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florida, illinois.. and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service.
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wha's the matter ? can't rosa spell "fish" ? - well, rosa is not here yet. - well, i'm sure she'll be here soon. we open in ten minutes. she'usually here by now. maybe she fell on the way to the bus. she only walks one block to the bus stop. what if her bus ran out of gas ? well, another bus would come along and pick her up. but what if the other bus is hijacked ? hey, now that's a thought. just kidding. come on. come on. rapido. i es lo unico que me faltaba ! - at 6:55 on a beautiful monday morning-- - i'm late !
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♪ oh, well, at least my face will smell fresh. are my pancakes ready yet ? just a minute. i only have two hands. and you only have two customers. okay, okay. what's the matter, jess ? you know you're getting old when you hurt your back playing golf. you should sleep on a board. that works for me. i just bought an expensive bed. i'm not going to get rid of it. keep the bed. the board goes under the mattress. it gives you firm support. he doesn't have to sleepn a board. i know what the problem is. this seat does not give his back enough support. but i always sit here. it never bothered me before. trust me. i know this will help. here. this is a better spot. now.
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- how's that ? - it doesn't feel any better. of course not. it takes time. sit ! - but i can-- - no "buts." this is your place. - sorry i'm late. - rosa, where have you been ? i didn't have any water in my apartment. this is the third time this month i have a water problem. you should have come here. i had plenty of water. i just did not have a chef. well, you almost had a chef with a green face. i would have given a lot to see that. i know. that's why i found another solution. hi, jess. why are you sitting there that's what i want to know. rosa, if you have a plumbing problem i'm sure i can help. - i wouldn't want to be any trouble. - oh, no trouble at all. let me give the building manager one more call. you have memorized the phone number ? after all the times i've called, i'll remember this number forever. it's the answering machine again. hello. this is rosa rivera from apartment 312.
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i've called before about a water problem in my apartment. could you please call me back ? my number is 555-4206. thank you. jamal, are you sure you wouldn't mind stopping by and taking a look ? not at all. i'll come over after work ? speaking of work let's do some. thanks again for coming over, jamal. you're saving me a lot of money. i'm glad to help. not much pressure. and these are old pipes. but let's see what we can do. ♪ - i like that music. - me too. makes me feel like dancing. yeah. just make sure while you're dancing that that radio doesn't fall into the bathtub. that could be dangerous. i'll be careful-- if i ever have any water in the tub to worry about.
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do you ever have these problems in your building ? of course. no place is perfect. but we have elevators that never work, and my neighbo saw a rat the other day... outside in the trash. so why don't you move ? if i could afford to i would. - ah. this could be the problem. - i hope you're right. you shouldn't have to move just to get basic services. renters have rights in this country. how about mrs. sanderson ? she couldn't even keep her cat. they can say "no pets." they can't say "no water." let's try it now. ah ! that's a good sign. whoa ! that is not a good sign. what happened ? the excess pressure from here created a problem in here. you mean i have a leak in my faucet ? yes ! can you fix it ? no problem. that should hold it until i can get a new faucet. - oh. - oh.
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don't worry. i can fix that too. [ narrator ] whether it's called an apartment, flat, condo or house, a place to live fills a basic human need. people who own homes are responsible for their upkeep. but when people live in places owned by others, responsibility is shared by landlord and tenant. the tenant is responsible for maintaining the unit: eping it clean. if there's any repairs the tenant should notify the landlord. the problem is he was a normal tenant-- looks normal, but he became an alcoholic. he destroyed everything. you can see that there are a lot of things that he never reported. basically, that's what he did: he left everything in a mess. the landlord should provide...
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that the building is in good health and safe conditions. the plumbing should be working. they should provide heating... and anything to do with the health and safety of the tenant. i've complained, and mostly about the bathroom. it's just a disaster. the paint's all flaking off off the walls, and the ceiling is just starting to mildew. [ narrator ] tenants need to tell the building owner or manager... when problems develop. once they write down all the problems at one time that's wrong with the unit they should send the letter through certified mail return receipt. i also suggest they should take pictures of the damage. [ narrator ] if the problem is serious... and is not taken care of within a reasonable period of time the renter may request legal help. gary, do you think that you could compensate her in any way for the furniture ? [ narrator ] although the names of groups that provide assistance... may differ from city to city local government officials can provide renters with this information.
