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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  October 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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welcome to 9 news at noon. donald trump is coming to colorado again. our state is proving to be quite the battle ground. trump has two rallies planned for today. the one in love land is at the budweiser event center at 6:00 p.m.
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attorney general's office ordered the trump foundation to immediately stop fund raising in the state, saying it is not registered to do so. james shehan says failure to stop immediately and answer demands for delinquent financial reports within 15 days shall be deemed a continuing fraud upon the people of the state of ;?(new york. the trump campsays the foundation intends to cooperate with the investigation. another elephant in the room during the new york times published an article saying trump may have gone 18 years without paying taxes. the times sites trump's 1995 tax documents in which he reports more than 900 million in losses. that large loss would make him legally eligible to not pay taxes up to 18 years. trump's people say the document was obtained illegally and the newspaper is putting a spin on the story. the billionaire tweeted that he
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than anybody so he would be the candidate to fix it. a new associated press story alleges trump made sexist remarks about women on his tv show. former cast and crew say trump would rate women by breast size and talk about whether he would sleep with him. a spokes person calls the claim out landish. another man hoping to be president will be in colorado today. atrium of the great hall. the libertarian party was founded in colorado and johnson is polling higher here than in other states. colorado has been a destination for all the candidates. they have been making a lot of stops solidig status as hillary clinton is in ohio today. that's where she has the support of nba super star lebron ron james.
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home slowly churning northogiswa say the p storm is expected to approach jaica and southwest haiti tonight. becky, what's really scary is the fact that some people cantor won't leave -- can't or won't leave their homes. >> it is not recommended that the folks stay put. already many streets have flooded in low lying areas. here is a report from kingston, jamaica. >> reporter: ominous clouds are here and we are bracing for impact of heavy rains and strong winds. that category 4 hurricane matthew is making its way towards jamaica. a short time ago we were hit with a feeder band.
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flash flooding was triggered. locals are making a run on supplies. >> i just want to be on the safe side. this is food that we can eat next year if i don't use it now. >> reporter: gas, grocery, lumber preparing for the next big impact which we expect late monday night and early into tuesday. this island nation is bracing for the next big round of punching storms here which could arrive at any moment. ba closer look at matthew and where it's headed after it moves passed jamaica in a little bit. our weather meanwhile has been very windy lots of sunshine over the denver metro area. check this out, 44-mile per hour wind gusts near centennial. dia is reporting 32-mile per hour wind gusts, aurora 39. those are hanging on all the way through this evening. it is not until late tonight
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winds significantly calm down at least here in denver. they will be staying strong tonight in our foothills. the other thing the winds are doing is since they're out of the southwest they're warming us up quickly. it is 79 at d.i.a., 60th out west over the foothills. rain will be staying to our west, too dry east of i-25 to get that to hit the ground. plenty in the low 80s for highs, 70s by 3:00 this afternoon. a major change is coming in our forecast. we will lose these winds but we cool off quite a bit. we have more details on that. >> thank you. wise is not returning as manager. his departure was a resignation although the contract expired after this season anyway.
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in four seasons. rockies actually outperformed some expectations in 2016 hosting a 75 and 87 record and finishing a surprising third in the nl west. but he is out. the two who police say stole car in aurora should be considered armed and dangerous. they're driving a gold toyota toyota corolla. if you see them, don't they stole the car. this all went down sunday night. jefferson deputies need your help finding a suspect they say tried to abduct a 14 year old girl. do you recognize this guy? they say a man matching this description crazy hair cut and all tried to abduct a girl friday. they say she was walking to a bus stop. he followed her and got out of his car and told her to get inside. when she refused he tried to push her in.
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anyone with information should call crime stoppers at 720-913- stop. to the latest on the horrific train crash in hoboken new jersey. more than 100 people were injured. a woman on a platform was killed. the crash was last week. investigators have interviewed the he has near at the controls but so far he hasn't given any information that they need including how fast the train was going. the station is so st drone to survey the train inside. >> reporter: this morning, photos from ntsb showing extensive structural damage inside hoboken station that's kept investigators from gaining access to much of the train. over the weekend they did interview the engineer tom eagle gore who told investigators he had gotten plenty of sleep the night before, his cell phone was in
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brakes were working normally. >> he said when he checked the speedometer he was operating at 10 miles per hour when entering the station track. the engineer says he has no memory of the accident. he remembers waking up on the floor of the cab. >> reporter: ten miles per hour is the posted speed limit but witnesses say the train was going much faster. another setback for ntsb, the first black box retrieved from the locomotive wasn't working, no recording of the speed or breaking action. investigatessers hope a second black box still inside captured the data. the body of the 34 year old mother who died in the crash is now back in brazil -- back in brazil for burial. after the crash perkins knelt beside her waiting for paramedics. >> i told her to breathe, focus on your family and your loved ones. i am here. i am not going to leave you.
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>> reporter: renewed focus on the safety record. inspectors were so concerned they began safety audits over the summer finding dozens of alleged violations and ordering immediate fixes. >> so i believe on initial look that there is a lack of culture of safety. >> new jersey transit has not commented on the crash. national transportation safety board says the signals on the working normally. they didn't find anything unusual on the tracks either. some are pointing to the similarities to last year's crash near philadelphia that killed eight people. an engineer who can't remember what happened and witnesses so say the train entered the station way too fast. big money, big merger. bass pro shops and cabela's
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outdoor goods, a $5.5 billion deal. it's not yet clear whether the deal will result in store closures or job losses. cabela's has been on the decline recently losing ground to smaller businesses and online retailer. bass pro shops ceo hopes the acquisition will help to grow cabela's brand. an experimental drug could provide so much for people with eczema. that's music to the ears for them and music to the ears of those living in the land of lotion and chap stick. you know what we are talking about. first, grab that coat. it's about to get real out there.
