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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 16, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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implore pence not to certify the election results. you'll hear from witnesses that donald trump pressured mike pence to adopt a legally and morally bankrupt idea that the vice president could choose. the next president can be. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and this was the committee's third public hearing, and mike pence was the focus. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes alex savage. the house committee praised the former vice president for standing his ground even as his life was threatened foxes madeline rivera is in washington now with more on today's hearing. mike pence was noticeably absent from today's hearing. but that didn't stop house lawmakers from praising the former vice president for his actions on january 6th. but today we focus on the earnest efforts of mike pence, who was determined to abide by his oath of office in their latest public hearing. the house like committee investigating the
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january, 6th capital riot shifted its focus to then vice president mike pence, called pressure campaign by his boss, president trump. to overturn the 2020 election. this is almost no idea. more un american. then the notion that any one person could choose the american president. lawmakers applauded pants for ultimately certifying the election results, despite urgings from president trump, touting a theory by his attorney, john eastman. that claimed the vice president had the authority not to president pence did the right thing that day. he stayed true to his oath to protect and defend the constitution. lawmakers called on two of pence's former advisers to testify and asked both about the legality of the eastman theory. vice president pence. obey the orders. from his president would have plunged america. into what? i believe
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would have been tantamount. to s a third of seven played by the house committee expected to wrap up before the end of the month in washington rivera fox news okay, so let's take a lead deeper. look at today's hearing . we're joined once again this afternoon. by robert oh vets, lecturer of political science at san jose state. thank you so much professor for being here, boy. we learned a lot of new details about how much pressure former president trump applied to then vice president pence to overturn the election. how important is this aspect of the committee's investigation? it's incredibly important. it was a very complex tearing today really getting into the weeds of what the 12th amendment says and the very old 18 87 electoral count act. and how that provides
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kind of authority to the vice president to run the counting of this certified electoral votes, but that's all the vice president really does. and what we learned today was that president trump attempted to instigate a constitutional crisis by pressuring the vice president to delay or disrupt that counting process. and today we also heard from former vice president pence's chief of staff who told the panel that mr trump was told repeatedly that his plan to try to overturn the election results was illegal, but he pushed forward with it anyway. how significant is that revelation? and where does that go? in terms of trying to lay the groundwork for some sort of an indictment? well again. we have several witnesses testifying to the committee that president trump was engaged in a conspiracy, perhaps a seditious conspiracy to just reupped the
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operations of congress. as representative, cheney said at the start of the hearing today to obstruct congress and its authorized constitutional duties perhaps engage in other sort of fulla gnaeus activities. uh we learned about attempts to put forward wow alternative electors to have the state legislatures pick alternative electors. none of that came to happen. but potentially what we're hearing is new layers of evidence that the sitting president may have been involved in a conspiracy to steal the election and professor . we also got a closer look at the tumultuous relationship between then president trump and vice president pence. i mean, these rioters came within 40 ft of vice president pence and still, president trump didn't do anything to deescalate the situation. in fact, i would say
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that president trump did the opposite. he actually attempted to incite the crowd to attack the vice president making very subtle hints. while he was at that rally about how the vice president would really come to regret his failure to do what the president wanted him to do, and we've seen those horrific photos of a guillotine set up on the grounds of the capitol building, people rampaging through the capital halls. uh talking about how they're going to get the vice president and they were going to take care of him and carry out an attack on him. um and so, uh, this brings forward some very strong evidence of incitement by the president of that crowd. yeah, i was gonna ask you, professor. how effective you think the panel has been in today's hearing in the previous hearings at conveying how this pressure
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campaign from former president trump might have resonated with the mob of his supporters who stormed the capital have have they been effective? you think the panel at sort of laying the blame for the violence at the feet of mr trump. oh i think absolutely. today we heard a lot of detailed testimony from legal advisor to the vice president. um his chief of staff and very prominent, um, what he's described as a conservative constitutional scholar who literally said that the president's attempt to steal the election was quote a clear and present danger. to american democracy, end quote and so other than those, um, those neo fascist groups that were attacking the capital. i think many conservative supporters of the president uh, we'll probably be stopped in their tracks. i hearing prominent republicans and conservatives talk about how
