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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 5, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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♪ >> reports of eight members of the security forces killed in kazakhstan. reports of almost doubling of prices of all liquid gas. 335,000, another record number of infections in france. president macron uses a term to
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describe how he wants to anno those who choose not to get vaccinated. morocco and china have signed an agreement. related to china's massive project to create trade routes and dominate global trade. thank you very much for being with us. there are reports of eight security officers killed in kazakhstan where there leader is calling a state of emergency. riots fueled by a price hike have turned violent. >> unfazed by teargas, stun grenades and a water cannon, writers storm the mayor's office in kazakhstan commercial capital. flames can be seen coming out of the building. protesters also set fire to the presidential residence in the city.
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the resignation of the government on tuesday failed to quell the anger and violence has escalated. blaming the arrest on organized groups and thugs, president about a tough response. -- vowed a tough response. [speaking foreign language] >> the televised address came after he took over from the security council. some protesters have been chanting slogans against the 81-year-old who ruled the former soviet public for almost 30 years. some tried to pull down a statute.
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the president also removed the former strongman's nephew from a senior position in the intelligence agency. initially triggered by a spike in fuel prices, the protests appear to be growing into a broader show of public discontent. kazakhstan is experiencing an internet blackout following partial disruptions of mobile connections and social media. >> we are watching for full developments there. donald trump is canceled an event that he was set to hold on the anniversary of the january the sixth capital riot. he was reportedly planning to defend the writers who took part in the march on the seated government in washington. lawmakers and citizens are still divided over assault and
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searching for answers. >> january 6, 2021 hundred supporters of former u.s. president donald trump falsely believing his reelection was stolen assault the capitol building. one year later, america is still dealing with the fallout of the deadly day. a congressional committee of seven democrats and two republicans has been investigating what led to the attack, how to prevent another, and how much responsibility president trump bears. >> we fight like hell. if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. >> the committee has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and is trying to get access to donald trump's official records elated to the day. documents truck has tried to block. this winter he plans -- plans to
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begin investigations. >> people need to understand the danger that he posed on that day. >> five people were killed including one capitol police officer. capitol police have been criticized for not taking warnings about the riots seriously and not responding more forcefully. the u.s. capitol police chief says there are no concerning protests scheduled for the anniversary and significant work has been done over the past year. >> u.s. capitol police as an organization is stronger and better prepared to car out its mission today than it was before january 6 of last year. >> those who participated in the assault are also still facing justice. more than 700 people have been charged and authorities continue to make arrests. those convicted have received sentences including wines, probation, and prison time for some.
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>> covid cases in france have hit a new record daily number. three or 35,000. there have been more deaths this wednesday. president macron is aiming for mid january to get new measures in place to curb infection. the debbie ho was warning that unless the world act now, there could be a more dangerous variant on the horizon. the chief weapon according to president macron and his government's vaccination. a comments marked a controversy after saying in an interview that he wants to annoy those who have chosen not to get vaccinated. annoy wasn't the word he used. for more on this use of the verb
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, our guest joined us earlier. >> this was in this newspaper. there is a local version for paris. it was a group of parisian readers who were invited to the palace to meet president macron. it is a widescale long interview taking on board all sorts of questions from france's role in the eu, then of course the covert outbreak. what president mccrone -- macro n -- all of those are included in this interview. one phrase that was about those who are not vaccinated saying that president wanted to piss
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them off. . you might say it's not particularly presidential way of talking. what he is doing is trying to bring on board all of french people who are particularly irritated by the small number of people in france, 9% who are not vaccinated or anti-vaxxers who are against vaccinations. thinking he has already lost that part of the population when it comes to the upcoming election for which everyone expects him to be a candidate. if you read that interview, you will see that he has given one or two more hints that he is going to run. that he wants to do it, but he cannot because he is too busy running france. there is no doubt on anyone's mind that he will be a candidate. he is saying this word to bring
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on board all of those who are irritated by those who are not vaccinated, underlying the fact that 90% of those in intensive care in hospitals at the moment who are taking up beds are those who are not vaccinated who are at more risk of developing a more severe form of covid. that's why he is saying go out and get your shots and you will have a much better chance to survive and maybe no symptoms of covid. that's the underlying issue. most people in france will understand that. although they won't be too much in agreement with the language that he is used in that interview. >> controversy in france over on presidential language used by emmanuel macron describing how he wants to annoy people who are refusing to get vaccinated. basically barring them from
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social activities. next, morocco and china have signed an agreement related to beijing's belden road initiative. the massive project to create new trade routes and dominate local trade. the deal written on tuesday is seen as another step toward that goal. >> durg a video link between morocco and china, representatives held up a signed agreement between the two countries. assign a cooperation with beijing on its belt and road initiative. the deal lays out an expansion of its commitment. >> as for morocco, the belt and road opens up new prospects for trade and investment and brings
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new opportunities consistent with the kingdoms new developmts model this will prioritize morocco and china's shared ambition for africa's development. >> china's massive initiative seeks to dominate global trade by establishing roots by land into see linking asia to europe and africa. the project initiated in 2013 by xi jinping finances infrastructure in 70 countries representing 60% of the world population and one third of global gdp. for beijing, morocco has a strategic location connecting africa and europe. the fundg consists of loans to governments and critics say the belt and road initiative would make poorer countries in africa beholden to beijing unable to repay the debt. >> china's influence increasing in africa.
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that deal struck with morocco. spain isn't the first country you would think of when it comes to the issue of animal-rights. a new law has come into effect on wednesday and spent the recognizes pets as living, senti and beings for the first time. spanish courts will now consider a pets welfare when couples divorce or separate. >> these dogs don't know it, but they are getting more protection under spanish law. their welfare will be taken into account when couples divorce or breakup. that is part of legislation that recognizes animals as senti and -- sentient beings. >> we always used shared custody to dermine.
