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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  January 26, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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(water splashes) little fish: bubble guppies! hi! it's me, molly, and it's time for... gil: (trumpeting like an elephant) it's time for... (trumpeting like an elephant) (giggles) what's gil pretending to be? right! an elephant! it's time for... (inhales and trumpets like an elephant)
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gilly? it's time for bubble guppies! ♪ bub-bub-bubble gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ bubble bubble bubble guppy guppy guppy ♪ bubble! bubble! guppy! guppy! (clap, clap) ♪ bubble guppies! i'm molly! i'm gil! i'm goby! i'm deema! i'm oona! i'm nonny! arf! arf! gil and molly: bubble puppy! guppies: ♪ bub-bub-bubble gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ bubble bubble bubble guppy guppy guppy ♪ bubble! bubble! guppy! guppy! (clap, clap) ♪ bubble guppies! (clap, clap) ♪ bubble guppies! little fish: "the elephant trunk-a-dunk!" ♪ hello!
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hi, gil. what are you doing? gil: (whispering) i'm looking for elephants. elephants. yeah, wild elephants. (giggles) did you find any yet? not yet, but i- whoa! wait a minute! over there! molly: uh, gilly, i don't think- check it out! a mommy elephant and a baby! over there. molly: wow! that does sorta look like elephants. yeah, look! here's a mama and her baby in the wild. but, gil, there aren't any wild elephants around here. (trumpet blasts) did you hear that? let's go check it out! (trumpeting) (trumpeting)
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(trumpeting) molly: is that an elephant making that sound? little fish: no! that's a trumpet! (trumpeting) kid crab: my mom told me to practice outside. (giggling) gil: aw, man! that really did sound like an elephant. i'm sorry, gil. i love elephants. me too. (takes a deep breath, trumpets) arf! arf! (giggles and trumpets) come on, gilly. (trumpeting and giggling) come on! gil: (trumpeting) ♪ hello! hello! hi! all: good morning, mr. grper!
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mr. grouper well, good morning, everyone! (trumpeting sounds) mr. grouper: wow! it sounds like we have some pachyderms visiting today! deema: pacha-wha? nonny: pachyderm is another word for elephant. we thought we saw some elephants this morning! i saw an elephant at the zoo once! it was big! yeah, elephants are really big. in fact, they're the largest animal that lives on land. let's think about elephants! elephants have a long and curly nose called a...? (pop) trunk! that's right! elephants also have big floppy...? (pop) ears! yep! ears! and some elephants have two big pointy...? (pop) tusks. that's right! tusks are actually really large teeth.
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that's right, nonny. ♪ now i'm on a safari ♪ from the east to the west ♪ 'cause from africa to asia ♪ you're the one i like the best ♪ ♪ on the dusty serengeti ♪ or the jungles far away in nepal ♪ ♪ from your tusks to your tail ♪ ♪ you're the animal that's got it all ♪ pachyderms represent! ♪ 'cause we're living it large with the elephants ♪ ♪ el-ee el-ee el-eh-phant oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ i could be one of the herd ♪ ♪ if you only say the word ♪ el-ee el-ee el-eh-phant oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ with our trunks up in the trees ♪ ♪ ears are flapping in the breeze ♪ ♪ el-ee el-ee el-eh-phant oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ 'cause i've been waiting for an elephant like you ♪ ♪ to be friends with me
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trumpet solo! (trumpeting) ♪ so in asia i can ride on your back ♪ ♪ and we can work as a team ♪ ♪ and in africa we'll play ♪ spend the day just splashing 'round in the stream ♪ ♪ and in the night we'll dream our elephant dreams ♪ ♪ el-ee el-ee el-eh-phant oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ i could be one of the herd if you only say the word ♪ ♪ el-ee el-ee el-eh-phant oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ with our trunks up in the trees ♪ ♪ ears are flapping in the breeze ♪ ♪ el-ee el-ee el-eh-phant oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ they say that elephants never forget, no, no ♪ ♪ i know it's true ♪ so i will never forget you (cheering and clapping) looking for an animal to snuggle? then come with me! hello! i'd like an animal to snuggle with, please.