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in an arbitration between a tenant and a landlord, we would hope to accomplish that both parties are satisfied in one way or another. it's not just a one-sided thing. what i'm going to do is write this all down in a mediation agreement and all of us will sign it and you will pay him the rent as soon as possible... and he's going to fix the roof as soon as possible. - are we all in agreement ? - that's great. - that's agreeable with me. okay, thanks a lot for coming into my office. thank you. sincerely yours, rosa rivera. hold on. let me get a shot of that antique you're typing on. henry, please. okay, katherine. tell me what you think. okay. "dear sir: i'm a tenant who always pays my rent on time. i've tried--" henry, come on ! how am i supposed to read this letter with that thing in my face ?
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just one more take. and don't look at me. it's supposed to be completely natural and unrehearsed. "dear sir: i'm a tenant who always pays my rent on time. "i've tried to bring several problems to your attention. these include: "no water pressure unsafe elevators and dirty alleys. "i'm not asking for luxury only basic services. i know you're a busy man, but--" wait a minute. what ? did i spell something wrong ? it sounds like you're apologizing for writing this letter. you need to be more aggressive. what do you mean more aggressive ? like this. they aren't just "unsafe" elevators, they're "death traps." and the grounds aren't just "dirty." they're "infested with rats." katherine, can you do that part again ? henry, i know this video project is important to you, but we're-- it's more than just important, rosa. my grade in journalism depends on how good this documentary turns out. well, having water in my apartment depends on how this letter turns out. - i have to reload anyway. - how can i say the grounds are "infested with rats" ?
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there was only one rat. do you want the landlord to take this letter seriously... - or do you want him to throw it in the trash ? - i thought if i ask nicely-- you know. henry's right. if you want action, you have to put pressure on him. here, take out that "busy man" stuff and... tell him your brother's a lawyer. but my brother works in a shoe store. you know that and i know that, but mr. landlord doesn't know that. maybe i need another opinion. i'll tell you what. you keep working, and i'll ask mr. brashov what he thinks. what do you think, m brashov ? should rosa write a letter to her landlord ? - i don't think that's a good idea. - why not ? if her landlord gets mad, rosa could lose her apartment. no way. they wouldn't dare. don't be too sure. back in romania, in the old days, anyone who complained got into big trouble with the government. so what you're saying is... that if rosa's landlord was once a romanian politician rosa could have a problem.
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- you never know. - are you still open ? no. but for you, jess we're always open. - does that mean i can get a piece of pie ? - of course. what are you doing, henry ? making an art film of some kind ? no. i'm doing a documentary for my journalism class. a documentary. about what ? about work. work ? yeah. you know, the kinds of things people do to make a living. what happens at work. that kind of thing. i thought people made documentaries about major events. wars elections. apple pie. why don't you have a seat, jess ? i'll bring you some coffee. - thanks, katherine. - that section is closed. your new seat is over there. back still sore, mr. washington ? oh, it's not bad as long as i don't move. that's great if you're a statue. have you considered acupuncture ? - i don't believe in that stuff. -my parents say it really works. -nobody's sticking needles into me. but you've never tried it. just a few needles... and you'll be back on the golf course in no time.
