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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 17, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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one hits different for sure. just no one with the last three years have meant. i just want to enjoy every second of this. the golden state warriors are nba champs. once again, it's their fourth nba title in eight seasons. fans couldn't be more thrilled. i am thrilled. it's not a given. it's been such a journey. it's so amazing. four times champions, baby credible. we take a look at we take a look at how the team got where they are today after their big win in boston last night, and the preparations underway in san francisco for a big celebration with doug nation, plus a fire forces the evacuation of homes in the east bay city of pittsburgh overnight how firefighters were able to safely bring things under control. and u. s. regulators have authorized the first covid vaccine for children under the age of five, the plans being put into place to roll out the vaccine here in the bay area. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two
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news at noon. good afternoon. i'm ali rasmus. the warriors are coming back to the bay area as the nba champions and they have two extra passengers are taken back with them. larry and bill that's the larry o'brien championship trophy. and the bill russell nba finals most valuable player award. ktvu joe fonzi reports from boston on the warriors trip back to the top of the nba. it shouldn't surprise you to learn that no blue and gold confetti fell from the rafters of td garden last night won the warriors won, but the warriors now have to be considered in the conversation when the topic dynasty comes up, having won four championships in eight years. after the celtics jumped to an early lead at 21 to nothing run by the warriors in the second quarter, set the tone for the rest of the game. all season long. the role players have contributed along with the stars. but in this game it was once again steph curry, who stood out coming off the two years prior, where we literally had the worst record in the
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league. we had a lot of injuries and then uh, you know, scratching and clawing trying to get through the playing tournament. just get a playoff berth. we definitely had that mentality that our belief and faith in what we can do and are we kept saying it all year our championship d n a. curry went for 34 points and made seven threes as the warriors won by a final score of one. oh, 3 to 90 taking this series in six games , the warriors once again stood on the stage to receive the larry o'brien trophy and for the first time in his career curry was named the finals mvp. what is just this mean to you to finally be a finals? m v p after everything that we chance why you started with that question. we got four championships. you know, like that is great to build a ability to be on the stage and play with amazing teammates. i guess a great boston celtics team that you know, gave us everything to try to get to the finish line. it's amazing because none of us are
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the same. and you know you usually clash with people. when you're alike, and i think the one thing that's constant for us, um is winning is the most important thing. guys on the bench who lifted us up all year. we got rookies over their learning what it's all about. i didn't really see this coming. honestly when? when we started camp, i thought we could be pretty good. but i didn't. i didn't know we could win a championship. that was awesome. what a series of therefore championships in this run. this may be the sweetest for the warriors number one. they did it on the sacred parquet floor here in boston and number two. they did it with a core of star players that many thought we're too old to ever win it again. in boston. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. well even though the warriors one in boston fans got a chance to celebrate inside the chase center in san francisco, i am thrilled. it's not a given. it's been such a journey. it's still amazing. been incredible,
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incredible, so grateful to be here. the game six watch party at the chase center drew a sold out crowd of 15,907 fans, and they were excited to celebrate. almost reminds me of the oracle arena, how oracle arena was roaring. so here is amazing. just as loud just as well, maybe even more. four times champions , baby. incredible, just incredible, so excited to be here. many fans now say they are looking forward to celebrating with the team during monday's parade, and here is a look at some of the details on that. the parade route is on your screen. it'll start at market in maine, then go down market street. it will end at sixth and market. the parade will be a little more than a mile long and will start at 11:20 a.m. it will end around two in the afternoon. our parade coverage will start monday at 10 am, we will have it live. right here on ktvu. and after their big win, the warriors gave fans a special show here in the bay area, setting off fireworks in your chase center just minutes
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after that fourth quarter ended. bars were also packed across the bay area, with warriors fans watching the game ktvu is elissa harrington shows us the excitement inside the san francisco athletic club, where fans celebrated after the big win. yeah. and that's a wrap. the golden state warriors are once again nba champions. yes francisco athletic club packed the beer garden to watch the final seconds tick away. this is the team's first time winning the nba finals since moving to san francisco emotional moment for san francisco natives like kumar in his friends. border raising cisco school school first we're championship in san francisco. i can't look cook
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inside the bar. fans were on cloud nine hugging and cheering as the warriors dominated warriors for life. it doesn't matter what happens all the doubters don't matter warriors and six baby following the warriors since 1969 and i'm here with my kids tonight, my adult kids, and it's just amazing that they can experience this as well. gosh that's unbelievable, baby talk to ahead of the game said they were confident the warriors would win it in six. they did not want to risk a game seven even though it would have been played here at home. the game got off to a rough start. but once the warriors took the lead, the celtics didn't have a chance over. curry is amazing. wiggins played as hard out these guys played a really good game. i said it before i'll say it again. we some winners out here.