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now, the court will have to determine with which person the animal will be better off. that is based on the welfare of the animal. >> i think that are now on, things will change and people will keep this law in mind. pets did not get the treatment they should have had. things improved recently, but with this change, things will be even better. >> this will be useful in helping reduce the number of animals being badly treated or which are abandoned. this is currently a big problem in spain. >> a junior partner in spain's coalition government wants to go further. it will seek approval of an animal welfare law in the coming months that will ban wild
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animals in circuses and the sale of pets in shops. >> it is a dogs life but now in spain, domestic animals -- their thoughts being considered when a couple splits up. for more news, stay with us. you are watching france 24. ♪ >> thank you for joining us for the first film show of the year.
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happy new year. i hope you're doing well. we're starting with the new female lead spy thriller. the movie was partly set in paris. >> put the gun down. >> pull the trigger or you can listen. >> spies from different agencies united by a common enemy. for women joining forces to retrieve a top secret weapon. for the actress and producer it was important to break down stereotypes hollywood has of female spies. >> a few years ago, women in espionage would be seen as using their sexual desirability to get what they want before their intellect.
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the reality is they do things i can't even fathom. i wanted to acknowledge that. >> 355 was the code name given to the first female spy during the american revolution. until today, the agents real density isn't known. >> i hope will need find our audience, we wi have won with us but also men because we need them. i hope it's a start for another day for the girls. >> 355 release comes in the wake of the me to movement. >> 355 is out now. now to a french language adaptation of the novel deception. it premiered in cannes in july.
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>> this may be the best screen adaptation. the take on the snatches of conversation novel is bittersweet, funny, sexy, and entertaining. it is unfailingly cinematic and it was shot entirely during lockdown. >> what's it about? >> the emotionally perceptive tale of an american writer abroad and the women he has written about is accomplished filmmaking applied to american source material. he has wanted to bring it to screen for 30 years. it is 1987 and a 59-year-old married american writer is
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living in london with his wife working in a separate studio apartment and obsessing about the place of jews in the world while not reveling in his mistress. on screen is a depiction of what writers do that rebels in his glee in blurring the line between reality and fiction. >> let's take a look at english-speaking characters transposed into french. [speaking french]
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>> you mentioned that the film fully embraces the spirit of roth's work. >> the film mocks and fuses any brewing accusations of sexism by providing an intimate framework for france's most interesting actresses to shine. in one sequence, he finds himself on trial and an all-female courtroom for hating women and sleeping with his students. the characters are interested in each other and have a sense of humor despite navigating the
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selfish corners of romance. since -- the director decided to set the films where he is from. >> deception hits french films at the end of 2021. ticket sales are still half of what they were before the pandemic. >> i would say the results are encouraging keeping in mind that france counts the number of tickets sold rather than the amount of money taken in since ticket prices can vary a great deal.
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during times of lockdown, many people left big cities to go live somewhere that maybe wasn't near a lot of movie theaters. it is still fewer than half the amount of tickets sold before the pandemic because in 2019, there were 213 million tickets sold. the government was nimble and made sure emergency funds were allocated thanks to an infusion of euros. now, no theaters or movie distributors went out of business. the story is very different in the u.s. where many movie theaters have gone out of business. 200 movies were made in france last year with strict anti-covid measures in place. >> more than half a french household now subscribe to at least one streaming platform with an incredible choice of movies to watch. people are still going out to the movies. >> there is an incredible choice
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of movies to watch in the theaters. 2021, there were 500 films showing in cinemas. around 70 or directed by women. almost half of the movies available were french. two of the top six films were french. that means french audiences are supporting french films even though the hollywood movies such as spider-man and dune may be making more money. that's ok because a little more than 10% of every ticket sold in france goes into a fund to make french movies. it is a beautiful platform -- system that streaming platforms are required to contribute to. what west side story didn't do as well as hoped, journalists were tripping over each other to say nobody wants to go out to a movie anymore. a few weeks later, people did leave their homes to see spider-man.
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>> you said of the 220 french films in theaters last year, more than 70 or -- were directed to women. >> that is only one third of the total available french films to see, but it happens to be the highest number of movies directed by women any country on earth. whatever the gender, there were a lot of interesting full-bodied roles for women of a certain age. three films with 71-year-old in just the past few months not to mention terrific new young female talents. >> finally, you are going to tell us about an icelandic film called "lamb."
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it explores human emotions. >> this is one of the best films i have ever seen about nature versus nurture. it was shot in the landscape of iceland where a swedish born actress grew up. they are on a sheeparm. the relationship is outdoorsy and intimate. it was shot with impressive vistas and very few words. one day, an anomaly is introduced. there is no wiggle room for procrastination. the partners understand each other so well they are able to incorporate this unexpected development into their lives without skipping a beat. >> is this a film everyone would enjoy it? >> for this, all you have to do is be open to how a movie can take you someplace you never expected you wanted to go.
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it's about family, love, and nature. this story stuck with me for a long time, because it works as a straightforward tale and also an exploration of what is normal and transgressive. it is sold to a lot of countries, so you should seek it out where you live. >> thank you so much for joining us. remember our website. we are also on twitter, facebook, and instagram. ♪
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>> fake news. stories that appear to be news spread on the internet or other media. at france 24, our job is to provide you with information that has been verified. check sources, facts, we rt what is true from his fake. we verify photos and that is circulating online. if they are fake, we let you know and tell you how we spotted them. >> we dig into viral stories around europe to shake out the truth from the trash. every day the team scours social and media networks. france 24 news based on facts.
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