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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 14, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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san jose with those details for us, jesse heather. we now know the name domestic dispute. 29 year old erica pantoja of san jose. investigators say domestic dispute between she and her husband in the parking lot behind me drew in that security guard and tried to intervene and break it up. and he was killed and that killing has touched off a wave of reaction around the bay area. tuesday in oakland about 100 security guards members of s e i u united service workers west gathered in downtown. they say the strain of facing increased violence on the job. led them to take this action officers need respect, dignity and justice on the job. the security workers say that covid pandemic changed their working landscape. working the front lines the past two years has too often, but many of these members in the crosshairs of violence nandi remembered. aki
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was attacked while working a roving patrol in san francisco. then the homeless person got up. ran after me when i had turned my back to walk away. and pulled me down. please commit then attacking me beating me. he punched me in the eye cases are more costly. in north san jose sunday morning, a security guard was killed, intervening in a fight between a married couple, the county coroner says 29 year old erica pantyhose was shot and killed by her husband after he killed the security guard. the man then took his own life. erika's family set up a go fund me page with a message reading. in part. we feel devastated for the loss of my sister and ask for your help to contribute to the funeral services, as she stated that it was her last wish to be buried in peace. in addition to this grieving family , those who knew the slain guard are still in shock. just feel really bad for the security guard people that are that are committing violence against security personnel very well
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made. maybe. prone to do it to police officers. also for this reason, security professionals are demanding better training and higher pay as they confront the new, more dangerous reality while trying to keep others safe. a lot of us have died. for being gunshots, stabbed to death , beaten to death and even covid took a lot of us to our death. the coroner says 23 year old marco durant of san jose was also killed. but at this point it's unclear if he was the security guard or the man who started shooting, ultimately taking three lives, including his own as soon as we get more information from the corner will pass it along. we're live in north san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland and jesse and a reaction from officials yet on the union's demands. while the union just had their rally today , so i imagine it could take a couple of days for the companies to process this, but we did talk
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to the company that employed the security guard who was killed here and i'm told they're in a state of mourning and shocked about this. they're grieving both internally and have reached out to the man's family. so it's a difficult time for the companies as well as they try to juggle staffing concerns as well as security concerns for their employees and increased dangers their on the job, jesse. thank you. stayed in the south bay and also knew it. five sheriff investigators in santa clara county are now asking for the public self to identify a man suspected of assaulting a valley transportation authority bus operator. authorities said. the person they're looking for is described as a man about 5 10 £160. he has black hair and mustache and also long hair on his chin. the may 25th attack knocked the driver on conscious sending him to the hospital. anyone with information should call the santa clara county sheriff's office. san jose police have arrested the owner of a martial arts studio for the sexual assault of a minor 54 year old ernest ramirez has been taken into custody. police say ramirez also operated an after
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school program for trace elementary school where he met the victim. the victim attended the program between august 2020 in june of last year. that's when police say the sexual assaults took place anyone with information regarding this incident or any similar incidents, is asked to call san jose police san francisco judge is now poised to consider the next steps in the case of a band accused of attacking an 84 year old man who died from his injuries that brutal assault was captured on surveillance video. he was christian captain joins us now live from the hall of justice with more on today's courtroom proceedings, christian today's hearing was a major step forward in a homicide that happened in january of last year. to family and supporters of britain impact. he gathered in front of the hall of justice tuesday, ready to attend the preliminary hearing of the 19 year old accused of knocking the 84 year old to the ground in january. 2021 the incident captured on camera, the victim's
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daughter, saying her father was the victim of asian hate story of my father is not going to be in when his memory should be about the equal rights for everyone. inside the court building a judge's determining whether the prosecution against antoine watson, who was 19 at the time of the attack, will proceed to trial. he was arrested along with his then 20 year old girlfriend. the first officer on scene and the neighbor whose camera captured the incident took the stand tuesday. watson has entered a not guilty plea, members of the asian american community have rallied around the case are hoping it leads to meaningful change. today we are here to demand equal justice for grandpa feature an all asian americans. again this is just a preliminary hearing the judge today expected to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. we're live in san francisco christian catholic ktvu. fox two news. it was indeed a shocking case, one that we will continue to follow christian. thank you. san francisco, meantime, is earmarking $118 million to