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well, you've certainly come to the right place! welcome to deema's wild world of snuggly animals. what kind of animal would you like to snuggle with? well... i love elephants. oh, i like elephants too! here ya go! one snuggly elephant! (laughing) hmm... that elephant looks a little mixed up. what do you mean? well, these little ears, these are kitty ears! elephants have big flappy ears that they use to keep cool in the hot sun. of course they do! we need your help to find the right set of ears for this elephant. which of these ears can an elephant use to flap around? little fish: these! right here! right! but there's something else that doesn't look right!
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hmm... which part of the elephant still looks wrong? (snorts) little fish: the nose! yeah, that's a piggy nose. elephant noses are really long so they can pick stuff up! which one of these does an elephant use to pick things up? little fish: this one! a trunk! oona: yeah, a trunk. an elephant's nose is called a trunk. deema: here ya go! one stuffed elephant ready for some serious snuggling. he's perfect! thank you! you're welcome! and thank you for all your help! mr. grouper: excuse me, what time is it? it's time for lunch! mr. grouper: ♪ what time is it? guppies: ♪ it's time for lunch! mr. grouper: ♪ what time is it? guppies: ♪ it's time for lunch! mr. grouper: ♪ what time is it? guppies: ♪ it's time for lunch! mr. grouper: ♪ it's lunchtime!
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guppies: ♪ hey, what's for lunch? hey, goby, what'd you get for lunch today? i got a bowl of vegetable soup. what did you get, gil? i got a bowl of chicken noodle soup! what about you, nonny? i got a bowl of... elephant soupprise! looks like regular soup to me. (elephant trumpets) aggghhhhh! surprise. (laughing) little fish: (giggling) that soup-prised me! (giggles) when elephants make that loud noise, it's called "trumpeting." pfffffffffft! (giggles) gilly, what are you doing? i'm trying to call an elephant. they love trumpets. pfffffffffft!! well, elephants do make trumpeting sounds, but i don't think that means- pfffffffffft! no, elephants really love trumpets.
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i just have to blow really hard. (inhales deeply) kid crab: (trumpet blasts) gil: aggghhhh! my mom said i have to keep practicing. (laughing) come on, you guys! we're playing elephants! (trumpeting sound) (giggles) let's go! behold, the mighty elephant! the largest land animal in the world! (trumpeting sound) notice his powerful trunk, enormous ears, and beautiful orange color! orange? i mean gray color! elephants are gray, of course! (laughing) (trumpeting sounds) oona: i'm thirsty! i'm going to drink some water through my trunk! nonny: elephants don't drink water through their trunks. deema: reeally!
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nonny: they use their trunks to pick up the water and then they spray it into their mouths. oona: i didn't know that! i wish i could see some elephants. me too! guppies: (trumpeting like elephants) okay, my pachyderms, line up! it's time to go outside! guppies: ♪ outside! outside! come on! ♪ outside, everybody! outside! ♪ ♪ line up, everybody! line up! line up! ♪ ♪ line up, my gup-gup-gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ everybody get out get-get-get up ♪ ♪ get out! get, everybody, go! ♪ guppies: ♪ outside! mr. grouper: ♪ here we go! here we go! here we go! ♪ ♪ everybody, line up! here we go outside! ♪ ♪ everybody, let's go-go-go-go ♪ ♪ get-get out-out-out-out- out-out-out outside! ♪ ♪ bubble guppies! goby: we're agents from the elephant bureau of investigation. oona: we help protect elephants. once upon a time... there were two agents whose job it was to protect wild elephants all over the world. molly: (on radio) attention, agents, this is eleph.b.i. headquarters.
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please come in, over. (radio crackles) agent goby here. go ahead. we have an elephant situation in india. somebody has been taking wild elephants. we need you there right away! oona: we're on our way! nonny: and so the agents flew to india, which is a country in asia. oona: i don't see any elephants. (elephant trumpets) agent, look! (elephant trumpets) goby: somebody's taking that elephant! oona: come on! (rotors beat) goby: (over p.a. system) this is the eleph.b.i! release the elephant immediately! they're going into the jungle! snuggler: (cackling) i know that laugh! that's the snuggler! the snuggler? she loves to snuggle! but she shouldn't take elephants out of their natural habitat!
