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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 12, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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well into the january 6th insurrection at the capitol, the new details being revealed during today's hearing, plus long lines in san francisco for the monkey pox vaccine, how people across the bay are looking to protect themselves as cases continue to rise and the push by city leaders for the cdc to do more. then covid cases are also rising again. what santa clara county health leaders are now encouraging people to wear masks, even in some outdoor settings. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and we'll begin with breaking news in san jose. the santa clara county sheriff's department is dealing with a barricaded suspect. ktvu jesse gary live at the scene to bring us what you learned so far, jesse and the impact this is having on traffic. gaussian traffic is a mess before we get to that. they're holding a briefing. right now. we're going to join it in progress. this is russell davis of the sheriff's
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department in possession of a firearm and a knife at this point. deputy use multiple intervention techniques with our de escalation skills and let me start over really quickly with this the biggest goal with the situations we want to provide a peaceful resolution from this, so we're going to apply all de escalation tactics from the sheriff's office to provide that peaceful resolution. we did activate santa clara police departments swatting there. barakat to come out. we did activate the san jose police departments drone unit to come out to assist with us. and the biggest thing is we did have our crisis negotiation team deputies, and they were currently on scene. attempting to de escalate the situation with this female duo, who was in possession of a firearm and with the knife and the fire. one shot that i'm trying to determine to see if there were any shots fired, but that's still developing at this point. you know what precipitated any or all of this? we don't know this is still very dynamic developing situation of what? i could tell you. she was taken into custody by using multiple means of escalation techniques. and less
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lethal type of tools from this incident was placed in an ambulance, so i'm guessing she's been taken for evaluation. you said no one was injured was a any kind of emotional episode or anything like that. you know, i don't have that information. right now. all i have is the despondent female adult who was uncooperative with deputies was in possession of a firearm and with the knife, she was transported to a local hospital and taken in for medical evaluation at this point but i don't have that information at this time. we see that several streets around here wearing the 202,000 block of basque, um at heading this. it's blocked off here, but also all the way down to the 80 freeway. the chp had closed that exit. on two basket . can you give us an idea of how long this traffic impasse will continue affect motorists anticipate us being out here for a couple of hours at this point, because we need to conduct our investigation, but we do have the california highway patrol and seen with us to assist with shutting down these streets and with that sounds, a police department as well as this woman by herself. as of right now, she
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as i understand it, she was by herself in possession of a firearm and with the knife. and just out in the in the street or on the sidewalk er out on the sidewalk. we don't know what the backstory is to it on how she got to this point. it's still developing at this point, so i'm trying to determine what we have. but the most important thing is we came up with a peaceful resolution. she was taken into custody and no deputies were injured from this incident. russia appreciate that. thank you very much, and i'm just going to move on and let the update continue. so just to reset this happened just before 12 noon here in san jose , we're at the intersection of basket and heading the 80 freeway is down this way. and this. sorry about losing jesse there again that police action is happening in the area of west heading and basket. mavin san jose not far from valley fair mall. keep that in mind. we'll move now to san francisco, where in about 30 minutes supervisor rafael mandolin will hold a news
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conference calling on the cdc and the department of health and human services to dramatically accelerate the purchase and distribution of the monkey pox vaccine. this comes as we're seeing long lines in the city. people wanting to get the vaccine to get protected against monkeypox, today s f general in the san francisco aids foundation will be holding an online town hall on monkey pox. ktvu jana katsuyama breaks down how people can get information about the virus and access to the vaccines. the line to get monkey pox vaccine stretched outside zuckerberg san francisco general hospital monday have a little bit of inkling that it was going to be crowded, but i mean yeah, you gotta do what you gotta do. general staff say they will have a walk in clinic all week for people who have been exposed to monkeypox have been to an event, whereas notified after the fact that there were reported cases so kind of anxious about that. the virus, which has a characteristic rash is transmitted through close contact or betting. on monday,