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invest in the asian american and pacific islander communities. now this one time to your investment will provide funding for land acquisition, capital improvements and building projects in chinatown, japantown. another api communities. city supervisors say this money will help aapi communities recover from the pandemic, violence, displacement and gentrification. well, stocks today, mostly lower on wall street after yesterday's dismal day, investors are bracing for the federal reserve's announcement tomorrow on interest rates. some analysts are concerned in aggressive jump could push the economy into a recession. the dow was down 151 points, the nasdaq 19 point gain and the s and p was down 14 after falling into bear territory during yesterday's sell off. analysts are expecting the fed to hike its short term rate by three quarters of a percent, the biggest increase since 1994 in the last hour on
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the four financial advisor georgia, chetty said it is a delicate balancing act for the federal reserve. the market worries, you know? well, these raises be too high, or will it be too low? will they be able to follow the goldilocks syndrome and get it just right. so we're gonna find out tomorrow there's going to be an announcement for a race. we had to expecting 50 basis points, one half of 1% but now as a result of last friday when the consumer price index was higher than what we thought it was going to be that maybe pressure on the on the federal reserve to raise it's 75 basis points and something even a point. i think it will. it's a 50 50 chance. it'll be over 50 basis points in what we'll find out tomorrow. machete also said there are indications that some supply chain snags are starting to ease which could help push prices lower. president biden delivered a speech today at the afl cio convention in philadelphia and an attempt to reset the debate on the nation's economy, the president told the largest federation of labor unions that he's rebuilding the economy around workers. he
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discussed job creation, lowering the deficit and how republicans in congress are not cooperating to help bring down inflation for families. republicans though, argue that their 2017 tax overhaul growth by reducing corporate tax rates making us companies more competitive. of the federal reserve meeting today and tomorrow ahead of a decision on how much to raise interest rates again. but as foxes lauren blanchard tells us tonight, republicans say the administration and the fed or a step behind inflation could put a real dent in summer travel budgets for many americans gas now over $5 a gallon on average, with no signs of slowing. inflation is just going up. gas prices are going up. to new. don't anticipate it going down until you know the summer ends. the latest data from the labor department shows that in may, wholesale prices were up 10.8% over a year ago, meaning
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producers are paying more and as people can tell, passing those costs on to the consumer. president biden says his administration has a plan to help plan for the economy made extraordinary progress. and put america in a position to tackle the word. what worldwide problem is worse everywhere. but here inflation but the u. s at 8.6% does have worse inflation than some other large economies, including germany, france, canada and india. and part of the president's plan to fix it is to leave it to the federal reserve to figure it out the fed meeting tuesday and wednesday as they decide how much to raise interest rates yet again, republicans say the administration and the fed are a step behind and has no plan. nobody the buyer administration , including biden, has any plan to reduce inflation. all they do is they wake up every day and say who could i possibly blame it on the fed has to try to raise interest rates enough to cool inflation, but not so much
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that they risk of recession will find out their plan wednesday afternoon in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news california lawmakers have passed what amounts to a placeholder budget over how to provide relief for high gas prices as well as inflation. that's because it ensures that those lawmakers get paid. even though they remain in a stalemate with governor newsom on how to provide that relief, among other items, the roughly $300 billion budget bill would send $200 per person payments to families, but the governor is proposing to send $400 payments to car owners instead. lawmakers had to pass a budget by tomorrow to avoid for going their salaries. the final budget agreement is expected in the coming weeks. you're thinking it costs more to fly these days. you're right. here's a live look at at san francisco international airport. looks like a good evening to fly out of here. according to an adobe report published today. airfares have increased 47% since january
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. prices for u. s flights last month were 30% higher than the same month in 2019 before the pandemic. airline bookings in the u. s. declined in may down 2% it is the second consecutive monthly drop this year. warnings of a crypto winter coming up how crypto currency exchanges are handling this economic downturn and from the salesforce tower in san francisco to a building in new york city, the pro life spider man back at it once again, we'll take you to his next adventure, this one in the south plus the air is starting to get released from my lungs and i can't really breathe in my lung had collapsed. a south beijing and rushed into emergency surgery and spends days in the icu after someone shot her with a pellet gun of this evening, the young woman is sharing her survival story. in those temperatures today did warm a few degrees. we're going to warm a couple of degrees tomorrow and then a big cool down. the forecast is now.
