting thasite forany decas. the's defitely somhing porful abo what wee witnsing witthe channg ice across this ndscape d across our anet thai think is portant connecto. ug: th even thou it is tragedy at we ha done the envonment, i have t highestope thathe youngegenerations are aware of this, and i think they a. woman:hank you won 2: wel thank y for sharg your sry with . won 3: thank youdoug. ug:
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man: bye, do. man 4: thas, rangedoug. jen:nd i thi that's probab what i' carry o that coitment tnature a how portant was to m. ll: ta about esion and weathengand how e mountainare breang down. wellwhen douleaves, 'll be just liklosing aountain, st like losi a legen deis: he'snique. wn he passes ay, there n't be ather doufollett ound, i'll telyou thatight now mean, the'll be lot of denn olss around bunot dougolletts. dougwell, thlast wor are in poems. th's what ey are. theyre... my memies of life. doug: co back ineptember favorittime of e year, whenhe sun iwarm and the sky islear andll
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the soun that u can he. walk wh me whethe nort nds blownd whisp of the ming sno tossing gold leaveon high as summebids a s good-by the and otr things u'll see if you will come and walk with me.
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woman: hi, naomi. woman 2: hi, naomi. naomi: how are you guys? woman: good. wait. so much louder. naomi: so, i want to hear about the story of how coronavirus affected your relationship. sydney: i sneezed on zoom, and she said "bless you" on the zoom dms, and then we started joking around. vivian: we kept talking for, like, months
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and months and months. and i made her a powerpoint, and i, like, sang to her and asked her to be my girlfriend. sydney: and she was like, "reasons why you should be my girlfriend," and that was about,ike, two weeks after met on zoom. vivian: and that's kind of how it happened. [singing on video, indistinct] ♪ there is no one there to dry your tears... ♪ it didn't feel like i was missing all that much, or, like, that much shifted when we, like, finally met in person because we had already established a really, like, caring relationship just over talking. i'm, like, mexican. i'm gay. i think, like, there's a lot of time where i get the sense that i need to, like, perform really well academically or socially for people to, like, accept me. and with sydney, like, i feel like i can just be myself whenever. i think she just, like, accepts me whoheartedly, and i've never, like, met anyone who makes me feel that way. sydney: i love you so much, vivian. i'm so excited to be with you,
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and i can't wait until you're here. and i don't know. she spends a lot of time with me, so i'm very thankful that, like, you choose to spend your time in that way because it means a lot to me. yeah. [laughs] julian: so literally, it's one thing to visit your significant other's parents' house. it's another to, like, half move in. izzyi did not know them very well before at all. i, like, visited, like, once, right, before. and so then i, like, walk in. i'm like, "hi." so, it's his mom, his dad, his sister, his brother, julian, anthen me and then the dog. and so it was just, like, i feltad for, like, adding another pson into this,ike, house that during just the most stresul time. if you are in a relationship and everything takes place within a home and you're, like, need to stay in the same bubble and do everything together, it's just like you are, like, living a different kind of life together. because everything's
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more together, i feel like it does make it more mature for sure. like, you age, like, 20 years. julian: i have never felt butterflies like i've felt for you. izzy: aw! that's so sweet. julian: really. izzy: i love you very much. [izzy chuckles] jack: my parents' reaction? oh, kind of brought it up slowly. i was like, "what if left the cotry?" and theyere like, "jack, you have to be kidding. there's no way you could be leaving the country in the middle of a pandemic." and i show them the plane ticket, and i'm like-- and they're like, "jack, you are not getting on that plane." and then i'm just like, "and what if i booked an apartment, and what if christy got a plane ticket as well?" and then they're like, "no, not happening, not happening." and so they didn't really accept it until the day they were driving me to the airport. not ny places will take a chinese citizen and a u.s. citizen at the same time. so dubai was, like, just kind of the best option for us. at the beginning of our trip, we
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hawedding ngs because it's illegal-- it was illegal in dubai for unmarried uples to live together, but then they changed thlaw. justor us, i think, actually. here's onef our wedding rings from when we were rried, but we have since become boyfrnd andirlfrien thout the process of a divorc.. [cisty laughing] christy: he requires a lot of "me" time. he doesn't want me to st with m, like,4 hours. he will go to a different room and watch, like, "star trek." jack: ok... christ i was lik "can you come here? he's lik "no. chriy, it'se time. sorry. me time." jack: ok, literally, like, one hour in, like, a 72-houreriod. chsty: it's literally long. i just feel ke we carebout each other more, like, in a deeper level because, like, of course, like, living together, like, who's gonna, like, cook? what if, like, you feel sick? who's going to take care of each other? and jt, like, all the small stuff and detas, i feel like--it feels like
