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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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crews came in, and they attacked this fire both from the ground as well as from the air. the fire, blackened a few acres and caused an eastbound amtrak train to stop while crews worked to put out that fire, no word yet on how this fire may have started. all right now to the mckinney fire burning near the california oregon border. two more bodies were discovered today, bringing the death toll to four. the wildfire started in siskiyou county last friday, and since then it has exploded in size to nearly 88 square miles right now, officials say, there is still zero containment as the fire tears through dry tree. reason brush in red flag conditions. boxes max gordon tells us many evacuees are waiting anxiously to hear what's happened to their homes. california's mckinney fire, leaving behind a trail of destruction in klamath national forest near the oregon border. there was a fire. we just didn't think it would reaches. flames have scorched more than 56,000 acres, making it the states'
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largest wildfire this year. firefighters have had their challenges facing steep terrain is the fire torched northern california's drought stricken forests. the flames moved quickly, forcing thousands from their homes in order area. it's really important that you're out of that area. it's an unsafe area it somewhere where it could be taken by fire very quickly. mckinney fire broke out last friday. fire officials say it exploded in size, dozens of homes, grocery stores and other structures have been destroyed. roger dairy lives in siskiyou county, where he says the losses extensive completely took out all the houses down river from here. our 100 year old homes large. it was built in 1920. it's now gone. the cause of the mckinney farm is still under investigation. residents here say they've never seen anything like it. i've been up here for 17 almost 18 years now, and we had a might be evacuated once about seven years ago, but we didn't have to go. this is my
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first time in my whole 73 years . so far this year, wildfires have burned nearly six million acres nationwide to california mex gordon fox weather now an update on the oak fire near yosemite national park. that fire did not grow overnight, and it remains just over 19,000 acres, which is about 30 square miles. containment rose from 74% up to 76% in those control lines are holding 193 homes and other buildings have been destroyed in this fire. they should be. the final count is cal fire says damage inspections are 100% complete and we have a special section on our website for wildfires around the bay area in northern california, just log onto ktvu .com slash wildfires. we have some breaking news now out of the south bay to people who were kidnapped who kidnapped a three month old baby boy back in april will not stand trial. you're sending a ramirez and
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jose portillo pleaded guilty to all charges late today in san jose. courtroom in a deal with prosecutors. ramirez could receive up to 14 years in prison for up to five years. the two tried to kidnap baby brandon at least three times before they succeeded in taking the baby in april, and that set off a frantic search 20 hours after he was taken, he was found safe. ramirez and portillo will be sentenced in october. we have a crew at the courthouse gathering reaction to this deal, and we will have the full story coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news. san francisco school board member and she was facing a formal admonishment by her fellow board members at a special meeting that just got underway. she has faced calls for her resignation following comments that she made in a candidate questionnaire, she said one of the major challenges facing the district was black and brown students in unstable family environments and a lack of parental encouragement to focus on learning. naacp the
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city's teachers union and the latino task force called on shoot to step down. so we took it to our membership because we're a membership organization members overwhelmingly said. this is not on the job training. this is for our students, not just any students by muslim roma groups, black and brown students. these she has apologized and said the comments were inherently biased and some have stepped forward to support shoe saying she has learned from her error. san francisco police say a 70 year old woman was robbed and attacked on sunday night. this happened around five o'clock as the victim was standing in front of a building on francisco street near bay street. she was approached by four juveniles, but because of the language barrier, she didn't understand them when she went to go inside the building, those four suspects followed her inside. police say they attacked and robbed her, then ran off. police call this a shocking crime. this is really something
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that you know, kind of. um it's just shocking that for someone, uh, an elderly woman whose fragile to be attacked by by young people this way the victim was treated for her injuries at the scene. the woman is of asian ancestry by police don't know if that was why she was targeted. a 17 year old boy was shot and killed in san francisco's ingleside district. it happened at about five o'clock last night on brookdale avenue. officers gave the victim cpr until paramedics arrived. the victim was taken to a local hospital where he died. the san francisco police department homicide detail is leading the investigation. a motive is not yet known, and no arrests have been made. police in it typically quiet east bay town are now investigating a violent case of road rage. the victim says a group in a car followed him before someone in that car took aim and opened fire. ktvu henry lee has more now from piedmont. five shots. rapid succession. um and i heard
