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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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authority to shut down one of its main regional rail lines tonight. stadium showdown upset residents pack a community meeting to protest plans for a new stadium at temple university. why they don't want it built. it's fine dining at a place you might not expect. tonight taste with tori heads into a kitchen where culinary delights a bound but there's more. how this meal is served with an important lesson. those stories and much more straight ahead. we begin tonight with a second day of record warmth in march. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. with another day of warm weather, we have another forest fire officials are battling unfortunately. chopper three is over a forest fire in south jersey tonight. about 250 acres have burned so far in the pennsylvania state forest in woodland township, burlington county. the flames are near sue wee and las lane roads no homes are in danger right now. the fire is not yet contain but official say they will likely be able to keep it from spreading significantly.
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meteorologist kate bilo on the sky deck for right now to explain how the conditions are helping foul these fires kate. >> we felt it for the past few days that warm dry air that's been in place when you get conditions like this, conditions are ripe for forest fires usually mid march is when the season begins. we're hitting it early certainly hitting the warm temperatures a bit early as well. unfortunately, fire risks will be elevated again tomorrow. take look at some of these fire danger bullet points hi especially in knowledge, warm dry air we've plenty of that. low relative humidity. breezy conditions. we felt that today and tomorrow the breeze will be from a different direction but it will be strong again in the afternoon, very dry air moving in and that means fires could spread quickly. especially again with the change in within direction. nothing watch as we head into the day tomorrow. fire risk again elevated. today was record breaker. 82 degrees the high in philadelphia. breaking the previous record of 76 from 2006. we had a record in atlantic city, a record in allentown, a record in wilmington.
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we fell just short in mount pocono showers were moving through. those showers could head into philadelphia overnight tonight. coming up, i'll show you where the showers are now. when i expect them to come through. what that means for our warm weather that's coming up when i join you inside. back over to you. >> kate, thank you. developing right now, power problems force add shut down of schep at a's paoli thorndale line until further notice. at 30t 30th street station tonit a lot of passengers were stuck. some took the mark frankford line to 69th street transferred to the norristown high speed line. others hopped on shut buses. right now it's unclear when rail service will be restore. >> they call themselves the stadium symptom symptom% on mission. they want to put the brakes on new stadium for temple university in north fill ton night they raised their voices in opposition. "eyewitness news" reporter alex h over ff joins us from tonight's community meet report roar this proposed stadium from span from broad to 16th.
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residents feel like they've been left out of this conversation and say that is unacceptable. >> bill doesn't talk much about a possible stadium. truth is no one has really asked him way thinks. so we did. >> oh, no. heck no. i'm sorry. i don't want to see that. >> reporter: he's not an active visit just one of many who have spent their entire lives west of broad street in north philadelphia. >> over five decades. >> 60 years. >> reporter: these are active visits or so called stadium stompers. they gathered at the church of the advocate in protest of a proposed 34,000 seat home for temple university football. the plan is now in the feasibility phase. >> part of because temple is so far in the planning or even the conversation about the possibility has not included the community in this conversation. >> reporter: temple team plays at lincoln financial field under $3 million annual lease. pro pone innocents say it will save money. give anchor to the school an
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football program coming off of one its finest seasons. supporters of the stadium also see added retail as way to enhance the neighborhood. >> we pay for our education. that is not a sanction for temple to advance into our community displace our community. >> reporter: for bill he may have grown up in north philadelphia but now isn't so sure it's where he wants to grow old. >> i don't think i want to be here. >> reporter: university officials did not attend tonight's meeting and did not provide further comment. reporting-in north philadelphia alexandria half off. cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the philadelphia school district is restoring some position lost to budget cuts. one full-time school nurse and counselor will be added to every public school according to the philadelphia federation of teachers. the union says it's a positive step for students and it will continue to fight to row tour stow programs and services lost to budget cuts. a vigil was held tonight to honor the life of fallen new
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jersey straight trooper sean cullen "eyewitness news" at the fallen officer's memorial in westampton. to night's vigil was organized by westampton police department. cullen was an officer on that force before joining the state police much he was killed monday night in west deptford he was hit by another vehicle while responding to car fire on 295. a philadelphia judge finds there is enough evidence to send the case of a man accused in the ambush shooting of a police officer to trial. officer jesse hartnett testified during a hearing at the criminal justice center today. he described to the court how suspect edward archer allegedly fired several shots into his patrol car on january 7th. hartnett said "just as he was raising that pistol at me i was able to take cover. i bent over and got down low. i could feel multiple gunshots hitting me in my arm, my blood is pouring on my leg ". prosecutors praised officer for being able to return fire and chase down the suspect. >> he is by far the true definition of a hero. >> we continue to be amazed at