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we're, like, married in some ways. jack: oh, does it? christy: yes. jess: we've been dating since high school? amine: maybe, like, six years now? jess: yeah. it's 6 years. heh. everyone is always asking, "what's your next move," right? like, "what are you doing after graduation?" like, "what are you doing with your life? what's the plan?" what are you doing? da da da. i think the pandemic has allowed us to say, "i don't know," and that be an acceptable answer. amine: that is very true. jess: and i think in the sense of our relationship too, like, before, it's like, what's going to happen? like, you know, what's your future? what are you doing? where are you moving? and now, it's like, "i just don't know,"nd that's ok. and i'm just with someone that makes me happy and that i love, and that's all i need right now. i don't think that means there's less or more seriousness. it's just shifts the perspective of how we're looking at our relationship. amine: i think the pandemic maybe just gives more-- it steers the changes in
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different ways. i think, in relationships, you always need to change together. jess: yeah. amine: and, like, whether you change together or apart, you know, life is about change. jess: i've always kind of loved my support system and, like, love my friends and familynd amine. and i feel like the pandemic heightened those relationships, and you, like, really saw explicitly how powerful having those people just there for you, not physically, but just there for you. they're thinking about you. they're calling on you. to me, it just strengthened my idea of what relationships mean, i guess. i don't know if that makes sense. amine: no, for sure. ellie: i think when all of that went down, i was thinking like, "ok, we have a silver lining. like, i'll get to spend all this time with ella. like, that'll be great." like, if everything else is falling apart, at least i'll get that. but then parentals were like, "psych. no
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yoare noallowed to see each other." ella: we had been hanging out in person, just, like, wearing masks and stuff. ellie: yeah, like, staying 6 feet apart, which was, like, so hard. ella: yeah. ellie: like, that's just a completely different way of interacting with this kind of relationship, if you have to, like, not touch and, like, stay really far apart. ella: ellie's really, like, cute. she's, like, a really good writer. and ke, so, you know, she's, like, emailing me poems. at the end of the summer when we were, like, both emo that you were leaving, she like, mailed me--even though we are, like, in the same place, she mailed me these little--they were, like, comic strips of, like, the summer, like, different things that we did that were really, really cute. and i feel like you're good at things like that, just, like, taking time out of your day to, like, i don't know, pick flowers off the street and, like, press them ansend them to me. when your relationship transfers to, like, facetime or something, you spend l your time talking. it's a very intimate way to get to know someone, which was surprising to me, because i feel like i associate intimacy with,
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like, being togeer and bng in the same place. but one year together and in the same place, you can kindf do your own thing and, like, still spend time together. but one year not in the same place and you're spending time together, like, you're just talking. ellie: it's like, reallyoncentrated. ella: yeah. we are gonna kind of break up when we go back to school. you know, when you're with someone when you graduate, like, often people are, like, moving in together, like, moving to the same city, and, like, applying for jobs in the same place. and, like, i know that, like, speaking for me--and i think it's the same for you--like, no person would be great enough and, like, no love would be grt enough at this point in my life for me to really be willing to do that. i just don't think that-- my personal growth is there. if it hadn't been for the pandemic and, like, the pandemic would not have-- i wouldn't have experienced the pandemic the way i did, if i didn't spend every second with you, which i did. and i think that every time i look back on this relationship, it's going to be both a lot of joy and a lot of, like, sadness
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just because of, like, how the world is. it's all bittersweet. but i also feel like, honestly, almost all memories in life are like that. and, like, good things are most always bittersweet in retrospect because like, they're not happening anymore, you know? jess: we have been through a pandemic, you know. that's not something any of us is going to forget. izzy: this is how love feels like to me. whee! ha ha! ellie: if we find our way back to each other again, then we will. go, team ella: ok.