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i think i'll stick to playing chess. "i know you are a busy man but my brother is a lawyer, and he says--" "my brother works in a shoe store and he says--" hi, jamal. where have you been ? just running some errands. here you go. as good as new. thank you. i didn't think you'd be able to fix it so quickly. this radio has two speakers. it only had one before. well, actually i couldn't fix yours so i bought you this new one. you didn't have to do that. it wasn't your fault. just give me the old one back and i'll take it to a repair shop. - are you sure ? - i'm positive. all right, here it is. - it's all there. - on the other hand, i've always wanted a stereo radio. - how about if we share the cost ? - all right, that's fair. wait a second, jamal. excuse me ? i just wanted to get some good close-up shots before you put everything away. henry's making a video as a school
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project. okay, that was great. thanks. wait until michael mcallister sees my video. in your dreams. you should be so lucky. michael mcallister is going to see my video. - not the michael mcallister. - who's michael mcallister ? only the top reporter on channel 8 news... and the guest instructor in my journalism class this month. do you think we can shoot some of the footage over again ? maybe i can try mething a little different with my hair. rosa, i really don't-- he might give me my big break. i could be a traffic reporter. or i could do the weather. we are expecting gorgeous sunny skies beginning tomorrow. it looks like another incredible weekend. this is rosa rivera, channel 8 news. now, back to you, michael. what do you think, henry ? henry ! i think your reporting career just ended. this probably won't help your back, but it might just cheer you up.
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thanks, katherine. i'm sorry. we're closed. i forgot to lock the door. is there a rosa rivera here ? henry ! stop the camera and go find rosa. sure, mr. brashov. if you are here for lunch, perhaps you could come back another time. - i just need a few words with miss rivera. - i'm rosa rivera. i'm from the property management company. we haven't received your rent yet. ah. i need some repairs done. my bathroom faucet leaks. the tile is cracked. hey. my car needs new brakes. that doesn't mean i can stop making car payments. look. you pay your rent now and i won't charge you a late fee. you don't know what that building is like. we've got problems with the water the elevators, the garbage. - i'm just doing my job. - some job. excuse me ? what are you doing ? just testing out my new camera. - well, you can go test it someplace else. - no problem.
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here. i'd love to help you miss rivera, but i don't even know who the owners are. it's a corporation. oh, yeah, sure. nobody wants to take responsibility. thank you, miss rivera. rosa, you're not going to give up, are you ? i can't fight a corporation. i'm only one person. well, maybe you can't fight them alone but if you organize all the tenants, who knows what you could do. even if i could get the tenants together where would we meet ? my apartment is too small. - you can meet here. - that's very nice of you, but i couldn't ask. then don't ask. i insist. we're off at 6:00. henry and i can help you set up. and i will provide free coffee. and i'll make some signs. i'll just sit here and make sure things are getting done right. how can i say no ? all right. let's do it !
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can i have your attention, please ? henry, where have you been ? i thought you were going to help us set things up. i was, but something came up and i had to stay at school. please ! - can i have your attention ? - i need to speak with rosa before she starts. why ? what is so important ? i showed michael mcallister my video project. they're going to be here any minute. who's going to be here ? everyone needs to find a seat. rosa, can i talk with you a second ? what ? they're doing a series on local problems and community involvement. he thinks-- i'll talk with you after the meeting, okay ? but he thinks-- we'd like to start the meeting. can everybody please sit down ? first, i'd like to thank victor brashov for letting us use the cafe. he wants me to say "good food at good prices."
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and i should know because i'm the cook. now we all want to improve conditions in our building. that's why we are here. does anyone have any suggestions ? yes, i think the first thing we should do is elect a president for our group. okay. that's a good idea. who should we nominate ? you ! i nominate you. i second it. all in favor ? aye ! i accept, but only if you all agree to work with me. everyone needs to help. [ woman ] we should take pictures... of all the problems with the building and get a lawyer. i think we need to organize ourselves into smaller groups. any other ideas ? - yes. - i don't actually live in your building, but i'd like to hear from any of the tenants who have had problems. - and who are you, sir ? - i own property in the area. and i'd like to help solve... some of the problems in the neighborhood. maybe if the owners of our building would provide basic services and safe conditions
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there wouldn't be so many problems in the neighborhood. you know what i say ? no water, no rent. no water, no rent ! no water, no rent ! no water, no rent ! no water, no rent ! ah, there you are. this is a session you won't want to miss. it's all about making complaints-- how to let someone know there's a problem. look at the following situations... and see if you can develop complaints to go with them.
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it is very clear: if we don't get ck to thstory, you will be sending me letters of complaint. shall we go ?
