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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 4, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktvu. box. too. far game fourth of july in the city by the bay not enough to keep those crowds away as thousands come together tonight. to celebrate independence day in san francisco. good evening and happy fourth of july. everyone on mike mibach heather holmes official and unofficial firework
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shows lighting up the night sky tonight. this is what police and fire departments feared. unfortunately, live pictures of the oakland hills were some are ignoring local laws and setting off fireworks. officials say they not only pose a severe fire risk well, they can also be dangerous for those who played by the rules and took in the big show across the bay and san francisco ktvu brooks jarocz joining us live tonight along the embarcadero on brooks. even with the fog, the show has got to go on. that's right. but in pure san francisco fashion, karl the fog wins out the night again. we couldn't see much, but it didn't stop thousands of people from coming out here. and you know what is notable here is all the sights of smiling faces and families coming together, the sounds of people laughing and, of course, the smells of the hot dogs. the popcorn pizza. all of it capping off right out here with that beautiful fireworks display that of course , many of us could not see, but we could hear, of course and
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time spent with family, especially earlier today for many families as they went to some of those patriotic parades , or maybe they escape from reality will just looking at the sky and spending time with each other. maybe it was even a backyard barbecue. something like that. but all of that, coming together as hundreds today came here and enjoyed their time, but not everyone was feeling so patriotic. not everyone wanted to celebrate america's birthday. for some people, they thought it was a wake up call. and also a time of reckoning. what started as 1/4 of july rally for rights? man? apologies. quickly spilled onto the streets of san francisco protesters with a message. we're not all free anymore. so what is there to celebrate red, white and blue green? a sign of standing in support of abortion
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rights? after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade the millions of women that are sort of impacted by this decision. are they really free like, are those women free? i don't think so. so that juxtaposition between celebrating the freedom of the u. s and what millions of women are going to be subjected to now that roe v. wade is overturned is pretty stark. calling for nationwide legal abortion. but this crowd of a couple 100 says it goes well beyond that push toward equality for all americans since this country was founded, founded on a lot of injustice, and this is kind of the last straw taking aim and putting blame squarely on some supreme court justices. and recent controversial rulings . it's not just women's rights that they're coming for its gay rights. it's marriage equality, voting rights in some states the protections that people thought that they had aren't aren't here anymore. so it's a way to show
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those who maybe aren't as aware of what's going on. but this is a problem focus on more than just recent rulings, problems affecting all communities. gun violence, inflation, and what this group argues our basic human rights stripped away. it just gets worse every year. it seems like every time we think that it can't get worse it does . people are sleepwalking through this nightmare, which is why, instead of celebrating their peacefully fighting using their free speech and protest rights to make sure their voices are heard. and this was all part of a national day of action. in fact, there were several of these protests plan across the country. now, this group of a couple 100 people marched all the way from the ferry building along embarcadero all the way down here to pier 39. it stands in sharp contrast to all of the people who came out here tonight. to celebrate for now reporting live in san francisco
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. brooks jarocz ktvu fox. two news. good to see all those families out there enjoying the night. brooks thank you. as for those demonstrations, as brooke said similar ones did happen across the country. we found abortion rights activists protesting in cities sacramento , los angeles, tampa in washington, d c. they're calling for action to ensure women have access to abortions. happening now. evacuations are underway in parts of the sierra foothills were a fast moving fire is threatening homes in both amador and calaveras counties. the electric fire was first reported before four this afternoon along electoral road near highway 49. cal fire says roughly 100 structures are threatened tonight. so far that fire has burned more than 900 acres. and there is 0% containment. pg and e. says at least 13,000 customers in amador county are without power tonight. and just a few minutes we're going to go live to amador county for an update and also for a look at the areas of most concerned.
