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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  July 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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district attorney, a former prosecutor who left the office to help lead the recall effort against chasing boudin. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four mayor. london breed expected to announce the appointment of brooke jenkins in just about an hour. welcome to the four i'm greg lee. hello again, everyone i'm heather holmes jenkins spent more than seven years in the district attorney's office before leaving to campaign against her old boss. after voters ousted boutin last month, jenkins will take over an office with plenty of challenges. ktvu christien kafton is live in the city with more on her appointment, christian yeah. greg heather. we are expecting the mayor and brooke jenkins to show up here at the mayor's balcony. within about an hour. jenkins expected to be sworn in as the new district attorney in san francisco tomorrow. er might recall chasing boudin the first week of june. now that the election is over, the mayor is making her latest appointment. jenkins is a former san francisco felony prosecutor quit
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under chase boudin in his recall. the mayor's office saysd also saying that there's room for criminal justice reform. somethingas its supporters. absolutely believe in the need for criminal justice reform. but we want it done right and we want it done in conjunction with our safety, and we know that that's possible . jenkins is far from the mayor's first appointment. the mayor has already appointed three new members to san francisco's school board after a recall effort. and she is appointed the city's newest supervisor, matt dorsey, after matt haney, who had held the seat was elected to the state assembly supervisor. dorsey formerly worked in san francisco's police department and applauded the mayor's pick of jenkins as district attorney . by any measure, brooke jenkins is an outstanding pick. i support the mayor's choice, and i think she's going to be a great district attorney. i look forward to working with her. in
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san francisco voters will have their first say about jenkins as district attorney in november, when they decide whether she's she should serve out the remainder of the term. then voters will have another vote and regularly scheduled district attorney election in november. 2023 in the past, the mayor has said she's only interested in appointing people who will go on to run for the position when that opportunity comes up. that means that we could very well see jenkins running against chaser boudin in 2023. so far, the district attorney has not ruled out running for that office. once again, greg elections ahead, christian, you are very well connected in the city. i know it is early, but have we heard any response from boudin or anyone in the d a s office about this pick? yeah. you know, greg, this is a very late breaking story. word of this first started coming out this afternoon. we have reached out to the district attorney's office. so far, we have not heard back from them about disappointment of brooke jenkins as the next district attorney for san francisco. alright, christian captain live in the
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city for us christians. thank you. guilty on all counts. after a four months long trial, a jury today handed down guilty verdicts for sonny bill wani. he's the former theranos executive in business partner of elizabeth holmes. but one is conviction comes months after a split verdict in homes case. ktvu reporter. mark sayer was in the courtroom for today's verdict and has our report from san jose. it took the jury four full days of deliberations to reach its unanimous verdicts. ramesh sunny bell wani arrived in court with his attorneys at his side, not making any comment as he walked inside the courtroom to hear the verdict. alwani was facing 12 criminal counts 10 for wire fraud and two for conspiracy. in the case of the failed startup, toronto's the jury unanimously found that alwani both conspired to and did defraud both investors and patients of toronto's and convicted him on all counts. six
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months after guilty cordage in the elizabeth holmes strong this story has concluded that holmes's business partner ramesh. also bears responsibility, probably friday , investors. the company claimed that it had invented specialized blood testing equipment that could provide extensive medical information with just a single drop of blood. but the equipment did not work in january. elizabeth holmes was convicted on four of the 11 counts of fraud against her. she has not yet been sentenced. the jury also concluded that bill wani. also perpetrated frauds. an unsuspecting patients. i want to thank the jury for dutifully navigating through the complex issues presented by this case. in a statement, the lead attorney for sunday, boudouani said, we are obviously disappointed with the verdicts. we plan to study and consider
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all of mr baldwin is options, including an appeal. after the verdicts were read. the judge increased by taiwanese bail to $750,000. he faces 20 years in prison when he sentenced in november, reporting at the federal courthouse in san jose, mark sayer. ktvu fox two news. meantime elizabeth holmes will be sentenced in september. she two faces up to 20 years in prison. jurors in her case found holmes guilty of four counts of fraud. they acquitted her on another four counts and deadlocked on three counts. knew it for a federal judge sentenced former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin to 21 years in prison for charges including violating george floyd's civil rights. shobin pleaded guilty in december two federal charges of depriving floyd of his civil rights when he kneeled on floyd's neck for more than nine minutes. as he was him in 22. prosecutors had asked for a 25 year sentence as part of a plea agreement before sentencing showman briefly addressed george floyd's
