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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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stoke will this is having on traffic. plus firefighter busy battling several wildfires across our state will take a look at the biggest challenges for cruz fighting a fire at yosemite and how that fire could impact our air quality here in the bay area. then covid cases are rising again across the country by doctors say they're so concerned about the most recent variants. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian andre senior. we begin with breaking news in oakland right now. a fire at a homeless encampment, shutting down part of interstate 80. the oakland fire department says several rvs and debris caught fire in addition to a wood trestle. flames erupted in the area of
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wood street and 34th street shortly after 10 o'clock. firefighters say they faced several challenges when they arrived. we have a ton of combustible materials has this materials we've had several explosions since we've been here working on this incident, which is obviously a concern and a threat to the safety of the firefighters. mitigating this incident. the huge plumes of smoke forced crews to close the interstate drivers in the westbound direction diverted towards san francisco and interstate 82 interstate highway . 5 80 closed in the eastbound direction. and if you know this area, this is a rather large homeless encampment right underneath the mcarthur maze. there is no word on the cause, and no injuries have been reported. this far. ktvu tom baker has been stuck. in the traffic trying to get to the scene. he joins us on the phone. tom, what can you tell us? we're in a lot because i've had time to check with officials and things like that. it is a trestle, which is a part of a
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rail operation. most truffles are made primarily of wood soaked increase. so which is why you have such large amounts of black smoke that have come out of that particular area. this was actually on the property. bnsf railway, not on caltrans property, but caltrans has been involved in projects cleaning up homeless areas there. for quite some time now, and this is not the first time there's been a fire in this area. uh, and in this case, there was apparently a homeless person or encampment right next to this trestle that caught on fire and that then immediately caught the trestle on fire. so now what we have is a situation where you have to ask yourself how much heat can steel and concrete be bathed in before it becomes a structural issue. that is something that caltrans engineers will have to figure out before they can open up that particular section of the maze. and the reason for that is if it has been weakened
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during anyway, compromise, they are going to have to do something about repairing that, uh, to make sure that nothing else can happen. also the other thing is this underscores the importance of not having people , especially in large groups of people that have rvs and things like that. that can catch on fire. because you get enough fire under these things, and you can do grievous damage to the maze, which was once damaged by a tanker truck fire where they had to close it down for several weeks while they actually worked on a repair, so in this situation they are putting the fire out. the next obviously to do is caltrans engineers will have to go in there and make sure that everything is all right. and then they want to decide if and when they can open that. tom vacar stuck in traffic. there tom there. we've seen those wouldn't, uh, wouldn't train trestles as he crossed over. sometimes you can look down and see it. do you know what those are in use right now? because i'm homeless encampment has been building largely around it for some time
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now. my guess is and it's only a guess, but probably not. and it's and the reason i say that is that i've not even seen that labor down in that area. many times, so i really don't know. but i can tell you, though, that if because it sits close to the structure itself, that is the issue. that's important here. is that, uh, if it has done some damage are gonna have to do it now, of course, if there was any train traffic passing over that that's going to be over for a while, which causes whole different issue with supply chain and all of that stuff, but at this point, it's just way too early to tell. train trestle seems to be connected to the port of oakland operations. there the smoke. we saw thick black smoke earlier today, and now it's down to white smoke. firefighters had a tough time. keeping that getting that under control. they did have some challenges as you heard, but they are making some progress. but right now, the big story if you're heading out to this direction is something you don't normally see part of interstate 80 80 80 closed traffic backups . i can tell you exactly where interstate 80 westbound to
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highway 8 80 south bong closed right now, and i 82 interstate highway 5 80. closed in the east bound direction as well. as you look from this live camera from emeryville camera. you can see that 80 traffic they're stuck and it could be that way for some time. we'll keep an eye on it for you and let you know what happens on air and online as well. new at noon. richmond police are looking for the vandals who broke in and damaged several schools. a total of four campuses were hit over the weekend. this is the damage at lincoln elementary on 29th street. just about every classroom has damaged. investigators say intruders used metal baseball bats to damage school equipment and break double pane windows in the classrooms, paint and school supplies thrown into the hallways. the other schools vandalized or greenwood academy , nystrom elementary and richmond charter academy. another school was targeted last week. police say they think all were hit by a large group of people. the schools are very close in proximity right now. the investigation is still
