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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 5, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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it is wrong. because it's for well let. because i. and he's.
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and kno h it is. nine ninety. right right leaders also. agreement and wrong speaking alongside president. she are you ready for this is under fire are audited not love the right away las. monday state group he'll feel says they haven't had tried tried to convince
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michaels what quickly agreements and get a time fe restrictions handling wrong toe. sure that they're they're no problem because it doesn't go anywhere i wanted to make. president on moral. to. leave. out i don't know if it. was our. don't go into. the sauce on my daughter. she have. said about ross house's downtown that eli a salary css but it faded pretty money stopped on every. night. nothing really on the unexpected.
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and many. yeah express hello to stand. this is. me see spike as. he said he some some soon to. it's. in the movie above i. i was they say reservation which he said he saw. cross large. she i. coming coming from what he. said wa. with the intention to take take control.
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will that israel railroad line behind the wheel will know no. does not a race. issue. is not. sh from little rock it yeah. for instance. china china wanted nothing. while the french presidented michael and it is really really. anw. go around. the globe.
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we should we should meet zz you some of some of the day they right right behind me. they live it. is it really a line. my. and. the six month months of m many many of the palestinianunions. say thati do they did he's these people. horrible at thatse b it was my my what little welcome. and now yeah.
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forces liberated. killed three return. are wearing of the friends insignia a day a day. you anyway and and the sea and he really rely on line. now is. want to mention that there are not. many many protesters about about at two hundred i want one in less using that in a long lt weight weight loss i don't like are now expected to cut that. night i. will it. has has reported that women women and out of all of it will likely tomorroww and take a little time in almost two to crackdown on illegal immigration. andrews's has been well let that. has mor.
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the bbc just senate and it just didn't targeted and ended. policy. they for for the political forcehat may coming up george on the government of have been accused. and and i'm just. good this is a very. disproportionate amount of my little things are done. in teamsunity region of one on cost hasn't company to music sets in. overall use doesn't up in our courts
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which which require. registered members first number eighty and turned he. focusnd attention. that that the leader of the government sex economic on the demonstrators pledge leading focused on sunday believe and sincehis a sit. the. only have confidence to intervene fairly easily government in the seat senate content on the leader of the. threat of the country. aims and objectives on wednesday state. meanwhile you review and union. leaders was working on a day to see this customizable room on to come
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contracts of the of the boards. the formal willing bangkok. he decided to ler the tax no corruption management. and on the nominally really there are a lot of issues. how how? we want one. we'll come. right. face face. king of.
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only only review. contact. and i'm not so to test for the past five night euna and let's let down down all all over my monitor as. the proposals remaining. he's not. the indian residence as you can you can you with the general right right get your children were wasting. i. don't know feels he charges on dry ground sexual singing you'll get scripts that. i can't get one one time how to access it. local schools.
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and comes to the small dalton and send some of some a straight straight back backache hades yet get a stations on online e on it made me miss is a which is the son the event is that ia two way thing without having done it on over the. sent right right anything to come of. u kn you can exchange leaves was so so called haunted him pimping while which eventually led to critical mass and had imf so many. days are so annoying. six th down countless territory baghdad they take on silently that thirteen seconds isolated on also said i'm done and also also
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was in terms of etsci that a slice dececision a. user iss great. as they say. halftime alright right cross posters. is that is that all charges to be totally. confident. chris christie that raising an area now knows anything they say yeah. it just didn't make any can. also sensitivities some pub.
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in fm wo toee treatment outcomes one in one of the tests couple ha s ordedered to get. techniques and in the seven seven seven seven eight cases a user i. s. yes. from of the messages which of us. forty one is it a good underground test test a baby one more across is expected to be jailed over four hundred thousand id but and and when twenty nineteen. bust us are george in the middle. of a so that parents certified fathers and. sons to.
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this. phenomenon to the to the teachings of his community bbc news i has actually controls when one of one them that are around. at right right because kcet ended in distinguish women's yeah gatherings exay sees. well i n around. he is. actually. right right bottles and ao little.
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i don't. to people. about issues about. sex at all because it was with you the nigif don'. since. iraq's. will be a. little and i. he. stay with. him and they would have had a little bit of a. problem that we know when you. see him in me. what will? you would. . you wouldld you
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would. . not about to we loe we love that he that can happen automatically. ththere is. . just a. in situations. little more with. more more more. which i just thought it. was going to new york. which is. hundreds search eng. and you can only declined on esag a when whata. dedicated ha. yeah.
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i k. they say is just as. and. not not. just. where we have a hundred? and. it's not it's not normal. more languages is. you're not. well one of what was k you very much indeed. now. and a living any ensemble. leads the world realization as. single men
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in it something i take over the world lost by wait wait existence than fifty five million when twenty fifty i showed her how toignorry hoare you about miles wide waited until i landed on some of the world's most most between two inches. story. season from law can be lazy has lies like like threreasons to nation asian. justice system nine nine as. much as a plastic waste generated. but the problem was compounded by. countries that causes you problems the sissy kitchens.
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well what about in the ring right.. bring someone and i. it's terrible this is. what had happened i believe he's going to get on? with it was at that. stop t talking to the compa. mostectlyt. as doubt that down that's right. she. around the world drinking coffee and analysis.
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that is. president clinton my twenty any aeatt s satellite place mass market of undoing there is a. full year is taking my money no you know. it's a very emotional more motion until today. since. nineteen ninety two powerful shoulders. and a little less changed into worldwide line on on on with over twenty. stores. on countries i sha price reserve twenty twenty miles south resign sentence going global public nine n nine ne nine two. for special becoming star star store
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doors closed over free trade iranian after jack linemen. cafe. feeling like you are usually should consider it or has it has ended the sixtyouryour . time that it is always on my mind for so saud. because it's country's one one of things i will do it. shot showers or as they go. back i'm not suggestion. yet. for now social and.
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this it's trying to ine not enough entries we may be meant missing after an early lead for hurting. the u. s.. you really was clearly on long mshey. should from for your own blog. each week continues. from. now on. just. th he threw it is eass
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settonof youdd. forecast city if you'll mildred coastal table value run runway it'll be the first first full length lead on one bill dealtlt in t the londonon area. seventy two years years. next one thousand has and i decided i live at the restaurant scene change and references is that's that's just how long on times online. china china it come comes on board and i lies he's young china chinese or.
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clive mightt be changing under u under mr trump has . a a single andnd this is goe rest wt provide that i bring my knees a ice has nt moren missile warnin. than where the forty four year long lines. it as that and then was led by one call kind man. dina rather. worries or real recession as mentors. australian one minister lee measures as hazardous saudi changing fresh restaurant hostess in a city statements and that. should be. conducted others there's was business onsite solutions free free political at a crossroads rubber governmen. changing its its willingly or more and government and companies recognize as one
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china policy. which was just in to add all elementary services businessn. ani decided i change. and a little the one china principle this is our favorite require. that jane changing so sorry mark does doesn't. hydrogen is west including. tom plans and and and about a ayoo'=c8q?o?oññgccgcggc
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06/05/18 06/05/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> simply put, does the president believe he is above the law? >> certainly, no one is above the law. amy: as president trump claims the power to pardon himself and to dismiss the mueller investigation, is the nation on the path to a constitutional crisis? we will speak to philadelphia daily news columnist will bunch about trump's attempts to go what he calls "full dictator" and about trump's decision to


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