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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 2, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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oakland avenue near olive and piedmont just outside the rose garden when someone in the alfa romeo began shooting the suspect started firing. we believe the suspect fired about 5 to 6 rounds at the victim vehicle, striking it twice. the chief said. the victim escaped with his life. one shot hit the driver's side of his accurate. here's how close we came to a homicide. the second bullet struck the trunk. that round went through the vehicle and came to rest in the driver's headrest. piedmont police now searching its license plate readers and cameras for any other leads on the alfa romeo. this video shows the car taking off after the shooting rare enough to begin with right beautiful cars. my stereotype of an alfa driver is not someone who would do that police are warning drivers to keep it cool. it is not worth it. do not engage with aggressive drivers out there. anybody who's willing to try to kill somebody because of a disagreement about driving . we need to get that person off the street. yeah man, indeed, usually very quiet. but residents i spoke to today or
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say they realize they don't live in oasis isolated from crime. anyone with information about that alfa romeo is asked to call police live in piemonte. henry lee ktvu fox duty another day. another close call in the east bay. henry. thank you. san francisco police say a 70 year old woman was robbed and attacked on sunday night. this happened around five o'clock as the victim was standing in front of a building on francisco street near bay street. she was approached by four juveniles, but because of a language barrier, she didn't understand them when she went to enter the building. those four suspects followed her inside. they attacked and robbed her and then ran off. police call it a shocking crime. this is really something that you know, kind of. um it's just shocking that for someone, uh, an elderly woman whose fragile to be attacked by by young people this way the victim was treated for her injuries at the scene. the woman is of asian ancestry. but
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police do not know if that was why she was targeted. oakland city council member president rather nikki fortunato basses reacting to yesterday's robberies of seven stores in one strip mall. it happened early yesterday morning in the little saigon neighborhood of oakland. the thieves came in through the ceiling of some of the small businesses there, broke into others and took off with thousands of dollars worth of items and just a matter of a couple of hours. fortunately bass said today is unacceptable and that she is heartbroken. but she laid out some of the moves. the city is now making to try and make the area. and the residents there safe. she says they've held a meeting between merchants in the area and now the new oakland police departments. vietnamese lay as liaison officer. they're also working on opening and opd substation in that neighborhood and improving lighting and visibility in the area. san francisco school board member faces official consequences for statements she made about black
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and brown students in the district. and the is calling for her resignation. ktvu christian captain is at school board headquarters right now in the city, and the meeting is just about to get underway. christian well, yeah, we are just outside the school board chambers and we are waiting for that meeting to start. you can see the live feed just now. the board members just now starting to enter the chamber, their board commissioner, anshu will be facing a formal admonishment from her fellow board members at the school board meeting, which is set to start just about now. but before that meeting various napa, the akp rather hosted a rally calling for her to resign. she has faced increasing calls for consequences following comments she made in a candidate questionnaire. in those comments , shoe said some of the major challenges facing the district was black and brown students from unstable family environments and a lack of parental encouragement to focus on learning in that rally before the board meeting the city's teachers, union and latino community groups all called on shoe to step down. maybe in the
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black and so we took it to our membership because we're a membership organization members overwhelmingly said. this is not on the job training. this is for our students, not just any students by muslim roma groups, black and brown students. for her part shoe has apologized and said the comments were inherently biased. some have stepped forward to support you, saying that she has apologized and has learned from her behavior. that meeting is just now getting underway. we will continue to monitor the developments from that meeting, including whether or not the board chooses to censure as the crowd had asked, or whether they're going to admonish er, also whether she steps down as that crowd had asked her to do at this point, no indications that that is going to happen. my colleague is in as well, amber lee, she will have the very latest developments for you throughout the evening. for now, we're live in san francisco christian caftan ktvu. fox to look forward to updates as we move throughout the night, christian thank you. school districts across the bay area