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elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened at a sports bar downtown. one person died. four others were hurt just hours after the warriors game ended. that shooting happened at the halftime sports bar on 14th street in oakland just before 10 30 last night. police say one person died at the scene in paramedics rushed a woman to the hospital with serious injuries. three other shooting victims arrived at hospitals shortly afterwards. police haven't released any information yet on what led up to the shooting. they have not arrested anyone for the crime. anyone with information should call oakland police and in san francisco police closed off several streets in the mission district during some tense moments last night, the police told everyone to avoid mission street between 18th and 20th streets for several hours. because of some sort of incident that happened as warriors fans celebrated in the streets. so far, police have not yet released any more details about what exactly occurred. welfare in the east bay city of pittsburgh is now fully contained. it started just
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before two o'clock this morning around jacqueline drive near west leland road. firefighters now estimate about 120 acres burned. that's smaller than earlier estimates. firefighters kept the flames away from home, so no structures damaged, but it was a close call. the fire spread very quickly during the early morning hours because of strong wind gusts in the area. we talked to one witness who watched the first fire trucks arrived on the scene. fire trucks showed up and went around . they asked me if i could knock on some doors. i went around the neighborhood, knocking on some doors, getting people awake and fire kept going and actually got down there pretty good, and then they got it all the way back on the side of the hill and then rushed back with all the wind so but they did a really good job continuing. firefighters issued some mandatory evacuations for some of the homes right after the fire started those orders that were lifted by this morning . no one was hurt. how the fire started, is still under investigation. the fda has now authorized covid vaccines for children as young as six months
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old. now the c d c is the only agency that still needs to sign off before those shots are fully approved. once they are about 17 million children younger than five will be eligible for covid vaccines for the first time. moderna's vaccine for the youngest americans is authorized for kids six months through six years old fighters for kids six months through four years old. the cdc is set to vote tomorrow on whether to recommend those shots. they are expected to give them the green light vaccinations for younger children could start happening as soon as next week. new at noon, santa clara county has announced its plans for vaccinating young children. county health officials say the county will start vaccinations next week pending that cdc authorization. the shipments of vaccine may be arriving as early as monday. if that were to happen, we would open appointments on monday afternoon and start first shot in arms on tuesday. if however, that vaccine does not arrive on monday, we will be ready to go
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whenever it does. we know anyone who's parented a child under five that other layer of protection, distancing and masks very difficult to implement in younger age groups and so important to have a vaccine. as another layer of protection for those young kids. health officials will administer those vaccines that sina clara counties existing vaccination sites at the san jose fairgrounds and in san martin. there will also be an additional site in mountain view. a bill in the california legislature that would have allowed preteens to get vaccinated without their parents' consent is being amended with the hopes that it will pass right now. children under the age of 18 can't be vaccinated without the permission of their parents or guardians. except for vaccinations that prevent sexually transmitted diseases. the original bill would have lowered the consent age to 12. but after some criticism from parents and republican lawmakers, the proposed amendment would raise that age to 15. state over the years has tried to give 17 year olds the
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right to vote. and 12 year olds right to make medical decisions , but we do not want to prosecute criminals as adults until they're age 25 because their brains are not fully developed. the state senate will now need to approve the measure with the age change. supporters say they are close to having enough votes to pass the bill. no word yet on whether governor newsom will sign it if it does pass the legislature. still to come at noon, a big announcement for soccer fans right here in the bay area, the stadium that will be home to some world cup action in the year. 2026 plus the climate crisis or high gas prices. president biden is trying to do both and mother of era in washington with what roadblocks may lie ahead, coming up. it's a cooler, breezy day around the bay area, even a chance of sprinkles over parts of the north bay. better details on what you can expect
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people to be safe. during pride week, san francisco hosts one of the largest pride celebrations in the world pride weekend is next saturday with the big parade planned for sunday. the police department says it will make sure everyone attending feels welcome and safe. they plan to increase staff to handle calls citywide. people attending the pride festival in civic center will be screened by either a walk through metal detector or hand held wands. bags are discouraged, but if you
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do bring one, it should be no larger than 18 by 18 inches. taking a check of stocks. us markets are looking like they're going to close up slightly pretty much flat after a very volatile week on wall street, you can see the dow up just 16 points. quick note. the markets will be closed on monday because of the juneteenth holiday. drivers in 10 states are experiencing their largest increase in gas prices in the past 10 days, reporter madeline rivera explains. it comes as president biden and world leaders meet to discuss the issues of high gas prices, the war in ukraine and climate change. americans saw a tiny bit of relief at the gas station this week. but with the national average still over $5, it's not enough to ease the pain at the pump. i actually work for gas. i work for gas. i work for food this as pressure for president biden to do something bounce. but at a virtual meeting with leaders from some of the world's biggest economies, the president focused on fighting the climate crisis, something the