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president trump attempted to stay on as an auto crawl. alright professor. a vets really appreciate your time. once again this afternoon. thank you. you're very welcome, and this was the third of eight planned public hearings on the investigation into january. 6th the next is set for tuesday, june 21st, and we will bring you more details on the expected testimony as we get a little closer. at the same time of those capital hearings today. east bay congressman eric swalwell was in san lorenzo showing support to members of the lgbtq community. he spoke out against hate, after a group of proud boys stormed drag queens story our over this past weekend. ktvu cristina rendon joins us now live from the san lorenzo library with more on how the congressman and others are responding, christina. well, alex. we're from community members, city leaders and congressman eric swalwell, all of them, sharing this central point that the community must stand against hate. in fact, swalwell says he's not even
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surprised that an incident involving the proud boys happened here at this library, even to the bay area is considered one of the most progressive regions in the country. east bay congressman eric swalwell visiting san lorenzo library thursday with the message to the far right wing group, proud boys. specifically the men who crashed drag queen story our last weekend, verbally harassing the guest reader, panda dulce. you have nothing to be proud of, for what you did to children. and it would be a compliment to call you boys because you acted like babies with the maturity level that you brought down with library staff law enforcement, members of the lgbtq community and asian american community to talk about what happened and offer his support. lgbtq activist billy bradford of castro valley says what struck him the most was a vulgar t shirt. one of the proud boys was wearing if he wants to find pedophiles. he's not going to find him at a drag queens story. he's not going to find him at any drag queen of any is not going to fight. find them. at any part of it. lgbt q elected
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official, harris mujaddedi is urging the da's office to prosecute the men to the fullest extent of the law. seeing far too much hate. we're seeing it every day, and, sadly, the san francisco bay area is not exempt from this hate. you have to figure out where does the free speech stop? and where does the criminal behavior begin? alameda county sheriff lieutenant ray kelly says the men are part of a small fringe group of proud boys from the bay area, but declined to say which cities there from talking to people that know some of them. they were normal members of the community somewhere along the way, they became more radical interviews. as the investigation continues, he says the department of the library and lgbtq members keep getting threats from people across the country, but they won't stand down. the goal from the proud boys was for us to run away from this fight. we are running towards more equality of the goal was for us to cower. we are standing up and if the goal was for us to be silent, we are louder and stronger than ever. in fact, the library will now host multiple pride events
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celebrating pride, not just in june, but every month in san lorenzo and welcoming back drag queens like panda, dulcie for story hour. this is not the first time um she's experienced these things, but i'm just hoping she'd be willing to come back at some point and do another story. time for us. as we first reported on tuesday, alameda county sheriff's officers have stepped up their presence here at the library, and officers tell us that they're going to be working with law enforcement members across the bay area during this pride month just to make sure that all pride events are safe, alex. yes, christina, you thank you, christina. peter's had more about the heightened safety concerns. this pride month is community activist harris, mo. geneti thank you so much for being here. you were at today's meeting there at the library. are you worried that something like that might happen again? well, it's good to be here with you today, heather and i
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absolutely am concerned that this is only the beginning. um we've seen this across. we've seen incidents of hate across the nation, and sadly, the barrier is not exempt. and so i do have concerns and fear that this isn't the end. which is why we must stand up against this hate. we have to show these fringe groups that serve francisco bay area is an inclusive and welcoming community. talk a little bit more about what you are hearing from people regarding their safety and their concerns. so some of the things i'm hearing from fellow lgbtq plus community members is really that you know , we in the in our national conversations about these hate crimes. a lot of the focus has been on on other states, texas, florida, idaho, and there really is cause for concern amongst members of my community, and in particular my trans siblings who and trans in general conforming siblings who really can't hide that identity. i mean, we've seen an uptake in in hate crimes
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against our transit wings. and so those are folks that are so concerned and we need to uplift them. here we are. in the middle of pride month. several more events are planned. are you hearing from organizers of different events that they are, in fact now scaling up security? that is what i have heard heather and at the same time, i'm also heartened to hear from so many allies that they plan to be at these events to show their solidarity and show support. and that's really what pride month is about. at the end of the day, it's about the entire community coming together and i really want to urge the audience members listening in this evening. to whether they're lgbtq or not, they need to show up to support to support our community because we are in a part of the fabric of the bay area, and we need all of our allies to show up for us because he doesn't have a home here and we have to put an end to this at the beginning. yeah, and as we heard in christina's report, police law enforcement really
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working with organizations throughout the remainder of pride month and beyond. harris really appreciate your time today. thank you. thank you. great to be here with you. the proposal would require all california gun owners to have firearm insurance coming up at 4 30 today, we'll get the details on this new legislation that was introduced by state senator nancy skinner. and former president bill clinton joins in and today's memorial for norman mineta, his words of praise for his commerce secretary. the warriors trying to close out the celtics and when the nba championship tonight they know championship tonight they know meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey.