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the cdc posted a map showing 39 states plus the district of columbia and hawaii, as well as puerto rico reported monkeypox cases. the map shows california had some 148 cases. sf general says they've received 2308 monkey pox vaccine doses in the past week, but many people say that is not enough. we need to get ahead of it as soon as possible, honey mahogany, one of the co sponsors, says tuesday's town hall meeting is important to get accurate information out to the public. and there should be more community meeting, she says, and efforts to secure more vaccine doses before the virus spreads who is not being served . how do we get better at providing service? there needs to be some sort of feedback loop and a community meeting is a great way to do that. the cdc says they expect an increase in monkey pox vaccine supplies in the coming weeks and months. the town hall meeting tuesday evening on monkey pox is scheduled to be online and registration is free by going to
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the san francisco aids foundation website. we're putting from the newsroom. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. new at noon. more details are being revealed about the january 6th insurrection at the us capitol. the seventh public hearing is underway now in washington by the house select committee investigating the attack. today's hearing is focusing on the mobilization of the mob at the capitol and the links between far right extremists and former president donald trump. witnesses today include the former national media director for the oath keepers. ended ohio man. it was among the mob of trump supporters who stormed the capital. videos were also played showing extremist talking about former president trump's call for protests. president trump in the early morning hours today. tweeted that he wants the american people to march on washington d. c on january 6th 2021. we're going to only be saved by millions of americans. moving to washington occupying the entire area, if necessary,
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storming right into the capital. the committee also played testimony from former attorney general william barr and former white house aides for president trump. they talked about the former president's lawyers and allies having theories about mass voter fraud. and a draft executive order telling the department of justice to seize voting machines in some states. here at home. police have one man in custody after what they call a significant incident inside the kaiser permanente hospital in santa clara ktvu. james torres brings us information from police. operations inside the kaiser permanente hospital in santa clara are now back to normal. police say they were able to resolve any emergency peacefully and quickly. the scene looked a lot different early this morning . police say they got a call around five am to report to kaiser's emergency room. they have not yet released specifics on that emergency but say this is not the case of an active shooter, nor were any shots
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fired. police arrived with tactical gear and shields put in the er on lockdown. they have not yet confirmed if someone inside had a gun were also still working to find out if the person arrested is a patient or employee of the hospital. some patients say they're glad they missed the hectic scene. did you notice any everything was calm and everything was routine. now that's very scary with what's everything with what everything's going on these days. every day. there's a couple of mass shootings. it sounds like i did speak to a representative from kaiser permanente, and they are not offering a statement at this time and say all information should be coming from police. officers tell me this emergency came to a peaceful resolution. they expect to put out more specific details on social media later this afternoon. reporting in santa clara. i'm james torres , ktvu fox two news breaking news now in the east bay that's affecting bart riders on the antibiotic sfo line. a disabled bar train in the berkeley hills
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tunnel is causing a system wide delay, part says trains in both the antioco and sfo directions are now single tracking between rockridge and dorinda. missile is developing right now started just about an hour ago. part says the disruption is causing major delays. keep this in mind if you rely on barred at this point, we have no estimate as to when things might be resolved again. disabled train in the berkeley hills tunnel causing problems on the antiochus line. going from antioch in sfo, and the other way we will keep you posted on when this might be resolved. back to the south way here at santa clara county health officials are urging people in the south bay to wear masks due to rising covid cases , including in some outdoor settings. more than 1000 new daily infections are being reported now. the hospitalization rate has also jumped significantly in the past month with 233 covid patients, the highest since january. health officials recommend masking indoors and outdoors in large gatherings, where people in close contact with each other the new omicron said variant b a
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five making its mark is the most dominant and most contagious so far, pushing the daily average of new cases over 130,000 for the first time since february. most health officials agree. we are now in 1/6 covid surge with case is thought to be severely undercounted as people relying more and more on at home tests. attorney says it hopes to have to omicron specific vaccine candidates ready for the fall, one designed specifically to target b, a five and the cdc is now considering allowing all adults to get that fourth booster shot, not just those over the age of 50. new at noon . san francisco's new d a. is making it clear focusing on the tenderloin district and the open air drug markets are her top priorities. the d. a. brook jenkins this morning spoke with tenderloin, community leaders and residents. she discussed her commitment to protecting public safety and holding serious drug dealers accountable no longer can children and families and our elderly residents have to
