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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 21, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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young he said that. as as usual and i might say some anthony's crossing using in you know you know i say stay dale has risen from frontline signed. in and set of regulations martial children than their parents it's not only i and what will smale made confidential children. ready ready beings hadeses fast isolating long gone from from visited.
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in attacks. on their own unconventional from trying to restriction is now now banning i is. policy which is the single and land. crossings in wooden thing supposedly teaches and in congress now when i play yeah yeah it's like. to one on one of the with less confident in my when i would want to what is wrong wrong wrong. as this is some of some of
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those. with that said donald and what it will. be ready. for all think you should you should that is not a president i said yeah yeah. stay in a they will run on our now 1-000- miles away where they don't have. a lot of the you know united states. what is? it about. about moving mean you w when you it was a great. thing that. well that was just a nice all time high now capital hill it was a complete one of all is there is a it has has been graph rabbi right ridiculous in the house of
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representatives why why the things that have been how they know that. that is. this is a make immigration bills that was that was used to change us immigratition race. in the united. states. racially filled bills that i when i can i say state's view of the us president would you vote. for sign on and all that a line. like i the of them into a little problem how how. is this was one basically all the ensemble in the senate. this vast i sixty billion dollars already in the votes
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need to determine how many they they will will not today is a is a very very symbol of how how little. democrats handle it along when it when it comes to is it is essentially of the act like those of some as i was at a really run. run run husband wanted with a slice she went to one of those sales element to children were being held. at a run. i know i know i know a way some. kind sensory rate on them right. precisely what is happening under under a common administration and sometimes october that with as executive order yes yes a day she's she's fine finall.
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little the event you it has been trying to find a little bit of that any any and everything after how does what has been. described week we with the event you as a resident law and all that pressel him at that this is j john chancelr suggestion as well well he's because has the president next. month is. at the these prescriptions at it today. so we we security or anything. and yeah that that prophylactic. this ozone has.
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greece and sense of securit. this is a special edition of living with large larger against illegal my graduation i believe it is it is more important. that now we it's seasonal northerly these diseases. that such in idiot or forty six who he says that we should concentrate. three there. for a free service for this and this -- television for sources and you know i was sort of a cross cross on time since it either.
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so cursed. a lot of bali. during during the war or ran around and temptation always runs around order and say [i[inaudible] give. very v very divisionon in nt not a moment. mention hitting on other seldom made major. the great race. the gene -- right right other governments to zero in on the let let me government -- custody -- for example ms a better than ever governor.
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jack jack i have a round -- trying trying. to be pop up the defefense t the i trying process. jeez outside of your opinio. on that i think -- around rohingya such right or identified. okay -- that the my microphone [inaudible] i think [inaudible] amanda. read. and i'm down with with -- my which leads to hand it
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will not is really well. rahman on this and probably. that and it worked. regular band and then have houses right right outside europe. some some some days. the state is this whole. and i you know i say state and i'm going to go to the leasing is very very much online and political discourse. and all to build a troll
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troll i should should pay more. come. out about never gives good ring ring to these countrie. brought all the data. that is not missing on the playstation. the conversation is about letter they're really reall. conversations going on the i mean i think thing. a a lot of people who are m. or less part of the great. and theneople peopople mark articlcle or not t on his m. sam sampled was notot lost papau wrecked r reticent abt
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about my mind at that it. manyny of the photos onn red records so i i i lately did from from you know you know he's. got that at they were almos. matter so. you have. step step. rice grapes president as i anti tank as i was interest rate current prime number taste tests again against eleven opinion he will need. to hundred hundred kills and a painful on the correct arrest was wise wise reservoir air strikes money
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putting salt [inaudible] last. i think it is in all a little wave on all of these. why is there is them down off of our because a?? grieieving. yeah singled [inaudible] but the and while higher getting around on and over over over the people you.
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and here we we t thing you based on your own eyes -- when i? move. on concentrated on all these days as an excellent back. how far? is a long running. four thousand on gained independence of dawned on twenty two eleven the color congress hotel. seven seven our model actor such a hard
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time tonight widow does a military i think we need to do what he did to and were. south south on that he had has it was here around round world world but the exercise ninety million the loud loud loud khan did indeed love song long. something. head to head on down. to my ten ten today the world a little little cloth alliance into a building on content less left over the cliff downtotown he believed it ad it delays lazy. hundreds of thousands of children. and and after the call conflict.
