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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  July 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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commute traffic commercial traffic of freight distribution . uh so it's tied in with the bay area's mobility and the bay area's economy. ah, it is. literally like the aorta. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and that fire created dangerous conditions that one of the areas most critical interchanges where three freeways converge. welcome to the four i'm jana katsuyama alex savage. this is not the first time that encampment has gone up in flames. ktvu tom vacar is joining us now live from the newsroom. with the details on today's firefight. tom was further say that today we dodged a fire bullet that 15 years ago hit the maze and disabled it for weeks. at 10 20 am oakland fire responded to what would become a
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second alarm fire with mutual aid from alameda city and alameda county. an unused wooden trestle caught fire after a homeless encampment, fire spread to it and other vehicles. the creosote soaked timbers gave off seriously toxic, thick black smoke so much smoke. caltrans closed much of the maze to avoid crashes that created a monumental traffic jam. underneath a dangerous inferno threatened. the firefighters have cars. we have rvs we have a ton of combustible materials, hazardous materials. we've had several explosions since we've been here working on this incident. it gave off a lot of heat, some of which bathes the underside of the mazes, interstate 80 steel and concrete structure. we've had numerous fires here at this location, and we every time we have concerns about the structural integrity inspectors immediately examined it to make sure it could be reopened for the evening
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commute. and it was pronounced safer vehicles and reopened. the metropolitan transportation commission says it is the heart of its system is essential for commute traffic, commercial traffic freight distribution. uh so it's tied in with the bay area's mobility and the bay area's economy. uh it is literally like the aorta. additional inspections will take place, so that's ongoing right now. so we'll know in the next day, if not tomorrow, if there's been any damage, but i don't think so. the homeless encampment was already being dismantled here, but such encampments are often found under freeways everywhere, and we're worried about people being on the right away underneath the freeway where anything could happen. so far, no injuries reported, but the two story high trestle was serving as a kind of a tree house. that people were
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living in, so we'll have to see what happens with that reporting live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news, tom, is there the possibility that when you have fire after fire at that same location, and you have the heat and the flames on on that overpass that it can take a take a toll over time on its structural integrity. yeah i can . but i don't think this area has been hit that many times by those big fires the difference between the gasoline fire that happened 15 years ago was that that part of the freeway that collapsed literally was baking under there for hours as this gasoline kept burning and burning burning this was much farther away from the structure, and the other part of it is that there was enough space there that a lot of the heat dissipated but always have to be careful, which is why the ongoing inspections are ongoing . absolutely have to be cautious . alright, tom vacar live in the newsroom. thank you, tom. san francisco's police department is offering new insight into how it would use surveillance camera footage if the board of
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supervisors approved a new proposal to expand access to private cameras. ktvu christian captain joins us now live from union square. in the city with more on the plan, christian yes , san francisco police say when it comes to accessing privately owned security cameras like those here at union square, they have guardrails in place to protect civil liberties. but some people say they still have some reservations. san francisco police department is now outlining plans to the board of supervisors for how and when it would try to gain live access to private surveillance cameras. the chief saying, being able to monitor crime in real time would allow police to respond more quickly. if we can tap into that information, we can be more efficient, more effective and more surgical in terms of the people who are involved in activity, making sure we address those people and not others who are not involved in any activities. the department says it's been working on developing a system to protect civil liberties, asking on a case by case basis for permission to access private cameras on an as needed basis. the department
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also says it's working on guidelines to make sure video isn't stored or use it sometime later down the road unless it can be tied to a specific incident. we definitely understand that there is a balance between what we need to do in the city. with the use of surveillance, private surveillance cameras and the constitutional privacy that that we enjoy in this in this country . the electronic frontier foundation is one of the groups expressing concerns, saying the current proposal still does not go far enough to protect people from routine invasions of privacy. and we're really concerned about the impacts, um, to first run rights to the privacy rights of regular san francisco's just going about their regular the everyday lives , um, and what this means for particularly marginalized communities. union square is one of the areas with a robust camera network. the department may ask to access the union square alliance, saying it wants to work with the department to make sure access is granted to its network of cameras to prevent mob style robberies, but with the understanding that