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woman: so your uncle's going to tell you what to say, and we want you to say it right back. uncle: ok. livi: um, i'm good... [indistinct] waitthe scre's messeup woma don't tch it. child:ait. thecreen' mess up. won: it's ne. livi: hi. my name is livi, and this is my dad's film. [typing] narrator: interior kitchen, morning. myrt, 30, lae, curlyair, white, bton-up clared sht, half tucd in, ole wide-l pants. myrt eats tot and ugs tea, tus in herhirt, kies her huand and n--mwah,wah-- rues out t door. "got tgo, guysi'm late loveou." duke, , myrtle husband stubed hair, unkempt beard, wears robe, gray sweatpants with coffee stains on them,
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and an old blue sweatshirt. "what? ok. bye. have a great day." duke sits at the kitchen table, hunched over, bags under eyes, sips coffee. [slurp] "she's always late. at least she remembered her--oh, shi...llelagh! heh." duke looks around, notices myrtle left her lunch on the kitch island. isaiah, ght mont, curly af, wears b, yellopajamas, ana robe. rows chrios in s high cir. "i mn, oh, n" duke tak a serio deep bath... nhales, hales] walks to the light switch, dims light. [gong] the room is dark. he lights a candle, walks towards isaiah. duke lifts him out of his highchai placehim on the floor. [gong] duke ss.
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isaiah looks confused. "son, mom left her lunch, which means she'll cave and eat at steve's cafe. we can't let that happen. last time, they gave her food poisoning. she hogged the toilet all night, like a koala hugging a tree." he motions to myrtle's lunch. "i must take her these leftover oxtails, rice and peas. we can go together and deliver her lunch, or i can call your cousin mariah to baby-sit you." "oh, no." isaiah crawls back. his eyes widen with fear. interi, mariah rm, flashbk. mariah, 13, large curly hair in pigtails. ars a green sweatshirt with a rainbow on it, holds isaiah in one arm, bowl of food in thother. she feedisaiah aite of fd front oher bcam, a ptop scre in fronof them. mariah youtubehann:
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o hello,hefs. i' blended together carrots, fish oil, wheat germ, chia seeds, and prunes." [isaiah groans] interior, kitchen, esent, morning. isaiah makes yucky face. duke places a ball in myrtle's lunch in front of isaiah. "choose the ball, i call cousin mariah. choose the bag, and together, we will take mom her lunch." isaiah looks at the ball with excitement and crawls towards it. [baby talk] narrator: duke looks shocked. isaiah changes directions, crawls towards lunch bag. duke half-smiles. [baby talk] naator: inrior, for, morng. they chae clothe ad towar the doo duke grs myrtle lunch, aces it in a lge tote g, sits isah in a ckpack poose. olt it tns in lo]
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"let's roll. don't worry, son. we can use our imagination. this will be a fun adventure." isaiah: mom, mom, mom. narrator: exterior, outside of house, moing. th exit thhouse. wind picks up. snow hits the ground. duke pulls out a wool poncho from the tote bag, wraps it around them. exterior, owy hills, morning. snow is everywhere snowountains pile up ey climbp a hill so snow hi duke's ce. heatches anowfla on his fingershows isah. nothing but snow. duke squatdown, draws a face sticking s tongue out in the snow. isaiah laughs. isaiah: ba ba . narrator: duke sees a forest path. the snowfalltops. duke enters thforest.
3:32 am
exteri, fore, morning. ke and iiah walk throh the mo-coveredorest. birds chp, fly ay. in hits e ground isah sticks ouhis hando feel t rain. ke picks up a stick, uses it to walk, pointsut an eagle's nest to isaiah wi it. a large earthworm on a log covered in mushrooms. the boys walk and walk. nd blows sand evywhere [gong] terior, sert, morning, brig sun. duke sweats. livi: 's aot day o. naatorsand foriles. du and isah walk u a lae sand hl. ey pass camel. the nd picksp. [gon duke cerhis face fromhe sand. th reach t top of e hill.