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we have to find her before somebody gets hurt! molly: (radio crackles) agents, thiss headquarters. there's been a report of elephants trumpeting in a neighborhood in ohio. ohio? that's in the united states. oona: there aren't wild elephants in the united states! oona and goby: (gasps) the snuggler! goby she must have taken the elephants to ohio! oona: let's go! (rotors beat) oona: (whispering) i don't hear any elephants. snuggler: elephants, elephants, elephants... (cackling) who wants to snuggle? (elephants trumpet loudly) snuggler: aggghhhh! oona: it's coming from the backyard! (elephants trumpet loudly) snuggler: aggghhhh! help! help! (stampeding and trumpeting loudly) help! help! (elephants trumpet)
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help! help! aggghhhhh! (elephants trumpet) oona: grab on! (rotors beat loudly) goby: all right, snuggler, you're under arrest for taking and trying to snuggle wild elephants. snuggler: boo-hoo-hoo! but i only wanted to snuggle 'em. they're so cute! oona: they are really cute, but you can't snuggle wild animals. goby: and they don't belong here. you have to help us return these elephants back to the wild before someone gets hurt. snuggler: (weakly) okay... goby: wait a minute! these aren't all asian elephants! these elephants come from different places. snuggler: (sheepishly) i might have taken a few from africa, too. oona: some of these elephants belong in asia and some belg in africa!
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we need your help to tell them apart. goby: asian elephants are smaller than african elephants. oona: which one is the asian elephant in this herd? little fish: this one! right! it has a small body. it's smaller than the other elephants. goby: elephants from asia also have floppy ears that are smaller than african elephant ears. oona: which one is the asian elephant in this herd? little fish: this one! that's right! this elephant has the small floppy ears. goby: thanks for your help! let's get these elephants back where they belong! nonny: and so, the eleph.b.i. returned the asian elephants to india and the african elephants back to africa. oona: the elephants are all back where they belong!
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snuggler: (weeping) what's wrong? (sighs) i just wish i had something i could snuggle with. what about this? (claps, shrieking with delight) ooh! muah, muah, muah! good job, agent. ele-phantastic work. and they all lived happily ever after. little fish: (clapping and cheering) hooray! all right! yayyy! come on, everybody, it's time to dance! (giggling) come on, all you elephant lovers! get up and dance with us! come on! get up! we're going to swing our trunks just like elephants! ♪ elephants roam free, it's true ♪ ♪ in africa and asian too ♪ their tusks are teeth ♪ their trunks are their nose ♪ hey, everybody ♪ here's how our elephant dance goes ♪ all right, everybody. when i say "go," we're gonna start movin' our trunks around
8:17 am
like parading pachyderms. are you ready? here we go! a one, two, three! ♪ wave your trunk, let it swing ♪ ♪ wave your trunk, that's just the thing ♪ ♪ wave your trunk, let it sway ♪ ♪ wave your trunk the elephant way ♪ ♪ wave your trunk up and down ♪ ♪ wave your trunk all around ♪ ♪ wave your trunk in the air ♪ ♪ let your trunk trumpet blare ♪ ♪ pachyderm! hey, pachyderm ♪ ♪ thundering, stomping pachyderm ♪ ♪ thundering loud for all to hear ♪ ♪ flap those floppy ♪ enormous ears! ♪ wave your trunk, let it swing ♪ ♪ wave your trunk, that's just the thing ♪ ♪ wave your trunk, let it sway ♪ ♪ wave your trunk the elephant way! ♪ little fish: (clapping and cheering) hooray! all right! yayyy! elephants come from two different places in the world. hey, molly. oh! hi, gilly. this is my friend brendan. he's teaching me to play the trumpet
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so i can call an elephant. listen! (quick inhale, muted "wah" sound) kid crab: louder. (big inhale, louder "wah" sound) kid crab: louder. (inhales deeply, trumpet blasts) (laughing) hey, you guys! we're going to go see elephants! guppies: field trip! do you want to see some elephants with us? then come on! lobster announcer: good evening, elephant fans, and welcome to pachyderm square for the world-famous elephant trunk-a-dunk! (chanting) gonna play some trunk-a-dunk! gonna play some trunk-a-dunk! (cheering) woo! yeah! all right! (sharp trumpet blast) lobster announcer let's bring out the players! mr. grouper: from as far away as africa, the pachyderm trunks! crowd: (cheers) gil, oona and goby: woooo! elephants! yeah! go, trunks!