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officers would not abuse the privilege, this is for keeping san franciscans safe. this is for keeping visitors who visit our beautiful city safe and really being mindful. there's a balance here. we want to make sure that this is under certain circumstances heightened circumstances. and again, this would pertain to police act ability to access live cameras that are privately owned throughout the city of san francisco, the committee set to revisit the issue of access to those cameras. next week. the board of supervisors could re address that issue or could address that issue. by the end of the month. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu , fox, two news and christian real quickly will there be any opportunity for the public to have any public input into this issue? yeah, there was public input today. as a matter of fact , there is a next time that goes before the committee. there's always that opportunity for the public to offer their input on how they feel about this issue going forward. alright thanks so much christien kafton live for
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us in the city tonight. police in richmond are looking for the vandals, who they say broke in and damaged several schools. total of four campuses were hit over the weekend. here's the damage at lincoln elementary school on 29th street. just about every classroom was damaged. investigators think the intruders use metal baseball bats to damage school equipment and break double paned windows in those classrooms. paint and school supplies were thrown into the hallways. the other schools vandalized or greenwood academy , nystrom elementary and richmond charter academy, another school that was targeted last week. police say they think that all were hit by a large group of people. the schools are very close in proximity right now. the investigation is stillw the assailants are getting around if they're walking or if they're biking, or they're driving to these different schools to burglarize and vandalized them. but we're still investigating that and we should know. soon it could be a large
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group that's involved. but like i said, we're still investigating and we should know something soon. investigators right now are looking at surveillance video from some of those schools to see if the vandals can be identified and officials are taking inventory to see what if anything, might have been stolen. now to yosemite, where fire crews are trying to protect a grove of ancient sequoias. the washburn fire is threatening the mariposa grove, which has more than 500 trees. wana region on the south side of the park is close to the public. all other areas are still open. firefighters right now are hoping to keep the fire away from the northern side of the park. some of the smoke already is showing up in the bay area, prompting a one day air quality advisory. some of that smoke came over into the bay area. it looks really bad. we're expecting to look pretty bad today, but we want people to know that it is higher up in the elevation and because we are expecting some of the patterns to actually change, we're not going to extend the air quality
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advisory. beyond today. and this afternoon, officials say the fire is now 25% contained. it has burned more than 2300 acres . all right, for more on this firefight. we're joined now by stanley berkowitz, who is a u. s. forest service. public information. officer stanley. we appreciate you taking the time joining us by phone this afternoon to talk about the situation in yosemite. let's let's talk first about the effort to protect these giant sequoias. we know the fire. has moved into the mariposa grove. we understand sprinklers are being used to try to dampen the ground around those trees. what are the other efforts that are being taken to trying to protect the create at the trees? and are you confident you can do that? yes i am feeling pretty confident. aside from the sprinklers that you mentioned which are around the clock. um they have also cleared off. adjacent fuels that are on the ground that would allow fire to climb the trees. and also
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there's increased manpower in that area as well, and the line has been strengthened as well. and so it's looking pretty good. we have to our advantage. um, of the three three trigger points that we worry about. in the wild land fire world increased temperatures, increased winds and when humidities dropped low right now we're enjoying. low end so the fire is staying on the ground and for at least the next 2 to 3 days. we don't see a big increase in wind. and one of the things that we often hear about sequoia trees. these giant sequoias is that they have their tall and they also have very thick bark that tends to make them more resistant to wildfires . are you finding that to be true holding true in this particular fire, or are you finding that they are vulnerable as we are seeing larger fires more destructive fires that have been erupting? recently. and yes
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, all of those factors as well as extended periods of drought. and so i think that these are national treasures, and it's a priority to protect them. as it is any structure or any life, but the trees have a priority to be protected. and so there, um i'm feeling confident. and they do have a thick skin. so to speak. however it can burn and so, um, it's one of those things where, um, if in nature and they might burn up, but i think that they're going to be protected. they offer a lot of value to a lot of people and their world famous. yeah cruz taking numerous steps to try to protect those those very important trees. let's talk about the impact. this is having more broadly on your 70 national park here. we're sitting in the middle of summer. obviously a very busy time for the park. the south entrance to yosemite we know is still closed down as fire crews work in that area. how is this affecting visitors
