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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  October 30, 2021 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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(tnder ruming)
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(dramac music) - agn, anoer very werful force ofother nare.ovg, reat to our city - [wom] this ia lot rse than thought - ames] ohy. we go inhe creek, literay,
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anyou nevethink th what we do evy singleeekend, whate love, uld stroy yo house. - [jamesturn you head little re. wanted tcelebratgd. when iecam, the elegce and beauty onature. but i on realized there was a mn in t world aut the clision tween pele and nure. and felt a gat sensef urgey to beawitness that. thesevents a partf the faic d the storof our te.
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- [boy] at you aut to do we're justrying to crapeople (mufed talki) in so can gethem to sety. we're justrying to crapeople - [jameswe've goa bunch of refe. (mufed talki) - mypartment floodedow. yeah, anwe need get out of here ause theater isising arnd us. in t course my care, ve seen lot of dferent kinds ofnvironmeal chang (manelling) but d ner seen so much hpening squickly. for ousandof years many peopled believed that nate was ma up four elental foes;
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rth, airwater anfire. but i' come toealize ere's a fth elent, peoe. we'ra . people a changin the her elements at theame timethe ements are chaing us. d what iant to dis brg this sry to li. (speakg foreiglanguage ight dratic music)
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when first srted to ok atolid wat, ice meing, rning to the oan, the monumeal chang that'sappeni rit now our tim rning to the oan, arted toome alivfor me. it w a powerl experice. rtycally,the oan, artenvironmtal chans,e. they're rd to se they're small. anhere ithe e it was rtycally,the oan, arabpt, it w distinc,e. so ts is whe the treme icsurvey srted. - [bil james bog, jas. (audienccheering - [manjames bag launch the treme ice surv by plang time pse cames athe top othe worl - [bil and justell usrieflyhat you did. - weut out te lapse cameraand t on the bedro alongsi the aciersnd they oot every
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- weut out te lapse cameraand t ho or everhalf hou and th've amasd on the bedro alongsi the aciersnd they oot every million image arive of how the ice hareeated as a conquence of clima change. no dying that theglaciersre. - me of thwo i do is aboutc dot normal get to seehese this. anbringinghat evidce ba to peop who - ames] there such thing atruth. i'm tryi to findt and e way ornother reve it throh the imes. (lig dramatimusic) reve it throh the imes. ater triling) since i' started the extremice5 billio of to of glacr ice ve melted into t ocean.
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the ra of melts since i' started the extremice5 steadilyncreasin and althat melwater raises s levs worldwe. thinuding the shos of mown couny. since i' started the extremice5 steadilyncreasin [man] noolk neigors one comnity are wang throu the ter agai - [man] is is prably asou come t the you'rerying toet today - [womanfloodingtopped the flowf trafc. - [wan] a affic alert fo. - [m] it's ring quic - [wan] a affic alert fo. high tidnot excted until 8: a.m., sot's onlyoing to t worse. - [jes] in csapeake y,
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you can ve floing a sunnyay. e tideomes up d itloods thstreets. nny day oong, i meano fie ri over thlast 100ears. d a halff sea lel it's the highest on t eas. ri over thlast 100ears. d a halff sea lel anso you c see wha thimpactas been. auitasn't metwhen thatoook likehat., - we sawhose waters bbling up throu storm dins yeah, th street floodsqu. these nehborhood the are miows runng aroundere in t water. i meanook at ts, the plantsthese armarsh plts. why are ere mah plan in the midd of a rking t? evyby in theity know thaturing a gh watervent likee're havg right w, u don't me down he becausethere. thaturing a gh watervent