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squealing tires in early morning road rage, shooting in piedmont and unusual occurrence in this normally peaceful city. it was just a scary sound because i knew it wasn't fireworks like everybody claims. when you hear those noises, it all began with a dispute between two drivers near santa rosa and vernon in oakland at about 6 45 tuesday morning, and the victim vehicle was trying to enter the roadway from their driveway. there may have been a near collision towers. nicastro heard the commotion. i didn't hear any yelling but just armor. two cars just honking for awhile. woke me up. the victim drove toward 5 80 , but turned around and began heading toward the piedmont police department when he realized he was being followed. this is a photo of the newer white alfa romeo julia that police are looking for three people were inside. piedmont police chief jeremy bauer says the two cars were on oakland avenue near olive and piedmont just outside the rose garden when someone in the alfa romeo began shooting the suspect started firing. we believe the
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suspect fired about 5 to 6 rounds at the victim vehicle, striking it twice. the chief said. the victim escaped with his life. one shot hit the driver's side of his accurate. here's how close we came to a homicide. the second bullet struck the trunk. that round went through the vehicle and came to rest in the driver's headrest. piedmont police now searching its license plate readers and cameras for any other leads on the alfa romeo. this video shows the car taking off after the shooting rare enough to begin with right beautiful cars. my stereotype of an alfa driver is not someone who would do that police are warning drivers to keep it cool. it is not worth it. do not engage with aggressive drivers out there. anybody who's willing to try to kill somebody because of a disagreement about driving . we need to get that person off the street might indeed usually very quiet, but residents tell me they're well aware they don't live in an oasis isolated from crying. in piedmont, henry lee ktvu fox studios. how california is now under a state of emergency for monkey pox, and
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some local doctors are hoping for a similar emergency declaration at the federal level monkey pox vaccines were given out to another couple 100 people at san francisco general hospital today. people from across the bay area arrived at the clinic early this morning for a chance at a shot. the clinic is expected to open up again tomorrow to give out what's left of 2000 doses that it received, then it will likely run out until more supplies arrive. health officials hope the state of emergency will bring more needed doses. but they say a national strategy would be even better. i think the administration has two and again. it's like, you know, to really have ah! and to this outbreak. we need a national strategy. we need everyone working together in a haydn way because we're not doing a good job right now. this afternoon, san francisco's public health department said the city's next allotment will be 10,700 doses
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of the vaccine more than double previous deliveries. so far, there's no date on when that shipment will arrive. the white house says. president biden's cough has returned as he continues to test positive for a rebound case of covid-19, the president's doctor says mr biden is feeling well despite the cough, the president remains fever free, and his other vitals are where they should be. he will remain in isolation through at least thursday. this comes after he tested positive last saturday after he was initially cleared from the cdcs covid protocol, while california is seeing a decline in new covid cases. the number of those being hospitalized rose in july. more than 4600 people were in the hospital by the end of july. state health officials say that's up 145% from the start of the month when that number was below 2000. currently the seven day average of new cases is down to 40 per 100,000 compared to about 45 in july. the test positivity rate is also down by 1% from last week to 14.5% santa
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clara county is giving residents another vaccine option to protect them against covid-19. the county began administering the nova vax covid-19 vaccine today that two dose vaccine for adults was approved by federal regulators last month. differs from the moderna infighter vaccines because it uses noninfectious pieces of coronavirus particles. the vaccine was tested on 30,000 adults here in the us and in mexico, and it was found to be 90.4% effective at preventing mild moderate and severe cases of the virus. the vaccines, two doses are administered between three and eight weeks apart. the site of flames coming from a refinery may have alarmed some people overnight, still ahead. what we know about a flaring incident, it's richmond's chevron refinery and some good news to report on the water conservation front coming up tonight, the community stepping
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up their water saving efforts and how they say they're doing it. they were looking into the weather forecast. maybe a sprinkle out there not enough to help our water concerns but definitely something and we'll look at the forecast at long range long term in the five day coming up. also ahead tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi arrives in taiwan still ahead how china and her colleagues in washington are reacting this evening before we go to break. let's check on the roads here and a live look at the east shore freeway on this tuesday night. you can see it's packed in that eastbound direction as you head from emeryville in to berkeley. you're watching the ktvu news at six o'clock and we'll be right back.