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yeah. in chicago. the cell phone video shows moments of a mass shooting at 1/4 of july parade just 25 miles outside of chicago's six people were killed . dozens of others are injured. and after hours of searching, one person is in custody tonight . police have identified robert cremo, the third as that person of interest. he was arrested about eight hours after the shooting in highland park. rouz in burleigh live now for us in the newsroom with the latest developments. amber heather. the shooting stunned the chicago area and the country as it celebrated the fourth of july. authorities have released details of the arrest. oh, my god. it is. it is him. that is him. this is cell phone video of robert cream, all the third being taken into custody by police. authorities described him as a person of interest in the july 4th parade shooting in highland park, a suburb of chicago. prior to the arrest,
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police spotted cream all in a silver honda fit. they caught up to him after a brief chase. he got out of the car. and they said, put your hands up and he put his hands up. and i didn't know if he was armed. my son go underneath the passenger seat. the arrest came after hours long manhunt by law enforcement. he said nothing. he had a very smug look. he was seemed to be very calm, cool and collective gunman on a rooftop opened fire on the independence day parade, killing at least six people, injuring dozens. and sending hundreds of people running in terror witnesses describe a chaotic and horrifying scene. i remember hearing shootings going like that and then reloading and then again and people screaming and running. it was just really traumatizing and scary. we just said we had to run, so we started shooting again. and we ran behind the building and i put my son in a dumpster. and he
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sat there with his dog. and i went back to look for the rest of my family. the shooting left a trail of abandoned items along the parade route, showing a celebration of abruptly and violently interrupted. it is devastating that a celebration of america was ripped apart by our uniquely american plague. cream als uncle speaks out about his nephews alleged connection to the shooting. he says he did not see any warning signs. deeply, deeply. sorry for everyone. that lost their lives and got injured. from alabama hurts. it's i'm heartbroken. primoz uncle describes his nephew as lonely and quiet, but that he had never seen cremo violent. heather mike. alright amber lee reporting live for us tonight. amber. thank you getting back to that developing story in amador county, where we are keeping a close eye on that large fire. this one started. in the afternoon hours and has
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already burned 950 acres. reporter melanie wing go live tonight in jackson, with more on the firefight underway and melanie it sounds like this one just took off. it was a very fast moving fire. and right now we are in the town of jackson and amador county. and as we speak, i'm seeing some fire crews from cal fire. right here in the parking lot. this is a parking lot where some of the evacuees have come with their horse trailers and motorhomes and as we're seeing right now, it is somewhat of a staging area for some of those cal fire crews who have been up on the fire lines now. we got a little bit closer and we were about 6.5. miles from where i'm standing tonight. we were at the edge of a canyon, looking down at the flames, seeing exactly why that fire was putting up so much smoke into the sky that could be seen for miles and miles around. the electrified irb burning in rural amador county threatening
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homes, fire crews spent the afternoon working nonstop to protect. helicopters filling up in nearby bodies of water toward the flames, making drop after drop, working to stop the fire from progressing wind gusts, kicking up the flames, causing them to move up canyon slopes. from this vantage point on top of a canyon. we're seeing why there's so much smoke in the sky . the fire down below is burning in thick vegetation. there's just so much dry fuel to burn. utility crews doing what they can to prepare for the fire to sweep through engines on the ground, standing by to protect homes at the top of the kenyan from those oncoming flames. this happens almost every year here, so it's tradition. people who live in the fire's path. forced to evacuate but confident in the fire crews working to save their homes at first. it's a little scary, um, firefighters scene
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you know, like they're doing pretty good at it. they saved our house multiple times now, so have faith in them. and we should mention we did get permission from the landowner who owns that piece of property where we were to be on his private property. taking a look down at that canyon, bringing you access to the visuals of the flames, and that massive air assault that we watched over this fire that cannot be understated the electric fire being attacked nonstop on a rotation helicopter after helicopter. you saw tankers dropping retardant on this one. just an extraordinary, extraordinarily aggressive attack on the electoral fire. now as of tonight, we've heard from pg and e that about 13,000. customers don't have power because of this fire. it is going to be a long night for power crews for fire crews, and we'll keep you posted on just
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where this thing goes. reporting live in jackson. melanie wing. go now back to you before we let you go here. i mean, you were in the middle of it right there in that video, and i could see in your story. there were a number of homes out there world. but there are homes. do you get a sense of how many homes are threatened by the fire? we're talking dozens. are we talking hundreds? well you hit it on the head. it is a rural area. we did see dozens and dozens of homes on our way up to the location where we brought you those images. now i can tell you that on the hillside where i was standing, i would say there were maybe 5 to 10 homes situated in that particular location, but it really depends on the fire's path if it would be to threaten more homes. we know that as i mentioned the air attack was so aggressive that they're really trying to make sure it doesn't spread. any further because there's just so much fire fuel to burn those heavy, thick tree