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gear up for the start of the school year, superintendents are sounding off like back to school plans. you can find some of what they had to say up at our website just had two ktvu .com. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency over the monkeypox outbreak, and some local doctors are hoping for a similar declaration at the federal level. another couple 100 people at sf general today received the monkey pox vaccine. people from all around the bay area arrived at the clinic early this morning for a chance at a shot. the clinic expects to open again tomorrow to give out what's left of 2000 doses that it received, then it will have to wait until more supplies arrive. health officials hope the state of emergency will bring more needed doses. but they say a national strategy would be even better. i think the administration has two and again. it's like, you know, to really have ah! and to this outbreak. we need a national strategy. we need everyone working together in a haydn way because we're not doing a good job right now. this afternoon,
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san francisco's public health department said the city's next allotment will be 10,700 more than double the previous deliveries. but so far there is no date when those doses will arrive. some members of the lgbt q community or upset about remarks by the world health organization about monkey pox, and it's spread, the w. h o declared a global emergency over the virus over a week ago with over 18,000 cases worldwide. the director general said that 98% of cases are among gay or bisexual men, and he suggested that gay men should reduce the number of sex partners to stop transmission. the board president of the billy dee frank l. g. b t q plus community center in san jose, said that remarks like that can stigmatized monkeypox as a quote gay disease. when anyone can contract the virus through close contact. president biden has appointed top officials from fema and the cdc to head his administration's monkeypox response team. president biden
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named robert fenton from fema is the white house coordinator and dimitri desk alajakis from the cdc as the deputy coordinator. the announcement comes, says the u. s aims to increase monkey pox vaccination efforts. the disease has affected almost 6000 people across the country. monkeypox spreads through close physical contact, causing flu like symptoms and skin lesions. it's rarely fatal, though turning now to the mckinney fire burning near the california oregon border. two more bodies were discovered today, bringing the death toll now to four. the wildfire started in siskiyou county last friday, and since then it has grown to 56,000 acres or nearly 88 square miles . and so far, crews have zero containment. many residents who evacuated that area are waiting to find out now. what happened to their homes boxes? weather's gordon max gordon has more now on that part of the story. california's mckinney fire, leaving behind a trail of
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destruction in klamath national forest near the oregon border. we knew there was a fire. we just didn't think it would reach us flames have scorched more than 56,000 acres, making it the states' largest wildfire this year. firefighters have had their challenges facing steep terrain is the fire torched northern california's drought stricken forests. the flames moved quickly, forcing thousands from their homes in order area. it's really important that you're out of that area. it's an unsafe area it somewhere where it could be taken by fire very quickly. mckinney fire broke out last friday. fire officials say it exploded in size, dozens of homes, grocery stores and other structures have been destroyed. roger dairy lives in siskiyou county, where he says the losses extensive completely took out all the houses down river from here. our 100 year old homes large. it was built in 1920. it's now gone cause of the mckinney farm is still under investigation. residents here say they've never seen anything
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like it up here for 17 almost 18 years now, and we had a might be evacuated once about seven years ago, but we didn't have to go. this is my first time in my whole 73 years. so far this year , wildfires have burned nearly six million acres nationwide to california mex gordon fox weather. it's the new national number for mental health emergencies. 988 we'll show you how those calls are being handled here in santa clara county just ahead. in our drought stricken state. we've all been encouraged to do our part to try to reduce water use and water conservation efforts have mostly been below with the governor was asking for a big part of the bay area is actually answering the call to conserve. it's a murky and muddy mystery. for more than a week. many have wondered what's in the water and we have to brooks jarocz coming up. how are persistence is paid off what we now know about the water and how a team of
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scientists is looking to get clarity on the brown oakland estuary. and some inland spots today warmed up 10 to almost 20 degrees is quite a bit warmer, almost hot inland. we'll talk about that. and the for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust.