8:19 am
crowd: (oohs and ahhs) (elephant trumpets) crowd: (cheers) lobster announcer: hey, look who's here! that's the newest member of the herd, little pinochle. (trumpets) all: awwwwww! molly and deema: (gushing) a baby! a baby elephant is called a calf. (trumpets) mr. grouper: (chuckling) awww! it looks like little pinochle is gonna have to sit this one out. (chuckling) he wants to play too! lobster announcer: well, mr. grouper, as you can see, there are thirty seconds on the big clock... and each elephant has only one chance to get the ball through the hoop to score a point, and if they miss the shot then they're out of the game! hey, chris! yes, mr. grouper? what time is it? it's time for... (in unison) the trunk-a-dunk! crowd: (cheers) (chanting) come on, everybody, let me hear you chant! put your hands up for the elephants!
8:20 am
(blows whistle) lobster announcer: that is number 11, dribbling down the court! he's trying for the dunk! (crowd gasps) crowd: awwwwww! no score for the trunks! deema and molly: go, trunks! go! go! go! (blows whistle) (trumpets) lobster announcer: and she dribbles down the lane! she shoots and... crowd: awwwww! mr. grouper: oh no! gil: come on, elephants, you can do it! lobster announcer: looks like it's number four's turn. that's pinochle's mommy! (blows whistle) crowd: (cheering) lobster announcer: whoa! she's going to try to make it from the opposite end of the court! mr. grouper: wow! lobster announcer: she shoots and... crowd: awwwww! lobster announcer: misses.
8:21 am
lobster announcer: still fifteen seconds left on the clock, but no more elephants to make a shot! mr. grouper: that's too bad. pinochle: (trumpets) lobster announcer wait a minute... mr. grouper: it looks like it might not be over for the trunks just yet! gil: me? (trumpets) you want me to help you? (trumpets) goby and oona: yeah, gil! go for it! wooo! hurry, gil! crowd: fifteen, fourteen, thirteen... gil: ready, pinochle? (trumpets) gil: go for it! mr. grouper: gil and pinochle are going for the hoop! lobster announcer: unbelievable! crowd: six, five, four, three... two, one! (buzzer blares) and he dunks it! (cheering) lobster announcer: pinochle dunks the ball and saves the game for the trunks! trunk-a-dunk! yeah! trunk-a-dunk! yeah! funky, trunky, trunk-a-dunk! woo!
8:22 am
lobster announcer: elephan-tastic! (loud cheering, elephants trumpet) that was awesome! and check it out! brendan showed me how to play his trumpet. (inhales) (plays a note) molly: uh, gil? a herd of elephants. gil: heard of elephants? of course i've heard of elephants, molly. molly: uh, no, behind you, a herd of elephants. gil: uh-oh! (elephants trumpet loudly) gil: aggghhhhh! bubble puppy: arf! arf! (giggles) ♪ bub-bub-bubble ♪ gup-gup-guppies ♪ bubble bubble bubble ♪ guppy guppy guppy bubble! bubble! guppy! guppy! (clap, clap) ♪ bubble guppies! (clap, clap) ♪ bubble guppies!
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8:39 am
i wonder a why a cave would be shaped like a crocodile? - [chomping] - oh, i get it. it's because the cave is full of crocodiles. - [chomping] - crocodile: chomp! - full of crocodiles? - both: [screaming] - uh-oh! there's another crocodile up ahead. - chomp, chomp. - yikes! and there's not enough room to drive past him. - our only chance to get by is to go over him with centripetal force. see? this tunnel is shaped like a circle. and so long as we go fast enough, we can ride around the circle without falling. come on, stripes, follow me. - [tires screeching] - centripetal force! - aj: yay! - yeah! yeah! - aj: it works! - uh-oh! more crocodiles up ahead! - [chomping] - crocodile: chomp! - blaze: how many crocodiles are there? three, right! - [chomps] - with centripetal force, we can loop around them.