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brush patches. it was just extraordinary how fast the wind would blow it. and a wind would take it and the flames would shift so very erratic this afternoon as far as fire behavior will die down tonight for those firefighters out there on the front lines, and they have a good air attack. come tomorrow morning. all right, melanie wing. go live there in amador county. melanie appreciate the report. a new attend tonight. a woman is recovering after being hit by a stray bullet during a fireworks show over the weekend. the sonoma county sheriff's office says the woman was at kaiser park in windsor when someone fired a gun into the air around 10 15 last night. the woman reported feeling a sharp pain than noticed that she was bleeding. a paramedic later found a bullet inside her sleeve . woman's injuries are not life threatening. anyone with information should call the sonoma county sheriff's office. a man and woman were found dead early this morning in oakland. police say they received a 911 call to do a welfare check at a
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home on perkins street near warwick avenue just after midnight. this is in the adam's point. neighborhood officers say they found the bodies of the 27 year old man and a 25 year old woman, both with gunshot wounds . so far, their identities have not been released, and there's no word on their possible relationship. and now we go to sacramento tonight where they are searching for the person responsible for shooting five people leaving one man dead shooting happened right outside the mix nightclub at 16th and l. streets around two this morning, just as the club was closing. the person killed has been identified as 31 year old gregg grimes of sacramento. people crying and they're scared, and people thought it might be fireworks. and we're like those were gunshots, and i moved myself way over to the corner behind a pole because i wasn't sure if it was going to continue or not, people know that naji has a floral subscription to see me flowers just randomly all the time. just you know, out of the
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blue. i get these different, beautiful bouquets. he just calls and i love you. grimes his mother there, says her son was the first student athlete from his high school to actually receive a scholarship. he later returned as an instructor and an assistant football coach. police say at this point, they do not have anyone in custody and the motive remains unclear. just use common sense. they really that's what it comes down to is common sense. keep your distance. don't stand right next to it when someone's lighting it yeah, that's what we will say they're doing where fireworks are actually legal in the bay area coming up, we'll take you to one neighborhood where fireworks are being set off. also, airlines wrap up major test coming up how they managed to get through a holiday weekend packed with travelers. and temperatures lower than they should be. for this time of year. you noticed it today you're going to notice it the rest of the week with temperatures well below the average back here with that. and
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here is another look at the skies above oakland, the area is a glow with illegal firework displays. like many other bay area cities. oakland two has a hotline to call to report the illegal use of fireworks. however we received a number of calls into our newsroom, stating that that mailbox is full. and just a few minutes ago, i called that tip line and it is indeed full and the night still very full and the night still very young. it's still the eat fresh® refresh at subway®, and now they're refreshing their classics. hold up. if you're going to talk about classics, you should get a classic... [classic refresh] because the classic sweet onion sauce you love is getting refreshed on the new sweet onion steak teriyaki. so, how are we going to refresh the tom brady ending? i got an idea. you take the tagline, buddy. you gotta refresh to... uh...line?
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thank you. marching band. they're sounding pretty good people in fremont crowded along padre parkway today to take in the fourth of july parade their our own south. castaneda served his grand marshal for today's big celebration. he sent us these images of some of the fun, which included marching bands, tractors as you see here, decorated in red, white and blue and a whole lot more. well fireworks, dazzling people in the east bay tonight, part of a professional show launch tonight from mount diablo high school there in concord, gilroy is the only city in santa clara county where people can still buy and use fireworks legally at home. ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters is live now for us in
10:19 pm
gilroy after talking with residents about what they do to try to reduce the risk. well it's starting to quiet down just a little bit, but you can definitely hear the fireworks going off now. i talked to a lady earlier today who says they really appreciate that. they can still use fireworks here and i spoke to other people like this family right behind me. who says putting safety first? is their priority, and then they get to the celebration. just use common sense. they really that's what it comes down to is common sense. keep your distance. don't stand right next to it when someone's lighting it at the corner of rent avenue and first street, a steady stream of customers showed up at this tnt fireworks booth operated by victory outreach ministry. the church group uses the proceeds from fireworks sales to support their work in the community, so we have to ask everybody that comes through the window. we could see their id and id has to say gilroy residents. so if somebody comes to the window, and they're from san jose or
10:20 pm