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to yosemite overall? and what's the impact of all that smoke on people in the park? yeah, the smoke issue is bigger than most people might realize. people often times don't understand or realize firsthand the effects of smoke until you're in it. you can see it from a distance and it looks dirty, but it's hard to breathe and it's harmful to people with conditions that might be exacerbated by it. and one thing to think about is, um well wanna was evacuated. and 1600. people were evacuated and only about 150. i believe actually reside in wawona, so that means that the rest were tourists. and so that's that, you know, the local economies take a hit, and that's one of the things we consider the team that comes in to fight fire just to get get the fire out and get the community back up and running. and stanley real quickly. you mentioned the evacuations that we want a
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campground and also that you're getting a little bit of a break right now. with the lower winds. what is the plan right now? moving forward into the evening ? and how much do you expect to be able to increase that containment level? so in the areas they're safe for firefighters to get into that will. the fire will be worked. 24 7 and, um more resources are on the way. quite a few more crews and engines are on the way, so basically will be stepping up the manpower, people power on the fires on the edges of the fire and the fire lines. are being straightened out so that they're more easily. um monitored and protected. and then what will happen is the fire is extinguished and to the point of being cold, deeper and deeper off of the edge into the fire. just to protect it, if when did come up? um, as many people might remember from from the fire it softly ka, who last year you know you can have
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firebrands or embers fly to three miles, and right now we don't have any of those issues. we have small spot fires that are just a few feet outside of the line, and so um the important thing is to get the fire away from the edge as much as possible and to get as much black line as possible. so yeah, there are crews working around the clock. and to strengthen the line and to build more lines. hoping they can get this fire fully under control as soon as possible. we appreciate the update this afternoon, stanley berkovitz, u. s forest service public information officer, joining us on the phone with an update. thank you, stanley. all right. thank you. well in other news, president biden is considering a new move to protect abortion rights. what a national public health emergency means for states, which would have already banned the procedure and is like tahoe losing its famous clarity will talk with an environmental expert about why the water is looking more and more murky this
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telling hospitals. they must provide abortion services if the life of the mother is at risk. the white house says that a federal law preempts state abortion bans when emergency care is needed. the department of health and human services sites, the emergency medical treatment and labor act. it requires medical facilities to determine whether a patient may be in labor or whether they face an emergency healthuation or one that could develop books sis specifically require to get appe medical screening examination, stabilizing treatment and facility transfer. president biden is now considering a new option in his fight to protect abortion rights after the
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supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade the president says he may declare abortion access of public health emergency. and that would free up federal funds to expand reproductive health services in all 50 states. the president discussed this proposal with reporters during a break from his sunday bike ride. he said his fight for abortion rights will not end there. my ultimate goal is to reinstate roe v. wade is a national law by passing it in the united states congress and i'll sign it the moment that happens. president biden also called on abortion rights demonstrators to continue their marches and rallies in cities across the country. the main tasked with forming strategy for former president trump says he's now ready to testify before congressional members investigating the riot at the us capitol, former white house strategist steve banno has informed the houses january 6th committee that he's ready to talk. bannon had been one of the highest profile trump allies
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refusing to testify. he is facing criminal charges after months of defying a congressional subpoena, and you will be able to watch tomorrow's hearing in its entirety will carry the hearing. live starting at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning on ktvu plus and on ktvu .com. well like tahoe is famous for being crystal clear. but lately , locals and visitors have reported the water is appearing murkier than ever before, and researchers have confirmed as much joining us now to talk about what's causing. this shift is jeff shad, low professor of water resources and environmental engineering. also director of the tahoe environmental research center at uc davis. appreciate the time today. so what have you found with your research? just how much murkier has the tahoe water become and what's causing this? well it was pretty much the same in 2021 as it was the year before. so maybe a one or two ft difference in how far down you can see, but as far as what's
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causing them liking this, it's sort of very fine particles that get washed in. uh by rain and my storms and in 2021, probably some particles that came in from wildfire smoke from the couple of months of smoke inundation in the basin. also there's a lot more dirt and debris and dust that is apparently being kicked up by car traffic. so what kind of impact does all the tourism at lake tahoe have on the lakes? clarity? you know, that's yeah, it's a two edged saw people, people welcome tourism. it's an essential part of the economy here, but people do have an impact in everything they do, whether it's dust being being stirred up by driving on the shoulders or hiking and even the microplastics the breakdown from people's use of plastics at the lake. we all have an impact and actually the human part of the