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administration believes will ultimately bring down prices as opposed to drilling for more oil. russia's war is driving up prices of gas. everybody knows that hurting people in all our countries. it's an immediate problem. we can remove the pain of volatile gas prices and reduced transportation emissions by putting more zero emission cars on the road. but according to a recent fox poll, voters are not buying white house attempts to blame russia's war for high gas prices, instead pointing to policy as the driving force by an 18 point margin. critics say the president's plan to tackle the climate while bringing down gas prices is an impossible task . the reason that we're in this mess is because for years and years and years, they have said no more drilling on federal lands. no more drilling period. americans could see some relief for the gas pump, courtesy of the white house administration is reportedly weighing the idea of issuing gas rebate cards. but they stress no final decision has been made. in washington. mala rivera, ktvu fox two news.
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you want to take a look behind us a vehicle in estuary breezy and cloudy. let's check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo for the details on our changing forecast. yes we have a system kind of hanging right off the oregon coastline, allie. hello to you and happy friday, and that is providing us with a cool down a breezy one for your afternoon today. and we are looking at little changed as we start the weekend as well, giving you a live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary , where we have beautiful clouds there amongst the blue skies a right over san francisco at this hour. may squeeze out a few sprinkles, especially over the north bay, but it doesn't look like much. here's a view a different view from up above where we have the clouds out there for today, the pattern will begin to change a little bit tomorrow and then a little bit more on father's day. warmer weather returns by next week, but not the case. for today in the onshore breeze blowing quite strong in some areas, nevada reporting of wind gusts. 23 mph napa you are 21 in fairfield
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reporting, 26 conquered, gusting to 22 partly cloudy skies, breezy conditions cooler conditions. in fact, take a look at the 24 hour temperature change from yesterday into today at this time, upper we're looking at eight degrees cooler in areas like napa by 11 in fairfield and conquered and livermore reporting. eight degrees cooler as well. a view of some of the numbers here san francisco 60 degrees for you at this hour. we have low sixties in nevado mid upper sixties for the inlay east bay 67 right now over brentwood. and into the south based 66 san jose. and this time of year, we typically see you know 5 to 10 degrees above this as we get into the second part of the afternoon, which means many areas are expected to top out in the upper seventies. for today, perhaps a few low eighties, the future cast here showing you a little bit of fog along the coastline. partly cloudy skies out there noticed a little bit of blue that kind of skirts across north of us, we may see a few sprinkles a little bit of drizzle. it's not going to be a bunch. it's going to remain private, pretty much to the north and over areas of the
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sierra foothills and mountains into tonight, the low clouds and fog along the coastline and moving across the bay likely to wake up with partly cloudy skies for tomorrow, a comparison on the numbers from yesterday into today, anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees cooler. will go 70 degrees today for napa yesterday you were 83 president expected drop off by seven degrees 70 for you there, upper sixties and mountain view in los cotto's looking at 70 for your afternoon with the breezy conditions continuing better details on the numbers for today, tomorrow, father's day and your extended forecast coming up. are they missing? or have they been captured? right now? the u. s. state department is trying to determine the fate of three americans. steve harrigan in odessa, ukraine. that s
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serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. there for a memorial in candlelight vigil tonight to mark 28 years since she was killed. jenny lynn was 14 years old when she was stabbed to death in her home on may 27th 1994. her case remains unsolved . lin's parents, community members and alameda county sheriff greg ahern, will attend tonight's memorial in castro valley. her parents have vowed to continue working with investigators until her case is solved. and to make sure she is not forgotten. the state department says they now know of three americans who are missing after going to fight the war in ukraine reporter steve harrigan reports from odessa, ukraine. ukrainian forces are still
12:23 pm
holding on and key eastern city has the war enters day 114. heavy street fighting being reported in severe done yet with ukrainians matching a fierce defense against the major russian offensive, and there's the fighting in the east intensifies. there are reports of more missing americans, three former u. s service members who were fighting alongside the ukrainians have disappeared. at least two are reportedly being held by the russian military through the state department cannot confirm that and they say they haven't heard anything through diplomatic channels feel that such outreach through our embassy in moscow or otherwise. would be productive. we won't hesitate to do that. meanwhile, more weapons are pouring into the country, with the us pledging an additional billion dollars worth of military aid, prompting sharp criticism from moscow, which repeated accusations that america is using ukraine to fight russia in a proxy war is ready to hurt its own citizens for the sake of
12:24 pm
geopolitical ambitions. top talk is not discouraging the west on friday, the european union officially recommended that ukraine should be given eu candidate status a big step towards full membership. we all know that ukrainians are ready to die for the european perspective. we want them to live with us. the european dream you membership can take up to 10 years. european leaders say they will try to fast track ukraine's application. you know desa steve harrigan, ktvu fox two news. the decade long legal battle of wikileaks founder julian assange may be coming to an end. the british government has approved assange's extradition to the us assange's wife says the wikileaks founder will appeal that british ruling. assange faces more than a dozen criminal charges of espionage and computer misuse in the u. s american prosecutors say that in 2010 assange helped former army private chelsea manning obtained and published military records.