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ongoing, so we're not sure how the assailants are getting around if they're walking or if they're biking, or they're driving to these different schools to burglarize and vandalized them. but we're still investigating that and we should know. soon it could be a large group that's involved. but like i said, we're still investigating and we should know something soon. investigators are looking at surveillance video from some of the schools to see if the vandals can be identified. officials are still taking inventory to see what if anything, was stolen. the washburn fire burning at yosemite national park continues to be a challenge tonight. a meeting is set for the nearby community to give updates on the fire. ktvu james torres reports, the latest from fire crews. as it burns on rugged terrain. the washburn fire continues to be a challenge to contain more than 500. firefighters are working to keep it from growing within yosemite national park fire permit is holding very well incidents, strike crews made up
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of state and local firefighters , post video updates, they're still working to establish containment lines. we are starting to show some containment and we're going to start increasing containment with our 209 or fire updates so far, firefighters are reporting 0% containment, the washburn fire burning more than 2300 acres. some of that smoke now bleeding into the skies of the bay area, prompting a one day air quality advisory that smoke came over into the bay area. it looks really bad. we're expecting to look pretty bad today. but we want people to know that it is higher up in the elevation and because we are expecting some of the patterns to actually change, we're not going to extend the air quality advisory beyond today that fire is threatening the mariposa grove and the region of wawona. that area home to more than 500 giant sequoia trees, which are a big tourist attraction. it said that thing because yosemite national park is a very famous
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thing and california i think it would be very cool to see it. but if not, then we may do something else. only their own. a region on the south side of the park is closed to the public. all other areas are still open. firefighters hope to keep the fire away from the northern half of the park. we're going to be flying this hourly with their aircraft looking for spot fires to the north. merced river community meeting is scheduled for seven o'clock tonight at the oakhurst community center that allows firefighters to answer questions from anyone who lived nearby. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. the marin county fire department is receiving significant new funding from the state, which will allow it to double its wildfire defense cruise. the state budget approved last month provides up to $13 million in annual funding for the county fire department. the state is requiring the department to use the funding to hire two additional hand crews. the teams of up to 16 firefighters will not responding to fires in marin or throughout the state. those crews will be responsible for clearing flammable vegetation. creating
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firebreaks and cutting down hazardous trees. well there has been another drowning at lake berryessa, the napa county sheriff's officers. i hear what to fairly of alejo drowned in the middle creek day use area yesterday, the sheriff's office says the 18 year old was standing on a log when he slipped into the water. an off duty police officer was able to pull him to shore and off duty nurses tried to revive him. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital, though this was the third drowning at lake berryessa. in two weeks. conquered woman drowned in sacramento over the weekend, according to the bay area news group, thelma gomez was reported missing after she fell into the american river in retro cordova. at versus 37 year olds pulled from the water in critical condition but was airlifted to the hospital. where she died. a summer gathering was held in oakland in response to another tragic incident on the water yesterday, members of the bay area guatemalan community gathered at a park in west oakland for fundraiser to help the families of three men who drowned in the delta while coming to the rescue of an eight year old boy. the goal was to
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raise money to help pay expenses to send the bodies of the men to their families in guatemala. it's very important, you know the family and the religion come back and guatemala. all three victims drowned july 3rd while on a fishing trip near brandon island in the sacramento delta. we continue to follow that breaking news. we just brought you out of west oakland will have the latest on homeless encampment fire. that shut down part of interstate 80 at the mcarthur maze plus new inflation data is out this week, and economists are bracing for an even bigger spike in prices. rivera in washington, with the details coming up our unseasonably hot pattern continues for today, with most areas several degrees warmer than yesterday. i'll have a look at what you can expect
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for you. a big mess for firefighters. they're putting out the fire that's underneath the overpass here at the mcarthur maze on i 80 this is in the oakland oakland fire department says they have had a real tough time trying to get the fire under control. this is at a homeless encampment, very big, homeless encampment that runs underneath. that 8 80 overpass by the mcarthur maze and we understand that train trestle underneath the overpass caught fire as well. and it's right next to one of the pillars
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that holds up the highway. as you can see right now, from these live pictures from sky, fox. they've been successful in putting out the fire. not sure the extent of the damage but we can tell you if you're driving in this area, you're going to want to avoid it because they're closed down and you could see interstate 80 to 80 80. that traffic is shut down, and that is why you see so much traffic from emeryville camera on alien emeryville. right now, this is a big situation that's unfolding, right. that's going to affect your commute. but we don't know for how long yet so in addition to 8 80. westbound interstate 80 . in addition to that being closed, we have interstate 82 highway 5 80 that's also closed in the east bound direction, so it's something we're gonna keep an eye on for you on air and online. now to the economy and inflation as they are first and foremost in voters minds that biden administration is doing what it can to rein in expectations, especially with the new inflation data due out this week. madeline rivera has details from washington. new inflation data is out this week, and investors are bracing for