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how come he's sitting there ? he's not a regular customer. this one time, it won't kill. okay, but i better not see him sitting in my place again. quick, henry turn it on channel 8. rent ! no water, no rent ! no water, no rent ! and in local news, it seems there was more than coffee brewing at crossroads cafe. - what took place at this simple neighborhood diner-- - look ! there you are. i still can't believe michael mcallister came to the meeting. when he saw my video, he said it would make a great story for his program. i'm here with ms. rosa rivera-- the coffee here is very good. - the rest of the menu is even better. - we're here with rosa rivera, president of the tenants' association. tell me, ms. rivera, what is this all about ? exactly what are you protesting ?
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well, services in our building are very bad, and we can't get action any other way. you should try this ! rosa, you almost look good on tv. why, katherine you almost gave me a compliment. hey, look ! that's my arm ! i'm on tv ! there's that guy that said he was an investor. dr. steven martinez. i understand you own business interests in the area. is that correct ? actually, i'm one of the investors in this property. [ mcallister ] dr. martinez did you know about all the problems with the building ? absolutely not. i'm just one of a large group of investors. i'm not involved with the management of the building. doctor, many of the tenants here tonight appear to be of hispanic origin. as someone of that same background yourself do you feel any special obligation to get to the bottom of this ? this has nothing to do with nationality or ethnic background. i plan to take an active role and find out what's really haening... - because it's the right thing to do. - all right, doctor. i'm sure everyone here will be happy to hear that. thank you. i'm michael mcallister crossroads cafe, channel 8 news. rosa, you were like a movie star.
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maybe she can sign autographs later. table fi needs a club sandwich. so much for being a star. - ms. rivera. - oh, it's you again. - glad i found you. - if you're here for the rent, i already gave it to the manager, and it's wrong for you to come here where i work-- no, no, you don't understand. i want you to-- yes, i know. you want me to stop talking about your corporation, but i-- no, no. if you'd let me finish... i was going to invite you to talk about all the problems... at a meeting with my partners. what ? here's the address. can you be there by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon ? - i don't know. i have to help mr. brashov with-- - she'll be there. great. look forward to seeing you there. you know, doctor i've had this sore throat that's been bothering me. do you think you could take a quick look ? sorry. i'm not that kind of doctor. oh. what kind of doctor are you ? my specialty is backs, not throats. i'm a chiropractor. - is that where you twist people's
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bones around ? - something like that. - sorry i can't help. - but wait. maybe you could help my friend jess. he has a bad back and is too stubborn to see a doctor. i'll be glad to take a look. why don't you call my office and make an appointment-- what about now ? well, i suppose i could take a quick look, but i'd still like to see you in my office. this isn't the way i usually work. well, he is not your usual patient. hold on a minute. i think i'm getting used to the pain. let's see. right about here ? that's it. what are you going to do ? don't worry. i promise i won't hurt you. just put your arm across your chest. you didn't answer my question. now take a deep breath. that's great, jess. you look as good as new. i feel 20 years younger. it's good to see you back in your old seat, my friend.
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victor, i feel like i could take on the world. great. i could use some help moving the refrigerator. you know, i still feel a little stiff. are you going on a date tonight, rosa ? no. i'm meeting with the group that owns my apartment building. is it still okay for me to leave a little early, mr. brashov ? of course. don't worry about it. you look pretty fancy for a meeting. well, if i find myself negotiating with a single, handsome doctor, i have to be prepared-- just in case we have to go for coffee after the meeting. to continue to work on the problems of the building. of course. hey, it's our anchorman of the future. i just got my documentary project back from mr. mcallister. - he gave me a "b+." - only a "b+" ? - yeah. - why didn't he give you an "a" ? i don't know. we didn't have time to talk. i know why. - you do. - yes. your project has some very interesting things in it:
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katherine giving advice, jamal with a new radio rosa typing. but there is one thing missing from your documentary about work here at crossroads cafe. really ? what's that ? people working. closed-captioned by captions, inc. los angeles
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ossroads cafe is a series that teaches english... to speakers of other languages. for more information call toll-free:
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okay, let's begin. what are we gonna talk about today? physics. all right, all right. so you go to a concert and at the concert, you're moved. emotionally, you are moved. i mean, the music comes and you just... you feel good, you can get in


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