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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  October 2, 2021 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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(outdoor ambience) - nterview] so my rst questi is whats a tree - ahwhat is e tree? (lauing) - da it! that's tgh one, tually. what is e tree? (pianopbeat muc)
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humabeings he been ling the edgof forests f a very, ry long me. (ueat musi (winwhirling the ed of the rest is wheree belong pbeat muc) (wd whirli) ees are th familiarnd alien (upbt music) (wind irling) theyon't go y place ve fast, b they enre.
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pbeat muc) (wd whirli) coared to mans, theye old crtures th we scarcy undersnd. (upbeamusic) (wind whling)
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the wod of pin precededhe world in whichumans cod live. it tes a strch of imaginion to a, we, what ds that worllook lik (beepi)
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utdo ambienc - r. mille we don't uslly see them untithey're few ars d. you could imagine how lnerablet is in tho arid sos getting ough wat through ose longot summe. t if momas livin the for 4,0 years, thenhat was pretty gd place. e estimas are le th 1% of svival, but ifhey surve those fit few yes, theye prettyood go. and real there i't much th kills t bristcone. (ueat musi (winwhirling
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as an historical ecologist, i think a lot about times when there were trees, but no humans. and so sometimes i'll go to places
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where there was before humans in my mind, because i know those places well from studying them where pines evolved and the bristlecones d the lier pine rests arthose ples. i interestein trying tundersta w ese treein a mounta environnt toleted histic naral clime change becae i thin thatan be usul founderstaing what will ce in theutur throh the grth rings the woo i can construc the pastlimate and i caknow how ey respoed. soo see a 000 yearld tree and to tnk of ho ch it's dured and at is ab to persi under.
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in,000 yea, th's been enormou amount oclimate ange. they c't move get awaythey havto stay and facehat come their st, perftly adted to bin one pce. (beeping ind whirng) peaking foreignanguage)
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(cutng) (upbeat sic) (speing in feign lanage)
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(brit upbeatusic)
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(speaking in foreign language) (tra engine aring) (ueat musi (speing in feign lanage) (upbeamusic) (speing in feign lanage)
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(heartounding) (saking foign langge) (upbeat sic)
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peaking foreignanguage) ater splhing)
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(saking inoreign lguage) (wat splashi) (upbt music)
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peaking foreignanguage) (upbt music) (heartounding)
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(speakinin forei languag
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(upbt music)
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(speakinin forei languag
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pbeat muc) (saking inoreign lguage)
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(ueat musi (beeping (outdo ambiee)
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- [leah] was sev and i s with mski grou and i uld remeer them weavinthrough e trees. and i dot know whatappened me, bui just rember atne int beinlost in the trs. and i st sat tre wooingor a lite while d realizg that ias alone utdoor aience) growinup tree iing, yohad to he a call i, aot of tis se the pers that i'skiing wh anthen allf a sudd, my frid will blike, (woog) like a gnaling acon.
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you'llet the rerberati om someo else d then wknow we're reallylose togher. it kind of cool waof counicatinthrough e trees witht being le to seeomeone utdoor aience) pbeat muc) - [dr. sanne] thforest a holisc place. it a placehat's coected. since was a lile kid, ayed in rest likthis. theye like tasure chesfull of odiversi, of genesof speci that arreally, ally old
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knowhat thiss a ecial lile heartat in t landsca where these ings rese. 60years is ng time u know, that 12 timeas old ai am. and soou get t sense ofistory ofany spirs have beenere befo, nojust hum spirits but ny creates have ved here andhey stillive her ani get th sense tt i'm nohere alo ever. i el by co, i've enred intohis cathal and the pe are ful i lk in ani feel ahome because i feel like i'm in this community of a these catures. pbeat muc) (wat drippin
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pret much evy day ofhe year inhe wintei ski inome way, i'm alys in thforest. i n't thinthat i wld haveeen a scntist unle i had tse connecons myse beinout heres soce of that sence. let's lee scratc wi a raidotiveas d the tr will ta up thatas-- thesare my pple, anthey're lling we'rtalking anthey're owing me thin and i'maying, "oka let's sdy tha" so, ah, it's constan ck and fth conveation beeen me a these gs. oh, th is real hot. oh, w! it's reay, reall ally labed. if you ginto an d grth forestn is quite dark, itan be que shady d you can selittle pnts growg in the uerstory seedlin that a kind ofropping . and there's noa lot of light
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so t big old trs are coeting with tho little selings r light, buthey're le to li. we, why ishat if ty can't photynthesizvery wel w coulthey liv - [dr. sanne] asoon you walin a fort, most of look ound ande go, en we see th big oldree. and this oncaug my eye. myrth ees are e bigges es and t oldest es in theorest. we've en able trace thisree woulbe conneed to a theserees arod it. far as u can se the big oltrees arlike t center the hub and at they' nurturi the young edlings ound the ashe seed is germiting, the moer tree is communicing withhe seed. somemes a reay nse shad forest,
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the seedngs casit therfor a hundd years anjust be eding off e motherree, waing for little gap open up foa tree tfall over a bnch to fl, just wting patntly, ju iting myime willome. (laughg) (wd whirli) this funl highwais kind of lika rect way toommunica. soou can tnk of thnetwork is kinof like interne or aunch of lephone nes and the ees willall ch otherp and sa
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"hey, d you kn that there's annsect ov here?" or, ey, i gosome ext trogen dyou wantome." pbeat muc) they cmunicate alkinds ofhings. they comnicate aut poiso. th communite about inses and diases. they cmunicatebout resour availability. they canommunica about their stsses, thr happins, whetherhey're reete or n. (upbt music) sohen you' skiin rough the forest you knowthere's ill, this comnications going between ese tree the winr, it very mu alive. (upbeat musi
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when we ok at thpattern the mycrhizal nwork, when wactuallyissect i and lookt all th themical relionships it'she same ttern a neuranetwork, and 's evolv for efficicy of counication. and th leads y to thin whilit's kinof like brain, it's highly coerved stcture that elves becse it wos. (brit upat music if y're to lk for th, then tt reside e communy level. it not in e didual trelevel, it's actlly at thforestevel.
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and th i start thinkin out the terials th are movg rough th network en we lo at the acal compods, it turnsut that me of th are exaly the se neurotrsmitters that a in our ains. intelligce is a wordhat we aribed to hans and imals, anwe tend associa it th nervo systemsnd brain plan don't he nervousystems d they d't have ains like wdo with urons anaxons. in the aditionasense of if we strict o thouts of inlligence tohe physil brain d the physal nervo system ll then ah, no plants don'tave that trs don't ve that, buthey do ve intelgence in broaderense in tthey a percepte d they reive infmation, they makdecision ey have mories,


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