another city then we can't sell to them. gilroy residences, castillo says he buys a different set of fireworks each year to keep things exciting for his children as santa clara county's only city where people can use illegal fireworks, he says it does come with responsibility. i have kids and we just do it in the street, and we have all the safety precautions, water hose. ready. just in case anything happens. we do this every year. we usually have two boxes of fireworks every year, sometimes a little bit more, lauren reword says the fourth of july is a time for bringing her family together and keeping water nearby when using fireworks as one of the best ways they stay prepared and safe. we are using precautions with a bunch of buckets with water to like distinguished the fireworks. now real words told me that they know that we're experiencing a
10:21 pm
drought and that it's really dry in this area, so the last thing they want to do is to start a fire when they're using their fireworks. so you know they use their water. they take precautions just to make sure that everything goes well and everybody's safe. heather mike, monica peters. thank you. and if you're in oakland right now, it is still going off fireworks. plenty and of course, these are the not legal kind at this point, as you look out in the east bay. i think i got a live camera shot here for you. it kind of goes and pulses and waves, but you'll see right there this so this looks like an organized show. and it's funny because about 10 15 years ago, i remember when this all started it was kind of locate and every year over the last 15 years, it becomes more of a thing and that's what we're seeing right now in the city of oakland, east oakland, a lot of cities in the bay area, but this is just something we can see from our area, so not very safe. pretty
10:22 pm
dangerous, especially in the open hills. so please be careful . and if you see anything that looks dangerous that you can call in or, you know, fire or anything, please do because this is gonna go on for a while, as you know the temperatures outside today we're on the mild side. it's been mild the cool you notice it tonight, the fireworks celebrations even inland chrissy field. fog came back and just douse that temperatures there in the fifties. inland spots turned out pretty good. berkeley marina was fine over towards orinda and outers, moroccan conquered, but still just a cool 1/4 of july like evening out their highs tomorrow are going to follow suit. now. the upshot to this i keep saying is that your fire dangers. it's reduced, i would like to say, greatly reduce its greatly reduced, but it's extreme fire. danger so greatly reduced. extreme fire. danger still fire danger, but we're going to be cool right through this week. temperatures trend on the mild side all the way into the weekend, a little warm up a little bit, but it trends mild to cool, so below average
10:23 pm
temperatures. hotspots like sacramento, modesto stockton. those temperatures are going to be generally in the upper seventies and low eighties into thursday. we come back while the full forecast we look at the five day as we'll see you back here. all right, bill. thank you. a new attend tonight. a federal judge ruled that three major drug distributors cannot be held liable for the opioid crisis in west virginia. the judge reached his decision. nearly a year after closing arguments in the landmark trial now the plaintiffs had accused amerisourcebergen cardinal health and moccasin for creating a public nuisance in their communities and saw it $2.5 billion. for drug abatement programs. the judge ruled that to lower court rulings that allowed the public nuisance law to be applied to opioid distribution, we're not persuasive. well a lot of people who have done planes to get away for the july 4th holiday or beginning now to work their way back home coming up, see how airlines are doing in their effort to overcome problems with
10:24 pm
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the bay area today and alameda. thousands of people lined the streets for it's fourth of july parade featured plenty of floats and marching bands and a lot of music. alamitos fourth of july parade route known as the longest in the nation, thousands of holiday travelers across the country just could not quite escape the reason widespread flight delays and cancelations. that's right. the good news, though, for those traveling through bay area airports, is that the problems here well, they're not nearly as bad as we're seeing in other cities now. sfo which you're looking at , you're taking a live look at tonight reported seven flight cancelations today oakland reporting that it had to cancel one flight in san jose. had to flight cancelations. we get the
10:27 pm
latest now on the challenger's that travelers are facing and other parts of the country from fox's charles watson in atlanta. this holiday weekend, turning into a travel nightmare for many across the country as thousands and counter flight cancelations and delays flying with delta and they canceled my flight as i'm boarding a plane travelers returning back to airports in pre pandemic numbers this holiday, according to nearly 2.5 million people were screened at airports across the country on friday. that's the highest checkpoint valium since february 2020 even though the high volume of travelers was expected airline signs of struggle to keep up with demand due to over scheduling and staffing shortages. very short staffed and we can't check in and get in there and tom so we're just waiting for more people to come in the holiday weekend. delta proactively issuing fee waivers , allowing those who had flights over the weekend to rebook on a different flight without an additional feed the airline also reportedly offering passengers $10,000 in one instance, they
10:28 pm
volunteered to offer up their seats on overbooked flight. we are one some of the lucky ones not delayed, many travelers just hoping to make it home. we're hoping the plane is there when we're ready to get on it. where there's a pilot to fly it so that we can get out on time because we've got to get back and get back to life airport. seeing some of the most disruptions include new work, liberty international chicago here and right here at hartsfield jackson atlanta international airport in atlanta. charles watson fox news. the tech giant challenging president biden's approach to lowering gas prices tonight. coming up here, they're back and forth over inflation. in the w. n b a star detained in russia makes a direct plea to president biden fears brittney griner expressed in her handwritten letter and coming up later tonight in sports, the oakland a's back home, kicking off a six game home stand on a high note with a big win against the blue jays highlights coming up just a bit.