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children in court. in a short statement, he wished them quote all the best in their life and quote sheldon is already serving time on state murder charges for his role in floyd's death. he was sentenced on the state charges last year to 22 a half years in prison. we're following a developing story today in truckee, a new wildfire east of the truckee airport, prompting evacuation orders, video and photos here posted to twitter show plumes of smoke in the sky. drivers there on interstate 80 reported seeing that smoke rising, at least 10 acres have burned. we have no reports yet of any injuries or damage to structures. fire investigators have not said what may have started this fire. will be electra fire in the sierra foothills has now grown to california second biggest wildfire so far of the season, some evacuation orders have been lifted for people in amador county. other evacuation orders continue, though in neighboring calvary's county. the fire,
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which is already burned more than 4200 acres along highway 49 near the city of jackson is now 40% contained efforts to set backfires to keep the flames from spreading seem to be working. so far, no homes have been destroyed and no injuries are reported. well those fires are sending wildfire pollutants across many communities in joining us now to talk about the air quality concerns and help people respond to wildfire. smoke exposure is sam hefny. olivia sam he's a stanford researcher who co authored a new study and nature human behavior. same. thank you so much for being here. first indoor air quality during wildfires obviously gets to unhealthy levels and many homes, but how people react and the actions they take you found varies. that's right. whether thanks for having me so it's what wildfires are fundamentally different from other pollution sources because it's difficult to stop at the source and so the main pollution the main policy responses than to ask people to protect themselves. and
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social media and other crowdsourced data to see how ant while all across the income spectrum people are interested in air quality, and they do google searches for air quality when wildfires and present but the actual response taking the next step of searching for aarp, your if fires of changing your movement to protect yourself, those only really occur at the higher income level. and why do you think that might be? well we believe that higher income groups just have more resources that are more able to adapt to the situation, whereas low income groups maybe more required to work outside the home. and less able to adapt. so this idea of sort of staying indoors, closing your doors and windows just isn't is it feasible for some people? this reliance, though individuals to protect themselves? what do you think of sort of that strategy by the government? i think it's the only choice in the short run
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because the types of investments that are required to reduce wildfires are going to be needed in the long term, but are ineffective in the short run. but it's also putting a big onus on people to protect themselves and may not be able to them, so it's likely that they're going to be real unequal benefits from these policies, and that's apparently what you found in the study. so what are the risks of these exposures? what did these exposures post to people's health? yes. so looking at indoor air quality and houses around california during wildfires, we found that the average health holds had levels of pollution that are 3 to 4 times the healthy levels and so at at that range of pollution, we'd expect people to have worse asthma or other respiratory issues. the whole suite of health impacts that are associated with those levels of pollution. okay so now that you've conducted this study, what do you think the government should do? do you think that the strategy should be changed a little bit to more appropriately deal with wildfire smoke exposure? yeah, i think in the short run, the only option is to help people cope as best we can
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and to potentially target those groups that are most vulnerable, whether it be people with asthma or people who don't have the resources to protect themselves and then try to help them. so possibly providing air purifiers. yes providing air purifiers would be ineffective, although expensive policy also opening general public areas like libraries to be clean air places is another good option. alright. we really appreciate your time this afternoon. very interesting study thanks again for joining us today. thanks. well, the family of the band suspected of pulling off a mass shooting on the fourth of july, coming under intense scrutiny coming up. the father insists he did nothing wrong in the months leading up to the tragedy. and 17 people received the country's highest civilian honor today from president biden coming up the special ceremony at the white house honoring extraordinary americans. had a barrier weather lots of sunshine today it looks like our warming trend that really kicks off in
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suspected charged with killing seven people and injuring dozens of others at that fourth of july parade in illinois insists that he did nothing wrong. in his first public remarks, the father says he had no idea or warning of his son's alleged plants. and he also downplayed the 2019 incident in which his son threatened family members knew documents show the suspect admitted to cops during that incident. he was a quote. depressed teenage drug user end quote. boxes madison scar piano was following this investigation in highland park, illinois. madison. what else are we learning tonight? that's right, and he was also flagged as a clear and present danger after that happened, and what happened was the suspect threatened to kill his entire family. and there was also a knife collection in his room. but the family didn't want to go forward with the complaint. and months later, the suspect's father
