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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  May 1, 2017 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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xcited squawking] i think she's trying to tell us she's happy. - [squawks] [all giggle] (water splashes) little fish: bubble guppies! hi! it's me, molly. and it's time for... gil: muhhmmle rrhhummeehhhh! it's time for- frrrmmle rhhummmehhhh! it's time- bbguphhhmemmehhh! gilly... mmm! (spits, rinses)
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it's time for bubble guppies! ♪ bub-bub-bubble gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ bubble bubble bubble guppy guppy guppy ♪ ♪ bubble! ♪ bubble! ♪ guppy! ♪ guppy! (clap) ♪ bubble guppies! i'm molly! i'm gil! i'm goby! i'm deema! i'm oona! i'm nonny! arf! arf! gil and molly: bubble puppy! guppies: ♪ bub-bub-bubble gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ bubble bubble bubble guppy guppy guppy ♪ ♪ bubble! ♪ bubble! ♪ guppy! ♪ guppy! (clap) ♪ bubble guppies! (clap) ♪ bubble guppies! little fish: tooth on the looth! ♪ molly: hi! deema: heeeello there! dr. clark: all right, jackson. everything looks good. it looks like you're taking really good care of your teeth.
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now let me see that smile! (giggling) all right, let me take one more look. open wide! deema: what's going on in there? molly: that's a dentist! he's a doctor who takes care of your teeth. really? have you ever been to the dentist? it's good to go to the dentist! hmm. uh-hm. (taps on glass) deema: excuse me. are you a dentist? i certainly am! open wide again please. hm-hm. hm-hm. ooh! i have to show him my tooth! your tooth? yeah, look! it wiggles! lulululululuhhh... (giggles) dr. clark: okay, jackson. we'll see you and your mom again in six months! now keep taking good care of those teeth. i will! hi, girls! hello.
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look at my tooth! it wiggles! luhluhluhluhluhluh... (giggles) hey! that means it's going to fall out soon! (gasps) fall out? dr. clark: that's right! and then a grown-up tooth will grow in its place. (gasp) a grown up tooth? no way! come on, molly! we gotta go show everyone! bye, girls. molly: bye! take care of those smiles! molly: we will! deema: luhluhluhluhluhluh... (giggles) come on! ♪ hello! hello! hi there! bubble puppy: arf arf! all guppies: good morning, mr. grouper! well, good morning, everyone! molly: look, everyone! deema has a loose tooth! guppies: a loose tooth? wow! cool! can i see? deema: check it out!
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luhluhluhluhluhluhluh... guppies: oooo... whoa... look at it wiggle... mr. grouper: (chuckles) that tooth looks pretty wiggly, deema. deema: the dentist says it's a baby tooth and it's gonna fall out soon. both: whoa! goby: mr. grouper? why do baby teeth fall out? that's a good question, goby. your baby teeth fall out to make room for your grown-up teeth which you'll have for a long, long time. so it's important to take care of them. does everybody brush their teeth? guppies: yeah! yes! i do! i brush my teeth before i go to bed with my purple toothbrush! my toothbrush is pink. mine's blue. how about you? what colour is your toothbrush? very nice! it's important to take care of your teeth. let's think some things we use to take care of our teeth. when you brush your teeth, you always use a... (pop) toothbrush! a toothbrush! that's right.
