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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 19, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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is is is is made. but he never. made it. to and i'm getting a cell. this was what i i think so that [inaudible] video. i'm just a sec. disease i made a day. to day
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[inaudible] monday night. he says it [inaudible] he will [inaudible] he was. with the scandals those look was yeah yeah. maximize residency and things like. three six have now now. he says and then again in the house. a minority waited aaron dollaway connecticut on sunday night. close to him. but would love it if it took six inches of water on the if you really want. and it and it makes me
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wonder why has gone on on this when you're working working address roger injury has an entrance on trains [inaudible] just. we're vulnerable in the media. if. something happened to to wear white line in my own [inaudible] and then. they they are not i think had a highlight. they say he had a resident naming convention. on the national level as well as willing. to my friends and the place is a great frenzy. and i think i think some somebody losing's
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instantiations of our our treasury for political gain. uneasy enough coverage. there is just. black metal halide likely. devotion senate and into. public calling on the name akhtachi have. what is the mentality? that's not what about eleven hundred and again. french i mean. on the on the church on sunday. going home you know
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[inaudible] yeah. okay him his bumbling english leasing thing story original. and it was it wasn'teading even sing -- this is going to try. to come out message fro someon. el's where you know no no no i'm going to go [inaudible] corporate just because i was i was i was i was. regional rules [inaudible]
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fifty six right she should be -- i ed to especially. you know y know. twenty one of twenty three so. why why he? do. you know. i don't have a hot [inaudible] already registered. anyway i don't. he is getting more and more on some say they like these [inaudible] yeah. how is that while? you're you're i mean right now [inaudible] hello. legally part of president
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everything was going wrong and is is is. and it is it [inaudible] you [inaudible] on on because it was done -- so he can and hopefully. right. right right. did. you go back online light is reading we don't know what do we do. i mean i mean.
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so i shouldn't have had my mom calling. one is to remind you of the low [inaudible] so i had aylesford. so yeah yeah yeah yeah. and what what i was looking at three three they can do. is he intends. read it as it was [inaudible] i don't. yeah.
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main main did say i don't know [inaudible] so sorry [inaudible] the cruiser. after a second ten day this year. in a can. three to four minutes thousands when nort. to turn down service law. today's a judge and a will. gestures from the from the clinton thing is really. to visit in getting those children and dance idol. but this under the most. earlier today when the south south president genuine and the nor nor either returns on june signed minute denuclearize [inaudible] a lot. long [inaudible]
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one one one has excel. yes ma'am. according morning noon can hey also was recruited to manhandle young young on but all the us us ones on similar measures. this baby decision had come down on how how. it is. it is. but the agreement signed weighing data. structures that it does have a two ten union. at all both. the lady as well as well after so long a long order to prevent accidents clashe. the audio and noted close close [inaudible] twenty one game game. kim k. i said. to the soul a trip trot out kerry out
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would make me the numbers nor nor we so. well the trying to trying to stay straight down so he can build a little better than some of the elements exactly like mine pay i has. think she's still story recounted how may make him at least win in new york [inaudible] has more. full references using come home jorah. spend on all these new data interchange about about anything. this. means the us us president into white white house. your little as to how how big of a cost of one hundred yeah stops als some but not
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that that that that that i will i like like. president to postne war believe that the residents of the you know united states are gonna say say you now on our part. that is not paid in which we in the indian has been. right about since my last minute xmas johnson nearby by such a president does was rushing. to other areas in reversal judge on the annexation of things in. so so -- i am i am with president i feel reels right right. president. is over the wrestler. thirty six issues relations with your address and date and day. in january. nineteen ninety
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nine president trump green. she should she organization which which is not. present allow allow. the reason that reason. elitist and there will be no i'm not sentence read read read read yeah. i did i did not know. alright but it would be terrible to twenty eight case so so the reason why. and then we also would like to have a call my size is that with. the best available both it
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is is it was it was the staging should have to hike. and and this is it is it is it really reminds. my my through kay and new european union. well trust trust us and they'll mail [inaudible] yeah. so as i said. the system is [inaudible] yeah. yeah yeah -- are you email will be reached -- the changing point point remains a minute. new old onoint because it
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was a wreck like draw. your to so i got into when he went. to thank you to you [inaudible] right right [inaudible] you [inaudible] station. you can't count i dot. says that the written ready to come back. the branch. did not and i want. the summit is expected to
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ship [inaudible] to we expect. hi my boys i should be here in europe [inaudible] good morning. donald on social. i think that might. show he says and i just just don't. yeah it has a he says that. it was. all you countries some of them don't don't use using. you for political gain access and your and union again which will [inaudible] problem mber. it may make it again down out of the country.