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signed off or sponsored an application for a firearms idea , and that's when he bought a gun, and the suspect's father says that he did nothing wrong and quote they do background checks. whatever that entails. i'm not exactly sure. and either you're approved or denied, and he was approved purchase guns throughout the yea in my name. a different story, but he went through the whole process himself. the suspect's father also said his son had good morals and is unsure why he carried out the mass shooting. he downplayed the 2019 threat as a child's outburst. the director of illinois state police says the ongoing investigation will include looking into the father's involvement and that parents who sponsored their kids to buy guns need to take that responsibility seriously. i can only speak from my perspective as a citizen and as a father that we all have a duty. we all have an obligation. we all have
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to be mindful of the safety of others. and sometimes that requires some difficult things as a parent. in every day. more and more people continue to place items by memorials outside of the crime scene, and the suspect is facing a seven first degree murder charges, and that's on top of the dozens more charges expected to be filed. investigators say that the suspect admitted to the mass shooting. but there's still unclear what that motive is in highland park, illinois. madison scarpino ktvu. fox two news questions to be answered as this community mourns madison. thank you. california senator alex padilla talked with community leaders today about gun violence in cities all across california . during that virtual roundtable, padilla and community leaders talked about how new gun legislation recently signed by president biden will help support local community based efforts to make neighborhoods safer while the senator applauds the bipartisan , safer communities act. he says
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there is still much more to do to address gun violence. we will keep up the pressure so that we can keep making progress to deal with gun violence because we cannot accept gun violence as just a fact of life in america. we cannot and we will not. that new legislation improves background checks for gun buyers under the age of 21 also helps states implement red flag laws, and it strengthens protections for victims of domestic violence. the white house says the resignation of united kingdom prime minister boris johnson will not alter the strong relationship between the united states and the uk. johnson announced his resignation today after a tumultuous term. it is clearly now the will. of the parliamentary conservative party that there should be a new leader of that party and therefore a new prime minister. and i have agreed with sir graham brady, the chairman. of our backbench mps that the
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process of choosing that new leader should begin now. johnson had tried to stay in power in the face of a major revolt from conservative lawmakers. many of them stepped down from the roles this weekend demanded. johnson resigned amid a growing series of controversies. information about the election of a new prime minister is expected to be announced next week. people in southwest ohio are reeling today after the area was hit by a tornado. the state of emergency is in effect for the small city of goshen, where hundreds of homes and businesses have now been damaged tornado with winds of up to 135 mph hit that area yesterday. so far, there are no reports of any injuries or deaths. emergency managers, though still asking people in the city of goshen to consider relocating temporarily because they just don't know when they can have all of the power restored to that area. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo has been tracking that system that
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spawned the tornado. he's here with more on that, as well as a look at our own weather mark. thankfully, they get a break of the severe weather to the south of that region. so they get a chance to clean up before today, but, yeah, yesterday as you've been hearing about the very active on the radar. in fact, we're going back 24 hours. showing you the radar activity and the thunderstorms moving across this portion of ohio that line of thunderstorms and quite a few with storm reports as well as being coming closer right now, these are the storm reports the tornado reports showing up on the maps from yesterday's event. but as i mentioned, thankfully, things have things have been least quiet. for today. the main action has been focused to the south, so it looks like just some shower activity approaching portions of ohio. it looks like the severe threat for today. really, not happening now. another big deal is the heat across parts of the country right now, take a look at some of the current numbers out there. over 100 degrees in dallas and oklahoma city in this heat will actually intensify and it will stick around for quite
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some time. phoenix 106 degrees right now, back here in the bay area. we just have lots of sunshine. we had some fog this morning but earlier clearing time, so it's actually a fairly nice day. remember, yesterday we had all the stubborn cloud cover. but today more sunshine and still a bit of an onshore breeze. but the temperature is kind of behaving no heat in our forecast just yet. current numbers warm spots only in the lower eighties san jose 77. san francisco 63 in santa rosa 83 degrees. here's our live camera looking above san francisco, where we do have a partly cloudy skies. it looks like some patchy fog is trying to sneak into this picture for this afternoon, so we will have some cloud cover later on tonight and into tomorrow morning. this is friday morning. seven o'clock 52 to 60 degrees. and then clearing skies into the afternoon hours. maybe partly cloudy skies for the coast tomorrow should be warmer than today. lower sixties to the upper eighties, and the hot spots could be right around 90 degrees for your friday afternoon forecasts of san francisco increasing sunshine 72