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enter to handle calls from the new national mental health hotline. 988 is now up and running today, santa clara county unveiled its call center , which is also directly tied to a wide range of other emergency county services. ktvu marks air joining us live from inside that call center mark. how are things looking there? well alex had a mental health emergency. every second can count. and that is the goal of the people who are
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working here in this room tonight from the time they're phone rings to the time people are connected to the services they need. they hope that time is about to be vastly reduced. when you dial 988 anywhere in santa clara county, you are not reaching a call center in a distant city with people who are unfamiliar with local resources . 24 7. this room is staffed with trained professionals to get you the help you need and fast if you're in a crisis you want you want to talk to somebody. you want to talk to somebody. now joseph stancik is with santa clara county behavioral health, which provides the suicide and crisis prevention staffing to the call center. the 98 group is going to be not only providing suicide prevent and suicide crisis hotlines services, but they're also connecting to our mobile crisis response team or t. they're going to be connecting to our our continuum of community response agencies. last year, the county's crisis response number received more than 50,000 calls with the simplicity of 988. the call volume is expected to increase
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if somebody calls 988 and is not having a mental health crisis, but is looking for local substance abuse resources. that 988 responder can immediately hand that call off to another expert in the same room. it's hoped that seamless operation between areas of expertise gets to help where it is needed and when it is needed at the national standard is six rings or 30. seconds there are 10 full time employees and 75 trained volunteers who will help staff the 988 system. call taker speak multiple languages and can tie into a translation system for others. also housed here is what is called a navigation center to help callers locate and connect with the full range of county services. that's a county initiative. to again provide. the community, the whole community information around community resources or problems . they're having getting community resources. back to a
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live picture. now. now in some cases, calls from this room can be directly transferred to county clinics where people can make appointments to actually get the kind of screening that they need. and while the actual system is now fully operational, not everybody is working here in this same room at the same time, they expect that everybody in one place in about two weeks reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayer. ktvu fox two news really appreciate the look inside their market. you talked about the call volume and the expectations that obviously it's going to increases more people learn about this hotline. are they prepared their in terms of staffing levels to be able to handle more calls as they start to come in? well the predictions on that are kind of difficult, alex because now that it's so much easier to remember, just 988 instead of 1 800 something they do expect more calls. they don't know how many, but they feel that they have a very well trained staff. here. they have 7 75 well trained volunteers, and they say that they're ready for whatever this new system brings them. of course, nationally,
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interest was rolled out a couple of weeks ago. so it's all brand new for everyone. we'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes. yeah we certainly will. mark sayer live for us in the south bay. mark. thank you. a bill that would allow a city run supervised drug sites in san francisco, oakland and los angeles is on its way to governor newsom's desk. the state senate narrowly approved that measure yesterday. it allows people in those three cities to use illegal drugs under the supervision of trained staff members. supporters say it would save lives and cities dealing with an illegal drug crisis. critics argue the sites would encourage drug use. a previous version of the proposal was vetoed by then governor brownback in 2018. governor newsom has not said yet if he will sign the bill. rent a center has been ordered to pay more than $15 million for overcharging for rental furniture and appliances company violated our state consumer protection laws relating to unlawful leasing practices and deceptive marketing.
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specifically our investigation. internet to center found that the company's kiosks operating out of traditional retail stores used and inflated cash price for products in its preferred lease program. these products were 15% higher than the retail price violating california's rent to own law. you can go to california attorney general rob bonta says the company also misled consumers about their lease agreements. rent a center did not admit wrongdoing in agreeing to the settlement. the company has not commented so far on the deal. new details now in the water quality of the oakland estuary for more than a week, the water has looked dark brown, muddy and murky. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz has been working for days to try to figure out why brooks, what have you learned well, julie, the situation has not improved. even with the change of the tides. i've contacted every agency with ties to the oakland estuary, and right now, water tests are happening all while i'm getting
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flooded with complaints, pictures, even samples of that brown water after reporting this to several officials, the san francisco bay regional water quality control board send someone to check it out. i'm told there is no odor or unusual field to the water and no reports of any toxic spills or sewage overflows. east being mud says it has no signs of issues with its sewage system. the port of oakland also sent out a dive boat and a team of scientists just yesterday. they say there was no sheen or film on the water to indicate oil or chemicals. instead they observe that muddy brown color and in some spots a slimy, green or brown substance. they say early indications suggest this could possibly be widespread algae blooms, but it's too soon to say for sure, several water samples have been collected from different areas of the estuary. ports says they're now in the hands of a lab that's testing to figure out what's in the water. the regional water board says it doesn't think this is harmful if
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it is determined. these are in fact toxic algae blooms. safety measures would immediately be put in place. and that would mean no swimming, no rowing or kayaking and warnings would be issued to keep people off the water and away from the shore line. but that will hinge is, of course on the testing results expected by the end of the week . of course, we'll stay on it. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news just a couple of things before we let you go. is this like in the whole estuary or is it noticed more in pockets are certain places around like the docks or certain areas of the estuary? all the officials i spoke with said this is well mixed in widespread all areas of the estuary, but i did notice that as you come towards where our station is located in jacqueline in square you don't have nearly as dark brown water as you see up towards the park street bridge high street bridge crossing over in alameda. that's where it's much more noticeable. and a lot of people are worried about their health and what i'm told is from people at the water board is so far they have no
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reports of anyone getting sick. so they believe that so far, this doesn't appear to be harmful. of course, the water test will prove exactly what we're seeing out there. alright well, yeah, you definitely can see that brown murky color. in the water there, brooks. thank you. thanks program working to protect water quality in san francisco bay will receive up to $4.5 million to find local water projects. the funds will come from president biden's bipartisan infrastructure legislation. the san francisco estuary partnership will receive the money over five years. bands will be used to protect, restore and enhance water quality and fish and wildlife habitats. two other estuary programs in california in morro bay and santa monica will also receive $4.5 million each. and those temperatures inland. they came up significantly today we saw numbers up 10 12 15 degrees in some places in the inland bay valleys about the same everywhere else, wendy not everywhere. but up in the delta.