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[james] lot of tse house in thiarea wve been rking in a only a tter a foot two or thr above t in thiordiry high and sobit by b by bit, a sn or eighth of an inch aa me, thocean isoing up, d beforeou know , and sobit by b by bit, a sn or ethe ocn is rhtch aa me, inour livi room.p, tatifferenteriods itime. so, betweethe time tha that houseas raised and th house was rsed, the timate of wherthe safe zone was from flooding that what, aoot and half.,t, u know, fe, no, t anymor safeyeah, nonot anyme. now, thas safe. thin are chaing and of urse thiintersecon stilfloods en thgh we spt 1.2 llion doars evating . thoscranes or there, that'. we're onof the lgest pos on theast coas so thas part oour onomic eine overhere. but th most imrtantly,
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mostf our litary stallatis are onhe water but th most imrtantly, ere's val statn norfol wee starti to see e earlyimpact. stallatis are onhe water - navastation rfolk is t largestavy se in thworld. almost0 ships e ho ported re, ,000 plupeople ce to wk here eryy. so, it signifint natial defen asset. when we e a storcoming in, a sea lel rise, it mes thosetorms more sigficant and creases e impact u knowif seaevel was toise as iprojecte the dege that wcould no longeoperate here,ct that wld be a gnifican impa to natial secury. - [jam] as theceans ri evercommuniton the cst will baffectednd some themuch soon than otrs. (lht dramac music) - [jam] as theceans ri evercommuniton the cst
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- myame is jes eskrie, fit and fomost i'm a commc, ifierman, cbber, oyerman.. this is e acal shding tan d whenhe crabshed, there tan out ofhe waternd refrigered and ty get a e way cket to w york cy. my grafather w a watean, my fher was, i ammy oldesson's a waterm a that myrandson n work on the wer and h son.
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grwee a consvative gup..e. that's s alito, hn rorts isut here and condrice andhe skny one'snn coult. (chuckli) wee been he for tanghundredsf years.tory and whenou look ck you s that wer is th fe of taier. water anthe folkonangier, 're join, we're nnected. (a horn bling)) - growing up on ngier s absoluly heave as a kide had bacally free rei of the land. (a horn bling)) - almostike, i gss, ving in amusement pk as abecause ere'sally freealways sff to do. (a horn bling)) [anna] mosof the men workn the war, which arts welbefore ght of aornin', and can go all throh the eving and ght.
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w[carolchances e,ore gevy soft cb that you'veaten camfrom is littlplace. [james] m dependt w[carolchances e,ore onringing the bouy of the csapeake y to pufood othe table, to p annow it'shat clege d jusme chesaake bay that'shreateni to take tan. - abt two yes ago i got ant toook at climatehange site in esapeakeaters - ad i seleed ago i got ant taier as msite. becae i realed how de thsituatiowas ouhere. a w schools built stilts. ter in people's ont rds, it'up to a ot deep. yoll see fisswimmingaround . you'll s blue abs king the way. at's somhing thahappensaon a f.
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- is islanfeels soncertain i'conscice of th ansfacthat right er there the oce and that cos up, it's gng to beerrible for . - yeah, rememberhis us to all sand it's gng to beerrible for . when i fst came here. - yeah - wesed to jt take aoat ross ande could lk all e way uphe west ore line - yeah, ere we a noonhe thatas high groundt one , and hi enough suppo ey had achool a use, small geral storere. and ki up herelaying justike on tgier now and i'm re at th thatheir towwould underwar some d.age - but yocan see at linenderneatthe sand of the pt sedimes th are exped. once thagets eosed,
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othat'shat's teing e islandpart. once thagets eosed, ngier isnd is a nd hill at's capd by peasediment it'sery loosand 's very age. now, s level has th insteadf stking theand, asou canee the wer is ju tearingt to pies.. when youe walkin up he at theite of whe the comnity s, it cabe depreing. to this y you stl findone fragmentfrom the greyardshat erod and nt into e bay.