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as a warning tonight for those of you who still need to drive back home from fourth of july celebration. that's right. extra officers are going to be on duty through midnight tonight, if not longer, watching for distracted drivers, people are speeding or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. here's a live look out at 8 80 rolling right by the oakland coliseum, smooth sailing for now, in both directions of 8 80. chp does report that its officers has already made more than 600 dui related arrests. since the start of the holiday weekend, despite high gas prices, triple a predicted 42 million americans would hit the road for the long holiday weekend, the average gas price here in the country per gallon is $4.80. that's nine cents lower than it was a week ago. in
10:32 pm
california. it's much more expensive. a gallon of gas will set you back 6 24, however, that is seven cents lower than it was last week. and in the bay area, the most expensive gas is in napa at 6 45 a gallon the least expensive is in the valeo fairfield area at six. dollars in 21 cents. ktvu tom baker tells us about the president's solution to lower prices and the reaction from one tech giant. one thing that has been destabilizing in one corner president joe biden in the other amazon mega billionaire jeff bezos last saturday, president biden tweeted my message to the company's running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple. this is a time of war and global peril. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you're paying for the product. and do it now. not long after that, bezos tweeted this. ouch inflation is far too important. a problem for the white house to
10:33 pm
keep making statements like this. it's either straight ahead , misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics. a day later, biden press secretary karine jean pierre counter tweeted this back to beso, so oil prices have dropped by about $15 over the past month, but prices at the pump have barely come down. that's not basic market dynamics . it's a market that is failing the american consumer. we came to cordelia, where the 6 80 80 freeways meet. it's a place that's loaded with all kinds of gas stations and fast food places, so we asked some folks whose right as to base does not part of the lower class. he does an early, understand or get well , we're all suffering because of this. i just feel like what can he do to better the situation? if he can better the situation then we are. just go. with the
10:34 pm
flow as to biden. governments never had a really good grasp on how economics work. how can you expect the public to believe that it's a crisis when california raises the gas tax on july 1st. both sides seem to agree on the reason for the recent small dip in prices and i don't see it coming down. i think there is getting used to it being up and trying to get us used to going up. you know, i think the slight depth is probably just a lure, hoping to get people to buy onto whatever . um, whatever we're being told , is the reason that they're so high, all sides are bearing the bad gas vibe. salaries and wages are still not where they have to be to match up with the gas prices. i mean, that's obviously a problem that we're seeing globally, not just in the united states, so you know for every $10 a barrel of oil goes down, you should get 25 cents a gallon relief at the pump. but with oil still well over 100 and $10 a barrel continued high prices are guaranteed. tom baker ktvu fox two news. and while a lot of people travel for the holiday,
10:35 pm
others chose to stay close to home and partly because demand for wire firework shows like the one in san francisco came roaring back to pre pandemic levels. ktvu christien kafton spoke with those who are very happy to be back in the city. san francisco's waterfront is awash in red, white and blue. well, you know, i'm san franciscan, and you know, it's my belief in my opinion that fourth of july. independence day is the most important holiday for this nation to celebrate the fireworks #### calvin louise family has been cruising the bay in chuckie's pride for decades. tours are the family's bread and butter. but july 4th provides a unique opportunity after lean times during the pandemic, they and their fellow charters are offering front row seats. for $70 apiece. oh, it's absolutely the best way to see the fireworks on the show. you get away from the crowd. you get to have a nice view on the boat. we get up right next to the barge.