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another round of elevated numbers. how high prices remain , could determine how aggressive the federal reserve gets. as it raises interest rates to try and curb inflation. inflation is there is a problem and it is our top priority, jerome powell said . last month, investors were considering a 0.5 to 0.75% point rate hike. investors are nervous as fears of earth session grow. it's almost like we're trying to talk ourselves into a recession . the comment has sparked some backlash already in a recession . 80% of americans say the academy is headed in the wrong direction, and i think it's precisely because they are feeling the pain of this high inflation as the vital ministrations looks for solutions, the president is getting ready to head to saudi arabia. to reset ties after the relationship soured over the killing of journalist jamal kershaw g. the administration is arguing the visit is not a bid for the country to produce more oil. however some critics are not buying his reasoning. he
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shut down the us fossil fuel sector largely and he shut down production and transport and pipelines and fracking and drilling. uh and that's why we're facing. the problem we're facing. the consumer price index is set to be released on wednesday, and economists are expecting a new high 8.8% in june. up from mazen will gain of 8.6% in washington. rivera ktvu fox news. meanwhile stocks are tumbling, led by sharp losses in tech companies as investors braced for the start of earning season and fresh inflation data due out later this week. we see that at douai jones is down by just more than one half of 1% s and p is down by a full percentage point, but we mentioned tech and nasdaq is leading losses here, down by almost two and a quarter percent . trading is cool, but o is hote areas are going to be ghaziabad, for many, especiallyr yesterday's highs and well, it
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was hard enough yesterday. temperatures will peak today and then as we get into your bay area tuesday we'll start to see a drop in those numbers. we are checking in on your air quality . as we've been talking about little bit the fires burning in yosemite could have some of that smoke drift coming our direction and right now, air quality across the region is good to moderate. see over the north bay areas near looks like sausalito , tiburon, the marin area and then over towards the east bay shore in oakland and san jose, reporting moderate air quality. everybody else so looking good at the moment. storm tracker to here. we've got just a very weak onshore breeze that's keeping the coast very mild, even cool, a little bit of fog there as well. you go inland, though we're not seeing that we are seeing just a very weak onshore breeze and that is not enough to help us out when it comes to bringing in some of that cooler pacific air. you'll also notice the flow coming from this direction. and that's why we may see some of that smoke drift our way all the way from the yosemite area. the fog along the
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coastline expected to stay will go with partly sunny skies for today along the coast. partly cloudy to mostly clear for the rest of us and look at the 24 hour temperature. change away from the coastline. we are up by five degrees in concord were up by nine in livermore, san jose and santa rosa. both reporting four degrees warmer than yesterday. at this time, 85 in santa rosa, upper eighties right now and conquered already 90 degrees for your lunch hour in brentwood nineties reported in livermore 83 over san jose. meanwhile around the bay again, definitely more comfortable. we have 70 in oakland, 68 sfo 63 in san francisco with that onshore breeze just kind of impacting that one area along the coast and inside the bay. afternoon highs for today, well above average by 10 degrees or so for some 94 expected in santa rosa 74 san francisco low eighties in oakland, 96 expected for livermore in san jose, you will go to 88 better details on these afternoon highs, plus the cooling trend that begins
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tomorrow and a coastal advisory as the king tides are back more on this coming up in just a little bit. several residential areas in eastern ukraine have been targeted in recent russian attacks. i'm trey angst in jerusalem. i've got the details coming
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that i would recommend. there's no question it's something we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. people were killed and residential neighborhoods throughout eastern ukraine in recent days as the russian offensive ramps up throughout the nation. these attacks come
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as evacuations have picked up and the u. s cents additional aid to ukraine to help deal with the ongoing humanitarian crisis. three inks has more from jerusalem. russian forces are intensifying attacks on the eastern front as both sides exchanged fire on day 138 of the war in ukraine. on monday. moscow pounded in apartment complex and hard kiev, ukraine's second largest city. at least three people were killed in the attack. rescue workers are now in the process of sifting through the rubble to find any survivors. this attack comes just days after missile strikes slammed into a residential building in ukraine's donetsk region. officials say at least 19 people were killed and dozens are feared dead beneath large chunks of concrete debris. local residents are describing moscow's recent rounds of attacks as acts of terrorism. i didn't understand what had happened, there were two strikes two or three regained
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consciousness in the basement. people carried me to the basement. i gave myself first aid. ukrainian officials are now pleading with the west to increase support in the form of weapons. they expect attacks to ramp up despite claims from russia that they will take an operational pause in the region . president biden is doing everything they can and we are grateful for this support. it means a lot without your support . we would not be able to survive. but at the same time we are asking for more heavy weaponry. the state department is responding, sending $368 million in humanitarian aid to some of ukraine's heaviest hit areas. in kiev officials believe it could cost up to $750 billion to rebuild after the war in jerusalem, try angst. ktvu fox two news. in japan. people are paying their respects to the former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. mourners laid flowers outside abe's political party headquarters in tokyo yesterday, the line reaching around the block. he was assassinated friday will making a campaign speech in the city of
