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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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station can proudly say it sold a powerball winning ticket. two other winning tickets are out there as well. this morning we are wanting to know who hit the jackpot. okay. today governor john hickenlooper is going to stand before the colorado legislature and deliver his state of the state address. he'll talk about some lofty goals he has for colorado and the challenges he faces with a deeply divided legislature. right now we want to get to developing indonesian police are investigating a series of bombings in the capital city of jakarta. seven people, including the attackers, are dead. isis is claiming -- we believe that isis is involved in this attack, but nothing official yet. and they are believing that this was modeled after the paris attacks. again we are following this information and once we get some more we will pass it along. 5:30. good morning.
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gary and corey with you. cheryl's on assignment. marty is in the weather center and traffic reporter amelia earhart joins us, too. marty, pretty mild this morning? >> it is amazingly warm out here relatively speaking. here's why. it is very windy from broomfield into the fort collins area we have seen 25, 30-mile-per-hour winds this morning. it's blowing over 50 miles per hour on berthoud pass. that translates into some extremely warm temperatures. statewide we are still seeing some of the usual locations get that cold air morning drainage and going below zero. look in northern colorado from broomfield to erie, boulder up through fort collins and loveland we are in the 40s this morning because of down sloping chinook winds. at the greeley airport it is 7 above zero. these warm temperatures are gonna be confined to this morning and this afternoon because this afternoon the
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that brings in cooler air. you are gonna see temperatures drop off this afternoon and the wind's gonna kick up out of the northwest. it will be a cool afternoon after a relatively mild start. so don't let this start of the day let you think that, oh, we are going to set record highs or something like that. we are not going to get that much warmer than we are right now. amelia, it's great to have starts to the day like this because it's dry, it's warm. you get a little bit of wind every now and again, but that doesn't usually bother folks. exactly. west side. 93 could see some blowing snow like we saw earlier in the week and also i-70 could be gusty. standard. 5 or 6 minutes. 50s and 60s heading north and southbound. sunrise at 7:19 as our days get a little bit longer. this is with one of our cdot
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bounces around this morning. for right now nice and calm. clear. no major crashes to speak of. >> you are full of good news so far. we like that. thanks much. today we are gonna hear from colorado governor john hickenlooper about his goals for the state during his annual state of the state address. morning. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas preview. we already know some of the things he is going to talk about? >> reporter: we do. some of those are lofty ones. democrats control the house. republicans control the senator. governor hickenlooper hopes to have some control over the laws that pass this session. the session opened up yesterday with house and senate leaders giving their pitches. the governor gave us a preview of some of the things he plans to address. restructure the taxpayer bill of rights. republicans are opposed to the
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he will have a fight on his hands there. hickenlooper says he is opposed to the approximate ush to celeker and full strength beer at grocery stores worrying it will affect jobs in colorado's bustling brewing industry. speaking of business, the economy is expected to be a of the governor's speech. not just the good parts, butt bad parts like the lack of state. hickenlooper says in this year's address his goal is to speak to the entire state. now, we will carry governor john hickenlooper's state of the state address live today on 9news 11:00 a.m. once the governor is done we will have political reporter brandon rittiman and kyle clark and they will break down everything that was said in that speech. they will have a live interview governor hickenlooper on 9news at noon. in the next hour we will talk to lieutenant governor joe garcia about his vision for the state this year.
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it's 5:34. a fire destroyed a house overnight. the home on eagle street near 46th and chambers is a complete loss. some places only charred steel beams and pipes are left. everyone inside was able to get out safely. one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution. investigators believe the fire started in the gar and they are working to determine what started the fire? the last 30 minutes we have learned the 24 people in colorado springs were forced out of their homes when an apartment caught fire overnight. firefighters worked for hours to put out the flames. it's at the treehouse apartments on the city's southeast side. what is left is just a charred building. red cross is already helping those families that are out of their homes this morning. a second teenager accused in a murder plot at her highlands ranch high school is expected to be charged today. investigators say the girls made detailed plans to hurt students and staff at mountain vista high school in december.