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equation, something we can do. things about which is which is positive. i was going to ask you. i mean, are there steps that can be taken to try to reverse this trend to improve the clarity of the water? and what? what's the role that that all of us play? especially all of us who visit the lake? yeah well, i mean, that's been the efforts by multiple agencies up here at something that's called the environmental improvement program and it's going on going and if you look at the rate at which clarity has been declining over the years of ah, who actually slowed down considerably. so i think really what we all have to think about it sort of minimizing our footprint. whether it's ridesharing whether it's getting on a bike rather than driving a car. all these things. have a really positive influence unknown late, alright, finally here, you know what do you think the chances are that lake tahoe ever returns to sort of what we
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what? we knew it to be that crystal blue water. wow i'm i'm an optimist. i think we'll get there. but we have a lot of work to do. so that's that's just do it. yeah it's good, and it's going to take a community wide global effort to try to make that happen here. but it's so important to do appreciate your research. and your time. thank you so much for doing it. thank you. bye bye. take care. all right. i like that guy. he's right. what do we got to do? whatever we gotta do, let's just do it. and it's interesting to how it's about lake tahoe and not just like tahoe, but the bay of the ocean. how the waterways are impacted by the air quality , right? we're talking about what we've been talking about. wild fire smoke in particular that they particularly precipitates out into the waters and changes. um you know, ph levels and changes clarity. it's all it's all tied together. so what he said was absolutely right. i mean, get on your bike . go for a walk. get out of the cars. i mean that stuff. that's where we're going. i mean, don't get me started, right? but as interesting, okay, so around
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here, we've been pretty warm yesterday. very warm today. very warm as well. not quite as warm as yesterday. but you can see where we're dealing with all the heat is kind of down here in the southwest, and it's been pushing out this way. so we're seeing some significant heat around the bay area, but mainly in the central valley. what's going to happen as we head into tomorrow is that the high pressure is going to weaken this high pressure, and as it weakens that inversion is going to go the other way. it's going to lift out. and when it lifts out, we're going to see that fog, which now is tight, right? shallow and version, right? you can almost you can almost. you know, when you talk about inversions, it sounds like what's an inversion. it's probably confusing, sometimes. but that's all it is. that's an inversion right there. top of that fog down to the bottom, which looks like it's about 607 100 ft. something like that. so that's the inversion of the top of this. this fog deckchair and so that inversion is going to stretch out as we go into tomorrow. um and on on wednesday as well into thursday in that causes down that helps the
4:24 pm
firefights up in yosemite that helps air quality around here and cools the temperature, so we've got a good little plan here. we've had a couple of days now it's going to cool off. i'll see you back here with full forecast just a few minutes. okay see americans are traveling this summer by the latest sub variant appears to be more contagious than the last
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty
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and help californians that are hurting the most. and resume other pre pandemic activities. the number of covid cases across the country is surging foxes, jonathan serrie has more on the new sub variants , which are causing this spike and more on health experts say anyone could be at risk. this is out there and so particularly if you are at risk, you want to be careful. covid-19 case is continuing to increase across the country fueled by new r macron sub variants that are highly transmissible b a four and be a five are able to work around a person's immunity regardless of their vaccination
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status or previous infection. hospitalizations are also on the rise, but health experts say tools like vaccines and antiviral medications are helping prevent severe illness in many, depending on how strong that wall of immunity is in your community. depending on how well you deal with the vulnerability so people have and depending on how well you are prepared to deal with that, i think we're going to see further waves of disease as infection surge in some areas. higher risk cities are encouraging people to mask up. some are feeling the mask fatigue after more than two years, while others are indifferent. what is the point? i'm not going to already got stick three times to vaccinations and a booster. that's the recommendation. i've never really minded wearing a mask, but i feel like it makes people comfortable. it's fine. meanwhile the u. s. department of health and human services, saying monday that the u. s government will receive 3.2 million doses of the novavax vaccine following its authorization for emergency use by the fda. and its
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recommendation by the cdc. nova fax, is also expected to seek authorization for its vaccine to be used as a booster after promising results in clinical trials in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year kicks off tomorrow. and we will speak with a cyber security expert about how you can avoid scams on amazon prime day and it's a critical week for the u. s economy and president biden how a new inflation report could how a new inflation report could impact his democratic base. illinois is in the middle. and what do you find in the middle? ♪ meet us in the middle of the mother road. we're in the middle of dinosaurs! welcome to the middle of everything.
