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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> gunfire broke out in overbrook early this morning, walt hunter live at police headquarters as police work to find out what prompted the deadly force.
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walt? >> officers trying to stop that van, and question the man, many questions, un answer the as to the exact circumstances that led to the fatal police shooting. philadelphia police say officer opened fire on this van fatally wounding it driver behind the wheel. after he tried to pull off as they were attempt to go stop and question him, in the early morning hours got out, toll him to stop, apparently he tries to lever from them, trapping one of the officers between the car and some oar tar where he didn't feel like co-escape, and he discharged his weapon. >> commissioner richard ross says no weapon found in the vehicle, officers initially responding to report of suspicious vehicle circling the neighborhood. >> police received several calls about car occupied by
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male driving around in the area. i believe they were college students ends concerned about this male casing the particular area we heard loud boom, we know was a crash and then the lights. >> following the shooting the man continued down the street striking several cars before coming to rest, police say the officers fired total of four shots into the vehicle, the department has a rigid policy about shooting into any vehicle, unless, the lives of officers are in imminent danger, annex act details on why the officer opened fire, and whether it was justified, still not known. >> not making any determinations at this time. >> now, so far the man who was shot has not been identified by police, police also not identified the officer who did the shooting, however, sources
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confirm the same officers had been struck and dragged by a car several month ago and had recently returned to street duty block every grays avenue about 11:00 for report of shots fired into the air. they say they met a man about 40 years old who wouldn't stop when ordered to do so, then fired a shot at officers, they shot the officer in the leg, in stable condition, right now. >> philadelphia police need your help identifying two suspects who robbed a family dollar store, in east oaklane, happened monday at the store on the 6200 block north front street, got away with cash from the register. give police a call if you recognize suspects.
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>> one fight against heroin epidemic available in acme stores in montgomery county. mixed reaction to the treatment being made easily available some fear add licks abuse it as safety net. today governor wolf planning to form task force, to fight opioid abuse in pennsylvania. >> turning to the gloomy weather, that just won't let up, but how long until we see some sun? let's get first look at the forecast with katie fehlinger live on the cbs-3 skydeck? pattern will not break, eventually i promise we will see more sunshine, just take a while, because stuck in the gloomy pattern, all from basically set up with the jet stream keeps sending disturbances our way. now at the moment, obviously don't need any rain gear on the skydeck. there are spots not just rain but couple of thunderstorms, we take you out first and for most, snapshot view of storm scan3, up toward the lehigh valley couple of showers, back
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through western most lancaster county couple of showers, most notably activity has pick up here, across southern most new jersey, cape may, cumberland, not just heavy downpours, brief but locally heavy but also notice couple of lightning strikes showing up here. so please, you know, if you hear thunder always seek shelter now that it is lunchtime maybe thinking about heading out try to stay inside. it is moving right along but at least another half hour until things start to dry out across this area. temperatures meanwhile in the low and mid 50's around the region as a whole, one oddball out as i like to call it is mount pocono, not oddball at all, just that you are a little cooler up that way 47 the current temperature, not too much more moving on the values, at best, low 50's up in the resorts towns in the poconos, expect it down the shore, not going to break out of up ear's here today, at best, at best, you hit 60 in philadelphia. simply because we're stuck under the clouds when it is not raining, so, that is going to limit the warmth for sure. now, eventually things do
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brighten up it, looks like that will take us until this weekend. and in the meantime, the dreary pattern is set to continue, at least for now, dodging more wet weather down the road. coming up bill later in the show, i'll track the next disturbance, when the window of time to see the heaviest rain come through. guys, we send it back into you for now. >> thanks, katie. turning to campaign 2016, donald trump may now have a clear path to the republican presidential nomination. ted cruz suspended his campaign last night after losing to trump by double digits, in the indianna primary. in his correspondance, it sets up likely showdown between trump and democratic frontrunner, hillary clinton. >> ted cruz, suspended his campaign tuesday night. >> we gave it everything we've got, but the voters chose another path. >> decision came after donald trump wallopped him in the indianna primary. >> i didn't expect this. i didn't expect this. and what ted did is a real a
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very brave thing to do. >> the reality is now apparent. trump will likely get the majority of gop delegates and become the party's presidential nominee. rnc chairman tweeted out: trump will be the presumptive nominee. time for the republican party to ' neutral against its new leader. >> this is the unification process. >> but not everyone is ready to unify behind trump. including john kasich, who is still in the race. >> lost in all of the drama surrounding the gop races, the fact bernie sanders pulled off the upset win overhill hill in the democratic primary. >> i know all of the pundants, we were supposed to lose, but that apparently was not what the people of indianna concluded. >> the bad news for sanders is that even after his win, clinton is now 92% of the way toward locking up the nomination. craig boswell for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, john kasich canceled plan media appearance in virginia today. cnn is reporting he will make
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an announcement to drop out of the race. kasich is expected to make that statement at 5:00 tonight in ohio. >> and as we get closer to the republican and democratic national conventions in july, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. and whether we're not on tv, we're on line at well, residents in flint, michigan, will get chance today to tell president obama how the city's lead water crisis is affecting them. this is video of the president leaving joint space andrews in maryland en route to flint. in addition to having rounds table discussion with community members, president obama will make a stop at a food bank, and will sit down with flint's mayor and michigan's governor rick snyder, the president signed an emergency disaster declaration for flint in january to help with the efforts to combat lead in the city's drinking water. >> well, there is much more to tell but this noon. the appointments that never happened for prince. who the rock star was set to meet.