12:25 pm
in classified diplomatic cables . us government officials argued that releasing those documents put lives in danger. this is a political case. it has to be resolved at the highest levels. let's stop pretending. there is no legality, the only. the only thing on the display is illegality. wikileaks condemned the extradition decision, calling it a dark day for press freedom. assange has been in london prison since 2019 after he was arrested for skipping bail during another legal battle. the next hearing in washington of the house january 6th committee will happen on tuesday. during the most recent hearing, the committee tried to show how former president trump pressured former vice president mike pence to reject the electoral count in the 2020 election. the committee says that trump new doing that was unlawful. the committee also shared new evidence that showed how rioters at the us capitol came within 40 ft of the former vice president as he fled the
12:26 pm
senate chamber. jacob did donald trump ever called the vice president to check on his safety? he did not. mr jacob. how did vice president pence and mrs pence react to that with frustration? the former vice president did not testify. the city of oakland will close off some roads around lake merritt for sunday's juneteenth celebrations on sunday, lakeshore avenue between macarthur boulevard and east 18th street will be closed to traffic and parking from eight in the morning to eight at night. the westbound 5 80 lakeshore freeway exit will also shut down. afrocentric will host a two day juneteenth festival. it includes a pan african wellness fest on saturday and a family celebration on sunday promoting community culture and love. well still to come at noon. celebrations continue across the bay area as the warriors claimed their fourth nba title in eight seasons. fans couldn't be more thrilled. we'll tell you about the preparations from monday's big celebration and parade for dub nation plus the whole city. will be pretty much full of football fans, so
12:27 pm
definitely a great place to be. there is no shortage of sports excitement in general here in the bay area how city leaders in soccer fans are reacting to the news that levi stadium will host some world cup matches in the year. 2026. we'll be right back.
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return. to a familiar place there on top of the nba world title in eight years. dynasty is still very much alive. indeed it is a golden night for the golden state. the emotional journey complete battling through years of injuries in covid, the warriors are once again world champions. the warriors won their fourth nba title in eight years. they beat the boston celtics in game six. last night. plans are well underway in san francisco to celebrate with a parade. ktvu james torres shows us where you can get your championship gear. and how you can celebrate with the team. that's what it is. seven this morning means it's time to grab the championship tees. it's pretty awesome. i'm glad that they're bringing this white one out outside this dick's sporting goods in pleasant hill. it's just day one of celebrated the golden state warriors latest nba finals championship lot of times. i want to get on that tv and beat draymond up such a
12:31 pm
boss! sit down, you know, stop doing all that. you know and follow them to come together and be a team and where they came from and all the injuries. i think i'm very proud of the warriors. this win is the team's fourth in the last eight years, the first since moving to chase center in san francisco. and seventh overall. stephan curry with 34 points and seven, made three pointers in the game six closer against the celtics won his first finals and vp. it's different for sure, just knowing with the last three years have meant i'm so proud of you. that boy is a beautiful player. now the bay area is planning for a beautiful celebration, a championship parade. planned for monday morning, starting just in front of the ferry building at market in maine, and we'll go for more than a mile to market in sixth, just past the powell street, bart station attribute to the hard work and rebound from a tough three years. barriers all go blooded golden state warriors. yes, sir. the warriors are receiving congrats
12:32 pm
from all bay area leaders from san francisco mayor london breed to senator dianne feinstein parade. that celebration is set to start monday morning at about 11:20 a.m. it's set to go on until about two pm reporting in the newsroom. i'm james torres, ktvu fox. two news excited for that, and the warriors win featured on the front page of bay area newspapers. of course, san francisco chronicle had the headline forever champs as curry leads the way with 34 warriors defeat celtics in game six of nba finals for fourth crown in eight seasons there, you see finals mvp steph curry with the trophy and the sporting green says. rain restored also with the picture of corey taunting celtic fans as he was pointing at his finger for another ring. switching to news about covid-19 vaccines. the fda has now authorized the vaccines for children as young as six months old. now the cdc is the only agency that still needs to sign off in order for the shots to be fully approved once they are about 17 million children
