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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  October 19, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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million for christian missionaries snatched from an orphanage near the capital. hello, you are watching al jazeera. barbara: demanding a recount in iraq, supporters of bro need parties accuse the government of boat rigging. -- pro irani and parties accuse the government of vote rigging. banana growers watch on
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hopelessly as volcanic eruption's cover their crop in ash. a notorious haitian gang responsible for the kidnapping of 17 christian missionaries have made its first ransom demand. known as 400 mawozo, the gang wants $1 million per person. the demand was made to the chief of christian aid ministries and confirmed by the patient justice minister. --haitian justice minister. their bus was seized by gang members. more from the mission's headquarters. >> a haitian tank has put a price on the lives of 17 people.
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$17 million. it is a risk haitian missionaries face daily. >> it is like living in a war zone. you do not know when you are going to get a at, kidnapped. >> that is a confirmed -- is a concern in ohio. >> the ransom demand as a drop in the bucket for an organization that brings in all hundred 30 million dollars in donations from around the world -- is a drop in the bucket that brings in 130 million dollars in donations from around the world. do they pay or do they risk the lives of the missionaries they sent their? -- there. >> the fbi is a part of a
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coordinated u.s. government effort to get the u.s. citizens involved safety. >> armed gangs have kicked up there -- stepped up their campaign in kidnapping in large parts of haiti. >> we realize what a priority this is for the people of haiti. that is why we have provided funding to the tune of 312 million dollars in assistance over the past decade alone to strengthen law enforcement capacity. to maintain peace and stability. >> u.s. citizens have been warned against visiting haiti because of the violence and instability. the president was assassinated in july and an earthquake struck in august. christian aid ministries is just one of dozens of religious groups doing work in haiti. some are asking of the u.s.
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should send in troops to rescue the missionaries or whether the united nations needs to expand its peacekeeping operations in a nation where hostagetaking is now on average an everyday occurrence. ♪ barbara: supporters of pro-iranian factions are protesting the result of the parliamentary elections. >parties a link to the group known as the popular mobilization forces saw big losses in that election. crowds in baghdad have gathered to demand a recount. they move -- the move secured the biggest number of seats in parliament. >> thousands of protesters are
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protesting in front of the green zone in baghdad, demanding a recount of the votes of the legislative election. this protesters, the supporter of the -- the supporters of the political parties that lost in the election. many of them, despite being in civilian military -- uniform, they are military officials that are commended by members of the shia political parties that lost in the election. they are planning to continue protesting here in this area, blocking several roads leading to the green zone until the demands are met. they say that they are accusing
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election commissions of fraud, a voter -- of vote rigging, they say that parties are intervening in the election and directing the results of the election. they are accusing the government of collaborating in what they are calling the vote rigging. barbara: flooding and landslides have killed dozens of people in the southern indian states. more rain is predicted on wednesday. 13 were killed by a landslide triggered by heavy rains. at least six of them were from the same family. thousands of people have been moved to relief camps so far with fears that the close proximity of so many people in shelters will actually trigger a rapid rise of covid-19 infections.
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we are in one of the worst affected districts. >> we are downstream from one of the biggest water reservoirs. that is releasing 100,000 liters of water every second. the government is one that, releasing water from three dams because they rapidly filled up because of the torrential rain over the weekend. that means that people living in downstream, along the river, as far as the city of kotchi have been put on alert in case of flooding from the release of water. there is more heavy rain predicted for all of the state. this is what the state resources minister told us about their preparations. >> all of the dams are under control now and the government has made arrangements regarding
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people living in the areas of these dams and also where the water could blow. the water is discharging is in a limited and controlled matter. >> the government's turn to avert the kind of disaster that happened during the monsoon floods of 2018 when at least 100 people lost their lives. the government -- 400 people lost their lives. the government is facing criticism for releasing water from the reservoirs. once they made that decision of not giving any notice to people who are living downstream, that is some of the widespread -- that is what caused some of the widespread destruction. it is being done in a staggered and controlled manner. the state later has said that they have increased the number
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of relief camps and shelters in the state. all of those people who have already lost their homes over the past week, thousands or already in shelters, more might be in need of evacuations because of the water released from the dams. barbara: in the northern state, another 24 people have been killed and many more are missing in floods. roads have been damaged and buildings destroyed in a resort town. complete cut off from the rest of the state. -- they are completely cut off from the rest of the state. flooding is more common in india because of climate change. at least three people were killed in --, the stress were denied by the government.
