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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 2, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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to well known face faces looked like. yes yes air to air. this is a the republican [inaudible] it. was it was a very very. is this issue.
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this is a life. changing [inaudible] one one cation. changing to the right. hello hello. from for for social exactly on the on the main male downwntown lines. this is leslie how these things can grow. cool federal gun which is our address our little if you want you want w wanted wanting. they think they're not in on with your life. which i factor not and i would be like election.
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but the idea is that all riright all right shin. point point out of them i actually think it's yeah. it's a must t but i'm nott.. i'm ththinking about what yu want right right. and what's w wrong. and we need a visit as our hours. how do you know [inaudible] five five dollars. and it's a day for total [inaudible] in order. yeah yeah yeah [inaudible] says. it's not. too much much too you can control from the twenty this is a falls i
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have eighteen hundred five hours - -- personnel -- not not getting getting hate for four thousand dollars enough for working with [inaudible]] and then. it's almost more in working at all -- because these are are for sure. many many of whom are are making fifty your your city or yourselff -- any and usually. while. the school [ [inaudible] he i mean show so -- there will be. the real issue however it
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really shows how. going going. on to the fact that he is losing control of all conquering. what is it like a like a? it's a strong ststrong. when it comes comes to the whole [inaudible] no no [inaudible] full nama. well well -- the idea that that. has to be somee something called hole in the wall wal. is deeply - -- hahas his -- mr trump trump judiciary street for non else on they've they've given.
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a physical wall wall and i and i have yet. to long. long long time ago. and then. the we'll all iris becomes also. he is more you want to deder defer to o shoot her. intention to o onrun rightt out there either -- foreigign. a picture -- and and leave him mostt. troubles t troubling one v.s there's certainly read read. to allow thehem to intaa to cut costs. yeah. i'm sure i'm sure you made
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me trust. . two into a from the outside -- and yeah. white lying it the real problem is that he can he will try. and on one o o which iss try china -- get get. we'll try to sign up and he times s and finally doing se [inaudible] hey -- from has has probably taking
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responsibility for work -- this is shut down everyone running right now. every every referendums officers it's decisionons is in higher. it just t took shape thehe e fact. that said it wrong romney -- road runner [inaudible] and your everyone. is just a preference structures trying trying it is not. a situation. and then there's a dash to have kind of deal -- without without preparatory corporate or even really she
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she just so -- if if -- if if i yeah -- in in a way -- unfortunately -- i might. actually sound a little teaching for awhile -- he ran. so that that. is me who was also. yeah yeah. talk today. that's nice last [inaudible] giles [inaudible] free from. so i like.
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to a date the u. s. u. expiry. date also. it comes in mike mike k.. do you do you. relations with was that i need and when one twenty three years and you. still she is [inaudible] yeah [inaudible] research. this list right right so so hard. we'd hit him. dot always call you anyway i'm i'm they they don't. say. anything [inaudible] really [inaudible]
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alright [inaudible] yes. today they will. issued several several ventured into. listening to you. so so all the momentum in the right way [inaudible] about. but this i sent in one long. is it. the receiver soliciting ole ole how does not not all. which which also also. re read easily protection eight eighty four door discrete screwed on tight to get together just just mystery street was. the street straight on child old instead start. three three four women women human rights --
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family had adopted out by now. now the cz design sense so she bebecame became the pres presidenent and looks like. sixty that settled in changing [inaudible] right sourcing. green green unification in. she's using the last message i want forty more years yeah china and it illinois. county she's in the island now now i china has defended its use of force. a table. for many many willing wishing to shave his daily and and the band battle all right. driving a prophylactic if he sees reunification. one
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moment. twenty now these uses of civil fools and am so [inaudible] she's. transaction. thailand one never never milling. independence office and every three years can break. engine engine. she's saying i want what i want. one one three three two yeah yeah hall how. are judged by the by by o oe resident resident. level. on one level. one two three two systems see the majority of these people never accept that. i a line item is using usin.
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researchers size i went on a little stage last last year using seeing then sales self ouour well i'd like to cut t not i high tide hey who saw robin's november night by joe i just [inaudible] tions [inaudible] police state [inaudible] today's date. mostly for two children is that. what you don't die the for them lately maybe you?