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how about some large flaring at the chevron richmond refinery overnight? you can see the glow of that fire in the distance at about 3 15 this morning. chevron says the flaring was part of a problem with their refining process. spokesperson tells us cruise tested the air outside of
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the refinery, and they did not find any impact for people nearby. refinery says flaring like this is part of their safety program to relieve pressure and make sure the plant operates safely. several bay area agencies are trying to figure out why the oakland estuary has like more brown and muddier than usual for more than a week. now among them is the port of oakland, which sent out a dive boat and a team of scientists yesterday they found no sheen or film on the water to indicate oil or chemicals. instead they observed, the muddy brown color and in some spots a slimy, green or brown substance . they say early indications suggest this could possibly be widespread algae blooms. it's too soon to know for sure. water samples are now being tested and results are expected in the coming days. a program working to protect water quality in the san francisco bay will receive up to $4.5 million to find local water projects. the funds will come from president biden bipartisan infrastructure legislation, the san francisco estuary partnership will receive
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the money over five years. the funds will be used to protect, restore and enhance water quality and fish and wildlife habitats to other estuary programs in california in morro bay in santa monica, will also received $4.5 million each. now to the latest on california's historic drought, the east bay municipal utility district says an increasing number of its customers are doing their part to conserve water. ktvu tom vacar shows us how they're doing it. a year ago at a reservoir where the water levels continued to lower governor newsom signed an executive order politely asking californians to cut their water use by 15% we are encouraging people to do the common sense things like reducing the amount of irrigation water you're doing out on your lawns, for example, reducing perhaps the ah, time that you are in a shower. in the
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months that followed water use actually went up. so in may, newsom said he was considering ordering mandatory water restrictions. on tuesday, the east bay municipal utility district announced that their customers took that threat to heart through the summer and our customers have gone from 6% conservation in may to 12% in june to nearly 17 16.5% in the month of july compared to 2020 a single person i don't use a lot of water overall. but i tried not to waste it. doing what i can. i have a large lot, and we've landscaped a lot of it. so we've cut down to once a week, different sections, so we water is little as we can. the fact is , a lot of people are taking the drought very seriously. example they still have some landscaping , but where they don't need grass. they don't put grass anymore than includes checking
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for leaks inside and outside, switching from grass to mulch or stone or gravel or low consumption, gardens or just letting it go. brown 30% of water is used in the outdoor landscape. and so we believe that that's the reason that we're seeing the larger numbers right now, and we like to go boating, and so a lot of the lakes are so low. you can't even get your boat in anymore. what we can save now will mostly be around next year if the drought continues. tom vacar ktvu fox two news earlier today, on mornings onto the nine we spoke with the general manager of the central contra costa sanitary district about the benefits of using recycled water during this drought that water you take it to into storage and you saw it for quite a long time. 36 months and then you can bring it back into the system and treated again and then you can use it for all sorts of beneficial use. and so that's to me is the golden opportunity. we have for
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recycled water, so my goal is to work with the water agencies and a very big regional basis and find ways. to deliver this water that we have and make it available to them and move it around any which way they decide to do so. recycled water is increasingly being used in southern california, the los angeles department of water and power just started offering 300 gallons of free recycled water for home irrigation. and all month ktvu will be taking a look at the drought impact on our community and the response efforts to this water crisis. you can find more stories about the drought up at our website just had two ktvu .com/ drought. already pretty warm day inland. today we saw triple digit heat and fairfield got to 100 degrees . antioco was just click short with 99 degrees, much warmer inland. i don't think it'll be quite as warm tomorrow inland. i think we're gonna we've got fog
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back at the coast. now, that's going to keep things a little bit cooler, certainly around the bay, but still a warm day again. tomorrow fairfield again, 100 degrees that's a hot spot center was it was just 92. napa was just 87 so that the central valley really hot around the bay because of the sea breeze really staying cool. and then there's the fog that's trying to work its way back into san francisco was gone for last couple of days or just minor fog. now it's come back, and it's going to be back tomorrow morning as well. so that will start us off a little bit. cooler air quality is good. fire danger always high, but not as bad as it could be. so temperatures tomorrow like today a little bit cooler inland. forget that 100 fairfield. i think we'll see more like 95 or 96. i'll see you back here with the full forecast in just a minute. we'll see you then, bill. thank you santa clara county and builds its new 988 call center for those experiencing a mental health emergency still ahead tonight how the facility differs from others around the country plus china has every right to defend
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its sovereignty. still ahead reaction from china as house speaker nancy pelosi makes a controversial visit to taiwan and how this trip has fostered some rare unity in washington. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust.