12:24 pm
nora. he was japan's longest serving prime minister before resigning in 2022 health issues . the gunman was arrested at the scene a bail p laid to rest tomorrow. no word yet on any plans for a public memorial service here in the bay area, people are invited to sign a book of condolences at the japanese consulate in san francisco following the assassination. of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. anyone is welcome to come to the consulate on battery street today and tomorrow between 10 o'clock in the morning and four in the afternoon to sign the book. president biden is preparing to welcome mexico's president to the white house tomorrow. mexican president andres manuel lopez over door refused biden's administer invitation to the summit of the americas in los angeles last month. lopez obrador disagrees with the white house on trade, foreign policy, energy and climate change. his relationship with former president trump focused only on stopping migrants coming to the us from across the mexican border. later this week, president biden will make his first official visit to the middle east since he was vice president in jerusalem. us flags
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are already being put in place. helicopters are flying low level security missions over the city. president biden will meet with israeli leaders to discuss how to advance israel's growing alliance with arab countries to fight the growing threat of iran. he'll also meet with palestinian officials and could announce new economic support. he'll end the trip with a stop in saudi arabia. twitter stock is down more than 10% after ellen must announces intent to pull out of his $44 billion takeover of twitter. is blaming a lack of transparency in the company's data on how much of its user base is made up of fake accounts, twitter says it's less than 5% must, um, believes it's about 20. lawyers are going to have a heyday with this thing and something will ultimately get negotiated. the bigger issue , though, is the value of twitter less because he's uncovered something which is the number of fake accounts is greater than 5. meaning that the advertising revenue will not be what they thought it would be. because you know, i think
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accounts don't buy stuff. twitter has pledged to take must to court over his attempt to terminate the purchase to come at noon. developments in the search for a missing woman in contra costa county piece of paper that might be key in the whereabouts of alexis gave then the president now considering a new option in his battle against the supreme court's recent decision to overturn roe versus wade, the public health emergency he's considering declaring to free up federal resources. and we continue to follow that breaking news out of oakland, where up above a fire that happened at a homeless encampment that has caused the shutdown of part of interstate 80 there at the mcarthur maze. continuing coverage of this breaking news after a quick
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here a fire and a homeless encampment shut down part of interstate 80 and 80 80. this is what it looked like for passing motorists and here is the source of that fire. the oakland fire department says several rvs and debris cut fire under interstate 80 in the area of wood street and 34th street or wood trestle also caught fire. that fire sent a huge plume of smoke up into the sky. people could see it across the east bay even from san francisco. let's talk about the impact this is having on you. as you drive around this afternoon. traffic is heavily
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impacted right now. we're giving you a live look at mcarthur maze here. you can see bumper to bumper traffic people trying to get into san francisco having a very, very tough time escaping oakland. drivers in that westbound direction were diverted towards san francisco. that's where the backup is also 82 5 80 that exchanges closed in the eastbound direction. keep this live picture in mind if you have any option to avoid driving around the mcarthur maze. you may want to do it. we don't have an estimated time for reopening here. no injuries have been reported. that, at least, is the good news crews are staying at the scene here, and we will bring you more information on the story that has dramatically impacting them. carter maze as we get it, we'll move to some of the other top stories. we're following today at noon, and we'll start with the washburn fire burning at yosemite. this one is still a challenge for cruz. so far, firefighters are reporting 0% containment washburn fires burned through more than 2300 acres. crews are dealing with rugged terrain and many dead trees fueling the fire . one concern here is that the threat to the mariposa grove of
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trees is home to more than 500 giant sequoia trees. assembly national park is more than 160 miles away from us, but we could start to feel some of the effects of that fire later today, there was already an air quality warning in place at the park, with visitors being told to reduce their physical exertion due to heavy smoke, and now there's an air quality advisory here in the bay area. smoke from the washburn fire is drifting north. forecasters say they don't expect the offshore winds we had yesterday to continue today. that means the smoke could hover over the bay area. new omicron sub barriers are driving up covid cases nationwide. the b a five varying now making up more than 50% of all cases in our country, experts say the variants are becoming more contagious, finding better ways to evade the immune system, regardless of a person's vaccination status or whether they have been previously infected. experts say why we will see an increase in cases, vaccine and antiviral medications are credited with keeping hospitalizations and deaths much lower than what we've seen in previous searches.
