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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  January 24, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MST

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all right. colorado, let's see how you are celebrating the big broncos win. use the hashtag to show us your photos. we will be retreating reactions from players and broncos alums tonight and in the two weeks leading up to the big game. 9 news continues. we're not done yet. broncos tonight is coming up. >> drew, rod, chad and mike
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it's coming! [ music ] >> the kick. touchdown, denver. >> pull-down and sacked. >> deep in the gun, throws, pass going to be intercepted. >> a touchdown. >> pass is caught! it's deflected! and intercepted! and wow! hi, everybody, and welcome to broncos tonight. drew, rod, mike, and chad following a 20-18 victories over the new england patriots in the a.f.c. championship game. so the broncos will play in super bowl l. honestly a sentence that you thought you would hear. rod, you called it from the start. >> i hate to say that i told
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denver found ways to get things done. they get it done the best when people doubt them. mike you talked about them earlier in the week. las vegas was against them. and the experts on the national tv stations were against them. and many people claim that we don't read the papers and watch television, but they saw it. >> you say they are going to win every year. >> he is a homer -- >> that is true. >> but if you play great defense and efficient on the offense, that is a winning -- proven time and time again. that's why they are there now, not because of rod. >> no. it is -- >> all right. defense did what they had to do. but all of this talk that manning is done. right? and here is a guy who can done. and wilson he is done. palmar is now done. tom brady done. manning is still playing on along with cam newton.
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i think nationally the broncos are going to be the sentimental favorite. first of all, they are the underdogs. every one routes for the underdog. and manning the underdog. >> crazy. we have been saying all year, that the broncos defense is terrific. not the '85 bears on the 20 ravens on the seahawks, but maybe they are. >> 2-15 on first down, that is really good defense. when you do things that set -- the most hits on any quarterback all season long. 20 hits today on tom brady, that puts you in the category. >> historic defense. >> historic-type defense, absolutely. >> you can make the case that maybe the '85 bears and the 2000 ravens are apples and oranges because the offenses have changed so much. it is such a passing offense, but i won't say that they're in the same category yet as the
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the broncos had the best offense of all-time and the seattle seahawks smoked them. so they have one more game before that category. >> call me a homer again, but last week we talked about, the best difference the broncos -- had. two games into the postseason, the d got it done and they did it today with the big play at the end of the games have been won by the defense. >> i'm concerned about one thing, mike. before the playoff started, you said man immigrant one hall of fame performance on that right arm, one average performance and below average performance. i'm worried he hasn't had the third one yet. >> he had a hall of fame quarter and a half today. how about that. >> okay. >> two can't ones -- decent
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early, manning was a better quarterback and brady was for the better team. but today brady was a better quarterback, he went against a tougher defense, and manning is quarterbacking for the better team. >> you can talk about throwing 76 yards, and 17-36, whatever it was, the most important stat in the last two weeks is zero interceptions. he needs to continue that in the super bowl. >> one turnover in the last 10 quarters, still impressive. >> you were right on. >> nothing from nothing leaves manning. zero interceptions. the most important number is zero. >> drew can be right and i cannot on my prediction. >> you don't know -- >> all right. >> you're right. >> manning and brady -- manning- brady, tom had more yards and more interceptions, and manning had one more touchdown and more importantly he got the win.
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games. >> this will be his fourth conference championship game. 15th overall postseason appearance. he has 12 postseason victories looking for 13 today. >> didn't look good the first two plays, had a bad first play and the second play a good pass breakup. converted the 3rd down, and then the good play and we found rhythm. >> he throws, daniels is there. danielwise the catch. touchdown, cleveland. >> the run -- and -- yeah. the 12-yard run. >> you go, peyton. >> they dropped a lot of guys in coverage. we had five guys out trying to -- trying to find a hole in there either on the -- either on the front side or the back side, they had it covered well. >> the broncos are going to have 50 -- super bowl l. >> i have great respect for tom
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and the job as a quarterback for that franchise. >> your 2015afc champions, broncos. >> i'm fortunate and grateful i have the opportunity to contribute still in some way. and i'm very, it is a great honor to be going back to the super bowl. super bowl l. [ music ] >> manning joked about his 12- yard run i call it the paper airline, but i think it might have been the most important play of the game. remember the radio call from john elway's helicopter, you think the 37-year-old man doesn't want to win the game, change the number to 39. >> it what it felt like. it shows you how bad peyton wanted. earlier in the season that could have been a self-sac, not this time, and he made $2 million winning. that's motivation. >> you have to contrast that to last year, rolling right against the indianapolis colts, 20 yards in front of him. but it was either because he
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sanders. he was double covered. that was a bad message for that like manning was not willing. that play he was not willing to do what it takes in order to win the game. yes. the rest of the team saw that manning is in for the victory. >> john elway talked about it that is manning's kicking and screaming moment this year for him. and perhaps one of the most emotional plays in the ballgame. >> i hope the broncos sent a ball to cincinnati's linebacker after they beat pittsburgh. tonight they need to fedex one to the placekicker. amazing. >> this is one of the games tough for mcmanus to out kick his opponent, because he has been so good all year. >> the whole game changed. >> the 33-yard extra point, we talked about that when they changed the rule.
