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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 11, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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>> welcome to "live from paris," world news and analysis from france 24. lukashenko threatens to turnff the gas pipeline to europe, a threat over the fate of migrants apparent transported to the belarus border. brussels says it is part of a plot to destabilize the eu. president macron shed tears as he paid a final homage to the
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last french resistance hero from world war ii. he died last month at the age of 101. this is "live from paris." thank you very much for being with us. thousands of migrants are set for another night asheir plight becomes an intertional incident, there is a threat issued from minsk to the european union. belarus president alexander lukashenko says he is prepared to shut down the gas pipeline supplying russian gas into europe. >> we probably doubled gas
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mping through belarus. beltran's gas pipelines are all full. europe is still threatening us that they will close the border. what if we cut off their natural gas supplies? mark: thousands gathered in warsaw for an annual independence day march, dedicated to uniform protectors of the border. our correspondent has this. >> some participants in the independence march recite catholic prayers as they go. others are listening to death metal music. the march attracts families with children and people who insist they are not far right but simply patriots, but it also attracts people who are clearly
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on the far right of the political spectrum. >> we want our country to be autonomous. >> i think there are people here from all kinds of political backgrounds. it is not about supporting poland's government, just about celebrating poland's independence. >> we have terrorist attacks in france, the netherlands, germany, england. only in poland is a quiet -- for now. i don't know how long we must fight. >> judging by the amount of time it took the tail of the march to reach thiel shelter through the roundabout, there were somewhat fewer people this year than in previous years, but we're still talking about many thousands of participants from all over poland and beyond. mark: another crackdown in
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poland, and we are keeping our eye firmly on that situation on the belarus-poland border. next, russian prosecutors making a legal effort to silence voices critical to president battle -- vladimir putin. the group has made public the cases of 420 political prisoners over the past year. >> the general has asked the supreme court of russia to declare memorial an illegal organization. it was named for anllegal agent back in 2016, 1 of the first organizations russia under law that allows the kremlin to doug agents -- two --
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to dub them foreign agents if they have some foreign funding. you may be able to see behind me a poster advertising exhibition about the human rights activist sakharov. people at the memorial are saying basically they have tried to observe the story over the last five years, but they cannot label every broadcast hour every pamphlet they put out as a foreign agent, particularly not before the ruling came in force in 2016. they are calling this a pretext by authorities to shut them down. as you said they were founded in the late 1980's under gorbachev's freedom reforms, and they have been very active. they have two branches. they have a historical research branch which has for example uncovered the fact that up to 10 million people went through the gulags during stalin's times and
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up to 700,000 people were shot, summarily executed, and later, again during those earlier repressis, the have another branch which has been very active in sporting human rights in today's russia because as they say here, there's no difference in the roots of repression between what happened during stalin's time and the sort of repression, albeit not quite as deadly, as we see today. thank support alexei navalny, who is in present -- present at the moment, -- who is in prison at the moment. they are basically facing a court case in november which is likely to declare them illegal, which means they will have to shut down, and this headquarters behind me will no longer function. mark: russia closing down the
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rights group apparently for its criticism of president putin. record numbers of covid cases in germany. 235 people died in just one day. german authorities say not enough people are being vaccinated and plan to enforce extra restrictions. >> carnival season is happening this year in germany, despite covid, starting with festivities in cologne. there are those who enjoy themselves almost like in the days before the pandemic. >> it is nice we can also party during coronavirus times, and it is safe here. >> those who believe that being this close to hundreds of thousands of people is not necessarily safe were not in the
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crowd. germany has passed 50,000 new daily infections, the highest gear so far. many germans are vaccinated -- about 78% of people over 12 have received at least one dose, but eastern states are lacking in their campaign. would be chancellor old optional success time has come to bring in new measures across the country. >> we want the 3g rule in the workplace. you have to be vaccinated, recovered, or have a test in order to go back to work. that is a necessary improvement. >> campaigning for the vaccine, encouraging people to take their third dose, pushing people to get tested by making the process free again. those are some of the incentives. meanwhile, unvaccinated people could be banned from certain facilities. measureshe bundestag low the federal government is set to
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meet with leaders of germany's 16 states as well. mark: we have a guest from the global health security lines with more. it would be interesting to begin with your response to what is happening. it is clear that not enough people are being vaccinated. is that simply the reason, or are there other factors regarding the spread of covid-19 across the german territory right now. >> it is not only across the german territory, but the complete european area is actually experiencing an increase in cases. we have absolutely the same number, which is 1.9 million people being contaminated right now, which is the same time as last year during the same period
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, same week, actually. the growth in the number of contaminated people is twice what it was last year. it is not only germany that is suffering. it is the most obvious place where we can see the phenomenon, but it is all over europe right now. mark: i picked up on the back of the report talking about the specific issues, and it strikes me we have an intelligent educated society, so why is it such a small uptick or not a total uptick of vaccination? >> we are fighting against an unnoticeable disease. it is invisible.