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conquered 88 the hotspots inland. not incredibly hot, just yet. upper eighties to right around 90 degrees. now saturday , minimal change. but then on sunday, that'll be the day of step outside and say it's warmer. we'll talk more about another heat up for portions of the bay area coming up with your full update. coming up in just a few minutes. alright. look forward to it, mark. thank you. look at your gas prices and finally, some good news prices in california have dropped 20 cents in the past month, but we are still paying an average of $6.19 a gallon. around the bay area, you can find gas and conquered for his low as 5 50 a gallon, according to gasbuddy dot com san jose gaspar 5 69 a gallon in alameda. it's around $6 and in novato, most drivers are paying $6.15. more americans are looking to make some quick cash by selling some of their belongings how inflation is now affecting pawn shops across the country. let's take a look at tonight's primetime lineup here on ktvu. master shuffle started
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eight. don't forget the lyrics follow it. nine. after that sta
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dr what we strive for. we, the people doing what we can to ensure the idea of america. cause of freedom shines like the sun to light up the future of the world. that's the soul of our nation. president biden awarded the medal of freedom to 17 accomplished americans today , saying they represent the soul of america and the power of possibilities. now, the white house says the nour is reserved for americans who have made exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values or security of the united states. boxes caroline shively reports on this very special ceremony at the white house president biden honored winners of the presidential medal of freedom at the white house on thursday, a list that includes athletes, actors and activists. it's the nation's highest civilian honor
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. that's who we are as americans , and that's what we see an extraordinary extraordinary group of americans up here in this stage, 17 americans received the reward some posthumously like war hero and senator john mccain and apple founder steve jobs. many are household names like academy award winner denzel washington and simone biles and advocate for mental health and the most decorated american gymnast in history. she turned personal pain and a greater purpose to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. today she has to her medal count of 32. i know you're gonna find room honorees are lesser known, but have had great impact on aspects of american life. because you're khan is a gold star father and an advocate for religious freedom. critical care nurse sandra lindsay was the first american to receive a covid vaccine outside clinical trials on live television. sandra as i told you before. if there's any angels in heaven, they're all nurses. mister biden
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is a medal of freedom winner himself. president obama bestowed the honor on biden a week before the two left office in 2017 in washington, carolina, shively fox news a w n b a star britney griner pleads guilty to drug charges in a russian courtroom, her friends and family say that biden administration is not doing enough to bring her home and more monkeypox cases reported all across the us what world health officials say can
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is to fight coronavirus and
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monkeypox cases across the country. the fda has now revised the emergency use authorization for packed slovin. pharmacists can now prescribe fighters covid-19 pill directly to patients. previously only doctors could prescribe the antiviral pilpacks love. it is intended for people who test positive for covid. it is meant to treat mild to moderate cases in people who are at high risk for severe covid. it has been cleared for use and available for free in the us since december. monkeypox cases are climbing across the globe, including in san francisco. the numbers are prompting health officials scramble in an effort to prevent a full on outbreak. foxes kevin turetsky has more on the rise of infections. monkeypox cases are on the rise , and health officials are becoming increasingly concerned . the world health organization says cases globally rose 30% in the past two weeks, with europe seeing the best majority of those cases responsible for 80% of the new infections across the globe. across the world that has now been more than 6000 cases
4:29 pm
recorded in 58 countries. the u. n says expanding vaccination efforts in improving monkeypox surveillance will be crucial to curtailing the future outbreak choice working with countries. and vaccine manufacturers to coordinate the sharing of vaccine, which are currently scarce and need to be accessible to the most at risk people. meanwhile new york city has now being dubbed the epicenter of the monkey pox virus here in the u. s. health officials say the number of probable cases increased more than 119. as of this week. the sydney now plans to open several pub up clinics to administer vaccinations. in the coming weeks. despite this, the new york city health department is pleading with the cdc to send more doses to meet the increased vaccine demand will certainly need much more vaccine and quickly to meet the burden of disease here in new york city. the epicenter of the monkey pox epidemic in the united states. currently small, but we also want people to
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understand how to identify monkey parks had a diagnosis. and how to avoid exposures themselves. monkeypox symptoms include headache, muscle aches and fever, along with lesions on the body. if exposed to the virus. you should isolate immediately and contact your local health provider. in new york. kevin, you're asking fox news. i knew it for this afternoon. san jose is donating lifesaving safety equipment to assist first responders in ukraine mayor sam liccardo in the san jose fire department today announcing the donation. of self contained breathing apparatus and air regulator masks are among thousands of items being sent to first responders in several ukrainian cities. we know our fellow firefighters, ukraine are facing dire circumstances as we speak. they're working to save lives and property in a situation where they are not expecting to have to do that. chief williams and mayor lou carter, or also urging people and businesses to make cash donations to nobody.