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yeah,i acally knoa guy the pastate of ld lossrd.- [davd ane futureea lel rise snarios. yd based those snarios, i estii the pastate of ld lossrd.- [davd s left a my estitions wher- it's n too latrs. tangier savable s left a my estitions buwe don'tave yearto wait. what we ed for t pua seawalall the way arnd. governnt to dos to actlly - some othe islas do wan bacally thwhole isnd nd of ried in ste, and to do th it woulbe just a bapark estate, probly ound 100illion dollars
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- ngier rely is so of canary ithe coaline. for what gonna hpen to aot of low lng citiealong the ameran coastne. - ngier rely is so of canary ithe coaline. u know, a largcity, like say nfolk or ami, manhatn, they n come u withhe fundi necessa to proct themsves, t some o'em manhatn, they n come u 're obably gna withha to relote.ssa to proct themsves, , it's gna be a mix ofrotectin
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manhatn, they n come u howe're goa handlehis tuation cause wes aa soety do n have th resours to protect erything. so, are gon have to make me choic. - 's easy r people that d', so, are gon have ll why d't you rocate? orou know,hy don'tou y find--e - but can't sl non ll why d't you rocate? to g money treloca. - i me, who's,eah, exaly-- - 'd have start all er from ratch - i me, who's,eah, exaly-- d we're town of termen. who's nna take ldiard wateen.n? - aginwatermen yeah. yeah. - aginwatermen d the older ople this isnd. - wh ialk on thbeach it like i'm taki a trip my past but i'also walng into my g, 'cause wre one srm awayfrom bec.
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ight dratic musi - amesthe humaenterpri is bed on a lief thate more oless e able tknow wha the futu holdsor us d for ouchildr. tsummerwill be t, wiers wille cold. the landill be he, the ocean wi be overhere. buwhen tse basic expeatie it thrs everytng the landill be he, the ocean in disarrahere. how about erybody st sidown rig about he do this xt oneo that's cing in he.
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here igoes. one,wo, the. (lig dramatic music) [man] ye. (wan laughg) en the cldren inhe water get ts we he a natul actor re. d 70s an80s, theater vel is gng to beeally, really dferent tn it is w. thworld is changg and th worlthat thewill knoin the ne future going tbe a ofoundlyifferentorld
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thwan the wld that ud th worand know rig - ile or n - [jamesmove youhead stight up d down, tuck yr chin down a ltle bit. okay, ay with . we don have r theschanng bounry condions arehappenino a ntury orwo centues. 're livi in e middlef th. a photoapher, i want treveal e confli between pele an. i s a litt boy playing in w terest gs back twhen by mgrandparts house
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i cbeauful foreed hillsand thes see e contra betweenhese of was rocks tt had been dugut of thmines. to t world, i stted toee it inermsamer of ts- ok.e ntradictns ancon- ve it thgas? zoom, here goes. of ts- ok.e ntradictns ancon- as hissi)as? zyou kn, i've aays own in theory th the envep of a that rrounds is thin
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yein - atrick] ay, so thntoalk aw from mete. [james] i teameup with friend mine. yein - atrick] ay, so th[patrickthat's fe.e. - [jam] to sd a came up ave thetmospher - [patri] keep gn'. yein - atrick] ay, so th[patrickthat's fe.e. - and exrience h thinhe air aually is two, thr, go. - and exrience h twhoa, ok at th.y is (lightramatic sic) it toise to wt'ss forsicallthe edge of t breathae atsphere a35,000 ft. it toise to wt'ss forshow gh is ite it's 61,0 feet. - wow.
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just aew minut later it toise to wt'ss it was uat0,000 fe,te it's 61,0 feet. - wow. aring ouinto the blacess. - [prick] ,000 fee there's e parache. - [jes] oh, where'the ca? - atrick] at's amang. - cara's aren perfect coition. lookt that, contental vide. fantasc. lookt that, contental vide. in lesthan hf an hou my balloon h float into wh was esntially outer ace. i fod it incdible th our yer of a is so thin. for the rst timen my lif i undetood h finiteand prec.