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yeah was possible the world. eight two one one of the most dangerous places on honor. their offense is on school ninety nine times eyes yeah yeah yeah. now president ever. another now finds us and every day hitches he made with a start time twenty twenty it is. not easy if you have. read it said he would he would it says and also o of the steel deal eighty thousand people killed conflict between between the two countries like e the ninety nine nine ninety detail. is. going. susan in the to the contents of the on the other. hand since now now he right hand side is s that on time the division is in sight management module which
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which we still talks comes on to give his his frontrunner. justin was. ten cents a month. ying saying. whicich would only [inaudible] thousands. ththe neighbors whoho takesa solicitation from them. if if you. see with sleazy. he didn't territory to reasonable delta [inaudible] on twitter. he says. even correctly today test has and adding things and he
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will call me and good will will every [inaudible] nation young young at that at times on heart disease. big regularly run around by sliding the ring going away late. challenged. two one one of the locals a panel hennessey's online treason amanda lightfoot schultz what what punk rock a today and again ruse they played much less a free flowing. full full really his frontrunner right well donald i really read access and a sizeable by five minutes. with some some by by michael once again did it a lot i usually like to lose. and time thank you sweet and and in a sense on i would have a still to run runs
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pulling. and if you sell health and i'm a filipino nine nine is mass has a whole route one none of you know no not noises and i'm back with then the almost much. away with data is from runs and obviously from from one one one one right right there is it. is going to be difficult a show show intense habitat for full and that he was a really really and and what are the legal you'll hear. about was a nine and the and a little little knock on and that anybody what will his missing for review you want one icicle up up it's a generator a generator not not hot house will fall in
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line with yours is on on its own terms. unless they have one point. one i thought i might agrees group. tonight in a national electricity single use each day. cross contamination presidential facing signs. more information concerning [inaudible] like a these these these.
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greg portland germs off. that i i also and i'm you know you know that they did. in the end and i tried to get in there and that's not what i would to get that done. the front runners are special. when you enjoy doing hey hey generated musician is to make to make a defense official level of our found? within different from other. and it's the best of my memory the use it to help the help of ties a and you will be able.
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to and the place where users is president mass message include over the line i kno. he's tasting. racial chosen. dated back. general taken a total they still show little she should have you. been using genre is. getting antsy [inaudible] right now. since this is is just leave now now because if. is very very much and i had
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nine nine i still don't i was out of money on the and that's going to criticism wondering how they were gonna get about he got exams and now they're now they're doing that they are they ar. going to have to have aroun. decked out leave wee come from the hotel about. sexual reclaiming that half a year year from germany. any any effort to restore import and out ads on the objections concerns around on three is just just can't handle it even we want specially six exits a layout grosgrain in august. these were in europe mountain under data del held over three hundred forty william morris much better go to your your credit crisis [inaudible] to date.
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as well as welell [inaudibl] i'm [inaudible] because the use of a justin's of programs. which we should be. moving on its. feet. quite. there i'm from msnbc atlantic talked earlier there are other offers. when it wouould come brusses thousands these negegotiatis are never? what? does thatt little e moment discussions. on markets that that.
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dad dad how. she stayed in oklahoma. and and does always [inaudible]] on i'm talking to them and have helped refine themselves into. yet again then many cheap [inaudible] will. on the cost our north you never know with the lingering grease runs out doubt rate this is a sort of had a meet on friday expected to regional deals there are out to put. investors will be watching
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the full full. mercedes and then her hand. profit off running running up china radars on importers last last week time dies. first returning your company take take to set us on the trade treaty united not a state china chinese as nick rushworth explains. a profit off in the morning one of the world's leading luxury shahnameh. . nine nie la. seemingly investment to is on this is the plans and things you've meetings in with what know you night a state china china. from the solicitors i lined up to ten twenty five as time chinana. into t ts estimateted could be around around. hundred hundred time time.
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its feelinings what is going to come. to you as it does on on on from out of town is it just yet. china china's gluon times they say is a including within the changing. but it's in the downtown june execs they could a come with some of those first advancement from camp countermeasures. undoubtedly the plane may make going one of in the middle six executable to entrance twenty within with it hand to hand and china china one andnd o one more. thing is. that. i'd like i'd like. after brexit on the same things and held in place in its class was wisconsin's to enact anti lock locals bloody bodies will make a major issue in the us. government stands which is facing and how the relationships that is in the
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chinese nice items i sign. it's most most time nine it's the right label be amenable w. saying they they say this is a to a with eighteen and a sense because coastalççzñvpx]
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06/21/18 06/21/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracacy now! pres. trump: we are signing an executive order. i consider it to be a pretty important click of order about keeping families together while at the same time being sure we have a very powerful, very strong border will be equal if not greater than previously. amy: president trump reverses himself, sig a


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