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ukraine it's a nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to ukraine. there is bipartisan support in washington, d. c to designate russia as a state sponsor of terror. two u. s senators democrat richard blumenthal and republican lindsey graham. visited ukrainian president zelensky today in kiev they posted to social media, saying bipartisan support is very important. they have co authored a resolution designating russia as a state sponsor of terrorism in the same category is iran, syria andor korea. i think there's going to be strong bipartisan support picture to tell you something. about america. right now, there's bipartisan support. to defeat putin calling out as a pariah and war criminal. we see ukraine is the hope of democracy, and putin is a terrorist. graham and blumenthal also said during their meeting with president vladimir zelensky, he asked for
4:32 pm
more air defense weapons in order to continue to find off russian forces were russian forces are increasing their attacks against southern ukraine. the shelling is setting off fires and fields and villages. the kremlin says it is also poised to take control of more sections in eastern ukraine , the governor of the dancing provinces now telling 350,000 residents to evacuate for their own safety. and to help ukrainian forces. we have had shelling on civilian infrastructure and endangers lives. when they evacuate, we will be able to concentrate more on our enemy. ukraine still controls about half of the donetsk it province officials hope western aid will fortify his defense as russia relies on superior firepower. after months of detention in russia, american basketball star britney griner pleaded guilty to drug charges is now waiting for another court appearance next week. but as grinder, weights, friends and family are urging the bind administration to do more.
4:33 pm
blanchard is in washington with more on the efforts to bring her home. in a moscow courtroom. w nba star britney griner pled guilty to drug possession and drug smuggling charges during the second hearing in her trial, only the audio was made public. guilty on charges no instance great restaurant policy. the basketball star was arrested at a russian airport when customs agents found vape cartridges with cbd oil in them. cbd is a banned substance in russia, and the drug charges can carry a 10 year prison sentence. we are certainly expecting the leniency of the court, as i have already said my colleague agrees with me. we are hoping for the softest verdict possible. griner has asked the judge for time to prepare her testimony. meanwhile her family and friends have made public pleas to the biden administration to work harder to secure her release. we are going to do everything that we can the
4:34 pm
president has this top of mind to make sure that we get brittany home safely. greiner has been in russian custody since february, and efforts to bring her home so far have not been successful. what i do know is that 99% of russian trials end up with a guilty verdict, so we need to just our government to continue doing what they're doing and exhausting every measure possible to help bring pg home secretary of state antony blinken says they were able to deliver president biden's letter to griner. he also said they would not stop working. to bring home detained americans in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. commission has announced $2.8 billion in funding for airport related projects as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, and we're learning airports here in the bay area will get millions of dollars, according to the department of transportation. san francisco international airport will get $49 million and both oakland international airport and mineta san jose international airport. will each get $15 million. the
4:35 pm
money can be used for airport improvements such as runways, terminals and airports, transit connections. a new exhibit coming to san francisco's de young museum. the overarching story behind 50 years of work by actists, artist and icon, faith ringgold. and a barrier weather. lots of sunshine today we do have temperatures heating up in the five day forecast, and we'll have more on the - [announcer] does your home need upgrades or repairs in order to sell? call renovation realty. their team of licensed professionals will add physical value to the sale of your home with no out of pocket costs to you. for a free home evaluation,
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while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. easy um, will have the distinct honor of hosting the west coast debut of artist faith ringgold retrospective from more than 50 years, the legendary ringgold has used many different mediums to tell personal stories in document the struggle for social justice and equity. she has featured themes, including the civil rights and women's movement. she's more than an
4:38 pm
artist. she's an icon, an activist and a storyteller, faith ringgold. american people is coming to the city on july 16th for more insight into the exhibit. we're joined by janet keegan, assistant curator of contemporary art and programming. fine arts museums of san francisco. janet thanks for taking the time. let me first ask just how excited are you to host this west coast debut of misr ingles work? i'm incredibly excited. um faith ringgold is somebody that i've known since i was a kid. i don't know about all of you, but i read tar beach growing up and so to be able to work on this project has really been to be able to work with one of my heroes. that is amazing, specific to american people. miss ringgold has said she couldn't pete landscapes when there was so much going on related to civil rights and women's rights in the sixties, described some of what people will experience at this exhibit. yeah, absolutely. the american people section is the opening section of the exhibition and her memoirs. she describes the civil rights movement, namely leaders dr martin luther king
4:39 pm