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they came after a new fence was launched. the state owned a deceases communication equipment was hit with care taken to avoid civilian casualties. the conflict has been going on for nearly a year and thousands have died as a result. health care workers are calling on the federal government to lift the siege on mekelai. the wind says 400 thousand people are experiencing famine now -- the u.n. says 400,000 people are experiencing famine. there is no end in sight for the blockade against tigre. >> there does not seem to be any relief from the ethiopian side. those who are protesting against tigray are trying to leave the
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pressure going on in local hospitals. taking care of so many people that have had a need of medical help. a system that is almost broken down. that is why they are protesting in front of the u.n. that is what we are beginning to see from a distance. 91% of the population are in need of some sort of emergency aid. close to one million people are facing famine like conditions. they need it so much, overwhelming. you can send in so much, the factors, the need is so much. people are in need of the support. there is only so much you can do. much of the pressure, we are beginning to see what we have seen, the hospitals are
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overwhelmed with not enough medicine to even treat the most basic needs. barbara: north korea has confirmed it launched a new ballistic missile from a submarine into the sea of japan. north korean state media reported the launch on wednesday, local time. the launch took place tuesday morning. kim jong-un do not attend the missile test -- did not attend the missile test. still to come, an inquiry condemns the brazilian government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. some fear that the report will change nothing. the boat trip that uncovered a 900-year-old relic. echo cedar sword -- a crusaider sword found in the sea of israel. ♪
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>> your weather updates begins. northern vietnam ko, getting striked with heavy rain. southern parts of china, we see this run of rain, moving towards the east. weather maker moving across honshu, into hokkaido, there are whether or words -- there are weather alerts. heavy rain over borneo. temperature is all about that story for australia, western australia, 43.6 degrees. close to a record temperature.
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we head towards wednesday, 44 degrees. we have this frontal system moving across south australia. new zealand, high pressure is building. a high of 21 degrees on wednesday. we will see you soon. ♪ >> state propaganda, media censorship, and the rise of authoritarian rule. >> the system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian regime. >> the experiences of those who live it every day. >> there is a pressure on us but we have to be careful. we have to be brief -- brave enough to support the pressure.
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♪ ♪ barbara: the top stories on al jazeera. a criminal gang is demanding $17 million for the return of 17 foreign christian missionaries. the mostly american and canadian group was kidnapped near port-au-prince. in a rack, supporters of pro-iranian forces have been protesting the result of the parliamentary election. north korea has confirmed that it launched a new ballistic missile into the sea of japan.
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the launch took place tuesday morning. can -- kim jong-un did not attend. antony blinken is in ecuador swear he held talks on counter narcotics operations and regional security. the top american diplomat reinforced american support on drug trafficking as long as it remains just, legal, and constitutional. he praised ecuador for housing a number of migrants from the americas including many fleeing the humanitarian situation in haiti. antony blinken has been speaking to the media. what did he have to say? >> ecuador is the first stop of his trip to the region. he is heading to columbia.
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he will be discussing antinarcotics operations, democracy, migration, among many other things. he mentioned the situation in haiti, saying that the united states is concerned about the situation on going with 17 missionaries who have been kidnapped by a gang group. the u.s. and the state department is doing everything possible in order to secure their release. they have deployed fbi agent's to track down the 17 missionaries. he also said that the current situation of security in haiti is unsustainable. the international community need to work towards a long-term plan to help control the security situation and control gangs. blinken is coming here in a special time. the president has just announced a state of emergency in this
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country following a wave of violent crimes related to drug trafficking. this will last for allowed -- around 60 days. armed forces will be involved in drugs operations and weapons operations and many other things. there is a political and canonic crisis. there is the -- an economic crisis. every effort in congress has been blocked so far. he certain he could shut down the national assembly -- threatened he could shut down the national assembly. in all of this, blinken's trip is seen as a show of support to an ally that is facing a difficult time. barbara: the latest on the visit from antony blinken. brazil's parliamentary inquiry
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of the government's handling of the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a damming report that will be made public on wednesday. senators had said that they will ask for indictments against the president and many of his close advisors. >> the last day of hearings in the most -- are the most painful of all. white handkerchiefs, a symbol of tears shed for those who pass in the pandemic. brazil reached the tragic milestone of 600,000 deaths by covid-19. they world's -- the world's second largest. there were -- the handkerchiefs were carried in a box. this manna spoke on behalf of thousands of brazilians who lost their loved ones and blame the government for their suffering. especially the president, who
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denied the severity of the pandemic, scoffed at social distancing measured, and delayed the vaccination campaign. >> i think that we deserve an apology from the highest authority in the country. this is not about politics. is not about belonging to one party or another. we are talking about people's lives. >> he is not alone. >> she was working in brazil's gateway to the amazon rain forest when the city ran out of oxygen. her brother and sister died, leaving four children in her care. >> a bit of common sense and humidity on the part of those who govern us could have avoided such tragedy in the amazon. >> this woman lost both parents
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within two weeks and was left alone with her 10-year-old sister i don't means to support themselves -- and no means to support themselves. the government she claimed should be financially responsible for them. the result of this parliamentary inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic will be april hundred page report asking for the -- will be a 1200 page report asking for information from the president. >> the report needs to be examined by the attorney general and it will end up in a drawer. >> the vice president of the senate committee in charge of the investigation told us that they will try to get justice for the victims by all means. even if it means turning to the international court.