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was charged as an adult. we are not naming the second suspect due to her age and she hasn't been charged yet. her hearing is scheduled for 8:30 this morning. 5:35. a new member of the colorado rapids is joining the team right in the middle of a criminal investigation after he was stabbed in washington state. now, marco papa was recently traded to the rapids from the seattle sounders in mid december. papa's girlfriend, who happens to be miss washington, called 911 saying that papa had been stabbed. now police are trying to figure out what happened since the couple's story keeps change. evidence found miss washington's apartment in that apartment leads officers to believe the stabbing probably happened there. stormy keefeler is already in trouble and could lose her miss washington crown. she was arrested for drunk driving in april of 2013 before
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it's just about 5:37 right now. wall street will be trying to claw back from wednesday's sell-off which extends the financial pain and what has been a dismal start to the year from an investment performance. the drop-off came despite early gains that came after some actually positive economic news prices. unfortunately, it was not enough to hold the entire day and a late day sell-off pushed the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 back into correction territory. highs. investors worried about earnings coming up. jpmorgan reports today they are concerned about oil price and the global economy. to put this all in perspective, nearly $3.2 trillion has now been wiped out of investors' foals around the world. that's year-to-date. nearly $2 trillion of that just from the united states alone. well, no powerball excuse. we are not getting ready for
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no one in colorado matched all six numbers. california, florida, and tennessee. colorado sales yesterday reached $3,000 per minute. at last count the colorado lottery put sales at $19 million since saturday's drawing. now, we did get some winners in our state. five people won 100 grand. ten won $50,000. even if all you got was the powerball number, you might have won four bucks. $4. >> times two. >> i will pitch in a little bit more for starbucks. >> all right. anyway, congratulations if you did win something. 5:38 right now. a fire's job is to protect. protect the land, property and most importantly lives. but now the firefighters of south adams county are also doing more to protect themselves. we talked about firefighters having a higher risk of developing several types of cancer. it's important to track what they are exposed to on their calls. south adams fire accident is the first and only department in the
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called the exposure tracker. it helps them call every firefighter goes on in detail from the type of call, color of the smoke to the amount of time inside the home and time before they shower. it's something that's very personal for them. right now they have six cases of cancer in their department of 80 people. their fire chief is one of them. >> when safety officer morgan dime me with the exposure tracker, originally he said they wanted to do it to test it on a few people i said instead of offering it as a trial, let's do the whole department. >> that's exactly what they did. the cost is less than $5 per firefighter per year. now 80 firefighters and paramedics paid and volunteer are documenting every call with the hope they never need that information. if they do, they have the proof. windy in the foothills again. 50 to 55 miles per hour over berthoud pass. high-wind warning over the border.
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a few gusts possible 265. it's been 40 plus at buford. talk about flash flooding possible. along the gunnison river we have a flash flood watch until 5:00 tomorrow. there is an ice jam up near espy ranch north and east of gunnison. there is localized flooding in the area. light snow starts in the mountains today during the day so that by tomorrow morning you have 1-3 inches of new snow. by saturday morning flat tops, rabbit ears pass could see upwards of a foot of snow with 4-9 in summit county to vail. >> great news because i am skiing on saturday. >> there will. >> fresh powder. >> just for you. these egg shaped lip bombs are really popular. >> i know. a lot of people out in the newsroom have then. some consumers not too happy.
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our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power
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it's 5:43 right now. after a little more than two years on television, al-jazeera news channel will be shutting down at the end of april. 700 people might lose their jobs. al-jazeera will continue broadcasting its international digital services. the tv network venture is over. it comes because of very, very poor ratings. it was not making any money at all. a class-action lawsuit filed against a popular lip balm maker. they claim you it causes skin to crack, bleed, and blister. the woman's lawyer says the affected customers could total tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands. in fact, a lot of people have these things now. they are very popular. saying they are going to fight it. they say the health of their customers is their top priority. apple's updated operating system may help you sleep better.
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the feature uses your device's clock and geolocation, figures out when the sun sets in your area and as day turns to night the device automatically changes the display colors to warmer parts of the spectrum. it filters out the blue light. amazon has added a blue shade to their fire tablets as well. google's night light has it, too. so it's kind of cool. >> i like that. >> leave the device outside the bedroom? >> yeah. that's the other thing. a warning this morning from denver police for anyone trying to buy last-minute broncos tickets. be careful when you are shopping around for them. they suggest not buying them from places like craigslist and instead use official ticket exchanges. the department warns if you choose to use unofficial sites and the tickets are fake there is a very small chance that you won't get your money back. so a number of people this season have fallen victim to these types of ticket scams.
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these two right here. if you recognize them you're asked to call the number on your screen. >> always something to look out for. 5:44. michael hancock has proclaimed tomorrow orange friday in the city and county of denver. broncos fans in denver and through the state are encouraged to wear broncos orange and in celebration bannock street is going to be renamed broncos boulevard just for tomorrow. just for tomorrow. buildings and landmarks through the city will also be decorated and lit up in orange. so check that out. giveaway starts in about 15 minutes up conifer. and vida urbonas is at the king soopers at conifer road and south davis avenue. 7 a.m. three other giveaways start. one at the king soopers in in alamosa.