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>> and, cancer and heart disease are the top two killers of americans, but the third biggest killer in this country is something you may never expect. we'l
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>> bombshell report on superstar prince, past emergency calls, who called 911 this time. jamie yuccas shows us that person was at pacely park for a very specific reason. >> the minneapolis star tribune report doctor howard cornfelled, national authority on opiat addiction treatment, was called by prince
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representatives the night of april 20th. however, doctor cornfelled could not clear his schedule for an april 21 meeting so he sent his son to minnesota in hopes co-quickly evaluate his health and devise a treatment plan. but when andrew corn felled arrived at pacely park on the morning of april 21, prince's representatives could not find him, the musician's body was found in a elevator few minute later, and it was andrew cornfeld who called 911. cbs news confirm painkillers were found at the scene. sources tell cbs news, the corporate county sheriff's offers contacted the drug enforcement administration, about joining the investigation. if the pills are related to his death. on tuesday, the sheriff's office released log of dozens of emergency calls from prince's pacely park home. in june of 2011, the report says rp, or reporting person, is concerned about prince's cocaine habits.
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he advised last year in germany that he cannot control his habit and she was advised to report it. but officers were unable to investigate since information is a year old, and she did not specify prince's in immediate danger. jamie yuccas "eyewitness news". on the cbs-3 health watch, surprising new study finds the third leading cause of death in the united states is apparently medical mistakes. researchers at the johns hopkins school of medicine suggest medical errors now fall behind only heart disease and cancer. the study says those mistakes lead to 250,000 death each year, but not because of bad doctors. they say system-wide failures are responsible for putting patients at risk. patients don't just die from hard plaques and bacteria, they can also die from communication breakdowns and medication errors. system level problems are almost ooh bick ooh dust in healthcare. >> doctors urge patients to ask about any medication and
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alternative treatment options. they also recommend reading up on complications, and say you should always consider getting a second opinion. >> well, septa employee are visiting bus loops, tran takes centerings and train steaks cents today. they want you to take safety along when you ride. today is septa safety a war necessary day. the agency is reminding everyone to be careful around septa hubs. transit agency will also team up with the bicycle coalition to make the city more bike friendly, they say safety impacter everyone. >> this year's message is take safety along when you ride. with a focus on our bus, trolley, and trackless trolley service, and travel safety tips for riders, by sickly cents and pedestrians. >> more than a million people in septa's five county service area ride the trains, buses, subways, and trolleys every day. police dogs and other service animals help keep many of us safer. so a bucks county veterinary office is taking care of them for free.
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"eyewitness news" was here at the center for animal referral and emergency services in langhorne where service animals like guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, and therapy dogs, they're all getting free eye exams so they can continue to do their important work. the center is offering the free checkups for these dogs all month. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", it is usually a good thing to have a sandwich named after you. >> but the guy making this sandwich is not doing it to honor anyone. it is aimed at philly's controversial quarterback, the mean when we come back. katie? >> oh, my goodness, folks, looking ahead to some very dreary conditions, yet again, but eventually, eventually, i promise, that sun is going to return. i'll track the rain for you, and also tell you when you can expect to actually need the sunglasses, coming up.
