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dead dead the from sony twenty full and france on the phone told. he's also existed world world like lines. for twenty cents they'll kill you anyway [inaudible] sure she's. transition to a fine line looks like this is.
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did. you see the right. one us dollar places due to being on call. judge judge you anyway this started to reach. a point on it and it. wait wait for friday morning things [inaudible] today.
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yes i did. fifty one one you know you know get against outcome of all this is not the only one place is. just. a little. three three in terms of use [inaudible] yeah. twenty one points how it's going. to this is. to say. by. maintaining a yellow time time to expect that will hold on it and i would go to borrow. and there arthere was
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times that many. all coming from a first rate sense of fred brown how the right not not not too to put the recess at one one republican echo lima lima say saddam dies as we cleanly as household. and republican. right right. is the idea. well they didn't. have hanna in those those who can't get done. there if there if you're. looking to get in the regular. routine.
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and then i moved to well well and then it will end with the grab happen happen not being on the maintenance of the supreme court. exactly one year ago ago you'll join in on this. one well when we initially. that's that's a subset of women with. his movements. twelve twelve so you want once the first us publicly q. q. sexual harassment self self closer examination as sexual harassment and the abuse and even rape rape. despised by every every
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occasion. sorry my name they select a house an xml tony [inaudible] sign sences. some some big. the global sisters. i can. take six spreads like wildfire social she idea meaning. to women i managed to show shows just visit sexual harassment and it was what is it and all and also now in our business there's the one plane and that you know you know the the the remaining on a long running running the movement. has has really lost. touch us.
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you know you know yeah a lot less clinical is. coming together and he's he's saying is this is not acceptable real no longer accepting because my friend from real world world. politicians donald trump from his cell so he can use his athleticism gone died by one twenty women women. who he says he? it's a pretty quick [inaudible] right right. i believe. they have changed the medium to mentor. in france for interior minister of saudi twenty three times john john and then the number of ports of
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sex and violence [inaudible] how? she was just extremely bowls of social. and your friends and you know. and and see what it was in the freezing weather and a full full. the visiting in the and baby in one year heroes they we are we also asked me to make their views you. mentioned why why. eighty review will you watch family and keys on maybe maybe looking. to laura and once again
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[inaudible] you. hi how you want. easier women women to come call when was held tells a story. it's going to really long time i am interested in an instant and now he's he's he's so cute. attention to the mission due to this. i want. to take all of all the weeds in the mood to say they do you know your whole how high can i could could easily solutions. oil. like. on the on the evening [inaudible] judge is. is. something we need to stay. my name please press.
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two to just just to send. a full. four g. data. full full tilt [inaudible] really. apps. no. respect and then we're going to actually show them given even going going to lease on doing this as a just just just ask them. rusty's. twenty six is the one i want is. presidential run around with what you make you make of the pro programmed when when this comes down here on fronts. not enough thas that's never ever know and and some friends went around and we
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we are yeah. and talk tax and and that's not a model doing these these. we've got going. if you haven't heard that women was right right cd in and the that well twelve months. on be sold. before unless there is a the contestants. because also and the idea.
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and it is being released last. in the end the essential [inaudible] and and the morning [inaudible] and i malone's says that if you change your you mean. the sentences just to send them i just. the union i'm on news from the association she was a
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yeah on on the run from. twenty twenty we're going on the way you and secretary general hail hail his yeah. when it's being being quite quite a spend dental all human human dignity commitments also as literature's most annoying noise these easy on the eyes this on the survivor of [inaudible] tasting group. right and hasn't. because because because it's it's also right right. is. that we're losing. in a moment. two thousand fourteen in his address right feeling like like what works on honestly the tim tim can get right right and
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and shop. it will be right. with my wife -- with my and and right. with my children i mean. weekly game continues is finite well leading you and entire section. thank you -- for testers itemizing went into my room and turned on the other [inaudible] please help [inaudible] because these [inaudible] and sounds out [inaudible]
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track -- sixty three is a moderate pro content than it. is used as weapons of war. in the world when you when you when he's so 's hard to read write fifty one point. five million dollars dollars things i find. really quick. into an easy idea international an organization say they were five point. two one one hundred nine nine one one thousand people on on the next. month death dial toll from front not judge us us to kind of sound on its. own one i was i was in my five hundred schools still doing the same thing ex exactly we'll weakness in seven seven point four not much you children. under muscles and my voice together got it in the room and damn damages.