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and that's where we find ktvu joe fonzi joining us now live on the hardwood at td garden, joe how tough is this going to be for the warriors to close this thing out on the road tonight? yeah alex is going to be very tough, but you know, the words have a chance to really go into the history books tonight. you win four championships in eight years and then they start talking about you as a dynasty. and what would make this even more impressive is the fact that those core three players are st got it all started in 2000 and 15. i'm talking about draymond green, clay thompson. and steph curry, and then after two years out, to be able to come back and be in this position that would be six finals in eight years for championships. that's really something that isn't often done. this is what the warriors would love to be doing tonight. they've been here before five straight years. they did this three times pop the champagne. two other times they were not able to do that that game seven loss to cleveland and that game six loss to toronto. but the one thing the warriors no. they
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would like to get it done here tonight because anything can happen in a game seven. they know that to do that. close it out here on the road against the celtics. that will probably be the toughest game they'll play in this entire series. you have to just be in the moment you have to be your president as much as possible, not worry about the consequences of a win or a loss. and the more you can kind of check your mind and just being in the moment and staying there. that's the best advice. i can give anybody in that situation because it's going to be the hardest game you probably ever played in your career. uh because of what the stakes are. it is very hard to close out of series and this is a very good team, and we know they're going to play with the sense of desperation. so for us to match that or exceed that it's going to take the most effort we've had to give all year. but i can tell you this. we're already for the opportunity and we're all very excited. as you look at what's going on down on the court right now. that's the
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voice of experience that we heard from both of those guys. you know, i think if you think back to 2016 when they had the 3 to 1 lead, they kind of felt like they were playing with the house's money. these guys are experienced. they've been here before, and that may be the biggest difference between the two teams. the words have been here before this young celtics team. has not been here before. so to have the perspective and know that, you know they want to get it done now. they don't want to force a game seven because you never know what can happen in the game seven. but we also have learned that you really never know from game to game, the personality that these games will take on. so if i were to sit here and say, i had any idea how it's going to turn out to be just making that up, if we looked at anything, it did look a little bit in game six. right my turn game five back in san francisco. that the celtics were a little bit beat and a little bit discouraged, but to make any assumptions from that, i think as a mistake, the one thing we do know for sure is the worries their 17th championship banners hanging here in the rafters. the
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warriors do not want an 18th. that happened. either way, this is the last time they will be here this season. in boston and honestly can't wait to see how things go tonight. when they tip it off, guys. it's going to be fun, but the warriors have to get it done tonight in boston. that's what i believe. alright, joe fonzi. live force in boston. appreciate it, joe. you bet. alright now to today's memorial for norman mineta, hundreds of people came out to pay their respects to san jose's native son, including former president bill clinton was emma guards was at the service and joins us now live with more. heather the memorial service touched on mineta's outstanding career in politics and his commitment to uplifting those around him and standing up against injustice. the mayor of san jose sam liccardo, has declared that today be recognized in san jose as norman mineta day. our community. new home, not as mr mayor. mr secretary, mr. congressman simply is normal,
4:20 pm
described as the most humble man in politics you'd ever meet norman mineta lived his 90 years to the fullest. so it was only fitting about the san jose community came together thursday to honor him to its fullest at his memorial, san francisco's former mayor, willie brown, described mineta as his mentor and political inspiration. ooh, that norm manetta was different. than any politician you will ever know. and you'll ever meet these words of praise from former president bill clinton. i had fortuitous opportunity to make him the first asian american ever and the presidential cabinet. i'm grateful to george bush. who were normal estimation i served with him still hated my guts. manera was deeply religious and committed to the methodist church he once taught sunday school decades ago, this man was
4:21 pm
in his class. when i find that i found out he was running for mayor said, that's the guy that's the guy that japanese community needs. ah to lead leon panetta recalled. mineta's heroism on the day of 9 11 when , as transportation secretary grounded all airlines nor made some very tough decisions that day at a very tough moment. for our country. but the decisions that he made save lives a man whose family suffered the injustice of incarceration along with other japanese americans during world war two era dedicated his life to fighting for democracy that serves everyone and none of this works. if we're all not looking out for each other. that was something that debt dad taught us. the manetta family has identified for organizations that were deeply important to norman