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we've got winds gusting up over 25 miles an hour as you look in this area by church, kind of in the rio vista region where the wind farm is. we are looking for temperatures to stay on the mild the warm side the next couple of days around the bay mild inland , warm to hot and that's how it goes tomorrow. so today was like that we have from mid nineties and those inland spots. hurricane frank is now tropical storm. but if you look at what's going on, let me loop it again and you'll see the moisture coming. can really yeah, it's not looping. dang okay? yeah, you can kind of see it, but the moisture is coming up from that so you can see it's getting caught up in the flow. so that's a subtropical moisture plume that has the potential to bring us a few scattered showers. as we move through the next couple of days, we'll keep an eye on that. it's hard to say, you know, i it's mostly high level stuff that's making it to our area, so we'll keep an eye on it for you. there were some thunderstorms up around the mckinney fire today. um, i maybe you didn't see it. maybe you did see it. i'll come in here and take a look at mount shasta y rica. so that's this afternoon.
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they've been seeing a few of those. so that red flag warning today for those, um, those those hot spots those thunderstorms weaverville as well for us. we versus situation where we have temperatures that warmed inland. like i said 93, fairfield 93. these are right now temperatures temperature in san francisco 65 72 in oakland, so these are running ahead in many cases of where they were last night, so santa rosa 14 degrees warmer when i come back, we're gonna take a look at the full forecast. see back here. house speaker nancy pelosi is in taiwan, defying china's warnings to stay away from lauren blanchard in washington with a look at her historic trip. and coming up tonight on the news at six o'clock, we'll have details on a new report about more missing text messages from top officials during the january 6th attack on the u. s.
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data ensure the us commitment to taiwan's democracy. she is the highest ranking american official in 25 years to visit
5:25 pm
the self ruled island claimed by china in retaliation for her visit, chinese officials announced they would conduct military maneuvers. foxes lauren blanchard has more on the reaction pouring in from china as well as u. s lawmakers. speaker nancy pelosi stepped off her plane and into history as the highest ranking member of congress to visit taiwan in 25 years, but her visit to the island which is claimed by china , as its own has worsened already tense relations with beijing. pelosi a longtime critic of china, released an op ed in the washington post writing in the face of the chinese communist party's accelerating aggression. our congressional delegation's visit should be seen as an unequivocal statement that america stands with taiwan, our democratic partner as it defends itself and its freedom as the first images of pelosi with taiwanese leaders emerged, and she was greeted by crowds outside her hotel. china announced they will carry out
5:26 pm
last minute military operations and drills in the seas and air nearby taiwan. china has every right to defend its sovereignty and territory. integrity we are fully justified to do what we must us maintains the speaker's visit does not change its one china policy, but it does support taiwan's democratic efforts. we will not engage in saber rattling. we will continue to operate in the seas and the skies of the western pacific. as we have done for decades. we'll keep doing what we are doing, which is supporting cross strait peace and stability. the speaker's visit has been met with bipartisan approval on capitol hill. she is traveling with a handful of democratic representatives know republicans accepted her invitation in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news answering the call to conserve how much east bay mud customers have cut their water use during the drought, plus y berkeley police are telling people right now to stay away
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doric drought, the east bay municipal utility district says more and more of its customers are doing their part to conserve water. ktvu is tom baker joins us now in studio with the details, tom. but when california it's a real emergency . they usually respond, but only when they're ready. a year ago
5:30 pm
at a reservoir where the water levels continued to lower governor newsom signed an executive order politely asking californians to cut their water use by 15% we are encouraging people to do the common sense things like reducing the amount of irrigation water you're doing out on your lawns, for example, reducing perhaps the time that you are in a shower in the months that followed water use actually went up. so in may, newsom said he was considering ordering mandatory water restrictions. on tuesday, the east bay municipal utilities district announced that their customers took that threat to heart through the summer and our customers have gone from 6% conservation in may to 12% in june to nearly 17 16.5% in the month of july compared to 2020 a