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oh inflation report is expected to give us a new look at whether prices rose significantly last month. this comes this new poll numbers could be concerning to president biden and his mocratic base foxes. lauren blanchard has the latest now war new inflation numbers set to be released wednesday morning economists a better idea of how much high prices are hurting wallets. the inflation problem will remain stubborn inflation numbers at 8.6% was at 40 year highs. june is not expected to be better. i think it's going to be north of 8.6. it's going to be an ugly number. gas prices have let up a little since $5 highs. month. triple a now showing a roughly $4.67 price per gallon. national average. wholesale gas prices are coming down. but until until we do get
4:32 pm
a handle on inflation. i think it's natural for a family to be feeling that pinch that pinch hurting democrats ahead of the midterm elections when we have the election in the fall, it's going to be very clear who the american people blaalso found a majority of democrats 64% donide ticket in 2024. he has only a 33% approval rating. listen to president biden. he intends to run. and. if he does, i intend to run with him found 1/5 of americans say the economy is the most important issue facing the country right now, with inflation not far behind in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news california's housing market has been showing signs of
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cooling down as interest rates continue to rise. however a new real estate study published in the chronicle shows home prices are still soaring in some parts of the state. home prices in the sea ranch area of sonoma county jumped by 45% over the past year . that's followed closely by carmel in monterey county up 43. groveland into alameda county is third on the list with the 38% increase. that's followed by palm springs, which saw 37% jump. the biden administration is investigating the recent string of delayed and canceled flights across the country, transportation secretary pete buddha judge says despite some recent improvement, airlines are not meeting an acceptable level of service. he also says he is opposed to raising the age limit for pilots to help avert staffing shortages. the answer is not to keep the baby boomer generation in the cockpit indefinitely. the answer is to make sure that we have as many and as good pilots ready to take their placet up
4:34 pm
with faa programs that support high school and college curriculum to get into aviation . and of course, ultimately, it will be for the airlines and those employers. to hire and retain excellent talent. one airline ceo is blaming the government and faa for the delays. the head of united airlines says 50% of delays and 75% of cancelations over the past four months where because of shortages of air traffic controllers. london's heathrow airport says it may ask airlines to cut back on the number of scheduled flights in order to reduce the passenger volume at the airport. heathrow also apologized to travelers who plans have been disrupted recently by staff shortages. those shortages have resulted in long lines at security checkpoints and luggage. that's either gone missing or arrived late. this is also happening at other airports across europe. heathrow says flight delays at those airports are causing arrival delays at heathrow
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president biden is praising the recent passage of the new bipartisan gun law. he described the new restrictions as real progress during the celebration at the white house today, the bipartisan package is already facing some criticism from gun control advocates who say that it doesn't go far enough. today manual oliver, whose son died in the 2018 parkland school shooting broken during the president's remarks, and called for more action. today is many things has proved that despite
4:38 pm
the naysayers, we can makake meaningful progress on dealing with gun violence. years. thank you. families from highland park. and you baldy, texas are planning to hold a protest on capitol hill on wednesday, calling on congress to take more action and ban assault weapons. one more. oh yeah. chance of not one more child fill the air in your body, texas last night. people in that small town are still fighting to get answers. six weeks after a gunman killed 19 children. and two students, said rob elementary school foxes . ashley soriano. joining us now live from your body with more on what people in that community are calling for ashley. hi good evening, while last night, hundreds of people marched about a mile from rob elementary school to the town square and
4:39 pm
one after another. families of the victims shared their stories , some in sadness, some in anger, but all in unity. hey, marie jo garza. anabelle rodriguez, eliana garcia, eliana torres ever meet ls linda garcia, fourth grade teacher. to be unheard voices rally came about six weeks before the first day of classes. this fall. school is where you make your first friends in life. that's where jayla and might limit their favorite thing to do was talk on the phone that you dyed in the mass shooting veterans. heaven wherever we need to find it now, remember their faces each and every one of their names. officials have said the school will be torn down, but no details yet on when or if another school will be built. but parents are scared to send their kids back in august. some say they're not sending them
4:40 pm
back in person ever again. families are also demanding accountability. why did it take so long for someone to go in? and i know you're going to hear this? i know you. you wouldn't want it to have been to your family. so why would you let it happen to ours? watch we're coming after you. tube we're gonna vote. today texas officials agreed to release a 77 minutes surveillance video of the 24th mass shooting despite the local d, a attempting to originally block it and you bounty texas ashley soriano back to you. it will be interesting to see what's on that surveillance video. ashley. thank you. amazon prime day, which actually spans