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you're right, it comes down to the end. that game should have probably gone into overtime. and heavens for bid in over time, at that point momentum was changing. >> i think -- over 400 -- extra points before a miss. >> 524. >> 524. >> exactly 524. >> that is amazing. this is the game he chooses to blow it. that turns the game around and gives the broncos a chance. >> you have your two safeties out. and the denver defense is better when you have ward and stuart out there. they got it done for a while. >> belichick, he went for it on 4th down inside of the 17 twice. if he kicks one field goals or two. >> the whole decisions belichick made was based on the one missed extra point. all right.
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yeah. still kicking, kicking and screaming to the super bowl on february 7th. daniels was far from a fantasy february favorite. nine games without a single touchdown and scored two in the first half of the a.f.c. championship game. the guy has good timing. [ music ] >> the winner today goes to super bowl l. [ music ] >> new england rushes, too, peyton bounces around. he throws, daniels is there. >> dream come true, two touchdowns and you're going to the super bowl . >> that's all that matters. we're going to go, we're in the it. i love this team so much, man. >> they are up four, peyton a daniels is there, with the
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>> he is awesome down in the red zone. i know owen wanted this game as much as anybody. his season ended last year in new england and for him to have two touchdowns in this game, i'm very happy for him. difference. >> the denver bronco team can never be counted out. never, never, never. all right. i was nervous at the end, but i was so confident and they came through like they did all year. so-- ah, i'm speechless right now. i'm sorry. >> seriously take me to the final moments. twice on 4th down. an unbelievable football game, and the defense got it done at the end. >> yeah. obviously we have a lot of respect for the football team we played today. and a lot of good players that you cannot count out. but we had a better team and
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we got it done. give them credit. >> when you can gare -- and gary talked and you decided to come to colorado, is this we? >> 100%. this is why i'm playing football. to be in the moment and to get the to game we're going to play in a couple of weeks. so this worked out the way we wanted to. we have one game left and make the most of it. >> this trip is not over yet. one more win. >> we want to win it all. so we're planning on doing that. >> congratulations. >> thank you. ( screaming ). ah! [ music ] >> okay. so now we go from manning- brady, 19, the manning-newton one, guys. how in the world, what is the broncos possible kryptonite for this superman. >> they need to come up with good schemes and burn the mid night oil. to plan quarterback runs for
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not built to stop that type of thing. plus once you actually diagnose the play and it is cam newton one-on-one -- it is a physical mismatch. he will runover the guys. and passing the ball with efficiency. the broncos defense will have their work cut out for him, that's how good of a quarterback he is. >> i love cam newton. i know a lot of people don't like his antics and everything, but he is fun to watch. he is unstoppable sometimes. he's kind of, this year, he's developed into what he was at auburn in his final year there against rutgers. he is just toying with nfl defenses here. the good news for the broncos, they get two weeks. it would be really tough to stop them with one week, but two weeks, maybe fill ups can figure it out. >> and something like today, even if brady went down, he was hit, and guys like wolf, he is a big guy. he will hurt newton as well.
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if miller plays like he did today, that will help to stop him. you need your best players to be at your best. >> newton is so flamboyant that the panthers defense does not get attention. but you cannot go 17-1 without good players on the ball. >> luke is the best defense player. j.j. is a slam dunk for the award. but luke -- he missed a couple of games earlier this season, but such great instincts at the linebacker position. you have short is their best pass rusher. coleman and norman are two secondary guys. big on the takeaways they lead the league with a long shot, 31 this year. >> they have eight all pros. they-- >> on their defense. >> on their team, eight all pros. more than any team in the nfl. >> 17-1 and just -- >> they are not winning like the broncos.
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>> and you have davis at another linebacker spot. so they will take it away. sanders and -- thomas away from brady. so great game. >> each of us two weeks to change our mind back and forth. but tonight, first thing you think of when i say super bowl l, broncos panthers. >> the homer -- >> broncos. >> all right. everyone said green bay and denver won. i see it again. >> too tough, toughest team the i like the panthers. >> the broncos are so number of times, but resilient. i'm not a homer. all right. >> i like panthers tonight, but i think i will switch. happy birthday, mike. >> thank you. they're going to the super
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there a few light snow showers on radar in the metro area. the heavier bands are off to the east. an unsettled scenario tonight and tomorrow. i don't think it will impact the drive too much. but not entirely calm and quiet.
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than accumulation. but snow and wind. we clear tuesday, we warm wednesday, we could see 60s by the end of the week. next weekend is looking amazing. i don't know what it is about the monday storm thing, but yep, the next chance for snow is monday again. >> that is okay. better than friday, saturday, and sunday.
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