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sixty from twenty twenty course. twenty twenty one our a service to send [inaudible] it's the is he says i know i
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know i he says. he and can i can i have an agency that settle seen weekly pregnancy june.dible] i find it and it's her choice was. around the country. pointing. to break into the way the catholic church has. and is expected. to those guys have
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[inaudible] they say [inaudible] just just. for some say fifty thousand men women to the house. but there their first amendment. convictions in the nation rule religious. content to have. built her little unity not you know she is legally only in cases of regret. mothers. but the new looming.
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fourteen weeks pregnant cc a proposition made. i'm trying. to brutally legal. after a few. likely not not. to choice. to make. center in a central election [inaudible] well. has had. countries you the united nations and they dialogue arrive and i did end of an everyday on the on israel
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has the she was people's political days a little just a sales. critics say that you see through the night the night again again. and then it's also scrap [inaudible] not [inaudible] then. i was engines isn't indigenous on military. and is an intentional. this person's going. to comes from looking like.
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another. twenty minutes until the glaciation right right and into the alley lgbt community antenna different. but the pellets. two to three times. she back section some seventy down down in an afghan continues to develop. they say is for the upcoming agenda.
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if i try joined by. right rightt nine nine citis to make amazing and he has written this is a little make craft sale the i'd like to say it is in any. fashion spacing. now now the nation. says ready now things to learn about about it. anybody's not not doesn't belong. israel's real and this is a fundamental. as of right now now both
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those observers minorities was not not to issue you need. to log. out of the religious organizations as it is in their own. state but also among jews say we may be doing. i mean i'm trying to tell you. choose. right he said said can you can you may remember nixon. did you our sports day they write life of israel are a lot of not in his life. ready because under mandolins were structutural imitation betetween we use itemss o arms and is r realy right life there a arguably existsting. laws that discriminate -- without without saying that
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fundamenentally or get -- specifically. he's in n israel's real. little communities. less than i did i did.d. earlier. nine ninety twenty and again on israel's real so any any any. there is strong. and i you know. a comment on and into. seas but the question. so we don't have the seal. that don't intend to discriminate based on of
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course. israel's rules. anybody really and i and many many but the declaration. doesn't doesn't have any. and any other. yes just a determination or any. there's no no constitutiona. and this this. nine nine entranance night. nor your equality so they'll therefore in less less extreme part for the most part to rule on might might discriminate against. people. the a from from racial reasons and and manany many critics of the c challenge e most you know. the the the most stringent interpretation of the court that what i would.
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in the end. spent i don't. it is. is the hundred years people. thth minorority is it in the sense not t not had. nation in the way they were they were more so i think there's nothing really wrong with. israel's and when you as usual. ththe mororal or political d legal. recy was saying you were born and it is their they're not. nation. iran is. wanted to talk to us. i was isolating [inaudible]
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says that. when when did you can sentence? president on to we speak. sets. therere. is a benefit around. it is it is and well no nonsense. among them them is minimal. martin a h hey there is that level. i in my mind's eye. injuries resigned them easy to enjoy that are that are trying. to get [inaudible] and never [inaudible] yeah. what? to do as i suggested as he
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was innocent and restaurants has been able to do 22-10 ten to nine eleven houston texas action price rises. some of the most one one arrest. into a data. and again manateeee of for medical attention her and right right she has she had given a 20% dozens of and i think the idea of going to in an attack at market. sixteen year old to to the to the nation is to keep. our our of top twenty twenty section at the time i don't know like bobo's detention jim. sam the idea is he was one of the main issues. he was hanging. from philadelphia and i also find on it is that that is
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not. the sees involved by. nonstop action. still feel downtown. sixty please don't stop position [inaudible] a little [inaudible] correspondent isolation. about about [inaudible] ten ninety ninety she ms [inaudible] shhh [inaudible] he's he's.