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walk through the situations that i walked through this morning. um seeing the drug dealing, seeing the open drug use on the street. that is not something that we can tolerate in the tenderloin any longer. d j. jenkins has also ordered a review of dozens of drug cases in which plea offers were made under the former district attorney chase bodine. she says some of those pending offers may be revoked. the first policy moved by the new diaz to back a proposal expanding police access to private security cameras, jenkins wrote to the board of supervisors, saying quote. not only will it serve a practical purpose of helping us to deter crime and hold those who commit crimes in our city accountable. it will also send a message to those scheming to prey on our city that there will be consequences for their actions. san francisco's police department is outlining plans on how and when investigators would check surveillance cameras right now guidelines include asking for permission on a case by case basis and ensuring that video is not stored. i definitely understand that there is a balance between what we need to
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do in the city. with the use of surveillance, private surveillance cameras and the constitutional privacy that that we enjoy in this in this country. the electronic frontier foundation and nonprofit advocating digital privacy and free speech is among the groups concerned about expanding police access. and we're really concerned about the impacts, um, to first run rights to the privacy rights of regular san francisco is just going about their regular day. everyday lives. um and what this means for particularly marginalized communities. san francisco board of supervisors could vote on the plan by the end of the month. still to come at noon. san jose police investigating the 20th homicide of the year what we're learning about a deadly shooting and the arrest made in the case, plus the senate is back from july 4th recess, and democrats are eager to take action on abortion. but there are options may be limited. rivera in washington with what they have to say coming up and a notable
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cool down felt around the bay area this afternoon. we'll check in on the current conditions and talk about this pattern that
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and the leader of isis in syria, was taken out after being targeted near gion doris in the country's northwest. and identified senior official was seriously injured. the strike comes months after the head of the group killed himself during a raid of his hideout by american special forces. later this evening, president biden will depart for his first trip to the middle east will head to israel first, where he'll meet with both israeli and palestinian leaders is also expected to announce new initiatives in the middle east during the trip. president biden will also head to saudi arabia, and that part of the trip is being met with criticism for that country's issues with human rights. president defended the decision, saying a portion of that that leg of his trip will be to push saudi arabia to improve those very conditions. just this morning, president biden met with mexican president andres manuel lopez over door. the white house meeting came after he skipped the us hostess summit of the americas in los angeles last month. the two discussed immigration and trade president lopez over door openly disagrees with the white house on foreign policy, energy and climate change. congress and
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president biden are facing growing pressure to take more action to protect abortion access. as madeline rivera tells us the senate is holding a hearing on the issue. more than two weeks after the supreme court ruled to overturn roe v. wade. protesters show no signs of letting up. now states nationwide are taking action to try and protect abortion access in michigan a petition to get abortion rights on the ballot in november do more than 750,000 signatures, nearly double the required amount. the number of signatures show that here in michigan we trust women. in utah . abortion rights supporters are relieved after a state judge blocked a sweeping new abortion ban from taking a fact estates pursue their own measures. federal action remains limited. the senate judiciary committee is holding a hearing on abortion capitol hill tuesday, with democrats warning that state bands could spread proposing bills that will turn their state
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borders and the checkpoint. charlie's for patients seeking abortions and our state on monday, the department of health and human services issued new guidance protecting providers perform abortions in emergency situations. pro life advocates are pushing back as a constitutional matter. i don't think congressional attempts to mandate abortion would be upheld in court. and as a policy matter it is. it's a horrific idea, and i think we should be embarrassed that the united states is even considering something like that . senator durbin says they plan to hold more hearings on abortion in the future as president biden faces growing pressure to declare a public health emergency. in washington mouth rivera ktvu fox two news. new at noon. stanford university suffered a major power outage this morning that impacted more than 40 buildings on its main campus. stanford issued a statement online, it said the cause of the outage is being investigated that there is no timeline as to when power will be fully restored. this is the second time in just weeks, the university has been impacted by