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lung fractured a rib. um it caused a lot of internal bleeding, and then it almost hit my heart. a 15 year old recovering at home now, after a horrific experience last friday , someone shot the young girl with a pellet gun and the attack nearly cost the girl her life. ktvu tom vacar spoke to the young woman who is now on a road. to recovery. after leaving valley fair mall last friday. 15 year old jonah viterelli was walking with a friend when suddenly something happened. me and her here really loud, black noise and i immediately say out . turns out she was hit by a
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drive by pellet gun projectile. we turned around to see what that was, and we just see a car driving off rolling up its window after blood started flowing from the wound. paramedics thought it was a relatively minor piercing of her skin. but as her condition worsened, and her breathing was labored, doctors found out it was much much worse there. my wife took her to urgent care, and they had done an x ray, and that's where they found the pellet collapsed. my lung fractured a rib. um it caused a lot of internal bleeding, and then it almost hit my heart. that's super serious injury caused jonah to have emergency surgery and spend three days in the santa clara valley medical centers intensive care unit. the palate is and will remain in her lung. it's gonna take a long time recovering probably have some mental issues or anxiety going out in public walking in a very safe neighborhood, so i feel like now i'm just going to be definitely way more cautious
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, just walking anywhere. paramedic told her family that she was the fourth pellet shooting victim of the day. i know there's a bb gun shootings all along stevens creek by the mall. you know, i can't make any sense of it. you know, the more i think about it, the more upset i get trying to just stay positive because of all the people that have supported me, so there's a lot of consequences to this action that includes the santa clara police department, having already opened an investigative case. police mean to find the perpetrators through neighborhood interviews, business and home security cameras. whatever leads to finding the guilty tom vacar ktvu, fox two news well, the man who calls himself the pro life spider man free climbed at the tallest building in oklahoma today, filmmaker captured video of the band as he scaled the 50 story devon tower in oklahoma city this morning. and you can see the climber had no safety
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gear is he climbed that 844 ft. tall skyscraper. city officials closed some streets below as a precaution. the filmmaker said he met the climber yesterday but didn't realize the man planned to climb up the building. i. was shooting videos here in the park yesterday. that's where i met him. he's like, bro. you better come here so more or something crazy is about to happen. i'm spiderman and they call me like that for a reason. well, they've been made it all the way to the roof of the building without injury, where police quickly took him into custody. he's been identified as mason d shop he's charged with trespassing as well as disorderly conduct. now he is the same man who free climb to san francisco's salesforce tower . you may remember last month a video taken from inside the building and shared to twitter showed him climbing without any ropes or safety devices on that day as well. two days after that, he scaled the new york times building in manhattan and hung to anti abortion banners. san mateo county board of
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supervisors earmarked $1 million to a planned parenthood as a show of support for women's reproductive rights. money will go toward equipment and technology for planned parenthood. armani to improve access to abortion. the move follows the leak supreme court draft document which suggested the high court may overturn roe v. wade. the county has also created a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinics in unincorporated parts of the county. this is to protect patients and employees from harassment. well the house passed a bill today extending security protections, two supreme court justices and their families of the bills passing comes just a week after an armed man was arrested outside of justice. brett kavanaugh is home. and his protests take place outside the homes of other justices before their expected decision that could overturn roe v. wade the bill passed overwhelmingly with 27 democrats , including barbara lee and maxine waters, as well as alexandria. ocasio cortez voting no. the measure is now awaiting
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president biden signature for final approval. fire officials are alerting drivers out there that they may see some smoke and perhaps hear blaring sirens coming from the webster and posey tubes late tomorrow and early thursday, firefighters will be conducting training drills during those times, and so the tubes will be closed. the webster tube, which carries traffic from oakland. alameda will close at 10 pm tomorrow and reopen at one a.m. thursday. posey tube which carries one way oakland bound traffic will close at 1 30 am on thursday and then reopen at five a.m. alright tomorrow. wednesday is going to be the warmest day of the week. temperatures are going to easily get back into the low nineties and that peaks and then temperatures drop off the live camera of the estuary and you're looking back kind of to the east out towards the livermore valley over here. over the hill, and then you can kind of see a little bit of haze in the atmosphere. air quality not super bad, but not super great. pretty breezy. it's been pretty
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northwest winds, you know, for the last couple of days or northerly winds, and that's been keeping things pretty much cleaned out. as we go into tomorrow afternoon, the winds really kick up aggressively and just flush everything out, and that also introduces this cooling trend. so that peak right there that on wednesday. that's when temperatures max out there and then there's cooling period wednesday afternoon. the winds kick up, we're going to see gale warnings, probably just right offshore tomorrow afternoon and then look at the plummet. in temperatures. i mean, we're going to be on friday and saturday back down into the sixties and seventies, and that is going to set us up with lessened fire danger. so this pattern, which is repeating itself week after week where it gets hot for a few days of the week. cause the into the weekend continues as what we had last week and the week before that, and the week before that, uh, this pattern could also bring a slight chance of a sprinkle. i'll talk about that when i see you next, but there's a opportunity as we get towards the weekend, we might see a little bit of drizzle or something such so interesting forecast warmer tomorrow by a couple of degrees. we'll see
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temperatures in the low nineties and then a big cool down. as we get into thursday. the san lorenzo public library in the national spotlight. and now shall alameda county sheriff's officers are stepping up security will give you an update here on the weekend situation after drag queens story our was interrupted. and also coming up on the news at six o'clock tonight. some drug dealers accused of preying on patients at drug treatment centers, a san francisco city leader now wants to change that.