4:22 pm
mineta and invite the public to make a donation in his memory will have a full list of those organizations on our website ktvu .com. heather it was really nice to hear from his son as well. such a good and remarkable band. and i thank you. and whether the very cool down has arrived. lots of sunshine today but temperatures a bit of a drop compared to yesterday, and those winds still a factor. in fact, some stronger breezes out there compared to yesterday. so this cooling pattern will continue as we head into your friday forecast as we show you this and we are checking out the forecast graph into your friday tomorrow, probably one of the cooler days of the week and saturday. almost identical could be just a little bit warmer, but definitely that that chill will be moving in over the next couple of days. take a look. now we're showing you the rainfall forecast models. some of the forecast models trying to bring in some rainfall, especially up to our north. there is a slight chance up in the north bay. this would be for friday. we'll probably see those big, puffy white clouds develop. but tomorrow
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afternoon a good sign that we have some instability in the atmosphere. so the satellite showing you two things. the fog from this morning clearing from north to south and up to our north, which actually have a big batch of high clouds approaching cape mendocino, and some of those clouds will be approaching the bay area for tonight into tomorrow. so with that partly cloudy conditions current numbers out there. san francisco 61 san jose 72 brentwood, one of the warmer spots at 80 and napa , checking in 75 degrees winds definitely doing their thing. you can see oakland airport westerly 22. miles an hour. sfo gusting to nearly 40 miles an hour, so here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco and some of those high clouds in the picture. you can count on cooler temperatures for tomorrow, that slight chance of a shower. maybe up in the north bay. what about some warming? we have that in our five day forecast will have the full update coming up in a few minutes. okay. we'll see you in a bit, mark. thank you. still to come here at four. addressing healthcare blind spots the new lgbt q plus health certificate
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ktvu we want to focus today on health care disparities for members of the lgbtq community. researchers at ucsf have found someone sexual or gender identity can make them more likely to receive a lower quality of care often because medical professionals might miss gender them or misunderstand their family relationships. for more on the effort to try to improve training in this area. we're joined by matthew belled from ucsf center for sexual and gender minority health. appreciate you taking the time today, matthew. what are the most significant challenges members of the lgbt q. community can face when they try to seek out medical care. uh thank you, alex. well you touched on a couple of them, um, sometimes a patient might be mis gendered in
4:27 pm
the examination room. sometimes they'll make assumptions about their relationships with their family or what type of spouse they have, and we know that these are detrimental to a patient's experience and pursuing further care. so we created ms health certificate program to try and train both seasoned and experienced health professionals and rising students and how to care and best communicate with lgbtq patients. and what what are the biggest blind spots? what are the steps you're taking to try to try to better train health care workers in this area. we're trying to stress the importance of pronouns and how to use them correctly and why we're trying to highlight the disparities that lgbtq people experience with health and some health outcomes. but why those are happening. it's more about discrimination. it is more about experiences of stress, just in
4:28 pm
our daily lives that lead to poor health. and so this is a program, a training program for a staff and students at ucsf. is there talk about trying to broaden this out, too, so that other medical professionals around california across the country can also take part and received the same training. absolutely we're very proud of the work that we've done here and we would love to roll it out on a national level. we have top researchers and providers at ucsf that have contributed to this curriculum. and we are looking for ways to get that training out there. finally before before we let you go. i know that your research that's coming out shows that as many as 40% of people in a sexual or gender minority, say they've experienced some kind of discrimination. when it comes to health care. what are their long term ramifications of that? um to be blunt. it can be quite
4:29 pm
deadly. the worst thing you can do at a doctor's office is not go and many lgbtq people delay care or just ignore entirely because they know that they're going to be treated poorly and they just want to avoid rather avoid that experience than try and take care of their health. alright well, it's really important work you're doing. we appreciate you coming on today to share the work. matthew belled from ucsf center for sexual and gender minority health. thank you for taking the time so much. sure. will push here in california to mandate gun liability insurance. we're going to talk live with state senator nancy skinner about her proposal and how she believes it would help reduce gun violence. also president biden is weighing in on the state of the economy. while he says the recession is not wanna help kids get their homework done?