5:31 pm
single person i don't use a lot of water overall. but i tried not to waste it. doing what i can. i have a large lot, and we've landscaped a lot of it. so we've cut down to once a week, different sections, so we water is little as we can. fact is a lot of people are taking the drought very seriously. example they still have some landscaping , but where they don't need grass. they don't put grass anymore than includes checking for leaks inside and outside, switching from grass to mulch or stone or gravel or low consumption, gardens or just letting it go. brown 30% of water is used in the outdoor landscape. and so we believe that that's the reason that we're seeing the larger numbers right now, and we like to go boating, and so a lot of the lakes are so low, you can't even get your boat in anymore. now thinking ahead. what we save now will mostly be around next year
5:32 pm
. if this drought continues, if not, well, that'll be just water safe. but if it does continue really going to need it reporting live, tom baker, ktvu fox students any little bit people can save helps tom. thank you and all this month we are examining the drought's impact on our community and the response to the water crisis. you can find more reports on the drought on our website throughout the month of august, just head to ktvu .com. slash drought. well, there is a large police presence in berkeley. right now. we don't have a lot of information about what's going on. but here is what we know. at this hour. berkeley police put out a warning around four this afternoon for people to avoid the area around the intersection of channing way and curtis street sky. foxx was over the scene earlier, police will only say they are searching for a suspect who they believe may be armed. we will update you with any new information just as soon as we get it. we're learning more now about some significant flaring at the chevron refinery in richmond,
5:33 pm
ktvu employee shot this video from el cerrito and then the distance. you can see the glow of that fire at about 3 15 this morning. chevron says the flaring was part of a problem with their refining process. spokesperson tells us cruise tested the air outside of the refinery, and they were not able to find any impacts to the surrounding area. that refinery says flaring like this is part of their safety program to relieve pressure and make sure the plant operates safely. a 17 year old boy was shot and killed in san francisco's ingleside district. it happened at about five o'clock last night. brookdale avenue officers gave the victim cpr until paramedics arrived on the scene. the victim was taken to a local hospital where he died. a motive is not yet known, and no arrests have been made. police say a financial dispute over breeding puppies let an off duty san francisco firefighter to shoot a man in oakland 29 year old brian pointer is facing several charges, including destroying
5:34 pm
and concealing evidence, assault with a firearm, shooting at a vehicle and receiving stolen property. michael johnson says he was in business with the firefighter breeding puppies and then selling them. he says pointer was supposed to pay him $5500. but when it was time for the payment pointer, robbed him at gunpoint, stealing paperwork for the puppies. johnson followed pointer home and called 911 but says emeryville officer said there was nothing they could do as johnson was driving past pointers, home to leave pointer reportedly fired at least six shots at johnson's car , and one of those bullets grazed his neck. being shot by a firefighter, you know, i mean, that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of. they're supposed to be saving lives not you know, shooting up your car and, um, being shot in the neck and being robbed at gunpoint, a person that does something like this is capable of anything. so i want him to stay in jail like he tried to kill me. johnson says he trusted pointer to do
5:35 pm
business with them because he was a firefighter. pointers been with the san francisco fire department for about a year. he made his first court appearance this morning. his bail is now set at $270,000 homicide investigation is underway after one person was shot and killed in east oakland. oakland police say this happened around 11 o'clock last night on line avenue near 35th avenue. the victim in this case has not been identified, and so far, police have not revealed any details on what might have led up to that shooting. the city of oakland says a new $6 million grant will help them to prevent violent crime on an individual level. city and state elected officials gathered this morning to announce the investment. they say the emphasis will be on working with people at the highest risk along with their families. the goal is to change behavior so people don't turn to violence to settle their disputes. it's all comes just two days after three people were shot at a peewee football game, including a six year old girl.
