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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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18 is a good number. >> reporter: those who played and worked alongside peyton manning during his career say yes he was an incredible football player. but it is his character they admire. >> we're going to hear about the numbers and the wins and the awards. and all those things are amazing but to me the thing that's the most amazing, is the way you went about it. >> it was only nine months for me but i will remember it for a lifetime. i love you bud, i wish you the best. >> reporter: his voice clearly altered by emotion still carried gratitude to his hometown of new orleans. >> to all of my denver teammates, thank you for what you've done for this old quarterback. football fans everywhere need to know how much they've meant to me over the years. fans, you were at the core that makes this game remarkable.
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remarkable was his passion for the game. >> when someone thoroughly exhausts and experience they can't help but revere it. i revere football. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it. absolutely, absolutely i will. 9 news sports anchor rod mackey joins us live. there were great moment there is. >> reporter: this was 12 minutes of an emotional speech. he was brought in to help the broncos win another one of these. a super bowl. he went out and did that. twice he got there. the second try the charm for peyton manning. he went out and got what the broncos wanted. a hat trick of super bowl trophies if you will. you would think that would be his biggest memory.
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didn't say super bowl. >> this game in my opinion is a people business. it's a relationship business. it's certainly not a play on the field or a throw, it's none it's moments. obviously, have them my family and being able to hold my kids. and i'm going to have to go with that super bowl trophy. it's one i will always remember. but, i mentioned a lot of those memories today. of small, small moments that career. >> another one of his moments or accomplishments is the fact that he left so many players here better than they were. we sat and talked with player after player talking about peyton manning, what he meant to them and each and every one said that peyton made them a a person. four special years here in
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now we have to see what happens next, brock osweiler hits the market. and the free agency frenzy begins. we'll hear more about peyton manning coming up. >> a lot to look forward to in the next season. it's no surprise people showed up at the bronco's headquarters to see the sheriff in his last day as a football player. >> the guy is amazing. >> reporter: and hopes they will see him, fans stood outside of the headquarters to catch a glimpse of him. >> thank you for all the great things he did. >> reporter: the great things colts.
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remembers the day that 18 came to denver. >> devastating. it was pretty devastating. a lot of people were really upset. you know, loss of a good quarterback but peyton had such a, just a mark on the community. >> reporter: today marks the day of reflection not just for bronco's fans. not just for colts fans. >> i've been a fan of peyton manning for the past 18 years. i was a colts fan originally. >> reporter: for peyton manning fans willing to be a fan wherever he took the field. >> that's pretty much how it went. >> you followed peyton. >> i did. >> as the storm moved in, peyton manning made it official. >> there is just something about 18 years. 18 is a good number. and today i retire from profootball. >> reporter: and we all stood in the rain, live streaming his last words as an nfl quarterback. >> fair enough.
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moment for manning, and his fans. >> i can't imagine. >> reporter: thankful to have have been witness to one of the grateful of all time. >> it's an honor, it really is. >> many fans hope manning will stay in the game in the front office or perhaps a coaching role. and democrats had super delegate, republicans do not. nine news political reporter brandon rittiman is joining us. >> reporter: super delegates are people. delegates. establishment, they are real. they get to vote in the national convention and they they want. who they want right now as you can see right now by a huge
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of the states they've won, they got 772 candidates, sanders got superdelegates. it's meant to be a check on sanders. if the party elders think clinton has a better chance to win this is the way they can her. in fact, things might look a whole lot different for had super delegates. let's take a look at them. today. but if we dreamed up a super delegate and gave them the same weight that they have on the democratic side it would be worth 238 more delegates for these candidates. that's enough to give rubio 391 which would be a virtual tie
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have 543 which would start to look like a blow out for him. but that's not the system republicans have. there are no super delegates. trump has managed to cause full advantage and caused real chaos in the party this year. what's better for a party? super delegates or no super delegates. whether you value stability or value giving more power to the mood of the people. brandon rittiman, 12 news. florida, illinois and ohio have quite a few delegates and they are winner takes all. the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan will be held friday. it will be held at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. nancy reagan will lie in repose for a private visitation on thursday and friday. friday's funeral will be closed to the public. she died of congestic heart
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angeles home. . president obama spoke about lady. >> i know how much she meant not just for president reagan but the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her. and i'm sure he would be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> reporter: nancy reagan was a fierce protective of her husband's imagine and a chief influence behind his career. she was 94 years old. a jury has awarded an erin andrews $55 million in the case of a secretly recorded video. the jury came back with their decision this afternoon after a day of deliberations. andrews who worked for fox sports maintained the stalker and two hotel companies were to blame for the video. atlanta fire and rescue say it is fire has killed four men and two women at a boardinghouse on that city's northwest side. the first call came in early this morning.