3:33 am
theyee a large, hazy building at the bottom of the sandy hill. theyalk to t large blding. rrator: ey eer. inrior, loy, morni. duke shas himseland isai, takes f the poncho. snow, water, and sand fall on the entrance mat. duke turns to isaiah. they smile and give each other a fist bump. myrtle sits at her desk in front of them office phone to her ear. "hold on. i'll transfer your call." myle looks up, runs over. "what are you guys doing here?" "you forgot your lunch. we thought we could have lunch together." "lks like you ysad aeal advente." "ha! we re did." duke and isaiah smile. "y guys are a trip.
3:34 am
let's eat in the break room." terior, eak room afrnoon. duke tes lun out of e bag, sets fooon the tle. myrtle hds isaiain the air in excement. myrtle feeds isaiah a cucumber slice they enjoy their lch and laugh. narrator and livi: the end. marv: [indisnct] eula: the answer is no. it's on ur phonemoney. marvin: ♪ i really miss my homies even though they went away and they're gonna see a brighter day ohh ♪
3:35 am
eula: excuse me. marvin: ♪ there's never been a girl... ♪ eula: this one? marvin: no. [rocking chair rocking on wood oor] woma "e".. "v"... "e-y..." very d-r-a... drea.. i h-a-v- have...
3:36 am
i-s,s... i-n c...o... is icolor. e-c...each c-l-o... each col r-e-p-r-s-e-n.. reprents s-o-m-t-h... each cor reprents someing d-i-f-e-r... someing differt."
3:37 am
"w-h-e.when i e-a... leave my a-a... when leave mapartment, i b-e-..believ at my s-..senses ll be a-t-a-c-k. attacked jeremywhoa. ward up. man 2:eady to .
3:38 am
[thuddinnearby [iistinct nversatis] [deve whirng] [indtinct coersati] ong playg on rad] [silence [thuing near, muffd] [clery claering] [dog barng, trafc noise] [vicle horhonking] [t squeaks man: "i n't a...
3:39 am
d-i-s...sabilityhen i a.. a-i-n." en you he a painrush your hand. ma what cors wouldou like to u? a-v-e-n-d-e-r.avender? yes.ll right i can art gettg that rdy. this thright lander? [clap] s? no? ju look att. ? ok. i' pick ou differenone.
3:40 am
left han please. woma "i d-o my art to p-e...ople undstand the bety a-r.around em."
3:41 am
woman: "truly, the transition is the hardest part of my life." man: getour hands l set? therwe are. in the mdle of aainting sessio jeremy. at's goi on? 3,, 1. let me kw how i n help y either and up orelax. peech coinues,uffled] ok, leme try thelp you stanup againyour bod gets sck sometimesn the morning. .. 2... and you didt.
3:42 am
i know ur handsre stuck 1. tre you are. gesome pai. theryou are. awome, jery. aweso. [td] mo paint. [thud] you wt more pnt? ye no? jeremy: ndistit] n: no. dyou wanto pat any otheway? "no. i tnk i f-i-..."hat ther
3:43 am
"n..." "think i finied." well, esome jo dude. u did itreat. 3, 2, 1. we jushave to ean up, and u're allone. algood? nice. woma "i c-o-.. i communate through , frankl nice... man: butiful. man: "..hrough mnice painngs."
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[indistinct chatter] [yawns, speaks indtinctly] [bl rings] [jumbo squeals] [yells]
3:46 am
[indistinct chatter] [jumbo yells] [splash] [jumbo speaking, muffled] [chattering excitedly] [jumboells] [indistinct chatter]
3:47 am
[chatters] [chatters] [chaering, indistinct] [whistle blows [speaking in native language]
3:48 am
[indistinct conversations] [teapot whistling]
3:49 am
[jumbo sighing]
3:50 am
[grunting] [boy chuckles weakly] [inhales and exhales] boy: wow.
3:51 am
[man coughs, clears throat]
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3:53 am
[boy chuckles]
3:54 am
[whistling on soundtrack]
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announcer: funding for the kcet "fine cut" series is generously prov?o?■mmxx■úoggcccccg'''
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>> how many people are interested in a backpacking trip? we're talking about real adventure. this stuff changes who youre. >> just taking it all in, also mind, power trick i think. >> getting to the top, i felt like ias on top of the world. >> when i get back home, i'm gonna be totally changed. >> real talk, we go! [ambient music] - [announcer]: major funding for reel south was provided by: etv endowment, the national endowment for the arts, center for asian-american media,


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