10:36 pm
you can feel the boom inside of you, so it's pretty amazing. perez family from oakley decided to stay land bound, staking out the same spot in the grass for six years running. they say the show from the shore can also be pretty spectacular. this is the spot we get the music back here. going with the fireworks barge comes right here right in front of us. i mean, all day we see alcatraz barge comes and then those fireworks started. we actually see two shows because you get to see aquatic park and you also get a view of the pier 39 holiday, bringing visitors from outside the bay area as well. cindy o'reilly is visiting hawaii, new york and spending independence day right here in san francisco. i'm from ireland, and we're here for the fireworks where to celebrate fourth of july. as you heard a little earlier visitors to the waterfront get a little bit of a twofer for their fireworks show first the show in sausalito, launching it around 9 15 in the show just offshore in san francisco, getting underway at 9
10:37 pm
30 in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. new attend. w n b a star britney griner made a direct appeal to president biden for her freedom. in a letter passed on through her representatives, greiner wrote quote. i'm terrified i might be he might be here forever. she went on to say i realize you are dealing with so much but please don't forget about me and the other detainees . grinder has been in russian custody and february when she was arrested at the airport in moscow for allegedly traveling with cannabis oil. she is also accused of smuggling significant amounts of a narcotic substance . the russian military is not stopping its advance into eastern ukraine after claiming a victory today has more from western ukraine on russia's strategic victories out there. on the battlefield. yeah back and forth battle of the donbas region now favoring russia as
10:38 pm
the ukrainians evacuate from their last stronghold in luhansk province, vladimir putin declaring victory on monday in the city of lissy chance where he claims his forces pushed ukrainian defenders out after weeks of relentless shelling and missile attacks. but the ukrainians tell a different story. they say the withdrawal was strategic getting troops out of harm's way before they were surrounded. those forces now regrouping as russians pushed deeper into the east paradox. we cannot lay down our weapons because otherwise people disappear as a state as a nation as a people. russia has chosen the path of war. ukraine is fighting on the path to peace. russia is now focusing on a narrow slice of the ukrainian front line, hoping for a major breakthrough that would allow them to consolidate their control and possibly take over all of eastern ukraine. the pentagon, responding with another $820 million military aid package goal is to make sure that ukraine can continue to defend itself and can defend its
10:39 pm
sovereignty and its territorial integrity. meanwhile on the diplomatic front, world leaders are meeting in switzerland discussing how and when to start rebuilding ukraine. we need all of the free world supporting this effort, and it must involve all of those who have been active in helping ukraine defend itself. ukraine estimates it will cost $750 billion to rebuild the country after the war. reporting in lviv, ukraine , avoid fox news. coming up at 11 tonight. firefighters make quick work of a grass fire near twin peaks as they complain of hearing fireworks going off while battling another fire. and temperatures on the cool side today and this week. the five day forecast is next. and celebrating the fourth in sonoma county. the glen ellyn ken would parade brought joy, patriotic cheer and a trip down memory lane. a friend of mine was along
10:40 pm
the route today as vintage cars headed through downtown glen ellen. after the parade, people enjoyed music, food and fun plaza park sponsored by the areas rotary club. this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast.
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yesterday shooting that happened inside a shopping mall in denmark today. police said that that gunman acted alone selected his victims at random, and they do not believe the attack was related to terrorism to teenagers and an adult man were killed and at least four more people suffered gunshot wounds in the shooting. at the fields mall in copenhagen city center. others were hurt in the stampede of people who were trying to escape. authorities say the suspect, a 22 year old danish man was carrying a rifle and a knife when he was arrested. he
10:43 pm
is facing preliminary charges of murder. and attempted murder and is being held in a secure mental health facility for at least 24 days. he's going to a mental hospital closed and the investigation will continue. they're just going to say is mentally ill is going to go into the hospital and move into. it's not even going to go to jail in jail for the rest of his life. copenhagen investigators say they do not believe the attack was terror related, but officials say it is too early tn denmark. the last mass shooting was in 2015 whenattack in the ct two people dead in five police officers wounded. and overnight curfew is in place in the city of akron, following the release body camera footage in the shooting of a man following a police pursuit there. the video , released by the akron police department yesterday shows the moments that officers fired more than 90 rounds at jalen walker one week ago. officers have pulled the man over for unspecified traffic and
10:44 pm
equipment violations. but walker then drove off and during the chase police say he fired a single shot from his car. investigators say walker eventually slowed down and jumped out of the vehicle. the police chief says it appeared to officers that walker was reaching for his waistband. in the still photos. there's a picture that appears to all of us that mr walker is going down to his waist area. each officer independent of each other related that they felt that mr walker had turned and was motioning and moving into a firing position. offic armed whs shot but handgun and alotta magazine wer and attorney for his family said that walker should not be villainized. his smile. who he was. how he interacted with his family. that's who jail and was
10:45 pm
efforts. to try and paint him in a different light. that spin. that's protection. protesters took to the streets from mostly peaceful marches in akron yesterday, but there was some property damage which prompted that curfew tonight and more protests are expected. all evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted for those living right near the rice is fire in nevada county containment now at 65% cal fire says the fire has burned about 900 acres sentence started six days ago there in the sierra foothills. the fire destroyed five homes and several other buildings. firefighters expect full containment sometime tomorrow. the cause of the fire. well chances are you've seen the ads dueling messages over sports gambling here in california coming up a closer look at the two choices that will be on the november ballot, and chief meteorologist bill martin tracking that. foggy night in san francisco. will it stick
10:46 pm
around and will it warm up for those of you inland is going to have the complete forecast for your neighborhood coming up.