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chilling new evidence in the search for a missing woman from contra costa county. investigators say a crumpled up letter could hold the key to the whereabouts of alexis cape. she's a 24 year old oakley woman who has been missing since late january. the letter contains handwritten directions by gabes ex boyfriend marshall jones suspect in her disappearance. that letter has led authorities to the small rural town of pioneer in amador county. it's been the hardest, um 5.5 months of our lives. i mean, we've never expected that. we would be in this situation. um our house used to be. alexis's father shared some of this new evidence in the investigation into her daughter's or to his daughter disappearance. it included the letter from antioch police, which reads in part, quote. we know that marshall jones wrote these directions to pioneer and believe he used them to dispose of alexis's body near where the directions end quote. it also says jones told a friend he was
12:33 pm
thinking about killing alexis. and wanted to know where to hide a body. we were definitely devastated when we when we saw that letter, we had no idea that he was capable of doing something like this, um when hee comes to visit or attend our family gathering. he's always been, um friendly. jones was killed by police in seattle in a suburb there last month. this is video of that incident that happened video shows him charging officers with a knife while they were trying to take him into custody. sonoma county coroner has identified the man found in downtown petaluma over the weekend. he was dead. his name is adolfo martinez pena of novato. police say they received a call around 1 50 sunday morning from a man who said his friend was assaulted with a baseball bat well, officers found the 23 year old victim on killer street near western avenue, where he was pronounced
12:34 pm
dead at the scene. police now reviewing security video from businesses in that area and helps them identifying the attacker. anyone with information about the case should call petaluma police. this by the way, was the first homicide in downtown petaluma since 2017 in the south bay police officers will remain on school campuses in san jose, despite an effort to have them removed. the san jose unified school district board unanimously voted to extend contracts with 28 san jose police officers. the move will allow the officers to be used at middle and high school through at least june of 2023. according to an agreement with the police department, the officers will help maintain safe and secure campuses. last year, the school board had decided to end the contracts following civil rights protests demanding police reform. president biden is celebrating the recent passage of the bipartisan gun violence prevention bill, the president and the vice president hosted an event this morning at the south lawn of the white house. according to lawmakers. the new law is the most significant gun violence reduction legislation in the past 30 years. it
12:35 pm
toughens background checks for the youngest gun buyers keeps firearms away from domestic violence offenders and help states put in place red flag laws to make it easier to take weapons from people who are deemed dangerous. we face literally a moral choice in this country. moral choices around real work, real world implications. will we take wise steps of villa responsibility to protect the innocent? and while keeping faith with the constitutional rights will we match thoughts and prayers with action? i say yes, and that's what we're doing here today. the father of one of the teenagers killed in the 2018 parkland. florida school shooting interrupted the president. he was one of several survivors and family members invited the president, biden said the bill was proof that we can make meaningful progress on dealing with gun violence. the father, emmanuel oliver, shouted. we have to do more than that. well concerns are rising now over a new covid sub variant in which
12:36 pm
doctors say are bypassing people's immune systems. jonathan series in atlanta with the latest new r macron sub variants are driving up covid cases across the country with the b, a five variant now making up more than 50% of all cases in the u. s experts say these variants are becoming more contagious, finding better ways to evade the immune system regardless of a person's vaccination status or whether they previously been infected. one doctor saying, while we will see an increase in cases, vaccines and antiviral medications are credited with keeping hospitalizations and deaths, much lower than during previous surges because of the population because of the tools , i think it's going to be increasingly unlikely that even with these more more, um, pages variants that you see anything like what we saw in earlier eras of the pandemic. while these variants spread, health officials are worried about waning immune protection from current vaccines and circulation. the fda now pushing
12:37 pm
for the production of omicron targeted boosters, hoping to release them ahead of expected fall in winter surges. this is a rollercoaster that were not really ready to get off of yet, by the time we were able to come up with kind of a new offense against a new defense against it, the virus is coming up with a new offense. meanwhile high risk cities such as new york are encouraging people to mask up once again. every time i walk in the store i put on my mask only when i'm walking outside. i think we just have to continue to be conscientious of this. it's not over, according to the cdc, the daily average of new covid infections is topping 106,000. in atlanta often. siri ktvu, fox two news. president biden is now considering a new option in this battle against the supreme court decision that overturned roe versus wade, the president says he made it clear abortion access a public health emergency and that would free up federal funds to expand reproduction health services in all 50 states. mr biden
