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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  November 13, 2021 5:00am-5:31am PST

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(slow sic) - huns typally ado a commanand contl approa
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to envirmental problem lving. here's t problemwe can gineer aay arounit. technolo is greain so ma rems of hun experice, but whenou try t ply manilation ancontrol ecosysts througtechnolo, you' often scessful rly on but en probls creep later o - one ofhe thingthat our morn socie has donis industrlize allhe ling thingaround u we he factors for ling thing and th includefish. mans belve erythings for us so if ere are anims in theorld, surelyhey are r us and suly we shld just ything wwant witthem
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or tthem. and isn'that gre? welli don't ite see ithat way. fish areild animalopulatio. th're not de to, orvolved t or reallcapable being ud at theate that peoplese them. e whole th of e rden of en is a ace whe everhing wasranted and evything w beautif. d then bause human hris, were doed to a fe of to. are cerinly casng ourselveout of t garden and doomg oursels to a le ofoil throh our huis. (dmatic sic)
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(bangi) - thiss a kingalmon, buwe refero them as ahinook smon, ich their more affoable nam
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this bath re which hacarbon dxide, itnesthetis the fish, ockshem out. d the gu are pulng the sh out ithey're ght, and ey're chook salm. d welot the sh by inserng a neee to theirody cavi, whh forcesir in d pushesll of theggs out and en aft th're spawd here, th go to t other side of e table ere and we'rbiologicly mpling t fish. would you ke to toh one? (crowd groang) els kindslimy. low musi - leman naonal fishatchery is a migation tchery.
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we'rhere becse of shta dam being but in 12. the purse of coman naonal fishatchery is to mitige for e loss o bitat duto shastdam. thcreationf the da preventeabou180 mile river aess for e salmon here atoleman national fh hatche, we rai fall chook salm, te fall inook saon, and steeead. our oductionoal heres 12 milon. so we leas12 milli anwe're trng to g a 1% rern. weould lik 0,000 fi retur 90,0 of at wou beaught inhe ocean and iniversporfishery. ,000 bacto the hchery and en 10,00back to (indistin). why do wneed hateries? welli think,ounow, populati's goingp, ter's, y know, aoncern. and sof you stl would ke to sesalmon,
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i ink you' going tneed to havhatcheri unfortunely. it'de nice tthink th ere woulbe enougwater d enviroent to sport salm populatns, buwithouhatcheri, i n't thk that woulbe a reaty. - [manthis is e baker ver dam,65 feet gh, which ops millns of salmon fm returng to the spawningrounds abe the dawithout lp. so t united ates buru of fishees has spped in and sad the daby proving free ridupstream it's t only wathe salmon c be save fromashing thselves tpieces ainst thstoneworfar belo - huma have alys thout themsees superioto natur yoknow, it got us in a lot otroubl - wh the eo-americans ca,
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they bieved thnatural rld was big wareuse, sting commities that they we obliged make e of, to take. they aed spenc baird, e us fiscommissier, what cld they to ensu thathe salmoruns would on forer? baird ld 'emyou're not gog to be le to prote the habitat through gulation becae they'de unenfoeable. u're notoing to able to ptect 'emrom dams because ogress igoing to dend that ms be but. anso he id, "what yoneed to is take uprtificiapropagatn." - e peoplehat iginallyere the sh and wildlife sentists ren't. they we agricuuralists ansince th1800s,
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oufish andildlif encies he been dinated an agculturalentality just like fa, you rae them, you put em out, u harvesthem. that's t basis f fish an wildfe management the us for es and as. - the ct is saon mu snd part their le out inhe wild. and wasn't til in t 70s at we rely arted evaluating what a we doinwhen releaseatchery sh at we rely art in a streang e use ofatcherie waa promis at youould he salmon and you uld also ve the befits of deloping e river. puthat nexto the ft that 40% ofhe salmoare extinct in tir hisric rae and e rest a proteed the endgered spies act, you woulhave to y that th story dn't prott ththings tt we valu, the saon.