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i'm finally cc. scratching his head [inaudible] bye bye. not not me like they still remain wait wait okay. when i would assume i'm does deliberated a flight forty she she's not gonna get any less us falling mulling we can lend lease terms -- jimmy. the postal service please click click with such a surreal inches.
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and then there is one we have to have muscle so. all right like i said to one hundred three people one well now. what kind of? a no no. yeah fixing our i need to charge. for yeah. we can do to fix it by about but but i'm. not. doing too easy. well if. right right right. is is is not studying hard loses art art will hold many many she's she's she's level
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is a level have have juggle knock knock expressions influential and also. this is paul trying trying to pull my twenty three three immediately south of the property and remarked miles expects. i think it's going to mean to me. get twenty three three million people who live in the so six million in. twenty fourteen of the last two years is there a lot of what i tell you what for a great. thought thirteen million people on it always leads and crying. on us as a lead levels go but i he says they never
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accredited eighty but if this is major you just called in by the balance ending every three difficulty and wide lightly say something because as as as public. debt at seven seven seven seven cents for us and that's what i put on july and the poor black. the truck from your rules and mom was considered a and changing for me to be less about that but it's an ongoing -- into. does it surprise you that none. right right from front. everyone's liver disease. that denture drive right station should say labels will let let stand out of their their dot dot that sits. women women and fun fact sociology bother bother so selepas. anything that is your europe
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because his money money. on the on demand. get back. seven out of eight eight one five five union. customer customer service in a singleear. thank you daniel stands on nothing different different. countries effects of any new movie money money from my mom gets gets on another. this. is on the on the streets no. on what he thinks about jobs laser downtown today so you. do you are you at all right call up. and that's something that i typed this also on the no not not that. day at that this is a whole bond.
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and and netflix been made made under pressure as yours you know the mass that is now down one point point sixteen unsent year of your life. things as with. the weather that day you to take. to sponsor mine mine i. site. night night because he is the fourth row row. are gonna be in the sense that the whole. day. yeah [inaudible] one yeah. you need to have a lovely day. goes on to the joint on good good which makes makes mom i
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it's basically. a long long time. in the in the netherlands. that at that may make first roster for the two hundred and looks around realizing situation one one point. three three find. me. if you have you have little remembering reading things as as a not for you it's cold calls sound sounds good yeah and it's not about i was like i said. trader idea online for placing on on any cuts like psychology and say. please remembering the ten
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from from. run about essential. hundred students and found that a lot of them that tech tech which means again vendetta is measuring not the other is it the man known online. so it's not it's not at the eighty eight ss deflation. is being used to reflect on done wrong progress. of movement meant that they are here is. that that started it all public. time time six eight on october fifth twenty twenty seventy one of one all authors as the investigation showed your character does does does this. day -- from from --
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that day in the news room with the cap had just this us us exactly you're dating about push push button on the online why he's you dori worry on have happened that next answers are easily -- when when i'm in that room could believe? alright why men men that that was our parks one place that had show show you is a sure sure that mention of tweet we went with me. and that -- and it does does undone by by a man that have happened- started hurting when when
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alyssa milano. her followers used to we we need to really really challenging and public high- all the way up to the level on monday and i usually shins first forty nine out against his record or nominate but have. public life. which is continues to close the public still work for i i people are also so day lying into her in her that and then. journalist. dawkins and pointing out is done on a level. thirty three senate vote -- and judge how how. i didn't go to move -- word word i've got children okay and look like like if i'm shout outs to his two million of them to survivors so right right. allow us which we got that
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big thing right right. state so so a lot of lot of talk about that one thing there is still so much much to dine. with mismanagement and pointing out that while i had the a culture in many many ways it has had on not using a lot lot eagle [inaudible] please listen. changing the laws around around around the islands can can going on and one one eight eight year old. girls reason we did made made the discovery of a long long time what she saw from. her name her name is all about yeah right right. and she's hold an indication by buying era sword out of late late.
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here i am him was was she she is with me and the other other reason even though. this is so. this is. about fifteen hundred years your old -- father either. did on funny thing. okay as sort. of a family only on one occasion and all the others we've we've been at yeah. water water read a little better there than the normal your record in the in the style. of the late late. discover every local nick nick name or we we're here
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from journalists to these we thank god. jim logo held a little little heard heard someo7
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10/05/18 10/05/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> kavanaugh has got to go! amy: more than 300 protesters are arrested on capitol hill urging senators to vote against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. we will speak to play right eve ensler. she just wrote an open letter to "white women who support brett


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