12:38 pm
discussed this pre ride. the prt said his fight for abortion rights will not end there. my ultimate goal is to reinstate roe v. wade is a national law by passing it in the united states congress and i'll sign it the moment that happens. president biden also called on abortion rights demonstrators to continue their marches and rallies in cities across the country. one bay area doctor getting national attention now for her plans to launch a boat based abortion clinic in the gulf of mexico. dr meg autry is an obstetrician and professor at the university of california, san francisco. she tells the associated pressures now making plans to create a floating medical clinic in the federal waters off the coast. the boat could provide abortions near the southern states where that procedure is banned or limited. the man tasked with forming strategy for former president donald trump says he is ready to testify before congressional members investigating the riot at the us capitol. former white house
12:39 pm
strategist steve bannon has informed the houses january 6th committee, he is ready to talk. bannon had been one of the highest profile allies of former president trump, who had refused to testify. he's facing criminal charges after months of defying a congressional subpoena. the committee's next public hearing is set for tomorrow. we'll have live coverage on ktvu plus and our website. the biden administration is now investigating the trend of delayed and canceled flights across the country. when telling you about, transportation se . despite some recent improvements, airlines are n hes opposed to raising the age limit for pilots to help avert staffing shortages. the answer is not to keep the baby boomer generation in the cockpit indefinitely. the answer is to make sure that we have as many and as good pilots ready to take their place to have a stronger pipeline. we're backing that up with faa programs that support high school and college curriculum to get into aviation . and of course, ultimately, it will be for the airlines and those employers. to hire and
12:40 pm
retain excellent talent. so this all comes at least as one airline ceo is blaming the government and the faa. for those delays. the head of united airlines says 50% of delays and 75% of cancelations over the past four months because of shortages of air traffic controllers. let's talk about gas prices. there was another drop nationwide this weekend. according to the text site, gasbuddy nearly 7000 gas stations in the united states are now selling gas for less than $4 a gallon almost tripled the number from last week. the nationwide average remains at $4.68 a gallon. that's down 13 cents from a week ago, down 30 cents from last month, as alway9 a gallon and you can find some spots selling gas for under $6 here in the bay area, it feels like a bargain, right. in fact, a week ago, the statewide average was 6 24 last month we e prepared to pay a few more cents
12:41 pm
to send your mail. the price of stamps increased by two cents yesterday with the overall cost of first class mail increasing by 6.5% it'll now cost 60 cents for a forever stamp. the postal service says that inflation and increased operating expenses are to blame for this price hike still have the stem frightening moments on the runway, the panic inside of spirit airlines flight after it catches fire during landing. and it's a hot day inland, with temperatures reaching into the nineties will check in on the current conditions. line up your afternoon highs for today and talk about the
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that's affecting drivers in oakland, a very active scene. a homeless encampment caught fire earlier this morning. several rvs and debris cut fire underneath 8 80 in the area of wood street and 34th. firefighters are still at the scene right now investigating. we know more than 70 or their this this fire created a huge traffic problem there for drivers on interstate 80 and 80 in the mcarthur maze. we kind of like to bring you a live look here at the mcarthur maze bumper to bumper traffic as drivers in the westbound direction were diverted towards san francisco the i 82 interstate 5 80 interchanges closed there in the eastbound direction. this picture really gives you a look at what we're dealing with. here is one freeways completely packed. the other is completely empty, so the closure is still in effect. if you can at all, avoid the mcarthur maze. i would
12:45 pm
recommend doing that. we do not have an estimated time when things might start getting back to normal. but we're working on that talking with the chp as well. no we're dead on the cause of the fire. no reports of any any injuries. that's two bits of good news. we will continue to follow the story and bring you more information and how it's impacting drivers there in west oakland throughout the afternoon, you can always find us on ktvu .com and the ktvu news app. terminally ill patients have a right to die with dignity in california, but a group of christian doctors is trying to put a stop to that, saying the aid in dying law violates freedom of religion and freedom of speech. gina silver reports. unfortunately my body is just it's writing from the inside out, and i am slowly dying from this horrible disease . year old andrew flak has been in and out of hospitals since 2017 andrew has terminal colorectal cancer, afraid of severe and chronic pain. ah other components that come with dying from cancer and the side
