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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 30, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello and welcome to the journal here on dw. i am sarah harman as the news desk in berlin. our headlines this hour. officials in scotland now say eight people died when a helicopter crashed into a crowded pub. ukrainian riot police violently break up up protest in kiev. escaped germany to become an acclaimed sculptor. now her work is on display for the first time in her native hamburg.
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officials in scotland now say eight people were killed when a police helicopter crashed through the roof of a glasgow bar on friday night. dozens of others were taken to the hospital with injuries, some of them serious. rescue efforts are still ongoing. the accident came on the eve of saint andrews day, scotland's official national holiday. >> rescue workers examine the wreckage at the city center bar. the true extent of the disaster will not be known until the scene is cleared, but the building is in danger of collapsing, so the recovery work is a painstaking business. >> this is a complex and ongoing rescue operation that will not be quick. it is very complicated, and indeed dangerous. pay tribute to those people from the emergency service who
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are working in and around the city. >> around 120 people were in the bar. they were watching a concert by a local band when the helicopter fell through the roof. rushed to help the injured while they waited for rescuers to arrive. >> this is a black day for glasco and for scotland. , and also st. andrew's day the city can take pride and courage and how we respond to tragedy. was toority said it early to speculate on the cause of the crash. the helicopter dropped from the sky like a boulder. there were no reports on the cause of the explosion. >> police a one person was shot dead and at least five injured when opposition demonstrators
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clashed with supporters of the prime minister of thailand. a buslso attacked carrying government supporters. the demonstrators want to topple the prime minister and say she ,s a puppet of her brother's who was ousted in a military coup in 2006. people were injured in the ukrainian t f when police used force to break up -- ukrainian capital of kiev when police used force to break up a protest. a signnational anthem is of unity. thousands of antigovernment protesters regrouped outside the monastery some 500 meters from independence square after being forcibly driven from their by riot police in the early morning
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hours. many expressed their outrage over the raid. came in the middle of the night like the fascists who attacked kiev. riot police attacked the road testers and beat everyone up, women and -- riot police attacked the protesters and beat everyone up, women and children. >> we have to come here and make our demands because politicians just manipulate. we want to protect our children and our future. >> the daughter of imprisoned opposition leader says her mother supports the protest. >> this president is to be impeached. it is not an easy job. we of the united opposition are determined to fight for freedom and rights of every single citizen in this country. notsk our western partners
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just to talk and make declarations. it is time to make action. >> the opposition says police independence square were savage. they used tear gas on the crowd. dozens were injured. asia, a panel tasked with amending the country's constitution has begun voting on hundreds of changes to it. a draft bolsters military power bans certain parties. have arrested dozens of opposition protesters in recent days. team hasybe in search found the wreckage of a mozambique airline plane that went missing friday.
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all 34 people on board appear to have been killed in the crash. the remains were located in a national park in the remote northeast. police say the plane was completely burnt and have ruled out finding survivors. the mozambique to rwanda, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. tensions over a tiny group of islands in the east china sea continue to mount. both china and japan claimed the island. island came under japanese rule in the 19th century and were defended by the united states in the second world war. on friday, the u.s. advised american carriers to comply with china's demand that it be a formed -- be informed of any flights passing through that flight zone. the issue appears far from settled. we have this report.
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>> these uninhabited islands in the east china sea are the focus of an escalating dispute. for decades, both japan and china have laid claim to the territory, which is thought to contain oil and gas reserves. the united states has been flexing its muscles too. on thursday, the united states sent an aircraft carrier on a training mission to the island. it has been invested in the region since the end of world war ii, but china is showing increasing determination to display its military might. the display over the islands in becomet china o sea has a power play between the united states and china. experts are warning of the potential ramifications of the dispute. >> the americans have made a gesture and a statement that the the applicableto
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areas of the u.s.-japanese treaty. out in the region, americans would be involved. >> as tensions mount, china says it is on high alert, vowing to take measures to deal with what it describes as an air threat. fighterlready scrambled jets in response to japanese and u.s. aircraft flying over the zone. beijing has ordered foreign aircraft to give notice of their intention to fly through the zone or face possible retaliation. far from petty rambling about a group of islands, this is a real battle for influence and power in the asia-pacific. >> the united states has offered syria has some of chemical weapons.