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trash stall during during your arm or even when. or perhaps you're [inaudible] we when it comes [inaudible] more more. and alarm. whether whether. temperatures eclass restaurants when is urging citizens. these petitions and hold. them accountable. social. yes yes yes now now morning for getting an all over downtown and sense of right. cleveland in the policy [inaudible] signs on it really is not. changing everything [inaudible] but we'll have. the address [inaudible]
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country [inaudible] two two each one of them as well [inaudible] now. rating ten ten times as you decide to study [inaudible] if there's twenty three use mine mine is on nine nine ten ten a hundred the cd it is. time for this issue has handled very very. actions that pollution shoe. typically as the as our
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marketplace take take. ninety idc french french national [inaudible] some some [inaudible] now. it is it is it all lcds. nine nine three three as you will always not an honor and i it is it t is it is it is. and the resources and defeating it does no nonsense and awful i'm sure sure and this. shin now. our little worlds. looters come. some say they are. nothing i act individuals
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make everybody so so. long as long. as you may recall -- and so what what is it is it is it not gonna come. act that has a dis benjamin was worn worn it is it is i. is missus is convincing [inaudible] for some. citizens can't count. rations but ononly. civil. action. i'm in english and on opposition in order in orde. for and to that is enough to get together and or an organized. because i don't have an actor. ninety nine on
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another level level and maximize night night. you're not going to make any [inaudible] you just. your stress has when he saw me coming you'll already reading anything i mean to hands and fifty one on either of those those tensions downtown life without w. allies i because i was. just yeah. i mean it means my life was thick thick these these. schools because black because he doesn't. yes i was i was i can be a full full she was a great player and a powerhouse or
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so it't's just just. here and i'm trying to say that that as we go so some of the and i am. going to unpack tensions that that the actor you need we will realize there's that and then. i can say to that as they say about that three we can control you lose and the mom mom at the beginning to be scary but the middle you're doing doing it. and then the middle. okay season we can get this all about [inaudible] individual [inaudible] there. no no without having.
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something and i have. ordinary. french french troops in all the world leaders all. and there is no doubt their actions hong kong. yeah they're morning [inaudible] for yeah and hostage taking in a contest [inaudible] or which is good you. my life and in the the fact that i issue [inaudible] yeah [inaudible] yeah. yeah yeah. yeahah. trendingng adding on to my m
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not. eight eight can occur the controls stuff. hello health. in a hello hello [inaudible] the universe. this is. great. the other day. and i these. ththings up so please is managegement [inaudible] get together. the women with. yes it is. does does it do. torture [inaudible] i'm [inaudible] okay. one one place you
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[inaudible] yeah. there are there e are [inaudible] and then [inaudible] national. making the season because of on the the idea [inaudible] hello. you know just to see our ten ten years. three three ninety nine rain. and it was the nineteen construction stopped [i[inaudible] close. but that that. because he managed to get it get it [inaudible] right t right.
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right around that was that was that come into my life. yeah. that was pretty easy on the little. things. you can see. it right that there was there wass. right right right. it was a lot. it was it was [inaudible] when i? and i don't know only one may mayay jump jump.reasonst from ramallah about you can youou seehe w women men hold ft.. like of though i i live life like. there is there are there a e [inaudible] okay. hundreds of thousands would kill kill. nineteen ninety
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ni nine three three ligh light. current residence to rita riddle. to make a late kids a symbol of rev recreation. we see no north real old. man a man when will always be a symbol of the civil civil war. as soon as yeah yeah yeah no no i was i was ahead. ucc right right t ts is a whole. no no no this is just one of many many [inaudible] line. before the commission [inaudible] china was [inaudible] where?
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bber rububr just just. to rob rob and you can come up with the with the and then t to look at the video. as as a free. robert is this a little. video. contact us suggestion was
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01/02/19 01/02/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york this is , democracy now! pres. trump: if we don't get whwhat we want, whether it is through you or military or through anything you want to call, i will shut down the government. and i am proud. i am proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. amy: it is day 12 of the government shutdown as president from prepares for another white house meeting with congressional
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leaders. we


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