12:46 pm
effects and how the body breaks down is pretty horrendous. we don't need to go and all those details. andrew has chosen medical aid in dying an option provided by senate bill 3 80. california law that allows terminally ill patients to take a combination of prescribed drugs that help a person follow asleep and die without the excruciating pain and suffering at the end of their life. from my understanding, it is a very peaceful process and very again , humane and dignified death, but a group of christian doctors filed a federal lawsuit seeking to invalidate the law. this is a moral injury. a moral decision, because is our members moral distress. because it goes against the very fabric of their religious beliefs. dr. geoff barrow's of ohio as the senior vp of the christian medical and dental associations. the group is asking a federal judge on friday for a temporary injunction. while the suit goes through the court, claiming that medical aid in dying violates
12:47 pm
their freedom of speech and freedom of religion. as a doctor . aren't you supposed to provide medical care without judgment? let the patient decide what they want. yes absolutely. we want to let the patient decide and let them do what they want. what we're asking for is that that we not be forced to participate in that particular action. you have the right to say i'm sorry. i don't believe in that you can go to another doctor. it's not just staying to the patient. well, you need to go to another doctor . that original physician must name the doctor must find the doctor that will actually carry out the assisted suicide again participating in the very act itself is just very inhumane for anybody to be trying to dictate for others to say. oh, no. you have to endure the pain. you have to die on the state's term attorney john kappas, who spoke to us from an airport is representing california residents. like andrew flack,
12:48 pm
who want to maintain the end of life option act. doctors who do not wish to participate are free to decline to participate with no liability to them. the only thing they have to do is what good medical practice already requires. and that is they have to inform they have to document and they have to transfer medical records dying from that disease is horrible for andrew, who is caught in the middle of this battle. none of this makes sense. never met any of these people who are bringing this suit to california and i don't i don't understand why they feel like me using that medication whenever impact them at all. none of this story. the faa is now leading the investigation into a frightening incident that happened at atlanta's hartsfield jackson international airport. the spirit airlines jet briefly catching fire after touching down on the runway yesterday. no one was hurt passengers on board that flight from tampa, florida, described what happened. they
12:49 pm
told us to remain calm. um just stay seated until they get it's on fire. like how are youes say the fire started after one of the brakes on the jets lending gear over heated get outside here as we're taking a peek at what is going to be the hottest day of the week. rosemary oroczo if we can make it through today will be all right. some of our inland cities may touch 100 degrees and that is definitely hot one. we do have our inner east bay already in the nineties in the north bay, not quite as hot and around the bay very comfortable at this time. a live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary. if you look beyond san francisco, you can see the marine layer there and along the coastline, those clouds are stacked up. we do have partly sunny. partly cloudy skies expected for the coastline. for the remainder of today and again. temperatures are in the upper fifties and low sixties. let's talk about the coastal flood advisory starts at
12:50 pm
eight o'clock this evening goes until midnight. it is for our bayside communities as well as a san francisco and into the north bay. for those low lying areas close to the water. the king tides are back and the next high tide will be at 9 59 this evening stretching back for you . we had to have high pressure to remain locked in, at least for today. so we do have the warmer weather and the drier weather mountie pablo right now. 82 degrees reporting relative humidity, just about 27% have been loman in the santa cruz mountains. 85 degrees. relative humidity slightly better. we do have a bit of a southwest breeze right in here, and that is bringing in some of that cool, moist. pacific air. the future cast will show you the clouds along the coastline. not going to budge much as we get closer to sunset. we are looking at the clouds to move back across the bay and then into the overnight hours it actually fills in. and did you see all that blue kind of dancing over here? so we're called for drizzle tomorrow morning and the clouds more widespread. and that will again
12:51 pm
will be the start of what we will see for a cool down into the afternoon. the afternoon today going to be baking inlet already doing so. 93 walnut creek we have low nineties in brentwood as well as livermore in the north bay, though we have 84 nevado 73 reported. at the napa airport. meanwhile closer to the water, even cool 61 half moon bay, 63, san francisco and for the east based shore, upper sixties low seventies right now for areas oakland san leandro hayward, berkeley, reporting the same low eighties over san jose . upper sixties at the coast 74 for san fran inland east bay. some of the hotter numbers 98 livermore valley san ramon valley. some of our communities right in here, close to 100 degrees may actually hit it 94 for the afternoon high in santa rosa. if you're going to the giants game this evening, we will have the
