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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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missed opportunities to stop a deadly high school shooting before it happened. and today... the district is expected to give answers on how it plans to fix the issues. this video of a snowboarder caught in an avalanche became popular online. we'll explain why he's now facing possible criminal charges. and the east coast is preparing for a major snow storm. they're expecting 2 feet of snow! marty coniglio will explain when this monster storm is expect to hit. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart join
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marty-snow is not going to come this weekend! developing this morning..... a british judge says that russia's leader amelia earhart join us. marty-snow is not going to come this weekend! developing this morning..... a british judge says that russia's leader probably approved the killing of an ex-russian agent..... and the british government has frozen the assets of 2 suspects in the murder. former k-g-b agent alexander litvinenko claimed developing this morning..... a british judge says
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probably approved the killing of an ex-russian agent..... and the british government has frozen the assets of 2 suspects in the murder. former k-g-b agent alexander litvinenko claimed to have dark kremlin secrets. in 2006, he met with 2 russian men at a london hotel... and 3 weeks later, litvinenko died of radioactive poisoning. the kremlin has always denied involvement in his death. the judge made his ruling today after a 6-month inquiry... saying that the
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orders of russia's security agency... and that president vladimir putin probably approved the action. happening today .. the littleton public school board is meeting to discuss the findings of arapahoe high school shooting. 9news reporter vida urbonas is in the information center with more on the meeting this afternoon. the school board is meeting at 4pm .. to discuss the shooting report.. there will be a news conference immediately following the meeting. the meeting comes just days after 3 reports were released .. that focused on the deadly arapahoe high school shooting.. in it .. it says .. that that littleton public schools and arapahoe high school could have done more to prevent the shooting. the reports say that a number of teachers and students had interactions with the shooter .. which should have been red flags. but in many cases, either no communication was made about those interactions or school officials did nothing about it. he was never disciplined for
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his debate team coach.. which happened just three months before the attack. the report also says that the school and the district-- didn't have good systems for sharing information with police. the 18 -year old shooter had threatened students and staff multiple times over the course of 10 years. he eventually shot and killed claire davis ... and then killed himself inside the school. littleton public schools now has a threat assesment team. they didn't have that in 20-13, during this attack. the school board meet to discuss the shooting report this afternoon at 4. there will be a news conference immediately following the meeting to discuss the report.. we will be there and bring you the latest on air and on line. today - the woman accused of stabbing the denver fire chief will be in court. police arrested marlene zacevich - rodriguez after the attack. witnesses told police - and took this video - of the suspect jumping into the chief eric tade's car at speer and colfax. he was stabbed in the arm and leg. police think the
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random. and the house fire in larkspur that was breaking news yesterday morning... is one of the most read stories on 9news- dot-com. the homeowner credits his dogs' barking with waking him up - so he noticed the fire. 3 people and 2 dogs escaped. the flames were shooting through the home's roof when firefighters arrived on the scene. and in aurora - firefighters are getting props online for caring for a dog after a car crash. the dog's owner was injured in the crash and taken to the hospital. firefighters gave lucy a ride back to their fire house in the fire engine... and hung out with her until she was picked up. today - the lawyers for the polygamous family made famous on reality tv... will be in a denver federal
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courtroom. the lawyers for the stars of the show - "sister wives" want a uphold a ruling decriminalizing polygamy in utah. kody brown and his four wives filed a lawsuit against utah after being investigated for bigamy. state attorneys there say they won't prosecute brown... but want the law upheld to prevent abuses like underage marriage. right now- the area is preparing storm. they got a taste of it last night when snarled for hours hour. the smallest of hills made tires spin... and this is just the start of the winter weather for this area. they're expecting another storm to roll in on friday - and bring a minimum of 6 inches of snow... and more than 2 feet of it in other areas. meteorologists in that area are so concerned about this storm - that they've already issued a "red weather alert" for friday and saturday! an area is this
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we're continuing the hashtag-we-
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the hashtag-we- are-broncos photo morning - by asking for photos of your share your photos with us on social hashtag-we-are- broncos... we'll be putting your pictures on t-v through the day today! colorado's backcountry has a "considerable" avalanche risk right now...
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be in trouble with the law for causing this avalanche. the university of
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students to be aware of their surroundings... after an assault was reported late last night. a woman told campus police that a college aged man followed a woman
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described as 6 feet tall and was wearing a hat with flaps over the ears. he is not in custody. best ways to protect yourself is try not to walk alone, stay in well lit areas or contact campus safety for an escort. millions of people have watched this video of a snowboarder getting caught in this avalanche. he and his buddy were both wearing cameras - so there is video of the moements the avalanche breaks loose around them.. this happened at sugar bowl resort in california. the resort is pressing criminal charges against the 28-year-old boarder... saying he was in a very active avalanche area that's been closed to the public since 20-10. they say he caused the avalanche, putting himself, ski patrol, and others at risk. oregon's governor is calling on the federal government to act against the armed group that's taken
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governor kate brown says she's frustrated with the way federal agents are handling the group's continued occupation of the refuge.... and the governor wants them to end the siege. locals residents also want them to leave. that's from a community meeting the group attended earlier this week. ammon bundy and are demanding that federal lands in turned over to local residents. today marks one week since a 2- disappeared in a section of woods in tennessee. law enforcement they they've found makes them think still within the search area. officers and volunteers have been looking for him almost around-the-clock since he went missing while walking with family members last week. searchers are feeling the pressure to find noah today - because bad weather is expected to move in tomorrow.
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says that coalition airstrikes against the islamic state militants are getting more lethal. airstrikes have killed more than 64-hundred isis fighters in the last 3 months. the coalition says isis is showing the effect of the losses... because they're replacing fighters with less skilled ones. also - fighters appear to be defecting from the group more often. and it seems that a group affiliated with isis is trying to carve out a small part of eastern afghanistan... that's near the border with pakistan. they're doing radio broadcasts, trying to recruit new members - and threatening to kill journalists in that country. those journalists say they recognize the voice - as a former colleague who knows their names and where they work. the danger of the recruiting work is that in this part of afghanistan, not many people have access to the internet - so the radio is their primary source of information. a dashcam in brazil captured video of a scary rollover - when you see it you
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you can see the truck flipping a couple of times .. a passenger is flung out the window and flips... before landing on the ground. that person only it is a dramatic reminder why seat belts are so important. search teams are looking through the rubble trying to find any missing or injured people after an earthquake rocked china. the quake registered a six point four in the richter scale. the impact shook more than 30- homes were destroyed but thankfully no reported. spain are throwing in the costume. and it's not because he's a bad performer. chucking is part of on saint sebastian in armor, a horned devil mask. punish the devils by
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of turnips at them. stock markets around the world0 are being hit hard by fears of a slowing economy.... so some are questioning g-m's big decision to expand in china. we'll dig further into both issues. but first, lets check in with marty and amelia. this morning
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wall street.... as asian stock markets opened higher.
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dropped to its lowest level in nearly two years. at one point -- the more than 500 points. the dow picked up some ground and closed down only 249 points. the big drop is crude oil prices. crashed to below $27 dollars a barrel -- which is since may 2003. general motors knows how to put this incredible presentation is to kick off a new shanghai. however, china's struggling some doubt whether this new joint venture will
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