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the fact that officer hartnett was able to do what he did that night. >> the prosecution and defense says there's no evidence the shooting was connected to terrorism. there is word tonight that two top executives at the charity wounded warrior project have been fired. it follows a cbs new investigation that found the charity spends 40 to 50% on overhead including extravagant parties. wounded warrior ceo and chief operating officer lost that jo jobs. charity has raised more than a billion dollars in donations since 2003 including 300 million in 2014 alone. the republican presidential candidates are debating in florida tonight ahead of next tuesday's critical primary. drum emery sealed former presidential rival ben carson is expected to endorse him tomorr tomorrow. so far trump, ted chris, john kasich and marco rubio sticking to the issues instead of attacking each other like in previous debates. >> i will do everything within
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my power not to touch social security to leave it the way it is to make this country rich again. to bring back our jobs. to get rid of deficits. to get rid of waste, fraud and abuse. >> any politics that goes around saying we don't have anything to do, all we have to do is raise a few taxes or lever it the way it is they're not being honest with you. >> we need to see political courage to take this on and safe and strengthen social security. >> and we have a lot of seniors who are very nervous. i have a plan to fix it that doesn't even require raising the retirement age. >> trump leads the republican field in the delegate count. the democrats also spent the day campaigning in florida front runner hillary clinton is under added pressure after her surprise loss to bernie sans in michigan. in addition to florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina and missouri will hold primary contests next tuesday. sandesanders is trailing clinton in order in the latest polls it's happened who to most us you use a certain expression to realize you have no idea whatsoever where it came from. >> there's some phrases out there we hear that are kind of
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strange, right? that bring us a good question. kevin wants to know where do expressions like speak of the definitely come from? it's a good question kevin. here's what some of you said. >> ♪ >> you want to guess? >> no. >> someone who clearly doesn't like someone knows. >> when you say usually thinking of saying something bad about someone and when you talk about the devil it's usually bad. >> i'm guessing the definitely knows the future. >> if you had had to make a guess where do you think that phrase came from. >> i don't know. stone age. >> people talk about the definitely a lot and he's always around lurking. >> the person was probably evil. >> i think it has some sort of religious connotation. church. >> the phrase actually dates back to 16th century europe. specifically mostly he know land. it speaks of this notion if you say the devil's name you're actual going to invoke him. he's going to show up. it has a little notion of bad doing in the sense when you're
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gossiping about someone they will turn up in your presence. >> very interesting. so that settles that and while we're on the topic of famous phrases kathy wants to know why do we say it's raining cats and doing. roll the tape. ♪ >> coming from the sky i guess. >> i really don't know. >> maybe are throwing cats and dogs out of windows before. >> maybe the rain sounded really heavy someone said cats and doing. that was the first thing that pops into their head. >> dogs and cats get angry they probably just like scream and yell and run around the house. >> what does have to do with the rain? >> oh, rain. >> what do you think? >> i'm sure it originates from the state of oregon. the northwest. >> i wouldn't want a cat to fall on me out of the sky. so if it's raining harder than i want it to. that would be what i would say. >> maybe a veterinarian came up with it. >> some of these guesses just
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crack me up. so it turns out the origin is unclear but in greek mythology cat docks is a means can trash to experience or belief so raining cats and dogs could suggest a unusual weather and in north morning ology wind is representing by wolves and witches. black cats became sorried with heavy rain. that's the actual answer but i have to say some of those guesses trauma in that. >> you through everything but the kitchen sing at them. >> look that one up. >> right? >> that's a good question. >> ukee. >> what's your good question? log on to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. i can't wait to hear from you and i also can't wait to hear some of the guesses out there. i love talking to people. >> they're great. >> they're hilarious. >> i know. smile on that one. >> it's fine dining in the first state with a twist. >> reporter: this is very unexpected. >> vittoria woodill dined all over her great region why this restaurant is like 91 she's
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visited before. >> kate? >> and it's been a stretch of 80s but it's all about to chan change. look all this green on storm scan3. some of that headed our way tonight. but more rain in the forecast for the weekend i'll tell when you to make those outdoor plans this week and coming up with the full forecast. and why this mountain lion is currently one of the most wanted in los angeles. that story whoo one "eyewitness news" comes right back. ♪
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ there is a big frozen food recall to tell you about tonig tonight. ness system recalling nearly 3 million bocks of did you johnny pizzas, so far's lasagna and leap cuisine meals. customers reported finding pieces of glass that their food. it may have come from the spinach used in the recalled products. we have more information at
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another recall over pieces of glass. corona is recalling some 12-ounce bottles because there could be small pieces of glass in the beer. the company says only a very small number of bottles are affected. there are no reports of injuri injuries. well hollywood who done it playing out at the los angeles zoo. this after a cool la found mauled to death. prime suspect was caught on zoo security cameras a mountain lion actually familiar to authorities. he's known by national park officials as p22 and he's roamed the area for the last few years. the cool la's death is cooperating city leaders to renew their call do relocate the mountain lion to a new environment. >> officials in cherry hill are considering an ordinance to protect cherry tree. he saw a man cutting down dozens of barges on capell half. he called police he thought the man was poaching blossoms to sell to flower shops. it turns out what the man was doing was legal since he had permission from the homeowner.
