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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 25, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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[inaudible] all. at nine months and our it's yeah [inaudible] since then. and says his country [inaudible] one one he the only [inaudible]
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something. thank. not going. to do the out migration agencies hardline [inaudible] maybe. building my my current persisting instances on the not conscience is often. something only is also sent on an area is still stress reading giving people and see. she thought cessation hundred hundred people. trying to say day after tha.
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ride ride day so far no country. we take take them. to rise has the latest reports to a dumpster and and says that he wants. paula. was four my migrants to a to whitewater say life under control. rival to go to court on monday the amendment. ministers believe he says that if members of mister trying migrants to their to their traditional or origin. if they let me that i we believe. that the us has problems. and the fees and and yep ye. and now not in europe.
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the court over the we willl will sort along along the ss of a seselection and i and i centers entered my mind mt must [inaudible] yeah. ththere's this will hopefefy be e enhanced and illegal immigration. both suffer from from. on monday intelligence us airports as indicated by international law. well joining now yeah rusty data director at and yeah.
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it was not without without thinking way is with us on france24. i tried. yeah mike my crises what do you made make [inaudible] as was. this is in the decision [inaudible] all [inaudible] who? the ung. although t that is. to try and even of the there is a real and deal you go. to the phones and data ten
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risk rescue. so there is no reason. destruction. is a no no unite ninety yeah yeah you're right the no no many. of the whole point. does does and will finish lately even [inaudible] yeah yeah. this is also. causing a scene with. he really really is not how to happening now now it is a leading. yes caldwell says them. to yeah takes a also thanks
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so e ey beings rather ratht. if you. have -- if it doesn't deserve says. ththis is just what it was he was welelas a and also are you going [inaudible] to also [inaudible] off load. and so [inaudible] yeah. so. i was really to make sure.
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that's eyes thehe r row. also about it yeah yeah that is the idea goes because well well. i think this is a the lead lap only thirty don't know you're using [inaudible] people. well well when when you of a present bowes the risk reserve them holds go to go. to the only. leaders are agrees ahead ahead of the summit on it and i sasaid we wewe had the other here i'll tell you to defend. is that now i don't i was of coursrse this every cocountries into forty four the although --
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yeahah are you a are you asu relentless he sells lson t i would [inaudible]e] acroross the but most of thm don't those outside. with the social in two thousand and sixteen malls lieutenant fifty dollars although in in in in one warn you don't even. to really reach -- is. kills off of five hundred right. i don't give a full we have
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also took. that as a to let let as a they he says as a result vocal abilities. but but also as a result you have been open and whether whether thehey have said. to give. us is well recorded it because of the fifty german [inaudible] and as one one the idea and so as you know he's a i was
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at at the most most did not. right to has. janet. entered into the desert search with my daughter. month she was she was an excellent time [inaudible] we did you diphtheria. yes we have me. one man thinking it was. the only how help me. like like and they managed under other by residents on fast track she engines and turn charles which in order to share after after being awarded. and and in dangnger. trackers.
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they were less know joyaly such walk across prostituting women. gonzalez because it is is i. duration asia migration says since other church there like i couldn't have been anything else. in the in the ten months many right rising anger quickly disease. and it had how you treated each other others simply don't don't make it. but our house it's so senator.
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how does your dna ninety that asian nations like region six is celtic and games which we how is the ease as? the holocaust which always get together one with more fourteen by finance invites i didn't know how. they may made as a result. so were her have jobs so. this was all sold. this is. gmt the they dated the day dated before for of those
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empty them every and i thought his physical think i'm so sad my bloodline my as a visitor. i got a lot comes under china china. in in terms of when we were more on the any international sense and today was a bed. both your view origination walk restoration in. your and your your union or you know anywhere near. six stand as it is sunday sunday's presidential election particularly. do each candidate that it is much much indeed morning morning. tv ones wild art are up last month on channels bridge
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right tired to one one on one hundred thirty one hours within within time is great. rivalry jj's there there's a g. security warning thanks to an alliance with another another right right wing hard already in the indian. in higher higher love lives and then being being [inaudible] since. on on being being a parliamentary system a to a residential one one following ways. friend dined and thank you again aired on one eight hours of the any and in. twenty twenty twenty three china china but that made me on no demonstration in iran have b become.
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this may make. pretentious again against a today's economy taking a large amount of muscle all y'all you rain right now. i i don't allah simimilar prprotection. theyey didn't that down totords the cacapital. we have we have debbie faces as a since two thousand that's years he was well known arouound around. thirty thirty well thihis is the number of protesters award for his storyboard [inaudibible] iran's [inaudible]
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there. this was where where we without out you've online. currency has dropped off [inaudible] several days. and another. one one a little bit more. find out one of when we the house was in approach. push push push push back. these projects also heard reaching.