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that is a yeah yeah so [inaudible] check. the lotus is in your urine union my thinking on trying to expand into our homes down to him as a some some draperies. they don't they don't want. to dot dot. dot orders orders they say say there are a non binding so that. we are we going to be on the
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account up to the and everything and then after. the three presidents and censoring sexual. right right sure sure aluminum and insurance you can. he's essentials white white. women and yet again occasional pretty kind of had to meet you too bybye. i was one of the three judges did. the end of the story. at a great great visuals online downtown known. for seven thanks into town carefree frequently land that that. he nine nine charge charge and section is filled out the french french one wasn't feeling. and it wasn't until it all and had had any.
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forms and then power and german eminent intrusion. at that gandhi and we really can't identify delighted. right right yeah. man man that we haven't we came came to the conclusion that truck runs and we should have had a missile internationally that will that will better advance order more ice writers here. than anyplace to seize. the truck trolley take place later her arraignment claypool is john john doe delano ac until six years later their that if found guilty of the a full. ten jail jail sentences and the animal rights right use use if i say this because this is not about.
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the street date is delayed delays although the crack down on briefly he's been clean. since he's due money money. exacerbate alone. that has been it's really thin tunnel today. vicious teammates thrusters doing wrong and is and is. he is expected until the time by incense until he sees you money money don't think i'm going. to make sure your this is. change the citizens of an imminent. it took him. two hundred transaction engines and a nine thank most of the suspicious even even [inaudible]
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and the state takes on made. eye contact so we have like six of fifty thousand hours lifeline it's not test the replace a dead. raise raise questions does your money money could. play the by by his his lately they'll they'll is on its own swiss once on his agenda is a must not so. we take take time from conference finals ryan ryan the money money doing very. seriously and we have we do and we will use every everything takes takes to ensure that we do not have. the same situation again again database just as fast as the eighteen k. space
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raising the specter of sounds good. should should. going. for you all at all as expected actively three hotel. there was a your loss and and one eight eight a littl. if the for focusing on the one hand to hold off on done done. around the house and senate in buying buying. still free free free frelinghuysen on a regular. any money laundering
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[inaudible] overview anyway. by that i found on the dow dow it's from tree trees from china and let let's. you don't owe us well trying trying his goods and china. i had i think six million a little as you as you as i thought i was insane. he can it's not constant justice and axles. the only way. the only way the because on white wage is a nation of you wondering bring more moms and offenses china. joins china moon and then go downtown road.
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for nine nine one one in the system you. will. by trying to not are we we may make them their affair fits. box any any damage. alone [inaudible] this is those are usinget wet or maybe around 40%. for an orderly cases die size company nearly 1100% sent. this video as the frontrunner three trees illegally brown around. set to begin again next week will put the tire business job property miller treasury hood -- race. okay then -- for six six years okay -- when so many amazing line
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item -- around rather trade rains which i'm such a high high high online -- it's just are there to do business other otherwise you i'm companies have been impacted by nine or ten gestione. like late fees user. for china item jump from twelve thirty or has been advertised in july they're doing right by anyway stiller's now now you say [inaudible] twenty five nine ninety mom always legally sanctioned. state is a disastrous datin.
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for reasons like. my body for inspiration. by. twenty twenty five beneath the needles come complete [inaudible] the don't don't. don't don't. look something. trade james he's he's also going. around we cut ties is. between provisions you can actually says like love and nothing wrong wrong about the battle [inaudible] contents. in the chechen. hello i don't know maybe okay all right now.
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in in these. the election i should say they had a gun gun [inaudible] how how? he's a sense of in the and now [inaudible] please see. i think i'll comes. the allied line hathe level of my son. some months in a long running when he management you catia. other. this by night as ed had more and more easy. to be seen in its own own you can excellent on them directrix it assumes that
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gives the event. rights. can you. talk it which in the long long long long. ago has also just don't come round r@
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09/19/18 09/19/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> to any woman who hears the an unusual or not uncommon story that when they were younger, some young boy, so young man, decided they had the right to throw them down to try to take their clothes off. hope inink that -- i


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