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the township is now considering an ordinance that would prohibit people from trimming the cherry trees before they blossom and eliminate the issue of over tr trimming for profit. >> by changing the ordinance to restrict the pruning of the trees till after they blossom i think will keep the trees in a really healthy form and hopefully keep the trees going for many years to come. >> while the township works on the ordinance they'll also notify homeowners about the best way to trim trees while maintaining their natural aesthetics many. >> tonight toss' taste with tori fine dining restaurant where the staff is working not for money but for passing grade. >> vittoria woodill heads to the university of delaware tonight where students are completing their finals in food and hospitality with some delicious results. ♪ >> beautiful plate keeping it off the rim of the plate which is what we want. >> reporter: how about an elegant served with a sized epp indication. >> we're opening a restaurant every night. >> reporter: welcome to vet at
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a nova first class food is made by students. >> cut that in half again so you have room for it. >> reporter: fine dining experience for the hotel restaurant and institutional management students at the university of delaware. >> they're not chefs. they're learning the ropes as they go. >> learning recipe for successful career in the hospitality industry. you know you're learning, right. >> that's the main objective. that's why we're all here. have some fun while we're here. you might as well. >> process that allows each student a taste of the front of the house. from server to so many mal yea to back of the house as chef assembling an a plus menu perfectly zeroed buttery duck breast and luscious sesame seed end roughed ahi tuna. elbows off the table and -- >> you work your way from the outside in. >> i'm going here and here. >> correct. >> oh, my. >> brilliant student hospitali hospitality. >> i love that. can i say with your accent? >> please do. absolutely. >> brilliant student hospitali
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hospitality. >> we have the finest finest quality of service. we start them out with the basics in a really classic foundation and then we build on that. >> all served in dining room fit for the finest in delaware when they graduate they really are appreciative of what happened here. >> like my dining partner senior michael and now manager of the vita nova restaurant. >> what i've learned is going to benefit me so much in the future. picking out the small details as what i'm going to take away with me. >> it's in the details even when it comes to desserts. like their liquid nitrogen ice cream and raspberries moose filled chocolate ball that pops a surprise like a pop quiz. >> wow! >> tried and testified i don't want to leave school. >> do you have room in your dorm room? >> actually i love with my parents. >> can i stay with you guys? >> i guess he doesn't have room in his nest for me. >> excuse me?
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>> one more time? >> it's just a dare many they dared me to do it. they did. they dared me to do it. okay? >> i am look at this hair i officially now blue hen. >> blue hen in the house. and vita nova is open to the public for lunch and dinner check with them for specific days and times a big thank you, a big huge thank you who also sent me this. to viewer durell who recommended vita nova to me and don't forget to tell me about your favorite place. send me a message on facebook and you may see your suggestion right her on cbs3. i cannot promise however if people continue to send me costumes that i'm going to wear them. (laughter). >> i just might. i did commit. >> very few people could pull that off. >> thank you. thank you guys. >> really, these students they're not chefs. they are students and they are fantastic and the food dynamite. >> i believe it. >> a plus. >> thanks guys. >> can you follow that. >> i have no mask. (laughter).
