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tv   DW News  LINKTV  April 8, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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early in. joe biden announces new measures on gun control. pres. biden: then violence in this country is an epidemic. >> today's announcement falls short of his campaign promises. will this be enough to stop the bloodshed. ?
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a lawyeroravalny says his health is deteriorating rapidly in prison. germany holds direct talks with russia to purchase the sputnik v coronavirus vaccine. will wait for approval from european regulators before using the vaccine? some parents say it violates their -- some schools requiring mandatory vaccinations for students. why some parents say it violates their rights. i am brent, welcome. u.s. president joe biden has announced new measures to tackle
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gun violence. acting on the issue was a key campaign pledge and a string of mass shootings -- and biden urged lawmakers to do their part. -president joe biden did not mince his words. pres. biden: gun violence in this country is in epidemic. it is an international embarrassment. -he sent a clear message to u.s. lawmakers. pres. biden: there is more congress can do to help that effort. they can do it now. they have offered many thoughts and prayers, but they have passed not a single new federal all to reduce gun violence.
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enough prayers, time for action. -the>> the vice president also appealed to congress. >> all that is left is the courage and will to act. >> biden announced six new executive orders, including -- red flag laws, for a person deemed to be a danger to themselves and others. in south carolina five people, including two young children were killed. this follows to other attacks in
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colorado in georgia in recent weeks. an estimated 11,000 people have been killed so far this year due to gun violence related deaths. despite this, president biden expects an uphill battle when it comes to new gun laws. >> biden wants to crack down on ghost gun's. how will that work? >> well, we will see. then he was on the campaign trail, he said he would make gun control a major part of his
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legislation, and today is the first time he addresses this issue. this is applauded by those who support stronger gun laws. >> we know this is limited to what president biden can do with just an executive order. >> with such a tight -- it will be hard to change the culture of guns the united states, and unfortunately, we have to keep in mind the president can only go so far.
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>> legislation can change the gun culture in america, but without legislation do you see a change in the gun culture? >> i was in boulder a few weeks after the shooting, and the younger -- the younger generation are for stronger gun laws, better background checks, so there is a chance it will change over the course of the future, but it will take some time. >> thank you. here is a look at other stories around the world.
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witness has testified that floyd died from a lack of oxygen. dr. martin tobin asked if any underlying health conditions could have contributed to his death, tobin said that any healthy person who was subjected to what floyd went through, they would've died. there are fears of fresh large-scale hostilities in eastern ukraine after an escalation of tensions with russia. he is told putin to reduce the military around the border.
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putin has told him to reduce their actions. navalny's health is deteriorating quickly in prison. supporters have staged a protest to demand navalny receive proper medical care. >> earlier this week, a group of doctors came to the prison camp to get an idea of his state of health, but there were not allowed to enter. >> we will come back tomorrow and the day after tomorrow until they let us in. we will observe how they treat navalny.
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russia's best-known prisoner -- his also suffering from fever and a cough and he says three fellow prisoners have been diagnosed with tuberculosis. navalny has been diagnosed with two herniated discs. >> he continues to have back and leg pain. sometimes his legs and hands go numb. >> the penal colony is considered russia's toughest.
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he was caught f gua, b navalny says, you are lying. everything you do is a pr show. amnesty international is criticizing the conditions,>> the fact that he has woken up every one or two hours is torture. the fact he cannot have a doctor he can trust is a form of torture. >> the doctor who visited the prison camp has since been arrested. she asked what kind of a system denies a doctor the right to
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visit a dying patient. >> the manufacturer of russia' sputnik the vaccine has begun talks with german -- the german government. the vaccine will not be offered to the public until it has been approved by the european agent. >> it appears the german government does not want to wait on the eu to place their order. germany will hold bilateral talks with russia to discuss when it could be delivered and what -- what quantities.
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once the shot is authorized, the state of bavaria will receive its doses from this company in june. the european medicine agency began reviewing sputnik to be in march. pre-ordering the vaccine is the right move. the data does look promising, and if the vaccine is approved, i personally do not see a reason not to use it. germany's liberal party is also in favor of pushing ahead without the approval of the eu. but sputnik can only speed up vaccinations if it can be delivered quickly.
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for the period thereafter, germany has already secured a sufficient number of other vaccines. >> highly infectious variance and a slow vaccine rollout have made things worse. resilience will pay the price with their lives. >> health care workers pushed to the limit. this makeshift hospital is struggling to cope as cases surge. a strict lockdown is necessary in order to stop the virus. without lockdown measures, the country's health system faces collapse. but the president disagrees.