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5:24 pm
afternoon. inside it was a button, making it key chain class for pride. and as that was happening, there were several officers here, we would say, maybe half a dozen, making sure that things were safe and all of this is a stepped up security plan, given the national attention that this library is now in the san lorenzo public library put in the national spotlight after drag queens story our was crashed by members of the right wing group proud boys over the weekend, alameda county sheriff's officers are increasing their presence patrolling the library inside and out and keeping an eye on activities like tuesday's pride , button making and teaching class called show your pride. two grand zella, showing her support outside with signs. she's a former elementary school teacher in san lorenzo, who feels she needs to be here. it's appalling to me that people could come out and attack people in front of young children just for being who they are. queen named panda, dulcie says storytime was interrupted right as she was being introduced. she says. they called her quote, a
5:25 pm
groomer and a pedophile. the sheriff's office is investigating, but says that has spurred anger toward the department and library, each receiving threats from across the country. there's been a lot of nasty messages and emails and phone calls that i know i've received about it, and that's fine. but we're not gonna stand down from our mission to make sure we provide safe space for every member of our community. lieutenant ray kelly says hate speech doesn't always constitute a hate crime. this is a complex investigation. balancing a fine line between free speech versus hate, leading to criminal behavior, he says it will be up to the da's office to determine if any crime was committed. mandela says some adults should take a lesson from kids in this situation, one of the beautiful things about working with young children is you get a big sense of hope for the world, and you see how inclusive and accepting children can be. and then we see how awful and intolerant adults can be, and i just think it's
5:26 pm
shameful. east bay congressman eric swalwell says he will be here in the morning. we actually heard that from the sheriff's office. he's set to speak here tomorrow morning with staff and we tried to speak to staff ourselves, but they're understandably still shaken by this incident. mike out. alright, cristina rendon live there. i'd say in the winds. oh, thank you, christina. east palo palo alto police say they have a clue that could be critical in helping to solve the shooting death of a 15 year old coming up after the break out, you could help with at least one killer still on the loops, plus why there could be trouble for tesla as the national highway traffic safety administration prepares to release nearly a year's worth of data. on self driving car collisions.
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limited availability.
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suspect after a 15 year old was shot and killed in east palo alto. they say two boys or men were seen running from the scene just after nine last night. henry lee has the latest force now on this investigation. 15 year old boy was shot in an alley near his apartment complex that manhattan and woodland and east palo alto at about nine monday night. officers rendered aid at the scene. he was transported to stanford when he was pronounced deceased. i've learned that the boy was confronted by two shooters and killed with a shot to the head sources. tell me police don't have any evidence at the moment that the shooting is gang related. the victim doesn't have
5:30 pm
any ties to gangs. but the motive is still unclear. at this point. we believe we have two suspects on the run, but police say they have video of the shooting and are working. some leads. we have collected evidence at the scene. and that video footage. it's going to help us a lot, but nonetheless we are hoping that the public can help us comes less than a month after a shootout sand kids scurrying for cover at jack farrell park. the gunfire killed ralph fields jr. cousin of raiders wide receiver davante adams, and injured three. it's just sad and tragic to see a young person who lose his life. east palo alto mayor ruben abric a says more needs to be done to stop gun violence, the fact that there are guns everywhere. that people can get him so easily. and then use them so easily. the teenager's family and friends were too grief stricken to comment and asked for privacy. anyone with information is asked to contact east palo alto police in east palo alto, henry lee ktvu fox two news. the government plans to soon release
5:31 pm
data on collisions involving self driving or partially automated driving vehicles, including tesla. the national highway traffic safety administration has been gathering data for nearly a year . the report is expected to single out tesla for a disproportionately high number of crashes. last week, a separate report documented more than 200 crashes involving tesla's using partially automated systems. that's more than any other automaker. amazon is being sued for changing its deal to include whole foods grocery delivery in the annual prime membership. some whole foods customers are accusing amazon of violating their prime membership deal by charging nearly $10 for deliveries that were supposed to be included. amazon prime ended the free whole foods delivery in october , citing its higher expenses. the lawsuit accuses amazon of violating consumer protection laws. the company has not yet commented on the lawsuit. well survivors and victims families from the yuval, d texas school shooting may never find out exactly what happened that day