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washington is prepared to finance and carry out the work on a u.s. ship. it would include the destruction of the poison gas arsenal. opcw is working to completely eradicate serious chemical weapons program by 2014. let's change gears and move to sports and the latest where munich continues to set the pace. he started again after his exertion in the championship last week. the dutch ringer scored both goals in a routine victory. saturday's other results so far look like this. eight goals in a spectacular 4-4 draw. harrisburg finished goalless. on friday, wolfsburg and hamburg drew on, but more on that in a
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minute. bergen hamburg share the points in a one on draw on friday night. 19burg at the lead at minutes, but they could not defend it. let's take a look at the action. >> hamburg had luck on their side o when the 19th minute free kick hit the ball -- hit the back of the net. michelle missed the second chance on the half-hour. posts went on to win a penalty at the other end. it was a harsh division. they went down under what seemed like light contact. cooldo rodriguez kept his to equalize. 1-1, the halftime score, and
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that is the way it stayed, especially as hamburg missed their best chances in the dying minutes. the leagueves looking like this at the moment. at the top, no surprises, munich is sitting pretty. to maintaink pressure on the all conquering the variance. -- both variance. we see hanover continue to slide ominously down the table. nuremberg finished another match day pointless. corona has moved to the top of the division with a 3-1 win over saint pauli. they went up 2-0 shortly before halftime. down toward kick the final ripple, janik wrapped up an impressive away win.
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to the biathlon world cup now where the new season began like the last one ended with a certain frenchmen dominating the course. have a look. he left the conversation trailing once again, having already won an individual 20 kilometer race this week. he grabbed first in the 10 kilometer sprint on saturday. he missed one target but took the resulting penalty in stride. today, it was all action from the beginning to the end. >> with frederick reefing down -- breathing down his neck, he finished 6.5 seconds behind. he ignored to his rivals impressive performance.
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germany's runner finished fifth. hurts, butout always i did complete 90% of the shooting. there is no reason to panic just yet. >> his fellow german finished seventh. both hit the benchmark for olympic qualification. -- before we go, nazi germanyscaped to become a pioneer in spatial installations. now her first installation is taking place in her birthplace of hamburg. the jewish sculptor nazifrom nancy germany --
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germany. she became famous for innovative structures made of wire. installing as retrospective of her work. is very well-known in latin america, but here in germany she has, up until now, .ad only one small exhibition we are showing her work spanning 40 years. >> the exhibition, titled, about 150jects," has sculptures. although goldschmidt never returned to her birthplace of hamburg, the city continued to influence her work. she considers herself in a swale and rather than german. but there are signet -- considers herself venezuelan, rather than german, but there
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are significant german influences in her work. >> she studied architecture from 1932-1938. she experimented with lines, mass and volume. she went on to inspire an entire generation of artists. >> that was the journal, thanks for watching. >> no permit, no passing. this is the border state of yuma. the capital of washington, d.c. is far away. mexico is only a stones throw away. that makes the border agent part of a bitter political battle in the u.s., and that is the reason i am here. , i will be inll
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the area. >> there was only one fence in this town. whoever made it over the fence quickly found shelter. >> in 2004, we were getting what we called banzai runs in this particular area. sometimes 500, 40, or 60 people at one time would over theher and come fence. once we put the secondary fence up, that stopped. >> billions of dollars have been spent to completely seal off the border. but hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossings take place each year despite all the investments. the border agents often hunt the immigrants down for days in the desert. prettyle scenario hit close to home.
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after all, he is the son of mexican immigrants himself, although they arrived legally, and his compassion largely depends on what he finds in the illegals criminal records. >> for a person that has no criminal history, that is perhaps coming here to work, that has been out in the desert walking for a day or two and is , isibly hungry and thirsty am a compassionate human being just like anybody else's and would share my water, maybe even share a sandwich. >> time to go back to headquarters. to show me older recordings from the security cameras. on the road, i realize why so many immigrants don't make it far in this part of the country. there is nothing the desert. >> 80%-90% of the time, the entries we have been able to detect we have been able to apprehend.