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>> we are not going to accept this policy of staying home and closing everything down. it is praccally possible to eradicate it. what are we going to do until then? the country has registered more than 13 million covid-19 cases since it began. the president's opponents know where to point the finger. brazil is a time bomb, a breeding ground for coronavirus creating new strains because there is a total lack of control of the pandemic and of life. we are ashamed of our govement, especially bolsonaro. without measures in place, many health experts fear brazil will
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holdback global efforts to contain the virus. the rollout has failed to slow the spread of the virus. with no lockdown insight, brazil will continue to bury thousands every day. >> shira awesome other developments now, france reportage -- france reported just shy of 85,000 cases yesterday. many people typically travel during the holiday. new zealand has suspended entry to travelers from india, which came after india reported a record number of new cases in one day.
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in a near unanimous decision, judges rejected the case by parents of the czech republic who had been find for refusing to inoculate their children. it is the first time the court has ruled on compulsory vaccinations. this sounds like it could be or will be a controversial ruling. >> it certainly is. children in the czech republic must be vaccinated -- inoculated against polio, measles. it is important to note the government cannot force the kids to get vaccinated, but the
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parents can be fined. this all the judges walking a tight rope, acknowledging that yes this is to some extent an infringement on people's lives, but at the same time these measures are necessary in protecting the public. this also about the people who cannot get vaccited who need to rely on heard immunity. we saw a number of other countries follow suit in recent years, and just last year germany introduced a law that made it mandatory to get
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vaccinated against measles and parents there can be fined up to 2500 euros. >> how is this case going to affect the drive to get people vaccinated against covid-19? >> a lot of people were concerned that this could lead the government to essentially make covid vaccinations mandatory. there is a lot of skepticism in european countries because of the way governments have been handling the rollout. the recent things we have seen with the astrazeneca vaccine have only compounded everything. to get back to normal, we need to get to herd immunity which
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means 70-90% of the population needs to be immune. one in five italians are skeptical -- skeptical of the vaccine, one in four germans are skeptical, i think at this point, a lot of european leaders are probably very hesitant. they are worried about the backlash. >> peter, as always, thank you. staff have been threatened with
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severe punishment if they do not comply with authorities. state media say arrest warrants have been issued for 120 celebrities who have been accused of supporting anti-who protests. hundreds of people have rallied in courier stands capital, after a woman who had been abducted for marriage was found murdered. bride kidnapping is widespread in the country. he is shutting down the prestigious graduate school and replacing it with a more gala terrien institution. the new public school called the public service institute will eventually replace a dna.
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israel has marked its annual holocaust remembrance day. sirens blared across the country for two minutes this morning. israelis stood in silence, and traffic stood at a standstill. the event marks the warsaw ghetto uprising. the israeli and german air forces have been cooperating to honor holocaust victims out one of the camps where jewish peopl were oe murded. e pilot shares his experiences with us. >> last year for the first time
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germans and israelisho want us e
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destroyed as a country and as a people. remembering what happened in the past is the key to avoiding it happening again in future.
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>> now, to the swedish mountains , where a surge in recent years have taken a toll on the mountain. >> a cyclist causes one type of wear, a runner another, and visitors are not allowed to harm or disturb theaingear in the area, but as the wear and tear increase, the raingear owners are concerned.
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the raingear are disappearing. in three years, the lease will be renegotiated. shutting down stations is something deep tourism board wants to avoid. the important thing for us is for outdoor life to continue in some form. the tourists seem to be open to doing their part. if it disturbs the wildlife, i will adapt my behavior. i think you have to spread people out more. tensions are unlikely to resolve by themselves. december, a record number of visitors is expected.
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>> one of the cities in northern spain is set to -- that puts them on a collision course that says cities must allow fans at stadiums, or lose their right to host. ireland's football association has announced that it also cannot assure f numbersn dublin. a final decision is expected april 20. what is the collective noun for jellyfish? experts say this smack or barrel of jellyfish is one of the largest ever seen.
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it was due to a current that pushed the jellyfish smack dab into the middle of the harbor. joe biden has announced new measures to tackle gun violence, but he says much more is needed and he is calling on congress to act. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day.
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♪ >> with the u.s. congress unwilling to act, president joe biden issues a number of executive orders to curb gun violence in the country. the move comes in the wake of several recent mass shootings. there are reports of violence tonight in northern ireland following clashes last night between young people and police in belfast. leaders in ireland are calling for calm. you crane ran president zelensky makes a trip to the eastern part of the country amid growing tensions along the board we are russia. conflict with


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