4:41 pm
two days is set to kick off tomorrow. it's become one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year, and it has turned into an opportunity as well for scammers who are trying to take advantage of eager customers. joining us now is david richardson, cybersecurity expert and vice president of product management at lookout, david. thank you for joining us this afternoon. thank you for having me. so there have been some reports that phishing scams are increasing, leading up to amazon prime day. what to shoppers need to look out for over the next few days. yes so it's important to know that just because you receive an email or a text message claiming to be from somebody, it doesn't mean that it is from you know who it says it's from. it could really be from anyone attackers are able to easily impersonate emails or text messages coming from any source, so you should really go directly to the source like amazon .com. if you want to find out what's on sale for prime day and not trust anything that arrives in your inbox or as a text message to you. and is there anything particular about
4:42 pm
amazon prime day that makes it such a magnet for scammers? any time that you have these masks shopping events, it's an opportunity for an attacker to go a and predict what kind of behavior someone has. so for example, two days after prime day or two days after black friday if i send you and email or text message, saying your package was unable to be delivered, probably you are waiting for a package. so that's a extra opportunity for you to go click on that link. try to figure out why couldn't my package be delivered? and i'm basically as an attacker and guessing what behavior you're in. you know that you purchased something in the last day or two and because i'm guessing accurately, you're more likely to fall for that scam. and we've also been hearing that there are even people who are taking out web pages. you rls that have amazon as part of the u. r l what are some of the proactive steps that people can take to try and protect themselves from
4:43 pm
cybercriminals? yes so a couple of things one. you can obviously use the security product, like, look out to help protect you from phishing attacks and scams . but also you should always double check that you are l that you're going to. you should really go to an authoritative source code like directly to amazon dot com. don't click on a link that you received from from anywhere else. um and when you're shopping, you know you should take, uh, you should take extra precautions, like, use a credit card so that you could contest the charges you needed to or even better use something like paypal or apple pay where they can generate one time use tokens so that even if an attacker manages to get your credit card information this way. they're not able to repeatedly charger part and one quick final question. if somebody does fall victim to a scam, what are the top things that they should do? if that happens? yes so the number one thing that you need to do. check your credit card statement. look not just at the credit card that
4:44 pm
you used. look at all your credit card statements. make sure that you recognize all of these transactions. if you have an unauthorized transaction reach out to your credit card company if you enter your user name or password into a site that you shouldn't have. you need to change that password and this is really important. you need to change. everywhere that you use that password, so don't just change it at amazon, but change it anywhere if you you know, you shouldn't reuse passwords. we all know we shouldn't reuse passwords. but if you do you need to change it everywhere that you use that password because attackers will try to use that pastor to get into all of your accounts, not just your amazon account. okay very important information. thank you so much. david with lookout cybersecurity expert leading up to amazon prime day. we appreciate your taking some time. thank you for having me. alright i hope you have a nice day. today was beautiful out there the marine layer still pretty tight, but i mentioned this last time that the, um marine layer is going to stretch out and that starts tomorrow. that's cooler weather coming our way. you know what? it helps a
4:45 pm
lot and you know this is fire. danger is going to help a lot up in the washburn. fire up in yosemite. you're increasing the humidities. you've got a little bit of wind but not aggressive, lower temperatures. that's the big story tomorrow. today. we had a hot day like yesterday. very similar. yesterday is a little bit warmer. actually we had a couple of low 100 did have a couple of low one hundred's today. there's the fog. wow that's something you can't see a little bit that smoke right. if you look hard that smoke from the washburn fire showed up in the east bay valleys this morning early, the low level flow is onshore. see how the fog is going from left to right. that's onshore. but up in the upper elevations we had this morning, especially we had the upper elevations being above 5000 ft. we had winds blowing this way. so that's how that smoke ends up getting in here, right? so how do you have you just wind shear. you have different levels, um different levels of winds and wind speeds in different directions. so there's the fog along the coast. there's a bunch of it love seeing it. um it's squishing through the gate. that's how you know the inversion is still pretty shallow. when i say it's
4:46 pm