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an outage. another outage left much of the campus without power for several days in late june. switching to bay area weather today felt completely different than yesterday. rosemary you talked about that 10 degree drop, and i think we got it. yes, indeed. garcia hello to you and happy tuesday. everyone temperatures a lot cooler this afternoon. this after we started out with a lot more cloud cover a stronger onshore breeze. this new trend is expected to stick around, at least for the next few days, perhaps all the way into the weekend giving you a live look here as we look towards a alameda, we have the city of san francisco there in the background and beyond the city, you can see the low clouds. still piled up along the coastline here is storm tracker to where it will pull back. not for long, though, do expect to late afternoon cloud cover to remain along the coastline, and it will push back across the bay . as we get closer to the evening hours, we'll take a look at the future cast model in just a moment. let's take a look at the winds out there. the onshore
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briefs are fairfield is 24 mph. so definitely strong enough to cool things down inland. i was even a little bit stronger early on. and as we continue with just that cloud cover along the coastline, temperatures the spots a little bit warmer today by two degrees. we are very similar to yesterday at sfo, but you go inland and temperatures are 12 degrees cooler in concord down by 18 in santa rosa. and for our south bay, san jose right now, six degrees cooler than your lunch hour yesterday. 77 right now. san jose as we head up to the peninsula, we've got 68 sfo 64 in the city of san francisco and low sixties half moon bay. very mild compared to yesterday and areas over santa rosa 67 for you now at the inland east bay mid seventies in walnut creek, low eighties in brentwood, so a nice warm day, but nothing like what we had seen i just yesterday afternoon. the coastal flood advisory again for this evening lasting into
12:21 pm
the overnight hours will expire at one o'clock in the morning due to the king tides, providing with some of that low lying possibility of flooding for the evening hours as we get into high tide for the evening hours storm tracker to showing you not much going on across the state, we will continue. with the mainly dry weather but pleasant weather rolling through the next few days. here's a look at the future cast, so the clouds are very close to the coast. as we get into sunset there back over the bay, east bay north bay looks like a partly cloudy mostly clear start to the evening for the inner east bay. but by tomorrow morning it fills in once again. and a strong onshore breeze could push some of that cloud cover all the way into the sacramento valley temperatures will be very nice for most, perhaps a little bit cool along the coastline santa rosa today following below average 79 upper sixties for san francisco 74 in oakland, 88 in livermore, right on target for where you should be this time of year 86 over san jose. it's a better details on the afternoon
12:22 pm
highs for today, as well as what we can expect for the rest of the week and india bay area weekend coming up with just a little bit rosemary oroczo yours in southern california, six in a single day. police say several maybe connected and why they're now looking into the significance
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new york, where 10 people were shot and killed in may, is reopening to the public this
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week, the top supermarket announced a small gathering will take place thursday to honor the shoppers and employees who were killed in the shooting. the gunman is facing several charges, including hate crime, murder and domestic terrorism. he's pleaded not guilty. if convicted, he'll face a life sentence without parole. church bells rang seven times to mark one week since the deadly mass shooting during the fourth of july parade in highland park, illinois. businesses along the parade route of reopened after seven people were killed and dozens more injured when a gunman opened fire from a rooftop overlooking the parade. closer to home. investigators are looking into a string of violent incidents at 7 11 stores in southern california that left at least two people dead. historic clerk was shot and killed at a store in brea in orange county. a customer was shot to death in a 7 11 parking lot in santa ana. there were also robberies at 7 11 in la habra, ontario, and upland. another customer was shot during a robbery at a 7 11 in riverside. that person is in the
12:26 pm
hospital with life threatening injuries. the fact that it is 7 11 and there are seven elevens obviously being targeted today. um that's something that they could potentially be looking into. police say at least three of the six robberies are linked, and law enforcement officials are said to be looking into whether yesterday's date played any role in the string of shootings and robberies. yesterday was july 11th 7 11. a day. that convenience store chain celebrates its birthday by giving customers free slurpees. the funeral was held in tokyo today for former prime minister of japan shinzo abe. people lined the streets as a motorcade carried his body through the city leaders from around the world, including secretary of state antony blinken in attendance for the service. the former prime minister was shot and killed last friday during a campaign appearance. the alleged gunman is expected to have a mental health evaluation before standing trial. still to come at noon, a search for new clues in two decades old cold case our
12:27 pm
bay area family is hoping new technology and a large reward will bring closure to the case. it's just shocking to me that it would happen and daylight in front of everyone. the bulldog stolen from a car in the parking lot of a shopping center in san jose from its owner for the dog safe return. your projects done right