5:36 pm
this allows us to go deep into the communities where most of the times the call comes after the incident happens. we get to go before we get to go during. we get to go afterwards. we get to spend time with individuals and families and identify folks who could benefit from the level of services that that that that are being offered through this grant. community engagement. teams will identify the families and the people who will be offered assistance over the next three years. the mayor said. the city has already seen a 24% reduction in homicides and shootings combined so far this year, and appellate court judge has overturned murder convictions for three santa clara county deputies convicted in the 2015 jail, beating death of michael tyree, mentally ill. inmate jerry lubin, matthew ferris and rafael rodriguez were guilty of second degree murder. four years ago and given prison sentences of 15 years to life. the fourth district court of appeals judge ruled the theory that prosecutors cited was
5:37 pm
invalidated and therefore the convictions overturned spent. the jury did not need to consider each of the deputies individual responsibility to find all three guilty. it is now up to the santa clara county district attorney to decide whether to retry the former deputies. a group of teenagers in denver came together to design a new billboard they hope will make people stop and think before using a weapon. teens came up with the idea to put up the billboard in southwest denver. their design shows a teddy bear a gun and a white coffin. the teams say gun violence is an issue. they live with daily, never knowing if there might be a shooting at a school or in a local park. some have lost friends to guns. the teddy bear and a gun. don't go together. you know, and it's not something that should be normalized murders for the year and we hover between 85 87% of those murders committed with firearms. typically, it's illegal guns. the denver police
5:38 pm
chief and city leaders say they hope the billboard raises awareness about the grim statistics. new details tonight on that drone strike that took out one of the masterminds behind the 9 11 attacks, including how officials constructed what they call a pattern of life in order to complete this mission. also ahead tonight, the torrential downpours in death valley that left part of a car underground
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er in riverside county didn't hesitate to defend his store from an attempted robbery. right here. that's the surveillance video from the norco market, showing the owner grabbing his shotgun and firing. that suspect went running into a waiting car that was outside later on. four
5:41 pm
suspects were found at a local hospital, and authorities say one of them had a wound from a shotgun blast. the seeds of the u. s counterterrorism operation that killed al qaeda's leader were planted over many months, us. officials constructed what they called a pattern of life to take out one of the masterminds behind the nine love and attacks . box news. trey yingst has more now on the deadly drone strike. we have eliminated the emir of al qaeda. after years of surveillance and months of planning, the us took out the head of al qaeda in a weekend strike, zawari was put in charge of the terror network after the death of osama bin laden. he was bin laden is right hand man for years and played a major role in planning the 9 11 attacks. after the taliban retook afghanistan, he returned to kabul where a cia drone strike killed him on the balcony of a safe house. i don't think that al qaeda can look at what happened over the last 48 hours and feel like afghanistan is going to be much of a safe haven for them, the white house says. this is a classic example
5:42 pm
of what they call over the horizon. counterterrorism us intelligence tracked soirees family members to kabul where he reunited with them. they spent months studying his patterns and even built a replica of the house he was staying at and with al qaeda now splintered and a shadow of its former self. some experts are saying it could be years before they regroup. it would be very difficult for the organization to renew itself to name a new leader, a new leader that can be consensually accepted by all the organizations followers, but republican lawmakers are also criticizing the biden administration, claiming the taliban violated a pledge not to shelter terrorists, and this likely won't be the last air strike needed. the taliban or the rock stars of the jihadi world with all the powers of a military and a state and, uh, while on the one hand that should be celebrated. on the other hand, we should all be ringing the alarm bells. the white house says zawahiri was the only person killed in the drone strike in jerusalem tree angst, fox news words of warning out of death valley after severe weather led to a car being
5:43 pm
swallowed. plus we are heading live to a disaster zone in kentucky, where survivors are trying to figure out how to return to normal in the aftermath of historic flooding. and back right after the break. we'll take a look at the long range forecast pushes us into the weekend. i'll give you an with xfinity internet, you get advanced security that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if... i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer.
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it's flooding in death valley. it shared this picture of a car that was swept off the highway near stovepipe wells in a flash floods. storms are forecast to continue through the area for the next few days. no one has been hurt. some roads are closed due to the storms, and the park service is warning people who are heading to that area not to drive through deep water or debris. more than three dozen people are dead after historic flooding slammed eastern kentucky, the governor there says that number may rise as rescue crews search for those who are still missing foxes.