5:32 pm
of the city is trying to block some information from being released using a policy that keeps information private in crimes where no one has been convicted. you'll remember that the gunman was killed by law enforcement now, if a judge rules in favor of the city, details of police movements, body camera footage and communication could be permanently sealed. health officials are urging people of all blood types to donate blood today is world blood donor day, according to the red cross. a person here in the u. s needs platelets or blood every two seconds. donations during the summertime, or of added importance is trauma and accident chances. surge. health officials are asking donors to step up, especially those with type o negative blood. as it is considered universal and can help anyone during an emergency government advisory panel has endorsed a second brand of covid vaccine for school age children and teenagers. the panel agreed that moderna knows vaccine is safe and effective enough to give the 6 to 17 year olds next
5:33 pm
on the list of covid vaccine for even younger americans, boxes. jonathan serrie has more it's a busy week for federal regulators . today the fda is vaccine advisers met to discuss moderna is covid-19 vaccine for children as young as six years old. the panel voting to recommend the shots for this age group. giving parents another option to protect their kids, a advisors and cdc are looking at these carefully and following the normal process, a lot of people have said chief why weren't these rushed out months ago? clinical trials showed the vaccine was 93% effective in children. 12 to 17 years old. and 77% effective in younger americans. the panel reviewed the formulas possible side effects, including rare cases of myocardial itis. according to the cdc. the vaccine may pose a higher risk of heart inflammation in some age groups compared to pfizer's shots. but the agency said recent data suggests most people recover over time is a rare event
5:34 pm
following him. rna covid-19 vaccination most persons with myocarditis after mrna covid-19 vaccination recover from their myocarditis by 90 plus days after diagnosis on wednesday, the committee will consider recommending fighters and moderna's vaccines for children as young as six months old. health experts say it's unclear how high demand will be for those shots, according to the cdc, less than 30% of five through 11 year olds are fully vaccinated. i'm hoping that we're going to have a little better uptake because we have better access to kids. the white house says. these pediatric shots could be administered as early as next week. in atlanta. john terry fox news. the vacation rental site airbnb as a new category that should appeal to wine lovers. users can now click a button to search for vineyards stays along with the many other feature categories. the vineyard link includes more than 100,000 destinations that grow grapes. analysts say this
5:35 pm
change could be a positive one for the wine industry. well the latest developments and authentication authentication technology could eliminate passwords across the internet. apple could be the latest company to take that step after announcing a feature and its latest software update feature is called pass keys, and it will allow you to log in anywhere on any apple device by using either touch i d. or face side apple along with google and microsoft announced plans to phase out passwords. last month. tesla ceo elon musk expected to talk to twitter employees that a company town hall on thursday that according to business insider the virtual meeting is scheduled again for thursday. and he is said to take questions from twitter employees about his agreement to buy the company. that's also comes as elon musk has threatened to walk away from the deal. is accused twitter of refusing to give him information about its spam bots and fake accounts. twitter said last week that it expects a shareholder vote on the proposed sale by early august. the crypto
5:36 pm
industry just had one of its worst days ever. the most valuable cryptocurrency bitcoin tumbled 15% in just 24 hours yesterday following to an 18 month low as foxes, susan li explains that led trading platforms to halt withdrawals. had investors dump holdings and saw crypto companies got jobs. the value of all cryptocurrency is now less than a trillion dollars, and that's just a third of the records that we saw back in november. following prices also means less jobs and the largest listed us crypto exchange coin base, just announced job cuts its ceo brian armstrong, tweeting that he has made the difficult decision to reduce the size of the team by around 18. staying in quote. that the broader mark down means that we need to be more mindful of costs as we head into a potential recession. coin base joins other crypto and blockchain companies in cutting positions blocked by which is a celsius competitor and a crypto
5:37 pm
lender, chopping 20% of its workforce. crypto .com laying off 5% the winklevoss twins and their company, gemini cutting. 10% now recently spoke to fdx, which is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. founded by 30 year old billionaire sam beckman, freed, dubbed the crypto emperor by the new york times and fdx. sus president brett harrison told me that they are not freezing or cutting jobs. we've been able to weather a storm of crypto prices going down general, private and public market valuations going down, and so we're continuing to expand, continuing to hire continuing to look at potential sources of either acquisitions or other kinds of investments across the space, and we're able to do that, even in times like this confidence is clearly been shaken by the recent celsius blow up, which is equivalent to a bank running cryptocurrencies. also a $40 billion wipe out in one of the stable coins called luna terra, and there are concerns about who's next in the steep price drop in new york. susan lee fox news relief is on
