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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 6, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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and he is expected lines on this. they say your social life. real real. says that. people within the administration trying trying to set the agenda. in the center. changing the playstation.
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the right right. he was trying to entice meetings and even. a man may. and ending with right i hav. ten nine pacey. times in any individual to live. in inside on the in advance and restoration. lately evidencing president gen jenda this is the second gate anything out has in any midday. * presidents is long gone and you'll be on talk radio. and nec he says as cologne amount matches treason
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manhattan has will. total was elected officials we did nine billion reserves of your your mind. and preresident trump trumpt was it was really and i don't know in your in your isn't restricted to social and and cry cry president as as a moral or iraq back to and rand racks a kind of a place where were. it if you're not another asian is expected to command amanda you have e to have a singngular our optioion. this is a legally. and this and resources at and said that according. ms -- show show to little a date undermined mine. what president trump residences restructuring trying to do? and and i'm not allowed. to wear a dress i know nothing i gotta now quite question. the intervention of trespasses workforce denominations some sanity when it enters our whole culture morally can official
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to come to come forward. what is what is said that if there is one one source the white house? so that's not very very -- to blow the whistle whistle on what's happening behind the scenes [inaudible] that. united that a sense you do the same thing also that that. we are we are not in europe where. it comes out of the house the on n the on line is the congress is there's a reaso. taking that step to remove president but a little bit. idea get instead he says as a different in america. i don't know howow it.
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there'e's there's wrongdoing case made made for both both easy saying things i think we want. one a cry investors is a ten tensions is the first person we would be. somebody that says dr. my momma between twenty is a doing what he thinks is right right transferee and and bandwidth. serving the the the following orders [inaudible] it. the first reason is warrent. to to democratic for internal elected officials to be actively working from the inside. as this is. will of the executive on the if there is it really.
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there is some great radio you have evidence to support war the motion this is really really actuation where. actually working against gays. dates and all the other constitutional. congress because he got control. okay neighbors which is what's what's already there is and then at that point will be a no no longer. in the in the immigration but about on this is i type a vase with lower. decision the only only cat i have had that there's if this isn't really a high [inaudible] social somebody. cabinet level then probably leisure goblet like it would not not in an odd way way
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but by by speaking are working right right and directly [inaudible] me and i got this is rather rather. one is a little. issues unity is monitoring at the new york. who's. is there any a way. that happening. it would require [inaudible] that. so have been. and they that you clearly was there was a rules the side by side information but that does not appear to be a sees it was a letter letter most always laugh off. to generalities --
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downtown some of or read a rhetoric so i think the president is usually there is a for the oracle on one all who of yet a good who saying that everybody says that jack. to live lives act as as int. the author is it. let are revealed i've. really right right. president does not have to have a basis to go well she she she did have. a bit about about that and the fact that i might be all calls that day. well that.
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has got us from from the beginning of the don't tread president because i really really on on is doing things whether whether they they they general tom of others the latter or a the book does not contradict anythin. we heard that there are problems lately is is a problem with with -- the to the court. is in to job governor the twenty twenty seven mm at a meeting that was enacted in the six cities has never ever wrote. way but what was i where they were there as my is that a medical facility -- compound restaurants and there's there's no retreat and hit him. president and and thereby. the country's interest but but since there's no detail on when it when and so
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services as as well joint treasury here are. much less question but what it what it would. it would with. the cat [inaudible] cabinet lost. president to declare their the right right. our offices and now. that. this by. george. how's is to declare that it was also if it. doesn't work force voluntarily join date andnd time as nato united states. cancel met medicine just because had to admit about over russia. my mom all dressed russian i know any any went and today day russia.
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on and on and on and they say it's just call clientele fun his his weekly at budget which is. to say. we have we have sat independently concluded that is there not enough evidence to bring charges against. rules for the following lines. the considers there's a man matters like. eighty the at the antenna matches a new nearly as cargo and detect testosterone in a vaguely. the u. uses as russian. and was losing three felt about tom within within ten to years crow and the neck pain mainly the you can't have got. concluded that the rules laid right by the cease and better education alright right off offices in the right direction in meeting she had had a sense of is. also known as the teaching are you. this is a subtlety after
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about an russian state date. a senate race runs right in indian. country until total to get things knows on the crimina. he says since you detention by a bunch of ten years. i have never. met the man. we did we didn't to seize the day but finally we have not got justice debated moments. i can contract for and if anything else. right. right. is an eight sixty six which
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would.. corning womomen get denensey order order a ginger and carry. and sense of like my first president. although the learn something slash writers and mental illness and the government. the judge judges don't know each other other aspect at known to the not allow a marriage [inaudible] campaign. and and and and and the face of sexuality. change change exemptions. well donald tomorrow what about that. if you have a way. down from from channel.
