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tv   Inside Story  LINKTV  November 9, 2021 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> the un security council has warned of the conflict in ethiopia's tigray region could spiral into civil war. it is urgent dialogue. >> in a country of over 110 million people, over 90 different ethnic groups and 80 languages, nobody can predict what continued fighting and insecurity will bring. but let me be clear. what is certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only two
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real. that would bring about a humanitarian catastrophe and consume the future of such an important country. >> the u.n.'s warning more than half the population of afghanistan is facing starvation. >> you are already hearing stories of women, mothers selling one child to feed the other children in hopes that child can be taken care of by another family. it has not gotten as bad as it is going to get yet. the next six months are going to be horrific unless the international community truly on phrases those assets so they can pay the teachers because now students really are not in school. >> poland's closing part of its border crossing with belarus after large groups of migrants tried to force their way through. poland accuses the belarusian
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government of allowing people to illegally cross the frontier to get into the european union. the u.s. has reopened its air and land borders to all vaccinated travelers for the first time in 20 months. visitors from more than 30 countries have been banned since early 2020 when pandemic restrictions began. the u.s. and european union have led calls to reject the outcome of nicaragua's elections. most opposition figures have been arrested or barred from running. those are the headlines on al jazeera. i will be back with more news after talk to al jazeera. stay with us. ♪
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>> following weeks of escalating tensions between sudan's military and civilian leaders, the country faces another crisis. the army took control of the government in a military takeover october 25. a state of emergency declared. communications were disrupted and senior officials with the civilian government were detained. as tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets, many in the international community called it a power grab. the release of four cabinet ministers have been -- what guarantees are there he will fulfill his promise?
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there are also elections in 2022. i have come to the country's capital. sudan's army chief talks to al jazeera. >> general abdel fattah al-burhan, thank you for speaking to al jazeera. why did you dissolve the transitional government, approved by the sovereignty council which you are the head of? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> you have said the reason for army intervention was due to security concerns, but we have been seeing antimilitary protests ongoing. it seems people don't want the military or they don't share
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your vision. >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> there are provisions of powershare between the army and the change, but no embers -- now members are arrested and cannot negotiate on a new government. how can you say you are committed to the agreement of the two parties that one side is absent? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> sudan is now in a political crisis. the international community is demanding that -- the restoration of the government and resolution appears to be widely supported. can you give the way forward from your point of view? what do you think will happen next? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> what guarantees are there that the promise will be fulfilled given the absence of an approved framework? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> i understand the transitional period you envision is 2023. so your promising elections in 2023.
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will you follow the example of the general who handed over power to an elected government in 1986? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> why wait for another two years? why don't you have elections with a framework for four months or six months instead of two years more? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> with military rule or with the previous government? with advisors for the current takeover or the previous ousted government? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> general, mostly those who conduct the coups do not say it is a coup and they claim they are misunderstood. do you also claim you are misunderstood? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> so general, some people say the military have paved the way for this takeover. for example, by weakening the previous government. you had prior notice this was going to happen. why did you not make a move to stop the protesters from barricading the port when we have seen the military barricades during the recent protests? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> general, tell us about the government you envision. you are negotiating with the prime minister while he is under house arrest. there has been news about breakthroughs in the negotiations, but yet no tangible results so far. despite several mediation initiatives. what are the sticking points? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> however, the international community still recognizes him as the prime minister and his government as the government of sudan. do you think measures are backfiring?
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>> [speaking non-english language]
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>> if you had any view on that agreement, why did you sign it in 2019? >> [speaking non-english language] >> where is your deputy? we have not seen him since the military takeover. >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> you said people were starting to feel frustrated because of the transitional government. the slogans were freedom, peace, and justice. can the army deliver justice when they are accused of killing protesters? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> the soldiers who killed 13 people, had they been arrested? >> [speaking non-english language] >> so general, there is an
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internet blackout and a state of emergency. activists are being arrested for organizing protests. how can the sudanese people trust in your vision and agreed the decision of the military takeover -- why not just let people express themselves? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> general, the takeover has damaged sudan's image. the usa, the world bank, has suspended aid. france says they also might follow the case considering. the african union has suspended activities with you. how are you going to manage the country's economy when sudan was just opening and now the world is closing its door on it again? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> prayer tier takeover, -- prior to your takeover you met with israeli officials as well. did any regional actor encourage you to take such a decision? >> [speaking non-english language] >> one thing the government was asking for was the reformation of the army.
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what role did that play in the decision of the military takeover? >> [speaking non-english language] >> you rejected the army controls? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> so now you are in charge and the protests, general strikes, civil disobedience, or ongoing. so far at least, based on information they have, 13 protesters have been killed because of resistance to your rule. people who have told the world they will not stop protesting, how are you going to handle that? >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> general, thank you for talking to al jazeera. ñ■?áaa)aaaa
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