squishing through the gate when you see that finger like that, right, just kinda gets pushed through. that's the high pressure overhead, squishing down and just squeezing that thing that fog bank through the gate tomorrow. it's a different deal. different animal because tomorrow the fog is going to be or the marine there is going to be deeper. there's not gonna be squishing at all, man. it's just going to go straight up over the hills into the inland bay valleys into the central valley and offer us all a pretty significant, massive, cool down cold. it's just going to get back into the eighties, which is great. it's the perfect pattern really, too hot days like current temperatures, and then you get a cool off. that's kind of we've been seeing that we've been seeing that pretty much this whole spring and summer when we get a couple of hot ones, and then it kills cools off. we haven't been seeing. five or six days in a row of 100, plus temperatures in the inland day valleys we have in sacramento but not in our island day valleys. so here's the tomorrow morning forecast and you can see the fog. see that the footprint of fog well, inland tomorrow there's a bunch of it. nears the afternoon and then it does it again on wednesday morning with a further
4:47 pm
look at the intrusion on wednesday. that model says they want to put fog all the way up into sacramento. of course, that is increased humidities. increased humidity is lower temperatures, good stuff, so i was smiling back to the fog forecast. we're going to see more fog tomorrow and deeper and further inland than we did today. there's the footprint for the morning. birds back. yellows are seventies oranges or eighties. big difference for tomorrow's temperature footprint . there are still red nineties, but they're further east bay area forecast numbers are going to be generally on the cooler side. we're going to find temperatures. mostly in the eighties. i just showed you is actually from yesterday. so this is the map. you want to look at the five day and you can see tuesday cooler wednesday mild and stays that way through thursday. see you back here in a little bit. looks nice, bill. thank you. suburb camp with a focus on stem coming up here on the four the special program underway for underrepresented students of color here in the bay area and coming up at five a canine, sinking its teeth into a woman who was walking her dog in
4:48 pm
the south bay. it's surreal. it's unreal. i can't believe that the dog would just he wasn't commanded to attack. he was he just attacked. ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky has more of the victim's story and what he's uncovered about the larger issue of polic wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us,
4:49 pm
and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
4:50 pm
program. is a partnership between nonprofit, the social engineering project and the stanford linear accelerator center. the idea to give underrepresented students of color access to stem activities and fuel a future in the field in this voices for change segment, or greg lee spoke to social engineering project founder kevin nicholls. happy 10th edition of this program. just tell me how good it feels to be back in person with these students. it's a game changer
4:51 pm
doing math and science virtually is doable. we've proven but it's not ideal and being able to have hands on interaction with things and be around real people. and although were masked and vaccinated, etcetera. we're still at least in person and doing this in person makes a very big difference. kevin the very premise of this week long program and the social engineering project, which you founded, is to help students that may not have access to stem have access to it. so what does it mean to you to provide this opportunity to minority students ? females? i mean, how how great does that feel? or it's wonderful, and i have to thank dr brian brown, who was the founder of this program. we went to high school together, and he just fell in love with science, and he thought that if he exposes, uh, black and brown students, particularly to this type of subject matter and give
4:52 pm
them, uh the opportunity to connect with it. part of part of the problem is what science is hard to really relate to it, so if you can learn it from a cultural relevant perspective, you're more inclined to engage with it. stick with it and eventually want to go to college and majoring something like that , uh, and do a career with that later on in life, you're seeing real life. businesses that actually looked like them engineers that look like them out here doing things that are changing the world. i mean, here at slack, they're researching everything from you know how to, uh, you know, cure the coronavirus or, you know, looking at what these lasers, all kinds of medical and biotech related issues that they're working on to try to solve. history is being made with new elements on the periodic table being created here. so being in a place like this and then
4:53 pm
actually able to see themselves as scientists is phenomenal. earlier today we put lab coats on the students gave themuh goggles and transform them into real life scientists so they can actually know what it feels like to be here and be able to say, hey, i can do it. others have done it. what is the overarching message to the students that come from communities that are underrepresented, especially in the stem field about the fact that they can do anything? well ironic part about it is that not only can they do anything they set their mind to. they just never know what they're going to be able to accomplish and what they're going to be able to achieve. i will do a workshop for these students towards the end of week called the personal brand called you. right teach the students how to leverage donnelly their personal grand and their own network with leverage their parents networks going forward. we intend to give these including internships, you
4:54 pm
know, eventually during the summers through their careers, eventually give them jobs through our corporate sponsors, so this is a pipeline building program that we're doing to get them to tech and allow them to ability to succeed. another group. and a reminder you can catch our special program. voices for change on the last sunday of every month at 9 30 in the morning. coming up a war of words between elon musk and twitter as the social media giant threatened to take the billionaire to court, the latest on its decision to end the $44 on its decision to end the $44 billion deal to we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27.