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all in all from from [inaudible] it was. i'm sorry. lady. we had we had give them some of them that much about it in a now let's. let's talk about a cease [inaudible] yeah. but it is the world's into into into a tape why they are you know the town now. will a very a long running legal oratory -- looking when she went to
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turn. it yeah yeah you know we don't see was when making the terms often for denver dark with only really really to determine janitor [inaudible] but six o'clock against any juror well meaning. and this is what sees out. of your day to day. out now and i think they say his it was much much easier change that that's not she'. the chief maybe maintaining get into the business eighties at two sounds of the ruling the idea. sometimes i don't even know i'm not and it isn't it. can. act to change i will be down down to to to get get me it's each.
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but i find that now is the us not. more more reprieve. to these -- to actually restaurants also serves to make the next thing we the whole. prince charles form. i wanted. to the data to answer them there that can make a link this is a state. now there. is it is it. doesn't feel totally to be a man and laurura. wass will go ahead as despie might be. because it was not show anything the rebels it's
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that such as ronald. previous had ten and tentacles of trails instances when twenty fifty thousand you should. and is this condition so that it wasn't jimmy hoffa. with very very slight ninety nine steps on one of because the have any. situation. the indian converts are not. giving the he's these. certainly we don't we don't want we'll are to be will b- ever let's ones who are you want white i don't feel he doesn't doesn't turn ceremonies about that kind of returnees has many many that we have these skills which will.
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since. one we can make it and six six september and there a day are only here but in the lead them down to the nikkei asian nations and men mainland. solution to to bring projection. we hope that that and he is not on we go and look. he usually has a diss. round drums out with like white tablecloths at and still feels as if they wanted to to make. of downtown not only two targets russia checks also. she's on about off in inin n in the history. fundamentally click click
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isn't just an ordinarary knowing and chant chant asian. pop on them a little yield eighteen main restaurant we'll. by by client with the one the one he we have. we didn't have time to isis cyclical industries really. it's one where. you have [inaudible] kantana. on the on the nominees ratbat atlanta well. and i nineteen got on a successor. an attitude with us.
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in june presidential. the top. of the religion that that i decided to their arrest. wait wait take take looming makiking that you had to a clinical exchanging. living hotel can make make. rounding bus but when a thing called great great fresh local ingredients edition like maybe tell that everybody. yes i looked. when is a good? time. the few to totally totally. the sessions within his rights right now she she and then an estimation. dr drive to sentient in a village it was by find ginger huntington. from the trying to restrain his. to slap lower tax.
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products including. his eyes bicycles donald rumsfeld on them and what is a last one wasn't ready ready to country to rating riyadh yet china china talk talk with what can you can you. a china china for a part of the said landing anyhow. measures included for the top target. sixty still [inaudible] that's what's going on in their ears in india yeah remember medicine in new jersey. goods and services attack. on a man to me the role has. in since muqtada with increased. for small businesses is good as metro there are women and children modality election just restaurant corner [inaudible] story.
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this. is one is one of in the in the industry today around. the house. main main. that has changed. the concerns. co engagement tracing a a stay at the this is going [inaudible] me [inaudible] being. we can change your sleazy officially the busy. six businesses as profits for some kind of under thousand what was his do you has. accept. that families and in the
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eighties. construction entity. sex after excess and sector. what we need and? then. leaned back back the sensor senses [inaudible] when i? please wait contact tends to have. as we is getting on your an finance ministers are such that the guy's got to pose also [inaudible] in the the long law. rather large large.
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business i someone north west why why life and of course please contact job jobs [inaudible] the story. one of initiation treacherously. jg. what are three cities sums of the squares of it on television? for for and i this also dr john truths illegal and that now i haven't had a negative. nine it's it's something free. uses the post box on online
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life found on this which is [inaudible] but look closely it's as in a demand. nothing in there because it was involves arms race regional job as well. it's very very difficult change. when the waters for our powers were set up on the island i'm sure sure? to they were happy local construction headlines lines of french i think hers is expected to draw brought on twenty twenty twenty ten he had control. of social generous at like.
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twenty twenty twenty two let's take it. for the money dates so far. i'm from the i'm not right regulations earlier. read a second okay. of those those little bit tree transactions we mean china china and the united states text talks are also also slang rang up his is twitter goes to high [inaudible] five yesterday. we not argentina an item on my mind. today. so i'm running. also better better as the and i don't want to try. to find find exclusion to start start bursting banged on treasuries fifty billion dollars on one hundred
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president. week including putting brendan had happened dissolving half half the government ministries. but on the on the street south out of ours are nine times rest are thinking about about tightening [inaudible] his he's. go to which we we have we have. to the dignity. from a nine ninety in the speech he gave. let's will. get it together you are
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young. shanghai. so we'll see how we feel about getting getting across to go from star star yet yet attend jail concert than. they've been doing very welm
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09/06/18 09/06/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> yesterday was just the opening statements -- it was only our time as committee members that we wasted on disruption and disorder over procedural matters. but today is different. amy:


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