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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  April 8, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> i am lauren taylor. this is al jazeera, live from london. coming up, dr. testified it was lack of oxygen that killed george floyd, not an overdose.
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astrazeneca -- but it is not because of any link to blood clots. multiple people have been injured at a shooting in texas hours after joe biden unveiled measures to tackle gun violence. the suspect is still at large. an estimated 11,000 people have died across the country so far this year with biden describing the situation as an epidemic. he will -- biden will reign in ghost guns, which come in kits with no serum numbers. biden says his administration will make it easier for states to adopt red flag walls, empowering judges to confiscate
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firearms temporarily from people who are determined to be a threat. is also calling on congress to require background checks. >> in the absence of meaningful gun control laws, and in response to recent mass shootings, u.s. president joe biden a series of -- series of executive actions to curb gun violence. the regulations include ghost guns,. also prohibited, pistol
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stabilizing braces, reportedly used by the massive shooter in colorado. also, read flag regulations, to remove -- temporarily remove guns from someone a judge deems dangerous. >> the notion that someone can walk down my -- walk down the street in my hometown within assault rifle on their back is unnecessary. >> biden passed a law banning assault rifle ls back in 1994, t it has expired. biden's picked to head the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and
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firearms, david shipman. biden took on his conservative critics, arguing his actions do not infringe on a person's second amendment right to bear arms under the constitution. pres. biden: the idea is bizarre to suggest that some of the things we are recommending are -- are in opposition to the second amendment. >> biden calls curbing gun violence one of his top priorities. >> instead of texas, one person is dead and one person -- for
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people are in the hospital. the shooter is believed to be an employee. i will bring you more from the developing story in texas as i get it. [people shouting: "i can't breathe!"} ] >> floyd cannot take in enough oxygen while being held down, eventually damaging his brain and causing his heart to stop. the defense says drugs and bad health is to blame. however the fentanyl in his system did not affect his
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ability to breathe. >> a normal range is between 12 and 42. with fentanyl and his system, you could expect 10, but you can count it yourself and there is not fence at all on board that is affecting his respiratory centers. >> john is following the case. tell us more about what the experts testified to today. >> day nine and the testimony of the derek chauvin trial has been a banner day, particularly for the prosecution. right now we are in the
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cross-examination of dr. william slough. he is testifying that george floyd did not die of a fentanyl overdose. the defense is arguing that williams died of -- floyd died of an overdose and a combination of drugs and bad health. before that, you had dr. william eisen schmidt who went through the amounts of drugs in george floyd's body. when it comes to amphetamine, it was the equivalent of one dose of prescription amphetamine. and when it comes to fentanyl,
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it was a medium amount. the star witness, and perhaps the most important and effective was dr. martin tobin, who testified it was derek chauvin's knee on torch floyd's neck that cut off oxygen, that led to a chain reaction that caused him to stop breathing, causing his rain to stop and his heart to stop. he went on to dispel a myth that if someone can speak, they can therefore breathe. it takes a smaller amount of space for someone to speak than it needs -- then they need to breathe. at one point, he stopped the body camera tape and showed floyd struggling so hard to
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breathe that he was literally using his fingers to try and draw a breath. in cross-examination, eric nelson has been pretty good at picking apart witnesses, but he has not had -- he had nothing to say to the doctor. what we are in right now is the end of the prosecution portion of the case, we've got some more expert this is to go, but it was a banner day for them and all of their experts, basically centered around this idea that floyd was killed directly by the pressure on his windpipe by
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derek chauvin. >> you mentioned it was day nine of testimony. how long are we expecting the trial to last and wendy think we should have a verdict? >> if we keep to the judges original schedule, this will be a four-week trial. he has essentially allotted two weeks for the prosecution and two weeks for the defense. the judges is expecting the defense to start on tuesday. generally the defense takes less time than the prosecution. we are coming close to the end and this judge has been keeping things on schedule, moving things along. we may have the defense arguing
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their case next week, and what may be especially interesting as we may possibly hear from the defendant himself. >> myanmar is stepping up its democracy. that is after the former ambassador was locked out of the embassy in london. >> protesters at the mineyanmar embassy in london, where the ambassador was locked out. they criticize the coup and
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called for the release of the country's leaders. in the morning, he returned and spoke to reporters outside and said embassy staff are now taking orders from the military. he said his own options does not likely include returning to his own country. >> do you want me to get killed? >> do you think you would be killed if you return home? >> oh yes. >> former secretary dominic raab said we condemned the military -- the bullying actions and i pay tribute to joshua for his
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courage. the u.k. continues to call for an end to the coup. they have -- myanmar's military authorities have given notice that they have terminated the ambassador's position, which the british government accepts. josh says he considers himself still to be the ambassador in london, but the commonwealth and development office does not. they recognize states, not countries. so it is the military that has authority over what happens in the building. >> almost 3000 people are
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currently in detention and myanmar. pine tech on is the latest public figure to be detained by security forces. his family members say he was taken away in the early hours thursday morning. forces entered the family home and took him away. a couple of days ago, security forces also arrested a well-known canadian who is famous for being outspoken. he is been arrested several times before, and he is now back hind bars again. the tactic i suppose is to strike fear in the hearts of protesters to show that no one is safe.