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the building because the fire had already spread. when firefighters arrived flames were blowing through the roof and the structure had started to collapse. it's the latest trending computer in security. cyber security experts say ransomware may become a common part of the online landscape. >> that's a hard decision to have to have to make. >> reporter: it may sound crazy but these are exactly the kinds of decisions that thousands of people are being forced to make thanks to a new cyber security threat called ransom ware. >> it's not a simple task like cleaning out your computer. it's getting your information back. >> reporter: more victims are
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>> they're not out to target one or two offices. they're targeting every homeowner and office. >> reporter: hankey says ransom ware is hidden in e-mail attachments. waiting for unsuspecting victims to double click. once that happens it doesn't take long for a hacker to gain control of your computer. cyber security expert john silio. >> it has shifted the entire cyber criminal world. >> reporter: according to silio roughly 90% of victims affected by ransom ware have paid off their hackers mainly because those victims have no external file back up and no other option for getting their data back. >> in the coming two to three years it will be probably 100% penetration because it's so effective and it's so good at making money. >> reporter: silo says backing up your computer files, not opening suspicious e-mails and keeping your security current is all helpful against hacks
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>> we're at the tip of the ice burg right now with ransom ware. >> reporter: the tip of the iceburg which could cause you or someone you know to have to make that decision. who's looking like -- or what's looking like another round of stormy weather like this week.
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doctors from the cleveland
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transplant. their hoping it will help those who suffer from infertility. doctors implanted a uterus from a deceased donor into the body of the recipient. she'll be taking medication to keep her body from rejecting the organ. they hope she will be able to conceive after invitro medication. >> at 18 doctors told me i could not become pregnant. and here we are at the beginning of this procedure. super cookies track the websites visited by cell phones. they then deliver targeted ads
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told. in addition to the fine, verizon will have to receive a to track. and storms may not be the only moisture we get this week. >> we could see more rain
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sunshine, showers even snow. you have to love march. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine. we're watching the snow and rain push east. skies are beginning to clear. we should have other than cloud cover a relatively quiet evening. temperatures will be dropping quickly and there was snow coming over the clouds. beautiful pictures on our web camera network this afternoon of about two do 5-inches of snow at some of your favorite resorts. the temperatures today topped out in the mid-40s. 71 in lamar. the average is up for compareson here. not too far off the mark for year. there's warming air coming our way. but there's another system coming over southern colorado. a little unsettled as we kick off this new week. the winds this hour very light out of the east-northeast at we're tracking foothills snow showers, scattered showers to the north of us. even a little thunder and
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around an area of low pressure surface low which is beginning to lift toward the northeast. there's another storm system, colorado. will increase the for now it's the mountains in southern california that will see the heaviest snow. with winter storm warnings posted for areas like big bear. welcomed precipitation there. too much of a good thing with flash watches and warnings. a lot of moisture coming off the coast. our next system will track northeast across the area. the next system will bring in mountain snow. increase the severe weather threat down to dallas and houston. threat for retating storms and large hail there as all of that moisture moves into all of this warm air already in play over the southern plain states. we're going to stay pretty cool here for the next day or two. some of that wrap around moisture will bridge snow over some of the higher passes.
