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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 26, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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team umizoomi! - ♪ 1, 2, 3, 4 ♪ umi ♪ zoomi ♪ umi ♪ umizoomi, umizoomi ♪ - ♪ in a world that's not so far away ♪ ♪ umi city ♪ you can count on us to save the day ♪ all: yay! - ♪ umizoomi, umizoomi ♪
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- ♪ we can measure - ♪ build it together - ♪ you can help us ♪ you're so clever - ♪ we've got mighty math powers ♪ all: ♪ you can call us any hour ♪ ba-ba da, ba-ba da, ba-ba da ♪ ♪ we are a tiny team ♪ ba-ba da, ba-ba da, ba-ba da ♪ ♪ we go behind the scenes ♪ ba-ba da, ba-ba da, ba-ba da ♪ ♪ there's nothing we can't do - milli! - geo! - bot! all: and you! - good morning. it's me, bot. i'm so excited, because i just got a brand-new bed. come on. i'll show you. this is my new bed. it's made of springs and sprockets. [laughing] what does your bed look like? ooh, neat. hey, let's go see where milli and geo are. milli! geo!
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- hey, bot, we're in here, brushing our teeth. - oh, they're in the bathroom. - hey, check out my toothbrush. it's shaped like a big green triangle. - and my toer. what does your toothbrush look like? aw, cool! bloop! bloop! bloop! - [g umi alarm. - that sound means someone needs our help. on my belly-belly... all: belly screen! - it's our friend the incredible presto. - what's the problem, presto? - team umizoomi, i can't find my magic wand. - [gasps] oh, no. - yeah, i've looked all over my house, but i don't see it anywhere. - okay, presto. where is the last place you remember having it? - mm, well, i remember having my wand in...
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the laundry room. hmm, my wand must be around here somewhere. help me look for it. when you see my magic wand, say, "magic wand." [musical flourish] magic wand, yeah. there it is in the washing machine. [laughs] silly me. i must have put the wand in with my clothes. [gasps] uh-oh. all that spinning is making my wand shoot out crazy magic. and now the washing machine is going crazy. it's filling the room with bubbles? whoa, whoa, whoa! oh! [bubble creaking] uh-oh. i'm stuck inside of this giant bubble.
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i can't get out. team umizoomi, i need your help. - [gasps] poor presto! he's in trouble. - hang in there, presto. we'll come save you. - thank you, team umizoomi. - we've got to hurry and get presto out of that magic bubble. - but we can't save him without your help. will you help us save the incredible presto? umirrific! - team umizoomi... all: it's time for action! - let's take umi car. he can get us to presto's house super fast. [upbeat music] - milli! - geo! - bot! - whoa! - whoo-hoo! - oh, ho ho! ♪ all: umi car! - hi, umi car. [car beeps]
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- seat belts on. - now, to make umi car drive super fast to presto's house, say, "umizoomi!" all: umizoomi! go, umi car! - hold on to your helmets. - whee! - [giggles] - ♪ who's going to save the incredible presto? ♪ all: ♪ we are, team umizoomi - ♪ who's going to save the incredible presto? ♪ all: ♪ we are, team umizoomi ♪ we're on a mission to save the day ♪ ♪ here we come, we're on our way ♪ ♪ - ♪ we're going to save the incredible presto ♪ all: ♪ yeah, team umizoomi [motor puttering] - according to my robot computer, presto lives in house number... which house is number 35? yeah, the yellow one, number 35.
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- thanks for the ride, umi car. beep! beep! - presto! we're here to save you! - uh-oh. - there's no doorknob. - oh, yeah, presto's door is magic. to open it, we need to say the magic words: "one, two, three, four, open up, presto's door." say it with us. all: one, two, three, four, open up, presto's door. [chiming] [musical fanfare] - [gasps] it worked! let's go inside. - presto? - presto? hmm, presto's trapped in his laundry room. but this doesn't look like a laundry room. - i see a refrigerator, an oven, forks, and spoons. what room is this? the kitchen, yeah. - hey, bot, how do we get to presto's laundry room?
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- let's check my robot computer. ] we're here, in the kitchen. next, we need to go to-- what room is this? the bedroom, right. then we follow a hallway that leads to presto's living room, and the last door goes to... the laundry room. we better check and see how presto's doing. presto! - team umizoomi. oh, thank goodness you're here. - we're coming to the laundry room to rescue you. - that's great. my wand is shooting more crazy magic. it's going all over the place. - it sounds like the crazy magic is coming-- ah!-- into the kitchen. - [gasps] check it out. the magic hit those forks and spoons. - and look, it's making them get up and move. - [chuckling] sizzling circuits. the magic forks and spoons are cooking all by themselves.