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you in the east bay and disabled bart train in the berkeley hills tunnel is causing a system delay for the antioch's sfo line, says trains in both the antioch and sfo directions are now single tracking between rockridge and orinda. the train in the tunnel stopped about an hour ago. at this point, there is no estimate from barney's to when things might be resolved. bart says the disruption as you would expect is causing major delays. so allow extra time if you're using that anti octu sfo line also following some breaking news for you in san rafael. this is where police are telling people to avoid the area near terra linda high school on nova albion way. police and fire crews are at the scene of a gas leak. their p genie is on the way as well. at this point. we don't have much more information to pass on to you, but people are being told to avoid the area around the high school until further notice. in just minutes from now. san francisco supervisor
12:31 pm
rafael mandel men will hold a news conference calling on the cdc and the department of health and human services to dramatically accelerate the purchase and distribution of the monkey pox vaccine. long lines formed in san francisco yesterday, people wanting to get vaccinated against monkeypox. it was the first day of the hospitals vaccine clinic. they're offering monkey pox vaccines every day this week from 4 to 6 p.m. the cdc says 150 cases of monkeypox have been reported in california. today san francisco general hospital and the scent francisco aids foundation will be holding it. online town hall meeting on monkeypox, organizers of tonight's town hall say it's important for people to learn more about the virus. you need to get the feedback of where the holes in the chain of information who is not being served. how do we get better at providing service? there needs to be some sort of feedback loop and a community meeting is a great way to do that. according to s f general, you can get a vaccine if you know you've had close contact with someone who's infected if you've received
12:32 pm
notification from an event of a potential exposure, or if your lab worker or clinician who handles virus samples tonight's town hall is entirely online. registration is free. you can do that by logging onto the aids foundation website. the form starts tonight at six o'clock should last about an hour. health officials in sonoma county say they've detected three cases of what appears to be monkeypox test conducted so far indicate the ortho pox virus family, which includes monkeypox , local public health leaders were told to assume those cases are monkeypox until more testing is done. the samples are being sent to the cdc for confirmation. new at noon. police have made an arrest in a deadly shooting in san jose 83 year old bert mcelheny was arrested at his home in san jose and booked into the santa clara county jail this morning. he was wanted in connection with a deadly shooting on almond and road where a man was shot to death. the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. in another bay area. cold case. it's been 21
12:33 pm
years since paula brian was found dead in san francisco. now family members are hoping a large reward and new technology will help bring their sister's killer to justice. as ktvu s amberleigh reports. relatives have never given up hope that the person responsible will be caught. a sister was so funny. so down to earth. two siblings share memories of their older sister, paula brian, who's homicide is an unsolved cold case with san francisco police for 21 years i feel like it just happened yesterday. it just it never it's just something that is just always on my mind every day. avoid that can't be filled ktvu nueva and kerry walker say brian was the best sister they could ask for. she was the most protective older sister. police say the 25 year old was last seen around midnight on june 18th 2000 and one in front of a bar that's no longer there at the corner of sixth and mission streets. investigators say she
12:34 pm
was seen getting into a red sedan with a man with light colored hair around six ft. tall with a muscular build. they say he had an east coast accent and a tattoo on his right arm. there's a couple of people that they change and talk to you in regards to that that fit the description, but it never panned out, police say. less than two hours later, her body was discovered nearby on harriet street by a truck driver making a delivery. she would have been here somewhere. cold case. police investigators tell me it appears brian fought for her life. she suffered blunt force trauma. the victim was had some significant injuries tour. and we know that she had been in the company of others some hours before she was discovered. police are now offering a new reward of $100,000 for information leading to the identification of resting conviction of the person responsible, investigators say. with advances in dna technology , they will retest some items along with new evidence. brian's
12:35 pm
family shared this video. they enjoyed many trips with her to the beach favorite pastime now bittersweet memories. her sisters tell me brian was struggling with mental health issues and left behind two young daughters ruined our family and just changed it, and we've never been the same night that brian was found dead here in this alleyway. investigators say there were people in this area. including homeless folks who live on the street and people visiting thereby bars and clubs . police hope someone will come forward in san francisco and burly ktvu. fox two news. loved ones of a woman killed 30 years ago in mountain view, reacting to a new arrest in the case, a tech executive is awaiting extradition from new york after flying into the country. john woodward is suspected of strangling 28 year old laurie house in 1992. she was a computer engineer. his body was found in a car in mountain view near a garbage dump about a mile from her work. woodward was
12:36 pm
