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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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hundreds line up hoping to meet the famous actor. why he was the star of a liquor store's grand opening. an few more flakes could fly this weekend. could we expect any more accumulation and when we could hit the 70-degree mark. also, shocking allegations of hazing surroundin surroundinl players at a chester county high school. police say it went on for years. tonight three students face charges. how authorities finally learned about what they say was happening. those stories and much more oh are straight ahead we begin with a developing story. shots fired at philadelphia police. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. jessica has the night off. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in frankford with more on what happened and what authorities are saying about the suspects. >> reporter: considering what happened it's amazing that nobody was hurt. this all happened tonight about 7:00 o'clock the 5300 block of hedge street. authorities say that some undercover detectives were in the area dealing with some
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narcotics warrants. at that point they say that they heard several gunshots in the area. they went to check it out. then were told according to detectives that four men opened fire on a police car. there was one detective sitting inside. luckily that detective was not injured. >> several shots were fired directly at this police vehicle. so which is -- which is very brazen. and it's very stupid to be firing a gun at anyone especially a police officer that's out here to protect everyone. >> reporter: authorities have two is you inspects in custody. they are looking for two more suspects. if you have any information give police a call. you can remain non muss. reporting in frankford, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". well tonight a community is stunned over disturbing allegations of hazing at a local high school. students are speaking out about the shocking details. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has the very latest on the investigation at conestoga high school. >> i don't believe this
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happened, no. >> reporter: utter disbelief from conestoga high school senior harrison leon. he's a member of the into the ball team and refuses to believe the allegations of hazing that have now evolved into a criminal investigation. >> this is just bullying. in chester county we won't stand for bullying. >> reporter: district attorney says the football team conducted a hazing ritual the same day every week. they gave it the homo faux bib term no gay thursday. >> you would have an older kid come behind a younger kid and put his genitals on top of the younger kid's head. >> reporter: but what happened on october 15th of last year in the school's locker room has now led to charges against three team members. the da says, they stripped a 14-year-old player of his clothing and allegedly held him down screaming as he was assaulted with a broom handle. >> that order was this exact quote should have a broom up his beep. kids reported that the victim was yelling and screaming.
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but did he not have a friend in that locker room. >> reporter: da says coaches and staff were nowhere to be seen in the locker room. >> the locker room was theirs to do what they wanted, when they wanted and how they wanted. >> it's pretty devastating, ye yeah. i'm petrified about it but other than that, we'll rise above. >> reporter: the school district released this statement which reads in part, "the head football coach has been suspended from all coaching responsibilities, pending the out come of the school investigation. together we remain steadfast in our commitment to a positive climate in all school programs ". still, students hope this latest scandal doesn't do irreparable damage to their school's reputation. >> the word has been spreading all around our school about what's been happening and i think, um, you know, we're all just disgusted by the rumors and, you know, what's been going on to our school's reputation. >> reporter: da's investigation is moving forward and right now he's asking anyone with any information on alleged
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what's of hazing to please come forward. natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". the investigation continues tonight into a brutal murder at a south philly restaurant and police say they are looking for a person of interest. authorities are looking for this man who goes by the name noael after the murder of 54-year-old woman. both work at lee's calf if i and bistro on fifth and washington. she was found with a slashed neck in the kitchen of the restaurant last night. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to the killer. it's been more than 20 years since the world hung on every twist and turn in the oj simpson trial and tonight there is possible new evidence. investigators are now testing a knife that was allegedly found on simpson's former estate in 1998. a construction worker says he turned the knife over to an off duty la police officer who cepit as a souvenir. 1995 simpson was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron
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goldman. the murder weapon was never found. >> we need to, one, first of all determine is this -- is this evidence and if it's not evidence, how do we prove one way or another that it's not. >> you have to question the timing, right at the time of the mini series on the oj case and all of a sudden they come up with this knife. >> police sources tell cbs news the weapon is a buck 95 and that knife is inconsistent with the wounds suffered by brown and goldman. egg harbor city man was sentenced today for killing his girlfriend and her seven-year-old son. 39-year-old joseph palmer plead guilty to the november present 14 murders of 38-year-old michelle paps and seven-year-old gavin. palmer initially lied to investigators concocting a story about other suspects. within days investigators concluded he had acted alone. palmer was sentenced to 55 years in prison. plymouth township police need your help to identify female who stole a puppy. take look at this surveillance video recorded at playful pets on ridge pike.