5:38 pm
the way to some california homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage. today the state expanded to covid-19 program designed to help those who have fallen behind on their payments during the pandemic. the program has modified the past due requirement to include homeowners who missed payments in the first half of 2022 expanded the income eligibility as well and will now offer now cover rather past do property taxes for more homeowners. so if you missed at least two payments before june 30th and are currently delinquent, you may now be eligible for four reimbursement from missed housing payments up to $80,000. we have learned that the congressional hearing on the capital riot that was scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed , according to reports that delay is to give the video team more time for some technical work. during yesterday's hearing, several longtime allies of former president donald trump told congress that they repeatedly told him he had lost the election in 2020, and that there was no reason for him to
5:39 pm
dispute the results. but he refused to listen to the advice. one senior adviser testified that the president instead listen to his adviser, rudy giuliani, who encouraged the president to declare victory. a wild side of yellowstone. why a home slid right into a raging river. that is some video plus san francisco police searching for answers after a killer crash. how you can help next.
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you'il sand maintenance there at ocean beach city workers will redistribute approximately 43,000 cubic yards of sand over the next three weeks. the goal is to reduce the likelihood of sand build up there on the great highway when it gets windy. during the project, southbound lanes of the great highway will remain closed between slow boulevard and lincoln way people who walk and bike or encouraged to shift their activities to the
5:42 pm
north bend lanes monday through friday from one a.m. to four p.m. the city is tackling this job now in order to avoid disturbing the western, snowy clover, that's a protected shorebird that usually nest elsewhere in the spring and early summer. well this week marks the first ever california state parks week it's a way to celebrate california's 279 state parks as well as the state's history. the celebration kicked off today with events honoring the native american people who lived here in california. there are other events planned at state parks throughout the bay area and the state. for the rest of the week. the event by the way, wraps up saturday with a special volunteer day. some dramatic cell phone video here, capturing a home in montana collapsing right into the raging yellowstone river. the residents of this home had already evacuated before this happened, the national park service says a melting snowpack combined with heavy rains has led to damage roadways, washed out bridges and several landslides in yellowstone. several towns
5:43 pm
nearby have also had to be evacuated. right now the park is closed until officials can finish. assessing the damage is also a heat wave in the east. major storms in the midwest and some are really hasn't even officially started here. foxes will not only has details on the wild weather that we're seeing all across the country. it's very hot. there is no other way to explain, except is extremely hot. she's one of the 107 million americans now being advised to stay indoors after a major heat wave moved into the midwest and east coast. it started out west, breaking high temperature records and causing still frozen snow to melt quickly. resulting in flooding the completely closed down yellowstone national park, now a massive area from the great lakes. down to the gulf coast is baking under triple digits, prompting some folks to get out and about early before the mercury rises cooler in the morning, and they've already talked about how warm it's gonna be. i don't want to be out here. they're so get out here early. most major cities baking under this heat dome have opened cooling centers, including
5:44 pm
chicago, minneapolis and memphis and charlotte. where officials are offering free rides to seniors and others at risk from the extreme heat. it's south carolina folks are heading to the polls for one of the hottest primary elections on record the real field. they're topping 110 degrees, and there are also concerns about whether the air conditioning will stay on with some cities, setting new records for electricity demand, and experts are worried about what that means. as we head into the summer us actually get above the all time record. um on a sunday in june is alarming t v a, which manages this plant here along the tennessee river is asking its customers to conserve energy for now, during the hottest parts of the day until some cooler temperatures can roll in. in savannah, tennessee. will nunley weather. already we're checking back in with the weather and a few minutes to talk about the heat and the east. how many people are under the gun there and what? we're expecting a cool down. i'll see you back here with the five day warning as warm weather around the bay area creates some dangerous water conditions out
5:45 pm