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rate, butbig success some people will say border security is not until you get 100%. >> absolute border security. that is what i have heard many republican politicians demand. without that, they say no reform and no right to stay for the 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in the country. he has a video on his computer produced by the border police themselves. it shows the same place we visited before, eight years ago. whites outnumbered. -- infrastructure >> outnumbered. the infrastructure is run down. >> or some americans, these are all criminals who want to steal their jobs. that is why the republican party can score points with its tough stance on immigration, at least
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among conservatives. but is a border fence really the solution to the problems? he is careful with his answer. >> i mean, is there ever a day achieveare going to 100% apprehension? to apprehend all of the money going to mexico, apprehend all of the guns going to mexico? will we ever achieve 100%? i don't think we will. >> on the road from yuma to phoenix, many undocumented immigrants make the same trip i am taking, but they often do not have a car or enough water. hundreds of them die on those trips. those who make it often come here, phoenix, a city with the latino population of over 40%. latinos are the fastest growing community in the u.s., and that
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makes him an important political factor. maria came from mexico in 1989, and she is still undocumented. ever catchorities her, she could be deported. change withat to the help of promise arizona, an organization that fights for political reform. its newest project, 11 children of immigrants will go to washington, d.c. maria will escort her two granddaughters, who are part of the trip. legal residency is not required for u.s. flights. >> the best thing that could happen is that we get support for reform. we would be very happy, in fact.
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>> in a room next door, the kids are preparing for questions from the media and politicians. her 11-year-old granddaughter is obviously nervous. >> i was born in phoenix. prepared much and her coach has her work cut out for her. but many of the older children in the group know that this is no game. their families could be torn apart at any time. the problem is always the same. the children were born here and are automatically citizens, but their parents or grandparents immigrated illegally and have no right to stay and work. nor can they leave to see their families back home. >> i am sure that is probably why, because she could not get a license. >> she helps the children put their experience into work --
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words. the message is supposed to be loud and clear. toit is important for them know that they do have a story. you basically want to give the problem of face. >> it can be tricky, especially when the cell phone is more important than the questionnaire. her older granddaughter is not making a lot of progress, and i am getting on her nerves. >> i will talk about my family history and how long they have been living here for. they said they wanted a better life. >> janie is describing the american dream. to fight for it, she, her sister, and her grandma are
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going to a place where many have gone before her with success, washington, d.c. the civilans of rights movement have come to support the roughly 200 demonstrators. now they are off to the capital, the heart of american politics. >> happy birthday to you. >> she is singing a song for john boehner, the speaker of the house of representatives. john boehner is a republican, and he is not allowing a vote on a comprehensive reform bill. that is why the voters want to confront him in his office. for her, it is a big moment. >> so many emotions. we have come from phoenix, arizona, to make the house of representatives finally vote on immigration reform. were the 11 million people that
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from theirration families. i am very proud that so many americans have come here to participate. si, se puedes. in english, it means yes, we can, obama's election campaign slogan. big factorvote was a in his election and reelection. so far, that has not paid off for the community. this is one last desperate attempt. about 150 children have gathered in the congressional building from all parts of the u.s. hundreds of people in narrow corridors right in front of john boehner's office. the pressure on republicans is huge. the majority of americans are on the side of the immigrants. the republican
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party, many believe that politicians need more support from latinos to stay relevant. when she and her friend knock, there is no answer. least there is a plan b. many children have written cards asking the politicians for help. maria is waiting at the back of the line. she sees that john boehner has a heart for undocumented immigrants. >> we hope he has one. he is human just like we are. hopefully he has a heart. after this, the activists go their separate ways and tried to meet up with other politicians. visit from the friendly representative from their home state. is a democrat who supports the proposed immigration reform.
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hehout the latino vote, probably would not have much of a chance in his district in phoenix. first he chats with the kids about food in school back on. then he asks -- is asked the all-important question. does he think immigration reforms still has a chance despite house republicans blocking a vote? >> i still think we have a time, even though it is a short time. we still have a window to do it. >> he seems slightly optimistic. pep talk, because republican opposition is just too strong, at least for now. but joanna does not want to be brought down. the effort is supposed to pay off. >> you cannot put yourself in that negative plays. me more i think we still have time. i feel hope.
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onto the nextmove politician. immigration reform will come say toe in the future, i myself, because this family is no longer
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