10:47 pm
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it's still the eat fresh® refresh at subway®, and now they're refreshing their classics. hold up. if you're going to talk about classics, you should get a classic... [classic refresh] because the classic sweet onion sauce you love is getting refreshed on the new sweet onion steak teriyaki. so, how are we going to refresh the tom brady ending? i got an idea. you take the tagline, buddy. you gotta refresh to... uh...line? it's on the teleprompter. you had one job. subway® keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing. california will decide on seven ballot measures. in november, the secretary of state confirmed the seven questions after the deadline last week. two of those initiatives would legalize sports betting, but in different
10:49 pm
ways, as our political reporter , greg lee tells us both sides are preparing for a historically expensive fight. over the next four months, california voters will sit ringside is too heavyweight contenders battle it out the prize billions of dollars. yeah, i mean, really, this is more than the thrilla in manila. if you think about what this is going to be, like, just these two ballot measures probably set records in november , voters will decide if and how to legalize sports betting in california. one gaming industry estimate puts the potential annual revenue at $3 billion. california is the golden ticket . i mean, there isn't a better market if you're looking at gaming to sports betting initiatives qualified for the ballot, hoping to spell out how and where people can bid on sports. the first proposition. 26 also called the tribal sports wagering act is backed by a coalition of native american tribes it would legalize in
10:50 pm
person sports betting at tribal casinos and the state's four horse racetracks, including golden gate fields for people 21 over. it imposes a 10% tax on sports bets at race tracks for the state to spend on problem gambling and mental health programs, enforcement of gambling laws and most of the money going to the general fund . the legislative analyst's office estimates it could generate tens of millions each year for the state will bring money to the state of california. ah it also will help tribes continue self sufficiency and the stewardship that they've maintained for 20 years proposition. 27 also called the california solutions to homelessness and mental health act is backed by sports betting giants like fanduel and draftkings. it would legalize sports betting online for people 21 over gaming companies must partner with a tribe and pay a $100 million licensing fee, among other requirements.