12:33 pm
younger than age five, will become eligible for covid vaccines for the first time. moderna's vaccine for the youngest americans is authorized for kids six months through six years old fighters for kids six months to four years old. the cdc is set to vote tomorrow on whether to recommend these vaccines. they are expected to give them the green light. and then vaccinations for younger children could begin as soon as next week. new at noon. it's been a difficult day for summer , travelers. airlines canceled thousands of flights and delayed thousands more across the country. today airlines canceled more than 1200 u. s flights so far more than 3000 are delayed. this comes after more than 1700 flights were canceled yesterday. the airlines involved say some of these cancelations are because of bad weather, but others are because of staffing shortages. or fifa, announced that santa clara's levi stadium will host some of the games during the 2026 world cup. ktvu lamonica peters tells us even though these games are years away, fans and city leaders are already excited. the golden gate city. of san francisco and the
12:34 pm
bay area. the whole city will be pretty much full of football fans, so definitely a great place to be. santa clara knows how to host a major sporting event. levi stadium is home to the san francisco 40 niners and hosted super bowl 50 in 2016. mayor gilmore says she'll know just how many games they'll host sometime soon and the economic impact the world cup will bring to santa clara. i expect our hotels and our restaurants and sales tax and hotel tax, too. really go through the roof during this two or three week period. pretty tremendous, probably at least double super bowl, gilmore says. more children in santa clair play soccer than any other sport and the games will be the perfect opportunity for them to see their favorite players in person. one soccer fan says the game is slowly becoming more popular in the us, so i definitely think it's making strides and getting to what it
12:35 pm
has a value in the other places. but definitely i feel it's one of the best games, so definitely a positive thing that it's coming here. santa clara is home to nearly 130,000 people, and gilmore says residents can expect some streets nearly by stadium to be temporarily closed during the games. people from all over the world will come to santa clara, and that's exactly what soccer fans are looking forward to ecstatic. i'm so excited about it. i'm a soccer mom myself, so i just can't wait to see what teams we get and to have the world come to santa clara. now we'll have to wait until 2026 before we can have the world cup experience here in santa clara, but the mayor says, in the meantime, they'll be getting ready for the games. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. now fifa selected 10 other us cities to host world cup matches here's a look at a few of them 11 cities in the u. s will host including atlanta, boston, dallas, los angeles and seattle, three cities in mexico
12:36 pm
and to in canada will also host world cup games. new at noon, contra costa county, d a. and the u. s department of labor vowed to work together to prevent wage theft and protect workers' rights. contra costa county district attorney diana diana beckton announced that her office and the federal government have signed a memorandum of understanding or mou. that means that the d a s office will set aside a specific set of resources to help prosecute cases of criminal wage theft victim says the effort will help fight things like labor trafficking, unfair business practices, payroll tax evasion. in wage and hour violations. t, um at all income levels, some, y and reimbursement of business expenses. also many victims don't know how to report this type of crime. d a victim says her office and the department of
12:37 pm
labor have had an informal relationship for years. investigating and prosecuting things like wage theft and human trafficking labor trafficking cases. political analysts expect that abortions will be banned and roughly half of the states in the u. s if the supreme court overturns roe versus wade, but as the country waits for the high court's ruling, abortion rights advocates are rushing to try and secure access to that procedure. reporter jack even use explains abortion, everybody . we are on the cusp of a catastrophic ruling as pro choice and pro life advocates wait for the supreme court's decision on the fate of roe v. wade abortion clinics across a growing number of states are now pausing new appointments for the procedure and relocating staff as they prepare for the landmark decision to most likely be abolished. after last month's leaked draft opinion from the high court indicated rose possible downfall. we will fight until #### freezes over and then we will fight on the ice, igniting democratic lawmakers to