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the probe has already produced a change. >> before the probe began, the president was the only person who had a say in brazil. he acted in the worst possible way. there was no response. the senate reacted to the atrocities he committed and investigated his crimes. we unveiled corruption scandals involving vaccines. >> investigation has taken a toll on both -- on the president's popularity's. -- popularity. barbara: the international monetary fund has started discussions with lebanon which is in need of economic assistance. the political infighting about the investigation into the beirut port explosion. tens -- attentions left to street battles. -- tensions led to street
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battles. >> the investigation into last year's explosion have not gone away. lebanon's new government is unable to do much. political groups who supporters fought from the stronghold of the lebanese forces party are threatening to walk out of cabinet. >> it will be interesting to see what has been going on and how much they're willing to implement the implosion of the government from within. it remains an option because of the mass resignation tt could play. that would propel the country into a political crisis. >> to avoid that, the prime
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minister will not convene a cabinet until a solution is found about the judge to whom some accused of political bias. they cannot focus on risk going an economy that has all but collapsed. >> the political classes use the system to escape accountability. -- he started to chart officials with criminal negligence. many of them knew of the digits material at the port that triggered the blast. -- many of them knew of the criminal material at the port that triggered the blast. officials refused to show up for questioning. there has been no cooperation from the security establishment which is now trying to find ways to take the case out of qatar's hands. >> they are kind to put in place a counsel that is supposed to
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oversee what the judge does. try to control the flow of investigation to try and put some controls over the movement of the judge and what he finds. >> the findings have not been reviewed and it is not known if he thought evidence linking those seeking to undermine his investigation to the ammonium nitrate response before the devastating blast at the -- report before the devastating blast at the port. barbara: scientists say there is no indication that the volcano eruption will stop anytime soon. it has destroyed more than 1800 buildings. 7000 people have had to leave their homes. agricultural sector has been hardest hit.
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banana farmers worried that they will have nothing left to harvest. -- been farmers are worried that they will have nothing left to harvest. >> this man has worked his family's plantation. the volcanic eruption is now affecting his health. >>-eight good. -- i do not feel good. this is the situation we are living in. we have to continue. >> he could expect a harvest of more than 13 times of the island's bananas. the eruption means that the fate of this harvest is uncertain. >> people cannick -- affects everything because of the wind, it is everywhere. it reduces production and income. we are watching the bananas --
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washing the bananas. when we practice on them, it looks like the bananas have been sanded down. it is tasty, but on the outside, it does not sell. >> the volcano has destroyed banana farms. the russian could continue -- the eruption could continue for several months. >> the conditions are constructive to planting because the transport from other places and they put the soil on the lava flows. in the future, we will do the same. we will transport thousands of cubic meters and they cover the lava flows. they will have new plantations. it is the only way to recover. >> there is a chance that some of the land may be reclaimed in
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the coming months and years. all the farmers can do is hope that the option will end and hope that the relief from the government will see them through the year. bananas are the engine of the economy in the canary islands. the government has to the needed more than $60 million in financial aid to help -- $16 million in financial aid to help farmers. they say the government should do more. >> the 40 million euros of aid is a start. -- 14 million euros of a is a start. >> they glow from the volcano lights up the landscape. the threat of the lava becomes visible from tens of kilometers away. all he can do is watch and hope his farm is spared.
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barbara: in israel, a diver has recovered a complete sword from the crusades. the blade encrusted with a marina life was spotted after the undercurrents shifted sand that had concealed it. the sword is believed to be from a night race at a crusader castle. -- from a knight-based at a crusader castle.
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(sophie fouron) we're very far from the all-inclusive hotels here. we're in the heart of cuba and it's very hard to sum up this island. cuba feels frozen in time. of course, the old 1950's cars, and there are no billboards on the highways, except the ones that are propaganda. there are no restaurant chains. horses are everywhere. people use them to get around. but yet, even if it feels like we're in the 1960's sometimes, people get by. they help each other a lot


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