10:51 pm
revenue from a 10% tax would be split 85% to housing and homelessness services, the rest two tribes not involved in online sports betting state revenue could reach the hundreds of millions each year money that you can rely upon year after year in the state of california . we don't have a permanent revenue source to fund homelessness projects and to get folks into permanent supportive housing gambling corporations are pushing a ballot measure to legalize a massive expansion of online sports. gambling in california don't believe the false attacks on the solutions act. tribal leaders support the solutions act. both sides already launching ads spending big to get voters attention and just getting started. campaign analysts predict spending could eclipse the $224 million spent by those four and against prop 22, which exempted uber and lyft drivers from state labor law. these two ballot measures because they're mano a mano head
10:52 pm
to head they should set spending records expect big attacks and endorsements during the campaign . labor leader dolores worked up recently put her backing behind the in person measure. she called the online initiative quote, misguided in dangerous it doesn't really offer protections enough protections to ensure with 100% certainty. that kids under 21 art gambling. those are just simply false attacks. look at the experiences of 23 other states that have legalized online sports betting. they're proving that you can do so safely and responsibly. last week, the online sports betting campaign rolled out new ads announcing the support of two tribes strength from the more than 60. aligning with the in person measure, california tribes are supporting our measure, especially those are that are in rural counties that are small and economic disadvantage. it undercuts their tribal self sufficiency. it will undercut the ability to continue
10:53 pm
providing jobs and economic development. as this fight continues, it's important to note voters could approve both measures which would tie things up in court. or they could reject both. either way, gaming experts say the 19 other states without legal sports betting are watching closely seeing a state like california take the plunge would definitely be something that lawmakers in those states would have to think about, especially if the california model proves to be a good one. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. alrighty just taking a look at the live camera again. this is stunning. this is oakland. could be your city to depends where you are. but this is oakland. these are illegal fireworks, and they have been going nonstop since the sunset and at times it looks like your disneyland. i mean, like a grand finale, and it just keeps going. there's thousands and thousands of dollars and fireworks go illegal fireworks going off in this part of town. it's just it's amazing
10:54 pm
. it really is. i mean, just never ceases to amaze. it's dangerous. it's illegal. um but it's here it is right. so this is every year. as we look at the temperatures from today we're looking at temperatures that were on the mild side. current temperatures are generally in the sixties, uh, 69 in brentwood. that's not too bad, really, but to generally around the coast as much cooler there's a lot of strong, onshore flow of wind that's kept fire danger down, although we do have that fire up in the in the around almanor county, but we do have a condition where firefighters or at least able to get a leg up on a lot of the fires that have started today because these humidities are high temperatures are low winds are strong, though it's the right direction wind its onshore. it's moist, but it's definitely breezy, and that's always a pain for fires. tomorrow morning clouds tomorrow could be a lot like today. temperatures in the sixties and seventies with a couple of low eighties partly to mostly cloudy all day, patchy fog along the coast and forecast highs just
10:55 pm
like we had today, and this pattern is going to hold on for a while, so we're going to stay in this kind of below average temperature scenario. into the weekend, which is warm up on the weekend next weekend, but it's just going to stay mild and cool, so it's gonna be jackets. and the puffy's in the avenues all week. the five day forecast you got plenty of fog and low clouds thursday clears up a little bit friday and saturday and then sunday temperatures work their way up again. the upshot of this is again fireworks, fourth of july and fire danger and this actually is going to help a lot, especially in this upcoming week, so we'll keep our eyes on it. i'll see you back here at 11. car bill. thank you for that. coming up. next the san francisco giants look to snap their four game losing streak as they take on the d backs down in arizona. and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news. we tracked firefighters efforts to put out a new wildfire burning in both amador
10:56 pm
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the fourth of july at home after a very long road trip and looking to get a big w against a pretty good blue jays team to the tall soon we go first inning is already have one. nothing when elvis andrews would rope a double here to left genoa two runs would score. and just like that, it is three days to the fifth inning. 31 oakland when ramon laureano add some insurance for the a's when he crushes this solo shot the left for his fifth home run of the year. and then the were not done in the sixth inning. same score
10:59 pm
when stephen vogt would send one to the dead center holy toledo sign for his fourth home run. of the air the aids go on to win. 5 to 1 san francisco taken on former giant madison bumgarner, who took the field where in the stars and stripes stop. one basis juice stand. lamonte wade jr. it's 12, right? two runs score, and the giants just like dad taken early to lead. the lead, though, would not last, however, because in the second inning game titled to geraldo for doma with a bunch to evan longoria, who gets the out of first, but then look at this wilmer flores. air, mails it to third and a run would score. d'backs take the lead 32 to the sixth inning we go arizona up 43 now. when josh rojas gives the d backs some insurance with a double into the left corner. buddy kennedy would score from first diamondbacks win this 1823 giants now nine games back those first place dodgers team usa soccer kicking off the concacaf
11:00 pm
championship in mexico usa, taking on haiti's in group play already won nothing when in the 23rd minute, it's alex morgen there with the header, or second goal of the game usa would go on to shut out. haiti three, team usa will next jamaica on thursday. well tomorrow, the senate say sharks will announce a new general manager and, according to some reports out there, former player mike greer. is a possible favorite to take the role, if named to the position would become the first black general manager in the history of the national hockey league, and that's it for us here at 10. the news at 11 starts now. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. action man. fog gets in the way of tonight's fireworks show along san francisco's embarcadero, but that doesn't seem to disappoint. too many of the independent state crowd. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike miba


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