12:52 pm
onshore breeze, partly sunny skies and the cool temperatures. make sure you dress in layers, even a jacket. as we take a look at the extended forecast. there's the drop in numbers 5 to 10 degrees of cooling expected by tomorrow and then not much change wednesday, thursday, friday and into your weekend. low sixties at the coast upper seventies around the bay upper eighties to low nineties expected for our inland communities back to you much more comfortable, rosemary. thank you still to come at noon, buying a home in the bay area still incredibly competitive, but parts of our state's housing market could be showing signs of a cool down. the trend realtors are seeing across california
12:53 pm
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for in west oakland, very active scene at a homeless encampment following a fire, several rvs and debris cut fire underneath interstate 80. this is the area of wood street and 34th. fire crews are still very much at the scene right now, as many as 70
12:56 pm
of them are trying to figure out what happened to cause this fire . at this point. we don't have any reports of injuries, which is the good news, but still this fire is creating a huge traffic problems on 80, 80 and interstate 80. so we'll give you a live look of the mcarthur maze bumper to bumper traffic as drivers in the westbound direction. or diverted towards san francisco. that's the backup . you see interstate 82 interstate 5 80 closed in the eastbound direction. that's the empty freeway. you see no word yet on the cause of the fire again. no injuries just yet. we're staying on top of this story both from these live pictures we have crews at the scene were also working. the phones will have updates for you as soon as we get them online. on the ktvu news, app and ktvu .com and full live coverage starting today at four will swing over to stocks here and we can tell that well, wall street is having a down day. dell yes, is down by almost two thirds of a percent. s and p is down by about one and a quarter. but nasdaq leading the losses,
12:57 pm
taking a loss of two and one third percent right now. one aspect of the current economy appears to be defined conventional economic thinking, ktvu tom baker tells us while many parts of the economy or experiencing varying levels of distress, the job market continues to show remarkable strength. the federal government says jobs increased by 372,000 with unemployment at a low low 3.6% lower than what many economists consider is now recovered all the jobs lost during the pandemic. and added jobs. on top of that largest gains were seen in wage growth has been historically lower wage workers and yet strangely, there's trouble in the economy. we have a dynamic here that we haven't really seen. in california over the past 40 years. um where you have these other indicators worsening but employment still holding up. those indicators. interest rates way up inflation way up, stocks
12:58 pm
are down in bear territory, but the job market is solid 11.3 million. job openings still nationwide, at least over a million job openings here in california and get this the number of workers voluntarily leaving their jobs often. for better ones. the numbers remained very high nationwide over 4.3 million instances of so called quits. we haven't seen yet a large number of layoffs in many industries, layoffs or taboo airlines, health services , hospitality and leisure are still desperate for workers. the airlines in particular because workers shortages in the last ue people to look for higher paying jobs. the job market is staving off the biggest but still
12:59 pm
unrealized fear. stagflation that is the situation where the economy has high unemployment and high inflation at the same time, something that plagued the carter and ford administrations in the mid and late 19 seventies. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. well california's housing market has been showing signs of cooling down as an interest rate rise. however, a new real estate study published in the chronicle show home prices are still soaring in some parts of the state. on prices in the sea ranch area of sonoma county jumped 45% during the last year. that's followed closely by carmel in monterey county, up 43% groveland and ptolemy county. is third on the list at 38% followed by palm springs, 37% warriors star steph curry showed off his golf game during this weekend's american century celebrity golf championship in lake tahoe. this year's most valuable player of the nba impressed the crowd,
1:00 pm
sinking a putt for a birdie at one whole yesterday wound up time foruarterback tony romo was the terminus tournament winner for the third time. is there anything that stefan kerry can, too? you should have seen some of the shots he was doing over there. i mean, it was unbelievable. you gotta need incredible. alright for us. thank you for joining us for the news of the we are dishing. she is breaking the internet at, wait for it, 75. revealing secrets. getting serious about a shocking health care. >> i was feeling like an elephant was pressing on my chest. >> plus, some of our favorite family recipes. >> delicious. >> that is next. ♪ >> let's dish. the kitchen has been the center of my world. life is more delicious when it
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