tried twice in the nineties, but the case was dismissed when the jury couldn't reach a verdict in his second trial. using advances in forensic science technology. to the point where we decided that we're going to get justice for lori and her family and her friends. investigators used advancements in dna technology to link woodward to a rope that was found around how it's neck. he traveled from amsterdam to the united states on vacation when he was taken into custody. it doesn't really matter what happens because lori is not coming back. we don't get to win and get our sister back. we get to win and maybe get some justice or some closure. she didn't get to meet my kids. she probably would have nieces and nephews now from her. as promoted. investigators say they think the victim and suspect were involved in a love triangle. south bay woman says she might sue the santa clara police department after she says one of the departments, canines attacked her and her dog in an unprovoked incident. melissa silva says she and her dog
12:37 pm
chapel went walking at the santa clara youth soccer park saturday afternoon. silva says she took one step onto a field when a police dogs seem to come out of nowhere, says the police. dogs first attack chapel before sinking its teeth into her arm, pulling her to the ground. it's surreal. it's unreal. i can't believe that that dog would just he wasn't commanded to attack. he was he just attacked. i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. it was awful. an ambulance took silver to the hospital, where doctors treated her for a number of puncture wounds. santa clara police issued this statement in response, saying, quote while conducting off leash, training, a person and their dog unexpectedly entered the facility through the closed and latched gate. the police canine immediately ran toward the person and their dog. the person picked up her dog and struck the police canine in the head, resulting in an unintentional bite to the person's upper arm. a south bay woman's making a public plea asking whoever stole the french bulldog puppy to return it. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us two masked men took the pup as she
12:38 pm
was loading items into her trunk. it's just shocking to me that it would happen and daylight in front of everyone. powell says her family of dogs is now minus one this afternoon. early purchased french bulldog pup dolce was stolen from her suv when you want to be comfortable you know, living your life. the unexpected least happens in a sense, so it just it's shocking and unbelievable. at the same time, powell says around seven saturday evening, she left this target store on khobar way in north san jose dolce and several items as she loaded her suv. two masked men in a dark colored nissan pulled up, grabbed the dog and drove off. powell tried to stop them jump into their car, fighting him trying to get my dog back and they drive off with me in the car. were you in it or hanging was in it slash hanging out of it. he's actually fighting me to get me out of the car. she lost the fight and the dog falling from the moving vehicle a few feet after the
12:39 pm
struggle began. powell says she told a nearby san jose police officer stationed here due to a rash of car break ins. police brass will only say they took a statement. this case similar to many others, including that of lady gaga, her dog walker shot when thieves stole her two french bulldogs last year. target officials say they've contacted detectives in this current case and supplying storage surveillance video in response statement emailed to fox to peter representatives say our dogs rely on us to protect them urges everyone to stay vigilant. keep dogs on a leash and harness at all times and never leave them alone in a car or tied up outside, as it only takes a second for a dog napper to strike like a baby. for her part, powell is offering a $10,000 reward for the return of her newest target of affection, i would say, just give the dog back and i don't care what happens to you. just give the dog back. have your award. whatever if that's the case of what? because you're looking for
12:40 pm
financial again anyway, right? for information on the $10,000 reward, go to our website ktvu dot com and we'll link you with miss powell's email or social media address. in north san jose jesse jari ktvu, fox two news. wildfires are burning in several states across the west. but as the washburn fire burns through yosemite national park efforts are underway to save some of the country's national treasures. claudia cowen reports from yosemite this is fire year 2022 . there's been a tremendous amount of fire already in the western united states. multiple wildfires continue to consume thousands of acres across the western u. s prompting large scale evacuations, destroying homes and leaving charred land behind to save houses. but not able to save it from escaping up. the canyons in utah resources are stretched thin as crews worked to contain several fires burning across the state, consuming more than 13,000 acres over the last few days. officials worry that those limited resources coupled with
12:41 pm
dry conditions and temperatures , nearing triple digits, will only make the firefight more difficult as conditions continue to deteriorate. it gets harder and harder to catch those fires around the clock more than 500. firefighters are making progress on the washburn fire in yosemite national park. battling high heat, steep, rugged terrain and a thick haze blanketing the sky. with thousands of acres already burned. concern grows over the spreading fire and the threat to the giant sequoias. a sprinkler system has been set up to protect the historic trees. these are old growth trees that have been around for years and years. they've been a part of the national park here for years and years, and they're just they're beloved by the visitors that visit them. there were no lightning strikes in the area when the washburn fire sparked on thursday near that mariposa grove, so it is human caused. though exactly how this fire