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is inevitable, saying the us is it a strong position to overcome inflation. in an interview with the associated press, president biden said the low unemployment rate should be able to help the u. s weather the rising prices. he said that rising gas prices are due in part to sanctions against russia for the invasion of ukraine. he said he had to make that move as commander in chief of the white house said today that the federal is doing its job to try to ease inflation. by raising interest rates. we're just going to give the federal reserve the space to do to do what they need to do. democrats are quite likely inflated their way into a recession and now they want to pile on historic tax hikes and
4:33 pm
make it worse. now it could be a potent political argument ongoing going forward for republicans fox news poll found that 90% of voters find gas prices to be a problem for their families. groceries are just below that. stocks tumbled on wall street today is fear set in among investors. after yesterday's fed rate hike, the dow plunged for 741 points to close below the 30,000 mark. the nasdaq lost 453 points down 4. and the s and p fell 123 points . investors are concerned the higher rates could cause the economy to cool down too much, raising the odds of a recession. other central banks in the uk, switzerland and taiwan also raised their rates as well. mortgage rates are also on the rise after the fed's rate hike. the average fixed rate 30 year loan is up to 5.78% that's the highest level since november of
4:34 pm
2000 and eight, according to freddie mac. a year ago, consumers could get a 30 year loan at below 3% interest. the 15 year rate is up to 4.8. went out to the ongoing debate about how to address gun violence and a state senator from the east bay is proposing a bill that would require gun owners here in california to obtain liability insurance for the negligent or accidental use of their weapons. state senator nancy skinner. berkeley joins us now live and thank you so much for being here. california will be the first in the nation to adopt such legislation. why do you believe it's necessary? but we need to improve gun safety and responsible gun ownership. and now that guns kill more people than cars, you think of it. we require every car owner to have liability insurance. why wouldn't we do the same for a gun owner? so explain to the audience how gun insurance would work. well, already, some going on ours have liability insurance . they that's voluntary.
4:35 pm
sometimes your homeowner insurance will cover it. but under the law that i'm proposing , it's patterned after the city of san jose was the first city to do so. new york state's also looking at it that a gun owner would have to get coverage for the liability of their gun. and that way the cost of any damage from a gun, whether of the health of a person or property damage would not be born by you and us but born by the gun owner okay. you mentioned the efforts there in san jose, but gun rights groups boy, they immediately responded with the lawsuit, arguing that it infringes on second amendment rights and is an unconstitutional tax on gun ownership. why do you believe that your legislation might be able to overcome that type of legal challenge? well there's nothing that inhibit requiring insurance doesn't stop a person from owning a car. so it is no way that requiring insurance of a gun owner is somehow interfering with their right to have a gun. this instead is just
4:36 pm
saying that we should not bear the cost of the damage that your gun might cost you. the gun owners should. and how do you believe senator? this might in fact, help reduce the incidents of gun violence. well when a gun owner cost their insurer to say , look, i need liability insurance. now the insurer's going to say, where do you keep your guns? how many guns do you have? do you keep them in a stored locked place? do you have a trigger lock on your guns? how many children in your house? they're gonna ask lots of questions that your rate is obviously your insurance rate will go down. the more safe and more responsible. you are as a gun owner, so my objective is to increase safety and to lessen gun violence. it will certainly stop suicides, which are one of the number one death student guns and it will hopefully make gun ownership much more responsible. and so what's next with your proposal? well, we'll have it heard in, uh, the public
4:37 pm
safety committee at the state assembly. and then if it's successful in the assembly and comes over to the senate, hopefully it will make it to the governor's desk. okay we'll be following that prospect that progress. thank you so much. east bay state senator nancy skinner. thank you. you're welcome. you're welcome. thank you. improving access to renewable energy during an emergency coming up here on the four we'll speak with the co founder of a startup that's helping to lower energy costs without hurting the environment. and a barrier whether the cool down has started. it really kicks in your friday forecast, but we eventually turned up the heat next week. we'll have when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™ it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions
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from the most innovative company. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with a great deal on internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today.