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wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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handle calls from the new national 988 number for anyone experiencing mental health distress is now up and running today, santa clara county unveiled its call center, which
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is also directly tied to a wide range of other emergency services. ktvu mark sayer has a look tonight from san jose. when you dial 988 anywhere in santa clara county, you are not reaching a call center in a distant city with people who are unfamiliar with local resources . 24 7. this room is staffed with trained professionals to get you the help you need and fast if you're in a crisis you want you want to talk to somebody. you want to talk to somebody. now joseph stancik is with santa clara county behavioral health, which provides the suicide and crisis prevention staffing to the call center. the 19 8 group is going to be not only providing suicide prevent and suicide crisis hotlines services, but they're also connecting to our mobile crisis response team or crt. they're going to be connecting to our our continuum of community response agencies. last year, the county's crisis response number received more than 50,000 calls with the simplicity of 988. the call volume is expected to increase if somebody calls 988 and is not
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having a mental health crisis, but is looking for local substance abuse resources. that 988 responder can immediately hand that call off to another expert in the same room. it's hoped the seamless operation between areas of expertise gets the help where it is needed and when it is needed. the national standard is six rings or 30. seconds there are 10 full time employees and 75 trained volunteers who will help staff the 988 system. call taker speak multiple languages and can tie into a translation system for others. also housed here is what is called a navigation center to help callers locate and connect with the all range of county services. that's a county initiative. to again provide the community, the whole community information around community resources or problems. they're having getting community resources. in some cases, calls to this room can be directly transferred to county clinics
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where people can make appointments to get screening services that they need. reporting in san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. speaker nancy pelosi is in taiwan, defying china's warnings to stay away from lauren blanchard in washington with a look at her historic trip. also ahead tonight, more details are being released about the u. s counterterrorism operation that killed the leader of al qaeda. and coming up a bit later. today's baseball trade deadline has now passed. joe fonzi will tell you all the players who are on the move in sports.
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they in the mckinney fire zone, bringing the death toll to four. the welfare started in siskiyou county last friday, and since then it has exploded in size to nearly 88 square miles right now, officials say, there are still zero containment has the fire rips through dry trees and brush in red flag conditions to people who kidnapped a three month old baby boy back in april will not stand trial, he said. ramirez and jose portillo pleaded guilty to all charges late today in the san jose courtroom in a deal with prosecutors, ramirez could receive up to 14 years in prison. portillo could receive up to five years. the two trying to kidnap baby brandon at least three times before they finally succeeded in taking the infant back in april that set off a
6:29 pm
frantic search by police 20 hours after he was taken, the baby was found safe. piedmont police are investigating a violent case of road rage. it began with a dispute between two drivers in oakland. just before seven this morning. the victim says he was followed by a white alpha romeo and then somebody in that car fired at the victim. he was not hurt, but bullet holes were found in the victim's car. no arrests have been made. ktvu fox two news at 6 30. house speaker nancy pelosi arrived in taiwan today. defying warnings from china speaker pelosi is joined by other democratic lawmakers to honor the us commitment to taiwan's democracy . her trip is receiving bipartisan support, but china is strongly condemning her visit and voicing its disapproval. fox news lauren blanchard has a closer look now from washington. speaker nancy pelosi stepped off her plane and into history as the highest ranking member of congress to visit taiwan in 25
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years, but her visit to the island which is claimed by china, as its own has worsened already tense relations with beijing. pelosi a longtime critic of china, released an op ed in the washington post writing in the face of the chinese communist party's accelerating aggression. our congressional delegation's visit should be seen as an unequivocal statement that america stands with taiwan, our democratic partner as it defends itself and its freedom as the first images of pelosi with taiwanese leaders emerged, and she was greeted by crowds outside her hotel. china announced they will carry out last minute military operations and drills in the seas and air nearby taiwan. china has every right to defend its sovereignty and territory. integrity we are fully justified to do what we must us maintains the speaker's visit does not change its one china policy, but it does support taiwan's democratic