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and the stuff you put on your toothbrush to clean your teeth is called... (pop) toothpaste! yeah! toothpaste! and to clean in between your teeth you use dental floss. and the doctor who helps you take care of your teeth is called a... (pop) dentist! right! a dentist! the dentist makes sure your teeth are clean and healthy! even the wiggly ones! luhluhluhluhluhluhluh! ♪ molly: ♪ my smile! ♪ the first thing i show the world ♪ ♪ my teeth! ♪ two rows like of brilliant pearls ♪ ♪ and if i want you to see, ♪ how friendly i can be ♪ i curl up my mouth at the ends ♪ ♪ part my lips, start to grin, ♪
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♪ here's the deal, i'll reveal how i feel, ♪ ♪ so that' we'll start things off easy it's easy ♪ ♪ hey everybody! ♪ i got a message to send ♪ hey everybody! ♪ i want to be your friend ♪ hey everybody! ♪ come on and check out my style ♪ ♪ i'm a rockin' a big warm, friendly smile! ♪ ♪ i'm takin' care of my big warm, friendly smile ♪ molly: ♪ just brush! ♪ and be sure to take your time ♪ ♪ don't rush, yeah, take your time! ♪ ♪ take your brush! ♪ just a little bit of toothpaste is fine ♪ ♪ not too much, a little is fine ♪ ♪ brush the bottom, top and sides ♪ ♪ here are the rules to apply ♪ ♪ you rinse and you spit ♪ but you don't swallow it ♪ water off! brush away! ♪ ♪ now you're ready to play ♪ hey! you're done, that was easy ♪ ♪ it's easy! ♪ hey everybody! ♪ i got a message to send ♪ hey everybody!
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♪ i want to be your friend ♪ hey everybody! ♪ come on and check out my style ♪ ♪ i'm a rockin' a big warm, friendly smile! ♪ ♪ i'm takin' care of my big warm, friendly smile ♪ ♪ your smile! ♪ can you please show me your smile ♪ ♪ come on let me see your smile! ♪ ♪ i just want to see you smile! ♪ hello. i'm doctor goby, the dentist. come with me to my dentist office. today i'm going to need help with some teeth. will you help me? well, you've certainly come to the right place! let's take a look at some teeth! hmm... these smiles don't look right.
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these top teeth don't match these bottom teeth. i need your help. we have to fix these smiles so the top teeth match the bottom teeth. let's start with this pointy set of top teeth. which of these bottom teeth match the top teeth? little fish: these! right here! right! these bottom teeth are pointy, just like the top teeth. i wonder whose smile it is. hey, it's a dinosaur! take care of that smile! now let's look at these top teeth. which of these bottom teeth match these round top teeth? little fish: these teeth! right here! right! these teeth match because they're round. it's a hippo! take care of that smile!
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now we only have one more smile to put together! which of these bottom teeth match the top teeth? little fish: these teeth! these match! yeah! these bottom teeth match because they're flat like the ones on top! i wonder whose smile that is. excuse me, what time is it? it's time for lunch! mr. grouper: ♪ what time is it?! guppies: ♪ it's time for lunch! mr. grouper: ♪ what time is it? guppies: ♪ it's time for lunch! mr. grouper: ♪ what time is it? guppies: ♪ it's time for lunch! mr. grouper: ♪ it's lunch time! guppies: ♪ hey, what's for lunch? hey, oona, what'd you get for lunch? i got a baloney and cheese sandwich! what did you get, goby? i got turkey and cheese. what did you get, nonny? i got... macaroni and teeth? (teeth chatter) (laughing)
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little fish: macaroni and teeth? that's silly business! (giggles) it's really important to brush your teeth so that your smile will be clean and bright. hey, molly. check it out. what's that, gilly? it's an electric toothbrush. this will get my teeth really clean! (whirs) hey! wait a minute! i haven't put toothpaste on you yet! come back here! arf! arf! (giggling) hey, molly, come play dentist with us! okay! come on! ♪ okay, gorilla. i want you to brush twice a day and i'll see you again very soon. keep taking good care of that smile. next patient, please. open wide, please. mm-hmmm... my you have really sharp teeth...
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goby: chomp chomp chomp! molly, nonny: ahhhhh!!! (laughing) chomp chomp chomp! luhluhluhluhluhluhluh! hi, deema! how's your wiggly tooth? it's wigglier than ever! look! luhluhluhluhluhluhluh! (giggles) wow! gil: i bet it's gonna fall out soon! what are you going to do with it when it falls out? deema: i don't know. oona: ♪ la-la la la-la! when your baby tooth falls out you have to put it under your pillow! deema: who are you? oona: i'm the tooth fairy! ha ha ha ha! the whhaaa-? the tooth fairy. when your tooth falls out, you put it under your pillow. then, when you fall asleep, the tooth fairy will come and take your tooth away and leave something very special in its place. deema: wowsers! i can't wait for my tooth to fall out so the tooth fairy will come!