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it has been there for quite a while now. at the beginning, everybody was anxious about an invisible threat, and now it is an invisible companion, sort of. you are not watching d folling the right practice to protect yourself the same way, and people get tired of all the meases and sff like that. yosee thos people gathering altogether because they believe that it is over. unfortunately, it is not. even if you are vaccinated, even if you look for the proper protection measures, if you don't respect social dispensation, you give the virus an opportunity to jump from one individual to another. what we have now is we will have less big clusters and the
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epidemic moves like spreading the virus among the region in a very high level, at intense speed, but we will see more and more individual cases and numerous individual cases, so it will be less than an epidemic momentum and more like an installed virus living among us and contaminating individuals one at a time, and this is going to be difficult to live with definitely. mark: thank you for bringing us that analysis of the situation. germany has seen record numbers of covid cases, including deaths as well. 235 in one day. the who has warned of some high hundred thousand cases across europe by february because of the spread. thank you, sir, very much
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indeed. always a pleasure speaking to you, although the news this time alarming considering the situation. social distancing, get a vaccination, make sure you respect all the measures possible, good advice coming from our guest. next, president emmanuel macron shed tears as he paid a final homage to the last french resistance hero from the second world war. macron held a special armistice day ceremony outside the french capital to the west of the city. the last surviving resistance fighter honored by the late free france leader, de gaulle, as a companion of the liberation. the giant was 101. >> it is the key moment of armistice day, the lighting of the flame under the arc de
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triomphe. next to this highly symbolic tomb. here lies an unknown french soldier killed in world war i. his tomb represents all of the fighters who are fallen in combat for france throughout history. armistice day celebrating the allies' victory in world war i and commemorating the battles and lives lost in that conflict, has since 2012 also honored all of the military who have died defending the country. this year, their attribute has focused on the -- on a world war ii hero, a resisnce fighter who was among the first to join general de gaulle in 1940. he was the last member of the special liberation order. >> they have inscribed their destiny at the sites of those who carried the spirit of resistance, they love of a free
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homeland, for the honor of france. >> at barely 20 years of age, who joined de gaulle -- he joined de gaulle and fought key battles leading to france's liberation. u.s. vice president harris joined the tribute. >> i read about him, and what an extraordinary fellow. he had a lot of fire in his belly, as we say. >> he will rest at a site with the knox east -- the nazis executed those who oppose them which now honors freedom fighters. mark: let's turn to business. some positive news for the european government. >> inflation make -- inflation rates might be rising at their fastest level in years, but
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rates are expected to peak at 2.7% and ease in 2022 in the following year. the european commission is warning that recory is, o course, heavily dependent on reduction of the vir across the continent. >> the eu is set to expand strongly over the forecast horizon. we forecast the eu economy to grow by 5% this year and to keep a solid pace of growth of 4.3% next year before easing to 2.5% in 2023. >> across the atlantic, inflation warnings have been a top concern for investors. the cost of living in the u.s. is rising faster than it has for overhree decades. the consumer price index was up
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by 6.2% compared to the same period last year. it is a sharp turn even from september's figures went prices were already rising. the u.s. bureau for labor statistics says while ery sector is experiencing some price inflation, the worst are food and gas. the dollar rose on thursday hitting a 16-month high. the dow jones closed the day down slightly while the nasdaq and s&p 500 both and higher with tech makers resuming their climb. tesla slipped following news that elon musk so about $5 billion worth of company stock in recent days. turning to europe for stocks ended the day at record highs as mining shares rally. the london ftse is up as well as
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the paris cac. nearly four timeshe number achieved a year ago. burberry says the brand's sales are now growing at a double-digit percentage. trsport delays and production disruptions due to covid, just some of the issues prompting retailers to rethink their global supply chains and manufacturing hubs in asia. the growing number of clothing companies are moving manufacturing basis -- basis --
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bases closer to headquarters. in france, supporting locally produced goods is also emerging as an issue in the campaign. >> these factories are making shoes in bosnia-herzegovina. since the pandemic, just to go have made it more attractive for european brands to manufacture closer to home. in bosnia, exports of textiles, leather, and footwear amounted for 380 million euros in the first half of 2021, higher or all of 2020. >> [speaking foreign language] many manufacturers in france say they are also seeing increased