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from early this morning. it happened on mission street in 21st street. around one this morning. one person died. two others were hurt. a driver took off before officers arrived. so if you have any information, please call police. when police officers flip those lights and sirens on drivers are expected to pull over. but apparently not everyone is these days is jacare . alexis live tonight from olympia, washington and jake. i guess barely more drivers are refusing to pull over here. that's right, mike. they're refusing to pull over for troopers during traffic stops. and here in washington state police can't chase violators unless the circumstances are extreme. it's all because of the risk to both police and others on the road. but the washington state patrol says drivers need
5:48 pm
to know that even if they don't get chased, they'll still face consequences. although the law prohibits us from pursuing unless the criteria is met. it is still a felony to run from the from the police. if we're able to do investigative work to find out who you are and catch you, that's still a felony. from january to may of this year, the washington state patrol reported 934 failure to yield incidents that's quadruple what we saw during the same period a couple of years ago, the national police institute says it's sometimes tough for law enforcement to decide whether violation is dangerous enough to pursue it's one of those things i think, you know, plagues. you know, chiefs and sheriffs across the country is you know what is that right balance? you know how how do we protect our community? um but also, how do we protect them from not adding more dangerous or more issues onto our roadways. rules do vary state to state, but here in washington state police are
5:49 pm
allowed to pursue drivers suspected of crimes such as drunk driving, kidnapping or sex offenses. in olympia, washington . jacare alexis ktvu, fox two news is better is to just pull over. right, jake. thank you. well our warm weather here in california is helping to increase toxic algae blooms all across the state, and it's expected to get worse. the bright blue green scum, often fountain, lakes, rivers and reservoirs, flourishes and blooms and hot weather. they release toxins, though, that can sicken or even kill people and animals, nearly 70 california lakes, rivers and reservoirs, including several here in the bay area have issued caution warning and danger advisories because of this environmentalists say. with the warmer temperatures and climate change, the issue will get more severe. sonoma county is investigating wastewater treatment options in the lower russian river sonoma county water agency board of directors approved a $425,000 study yesterday. it will be done in
5:50 pm
communities, including monda, rio homes and businesses in those areas rely on wastewater treatment systems that do not meet current standards. the systems have the potential to release inadequately treated wastewater into the russian river. and its tributary creeks. already heading into your wednesday. temperatures are going to pick because we've been talking about all week. we have temperatures cool this weekend, and they can climbing their way up to today. tomorrow and then they drop off quickly. a great pattern. if you're rooting for cal fire and having a good good summer that that cool off and that increased community is very, very helpful in terms of fire abatement, or at least helping so with the live camera shot outside, you can see it's clear. we've got this pattern. hmm. looks very similar, does it not? this is exactly what's been happening week after week after week, the high nudges to the south, the low drops in and we cool that early next week, the heil nose back in will heat up. and next week, we'll see if a low drops back in. but this
5:51 pm
pattern has been repeated, very repetitive. so this is how it was. basically today. tomorrow it starts off really warm, but then the winds kick up by tomorrow night. tomorrow be the hot, warmest day. but by tomorrow night that low really establishes itself and stays with us. pretty much right through the weekend and, you know, give us a chance of some drizzle some sprinkles. this is just kind of a long range model saying oh, look through tuesday , certainly in eureka quarter inch reading over a quarter of an inch in you know san jose 0101 in sacramento. really? the takeaway here is it doesn't really rain much in june. so anytime we're showing you green in a forecast model for our area in june in sort of an interesting setup. and now we had that just the other day, didn't we? we had the same thing last weekend. so here's the high. there's the low. the high is going to hang on tomorrow and it's gonna get shoved south. there's the high and then this low, just spinning like this is going to come in and that lowest. maybe bring us a few sprinkles. be kind of nice,
5:52 pm
definitely pick up the winds and also again drops temperature significantly increases the dew point and in the fire. issues go not away, but they get lessened. 36 miles an hour at sfo tomorrow afternoon, sfo's got augusta, probably 40 miles an hour. here we are tomorrow morning. are part tomorrow morning, and that's through the winter kind of north. so that's an offshore wind. watch the wind shift here. that's the cool down tomorrow afternoon big shifts and bodega bay up to 38 miles an hour. the current temperatures are running 12 degrees warmer and fairfield overnight lows are going to be on the mild side and over. you see greens, you know in a few yellows, yellows for overnight lows. 92 fairfield tomorrow 93 a little warmer than today. nice day. i mean, it's fine. fairfield this time of year holmes's fair would you call fairfield hot at 92 degrees for this time? that's warm. that's toasty. okay, what do you call it? hot. not for fairfield . that yeah, i don't think by fearful of standards no touching
5:53 pm