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difficult travel due to snow and rain even though the activity is winding down. the southern low begins to push moisture back into southern colorado. a bit of rain and snow south of us. i put isolated foothill showers in and a similar scenario shaping up for wednesday. believe it or not concerns for high the fire danger tonight. even with all of this moisture coming into colorado. with a series of storms systems coming in from the west. we will have clearing conditions. the low 29 denver, low 30s in south eastern colorado. temperatures tomorrow will be kind of cool on the backside of this first system. then clouds moving in late in the day. and again wind will be something we'll be tracking for you as well. with foothill temperatures in the mid-30s for areas like idaho springs, blackhawk and evergreen. clearing, colder, our low 41. the storm taking aim at southern colorado.
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range in the low to mid-50s both tuesday and wednesday with just limited precipitation chances for us here. a nice midweek warming trend gets us back to 60 on thursday. close to 70 friday. we get you into the weekend with a warm weather trend and daylight savings begins. we move the clock forward one hour on sunday.
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crude oil up almost $2.
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hi everybody, peyton manning's retirement speech was more gut wrenching than field of dreams and the green giant combined. manning never actually broke down and cried but he took 20 full seconds to compose himself
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and then choked back tears for the next 12 emotionally charged minutes. >> there's something about 18 years, 18 is a good number. and today i retire from profootball. a week before the super bowl, our daughter mosley asked me daddy is this the last game. yes, mosley it's the last game of the season. i sure do want you to win that trophy. i do too mosley and that's what we're going to try to do. then she asked, daddy, is this the last game ever. and that's when i shooked my head in amaze ment because i thought morton shepler had gotten to my daughter to get the answer. i revere the game, so you don't have to wonder if i will miss it.
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absolutely i will. i fought my football race. >> so like that the peyton manning era and after two division tightings -- two division titles and a super bowl victory. at the exact moment that manning was announcing his retirement, brock osweiler was becoming a free agent. any reason to panic? >> the broncos made that officer, three years, 45 million that's with incentives. that's not real dollars. but still they have not heard from brock osweiler in the nine days since they made that officer. the free agent period had its soft opening today. he was able to talk to other teams. the houston texans are the team the broncos are most concerned about. >> we know where brock was.
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pushing incident outside of scottsdale pizzeria over the week edge. there's video that tmz posts. looks like brock handled it well. any trouble there. >> i heard someone in his party had another idea. and brock said, absolutely i am not going to order papa john's. but, no. i don't think you know there will be a lot of different ways to look at that tmz video. it's not helping brock osweiler. i don't think it necessarily puts him in good light. but i think it might help the broncos. >> never fumbled a pizza. the prices going up. and he knows what he'll soon be yearning for. here's rod mackey. >> reporter: what will peyton
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but there's no doubt that his teammates, his relationship with them both on and off the field topped that list. >> this was a special group of guys to play with. i have special friendships with all my old colts teammates, ones that i will cherish. but i have a lot of special ones here. a lot of guys are here today and it means a lot that you guys are here. vohn the fact that you came in from your celebrity tour to be here today. that really means a lot. i mean i know you have to get ready for that dancing with the stars pretty soon. >> one last zinger but vohn didn't mind. peyton put vohn on that tour. >> it's all because of the season we had and he gave it to me.
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telling me that he loved me and thanking me every time i made a throw to him. >> i didn't get any tears out. >> reporter: peyton did, but that's okay you're supposed to get emotional when you give up something you love so much. >> it really is pretty cool that manning chose to hold this retirement press conference here in denver. very easily could have held it in indianapolis where he played the majority of his career but he picked denver and maybe even new orleans where he grew up.
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tonight, breaking news. erin andrews awarded millions after a stalker secretly taped the sports reporter at a hotel. the jury taking only hours to decide. going for a knockout. trump tries to make florida a two-man race while clinton hopes to make michigan sanders' last stand, and one of the biggest remaining wild cards decides whether he'll shake up the race. honoring nancy reagan. funeral arrangements announced for the former first lady as new tributes pour in. flash flood emergency. deadly storms on the west coast forcing


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