8:40 am
- all: one... two... three! - aj: we made it! - all: [cheering] - all right! - [tires screeching] - uh-oh! we're not done yet. - [chomping] - crocodile: chomp! - blaze: now how many crocodiles are there? four! - [engines revving] - all: one... two... three... four! - aj: all right! we're almost at the end of the cave. - [tires screeching] - but look! crocodiles are blocking the way out! - [chomping] - blaze: how many are there? five! it's centripetal force time! - [tires screeching] - [engines revving] - all: one... two... three... four... five! - all: [cheering] - woo-hoo! - blaze: after a while, crocodiles!
8:41 am
- crocodile: [sighs] - chomp, chomp. - ♪ speed up for that loop-the-loop ♪ ♪ keep those wheels rolling ♪ i can't wait till we're upside down ♪ ♪ without falling ♪ centripetal force ♪ it's the force ♪ that keeps you moving in a circle ♪ ♪ centripetal force ♪ it keeps you going around ♪ ♪ if you're going slow, the force will be bad ♪ ♪ the faster you go, the stronger it gets ♪ ♪ centripetal force ♪ it's the force that keeps you moving ♪ ♪ the force that keeps you moving in a circle ♪ ♪ centripetal force - i...i just think pickles would make a really great wish. i mean, my name is pickle, right? they're delicious. i mean, it's my name. - [laughs] i just figured out how we can get past this loop-the-loop.
8:42 am
[laughing] we can bounce through the loop on tire springs! [laughs] - [boinging] - whee-hee! whoa! bouncy! - come on, pickles! [laughing] it's working. we're bouncing around the loop-the-loop. - oh, yeah! this is great. just one question. how are we gonna bounce around the upside-down part without falling? - there's an upside-down part? - [bird squawks] - oh, no. [screaming] - pickle: whee! - [screams] - whoa! - [screaming] - pickle: whee! [laughing] whoa, whoa. - [sighing] - ♪ - hey, aj, when we get to the wishing wheel,
8:43 am
what do you think we should wish for? - hm... i think we should wish for something really cool, like... fireworks. - yeah. that would be a great wish. - guys, look! it's another sign for the wishing wheel. - [tires screeching] - it says to get there, we need to keep following the track in this direction. - [engines revving] - look out! - all: [screaming] - whoa! - uh-oh! something's blocking the track. and it kinda looks like...a foot? - yeah, like a foot from... - an elephant! oh, man, if we keep going, that elephant's foot will stomp us flat. - we've gotta find some way to keep that foot from stomping down. - yeah. if we can find something strong enough, it can be a support to hold up the weight of that big heavy foot. - ooh! i see something we can try.
8:44 am
- [tires screeching] - [roaring] this branch! - do you think this branch is strong enough to stop the elephant's foot from stomping? okay. let's test it and see. - ♪ - [heavy thud] - blaze: yeow! that definitely wasn't strong enough. the branch was too weak to support that big, heavy foot. we need to find something stronger. - blaze, over here. let's try this log with holes in it. it's bigger than the branch. - hm... do you think this log is strong enough to stop the elephant from stomping? well, let's test it. [grunts] - [log creaking] - [heavy thud] - stripes: [roars] - aj: so close. - with all those holes, the log wasn't quite strong enough. - [heavy thud]
8:45 am
- hey, check out this log. it doesn't have any holes. do you think this log is strong enough to stop the elephant from stomping? only one way to find out. [grunts] - [heavy thudding] - blaze: woo-hoo! - aj: all right. - stripes: it didn't break! we found the perfect support. - come on, guys, this way. - [tires screeching] - all: [cheering] - ♪ - gaskets! look! it's the wishing wheel. - aj: whoa! - just a little farther and we can finally make our wish. - let's go for it. race cars... - all: rev it up! - [engines revving] - all: [laughing, hooting] - stripes: let's go! - crusher: [grunting]
8:46 am
- you know, the great thing about wishing for pickles is that they're crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside. - [laughing] i did it, pickle. i finally figured out how to get us past this loop. - oh! what are those? - these are my tire rockets. - [laughing] are you sure you know how to work these things? - [blows raspberry] of course i am! now get ready to blast off in three, two-- one! [screaming] - pickle: whee! - [screams] - woo-hoo! - crusher: [screaming] - pickle: whee! - crusher: [screaming] - pickle: [laughing] whee! - crusher: [screaming] - this way, stripes. we're almost at the wishing wheel. - hey! look at that. whoa.