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and and he facing irreparable. and is. and one point about nine eleven and should also is not he many middle really. to say sorry to ready [inaudible] all [inaudible] consumption should
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[inaudible] easy [inaudible] exactly. and and is a very strange. this is also that how that happened all the time [inaudible] navy [inaudible] he we used the leaks. so if you [inaudible]
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com [inaudible] comes and she came [inaudible] i'm [inaudible] and yeah [inaudible] he our decision is also aware [inaudible] now from.
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right up instance. say leaning. many many [inaudible] hope. with with everyday i got out of that as a really really thankful to all content on your duty. downtown get for a lot large he starts off often just case greatly writers i'm not does right right. gonna this vast sums to the city. from furniture our route situation which is also a way this is actually. and it's in n the middle middle of the price of one sixty five less t than a ten minute minute lettering ramos horta. this one place. the class land around route
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this this isis a tough job. greg will weigh heavily. which was in the to make. are the kind that he knew when he was the exams. and feeling nice i'll stock will send a signal that has. but it's a good idea usually i mean how do you do with this with this. they they don't increasing tensions which of in her heart of of cd. in thailand and and not necessarily good times i was a no no. here here dating saying how
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to read a relentlessly for myself sent company also he's at home because he was human senses. operating management is essential. judge from the allowed to re open as the source course just one example of a number of business is ourselves and there's going to be really really hot from from these these tariffs. us he has had in a long time while at next structural. china china cononfirming frm restauaurant. to twenty five sixteen billion dollars dollars chinese goods goods to take attack effect on the third. major changing it said it was it was forced. he was in his heart. things day the cat characters include food
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cannot cancel motor voter is not just just really quick china china as well as a whole diesel diesell. equipment on the other side movement in the them judiciously world the world's largest economies habitat total total billion dollars worth of the check out of products and more loving lessons. coululd be tending. in all european union and australia long tons of f fre trade trade agreement federica mogheririni any the reason i say thihis quite a quite intense i can. listen and johnson on the only also says -- thrown out of his face [inaudible] but according. testino's lord. because nonstop changing and
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take it right out of it founder jonny laws must we don't usually. considering andrew move causing waters. recess century jeffrey wright have not heard back about. percent must mostly though there's a question as from regulators. holders because because not now suspended and changes as it doesn't have also attending adding to the manufacturing transplant china it's first. day state earlier. changing. which forced one on we don't judge local partners testino's lawyers recently for stories race i size eleven cars more sign up by twenty thousand dollars dollars as a result result attack about with her teenage aging and wash
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washington. is that [inaudible] right. in in in. strangers. one white cake with reducing slightly [inaudible] yeah [inaudible] religious jews. in. it's it texas being less lessons and confident [inaudible] customss. this blog loosely. pricerite a little lower than not now i think getting alonee. money can buy [inaudible] china [inaudible] tom.
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it. the governor has national. please accept. recy. in because elena with under the test has less time chin. this was you lieutenant nation a grand rounds out our large [inaudible] business. because he was he was. make me and leaders feel field. leading. to insurance. has waiting waiting a little longer. well out cape capable harry [inaudible] fifty nine
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rangers locals as stressed out lately. it's a great great recognize nine three three first [inaudible] dedember [inaudible] sam sam [inaudible] planning [inaudible] artificial intelligence [inaudible] south side [inaudible] the scene [inaudible] i just [inaudible] in india [inaudible]
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today [inaudible] rather [inaudible] god ultimately. free trade to cater catered to actually. for winners. in nineteen night on the great great wall of china at the at the extra time. to users local know. that authority actually hadn't consulted or even in. the event and it had. to raise raise awareness at her church age and the and the preservation of world war. i sight. but sets and we expect to feedback back and and help hints that got the
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transition as you can see the early early in the rest of that is the real realçkç]
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08/08/1818 08/08/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacificaththis is democracy now! >> can you believe how close this is? ballgame, anded you made this possible. amy: two years ago donald trump won ohio's 12th congressional district by 11%. but tuesday's special congressional election in the district remains too close to call.


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