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the suspect snag poodle mix puppy and walk out of the store. if you recognize this person, call police. several pennsylvania congressmen are demanding answers about drinking water concerns near two former naval bases. investigation is underway at the naval air station joint reserve base willow grove and the naval air warfare center in warminst warminster. the lawmakers say fire fighting foams used at the bases might be the source of cancer causing chemicals. they were found in about 100 wells near the properties. congressmen pat meehan, mike fitzpatrick and brendon boyle want to know how the nave handled the discovery of the chemicals. officials horsham say in a statement when the base discovered that we were over the limit we seized to my pottiable water we briefed everyone on the base about what happened and we posted warnings signs everywhere about not using the water ". tonight in cam cane 2016 ben carson has announced he's
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officially dropping out of the presidential race. carson delivered the news this evening at conservative political action conference. the retired neurosurgeon will now serve as national chairman of a group focused on getting out the christian vote in november. he said his decision was based on logic. >> i did the math. i look at the delegate counts. i look at the states. i look at the requirements. and i realized that it simply wasn't going to happen. if that's the case, then i didn't want to interfere with the process. >> and the remaining candidates are gearing up for super saturday tomorrow voters from kansas and louisiana will decide who they want to run for president. in kentucky and maine caucuses just for republicans and in nebraska democrats will decide between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it's friday. tgi fidget we're ending this week of good questions on a fun note. >> make that funny note like funny bones. right? pat from abington asked, get a load of this one why do we
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call it our funny bone? it's a good question pat especially considering it's not all that funny when you hit it. ♪ >> reporter: you did he ever bump your funny bone. >> i actually hit my funny bone today. >> reporter: what's it feel like. >> tingly. >> it hurts. >> uncomfortable. >> i literally felt my toes in my team. >> why do we call eight funny bone. >> we're bad at describing things. >> i don't know. there's nothing about hitting it. >> it feels funny. >> funny how? >> what's funny about it. >> that's a good question. >> why is it called the funny bone? >> there's two reasons why it's call the funny bone. >> dr. michael, is with item chill university hospital. he says the first answer involves an anatomical pun you see when you hit your funny bone, dr. says you're actually striking the ulnar nerve which gets pressed against humorous bone. >> sounds funny. humorous. >> ing hierarchal the second answer even more straight forward. >> strikinstriking the they havn that runs along the bone that causes the funny sensation and hence people call it the funny bone. >> so why is it so darn sensitive? the doctor says as the nerve passes through the
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elbow it runs through something called the cubicle tunnel. >> this is the area where the ulnar nerve is bumped or bruised because it's very superficial. it's just really underneath the skin. >> that make more sense now. hitting a bone wouldn't feel that way. >> did you know that it's actually not a bone? >> no i didn't know that. still not funny, though. >> now if you wack it hard enough, you can cause a mild injury of that nerve that can last minutes, hours and in some extreme cases days. but for the most part, you are not doing any long-term today top of your elbow, your arm or the ulnar nerve. >> i got question for you. >> it hurts like heck. >> can you do it on purpose or accidental. >> that is a great question. >> all right. part two. you do part two. >> we'll follow up on that. we also want to know what is your good question much ukee is not the only one summiting these. log oh on to question to submit your question or submit it using the hash tag cbs3 good question. can't wait to hear from you. >> hundreds lined up outside a
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brand new liquor store not for the wine and spirits. they're actually hoping to personally meet robert deniro. why the academy award winning actor came to delaware county today. kate? >> and temperatures on the rise as we head no next week but first we've got to watch this little system heading our way for the weekend. will it produce any accumulating snow yes i'll tell you coming up with the full forecast. >> also, astronaut scott kelly gives his first interview since returning to earth. what he says he did to maintain his sanity during his year in space. ♪ that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. >> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ two, one, zero, lift off. >> what looks like the fifth time is the charm. space x falcon nine rocket sored
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into space to successfully deliver a cherry hill satellite into orbit tonight it blasted off from florida cape canaveral station after a zero receives delays. the rocket landing was not as successful. it couldn't quite stick the la landing during attempt to touchdown on drone ship at sea. tonight we're hearing from astronaut scott kelly after his return from historic mission in space. kelly triumphantly return home to houston yesterday. he spent a record 340 days in space. that's more than any other american. kelly says he could have gone longer if he needed to although he says he was amazed at how long the year felt. he also says he learned to take everything one day at a time. >> i tried to have milestones that were close like when is the next crew arriving? when is the next visiting vehicle arriving, the next dva the next robotics, the next big science activity i think that made a difference to me keeping my sanity. >> you may have heard kelly had grown 2-inches after his initial touchdown to earth but gravity has brought him back to his
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normal height. his time in space is being used in a study about impact of long-term space travel on the human body. pennsylvania governor tom wolf continued his job that pay tore in philadelphia today. he paid a visit to the urban outfitters headquarters in the navy yard. you can see wolf touring the building with urban ceo richard haines. the governor wanted to check out the facility for many reasons and referenced the company's pennsylvania ties. >> they've done amazing things with the naval yard. and i wanted to see what they've done here. also, urban outfitter is that so really big company. they started in pennsylvania, their head quartered in pennsylvania they really have roots here and are committed to staying here. >> this was the governor's first public appearance since announcing that he's being treated for prostate cancer. the governor says he's feeling fine and optimistic. well it's definitely still winter outside but you wouldn't know it from the inside of the pennsylvania convention center. tonight the formal kick off for the philadelphia flower show.