5:46 pm
mills hayes is joining us now live from hazard kentucky just miles away from where the governor visited earlier today, mills. what does that community look like? well alex, you can see it right behind me. hit looks devastated. you can see that this house right here definitely hit a lot of damage. there are trees down. we've seen school pictures on the ground and christmas decorations. people's lives just scattered right here due to all of this flooding. i even heard from people that told me they had been hanging onto trees for dear life when the flooding came through, so this place really doesn't feel like home to them now, but i want to show you guys some pictures from earlier today. this was in perry and not county. these are just some crazy video of big trucks hanging onto bridges and cars turned over and submerged into those rivers there, as well as complete houses completely wiped out. i went to a shelter earlier
5:47 pm
today, and floyd accounting one of their community centers there, and i spoke with some of the victims there. they tell me that they are going out during the day to their homes to try to cleanup and salvage any of their personal items. that may still be there, and then they returned to the shelter at night. when we got rescue is almost needed.. td and i ever did save my life. downstairs is gone. everything's gone. everything all my memories. he was awful. i don't know if i can recover from miss no more makes me feel sad. because i've never really been through anything like this before, and i've never been displaced from my home. i spoke with police who tell me how traumatizing it was to find bodies in the river. one of those victims was 82 year old nellie mae howard. her great nephew is perry county sheriff. joseph angle. the first person
5:48 pm
that i had to notify the death was my own mother that her favorite aunt had been washed away. and then she washed away quick. these were real lives. people we knew not strangers. kentucky governor andy bashir says that there are thousands of people that are displaced out of their homes because of the flooding. and the good news is that there is no threat of any more flooding or rain in the forecast, but there is another threat to the community here, and that is record heat. it is very hot out here, and i've even spoken with people who don't have any power don't have any air conditioning. so without that air conditioning and with those record heat, it's going to make the cleanup effort a whole lot harder than it really needs to be. and hazard. kentucky mills hayes, ktvu. fox two news difficult recovery ahead for that community. no doubt about it, mills. thank you. one of
5:49 pm
those things i always think about when you get flooding, especially in the south, and some of those tropical areas or subtropical areas is the amount of wildlife snakes and different animals that get relocated and so you often times and places like that. you'll see, you know, snake showing up in houses and, um all sorts of stuff, so it's a it's a it's a 12 punch for sure. and then you had the heat to that and the potential for disease for standing water. okay so we've got we've all had a lot of some tropical moisture in down around the north american monsoon help aso. you can see right in here. getting some rain. it's backed off a little bit are some tropical moisture is coming from this hurricane here or tropical storm now, frank, which is pushing you see the trail of moisture right there, situates going so you can see it's moving up in the northern california so that's kind of where you get those, uh, that red flag warning up on the mckinney fire today for the potential for thunderstorms, and in fact, they did have a few at least east of why rekha, but the potential is always there, and
5:50 pm
that's where we are right now we've got this tropical moisture that's going to light up the share in nevada, most likely tomorrow afternoon again, especially south of lake tahoe. and then we'll see if it backs out and moves out after that, but in the meantime, we've got temperatures that are warmer than yesterday by a significant amount, especially inland. santa rosa was up a good 10 degrees from yesterday. temperatures tomorrow are going to be about the same. maybe a little warmer. the fog is back. fog hasn't really been around last couple of days just had a tough time keeping itself together so a little bit of fog back and that, of course, will add cooling to the areas around the bay and inside the bay outside the bay outside the inversion, which is not that deep, you're going to see temperatures back into the mid nineties. so the forecast for tomorrow morning there's that some tropical moisture moving up through keeps going. you saw the thunderstorms there for tomorrow afternoon. and then some more sub tropical moisture . that's what's coming when you see the clause moving free from the land from the topography. that's an indication that it's
5:51 pm
clouds right, not fog, which is stuck in married to the coastline. okay so these are the forecast overnight lows about where they were last night. lots of sixties forecast highs tomorrow. we're going to be like this about where they were today, a little bit warmer. pretty standard. i mean, that's what that's what august looks like, but in terms of concern for fire. always concerned, but this pattern is helpful. i mean , we're not seeing the real real dry, real real high heat, poor quality environment that we do sometimes see this time of year and we will see. but right now there's five day forecast delivers us some pretty good conditions for the cal fire folks, at least for the bay area. i'll see you back here at six. all right. we'll see you then, bill. thank you. the warriors will have a new look in their arsenal of uniforms as they trying to defend their championship. the warriors unveiled their new statement addition. look for this upcoming season, the team posted video of the new look on its twitter page today, the uniforms look similar to the talbert's colors. this
5:52 pm