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welcome back everybody. it is extremely windy in the 9 backyard. before we talk about the winds, i want to talk about more dangerous situation for other parts of at least the northern hemisphere. we'll put it that way. this is within the region that a lot traveling or thinking of traveling say if you are going to miami certainly. down around cuba and also through haiti we are watching hurricane matthew, an extremely strong category 4 with maximum sustained winds at 140 miles per hour. it is expected to approach kingston within the next several hours. by tuesday it will pass by as a
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that's with maximum stained winds at 130 miles per hour. then it veers further east of florida possibly making landfall near the carolinas sometime into friday and saturday. this is a very strong system that we are keeping a very close eye on. in denver, of course the winds are what we are most concerned about. in fact here it is so windy and dry that we have high fire danger, red flag warnings until 7:00 tonight, 35-mile per hour gusts at least expected locations through denver to northeast colorado straight down i-25 to trinidad. to our west, a wind advisory until 6:00 tonight for gusts to 50 miles per hour. that will be far northwest colorado. temperatures are really responding to the winds now with 79 in denver, 75 grilley, 69 fort collins, eastern plains in 70s and 80s with 50s in the mountains. outside 9 news, lots of wind. our current temperature is 73.
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it stays up over our mountains. it is too dry along and east of i-25 for that to even get here. we are going to keep rain and snow up over faces like glenwood springs stretching to veil. we'll get a few clouds but that will be the extent of it and another dry day is in store for us tomorrow. 82 is your high in denver, 78 around fort collins, 80s and 90s for eastern plains, mountain areas in the 50s and 60s, wi at 15 to 30 miles per hour with stronger gusts. tonight we will drop to 40 with clear skies and winds decreasing. then we are in the 60s for tuesday and wednesday. i am watching thursday very closely. right now we are going with a high of 52 and a chance for rain, overnight lows in the 30s. it could be cooler.
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in your health news, a new study finds head side or micro self lee is one of several issues facing babies born to mothers with zika. a small study in brazil found other abnormalities with cerebral fluid, brain folds, and also head size. if you have lived in colorado for any amount of time, you know it is dry here. that definitely doesn't help if you already have dry skin.
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eczema. relief may be in sight for eczema sufferers. it is an experimental drug fast tracked by fda. several studies show it significantly improved symptoms like rash and itching. the injectable medication helped with inflammation in the immune system so it wi so be tested to are other conditions -- for other conditions like asthma and sinusitis. would you recognize this it doesn't look like one. how about now? you see the lights and you good et it. just when it li ?dcouldn't get stiltier, along comes this. after adding red and blue light visors, ford says it is introducing reel lights built into the spoilers. for police this means better
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more. it will be harder to identify those police vehicles.
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it seems like these days everything is automated. >> would you turn your decisions about your life savings to a computer? new digital platforms can manage your portfolio and charge less than a human financial adviser but is consumer reports takes a look. >> reporter: when allison began investing she opened an account with a robo adviser. they use computer algorithms based on risk tolerance and time line to recommend investments at a fraction of the cost of a human adviser. >> it didn't feel old or conservative. it felt really on the cutting
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investing. >> reporter: she's not alone. robo advisers have become big business. >> they manage an estimated $53 billion and that number is expected to grow. >> reporter: some players include companies like betterment. schwab is also getting into the game. experts at consumer reports say going robo requires faith in technology especially in a rocky market. >> there record. robo services haven't been around that long and haven't been tested in a true market. >> reporter: rob os don't account for the true element. it cannot help you prioritize several financial goals like should you pay down debtor save more? it also cannot help with tricky situations like divorce, handling finances of an aging
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>> should you use a robo adviser? it depends on several things including your financial circumstances and your comfort level. consumer reports has a quiz to help you figure out what adviser might suit you best. you can find that on our website. kim kardashian west unfortunately was robbed at gun point inside a private residence in paris overnight. very scary. she was staying in paris for it is described as a bed and breakfast for millionaires. lots of celebrities stay there. she was at fashion shows throughout the day and got back at about 2:30 in the morning when sources say five men went into the hotel room. at least two of them tied her up, locked her in the bathroom and stole her jewelry, $10
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questioned by detectives, has left paris. apparently she's on her way home, probably really shaken up by that. definitely a big story. another big story is the
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we've got a quick note for any of you taking the train. b line trains are stopped. there will be bus shuttles in place to take you from union station to westminster. there problem with b line. follow us on twitter and social media and we'll let you know what happens. >> it is super windy today. >> i walked out and i was like woah, hold on to the hair. >> we will see these through this evening with highs in the 80s and cooling to the 60s tuesday and wednesday. the biggest cool off is thursday. right now i have highs in low 50s with a chance for rain showers on the way. overnight it will clear and we
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overnight lows. >> cozy. >> haven't seen our first freeze yet. >> cozy sock weather. you are making hot chocolate. >> pumpkin spiced whipped cream. >> perfect weather for it. thank you for joining us. we'll see you for 9 news at
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jm: i'm jarod miller. all my life i've been exploring the animal kingdom. sometimes it's tense, sometimes funny, but always amazing. now i want you to join me because when it comes to exploration, it's best just to jump right in. hi, i'm jarod miller and welcome to animal exploration. everyone knows a colorful character, and the animal kingdom is no different. today we're going to check out some colorful animals and see how they use their colors and


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