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beauty of course in full bloom there. hundreds of floral designs on display. the theme this year is our national parks. you can escape to spring star starting tomorrow that was march 13th at the pennsylvania convention center. >> i can smell it. >> i always get excited i know spring is coming. >> it won't be wrong now. >> two weeks. academy award winning actor robert deniro was back in delaware county but not to shoot a movie. >> he was in town for the grand opening of a liquor store in glenn mills. our tori explains what all the excitement was about. >> robert deniro. >> that's right. deniro was back in delco. it was only in 2011 when he filmed silver linings playbook alongside philly's own bradley cooper in lansdowne. today he was back in town for the grand opening of fine wine and good spirits cream premium collection store in glenn mills. >> actor was soaking in some local limelight by putting his signature on vodka 6100.
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>> mr. dee near yo grayerly added his personal signature to very limited number of bottles of vodka 6100 that are in the store today. >> keep the envelope sealed. >> hundreds of hopefuls poured in for an envelope with an offer they conrey fuse. to not only catch a glimpse of this acting great but grab a golden ticket for meet and greet. >> meeting robert did he near yo is the only thing on my buck list. >> and 15 winners got to stir up a conversation. >> i flubber about and told him he's amazing thank you for his work. >> very kind, very polite. very calming because i'm very nervous. >> it was wonderful. absolutely wonderful. >> you talking to mow? >> you talking to me? >> very good. >> well, today's event marked the first time the actor director and producer has ever participated in a store opening. this involvement with vodka 6100, well, he assisted in packaging design, branding and positioning and i take a few
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tips from deniro himself for sure. >> i feel like you were you were waiting for him to talk back to you for a second. it was intense. >> it was intense. you know when you're doing robert did he near yo you got to do robert deniro. >> you did roberto deniro. that's true. i did. call me roberto diner row. >> i like it very much. >> thanks guys. >> check in with kate and this forecast. can you fast forward to the 70s? >> i know. i want to hear more about that weather. >> we've been talking all about. i don't want people to get the wrong idea about the weekend and think it will be 70. it's not going to be 70 this weekend. not only is it not going to be 70 this weekend it may even snow a little bit this weekend. possibly a light coating here and there as another weak system comes in tomorrow night and then once that system passes, that's when we'll start tracking 70s. speaking of snow take a look time lapsed video from today this at the beach patrol headquarters in margate. look how heavily it was snowing this morning just thumping snow big fat flakes of heavy wet snow perfect for snowmen and snowball fights out there and you can see
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even by the end of the day the sun tried to peek out in margate and even though we had a december sent amount of snow down the shore, some spots over 6-inches in cape may county generally speaking the roads just stayed wet just been really really warm even as the snow came through a quick look at it this is 12 hour loop you can see we didn't get that break in the action down the shore just kept on snowing the bands intensified little bit earlier in the morning i had anticipated you didn't get that mix with rain. it was just steady snow down the shore even as it was very very light in philadelphia and points to the north and west. now, that system is well out to sea. it's producing lyle snow in eastern massachusetts for the most part this is going to be storm for the canadian maritime provinces this weekend nothing we have to worry about. we got to look at this system right here moving into the great lakes region right now. eventually that will swing through and bring us the threat for little light snow, snow showers or even rain shower early sunday morning. in the meantime temperatures right now pretty close to the freezing mark. definitely still feels like winter outside. it is cold. far cry from the 60s that we
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started the week with. it's 32 in allentown right now. 36 in philadelphia. 29 in millville and 33 degrees in wilmington it feels even colder the winds are strong especially down the shore where it feels like 22 in atlantic city right now. not a night to be out working the boardwalk 22 what it feels like in millville and feels like 13 right now in mount pocono. let's take look at your minor weekend hiccup. tomorrow start the day with sun the sun goes by the way side in the afternoon much clouds will roll in. then this little system swings through little clipper comes in tomorrow night but really sunday morning if you wake up sunday morning and it's snowing lightly don't be surprised. possibly a rain shower especially south and east early sunday. then we start to clear that out and try to get some back sunday afternoon as high pressure plants itself off the coast that's what's eventually going to generate warmer weather. warmer air surges in from the south and west starting on monday. that's when we kick start week full of weather feeling more like may than march. but future weather does show cloud cover by 4:00 p.m. saturday.