jr. james baldwin and malcolm x. as inspiring her to make her own mark as a witness to history. the early works of this series relate her own personal experiences with racial discrimination. the working like , for example, for members only recalls a traumatic memory from her childhood in which a group of white men accosted her sunday school group and tibbetts brook park in yonkers. so for people who don't know her work, her quilts are iconic, explain the significance of this medium to her and what people will see. absolutely as you say her quilts are iconic and they were barrier. breaking our history is a field that's very slow to change and in the past topics like painting and sculpture have been given more weight and more precedents. faith ringgold was able to break down the door, and it was her investment in black power and the feminist movement that intersected with these craft based techniques, which were traditionally considered women's work, which is why they were included in museums. you've
4:40 pm
been in contact with miss ring gold's daughter, miss ringgold in her nineties. now, how are they feeling about the exhibit coming to california? you're very excited. um i've been sending them snaps all week from inside the galleries as we install. um faith has a really particular approach to color theory is inspired by black power. in which she thinks that , um her works are best shown when they're not in a white cube. so we've incorporated that into the galleries to make a really unique experience that is very cool. ringgold fought for the representation of women of color in the seventies and their work. to be featured in galleries, museums, etcetera after she was rejected herself. how do you hope this inspires the next generation of young women who are artists? goodness. um. well as you say, like, i hope that they do that they're able to come into the museum and see themselves reflected in her works. i also hope that they are inspired by the variety of media
4:41 pm
that she chooses from painting to sculpture to storybook making . i really hope that children will walk away from this exhibit understanding that art is not some distant thing but a part of their everyday life. well on that note. miss ringel has said you can't wait around and let someone tell you who you are. you show them through their art . do you think people will feel like they meet her when they see this exhibit? absolutely i think this exhibit is deeply personal . um all of our story quotes in some way related back to herself, their critical confabulation of her own life story with these fictional characters. alright again. this exhibit opens at the de young and san francisco on july 16th janet keegan from the fine arts museums of san francisco. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. we'll bury weather. lots of sunshine today. of course, we had some patchy cloud cover this morning but earlier clearing times compared to yesterday and temperatures, you will probably notice a bit of a warm up in your friday forecast,
4:42 pm
especially england, though we're talking about the heat, making a comeback. next week. so today a place like one that creek temperatures in the lower eighties tomorrow will be warmer than today. minimal change in this saturday, but the two days you'll notice that the heat will be sunday. and into monday, with temperatures approaching the mid and a few spots could be getting close to the upper nineties. by that time, frame, the real heat today and the big story will be across other parts of the country. right now, you can see the hot temperatures 102 degrees in dallas and oklahoma city, 106 and phoenix. they're on track to reach 112 degrees. as we head into next week, but for us here in the bay area, no heat just yet. just a bit of a temperature a little bounce for tomorrow. here's a satellite from earlier today showing you the cloud cover increasing sunshine this afternoon. some patches of some cloud coverage redeveloping near the coast and pushing eventually pushing back into the bay for this evening. current numbers out there for the four o'clock hour right now, we have some eighties for concord and fairfield, san jose 77 san francisco 63 santa rosa in the
4:43 pm
lower eighties at 83 degrees, here's a live camera. we're looking out toward the downtown san francisco where we have a clear skies up above some patchy fog that will probably work its way into the region throughout the evening hours, and especially first thing tomorrow morning, so add that to the forecast for your friday, probably not as widespread over the at least at least compared to yesterday morning and this morning, but still some patches of some fog for san francisco, oakland, san mateo and especially toward the coastline as well. temperatures will be in the fifties to right around 60 degrees, and here's the forecast model. over the past couple mornings. we've been showing you that the forecast models and showing you a big blanket of clouds over the bay area tomorrow, there's still some cloud cover. but as you mentioned not as widespread and then into the afternoon hours, increasing sunshine. still some patchy, overcast in your portions of the shore line, and there's the eventual temperature range for tomorrow. lower sixties all the way to the upper eighties to right around 90 degrees. so we've been talking about this. this trough out here in the pacific, keeping those
4:44 pm
temperatures on the cool to mild side of this week today, temperatures on the mild side tomorrow will be warmer. for your friday and now we're watching this big area of high pressure. this will actually go in reverse and work its way closer to california and this will be the source of some warming by sunday and into monday, and this will lead to a warming across the entire bay area. but of course, the heat, as you know, for the inland spots will be approaching the low to mid may be the upper nineties by monday of next week. highest for tomorrow, though. san francisco 70 degrees oakland mid seventies hotspots inland, not incredibly hot, but in the upper eighties to the lower nineties out toward fairfield. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast partly sunny skies into your saturday temperatures actually could cool a little bit as we head into saturday and sunday will be the day you step outside and say it's warmer. you can see temperatures kind of reflecting that change here. the hotspots mid nineties around the bay in the lower eighties, the beaches and the upper sixties and it looks like another hot day on monday before some