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but that has not been enough to deter people from coming out on the streets to protest against the military coup. they are now into their third month. i'm also hearing the civilian protesters are beginning to fight back. local media reports are saying protesters were fighting back using hunting rifles, fireballs and knives, and at least 11 people were killed into the early hours of thursday morning. >> you are watching al jazeera. we will go ahead to the presidential election in benin, where the pandemic has left huredsf cars strata near the border in nigeria. ♪
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blustery showers rattling across victoria and tasmania. eventually that wetter weather
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will extend to the western side of new zealand. sheltered by the mountains in japan, tokyo not looking too bad, plus some wintry weather across northern parts of japan that will clear through on friday. bright skies come back in the hind, but a tad cooler. >> the athletes are larger than life, but -- getting the pandemic under control with a >> while the pandemic hasy.
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devastated many industries, it has given a huge boost to the videogame sector. >> when the top stories, u.s. president joe biden has announced a series of measures to tackle gun violence, calling the situation an epidemic and an international embarrassment. a critical care doctor says george floyd died from a lack of oxygen after he was handcuffed and pinned to the ground. dr. tobin was testifying at the trial of derek chauvin, the former police officer accused of killing floyd last year.
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joshua men has been removed from his post after criticizing february scoop. priscilla has reported more coronavirus deaths in a single day than ever before. or thousand 209 -- 4209 facilities were reported tuesday. intensive care units are almost full, but he president is ignoring calls for a national lockdown. the african union is switching plans from buying the astrazeneca vaccine and will switch to johnson and johnson
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instead. the union wants to ensure that africans have access to the greatest range of doses possible. >> all your this year, south africa suspended its vaccination program with the astrazeneca jab as it would not be as effective against the strain. it has been refunded for the other 500,000 doses that were due to be delivered. the government has been criticized for potentially wasting money, but they are continuing to engage with astrazeneca as they continue to research and develop new vaccines. in the meantime, they have bought millions of doses of the
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johnson & johnson vaccine. they're hoping to -- it has been a long wait for a full vaccination program. so far, only health workers have been vaccinated. about 270,000 of them. so many south africans are waiting to hear when the broader program will begin. >> more than 5000 coronavirus infections have been reported in guimond, but the actual number could be higher. the u.n. says yemen has barely received the funds it needs to stem the surge. >> fatalities are on the rise with almost a thousand deaths
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being confirmed so far. these figures greatly underestimate the country's actual disease burden due to limited test sites and underreporting. >> india's prime minister has received the second shot of his vaccine and is urging citizens to get vaccinated. large parts of the country is running out of ghost -- are running out of doses. here's more from new delhi. >> over the past two weeks, we have already seen a number of
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vaccines -- exports come down drastically, exports to foreign countries over the past two weeks, and that was after the indian government decided they had to prioritize vaccinating people at home against a second wave with cases rising much more rapidly than the first way. over the past few days, we are now hearing reports of vaccine shortages in india. the state is going to run out of vaccinations in the next three days. alwe had to see one of the vaccination centers stop as it ran out of doses. we are hearing reports of
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shortages in other states and among ose reports, the indian medical association is asking the government to remove the lower age of vaccinations so that any adult who wants to be vaccinated can. the goal now is to vaccinate as many people as possible as cases go up. >> turkey has condemned comments which likened the turkish president to a dictator. he also accused the bishop of humiliating the president, who is left without a seat with european council president on
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tuesday. >> i disagree with the president's position. with these, let's call them what they are, dictators, one has to be frank in expressing the diversity of views, opinions, behaviors, and visions of society. >> another night of violence in northern ireland has sparked calls for peace. the groups clash on wednesday for the first time with children as young as 13 throwing bricks and petrol bombs over the wall. >> this the scene in belfast, a
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bus truck -- a bus set on fire. at least seven police officers were injured here, and more than 50 hurt and less than a week. most of the violence has been caused by pro-british loyalist writers. they are enraged by the new brexit trade barriers imposed on ireland. >> we should no longer fill the vacuum of destruction and despair. >> but unionist and loyalist
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politicians that want to remain in the u.k. and republicans that want to be out of it are deeply divided over a policing issue. the police failed to prosecute republican members attending a large funeral, which broke covid regulations. there is a disturbing aspect to wednesday night, because it involved loyalists and nationalists for the first time since the writing started. andrew simmons, al jazeera. >> it has one of the strongest economies in west africa, but has not been immune to the effects of covid-19. the eastern border has been closed for 18 months.
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>> he said his never lost so much income as he did in the past year. >> we are totally paralyzed. ships that are supposed to bring in goods are not coming as they used to. those that buy from us are gone. most of our clients are nigerians. we don't see much of them these days. their currency has lost its value and it is no longer profitable for them to buy. >> 80% of the vehicles and up in nigeria. but despite the impact of covid-19 and the 18 month long
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border closure by nigeria, 19 reported a -- benin reported growth. a substantial part of its revenue comes from cargoes of cars like this. but in the last year revenues have slowed due to covid-19 and nigeria shedding its borders. these cars have been sitting here for months waiting for buyers. prospects for recovery are bright. >> with so many vaccines now in play, there is hope that the pandemic can be
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