12:42 pm
started, is under investigation at yosemite national park. claudia cowen, ktvu fox two news. new a new governor. newsom has signed a new law, which holds gunmakers liable other governments in california to sue gunmakers. the legislation was co authored by san francisco assemblyman phil ting. it allows lawsuits against manufacturers and sellers of firearms for the harm caused by their product. governor newsom says what the new legislation the gun industry can no longer hide from the devastating harm. their products cause still to come at noon. another hurdle for people who want to keep a major street in san francisco car free, the measure that will now appear on the november ballot. a notable cool down felt across the bay area will check in on your current conditions and show you current conditions and show you what you can expect for the re
12:43 pm
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as as crews are responding to aggress fire in the area of northbound 87 curtner avenue. at this point, firefighters say, the flames have burned through about one acre. we know the chp is helping with traffic in the area. people are being asked to avoid the area if at all possible. of course, it's somewhat breezy outside, but we're not in the extreme high heat of the summer, which we have seen in years past will continue to follow the story again. a small fire burning in san jose at 87 curtner will bring you more information as soon as we get it. let's run over to wall street here and show you what's happening with
12:46 pm
stocks as they wavered in late trading today, traders bracing for a big week of news on inflation company earnings reports. we see the dow jones is above sea level for most of the session and then a downward turn. down by three quarters of 1% s and p is down by almost one in a quarter percent. now, nasdaq is down by one and a quarter. some meta employees could soon be looking for a new job as yesterday was the deadline set for managers to identify people on their office teams who quote needs support. report in the information says managers were also told to quote move to exit poor performers who are unable to get on track companies not responding to requests about what exactly that means. earlier this month, ceo mark zuckerberg said, quote there are probably a bunch of people at the company who shouldn't be here. amazon's big prime day sale is up and running. the retail giant's annual two day online sale has plenty of deals for people who have their prime membership and will state may not be as big a day for amazon as it's been in the past, as online sales surged during the pandemic. this year's
12:47 pm
prime day comes online sales are slumping overall and, of course, inflation is high. a group in san francisco says it turned in enough signatures to put a measure on the november ballot on the closures of jfk drive and the great highway two cars. voters will decide whether to bring cars back to jfk drive on weekdays and saturdays and reopen the great highway seven days a week. it's currently closed on weekends. the road closures are meant to create more space for pedestrians and recreation. the group access for all says the closures have limited access to people in those areas as we turn back to our bay area, whether rosemary oroczo that one acre fire burning right now in san jose, condition wise, what are cruz facing in the south bay? well, we are a little bit cooler today in san jose garcia. temperatures are running out six degrees cooler than yesterday in the onshore breezes back. so even though it is a little bit breezy out there, at least the direction of the wind is bringing them a little bit of added moisture coming in from the pacific. in any case, this time of year. of course, we know we're just very dry and temperatures for today in san
12:48 pm
jose, reaching into the eighties. a view here of alameda and the cloud cover out there. we started out with widespread cloud cover this morning. i think we'll see a near repeat as we get into tomorrow. in fact, now that our temperatures are falling off, do expect us to remain with the fairly pleasant weather all the way through the weekend. here's a look at storm tracker to it's fairly quiet out there and the sense of any possibility of rain. we do have a little bit of drizzle. that has been with us of time over for along the coastline last few days, and then as we get into your evening hours, that cloud cover is going to move back across the bay into the east bay as well as the north bay. patchy drizzle on the coast. and tomorrow morning it continues to fill in perhaps all the way into the sacramento valley, so that's an indication that that onshore breeze will be a turning on and remaining with us for tomorrow is well. so the deeper marine layer in place the stronger onshore breeze, relative humidity coming back up. that's
12:49 pm
some good news with the firefight. of course, in any case, we don't like to see much of any wind out there because that drives the flames and could start new fires, but the deeper marine layer going to be with us in our inland cities. 10 to 15 degrees cooler right now than where we were 24 hours ago. 64 degrees right now in berkeley, 64 in san francisco in the north bay upper sixties and napa, south based 77 san jose, the inner east bay, one of the warmer spots at this hour 82 in brentwood and some of our well inland areas expected to reach cluster 90 degrees, but i think 100 degrees yesterday, so you're filling a nice difference. 79 in san rafael for the afternoon, upper sixties san francisco seventies around the bay 81 degrees in fremont. it looks to be one of the warmer spots close to our basic communities. if you're going to the giants game, bring the extra layers. bring a jacket. bring a blanket 63 degrees west breeze to 15 mph under partly cloudy, partly sunny conditions at game time, 6 45 the extended forecast here.