4:45 pm
cooling eventually arrives. by tuesday and wednesday of next week, so warmer tomorrow and then real warmer by the second half of the weekend, mark. thank you. a say francisco community group is calling on governor newsom to hold pg and e accountable for what that group says our failures of that corporate utility members of the reclaim our power utility justice campaign. held a rally today outside of san francisco city hall. they say governor newsom should reject pg and e is wildfire mitigation plans and the safety certificate and that certificate allows the utility to use rate payer dollars to pay for damages that their equipment causes. supervisor connie chan has introduced a resolution urging the governor to withhold it. i appreciate that the leadership of supervisor chan for advancing a resolution that calls on francisco to take the governor to task and demand action. to demand action on the corporate malfeasance of pg and e. and to look seriously at the
4:46 pm
alternative. golden state energy. the time to act is now supervisor. chance resolution was heard this morning at the government audit and oversight committee. among other things, the resolution asked the governor and regulators to provide initial funding for golden state energy. it is the entity that would succeed pg and if the utility was to fail these days. inflation has many people looking for a deal that has one type of business seeing arising customers. that story is coming up next coming up at five more than a week after a fatal police chase ended with a young couple in the hospital and out of work. that couple is now facing a new obstacle. this is a tragedy. that continues to get worse if they can't any up this bounty that they want to get their car back. they're going to lose their car. and that's not all. their car. and that's not all. henry lee has d big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers
4:47 pm
that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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4:49 pm
declare county is joining the biden administrations. how is america initiative? the county is the 1/100 community to join the initiative to help tackle homelessness. the initiative fights homelessness by leveraging american rescue plan and other federal resource is to use a housing first approach. housing and urban development secretary marcia fudge says santa clara county is committed to taking that approach to solving homelessness through affordable housing solutions and supportive services. collaboration with the federal government. santa clara county has been able to leverage $14 million in arba. and 3.6 million in home aarp funding to support the critical supportive services needed to remain successfully housed. this work is hard and demands, courage, collaboration and unwavering commitment, but we can do it. today's announcement comes on the heels of the release of hud's first ever funding opportunity for
4:50 pm
coordinated approaches to address unsheltered, homelessness and encampments. that package includes over $415 million in assistance as prices rise from inflation, one particular business is seeing an increase in customers. pawn shops where people trying to make a quick buck. many pawnshops are regaining business after following following the pandemic boxes. ashley soriana has the story live from las vegas and the famous golden silver pawn shop there. hi heather. well you never know what's going to come through the doors of this store, the owner rick harrison, of the famous show pawn star says he once had a guy try to sell him a bag of human skulls. now, while he doesn't see that every day, what he is seeing is a lot more people coming in to buy. my name is rick harrison and i do all sorts of weird stuff. he's better known as one of the famous pawn stars on the history
4:51 pm
channel for four years, i pitched the reality show, and people just kept on telling me that no one wanted to watch a show about four bad guys in a pawnshop. harrison has run the gold and silver pawn shop in las vegas since 1988 the reality tv show he had dreamed of premiered in 2000 and nine during the recession, his pawn shop and many others are now managing the ebb and flow of business during a pandemic pandemic. i was averaging right around 3000 customers a day then the pandemic happened. and in april 2028 $325,000 payroll and $48,000 in sales. it was a ghost town in here and record high inflation of the lower end stuff. you know, people are looking to make a quick buck. often things like that, but the higher end stuff it is just people season investment. david marino recently went to gold and silver for the first time, a collection of comic books to another store in 2016, for $1100 sucks is now i remember the
4:52 pm
comics that i had and some of them, i see. now they're way more for one day in the 1100 i made on that one. mike roland of northern california is a frequent pawnshop buyer's market for vintage guitars, despite higher prices. get me down. keep on going on. business is darwinism. you keep on evolving or you died. the golden silver pawn shop says they're not seeing as many international visitors come through as before the pandemic, but harrison says he's hopeful things will turn around in las vegas. ashley soriano back to you a lot of people looking to unload some belongings that they may not need right now to try to head off inflation. alright, thank you. so much. global report shows that world hunger is on the rise. the united nations released a brand new report yesterday, signing roughly 2.3 billion people faced moderate to severe difficulty in finding enough to eat last year.