12:38 pm
urge president biden to take executive action. he can improve access to medication abortion. but as federal efforts appear to stall some democratic district attorneys and republican led states are signaling they may not uphold abortion bans if they're implemented. this comes as new york's governor recently passed new laws protecting abortion seekers and providers from legal punishment in the empire state. if roe is overturned, i refused to go backwards. meanwhile some anti abortion advocates are pleading with other pro life supporters to take a kind of approach to voicing their concerns. many of the mothers coming for the abortion appointment. feel scared. they feel trapped. a lot of them feel pressured to be here, so we're providing them help and resources. to broaden their choices, but as a legal battle continues, abortions in the u. s could be in greater demand. new data from the guttmacher institute shows the number of abortions increase from 2017 to 2020 after seeing previous decline. jackie ibanez,
12:39 pm
fox news. a ucsf study finds that a person's gender identity can make them more likely to receive a lower quality of healthcare researchers concluded that healthcare disparities often happen because medical professionals can sometimes misunderstand the patient's identity. 40% of lgbtq. people who were polled say they have felt some sort of discrimination when it comes to their medical care here. locally ucsf has created a healthcare certification program. to train their staff about communicating with lgbtq patients. where trying to stress the importance of pronouns and how to use them correctly and why we're trying to highlight the disparities that lgbtq people experience with health and some health outcomes. but why those are happening. it's more about discrimination. it is more about experiences of stress, just in our daily lives that lead to poor health. ucsf wants its program to become a model for
12:40 pm
other hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. elon musk in two of his companies are being sued over the cryptocurrency coin. the $258 billion lawsuit was filed in new york by a man who claims he was defrauded by quote crypto pyramid scheme. the lawsuit names elon, musk, spacex and tesla. the value of the coin surged after musk said he was an investor in what except the coins as payment at those companies. but like other cryptocurrencies has lost about two thirds of its value this year. so far. elon musk has made no comment on that suit. the tesla ceo met with twitter employees. this is the first time he's addressed workers in the midst of his $44 billion takeover bid of the company. one of masks. key points was to make twitter so compelling that you can't live without it. he also said twitter staffers are doing a quote excellent job and should be allowed to continue working from home. but he strongly prefers that they work in person. asked if he would cut jobs at twitter if the deal goes through, must reportedly said quote right now costs exceed
12:41 pm
revenue. that is not a great situation and quote. well still to come at noon, a warning for pet owners who plan to visit lake tahoe this summer. what the u. s forest service found in the waterhe warning they are sending to dog owners. the bay s afternoon. cool breezy with little change expected for tomorrow we will begin to warm up on father's day, though better details on the weekend and the days ahead, coming up.
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12:44 pm
the markets, they are poised to close up just minutes before the closing bell. the dow up about 76 points, and it was up until a second ago, inching above just above that 30,000 mark the nasdaq seeing bigger gains on this trading day up by 166 points. snp up very slightly. just by about 19 points now, just a reminder markets are closed on monday because of the juneteenth holiday. well if you live in contra costa county, your water bill is going up. the contra costa water district board approved a 15% drought surcharge starting july 1st. the average customer bill is expected to increase by about $8 a month. the surcharge is supposed to be temporary, but water district leaders hope it will encourage customers to save more water warning for dog owners who visit lake tahoe, the u. s forest service is issuing a warning to be aware of toxic algae. that can make your pets sick. this comes after tests confirmed that that algae was present at the beach in taylor creek on the south shore of tile of forest service officials says
12:45 pm