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okay or a wildfire. there's often an immediate need for power to help communities begin to recover today in san francisco, one startup unveiled
4:40 pm
a green alternative to traditional diesel power generators that are often brought in during an emergency. michigan based sesame solar has created mobile nana grids that generate clean off the grid power using solar panels and green hydrogen. they can be set up in about 15 minutes, with very little training needed to operate them. for more on how they work. we're joined now by lauren flanagan, the ceo and co founder of sesame solar. great to have you on today. appreciate the time explain how these nano grids create clean power and what makes them unique. well, thank you. and i'm so glad to be here. i'm actually speaking inside our nana grid here. alright, where you had some of the, so we have solar power, which powers the batteries and that generates all the power needed for the emergency response for five gene mesh network for water filtration a lot of services and then we have backup power, additionally, from green hydrogen, it's green because we
4:41 pm
make the hydrogen inside our nana grid using the solar and then we use that hydrogen gas to power a fuel cell, and this gives us days if not weeks of energy autonomy, so if the power is out due to a wildfire earthquake we can be able to have emergency services on site for days at a time with excess power for wifi to connect with folks charge your computer, your devices or medical equipment. and we also have a level two chargers so you can top up and he electric vehicle. alright, so the solar panels are being used to create and then to store renewable energy. so how much power kendis nano grids produce and how long can they operate for? right so good where to compare it as a normal house takes about 20 to 24 kilowatt tf power inside our nana grid. and
4:42 pm
they can operate for days at a time. all we have to do is add sunshine and water. make the hydrogen from water. electrolysis of water inside the nana grid where you see me sitting and it's toggles between the solar and the green hydrogen . you don't have to think about it. it's just like the power is renewable. it's reliable and it's just there and the emergency services can be delivered after a catastrophic event. alright so these nano grids i understand are already in use by the military as well as some emergency response organizations. what are the most common scenarios where these units are going to come into play and be helpful? well after as i said, a wildfire. we just had them in for hurricanes after hurricane ida comcast took them out. they didn't have green hydrogen, but they had solar and battery, and they were able to provide the same kind of services. i said wifi uh, toilet showers, emergency help and charging of phones and devices.
4:43 pm
a military will use them for medical and security like if there's a downed aircraft. we also have them in islands in the caribbean, backing up medical clinics and providing everyday use for patient triage, so there's really no limit to how they can be used. and we really need them everywhere and every counting and the country. to be prepared for these extreme weather events and not add more pollution and particulate into the air and the water which diesel does so renewable power helps us adapt to climate change , but also helps get the services and the power to the people when and where they need the most. and finally, what was it that that inspired you and your colleagues to want to create a system where you could , you could create clean power and it would be something that could be used on the go during emergencies like this. what was the inspiration for you? well for me. it was kind of an epiphany after katrina of just how much devastation was created. i really wanted to do
4:44 pm
something to address climate change and renewable power as the obvious thing to do to deploy. but it's complex. it's time consuming, and i thought if we could make it easy to use and faster, deploy and mobile that could be put out at scale after an extreme weather events that this could be transformational and we could help address climate change, so that's been our mission and our inspiration and we're really proud of where we are today to launch here. i'm from the bay area, so to launch right here in san francisco with a great view of the golden gate is really nostalgic for me today, and i'm very proud of our company and our triple bottom line approach to addressing climate change, all right, and we just did a whole interview powered by the nano grid, right? we're running on the wifi are five g inside our nana grid and we're in the middle of the presidio, and we're doing a live interview. right now. it's a good use of our clean power. appreciate the time we have to run. lauren flannagan, ceo and co founder of sesame solar.