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efforts. we will not engage in saber rattling. we will continue to operate in the seas and the skies of the western pacific. as we have done for decades. we'll keep doing what we are doing, which is supporting cross strait peace and stability. the speaker's visit has been met with bipartisan approval on capitol hill. she is traveling with a handful of democratic representatives. republicans accepted her invitation in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news in a rare show of support for the speaker, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and 25. other senate republicans put out a statement that says in part for decades members of the united states congress, including previous speakers of the house, have traveled to taiwan. this travel is consistent with the united states, one china policy to which we are committed. we are also committed now more than ever, to all elements of taiwan's relations act. the justice department filed a challenge today. to idaho's abortion law. idaho's band is
6:32 pm
set to go into effect later this month and would make abortion illegal unless it's needed to save the mother's life. the doj argues this does not go far enough and conflicts with federal law, which allows abortions to be performed in emergency situations. although the idaho law provides an exception to prevent the death of a pregnant woman. it includes no exception for cases in which the abortion is necessary to prevent serious jeopardy to the woman's health. moreover, it would subject doctors to arrest and criminal prosecution. even if they performed an abortion to save a woman's life. this is the biden administration's first lawsuit against the state since the supreme court overturned roe versus wade. we are learning more tonight about the u. s counterterrorism operation that killed al qaeda's leader over the weekend in afghanistan. u. s intelligence officials say they constructed what they called a pattern of life, even creating a
6:33 pm
mock up of the safe house, where he was living boxes. trade links to has more tonight from jerusalem. we have eliminated the emir of al qaeda. after years of surveillance and months of planning, the us took out the head of al qaeda in a weekend strike, zawari was put in charge of the terror network after the death of osama bin laden. he was bin laden is right hand man for years and played a major role in planning the 9 11 attacks. after the taliban retook afghanistan, he returned to kabul where a cia drone strike killed him on the balcony of a safe house. i don't think that al qaeda can look at what happened over the last 48 hours and feel like afghanistan is going to be much of a safe haven for them, the white house says. this is a class example of what they call over the horizon. counterterrorism us intelligence tracked soirees family members to kabul where he reunited with them. they spent months studying his patterns and even built a replica of the house he was staying at and with al qaeda now splintered and a shadow of its former self. some experts are saying it could be years before they regroup, which would be very difficult for the
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organization to renew itself to name a new leader, a new leader that can be consensually accepted by all the organizations followers. but republican lawmakers are also criticizing the biden administration, claiming the taliban violated a pledge not to shelter terrorists. and this likely won't be the last air strike needed. the taliban or the rock stars of the jihadi world with all the powers of a military and a state and, uh, while on the one hand that should be celebrated. on the other hand, we should all be ringing the alarm bells. the white house says zawahiri was the only person killed in the drone strike in jerusalem tree angst. fox news. oracle is reportedly planning to lay off thousands of workers. the news text site, the information reports notices started going out monday as oracle tries to cut a billion dollar employees in the company's advertising, marketing and customer experience. divisions are going to be most impacted. affected locations are all across the world, including in silicon valley and oracle's new texas
6:35 pm
headquarters. other tech companies including microsoft, meta and google, are laying off workers or are in a hiring freeze. discount insurer geico is closing all 38 of its california offices, and that includes a number of bay area locations. the company is also laying off hundreds of workers and will no longer sell insurance through telephone agents in the state. californians can still obtain coverage from geico online. geico did not explain the closures by told the sacramento bee. the company is still operating in california and writing policies. geico says it has more than two million policyholders here in this state. stocks were down sharply . today i made heightened tensions with china. analysts also say a report from the labor department today showing job openings dropped by 5.4% in june didn't help the situation on wall street. the dow was down more than 400 points. the nasdaq fell by 20 and the s and p
6:36 pm
closed the day 27 points lower. british airways is taking the unusual step of suspending sales of short haul flights from london's heathrow airport for the next two weeks. the move is in response to a request from the airport to limit bookings to help ease travel disruptions, including cancelations and lost luggage. restrictions on ticket sales are for domestic uk and european routes. departing from heathrow. passengers though, can still book short haul flights to the airport. with august recess quickly approaching, the senate is working furiously to pass some key legislative measures. rivera in washington with more on what's on their agenda, coming up. also there are more missing text messages from top officials on january 6th coming up the new report suggesting certain phones were wiped clean of their data.