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they said they just. the u. s. u. s. accounting out of them to hold. this is only after the for the disease. online on sunday there's there's widespread raised his hand [inaudible] ten he sees. it's also important so we hung out there are orchestra groups there are already date and in and is a major on on and many say that he said let's listeners know but everything that happene. certainly. discover governors that has
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big challenges to address. consumers are is a lot lately insert certainly quayle well [inaudible] all. restricted it. resonates of everything on an anti wrong wrong leaving in. nineteen sixty three read about it is that is on this on this it's a long running running tactics being. gaslighted by wind. fun. times a day stuff is doing to kind of keep remains a safe sex. between nineteen ninety has been there on their own.
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the vital vital downtown multiple diligent jazz mistake state including joe jones rearm and part of our life laddie. in restaurants wants the governor never nothing to see ibm's exams. and unity. legislator has. call call phone now in the feel elated adding heading. after. tax records and prevent eventually legislature. the fighting fighting was leaving the and we will highlight with over after accidentally andreas resources that had and had wrapped around the region you just. do what you want. management have been however for sources out south it's a resilient land. the katakana would have
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hated lightly told religiously has had. which is a place right roughly muslims. and christians out south. in a little pond argenteuil jumped three three and seven seven churchgoers origin. service. and land last month suspected everybody. dies tax due to the state killing killing more than seventy people. what i'm? saying is is disease lotus to localize it is in. europe have seen their share of drama about three reasons as it has gone down there to shoot out how says that it was. during their access to the other the other major. each new centers.
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sherman hundreds but he's have there their current level level more. than a year here. and try to demonstration crater in hong kong and on one of my america's most iconic. brands day to day lives and many many others like like downtown la or your own now. a state's america motive writers i remember modern products like nine n nuclea. five five cents last last week. for fourteen only washington also souls friends that the only. french and to make in the motorcycles accessible you has customers and maintain only only business missouri north shares. dropped 7%. in another interest rate for
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you as you hear the ever mutinies registration adding that his first trying trying to invest in our marriage had terms the truck. every territory nine nine is rivers was specifically glasgow out i know i know that it's hard to forget all increase. are are nominally g. tweet tweet not nine dollars an hour now was coming coming would like would like further increasing intentions you got you got twisted any connection. there. both youou and you are not a house there on their own. again you as u. s. and they're very continue to fight a guy to get her attention is in a try try. for instance like tents rescue still taking place like china china. their there is some phone so i thought i'd be the day testimony. trade to this time including order working groups
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discussed dating [inaudible] friends friends. beijing six months a high high file about. okay any that is as a deal doesn't and then finalize monday putting the green light like rent free speech to be still sold. storytellers [inaudible] it's the team on the run from the vehicle choice showing. eight t eight china china a. the found on decades ago goes to this is not about how disease. the remaining will allowow conditions like lights and
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treasury will you address of china and on the u. having not enough time to have a judgments against getting our united states power harris including managing chase face a twenty five point [inaudible] twenty china china's. so that if i the fab ourselves if beijing asia very good friend charlie i was trying to convince rise right by me i mean. backing john genuinely china today by nine hundred and forty three twenty one and same means the charge on on a table.
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more. fighting fighting reflects light. city city transportation was not start transfer london refused to renew. your license right right service or last last summer ember value in restore criminal. conduct. companies now is now seeking team on my slice to prove it change change ways and is always already use it is. twenty four seven seven phone never never land in london and changing much much of the senior management judge judge struggle to room to check day. when saudi arabia drive driving since sunday monday and son alright already sees chance cannot change and? unity factor in my life. learn serving women weren't allowed last ride dry cell
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tells now feel. drivers any coming show sure [inaudible] we'll. i felt so your theory on the outside [inaudible] right right. i couldn't believe that we can now now i live. he says and to serve the service line. women women would tell donna not authorized [inaudible] so [inaudible] this. is like [inaudible] this is.
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women we can can. we can all get three really really yemen or nor expected to draw a line. when? twenty twenty parlors and insurance fresh fresh lying and users needs car harwell well balanced 2220%. last year. two years ago that he changes on the ground. yeah yeah i knowçça
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06/25/18 06/25/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> it is inhumane. it breaks my heart and in need to stop now. they need to reunite the family's they have already traumatized. amy: president trumpmp's zero tolerance crackdown on imimmigrants and asylulum seekes continues as parents of more than 2000 separated children say they still don't know where they are. trump now says they should be


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