4:55 pm
tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
4:56 pm
media and how it affects their attention span, according to researchers from the cleveland clinic, children paying too much attention to their screens have their attention pulled away from
4:57 pm
face to face interactions. researchers say too much social media can make it harder for those kids to concentrate in class or complete assignments. the american academy of pediatrics says kids under four should have no more than an hour of screen time a day and older kids no more than two. elon musk and twitter are going back and forth following his move to back out of that $44 billion deal to buy the social media giant topped twitter officials now say they plan to take musk to court in an effort to close must initial offer foxes kelly o'grady has the latest the legal battle between twitter and elon musk is just getting started. board chair bret taylor says the company plans on suing musk after the billionaire bailed on his plans to purchase the company for $44 billion. twitter is now lawyering up, but some experts say it will be an uphill climb in court for the social media giant. the twitter board, which i think is going to go down in history as being one of the most incompetent corporate
4:58 pm
boards ever assembled. they couldn't they couldn't run a lemonade stand. what i thought what i believe is going to happen is they are going to do this masquerade of saying that they're going to sue to get elon musk to follow through with his original offer. they are going to fail. must claims twitter was deceitful and failed to provide data on how many of their users were made up of fake accounts. twitter responded, saying they provided must with information that shows spam accounts make up less than 5% of its monetize double daily active users. it will now be up to the courts to determine if musk will be forced to buy a company he doesn't want any more must tremendously, you know, intelligent, successful individual, but in this case, he simply like icarus has flown a little bit too close to the sun with those waxwings. if you look back so much of this big meal, in my opinion was emotional. it was the autistic ally think it was politically motivated. twitter shares falling since elon musk's announcement, wiping
4:59 pm
out multiple billions in company value. on twitter is seeking ellen must pay the full $44 billion and complete the deal much larger than the billion dollar breakup fee in los angeles. kelly o'grady fox business. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. i was screaming and crying and hysterical because it hurt a lot, and i didn't want to look at my myself . but i can see on my jeans i could see that had done a lot of damage. now at five santa clara woman stand when she says she was walking her dog and a police canine suddenly attacked. she says it was unprovoked and the incident sent her to the hospital. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. this incident is the latest controversial bite by a canine officer right here in the bay area. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky. has been covering the issue and he actually spoke to the woman and joins us live from the newsroom with the story, evan that's right. mike the woman said she was taking her pomeranian for walk near levi stadium. when it
5:00 pm
happened, she reached out to ktvu after seeing our continuing coverage on controversial canine bites, saying she didn't want the same thing to happen to anyone else. again i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. it was awful, melissa silva said she's still in shock after being attacked by a police dog in santa clara over the weekend. around two pm saturday. she was taking her dog for a walk here at the santa clara youth soccer park. it wasn't doing anything except for trying to go for a walk. and i couldn't understand why the dog was attacking me and not letting go listening to his commander, melissa silver said she had just taken one step onto the soccer field when a police canine seemed to come out of nowhere. first it attacked her small dog named chapo. before it sunk its teeth into her arm and pulled her to the ground. what followed was a 45 seconds struggle that she said felt like an eternity. it's surreal. it's unreal. i can't believe that the dog would


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