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(if you haven't realized it it is may the fourth or star wars day. fans of the film celebrate today, a lot like a line from star force, may the force be with you, they say it dates back to 1979 newspaper ad, congrats g mag rhett thatcher, in fact it, red may the force be with you, maggie, congratulations. >> just love it. >> you know what, i never was a big star wars fan, i know it sounds a little odd. >> it is a little odd. >> will force us to watch it. >> force us, right? felt like he taught us a good lesson. >> you know, classic pop culture right there, so we have to restrain you, make you watch it. >> i know, i have to sit there
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and watch, yes, exactly, exactly. >> you know what? not the worse movie day coming up anyway. if you thought wet weather in the forecast today, tomorrow, and right through the end of the week, folks, you know, looks like there will be times that our more wet than other, so i want to walk you through everything, walk right on out to storm scan, first and for most, more region wide zoom, at least, things are dry in the city of philadelphia right now, up and down i95 if that's where your travels take you, but you have decent thunderstorms actually breaking out right now through southeastern most new jersey and also, fresh rounds of showers picking up across the north and west, most suburbs, so, do keep it in mind, if you are again travels take you in some of these areas, you are running into wet roads, certainly, some rain that's going to slow you down. and, you will see how these clouds really are thickening in the last couple of hours here, not out of the woods yet. here's what's going on, you might be wondering why is it every single day so deary? essentially owe mega block set up. all of that really means the fancy term for the fact the jet stream is taking on the shape whatever looks like the greek letter owe mega. but that jet stream has
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stacked south. it continues to allow us a of lower pressure in disturbances to roll through here meaning we end up with below average temperatures, more showers, and finally, it look like this is all going to break apart, by this weekend. now, i want to take you all the way to thursday midnight. at this point still watching this next disturbance start to push n could be some mist, drizzle through the overnight, watch what happens, rotate in with time, tomorrow, generally looks like it will bring us couple of showers, but the steadiest, heaviest rain, likely overnight thursday into friday early morning. so i think i will ' be on the air with you friday morning, tracking some heavy rain at that point, looks right now like it will linger through the better part of the day. you are going see it come through more scattered. the heaviest most widespread batches in the morning, lingering shower saturday, another front wants to come in on sunday, so, we are starting transition out of the pattern by the weekend, meantime, tonight, we have coastal flood advisory that goes into effect for all of the delaware beaches, inland bay areas, jersey shore towns, just for minor flooding at high tide,
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looks like outside, middle township high with the batch of rain moving through, just dreary, and raw, too, with the temperature only into the 40's, jackets, umbrellas, not the worse idea today in other words. now, tomorrow, looks essentially like a carbon copy, some showers out there, keep the temperature at best as 60 degrees. by the weekend though we finally start to see these clouds break for some sun. we rebounds to far more seasonable temperatures by the way, low 70s, and then into early next week looks a lot better. i'm still keeping my eye on sunday, guys, right here obviously, potential for showers, but i don't think it is a wash out at all. >> we are worried about that. >> of course, weaver our eye on that time. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed, thanks, bucks county barbeque place has had enough of the turmoil over the eagles quarterback job. >> yes, the place wants sam brad fought orders of here, owner of the big q barbeque said he's sick of bradford whining after carson wentz, created new sandwich called
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barbeque bonn voyage, sam bradford, boneless chicken, pulled pork, cheese, jalapino, very soft roll. >> i don't think i need to explain why we put chicken on it, pulled pork, because inch evident bridge he'll be getting pulled and then the jalapino yo to give it spice, symbolizing the hot feet. >> all right, all right. big q barbeque started giving the bradford away at noon, the first 150 people get one free, and after that they're $5, he says, until sam is out of town. then after that it is $7, which is bradford's uniform number. >> so much symbolism. >> we tried them out this morning, i enjoyed the sandwich. then again i always enjoy a free sandwich. >> i'm not participating in this. it is m
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>> breaking news, police in ocean county, out in full force, searching for escaped prisoner. the manhunt is happening in the area of west bay avenue in barnegat township. area schools have been placed on lockdown, homeowners are being urged to keep their doors locked. stay right here with "eyewitness news" for updates as we get more information. well, if you played the lottery, tonight could be the night you wind up a multi-millionaire. the jackpot for tonight's powerball drawing is more than $348 million. that's the total if you take the pay-out over 30 years. if you just go for the lump sum, like i will, only 226 million. that should keep you financially solvent for at least a little while. >> just a little while. >> i'm headed out after the
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show and i'm going to go get my ticket. i'm in it to win it. >> you don't want to be that one person not in the pool. >> exactly. >> i wouldn't take the lump sum. what is the first thing would you buy. >> bently. >> ya? >> pony. >> pony? >> i would start a non-profit charity to help the less fortunate. >> because that's the way i am. >> but you need a car to get there or a pope. >> i drove me in your pently. good -- drive me in your bently. >> i'm brooke thomas. >> for katie, and all of us, here, thanks for watching. >> that's "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. remember we're always on line at the young and the restless is next. yep
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>> nick: you know, today's ceremony is a chance for everybody who loved sage to say goodbye. >> faith: it'll be sad. >> nick: yeah. it's gonna be really sad. we're all gonna miss her. but at least we're gonna have all those good memories that we can hang on to, right? >> faith: like when sage used to read to us. >> nick: yeah. exactly. you know, a big part of today is gonna be sharing those memories and celebrating the fact that sage was in our lives and we're very grateful for that. >> faith: and 'cause we know she's wish the angels now with christian.


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