4:45 pm
thank you for the time so much. thank you. it certainly is interesting. alright an effort to get into initiative on the ballot in san francisco to try to speed up development of affordable housing reached a milestone mayor london breed announcing today. that advocates have now collected the necessary signatures to place that measure on the november ballot measure is called affordable homes now, and it aims to cut several years off the approval timeline for qualifying housing projects. that are 100% affordable. just imagine if we flooded the market with 70,000 units. hell just imagine if we flooded the market with 1/4 of those units, what difference it would make in terms of housing affordability in san francisco would be unbelievable. mayor breed spoke from a parking lot there on stevenson street near sixth, the market streets project of 500 affordable homes was proposed for the site, but it was not approved by the board of supervisors. barrier whether you
4:46 pm
probably noticed the cool down moving into the region today, and it seems like the winds all week long today, definitely one of the stronger windy days here in the bay or this a stronger gusts out there and it looks like this pattern will continue as we head into your friday. in fact, the cool down will continue as well. so tomorrow and even into saturday, the two coolest days of the week and temperatures everybody has a down arrow for tomorrow, satellite. we had some fog this morning near the coastline, but that cleared out rapidly from the north to the south. and as you can see, right now, we actually have some clouds moving in from the north. right around cape mendocino a little bit of some green showing up on the radar and watching the radar closely. for tomorrow. there is a slight chance of a north based sprinkle or shower, but the main impact will be cooler temperatures. and gusty winds. current numbers out there right now. san francisco currently 61 san jose 72 conquered in the upper seventies 78 degrees and the wind is definitely stronger, at least compared to yesterday. and these panels fairfield that's a gust of up to 30 miles
4:47 pm
an hour sfo that gust approaching 40 miles an hour poe bay here's a live camera, tracking a few more high clouds for tonight into tomorrow morning. overnight temperatures definitely cooler start tomorrow morning, mid forties to the mid fifties, and then look at this. the warmest occasions. no nineties, no eighties. we're just thinking some, maybe some lower seventies tomorrow afternoon. so this is the front . this is the overall whether pattern we're watching that area of low pressure up to our north definitely cool down today, and this front wants to a slide in for friday into saturday, so temperatures continue to drop off. there is the possibility of some sierra showers and it's cold enough that theoretically, things were line up perfectly. we could have a possibility of some snow right around 7000 ft. so it's still only a slight chance. but something will be watching for in the sierra. that would be on saturday. here's the
4:48 pm
forecast model, definitely bringing in some clouds in the short term. this is tomorrow morning. seven o'clock, you can see the showers offshore, and there is a slight chance of a north bay sprinkled throughout the day on friday, and then once again in the saturday, mainly just to the north. of the bay area. highest four. tomorrow will be in the upper fifties. the sixties warmest occasions will be approaching the lower winds will continue to be ae factor for tomorrow into for yor friday partly cloudy and a rday and then temperatures begin to warm up into the next week. the warmest occasions will be approaching at least the mid nineties as we head toward tuesday and probably warmer than that by wednesday of next week, so a bit of a temperature roller coaster on the downward slide in the short term and then heating up next week. all right, mark. thank you. congress hears from president biden's covid team on the state of the pandemic. dr fauci testifies as many parents are anxiously waiting to get their youngest children vaccinated. also coming up at
4:49 pm
five tonight. san francisco police sergeant being investigated by the department. dies by suicide as officers arrived there at his home the concerns this raises about mental health resources for officers, plus the bay area, already a winner when it comes to fifa's world cup in 2026 area. soccer fans are already celebrating. that's coming up in just a another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ (music throughout)
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team testified on capitol hill today about what's next and their response to the pandemic as foxes, jonathan serrie explains. the hearing occurred as health officials move a little closer to approving covid vaccinations for all ages. covid cases continue climbing across the country as we head towards summer, according to the cdc. we're still averaging around 100,000 new infections per day today, the senate help committee heard from president biden's covid team on the state of the
4:52 pm
pandemic. cdc director rochelle walensky says as this virus evolves, her agency will need more funding to address vaccinations and testing. congress and the american people expect that cbc will continue nationwide studies to evaluate immunity and to support future vaccination efforts both globally and domestically. doctor anthony fauci answered questions virtually after receiving a positive covid tests this week. he said efforts are still underway to develop a universal vaccine that could protect against covid-19 variants and ultimately, against all coronavirus is looking ahead. to be anticipated emergence of new variants the importance of developing the next generation of coronavirus vaccines is paramount. the hearing comes as public health officials move another step closer to green lighting vaccines for the youngest americans. a cdc advisory panel will decide on a formal recommendation. for fighters and
4:53 pm
moderna's formulas this weekend . some doctors say they've been preparing parents for months, calling the shots a game changer , even though the virus is less severe than diseases less severe and children, but it's still a cause of serious illness and, of course of death. the biden administration says it's made 10 million doses of the vaccines available for states. in atlanta . jonathan serrie fox news. alright we hope you'll join us during mornings on to tomorrow as we continue our summer road trip will be in union city to uncover some of the lesser known facts about the city and put some locals to the test. where did union city get its name? i have no idea, so they put them together, and i thought maybe that's why they put union city. yeah yeah, you're wrong. one of the most popular candies in the united states is actually made in union city has been for 50 years. can you name the candy and the company? no, i don't know what. so some tough
4:54 pm
questions there. tomorrow we will explore more facts and trivia about union city. we will also be sampling some of the best food the city has to offer. tune in for tomorrow zip trip to union city during mornings onto the nine loss of the highlighting other cities around the bay area with more zip trips all throughout the summer. want some of that pandey i know really? i got to find out what that is. alright coming up here on the floor today. cruise ships are back at sea, but a shortage of workers is causing a lot of industry problems. what you need to know if you have a trip
4:55 pm
this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways...