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[laughs] - look, those forks are flipping pancakes. [laughter] - and the spoons are making soup. [laughter] - what are these forks and spoons mixing? spaghetti? [laughter] - spaghetti? huh? whoa! - hey! - they put us in the spaghetti. - they must think we're meatballs. [laughter] - that's crazy. silly forks and spoons. now, come on. let's go save presto. - whoa! - hey. - this way. all: huh? whoa! - oh, no! the forks and spoons won't let us leave. - but we need to get to that door. it's the only way out. - hmm. i know how we can get past the silly forks and spoons. we can use the spaghetti like a rope
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to climb up high where they can't reach us. - let's find a piece that's long enough to get us to that counter. - according to my robot computer, we need a piece of spaghetti that's this long. what number is this? 5, yeah. we need a piece that's 5 units long. let's measure the spaghetti and find a piece that's exactly 5 units long. ♪ milli measure the spaghetti that's 5 units long is the one that goes to here, the number 5. which piece goes to the number 5? yeah, this piece, the one on top. it's 5 units long. yee-haw! now follow me. - we made it. - now let's find a piece of spaghetti
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that can get us to that table. - we need a piece that's this long. what number is this? 7. - which piece is 7 units long? the bottom piece. yee-haw! here we go! - cool, we're almost at the door. - all we need is one more piece of spaghetti to get us to the doorknob. - we need a piece that's this long. what number is this? 9, yeah. - which piece is 9 units long? the one in the middle. yee-haw! - so long, silly forks and spoons.
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- [sighs] we made it. - umirrific! thanks for helping us measure all that spaghetti. - ooh! check out that big bed. and those alarm clocks. - this must be presto's bedroom. - we're right here in the bedroom. but to get to presto, we still have to go through a door, then down a long hallway, and through the living room to the laundry room. let's check and see how presto's doing. presto, are you okay? - i'm okay. but the washing machine keeps making more and more bubbles. ah! oh, no! my wand is shooting more crazy magic. - uh-oh. what did the magic hit? [alarm clocks ringing] those alarm clocks, yeah. [ticking] - it's making them get up and move.
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- whoa, that's a big clock. and look, his big red arrow is pointing to a number. what number is that? 12. [lullaby playing] hey, he's playing music. [yawns] it's sleepy music. [both snoring softly] - uh-oh, the sleepy music made bot and the clock fall asleep. - wake up, bot. you can't save presto if you're sleeping. - what? hey? huh? snoozing servers! i was sleeping. - the crazy magic is making these alarm clocks act very strangely. instead of waking people up, their music puts them to sleep. - hmm, the clocks play sleepy music when the big red arrow points to the number 12. so whenever an alarm clock points to 12, we need to cover our ears so we don't hear the music.
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- come on. the door's this way. - it's another alarm clock. - what number is the big red arrow pointing to? the number 6, yeah. but when it gets to 12, we have to cover our ears. count with me. start with 6. all: 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. - cover your ears! [lullaby playing] - it's working. with our ears covered, we can't hear the sleepy music. - [snoring] - the alarm clock fell asleep. he's not playing sleepy music anymore. - we can stop covering our ears now. - come on. let's hurry and get to the door. [yells] - uh-oh, another alarm clock. - what number is the big red arrow pointing to?
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3, but, remember, when it gets to 12, we have to cover our ears. count with me. start with 3. all: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12! - cover your ears. [lullaby playing] - [yawns] - he fell asleep. we can take our hands off our ears now. - look, we're almost at the door. - let's hurry. - [gasps] it's the last alarm clock! what number is the big red arrow pointing to? 9? yoinks-a-doinks! count with me. start at 9. all: 9, 10, 11, 12. - cover your ears! [lullaby playing] - [yawns] - he's sleeping. - quick, to the door.