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now saturday is a dry day. just a cloudy, gloomy kind of chilly weekend for us. you can see 9:00 p.m. still just clouds. here's a little bit of light snow. this is 8:00 a.m. sunday and this is light snow in philadelphia on this particular model if you wake up sunday morning to little light snow don't be shocked it does erode very quickly clouds at 11am and trying to get some breaks of sunshine here through sunday afternoon. what to expect with this next little clipper? rain and snow showers a light dusting is possible. generally coming in between midnight and 9:00 a.m. then gradual clearing sunday afternoon. once that clears out, watch how these thick necessary lift to the north and we get this surge of nice warm air wednesday into thursday especially wednesday is the day to get outside. overnight tonight partly cloudy and at 29 degrees. your forecast for tomorrow, sunshine giving way to increasing clouds. still chilly, 45 degrees our high. again watch for that light snow or snow showers sunday morning. then clouds break for sun at 48 degrees. then we start jumping up by tens here. 48 to 58 monday. to skate tuesday. >> come on.
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>> i like this 10. doesn't like like we'll get 78. hey but 70 early march we'll take that. it does turn a little wet after that. thursday through next weekend. so monday through wednesday if you have some sick days coming to you, something like that, those are the days you want to get outsider. >> if nothing else it's something to look forward to on monday. >> coming up next pat gallen here with sports. hey, pat. >> it was a night old was new again. a former all star made his debut at the sixers minor league squad and he impressed plus a new old player makes a second debut for the 76ers. that makes sense, right? i'll explain next in sports. p it will
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on paper the sixers and heat appeared to be major miss match much that's because the sixers were missing their heavy hitters jahlil okafor and nerlins knoll plus nick. fear not 37-year-old elton bran would make his season debut. the old timer hadn't played a real game in almost 11 months. elton seeing his first act in the second quarter. this is very elton brand like here. hits the jump shot. he had eight points and four boards in 13 minutes. the heat started the game on a role. 20-four run but the sixers would claw their way back in it after the turnover jeremy grant finish with a slam. sixer up two. people are happy. that guy is happy. but dwayne wade he wasn't having any of the upset tonight. here's the steal. he would run the break. looking like a d wade of old. 21 points. the heat win it 112-102. but here's the elder statesman after his first game back. >> i felt good. you know, it was fun, but out it
11:26 pm
will there trying to win. great opportunity for six, seven, eight players, whatever we had. wanted to pull one out against a play off team. that was the goal. >> former all star davis suited up for the sixers minor league squad. the 87 boom fizzle they used to call him. he still got a long stroke there. long three. he had eight points and four assists in 19 minutes tonight. after an embarrassing loss to the oilers on thursday night the flyers will spar with the blue jacks tomorrow night in south philly. they're five out of the final wild card spot curly held by the rival penguins. the braves they were visiting the phillies in clearwater and the game starts with an injury for the phillies. aaron al tear injures his wrist in the first inning. phils project the opening day right fielder. phillies led 999-two but it imploded. darnell sweeney with the bases loaded. yikes! two runs score on that.
11:27 pm
braves take an 11-nine lead. bottom of the ninth two men on. cedric hunt. i didn't know who cedric hunter was but that's a walk off homerun. the phils within 12-11. million dollar baseball cards they are hard to come by. but what are the odds of finding seven of them? a southern california family found seven tie could be trading cards from the early 1900's in a paper bag in the house of their deceased great grandfather before the find there were only veep thought to still exist. so, guys, what's the best thing you've ever randomly found? >> nothing hike that. >> you've asked three times and i still can't think of anything. >> i've given all these shows to come up with something and you can't come up with anything. >> maybe 20 bucks. >> i will search for something. >> real quick question, you called elton brand three times over. >> he's old in sports years. >> i was going to say. >> not in life years. >> i'm coming after you. >> i'm king tut then.
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>> the music of piano man. >> philly's pop play the music of billy joel. i'll tell you about the
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special concert series much the crowd enjoyed many songs from the six time grammy winner' collection. billy joel hand picked cavenaugh to star in moving out. tony nominated broadway show that feature the piano man's song. ♪
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team is back tomorrow from five to 7:00 a.m. for kate and pat i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. the late show with stephen colbert is neck.
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