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any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo. my 100% beef burgers are seasoned as they grill like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. is days away from blooming at the san francisco conservatory of flowers. you're looking right now at video of a corpse flower from a past display there. the five ft tall, rare plant has its
4:57 pm
name. well, because some people say it smells like rotting flesh plant usually blooms once a decade and only for a few days. it's very quick and the stinkiest part part is really only the first evening. so if you're interested in experiencing the smell in particular, get here quickly. alright so you got to get there early. if you want to experience the stinkiest part, okay, heather telling when the corpse flower will bloom, but when it does, the conservatory is planning to stay open later. for folks who want to see and smell the plant. when the flower has bloomed. an announcement will be made on the san francisco conservatory of flowers. social media page just plan to get their little later. alright cruise lines are canceling trips because they just don't have enough workers to run their ships. foxes ashley webster is import canaveral, florida to explain what's keeping ships docked. on the surface, it appears the cruise industry is back in business. 365 cruise ships are sailing this month. that's compared to just 77 this
4:58 pm
time last year, the c d. c is also removed its travel advisory and the pent up demand for cruising is high, especially if you can avoid the airports. take a listen. people are recognizing that airfares have gone up and it does affect how they want to travel and with cruise ports, you know, both on the east and west coast and in florida, there are more drive to ports that people can go to and save themselves a little bit on the airfare, but it's not old, smooth sailing for one, the cruise lines are having the same problem as the airlines a shortage of workers. back up at the state department for employment visas has forced some operators to limit capacity on ships, close onboard restaurants and even cancel some sailings. last month, norwegian cruise lines was forced to limit the occupancy on its pride of america's ship. we reached out for comments. the cruise line, telling us in part currently due to the tight labor market, we have not been able to fully staffed pride of america, therefore, in order to maintain the highest possible onboard
4:59 pm
guest experience, we are operating at a lower guest capacity. carnival cruises also were temporarily forced to close to restaurants on every ship in the fleet to combat the staffing issues. meantime norwegian also suspended its august 17th inaugural voyage of the ship primer because of supply chain issues. we are hearing about some delays of new cruise ships coming out because the shipyards are having some of those same supply chain issues and, frankly, the same staffing issues. that you know many industries are having so we've seen a number of cruise ships being delayed for their debuts because of that, but if you're looking for a good deal on a cruise trip now could be the time. in fact, the deals are so good 20 to 30% off that some pre booked passengers and now forfeiting their deposits. emery booking at those cheaper prices in port canaveral, florida, ashley webster for fox business. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. just one win away of
5:00 pm
victory tonight would give the warriors their fourth nba title in eight season. if the dubs don't finish off the celtics tonight, it is back to san francisco for a game seven. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. we are just one hour away from the tip off of game six of the nba finals. we have live team coverage for you as we count down to game time, amberleigh. is out there with those fired up fans that thrive city located right outside the chase center. but let's begin with our joe fonzi. he is live at the garden in boston. good evening, joe. hi julie. you guys said it . this place is going to be rocking very soon because the celtics are going to be playing with the sense of desperation. while at the same time the warriors know they can put their names quite deep in the record books if they're able to win tonight. that would be four championships in eight years. and then you're talking about the likes of the michael jordan's arab bulls or the lakers or the celtics of the sixties and seventies in terms of that kind of domination


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