98 99 usually around this one. i think 92 in san francisco. i would call that hot. there you go. alright. hobart is expanding a program to enrich the time passengers spend waiting for a train currently has chaos that print short stories that bubble park fruitvale pleasant hill richmond stations. these short stories are free and are suitable for all ages. bar plans to add more literary vending machines throughout the system. it's also taking submissions from local riders to add to bart's collection and that was could be submitted until the end of the month. celebration cancelations what the supply chain long jam means for fourth of july fireworks shows across the country. governor newsom is hoping to force some people experiencing homelessness. into mental health treatment coming up at six. why some activists say the wrong idea. also ahead. gun reform legislation has long been gridlock in congress, now an influential voice on capitol hill. in supporting a new
5:54 pm
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week sunday is father's day, a new national survey found the average american family will spend around $172 on father's day gifts this year. that's down about $2 from last year. researchers found most of the money spent on father's day goes to cards and clothing. supply chain issues could lead to a much quieter independence day, several places across the country and they're actually having trouble here, finding fireworks and those who do find them or having to pay a lot more than they're used to. and that's not the only problem. fox's marisa starbuck has the details that we know the city of phoenix is canceling all 3/4 of july
5:57 pm
celebration simply because they do not have any fireworks. we also know fountain hills has to make changes to make their celebration work, and even local vendors who sell direct to consumer are noticing the supply chain issues. that we got all the fireworks in almost, but we paid about 3.5 times more and shipping because of one guy in china, controlling the court and playing games with the shipping companies, fuel prices to transport products and many fireworks vendors are feeling the pain this season. jason colt, owner of santan fireworks , says he's been preparing for a possible shortage for a year and a half as supply chain issues continue to build. a lot of other people in the industry are having problems getting their fireworks because there's leave long beach and have to get on the rail and the rail is backed up getting it out to the midwest and other places out east. he says he doesn't expect to run out of fireworks this year, but that's because he stopped his inventory in advance. most of my competitors raised their prices about 30% in the last year and a half. i've only raised my prices
5:58 pm
about 5% so i i'm eating some of that cost but also a shortage of fireworks that towns and cities used to put on their displays because those contained higher levels of explosives. they're regulated by the atf. this year . there are two main problems, a shortage of fireworks and the specialized crews to set them off. fountain hills is having that issue about having cruz their pyrotechnic specialists and these come from the company's having those companies be able to have those people like the fireworks, so to speak. and there's a shortage of those groups right now. this year, they have to move their fireworks show to july 1st. for the first time in about 30 years , they won't have the manpower to light them off on the fourth, and it's not an uncommon situation, sorts of fireworks and the cruise is pretty much a new deal in a new situation for probably every town in america right now. marissa saalbach for fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at 6 15 year old recovering after a terrible experience at
5:59 pm
valley fair mall. she was with a friend when someone shot her with a pellet gun. and then my friends like, oh, my god, there's blood, so that's what i'm like. okay something's wrong . and by then, like the air starting to get released from my lungs, and i can't really breathe in my lung had collapsed . that attack left her seriously hurt and police are still looking for who's responsible. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach heather holmes police say there have been other reports of similar attacks also involving a pellet gun. gateways tom baker spoke with that young girl who is now at home recovering. after leaving valley fair mall last friday. 15 year old jonah viterelli was walking with a friend when suddenly something happened and her here really loud, black noise and i immediately say out. turns out she was hit by a drive by pellet gun projectile. we turned around to see what that was, and we just see a car driving off rolling up its window after
6:00 pm
blood started flowing from the wound. paramedics thought it was a relatively minor piercing of her skin. but as her condition worsened, and her breathing was labored, doctors found out it was much much worse there. my wife took her to urgent care, and they had done an x ray, and that's where they found the pellet collapsed. my lung fractured a rib. um it caused a lot of internal bleeding, and then it almost hit my heart. that's super serious injury caused jonah to have emergency surgery and spent three days in the senate clara valley medical centers intensive care unit. the pellet is and will remain in her lung, long time recovering probably has some mental issues or anxiety going out in public. i was walking in a very safe neighborhood, so i feel like now i'm just going to be definitely way more cautious, just walking anywhere. paramedic told her family that she was the fourth pellet shooting victim of the day. i k


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