they got one report of a dog that did get sick from it. signs are now hanging at both locations, warning dog owners. not to let their pets drink that water, they say toxic algae grows in shallow pools and slower moving water. well, there is a new tool being used to help keep tahoe blue. heather waldman tells us about the new trash gathering robot and how it's being used to keep the beaches and the water clean. right now. we're trying to keep up with 15 million visitors a year and that's a hard task to do. we might need a little bit of help from a robot robot made its debut yesterday at lake tahoe's kiva beach called bebop, fully electric, solar powered and remote controlled. and it'll hopefully play an important role in keeping trash out of the water. we really see the robot as the last minute defense for the lake for keeping small pollution and litter plastics in particular from getting in the water in the first place, crawls along it sifts through sand, wonderful inches deep, finding
12:46 pm
small pieces of trash that hardworking volunteers could easily miss rusty metal shark. an ideal conditions can cover 3000. m in an hour. the robot is being used for pilot testing this year to see how much it could help in the future. regular cleanup events will still take place, but patterson says we should all focus first on being responsible stewards of lake tahoe's environment better than you found it. come enjoy this place, but, you know, pack it in. pack it out. it sounds silly and simple. but it really matters here in tahoe. the league to save lake tahoe is planning to use the bebop beach cleaning robot again on july 5th as part of their annual keep tahoe red, white and blue cleanup on nevada beach. blue skies in that tahoe video we saw there and, but it's cooler there and also here at home in the bay area. let's turn it over to meteorologist rosemary oroczo with a look at our forecast. hi, rosemary. hi happy friday, ali even a chance for a few sprinkles as a system of the oregon coastline. brings us the
12:47 pm
cooler, breezy pattern lasting through saturday. outsider doors at this hour, several degrees cooler than where we were yesterday at this time and a live look from ktvu across the oakland estuary. partly cloudy skies there up above and san francisco enjoying a little bit of sunshine and the partly cloudy conditions, the southwesterly breeze. bringing us good air quality for today. so in the north bay, the central day and into the south, but you can see a lot of green out there when it comes to that air quality check. storm tracker to here. we've got the clouds overhead again, a system moving through. northern areas of the bay, as well as northern california may see just a few sprinkles. it's not going to be anything in the way of beneficial rate. i mean, we are well into june at this point, but the relative humidity is up in our onshore breezes blowing quite strong in some areas. heyward reporting a wind gusts to 22 right now, livermore reporting 24, so we're going to continue with this cool, breezy scenario. through your friday things start to change up just a little bit on saturday. bigger changes on sunday, checking in
12:48 pm
on the relative humidity out there, the southwesterly breeze over the sonoma mountains. relative humidity is 72% that is some good news there. mount diablo reporting 87% and ben lomond in the santa cruz mountains reporting 63% so at least the wind is coming from the right direction. bringing us some cool, moist air and again, even the possibility of maybe a sprinkle is the future cash shows you we have just a little bit falling. maybe lake county. maybe sonoma county stuck going to be much maybe just a little bit of drizzle out there for today. but by tonight the low clouds moving across the bay and will wake up with partly cloudy skies for your bay area saturday. temperatures right now. 60 degrees in san francisco . a cool 57 at half moon by sixties in nevada upper sixties right now, napa as well as the inner east bay, brentwood and conquered reporting 68. one that creek and livermore 66. here's a comparison where we typically are this time of year and where we will be for today, so not only several degrees cooler than yesterday, but several degrees below average 70 degrees or 70. yes. for santa rosa today, low
12:49 pm
sixties in san francisco 60 60 afternoon high for oakland today 70 degrees for livermore as well as san jose. here's a better look around along the peninsula will go 70 for redwood city and for the inner east based 72 expected in antioch's your extended forecast getting into the weekend. we know temperatures just very subtly getting into saturday and then a bigger warmup for father's day will go sixties at the coast seventy's around the bay nearing 80 degrees inland. and even warmer on monday, followed by some hot weather in the forecast tuesday. where are inland communities are into the nineties. once again eighties around the bay seventies at the coast, ali thank you. the huge floods at yellowstone national park or having a big impact on the communities that surround that park, the town of red lodge , montana is virtually empty at a time when thousands of tourists normally head through that town on their way to yellowstone. it's one of many towns that will lose millions of dollars during the usually busy summer months. the devastating floods have closed the entire park and forced the evacuation of more than 10,000 visitors.