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that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. as of sam, former top officials related to last year's attack on the u. s. capitol bloomberg reports that government lawyers admitted that in a court filing tied to a lawsuit by american oversight, a government watchdog group, the group has been seeking january 6th related records for former acting defense secretary chris miller, former chief of staff cash patel and former secretary of the army ryan mccarthy, among others. the disclosure follows the news that some secret service text
6:40 pm
messages and those of former department of homeland security officials are also missing. late today, the senate passed the pact act, which expands medical care for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits in iraq and afghanistan, and this now heads to president biden's desk for his signature. that bill is among several that lawmakers are trying to get passed before the august recess. box news madeline rivera has more now from washington. with just days to go before august recess. the senate is working in overdrive intent on scoring a few legislative wins before the midterms kick into high gear top of mind for democrats as their reconciliation package. all eyes are on senator kirsten cinema to see whether she'll give the bill a green light to green deal. this is a red, white and blue deal, senator joe manchin, who worked on the agreement with senate majority leader chuck schumer says it includes more than $400 billion in energy and climate investments. the bill
6:41 pm
they say is fully paid for by closing tax loopholes on wealthy people in corporations. but an analysis from the nonpartisan joint committee on taxation shows the legislation would violate president biden's pledge to not raise taxes on americans making less than $400,000 a year. i am skeptical of, uh of the deal, and i have talked with him. the white house argues the analysis leaves out health and clean energy tax cuts, maintaining the bill that increased any taxes for small businesses and families making under $400,000, a year. spokesperson for cinema says the senator is waiting for a review from the senate parliamentarians office before she makes a decision on the reconciliation bill. but a no vote from her could take the entire deal in washington mouth rivera fox news and right after the break. we're going to take a look at that. weather forecast a long range forecast. it should take into the weekend. i'll see you back here with that. let's go to ktvu greg lee. now with a look at
6:42 pm
some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over and ktvu plus, julie, thank you inflation and other economic factors leading many businesses to cut back. we'll tell you how many more they offs are coming to be area stock trading company. robin hood, plus parents of the children killed in the sandy hook, mass shooting face conspiracy theorist alex jones in court. what jones said when he took the stand in the defamation trial. those stories and more coming up at seven and ktvu. plus we'll see you in a bit up first, though, after the break tonight how solar powered restaurants could be the answer to helping people living in hurricane prone regions. regions. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund
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permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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cleaning up after massive flooding ravaged several communities. the historic flooding has claimed dozens of lives and hundreds of people are still unaccounted. for. now the new concern is for extreme heat expected in the coming days, with thousands without power cooling centers have been set up , and officials are worried that he could cause even more deaths on top of the lives already lost to the floods, parts of the u. s head into hurricane season there's a new initiative in the works now. now in new orleans' to turn neighborhood restaurants in the centers where people can go after a major storm. fox's rebecca castor shows us how this works. if hurricane i had taught this community anything, it's that the days following a storm can often be the most dangerous when the power is out, and food and gas are limited, but now the community project is equipping restaurants with solar power so they can keep the lights on and keep people fed while the rest of the city is shut down. let's stay lit is really born out of
6:46 pm
the experience of hurricane ida. because our entire city lost power for 10 days. and every restaurant in our city had to throw away all of their food, everything that was in the freezer in the fridge at the same exact time, a lot of people in our city were struggling. there was hunger orleans nonprofit feed. the second line, believes the solution lies with solar power. their goal is to install solar panels that can withstand hurricane force winds on 300 restaurants across new orleans. we're trying to build up local brasiliense and just empower restaurants to really take care of their neighborhood. so when the whole city's power goes out, that restaurant saves their food than they can use that food to feed their neighbors. they can become a cooling center. give out ice to people and that might save somebody's life in the days after hurricane and louisiana we have the sun. it's always it's blistering. why not use it? lisa nelson is the owner of a caribbean restaurant called queen trainee, lisa. it's the