8:47 am
- [tires screeching] - uh, guys? that's no racetrack. it's a giant snake! - [snoring] - [quietly] and it sounds like he's sleeping. - [snoring continues] - [tires quietly screeching] - to get to the wishing wheel, we need to drive quietly across the snake's back so that he doesn't wake up. - [tires quietly screeching] - [softly] that's it. nice and quiet. any loud noise could wake up the snake. - [softly] and we do not want that to happen. - [rockets whistling] - crusher: [screaming] look out below! - blaze: uh-oh! he's waking up! - who? who's waking up? - [ground vibrating] - whoa! - oh! - whoa! - all: [gasping] - blaze: hang on, everyone. - all: [gasping]
8:48 am
all: oh! - [snoring] - lug nuts! the snake trapped us. - but if we can't get out of here, we won't make it to the wishing wheel. - and we won't make a wish. - oh, no! no way! i am driving out of here right now. - ♪ - uh-oh! [gasping] [groans] - well, at least you tried. - oh! now we'll never get to the wishing wheel. [crying] - wait a second. i see a way to get us out of here. - how, blaze? - we just need centripetal force! - oh. that sounds exciting. - blaze: the snake is wrapped around us in a circle. so all we have to do is race around the circle,
8:49 am
and if we go fast enough, the centripetal force will be strong enough for us to get all the way to the top. - yeah! - let's do it. - well, sure. but who can go that fast? - we can--with blazing speed. - ♪ - [roars] - pickle: [laughing] - crusher: [whimpers] - to give us blazing speed, say "let's blaze!" - all: let's blaze! [zooming] [cheering] - ♪ - oh, yeah! - [screaming] - woo-hoo! - yeah! - we did it! - [mutters incoherently] - [engine revs] - you guys, look! it's the wishing wheel!
8:50 am
- all: whoa! - this means we finally get to make our wish! - ooh, i know. let's wish for what i want: the world's biggest trophy. - or we could wish for what i want: pickles! - or what about a giant ice cream sundae? - or a sky full of fireworks? - blaze: whoa. those all sound great. but remember, the wishing wheel can only make one wish come true. - but then who gets to make the wish? - i think blaze should do it. - me? - yeah. none of us would've made it here if it weren't for you, blaze. - you got us past those crocodiles and the stomping elephant. - and don't forget about the giant snake. - well, i guess he did kinda get us out of trouble there. - go for it, blaze. you make the wish.
8:51 am
- all right. - [engine revs] - [tires screeching] - wait a second. i know what i should wish for. - ♪ - he wished for a trophy! - stripes: with ice cream! - pickle: and pickles on top! - aj: and fireworks! - yep. my wish was for everyone's wish to come true. - all: [cheering] - [roaring] come on, everybody. let's dig in! mm! oh, man! this is one delicious wish! - ah, crusher, you've gotta try these pickles! [chomps] - ooh, it's so shiny! [laughing] hello, handsome!
8:52 am
- [ice cream splats] - oh... - blaze, i think you made the perfect wish. - a wish i get to share with my friends? now, that's the best wish of all. - [fireworks popping]
8:53 am
like paperless, multi-car,e and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend? uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs.
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i'm an american, i've been brought up on american films, story and narrative. call it classical, traditional or old fashioned, i'm drawn to those forms, try to stick them. "get back home" is a basic action. you've seen it before, it's called "ulysses." and if you don't think it works there, it's really terrific when it's "e.t."


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