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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 28, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. off for the 49ers outside levi stadium tonight as the team heads down to southern california to face the l. a rams in the nfc championship, and they will not be alone plenty of the faithful or also traveling down south to cheer on the team. cause we're going to take over their house, you know, and they try to block us, not we found a way so it's going to be awesome. 49ers faithful showing up big time for the team tonight, and it is just the beginning. good evening. i'm christina window and i'm andre, senior and exciting and nerve wracking
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weekend ahead for nine years spans a team is now on its way to l. a, where they'll face the rams in a battle for spot in the super bowl. yeah let's bands are all riled up. now. this was the scene just a few hours ago at levi stadium. the team busses rolling out to the airport. the faithful did not disappoint to dozens of fans are out there, bringing the energy and sharing on the team. you know, we know 49ers fans travel well to a lot of them heading down south, leaving sfo today. in fact, niners fans are expected to outnumber rams fans itself i stadium on sunday. but those who are saying put here in the bay area also getting pumped. they're going to be plenty of parties all over the bay and beyond. ktvu zach sauces live in the east bay tonight after speaking with fans both on the peninsula and in the east way as well. zach plans to watch the big game here. no lots and lots of watch parties. i tell you. what, if last weekend's game here at the stadium pub is any indication this sunday the staff
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here will certainly have their hands full. and that will probably be the case at most sports bars across the bay area . enthusiasm for the 40 niners is high. from the fans. let's go , niners, let's go to the staff . at the american bull bar and grill and burlingame game day can't come soon enough coming niner fans. it's almost three years old regular martha mcdaniel. feeling good about sunday are niners are coming through. i think this is a good year for us. she already has. her playoff plans locked in blood plants are going to sit in my recliner at home, make chicken wings at my new air fire and enjoy the game. and while she won't be at the bolt, bartender, freddie notes, plenty of others will be stocking up on more of everything. five more cases to win. i feel more. that's more bags, olympia, a couple of pieces of ribs, a few tables down teacher bob radinsky
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says the nerves are starting to set in scared, but i think they will doing everything again to make sure they come home with the w i still wearing the same underwear i had three weeks ago, and yet we're pretty sure he's joking. but if not hate whatever it takes his friend martin feeling confident we're going to do this. we got this. martin planning to barbecue with friends. well others are heading to l a remember a couple days back. me and my brother were like, and if only we could go to that. that that game, you know, because it's because it's not that far out. you know, i don't like a five hour drive brothers jesus and aaron ascencio lucky enough to win and all inclusive trip to the game. this is my first time ever going to nfl and it's the nfc championship back here in the bay fans gearing up for the game at stadium pub and walnut creek defense shows up. i think it's going to be really hard to beat them. i've been born in niner fans with the outfit to prove it his game day ritual. we always do like our meals. we always do. but i have a crew of people we tailgate. it were so but we tailor the meal
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to the opponent. so this week i think i'm gonna do some lamb for the lamb for the for the rams. we the news lamb for the rams. gotta love it. and if you're wondering why, he says it's their way of trying to eat their opponents say whatever works live wanna critic's access? ktvu fox two news. exactly. thank you. alright so fly stadium, home of the ramses 352 miles from levi's, but sunday, it might as well be in santa clara . or at least that's what nine year spans are hoping ktvu is an rubin report from sfo, where flights to l. a were full of fans heading to what they call levi south. the 49 or faithful are on the move. flights from sfo two locks are packed with red and gold. the minute uh, goal kick that field goal we got on and start buying tickets. booking reservations. really excited to be there and support the team. my gosh, so excited, so excited, marcel because we're going to take over their house, you know, and they try to block
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us, not we found a way so it's going to be awesome. the rams attempts to limit ticket sales to 49 or fans was short lived, and now it appears 49ers fans may outnumber rams fans in their own stadium. that's according to vivid seats, which has a proprietary algorithm called fan forecast, so we know that 49ers fans will be traveling from north cal, but we also know there are a lot of 49 are fans who are in the rams backyard. and so our data is projecting that roughly 65% of the crowd will be wearing red and routing for the 49 ers on sunday. 65% and even stronger showing than at the week 18 game, which was also full of the faithful, fans are hoping to turn sofi stadium into levi's south. and i think that the energy level that the niners fans bring especially when we're away games. we bring it, we bring it. we turn it into our house to keep that energy up. united airlines has planned to pep rally at sfo saturday morning. they'll also hand out swag for fans to take on their
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flights. this is video from a similar rally they held two years ago. we have sourdough sam coming out. we have the niners drumline that will be here as well. and the goal is to recreate the stadium feeling so get customers excited as they're heading down. to l. a to cheer on the team. also saturday, the 49ers are hosting what they call the los angeles invasion, a fan event at tom's watch bar los angeles. it's a chance for the 49 or family to find each other before game day, but we give that energy and they take it and deb are run with it. and jimmy throw some touchdowns and we'll get this victory down there for sure. the airport pep rally starts at 9:30 a.m. saturday. however it is at the gates so you'll need to be traveling in order to see it at sfo and ruben ktvu, fox two news alright, so this will be the third time the 49ers will face the rams this season, this one more crucial than the first two. that was the 49ers are one win away from the super bowl. and later in sports