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- wee been rying on those me runs fish, ose wildish, sin thbeginninof time. when yr healths their hethright? you'rearriedn that w and i ink thatnion eates thsacredne. to havthat relionship wi a singlspecies iseal specl. u think out like thsioux pele d the bualo backn the da before erything s colonid, t at relionship fortunately was sered. if we lethese ru gothen there gone. and i doot thinkhat we, people o are on ts planetow, should bokay wit lowing smon too extincon our wch. so the arage pern, wh they sea salmon
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th see a smon, ty sea finish product anit's phaps at e end ofheir fisng line, perhs in a rtaurant on the plate, but ey don'tee the complety of thgs at wt into maki that saon. - salmon, think, he thmost comicated, you coulalso say wondro life hiories of, i gus, any fh. they sta life byatching fr eggs in strea and en they out the oce and wh they come back, they're much, much bigger. you' distillg the richness of the ocea and enlivening it. and th that enlivened distillation of the ocean
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propels itself upstream against gravity. sotimes they go well over 1,000 miles inland, where after layi eggs and creatinghe potential for a new nerationthey die. and thr carcasses feed dozens of kinds of amals, gedragged deep into the woods. e life cycle of the salmon is actlly the ansformation of the ocean into ling beings that come ashor and beme the biggest trs in the world. - ld salmo presensomethin thats really impornt tos as hum beings. yohave nate erican ctures he at have olved wi the fishor 11,00years. yohave, yoknow, famies like ne,
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th fish fosalmon a eat salmon a think aut salmo and en i thi becausehis is the a of humaimpact, at wherehere are wildalmo i thinit reprents our ith in mher natu, at we alwed thato happen. i s born tfish. all of mearliestemories relve arou fish in some y or anoer. as aoung adu, i buil my who calendayear aroundhe skykosh sprin shery fowild stehead. and at reall came my session. i ought of hatchees as sothing
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th actuallkind of helpeds as fisrmen, thathere wou be more fisin the rer anwe werallowed killhe hatchy fish, so that ant a me. i n't thini ever hadne secon wheri thoughabout consertion at l. i thoughabout geing enough mey for g and piz so that could sh allhe time. what iidn't reize s that wwere reay at the tl end of long deine of wd fish. in le 2000, ey annoued th the 200season woulnot happ, that thetate was gog to clo down that sing catc d releasfishery beuse the were s few ld steelad fish that en a low pact fishing ason cou wipe ou the la of them it was rlly like gut pun. mean, i d built is ole liferound th fishery d now it gone. sohat wa in a lo of ws, a wakup call.
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i stted dog some search, arted reing, started lking toeople. talkedo biologts, lked to sh manags, talked tother fiermen. and learned out the ur hs. dro, harst, bitat, a hatchers. thiss sort of, kin of t impactsn salmon and steelhd peoplealk abou and so ised th as a guiline and i stted thinng out the ykomish, d you kn, well, e bitat hadn't rlly chand overhose 10 ars, it was prey good. there s noydro, therwas no ds. the rvest, afar as i cou tell, had reinedelativelconstant d yet we had ts plummeng numbeof fish. and sohe one cstant that i fnd is th a hatchy had beenperatingor the enti duratio the decne of wi steelhe. i thk that w what started nd of myocus learninmore abo the rolehat hatcries pla
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in theecline onot just shing oprtunitie but ofild fish pulationperiod. (tping) - an] the ms came downn the ela, it was t largestiver storation in hisry. we spentore than320 llion toecover wd salmon t insteaof letti them recoloni the riv natural, the way ey've evved to do f millionof years we snt $17 mlion to bud a brand new hahery. so nowe're opeting not ju one, butwo hatcries on rivethat wasestored fothe benet of wilsalmon. and we msed thisuge opportuny tollow the river toeturn toeing tru wild.
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- oh, 92, no mar no tag. - ho 7063, no rk, no t. - thiss a teamf interns d staff. they a collectinour longerm datan salmonse ofhe elwhaearshore we thetake the data, compe them or the cade that wve been cording e informion, anlook at e evolutn of thelwha neahore ashe dam rovalrogresse as wilfish nowecruit in this neshore ar, we see tse large mbers ofatchy fish our coern is tt the hatcry spies may challenng the ld speci tha artrying trecover.
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th are vulrable the hatche fish, eitherhrough pdation or physil displament or competion foresources the ri is thate're actlly unting t river'sbility to resre becau theseish at literly are t backbonean't resre beuse theye beg pressud byhese connued hatcry releas. i do tnk that mans by ture ve an enneering pect. ey like ings to orderly they likthings toe predicble. so that's wh hatcries givpeople. e flip se of thais wild and lding yo watersh. - chinoo 152146. - [anne]ilding ds ha great unrtainty it. that's h wild wos.
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wild is scar but it's really portant ple in peoe's soul - [man] d you gu e how wealked when wwere walng up he walkinglong therees? we can ok back into tse two reds here whe we knofish spa. the les are e eaest to s usually sof there'males onhere, mo than lily there gog to be female ithere. and thene'll s the and ncentrat ause t femalesre ally harto see. ey're li transpant ha the te. shs movingp. shs right raight in between us, y. - [mando you s the tai yep, movg up. oh yeah, she gging rit there. - try , it's ptty deep
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(water sashing) macking) typilly whate see in male is out 4,50eggs. and we'ldo the mes now. keephem sepate, keephe mi sepate from the egg
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en aftere're don we chec themor a coled wire g. (beepi) this ithe parthat has thcoated we tag emdd in t head. and th wld have informion on t fish. - i kn some pele e going view th aseingrutal and barbar, but th is whatt takes collectur stock athe elwhaacility. it's tool, aool to help recer the sck. macking) whene miss a femal feel li we've failedhe fish self cause wenow thathose eg aren'going tourvive as welas they uld athe hatchy.