will mark the first time the phrase golden state is prominently displayed across the team's jersey since 1975. the team officially became the golden state warriors on this day in 1971. oracle is laying off employees workers for the company's us customer experience division were reportedly let go yesterday reports of layoffs had been circulating internally in oracle and in the media last month, the report said the tech giant plan to cut up to $1 billion in cost by letting thousands of workers go. the full scope of those terminations has not yet become clear. so far , there is no word from oracle. other tech companies, including microsoft, meta and google, are also laying off workers or hiring freezing their hiring. new research indicates that even simple exercise might help seniors with mild memory problems. research has shown that physical activity helps keep healthy brains fit, but it's not clear how much it helps
5:53 pm
once memory starts to slide. the u. s study. had seniors do aerobic exercises and simple stretching for a year. brain testing later showed neither group experienced the decline. experts caution more research is needed. the early findings were presented today at an alzheimer's association meeting. every year, the fins of up to 73 million sharks are sliced from their backs, and they're bleeding bodies or sometimes dumped back into the ocean where the sharks are left to suffocate or die of blood loss. the practice is driven by china, where shark fin soup is a symbol of status for the rich and powerful. but america's seafood industry isn't immune from the trade. a series of recent criminal indictments highlights how u. s companies are supplying a market for fins and activists say it is reprehensible. still ahead tonight, w n. b a star britney griner back in a russian courtroom today as u. s officials work to negotiate her release, also coming up tonight
5:54 pm
at six free water, hundreds of gallons of it the california city offering it to customers to help during the drought, also coming up at six. the new approach summer taking to help people living in hurricane prone areas. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can
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continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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florida is back here in the u. s. after going to ukraine to document the war for years, alan mestel has documented important events involving social justice and civil rights. now he's turned his attention to the russian invasion. last month, he traveled throughout ukraine documenting the war from the ground. he's helping others can look at his photos and see more of what's happening in that country. targeted strikes on civilian buildings, apartment buildings, individual homes. i
5:57 pm
saw civilian vehicles riddled with bullet holes. there is no lens wide enough to capture the extent of the devastation. through his lens. mestel also witnessed the resilience and spirit of the ukrainian people. he's planning to host a fundraising event with his photographs, which would benefit to nonprofit groups working to help ukrainian refugees. nba star britney griner returned to a russian court today where she is being tried on drug charges. box news amy kellogg tells us the latest court appearance comes as u. s officials work to secure her release. the drug charges trial of w. n. b a star britney griner continued tuesday in moscow. she was once again placed inside the defendant cage in court, where she held up personal photos during the hearing grinders lawyers argued that a forensic expert made errors when examining cannabis infused vape cartridges found in
5:58 pm
the athletes luggage. griner has pleaded guilty to carrying the cannabis oil, but says she packed it by accident. forensic evidence tells us that it would be impossible to reliably established the amount of the substance with the existing case materials. phoenix mercury star appeared in court for the first time since the proposed prisoner swap for her release was revealed that biden administration has reportedly offered arms dealer viktor boot in exchange for greiner. and former marine paul whelan. on monday, the white house says it received a counter offer from moscow but called it quote a bad faith response. we put forward a substantial offer and we you know, we want to have a good faith conversation on that. russian officials have said. any exchange for griner could only happen after the judicial process is finished. grinders next hearing is scheduled for thursday when closing arguments are expected, u. s officials say they will do everything they can
5:59 pm
to bring american citizens home . we will continue to support you every step of this process and as long as it takes to bring her home to the united states safely. if convicted, brittney griner faces up to 10 years in prison. in milan, amy kellogg fox news this is ktvu fox two news at six. the death toll from the mckinney fire is now up to four after two more bodies were found today, and officials are warning residents to take this wildfire seriously and leave if you're in the evacuation zone. during the order area. it's really important that you're out of that area. it's an unsafe area it somewhere where it could be taken by fire very quickly. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. alex savage will get to the mckinney fire in just a moment. but first we want to show you the scene in richmond this afternoon. that's where a fire broke out in some dry, grassy areas of that city near
6:00 pm
the water and train tracks. crews came in, and they attacked this fire both from the ground as well as from the air. the fire, blackened a few acres and caused an eastbound amtrak train to stop while crews worked to put out that fire, no word yet on how this fire may have started. all right now to the mckinney fire burning near the california oregon border. two more bodies were discovered today, bringing the death toll to four. the wildfire started in siskiyou county last friday, and since then it has exploded in size to nearly 88 square miles right now, officials say, there is still zero containment as the fire tears through dry tree. reason brush in red flag conditions. boxes max gordon tells us many evacuees are waiting anxiously to hear what's happened to their homes. california's mckinney fire, leaving behind a trail of destruction in klamath national forest near the oregon border. there was a fire. we just didn't think it would reaches. flames have scorched more than 56,000 acres, makin


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