12:50 pm
here at home. the san francisco school board is scheduled to vote on lowell high school's admissions policy. last night, the board heard from parents, alumni and students on restorinm to lowell high school or extending the lottery based process that was in place for this year's ninth grade class. and students entering the school in the fall. the board vote is scheduled for wednesday. there's word of another setback in the plans by the aids to build a new ballpark at howard terminal and oakland. the a's had agreed to the city's demand that the team provide funds for an affordable housing project near their proposed waterfront stadium in exchange the a's wanted tax money generated by the parking sales and business license taxes to help pay for upgrading the infrastructure around the ballpark site. the san francisco chronicle reports that the city rejected the terms of that proposed deal. still to come at noon. warriors fans continue to celebrate the team's fourth nba title in eight years. this special messages this team is getting as they prepare to celebrate with domination on
12:51 pm
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it's still the eat fresh® refresh, and now subway® is refreshing their classics, like the sweet onion teriyaki sauce, topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshi-
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the road for the second zip trip of the summer mentioned we visited the bay area's own union city. ktvu is claudine wang caught up with one woman who knows what it's like to live with hard times and is now giving back to her community. then i look at you. and the world's alright with me. it is a kitchen filled with gratitude and it is food made with love. i mean the dough it takes about an hour. to rise, and then i'll make the dough. um i'll add the out break it down into, um the separate peaches, and then i'll cook that and then i have to be out of here by 7 45 at the latest. that's because at eight pm caravan opens its a union city program that gives people a
12:55 pm
safe place to park and sleep overnight. tammy knows that program well, because in 2021, she and her four children were experiencing homelessness and spent their evenings at caravan sites. i think people have this narrative that everyone that ends up homeless is a drug addict. they think they made bad decisions. and now they're here like i was a victim of a crime, and i ended up there for a year. this van was home and then this seat back here, it completely lays down. and goes into the floor. and then that's so the bed would go from here to here. and then our refrigerator was over here, and we had a pantry over there. having a safe place to sleep, she says. was a relief caravan was so amazing. we would get out in the middle of the night and like jump rope. and we'd run and we'd skate every day after school and read. it was just amazing. it was so healing like my god, this is what's meant to be. we're meant to be free. it was a chance to
12:56 pm
get back on their feet. plug in this generator, so our outfit and go out and so mask and sell it. she even cooked in that van, but most importantly, she kept her family together in that van , but it was always meant to be temporary. someone asked me what was the desire of my heart, and i said my desire is to get my kids in a place and that's the first time i'd ever said out loud. this is what i want. it was like everything in the universe just moved to give me exactly what was the desire of my heart. after a year and a lot of help, she moved her family into this home to look at you. and now i know it's gonna be, and yet she never forgets where she's been. and so most nights, she's here cooking lovely day. packing up the food before driving to a caravan site in my life. i just believe if i've
12:57 pm
been somewhere and i know that pain or i know that struggle and the main thing was like i cooked when i was there, so i was like, who's cooking now who's helping them? and there's a lot of older people. and that might crushes my soul. because they should be somewhere enjoying life. someone taking care of them. they've paved the way and it's not their time to just lay in a car. but until they are somewhere else, tammy says she'll be here with warm food made with love. so i had to come back. i don't think i can sleep at night. if i did it. i don't know why. i don't know why i can't tell you why. maybe it's simply because she has always given back to those in need. or maybe it's because tammy roselle knows what it means to sleep here. at night. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. and be sure to stay with us all summer. long as we hit the road. our next trip will be in the city of benita on july 1st.
12:58 pm
well, today is opening day for the alameda county fair was canceled in 2020 but returned last year in the fall. admission is free until three o'clock today. attractions include the john madden memorial bus. tomorrow's brew fest free admission for all dads on father's day, which is sunday. don't forget. and of course, the pig races the alameda county fair runs for 19 days and ends on july 10th. organizers say they are excited about a new attraction. this year. tomorrow there will host the only west coast for nathan's contest. top three women will be invited to july 4th finals at coney island. the regional competition was open to the public, but it is now closed because it is at capacity. where your stands continue to celebrate the team's fourth nba title in eight years, and on monday parade will happen in san francisco for years celebrated like champs in the locker room celebration there. champagne definitely flowing and warriors never skimp all that champagne back in 2018 after their final, stupid cleaning
12:59 pm
cavaliers warriors nearly a million dollars drinking the champagne and spring it on themselves. they spent $400,000 on champagne in the locker room and $500,000 on champagne. during their victory parade. and social media. the warriors are getting some shoutouts governor newsom pleaded. warriors nba champs never in doubt what a team what a year hashtag dub nation! 49ers posted this message on twitter. congratulations to the 2022, nba champion warriors. hashtag cold blooded hashtag bay area unite and san francisco mayor london breed tweeted congrats warriors are bringing another championship back home and showing the doubters that we're still here. the entire bay area is so proud of you. now it's time to celebrate in the city. now here is the parade route. it will start at market in maine. then go down. market street, middle end at sixth and market. the parade will be just over a mile long. it'll start at 11:20 a.m. an end around two in the afternoon. our parade coverage
1:00 pm
will start monday at 10 am and we will have it live for you. right here on ktvu. so don't miss that. we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download our app. next newscast. four have a ready for this. take out, fake out. we're giving you the quick and easy spins on some of your favorite restaurant dishes and wait for it. you can save up to $3,000 per year. who's up for orange chicken, crispy, crunchy. i want some sauce. plus everyone's favorite classic meatballs subs. it's a really fun, delicious thing to make. oh, what have you done? i get into it, girls. that's next. daphne: let's dish. the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. [laughter] gail: everybody nose me as a culinary expert and food judge on television. but also i'm a mom trying


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