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we bught theggs in frothe cool. y the buets on t floor and en dividthe femas r how ma males whave. and puthe mi in the, mix it let sit for 30 secos. mix 'em ain, and then le themit for ather 3seconds. th we weigdown 13 poun into a cket, let it din all t ovarn fluid d milt. put 'ein iodofm for anour anthen we' lay ' do till th eye. that'sffective artificl awning aa hatche. - thers been aot of efrt ov the lasseveral cades, caloging a of the genetic variation
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inopulatio of salm and theicousins,rout. salm have developed an incredle amounof diverty th allows em to be particarly sucssful inhe streain ich theyere born - a hugeiver sysm ll have ge salmo me of th used to ruup to 10pounds the bigst riverthat had the st challging fal at they d to jumover. anthen little coasl stream th had mosy smalr ones, even tugh it was the sa species, but theyere neticall totally fferent. even in one ver wher you ve one scies of aertain se, you may ha the falrun anthe spri run of tt specie d those sh are completely difrent. they d't intert interbrd at a. - wee been stocking lmon since e time odarwin.
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when we rst discered how toake eggsnd take lt and mbine th, hatch sh, put themack intoreshwate we literally knenothing of evotionary ology. we wld have en flying bld. now knothat king wd fi anexposi them to hahery envonment, breeng them,atching em, rearg them f any amount otime reay, chges the netic maup. - fi are vercomple critte that ha evolved in mothenature or ousands years. and ere's thgs that happenn hatchees that don put the throh those essures that they ce out in motr nature at makeshem so theye a fit sh. what hpens is u create a neticallinferiorish at theatchery rough all the mesticatn, anthen tho fish go spn withish in t wild and that actlly can grade the getics of e fish inhe wild they're not fit eitr. what we with fi tcheriess the sa thing
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growing chicken economicly, it makes more sense to put aazillion chicns in onplace and itroduces real inferiochicken. anyou know ifature caproduce numb of fishn a rive let's mp more yog fish ithere. anit's absutely wrg. 's not ireasing r nuer of wi fish. it eventlly gonn exrpate all fish. - lifeiversifi order to surviv and huns do thopposite simplifd in order to ke ings easr for ouelves. and by imposing simplification on a worl th has tak millionof yes to so ndrouslyiversify is a vlent actn life itsel (machinehirring)
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(fish th) - [manwhat t fish to is, that weake the sh that retued to thhatchery these a all theish that wereaised inhe hatchy. we have is tub ofish, d i ink thers probab couple ohundred sh in each b and th get ozen inta solid ock and we jt drop tm down a break tm up anrefreezehem so ty don't stk togeth no more and prepem for a e schoolroups. (fish th) (indtinct)
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- [man] y guyssay od morninto shea and emy. - ll] goodorning! we talkeabout thfive reons why 're doing this a littleit ago. doesnybo remembe can we g those? yeah - the ees. - the ees. at abouthe trees - treeneed theutrients - thnutrient right? - so we rtner wi the squay indianribe torovide t carcass om theiratchery ogram, which us to be consered a was product they'ractual full of mari-deriv nutrien because en they leave e river stem, they'rabout yabig. en thecome bac ey're ju carryinso ch goodns from t ocean. soe teach is coept tohe studes, the chinooand steeead in ts watersd are threened spees, so w inire themo take aion by gting tse carcasses back intthe uppewatershe whh is actlly very nrient po. (dramac music)
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(kidshouting - n i get mething? - yeah. i don't ke this. - you nt a big e or a ltle one? - is one. [woman] ay, welllet me - no, nolittle o. salmoni thinthey areery importanfor the osystem. many amals eathem. well148 vertrae animals eat e salmonpecificay. like thealmon toing ea, i think it a good lp. but at t same ti, i dot ink it'she besidea.
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the osystem ns a spefic way for specificeason. we can t and helthem reducinpollutio but don'think we shouldirectly teract withhe salmowildlife and althe wildfe and let em run btheir se and ma their o adaptatns. (sw music) - thconversaon is, a ere any ld saln left? showe a wildalmon. show me,ou know,n abundantumber cong back wild saon. d we jusdon't seit re in e nisquay. as mucas i'd rher have wilsalmon, ouhatchery salmon arimportant to ucontinui our lture, o traditis. you kn, fous, th is our urch. this is r medici here, beg on thiriver. d i thinpeople he a hard timunderstaing that becae this iwhat ouancestordid sincthe begiing of te.
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yoknow, th fished, th hunted,hey gathed, theyrotectedhat we he, and that how we ved. and w we're 2018, our salm are depted. - ese are e racewa i watelling u about. 300,0 in eh one. yeah, . that's lot of sh. he's gng rightow, pullg l the de ones ou - an] wee magers. native erican pple, at's whawe do anwe manag but also ha to adapt the tim. - peopleave a tendencyo get enored wi what th wish was instof what . ere's a rtain seent of t people this ar at want blame hchery fi


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