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interest with french craftsmanship, encouraging young designers to stay in the country. >> [speaking foreign language] >> a spike in the delta variant of the coronavirus in vietnam and china earlier this year slowed or shut down many factories. a shortage of vaccines has further facts -- further exacerbated the problem. a shipping logjam has prompted companies to rethink their global supply chains. experts say these issues are encouraging firms to diversify their production base to protect against future risks. >> all she wants for christmas is a cheeseburger. music legend mariah carey has a special treat for fans this holiday season. >> ♪ i don't want a lot for
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christmas there is just one thing i need ♪ >> ♪ and i ♪ >> ♪ don't care about the presence underneath the christmas tree ♪ >> at mcdonald's, they are launching a so-called mariah menu, a deal only available in the u.s. they will be offering a free item every day with the purchase of another. mark: i bet she loves a good cheeseburger. now we go to truth or fake. i sometimes call it truth or consequences. the truth this there are rarely
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consequences for these people. >> we are dealing with a conspiracy theory. as you know, there are many online. this is a conspiracy theory on climate change where people believe all of the natural disasters are currently recently are linked to a tool in alaska. the program was actually financed by the u.s. army from the 1990's until 2014. this is the origin of the conspiracy theory. here is an example of someone from germany using social media to spread this false information on the harp conspiracy theory with floods in germany, saying, i don't recall anything like is it ather warfare with harp? there is also a story from brazil that supposedly shows brazilians tearing down harp and tennis -- and tennis -- antennas
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. let's take a look at the video from july. [crowd yelling and screaming] the video shows people taking down electrical installations in november 2017. here the actual news story from global news. as you can see, it is from 2017. people tried to post this online , and facebook alerted it as fake news. mark: it could have been from the late 1980's, early 1990's. so that's nothing to do with harp at all? >> nothing to do with harp at all. just to clarify, harp does exist
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but cannot affect global climate on a larger scale. look out for those conspiracies. mark: today is armistice day where we remember those who fell in war. this corresponds to the end of the first world war. you have some fake news dating back to than. >> yes, in honor of armistice day today. here in this article by the history news channel, titled "the false world war i armistice report that fulda america." it says four days before the actual end of world war i, a ulcer report misled the country -- a false report misled the country. this is a real story. the embassy in paris received a telegram on november 7, 1918. they misunderstood the message they received about the local cease fire and confused it with a total cease-fire and the end
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of the war. a u.s. envoy confirmed the story to the united press agency, so it went on from there until it went on to make the headlines of every newspaper everywhere. these are jubilant americans in washington holding this newspaper, "the washington times," saying "the war is over." there's this other picture from wall street celebrating what was supposedly armistice day on november 7, t we actually know is it's on november 11, 1918. then there is another image of people in times square celebrating as well, with headlines saying, germany surrenders, but as it says here, a miscommunication was to blame, a lot like what happened today with social media. mark: what we're missing is people manipulating news to
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their own ends. i hear what you're saying. in the states, communication was -- i mean, during say, it could have been down to a carrier pigeon getting lost. who knows what happened? it is and currently difficult thing back in those times. nowadays, of course, we have different ways of communicating and obviously are susceptible to people who want to manipulate things. thank you for bringing this to us. great to see you. stay with us. more to come here live from paris. ♪ >> nearly 200 countries are meeting here in scotland for what could be their last chance to rein in global warming. their commitment still falling short of a paris agreement goal.
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they must radically ramp up amtion at a time whe grnhouseas emissions have reached an unprecedented level. join us for our special coverage of cop 26. we will be bringing you the latest news and analysis here on france 24. >> since the 12th century, catholic priests have and required to practice celibacy, a controversial issue that touches on deep social and religious taboos. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> discover the extraordinary stories of men and women who have fallen into blasphemous love. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> don't miss our reporter's investigation into the heart of eighth on france 24 and
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11/11/21 11/11/21 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york and glasgow, this is democracy now! >> the situaon, wel it is ite diffult to descbe. we are facinthe greest chlenge,he greest cris manityas evonfrted, whh is theossible collapse of our life support systems. amy: as negotiations continue at the u.n. climate summit in glasgow, we speait


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