6:47 pm
first restaurant to become a solar powered micro grid after hurricane ida was very emotional for me. yes i had the troy lot of stuff and i was also i lost my income feels more prepared heading into the peak of this hurricane season, knowing she'll be able to keep her fridge is running and stay open for her neighborhood. it's going to be a wonderful at least we can charge their phones kept them fed them cool just just to give them a glimpse of hope. some kind of hope. of course, the big question is, where is the money for this coming from? so far, the nonprofit has crowdfunded the project, but they hope to receive either local or federal government funding because they believe this is an idea that could benefit all hurricane prone communities in new orleans, rebecca castor fox news and we are tracking the weather around here. we had temperatures today. they got up there. we had some low one hundreds in those inland bay valleys. fairfield hit 100 degrees. antioco was just a degree shy. i'm sure some
6:48 pm
neighborhoods in antioch had 100 degrees, but you see much cooler around the base, 78, oakland and 81 in hayward, 79. fremont high temperatures tomorrow. and about the same around the bay, but not as hot inland. it's still going to be in the mid nineties inland, but i don't think we'll see one hundred's few clouds out there. not only are there the high clouds, but there are the low clouds. the coastal fog is back. it's been gone for a little while and then you can see this is some tropical moisture pretty much streaming in from this hurricane, or x hurricane frank, which is pushing moisture up towards us, so those higher clouds might increase the humidity a little bit there mostly up there pretty pretty high up in northern california near the fire zones. check this out some lightning strikes. how does the south and east of the fire zone you can see where happy camp and then y rica. these are, yeah. lightning hits, and so there is a red flag warning up their concerns for exactly this. doesn't mean that they're getting a lot of dry lightning, but they're getting some, and that's certainly
6:49 pm
something to think about. so we'll keep an eye on that for you tonight. we'll have more and then the current temperatures are running ahead of where they were last night, this time by a good 89 10 degrees. in some places, the overnight lows will be mild. yet again. that's because it's the humidity still sticking around. so i mean antioch's coldest temperature. lowest temperature. tonight's going to be 66 degrees. ah this is pretty warm. you wake up pretty warm in antioch forecast tomorrow lot of clouds. they kind of go. there's the high clouds and then you see the fog's back at the coast and you see all that afternoon clearing. i think we will see temperatures into the mid nineties. certainly we again we really worried at some spots really crank the heat today with big games like a couple areas in the east bay went up a good 10, 15 degrees 90 and santa rosa tomorrow 95 in fairfield 94. then the five day forecast so maybe a slight chance of it. sprinkler or something late tonight, early tomorrow morning, but not not putting it in and then you can kind of see temperatures just
6:50 pm
sort of stay in the low nineties . it's not horrible fire danger , but it's something to think about because it is summer, and as we move forward here, things are drying out. more and more. i will see you back here at 10. all right, we'll see you. then bill i do. technology being tested could be a game changer for those with hearing loss. us. officials report roughly 29 million adults could benefit from using a hearing aid. now a new generation of smart glasses could replace the hearing aid. the glasses used something called x ray glass that converts conversations into text. it allows those with hearing impairments to see conversations on the lenses of their augmented reality glasses in real time. the big moment enabled me to be involved in me to make decisions because i know what is being said. officials say the software will soon be able to translate different languages, accents, pitch and voice tones as well. but the technology is still being refined right now, the
6:51 pm
company is looking for people with hearing loss to help them continue testing the product. coming up after the break. the giants make some moves at the trade deadline. some players stayed and some went. joe fonzi has all the details up next, and here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup here on ktvu. you can catch crime scene kitchen starting tonight at eight o'clock that will be followed by fantasy island at nine that, of course, stick around for the 10 o'clock news and the 11 o'clock news. all right here on
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no one. here's what's happening in sports. today was the day when baseball teams had to officially decide whether their buyers or sellers, the giants are in something of a no man's land, but did part with the player who was part of one of the most exciting moments and what's so far been a disappointing season. on the field line represented. rough is on the move our right to the new york mets after those heroics on opening day rough was
6:55 pm