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for theuffled tki)my lif matt, w do younow wee at theight spo this inot a maed - att] i w countinone ssissipp two misssippi. - oh, go this inot a maed - when i ep out iould ss for theong rideere?. let'see. yeames chuling)l - look athis. we gof a the gas in theair anths the y seeinghe ebb a flow inhe air a how thatffects t color of this bstance that we' br. you can'see e air, b we sll have incrediy intimateelatiohip witht. you ll your ngs withir mo than 20,000 tes a d. so, can't aid thfact thawhatever you put intthe air,iwe put ine mo than 20,000 tes a d.
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- [jethdifferenspikesrie youthat we' measuri. so ts is a gonna be traff related - wee sure gting a t of carn monoxi. - [jsica] an ethal and toene. - wee been ung thisvan for t t[james] credible ofolatile ganic compoundwith abo a milliodollars of cusm inrumentatn in theack. - wee been ung thisvan for t t[james] credible we're ally intested in vols beuse th contribe to cmate chae, ozonformatio in t atmosphe and th can bece harml to hum health. - sohe numbe we're sing and the seen in harmere arcominglth. t of thiinlet up here? - are ming fm this rring inlehere forll ofhe instrents. - [jam] let's e wh sort ofo2 inlehere forll i d to thetmospher - sowe got eanol. wh sort ofo2 th's a comn one. - sowe got eanol. but 's also und in ethast normarespiratn.l,
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it only e o'cloc in t afterno-- - i kn - w don(lht musicous. - [jessi] so we' in a go spotso we'llee if weee ything fm this wl d here wch was - [jes] whoathere's hanol. - [jessi] ethanoand toluene - en we lo at sours of llution er the lt few -d a largspike inethane.l. years, scificall in t western.s., - en we lo at sours of llution er the lt few see thaoil -d a ld gas exorationne.l. e on theise andcontribu to . also bause popation grth weave a lomore traic now. also bause popation grth we have lot more peoplesin. - [jam] an oldruck r pollutn control on it. - a lae spike toluene - [jam] an oldruck - man, lk at tha r po- ah. control on it. - [jes] godhe's way way f the toof this art. - [jam] an oldruck - [gabele] so ese r poutantset releadn it. into t atmosphe and ntributeto a cmate chae anthen in e esence osunshine
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thnox and e vocs act in t atmosphe and fo ground vel ozon anzone actn alert until 4:. th[man] frt range is sti ur act in t atmosphe - e exposu to ozonand rticleolluti can lead toncreasedsthma atcks, itan lead the infmmation of theining of our lgs, can incase the sk of hrt attacand even leadt. of theining of our lgs, - u know wn you dre inhat van st a wel and yosee the emics cong out a you go, okaythat's tt one place anthen we t into the earer aipast where at spikes. thers 40,000 of thosethingse you well, nwait a mute, and you don't knowwhich on are . tand th there's hundre of ts you well, nwait a mute, ofells allcross thcountry.
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and en the are allhe tapipes, iluding mown, d there'all e jet ailanes includg the on i fly i you , my godit's jus likeit's ovehelming. (lightramatic sic) - [gabrie] we yhave sigficantlyjaltereour e likeit's ovehelming. and we fl the efcts of i and weave to dl with- okay gs. of it aryou guyseady brush yr teeth? let's gocome on. (speakinforeign nguage) let's(panizzling) i need ttake my xapro. - okay, need youo ke youmedicineuys, rdy? let'go.
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slow. ower, plse. ower. good jobready? go job. - slow, you'reoing o fast, hone after moved t this parof tow -my oer son rening stted deveping asta. o fast, hone my daughr, olivi we had to stan at thege oone and onardo was justinda borinto it. my daughr, olivi we had to stan okaygood job nogo rin your moh alfour of have asma. so, wee indooreople. we're nooutdoor ople. thpollutiohere in e neigorhood ipretty ereme,


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