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>> she was sitting there during the package saying now i'm committed with the mask on. i love it. >> i have no mask for you but i do have good weather. maybe that had do. let's take look what's going on outside. take you out to a life -- this is time lapse video from the kutztown area middle school which shows beautiful day. we had clouds drifting through here and there with that front lurking off to the normal. further north you went today the more cloud cover you saw. a couple of showers up through the poconos. but it was a beautiful day in kutztown beautiful day in philadelphia and we broke yet another record today. let's recap the past three days. past three days, guys, 75, 82, 82, didn't break a record on tuesday. the record was 80 set back in 2,000. but on wednesday we certainly did. we smashed that record of 73. and today we broke a record as well by, what, a full 6 degrees. 82 was the high. the record 76. temperatures right now still very comfortable. 65 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in trenton and 67 in allentown as well. and 56 right now if you're in mount pocono. taking a look at storm scan you
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can see the showers are start to go consolidate a little bit. weak front lurking to the north to all those showers missing us to the north luckily and it will start to come through overnight tonight. but again doesn't have a lot of moisture with it looking at maybe a tenth of an inch of rain in philadelphia. some steadier rain closer to quarter or third of an inch in the poconos. as we head down south this is the area that has been really suffering with this weather pattern very heavy rain in the deep south for the past 72 hours really. it has shift add little further east today but you can see it's still raining very heavily in portions of alabama and mississippi and take look at some of these numbers. you're seeing that gray shading this is the past 72 hours. that's over 15-inches of rain monroe, louisiana shreveport, that's where you've seen the heaviest rain and many of those communities are underwater still today. future weather in our region luckily we don't get that heavy rain we will get a few showers coming through between four and 5am then it does clear out so if you're up early you may see th them. if you wake up seven or 8:00 o'clock you won't see much
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of anything. skies will clear quickly and sunshine back by midday. recapping or heading into the weekend i should say, saturday starts with sun and then we start to see some clouds increase and more showers moving through during the weekend. the heaviest will hold off until monday. remember we set the clocks forward this weekend to start the daylight saving time. sunset on sunday is at 70:00 6:00 p.m. overnight tonight scattered showers, mild, 54 degrees. tomorrow clouds in the morning, then turning sunny, breezy, pleasant still warm. not 82 but 67 still pretty nice for early march. saturday looks good. sunday a few showers. monday is the wettest and coolest day of the forecast. but then we can head back to 70 next week for the week and if you want to get outside better is your best bet. sunday is not a wash out either. >> not bad. >> selection sunday. >> talking about hoops right now as well. a future for the villanova wildcats. one philly homers twice did demarco murray dog it in 2015. did he flat out take the season
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off? hear from the former eagles running back next in sports.
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mark sanchez thrown 86 touchdowns in his career. his replacement on the eagles roster thrown just one. today the birds introduced free agent signing chase daniel career back up reportedly gets a three year deal worth 21 million bringing daniel to philly sanchez's time here is likely done. head coach doug pederson breaking down the birds quarterback depth chart. >> sam bradford is the number one. chase daniel in the number two and then we're working on the number three. so i just want that to put that out right now. >> i signed to help the physical eagles win a super bowl that's
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first and for most the goal. howie, mr. lure lurie and doug have laid out. >> the eagles officially got rid of demarco murray yesterday. murray only had 700 yards rushing last season. it was a light workload for a dude that was supposed to be work horse. murray joked about his lost year in philly by saying "he took a year off. he tried to clarify those comments today. >> i said that. i kind of -- i think it was kind of taken out of context over the last day. i wasn't saying that because i literally took the year off just because i didn't get as much work -- i didn't get as much work as i would have hoped torque you know, so i fell fresh and i feel good. but not because of my choice. >> we're paying attention, bro. zero zilch nada before today that's how many wins villanova against georgetown in the big east tournament. the two hooking up at the garden
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in yt. no points no rebounds and 13 minutes of play. second half nova down by one. josh hart in the lane one of the countri' best as far as the guard is concern. finished with 25 points. ryan arcidiacono and in tran zig three of his 19. part of a 14-one run. wildcats cruise to 81-67 win. they'll play providence tomorrow in a semi finals. as the temple owls get ready to play in the conference tournament in brooklyn head coach fran dunphy is name the aac coach of the year for second consecutive season. face off against south florida tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. go get them, coach good stuff. grapefruit league action today in clearwater florida. phillies hosting the tiger. good day for maikel franco. two hem runs in the game. phillies third baseman expecting big things from him this year. phils and tigers play to six-six tie after nine innings. why? because it's practice. >> you got to do that. >> they still look good.
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>> they're expecting big things from franco. >> i hope so. schmidt has a lot of good thing to say about him. >> i'll take your word for it i guess. >> thanks, don. >> the stars came out tonight for the sixers gala. see who was there when we c
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♪ knew at 11:00 star-studded
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night at the penn palestra court in university city. >> many turn out for the first ever sixers youth foundation gala tonight. sixers legend allen iverson and also dr. jay julius irving were there. along with the entire sixers squad. the youth foundation program focus on neighborhoods where young people are at a high risk of experiencing poverty. all proceeds go to the cause. >> don and i went by tonight. great even. every year, great even. nicely done. ♪
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we got to roll. our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. the late show with stephen colbert is next with anna kendrick. >> thanks for watching, family.
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