largely platooned, where he excelled against left handed pitchers in his third season with the giants. rough had 11 home runs and 2 16 batting average. it goes to the mets for infielder jd davis and three pitching prospects cheesesteak in his last very effective start . carlos rodent looked very much like someone and team in a pennant race would like to acquire, but he's staying put done is nine and six in his 21 starts with an earned run average of three. he has a player option at the end of the season, which might have discouraged other teams who were interested in brass must feel they still have the ability to get into that last nationally wildcard spot currently 4.5 games distant that also explains why they held on to another player. who had appeal elsewhere . outfielder jaak peterson. peterson like redon, was an all star and is leading the team with 17 home runs. he's on a one year deal. giants have both the phillies and the cardinals in front of them for that last wild card spot. johns president of baseball operations isn't throwing in the towel. again i
6:56 pm
think the prudent thing was for us to be open to anything but you know, we have some really good players on this team who we think can help us have a really good last two months and we weren't going to do. anything you know. going to make trades for just the sake of making them they had to make sense for us, short term and long term. washington wants soto was the big prize in the deadline day sweepstakes, and he is headed to southern california not to the dodgers, but to the san diego padres. 11.5 games out of first place. the padres are a long shot at best to catch l. a for the division title, but as has been proven in the past about getting into the postseason and then playing your best at the right time of the year 23 years old. and in his fifth season, soto's hitting 2 46 with 20 home runs and 46 r b. i s during the offseason, he turned down a contract extension to get soto and first baseman josh bell from washington. the padres gave up five prospects and first baseman designated hitter look void. san
6:57 pm
diego obviously going all in now. and the dodgers are hoping change of senior will be just what joey gallo needs. ella acquired gallo after very unproductive tenure in new york after being dealt to the yankees from texas last year gala was frequently booed, batting just 1 59 with 194 strikeouts in his time there. 49ers camp continued today in santa clara, with the team's first preseason game a week from friday against the packers. for the second day. now 49ers quarterbacks have had a full complement of receivers to target including deebo. samuel agreed to that three contract extension yesterday. samuel made his first media appearance of the year and after that contentious off season in which he asked to be traded. you can imagine the first thing he was asked about today. do i regret requesting a trade? uh, at the end of the day. this is a business and like we came to a decision and we i'm here, so i'm
6:58 pm
happy to be here. and this is what it is. once i got the call from my agent, i just was lost of words and you know what? it was just a blessing to be able to be in the position i'm in or it shows all the hard work and all the stuff that i do for this team, and you know, just happy to be here. check this out time on a tuesday night. nba team sports any number of uniform looks throughout the season. they change from year to year. coming to your concession stands soon. this will be a new uniform for the warriors as they defend their title. it's called a statement edition features the full golden state name across the chest. for the first time since 1975 good looking uniforms , a lot of folks comparing them to the calvary's uniform looks very much like that, or michigan even to right. that's true grain. happy happy, i think, yeah. right statement edition statement edition coming soon, all right. thank you will do it for us tonight are live news continues now at seven over on ktvu plus and we'll be back tonight later on at 10 and 11.
6:59 pm
tonight later on at 10 and 11. thanks for (groans) he's in texas. he'll never know. i wouldn't be so sure about that. yeah, he has a very sensitive butt. well, it's true. once i saw him sit on a bunch of loose change and add it up. have you heard from howard? i did. his talk at nasa went great. sheldon didn't heckle him? no. in fact, he was so well-behaved, howie bought him a buzz aldrin bobble head and astronaut ice cream. (knocking) hey, guys. oh, hi. hi, stuart. hey, stuart! how's it going? good. sheldon's out of town, so we can do whatever we want. we even ordered from the thai place he doesn't like. oh, how is it? disgusting. do not tell him. what do you guys want to do tonight? i don't know. well, i told howie if i wasn't busy, i'd spend the night at his mom's. so for god's sake, think of something. (stuart coughing) stuart? are you okay? no, i don't feel so... oh, stuart? stuart?
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oh, my god, you guys need to do something! stuart? calling 911. well, it's too late. what do you mean it's too late? he's been murdered by someone in this room. (dramatic music plays) oh, my god. oh, come on! welcome to another classic koothrappali murder mystery dinner. i'm leaving. you can't leave. you're a suspect in the mysterious murder of stuart bloom. (dramatic music plays) i didn't know his last name was bloom. yeah, it's bloom. are you really gonna lie on the floor and pretend to be dead all night? what do you think i was gonna do at home? ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪ ♪ bang! ♪


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