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luhluhluhluhluhluh... guppies: (giggle) mr. grouper, when is my tooth going to fall out? it'll fall out when it's ready. you just have to be patient. i hope it's ready soon... i want the tooth fairy to come! okay, all my dentists and tooth fairies... line up! it's time to go outside! guppies: ♪ outside! outside! come on! ♪ outside, everybody! outside! ♪ ♪ line up, everybody line up. line up. ♪ ♪ line up, my gup-gup-gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ everybody get out, get-get-get up ♪ ♪ get out. get everybody. go! ♪ guppies: ♪ outside. mr. grouper: ♪ here we go. here we go here we go. ♪ ♪ everybody line up. here we go. outside! ♪ ♪ everybody let's go-go-go-go ♪ ♪ get-get out-out-out-out- out-out-out outside! ♪ ♪ bubble guppies! molly: let's pretend we're dentists! gil: yeah! animal dentists! molly: in the swamp! once upon a time... there were two swamp dentists. and it was their job to take care of the teeth of all the animals in the swamp. molly: keep an eye out for swamp animals, dr. gil.
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we've got make sure their teeth are clean and healthy. gil: okay, dr. molly. nonny: so the swamp dentists went into the swamp to look for patients. gil: hey, dr. molly, do you think there are any 'gators in this swamp? molly: i hope not. gil: me too. hey, look! there's a frog up ahead! let's give him a check up! (boat rumbles) gil: good afternoon, frog. it's time for your checkup. (ribbit) nonny: so the swamp dentists put the frog in their dental chair to give him a checkup. gil: open wide, please. doctor, this frog doesn't have any teeth. hmmm... well, then i guess he doesn't need a dentist. molly, gil: sorry, frog. (ribbit) gil: now what do we do, doctor? molly: let's go find another animal who needs a check up. alligator: chomp! chomp! chomp! molly, gil: 'gator!
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molly: is he following us? gil: i don't think so... molly: phew! that was a close one! doctor! we just passed a bird! that's a snowy egret. maybe he needs a check up! gil: hello, egret. it's time for your check up! (squawks) open wide, please. hmm... what's wrong, doctor? does he have a cavity? he doesn't have any teeth either. birds don't have teeth. molly, gil: sorry, bird. (squawks) molly: there's got to be somebody around here who needs a checkup. alligator: chomp chomp chomp! molly, gil: 'gator! gil: let's get out of here! alligator: chomp! gil: he's right behind us!
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molly: and he's got really sharp teeth! alligator: chomp! molly, gil: ahhhhhh! alligator: chomp! chomp chomp! chomp chomp! molly: he's catching up with us! gil: doctor, look out! molly, gil: ahhhhhh! molly: shhhh... he's right underneath us. gil: don't worry, doctor. he can't get us up here... molly, gil: uh-oh... ahhhhh! (splash) aghhhhh! (sniffing) gil: whoa! molly: pee-yoo! what? excuse me sir, but... when was the last time you brushed your teeth?
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uhhhh... i don't know. never? molly, gil: never? i don't know how. that's embarrassing. mmm-hmm. if we show you how to brush your teeth do you promise not to eat us? alligator: absoloooootely! foooooo! peee-yooski! uh-oh, doctor. all our stuff is messed up! molly: oh no! we need your help to brush the alligator's teeth! help us find the two things we need to do the job. which two things do we need to brush the 'gator's teeth? little fish: the toothbrush and the toothpaste! molly: of course! we need a toothbrush and toothpaste! okay, mr. 'gator. watch this.
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wow! i want to do that! and to keep your breath really fresh, you can also brush your tongue. and so the swamp dentists showed the alligator how to brush his teeth. molly: now if you brush carefully twice a day your teeth will stay clean and healthy! gil: and you breath will be better too. thank you, doctors! i wish i had teeth. mmm-hmm. and they all lived happily ever after. little fish: hooray! all right! yayyy! come on, everybody! it's time to dance! (laughing) get up and dance with us! come on! get ready to brush your teeth with us! ♪ gonna keep our teeth nice and clean! ♪ ♪ and have the nicest smile you've ever seen! ♪ are you ready to brush with us?