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- phew! we made it. - that was great counting, umi friend. thanks for helping us get past all those alarm clocks. - and look. there's the next door at the end of this long hallway. - well, what are we waiting for? let's go. [warbling] - oh, boy, here comes more crazy magic from presto's wand. - what did the magic hit? the door! - uh-oh, the magic turned one door into lots of little doors. - hmm, the next room we have to find is the living room. maybe this blue door with yellow polka dots goes there. [wind whistling] - gah! - a snowstorm? [all shuddering] - it's freezing. - quick, shut the door. - that's not presto's living room. - maybe this yellow door with pink stripes
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is the right door. [didgeridoo music] a kangaroo? [laughter] - that's not it. to save presto, we need to figure out which door goes to the living room. - according to my robot computer, the door we want is yellow with blue stars. - which door is yellow with blue stars? that door, yeah! [upbeat music] - we found it! come on! it's presto's living room. - all right! we're getting closer. - all we have to do is get across the living room to that door, and we'll be at the laundry room. - ooh, i'm getting a call. presto? - yeah. up here, team umizoomi. you've got to hurry. bubbles have almost filled the whole room. whoa! but be careful; my wand is shooting more crazy magic.
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- what did the magic hit? that hat, yeah. - that's presto's magician hat. [gasps] the magic made a bunny rabbit jump out. - aw, what a cute little bunny. and more bunnies. and more bunnies. [stammering] yoinks-a-doinks. that's a lot of bunnies. - the bunnies are everywhere. there's no way to walk past them. - yikes! - watch out! - well, if we can't go past the bunnies, then we'll have to go over them. what do you see that we could use to fly over the bunnies? that toy plane, yeah. - hop in. get it? bunnies? hop? [engine revving] - oh, bot. - seat belts on. wahoo! it's working.
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we're flying over the bunnies. - hello down there, bunnies. [ride of the valkyries] - a piece fell off of the wing. - oh, no! our plane is flying lower and lower. - we're headed for the bunnies! - quick, let's use my shape power to fix the wing. we need a piece that's shaped just like this hole in the wing. which of these is the shape we need? the first one! it worked. the toy plane is flying higher again. ♪ - uh-oh, another piece just fell off. - we're going down! - quick, we've got to fix that wing. which shape do we need? the one in the middle, yeah. whew, we fixed it just in time. - and look, we're almost at the door.
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- let's just hope our plane doesn't have any more broken pieces. oh. like that one. - oh, no! - [yells] - quick, which one of these shapes do we need? that one, yeah. all right! thanks for helping me fix the plane, umi friend. we got past all of the bunnies. - and we made it to the door. - it's the laundry room. come on. - whoa! that's a lot of bubbles. - whoa! - and look. there's presto. - team umizoomi. oh, you got to help me get out of this bubble. - don't worry, presto. we'll get you out. - hmm. aha! i know how we can pop that bubble.
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we can use my... robo sock launcher. it can shoot this sock at the bubble and make it pop. - cool. [drumroll] - uh-oh, it missed. did the sock go over or under the bubble? over, yeah. team umizoomi, you've got to aim lower. - quick, bot, let's launch the other sock. - and this time, let's aim lower. help us launch the sock at the bubble. say, "ready, aim, sock!" ready, aim, sock! we popped the bubble! whoo-hoo-hoo! - you did it! i'm free. now i can turn off this crazy washing machine.
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- whoo-hoo! the washing machine is off. and all the bubbles are going away. - thank you, team umizoomi. you saved me. - aw, you're welcome, presto. - we're always happy to help a friend. - oh, but don't forget about this. - oh! my magic wand. thank you, bot. - you're welcome, presto. help me use my magic wand to put everything in the house back the way it was. say, "one, two, three, four, make it like it was before." one, two, three, four, make it like it was before. - all the forks and spoons are going back where they belong. - the alarm clocks are back to normal too.
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- phew! no more crazy doors. - and there go all the bunnies. bye, bunnies. - [squeaks] - ah, much better. my house is back to normal. friend, for helping us save the incredible presto. - when it comes to doing math, you've got the magic touch. ing on! all: ♪ 2, 4, 6, 8 ♪ let's do the crazy shake whoo-hoo! - ♪ let's celebrate - ♪ a job well done - ♪ let's crazy shake all: ♪ and have some fun ♪ everybody, crazy shake ♪ - ♪ mighty - ♪ mighty - ♪ mighty all: ♪ math powers
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♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ we'll be there on the double ♪ ♪ whenever there's a problem ♪ 'round adventure bay ♪ ryder and his team of pups ♪ will come and save the day ♪ ♪ marshall, rubble, chase, ♪ rocky, zuma, skye ♪ yeah, they're on the way ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ whenever you're in trouble ♪ ♪ paw patrol, paw patrol ♪ we'll be there on the double ♪ ♪ no job is too big, no pup is too small ♪


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