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this morning handing out broncos magnets. >> and they will go fast like they have always. this week's hashtag we are broncos photo challenge broncos gear. we want to see what you wear when you support the team. share it on social media. use the hashtag #wearebroncos. the day. i love seeing the ones where it's like a big group of people. like the whole, you know, station. look at that stained glass. >> that is very cool. i like the bobbleheads we saw earlier. broncos snowman. very nice. >> i like the broncos snowman. already. we'd like you to join us for a very special edition of the morning show tomorrow morning for orange friday and in honor of the broncos playoff game on sunday we are going to be live from inside the stadium. we are going to share with you lots and lots and lots of stuff about sunday's game. information on parking, transportation, ticket information. information on the history of the broncos and steelers,
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of the food that they are gonna have on sunday. our coverage begins at 4:30 and runs to 9 a.m. corey and i are gonna be out there. we will be the ones dressed really, really warm. >> a lot of orange layers. >> a lot of orange layers. exactly. 5:46 right now. a guy in buffalo made a huge mistake. he parked his car next to the lake and it got covered in ice. >> yeah. >> this morning that car's back on the road. but we'll show you what it took to get the car out. quite a mess, marty. a lot of people are saying he should have known better. now he does. now he does. experience is a good teacher. around here temperatures in the teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s. 18 below zero right now in alamosa. we have got some ice fog going in that part of our state. wind forecast to be between 40 and 50 miles per hour this morning in the foothills. we are gonna start to see that wind shift and come out of the northwest. it's gonna kick up during the afternoon.
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temperatures in the 40s mostly this morning. then we will actually drop off and slide into the upper 30s by late in the day. amelia, you get a start to a day like this, you think it's gonna be 70. we are not gonna get too much warmer. i am wearing a sleeveless dress right now because i thought it was going to be this warm all day. luckily, i can change at noon. mets take a look at our 25 and about monument hill cdot camera. we have some flashing lights in the distance. possible crash in the southbound direction. because the cars that are traveling through are coming by one by one we may have a slight back-up behind the wreck. but not too worried about these delays as of yet. across the city perfect start for our thursday drive. but it's windy out to the west side. 93, i-70, c-470 gusty. two hands on the wheel if you are heading out this afternoon. your carwash forecast, today good. tomorrow with a chance of snow tomorrow night on the light side, you may want to consider
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welcome back. >> here we go. it's coming out right now. there we go. >> yeah, check out that car a driver in buffalo thankful. his car was encased in ice, now free. workers covered the car if calcium to melt the ice and they pulled and pulled and pulled and finally got it out. the driver parked outside a restaurant along lake erie sunday and waves crashed into the car causing several inches of ice to build up. the restaurant bartender says the man's friend, even his mom, mocked him for leaving the car blown sea spray. but he was in the bar. mocking earned, i would say. around here today clear conditions now. we have a weak front moving off from the northwest to our neck
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the moisture lagging a little bit behind. it's in idaho and utah right now. that's going to start slipping into the mountains later on. we don't have too much going on in the mountains other than the fact it's quite cold in several of the valleys between 10 and 20 below zero in places where you would normally expect it. teens, 20s, 30s through eastern colorado. dry conditions here. but late this morning and early afternoon we'll start to see some snow along the continental divide kind of blowing down over the peak to peak highway. again high temperatures reach 40s. we will be in the 40s to almost 50 around here, and then cooling off this afternoon with strong winds out of the northwest. light snow in the mountains today. 1-3 inches by tomorrow morning. we will get double that tomorrow into saturday morning. conditions anticipated for saturday. 40s, 50s in the east. 20s, 30s in the mountains. very windy for the front range
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light snow tomorrow afternoon. inch or less around here with snow showers. a little bit better, especially highway 14 to the north in northern colorado. but again this is not gonna be a big snowstorm for us. clouds increase. it gets breezy. mid 40s today, mainly this morning. turning colder tonight. 30s tomorrow with those light snow showers late in the day. we will have a couple of flurries hanging around this weekend, especially sunday afternoon, and then martin luther king jr. day, holiday on monday, very nice as we're back into the mid-and-upper 40s. amelia, late next week or middle of next week we have more snow on the way. >> we will be ready for it. we won't be seeing any difficult weather conditions. as we head out to the hampden cdot camera we are watching the volume. early start through the 5:00 hour and across the board to the south side we have seen now just a little bit of police activity southbound 25 on the approach to monument hill near founders parkway. a little bit of flashing lights there. we haven't seen that camera zoom into the crash.
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the right side of the road. traffic definitely getting through and speeds in the 60s. checking out travel times on 25, we are now down to about 62 miles per hour, which is not bad. showing us in the yellow there, let's consider that a green. nothing to worry about on the north or south side of 25. 270 it's 5 or 6 minutes across the stretch of commerce city. transitions from i-25 and i-70 are completely in the clear. that area of yellow is the windy
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speaking of which, we hope to see the broncos in the super bowl, right? we are going to definitely see some local players in the puppy bowl. three puppies are going to compete in animal planet's puppy bowl ten. ivy a three-month-old dachsund. he was drafted at the last minute as a sub. he is playing for team rough. up next is moose. this little guy may be small, but he can live up to his big name. he is a three-month-old poodle mix on team fluff. and ollie is obviously also on team fluff at nearly three pounds. ollie was the first-round draft pick for the puppy bowl. he is a four-month-old poodle mix. also something for cat lovers. during halftime. puppy bowl airs february 7 at 1:00 denver time. >> they are so cute.
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>> i love it. usually he sue a town's mayor and sheriff presenting a united front together. one town saw the sheriff chasing the mayor.
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