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when i say go, we're going to brush-n-brush-n-brush and brush-n-brush-n-brush. are you ready? here we go! ♪ we're gonna brush our teeth! ♪ ♪ up and down! ♪ side to side and all around! ♪ ♪ we're gonna brush our teeth! ♪ ♪ up and down! ♪ side to side and all around! ♪ ♪ you've got bright white teeth, ♪ ♪ so take care of them ♪ brush in the mornin' and the night, ♪ ♪ then again and again ♪ so put some toothpaste on your favourite brush ♪ ♪ be sure to take your time, don't ever rush ♪ ♪ we're gonna brush our teeth ♪ ♪ up and down! ♪ side to side and all around! ♪ ♪ we're gonna brush our teeth ♪ ♪ up and down! ♪ side to side and all around! ♪ (applause) little fish: hooray! all right! yayyy! it's important to brush your teeth twice a day. hi, molly. check it out! it's a tube of toothpaste! right! now all i need is a toothbrush. (toothbrush whirs) hey! come here!
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i said come here! (laughing) deema: lulululululuhhh... hey, molly! mr. grouper is taking us to see the dentist! guppies: field trip! molly: come on! dr. clark: and this, everybody, is the examination room. so mr. grouper, if you'll just hop up into the big chair here i'll examine your teeth. mr. grouper: going up oona: hey, the chair moves! dr. clark: that's right. i can raise or lower it if i need to. how's your tooth, deema. deema: still wiggly! luhluhluhluhluhluh! (laughing) dr. clark: wow! that looks like it's gonna fall out any minute! (gasp) i hope so. dr. clark: okay, mr. grouper, let's take a look at your teeth... open wide please. alrighty!
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mmm-hmm... ah... uh-huh... everything looks good. luhluhluhluhluhluh... dr. clark: okay, well, mr. grouper takes very good care of his teeth, and i'm going to finish his check-up by polishing them with this. open wide again, please. (drill whirs) now we're just giving your teeth and extra buff to keep them sparkling. luhluhluhluhluhluh... remember to brush after every meal. and don't forget to floss. (gasps) remember flossing is important for your gums. (gasp) my tooth... my tooth fell out! look, everybody! my tooth fell out! guppies: what? it did? it fell out? look, mr. grouper! mr. grouper: hey! look at that! congratulations, deema! oona: now the tooth fairy can come! the tooth fairy! ♪ heeeereee she is... guppies: ♪ here she is... dr. clark: ♪ see her smile!
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guppies: ♪ see her smile! ♪ and gee whiz! guppies: ♪ and gee whiz dr. clark: ♪ ain't she got style! ♪ ♪ just look at that smile! ♪ just look at that smile! ♪ just look at that smile! (applause and cheering) that was a fun trip to the dentist! yeah, it was cool! hey, gil. what happened to your electric toothbrush?
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oh, i don't need that anymore. i got a goodie bag from dr. clark! a goodie bag? yeah! there's a little tube of toothpaste, and look... a brand new toothbrush! nope! i don't need that electric toothbrush anymore! brush brush brush brush brush... brush brush brush brush brush... (toothbrush whirs) ah-ha! gotcha! just a little bit of toothpaste... there! ffffubbguphhhmemmehhh! arf! arf! (giggling) ♪ bub-bub-bubble ♪ gup-gup-guppies ♪ bubble bubble bubble ♪ guppy guppy guppy ♪ bubble! ♪ bubble! ♪ guppy! ♪ guppy! (clap) ♪ bubble guppies! (clap) ♪ bubble guppies!
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♪ bubble guppies! hi! it's me, molly, and it's time for-- grr, ugh! ugh! what do you think gil is trying to do? right! open the umbrella! argh! (sighing unhappily) it's time for-- ugh! grr... come on, open! ugh! hmph!


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