12:50 pm
temperatures aren't going to change. a whole lot will remain with sixties at the coast upper seventies around the bay for eighties to low nineties inland wednesday, thursday, friday even into your weekend. by july standards, not bad at all eighties in the forecast for sunday for inland cities back to you, thank you. rosemary breaking new view of the universe. the first image from nasa's new $10 billion telescope. and with scientists say we can learn from this eye opening picture, also giving children the tools they need to succeed. that's the mission behind ktvu s annual virtual school supply drive. beginning today. ktvu is proud to partner up with the nonprofit supply bank .org and we're asking viewers to donate funds held by school supplies for bay area students in need. $20 donation means $65 worth of school supplies. our goal is to raise $50,000 with your help to provide 2500 local students with the new supplies they need. please head to ktvu com flat forward slash school for more
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12:54 pm
alert. for people who use the anti octa sfo line disabled bart train in the berkeley hills tunnel continues to cause a delay, bart says trains in both the anti aachen sfo directions are single tracking between rock ridge and horrendous so there is some movement, but it's a lot slower than usual. keep it in mind. this problem started that train in the tunnel stopped about an hour ago. no updates yet from bar they still say major delays, and at this point we're all being told to allow extra time if we rely on that sfo antioch line will stay on top of this story and bring you updates as soon as we get them, of course, pop them up on ktvu .com and the ktvu news app. nasa has unveiled the deepest view of the universe ever captured today. more pictures were revealed. the first image released today shows a star
12:55 pm
a glimpse of what the universe looked like more than 13 billion years ago, shortly after the big bang the second image shows five galaxies . the third photo shows what nasa says is swirling material around the black hole, lauren blanchard reports. this infrared photo of galaxies and stars the result of decades of hard work. you're seeing just a small little portion of the universe. the telescope almost acting as a time machine, showing us light from 13 billion years ago, nearly as long ago as the big bang going back almost to the beginning. that is the discovery that we are making with this $10 billion james webb space telescope took off for its mission back in december. since then it's traveled one million miles. it is the largest telescope ever sent into space with a mirror diameter of 21 ft
12:56 pm
. compare that to the hubble telescope's mirror diameter, just shy of eight ft. and stunning clarity. it will enhance what we know about the origins of our universe. our solar system. and possibly life itself. the color image. the white house released monday is the clearest and highest resolution infrared glimpse into space we have ever seen in history images are going to remind the world that america can do big things. and remind the american people, especially our children. that there's nothing beyond our capacity in washington. lauren blanchard fox news this week, dozens of middle school students are taking part in the camp that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. the science and the city programs, a partnership between the nonprofit called the social enginee and the stanford linear acceleratore students of color access to stem experts and activities in hopes of opening up opportunities to
12:57 pm
work in those fields. people of color are largely underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math. part of the problem is what science it's hard to really relate to it, so if you can learn it from a culture relevant perspective, you're more inclined to engage with it. stick with it and eventually want to go to college and major in something like that. ah and do a career with that later on in life, you're seeing real life. businesses that actually look like them engineers that look like them out here doing things that are changing the world. this conversation with kevin nicholls, part of our ongoing series a quick reminder you can watch voices for change the last sunday of every month at 9 30 in the morning, right here on ktvu, fox two. new at noon, the men considered the greatest american soccer player of all time, could be the next head coach of the san jose earthquakes. espn reporting. landon donovan is among six finalists for that job. donovan is currently the manager of the san diego loyal it's a team that
12:58 pm
helped form in the second tier of american professional soccer . donovan holds the record for most goals and assists with the u. s men's national team. he also played four seasons with the quakes. 12 major league soccer championships. workers at dodger stadium in los angeles have voted to authorize a strike justr game. the workers are employed by the company that runs concessions at the stadium . a union spokesperson says they're seeing a new contract with better benefits and consistent pay. workers say they could go on strike at any moment. we have learned. the university of california's board of regions is set to discuss u c l. a has moved to the big 10 next week to move that could have a financial impact on calle the bay area news group reports the board will discuss you klas departure from the pac 12 in a closed session. july 21st. a spokesperson for the u. c office of the president said the regions had no authority to prevent use class move which became official june 30th. new at noon, the nominations around
12:59 pm
for television's most prestigious award, the emmys shows about getting rich and being cutthroat and ruthless, dominated the hbo family and business drama succession lead with 25 nominations. the netflix south korean show squid game earned 14 nods. those two shows will battle it out in the category of best drama. other nominees better call saul euphoria, ozark, several stranger things and yellow jackets. best comedy series nominees. abbott elementary, barry, curb your enthusiasm hacks. the marvelous mrs maisel only murders in the building, ted lasso and what we do in the shadows are emmys are presented on september 12th. thank you for joining us today a quick reminder. here we are, on top of that breaking news in san jose cruz following a one acre of grass fire in the area of northbound 87 curtner avenue. a picture of the area shows that traffic is still getting through. but keep this in mind if you're there thankfully, things are a little cooler than where we were yesterday. chp is helping with traffic. we'll have
1:00 pm
much more for you online right now. ktvu .com and the ktvu news app. of course, our next newscast is coming up at four. >> ready for some "the goodur. dish"? it's all about your favorite comfort foods, minus the guilt. >> i'm not missing the beef at all. >> who says that is lightened up? >> and we are dishing with beverly smith. >> she is serving up her go to boozy dessert. that's next. ♪ >> let's dish. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television, but also, i'm just a mom trying to


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