4:53 pm
covid-19 the war between russia and ukraine, and climate change were found to be the top factors contributing to the crisis among the most effective countries. afghanistan haiti ethiopia and kenya. 15 countries most affected by the crisis. unicef estimates that eight million children under the age of five are suffering from severe wasting. the usda says more than 38 million people face food insecurity right here in the us saga over twitter box took a new twist today. in a call with reporters, twitter executives said they removed one million spam accounts each day from the platform. twitter has come under scrutiny from elon musk for its spam accounts, the billionaire has entered in a deal to buy twitter, but says he will not go through with the purchase until the company proves that less than 5% of accounts are spam bots. twitter executives said again today that spam accounts are well under the 5% threshold.
4:54 pm
developing news this afternoon. legendary actor james caan has died the messages family had for all of his fans coming
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
oscar nominated actor james gone has passed away at the age of 82. here you can see his star on the hollywood walk of fame where flowers have now been set up in his honor, family and friends are sharing their thoughts as we remember the actor who created iconic roles from the godfather. to elf boxes, actually, diverting takes a look at his decades long career get mixed up in the family business. legendary actor james caan has passed away at the age of 82, a statement from his family said. it is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of jimmy on the evening of july 6th . the family appreciates the outpouring of love and heartfelt condolences. and ask that you
4:57 pm
continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time new york city born and an athlete in school started his acting career on stage before going to hollywood, becoming a star of film and tv together breakout small screen role was in the 1971 tv movie, brian's song, for which he earned an emmy nomination business will have to suffer alright soon after he created a classic as sonny corleone in 1972 is the godfather. the role earned him his supporting actor academy award nomination. whatever you think about doing it please don't do it. the many movies which followed included starring opposite kathy bates in the stephen king novel turned horror thriller misery showing off his comedic side in films like honeymoon in vegas and mickey blue eyes and in 2003, he became a part of a holiday tradition, reaching more generations of fans as buddy's dad in elf. among those sharing their thoughts upon news of his passing were rob reiner, who directed misery. james gunn, who
4:58 pm
posted favorite james caan movies led by the godfather, jon lovitz, who noted he was lucky to have worked with him and said he was always a fun guy to be around, and edgar wright, who wrote to a genuine megawatt movie star, khan was married and divorced four times. he has survived by a daughter and four sons in hollywood. ashley verkin, fox news. okay ktvu, fox . two news at five starts now. they were nothing but completely innocent victims here. they should be offered and given every bit of assistance that the city of oakland and opd can give them. now at five in east bay couple facing another obstacle after they happened to be in the wrong place when a police chase turned fatal, one of their loved ones was killed and they landed in the hospital. their suv was towed at the direction of oakland police and they can't afford to get it back. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage, julie julie haener. that couple says it is unfair for them to be on the hook for
4:59 pm
towing fees. before we get to that story, though, we have some breaking news to tell you about brooke jenkins has been named san francisco's new district attorney. she replaces chasing boudin, who was recalled in june. now jenkins spent more than seven years in the district attorney's office in san francisco before leaving to then campaign against her former boss in that recall, election mayor london breed is expected to name make the formal announcement at any moment at a press conference at city hall, you can see we have a live picture here set up as the mayor will be taking to the podium here. shortly and again. members of the media have gathered at city hall today, waiting for the mayor's announcement of brooke jenkins as the next district attorney in san francisco. this has been a time coming here we see people there. getting ready for this press conference. now jenkins was publicly critical of boudin during the recall campaign, telling ktvu that criminals can and should be held accountable.
5:00 pm
even as the office works toward criminal justice reform again. we are watching this and waiting for mayor london breed to come up and make the formal announcement to name brooke jenkins as the new district attorney in san francisco, replacing chasing boudin, who was recalled in the last election. we are going to keep our eye and we will bring this to you. when this begins, all right, we will move along to other news. now we have new information on the homicide of the south bay back in april. the coroner's office has identified the victim as 28 year old lucas torres of los banos. police announced. three bay area residents have been arrested in connection to the crime back on june 22nd. the deadly shooting happened at a gathering on pfeifle avenue near monterey road in south san jose. guilty on all counts. after a four months long trial, a jury today handed down guilty verdicts for sonny bill alwani. he's the former theranos executive and business partner


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