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here from jimmy garoppolo and kyle shanahan on their unique opportunity. ktvu thanks to was the place to take in all the things niners on game day we'll get things started sunday at nine o'clock in the morning with our road to the championship show. pregame coverage starts at three. after the game stay with us for the toyota postgame show and a new episode of next level show. new attend. emergency crews are on scene of a large structure fire in santa clara. this fire started around five o'clock tonight at a commercial building in the area of martin and richard avenues. power was temporarily shut off to customers in the surrounding area, while crews worked to put out the fire. no word yet, though, on how this fire started , or if anyone was hurt. also in the news tonight, big changes are coming to california employment development department. the director of blood abruptly rather announced her resignation, and it comes only one year after taking the job. ktvu elissa harrington has more on the surprise shakeup and how other government officials
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are responding to this, elissa well, that's redesigns was appointed by governor gavin newsom just a little over a year ago. new some praised her as he confirmed her departure today. and said that she tackled unprecedented challenges during the pandemic. in a letter to staff rita saenz, the director of the state's employment development department, announced her resignation. part of the letter reads. i joined you with the knowledge that my time at tdd would be limited, and now it is time for me to hand over the reins of the department. scenes was in charge for just a year. it's unfortunate assembly member jim cooper of elk, grove said. there's still so much work to do . saints was appointed in the midst of the pandemic when there was a backlog of payments and massive fraud claims. the dd paid out about $20 billion to scammers. she came back to help out and it's just the problem. the state is it's like a big ship trying to get it turned around and trying to get it straightened out. the new director was also announced
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friday. nancy fairy assess the current chief deputy director of external affairs, she will be sworn in february. 1st. assembly member jim patterson of fresno, has been a vocal critic of the dd. he said he was not surprised to see saints go in a statement , he said the fdd has tried so hard to downplay their most recent failure at preventing fraud within their disability programs. they're nothing to see here. excuse making is actually hurting people. there's no one i know has more experience in state government. then rita, former ed director, michael bernick, who is now an employment attorney, said saints did a good job under rita in a relatively short time. a year, plus the backlog backlog backlog cases that everyone's complained about has gone down dramatically , bernick said. moving forward the department needs to focus on resolving identity issues getting people paid and getting people back to work. saint has more than 40 years of experience in state government. she will
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stay with the administration and continue her role with the california commission of aging, reporting. live in the newsroom . i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news many californians are watching alyssa. thank you. thank you. san francisco police chief bill scott will hold a virtual town hall meeting next week to talk about the incident when officers shot and killed a man at sfo. that shooting happened last thursday after police recalled to reports of a man waving to guns inside the international terminal. officers opened fire. when the men started approaching them. the guns turned out to be here. soft weapons town hall is set for monday afternoon at three o'clock. three teenagers have been arrested in connection to a deadly shooting in san francisco. police say a 15 year old and 2 17 year olds are suspected of killing a 24 year old that person, dakota smith to kota smith rather during a robbery. the incident happened on cornwall street on new year's eve. police say after the shooting, the teams took the victims three month old puppy and car police arrested those teams yesterday in richmond,
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where they found the victim's dog and car. police in element to identify the driver who crashed into a restaurant outdoor seating area this morning. the crash happened sometime before seven o'clock at the restaurant on park street. police say the driver was in a white dodge charger and let the scene after the crash. investigators say they have now identified the driver but did not release a name or any other details. the cause of the crash still unknown at this point. fortunately, though, the restaurant was closed the time and no one was hurt. still ahead on the crown cases seem to be decreasing here in the bay area , so when will certain restrictions be lifted what a group of doctors is pushing for. at a very weather. another sunny and mild day out there this pattern and may continue into the weekend. we'll have more on your forecast coming up and thousands of flights already canceled and people are stocking up on groceries. a big winter up on groceries. a big winter storm coming
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where vaccination rates are high . we're already seen san francisco and other counties beginning to relax restrictions and looking ahead. there is discussion about what california should do when the current mask mandates. expire february 15th. the average daily covid death toll in the u. s topped 2200 people thursday. the omicron surge, surpassing the delta variants peak, scientists say more people are dying of covid on some weeks than the entire 10 to 15,000 flu deaths during pre pandemic years. but in places such as the bay area, the covid case rates are dropping and higher vaccination rates and mild covid illness are helping to ease the covid crisis. there's so many people who have gotten over omicron now that essentially they've been either immunized now for the first time with that virus, or if they previously been vaccinated, they've been re immunized, and they have even better immunity. dr. john schwartzberg, a professor emeritus of infectious diseases that u c. berkeley says. now many scientists are
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discussing whether restrictions should be gradually lifted. in the bay area. health officers say the omicron surge peaked several weeks ago and the numbers of cases and hospitalizations have dropped. california's mask mandate is set to expire on february 15th. and one group of doctors wrote an open letter to california lawmakers on change. org calling for an earlier elimination of masking mandates for children. we wanted to get kids first in line kids, our kids are the lowest risk demographic group in terms of serious covid illness, and they are currently wearing masks and subject to covid restrictions for more hours per day than any other group. doctor jean noble, an associate professor of emergency medicine at ucsf, says while they're asking for mandates to be lifted , masks are effective and should be used by individuals on a case by case basis. vaccinations are our best weapon against this disease. really now is the time to peel back the layers and get back to 2019 living, you know, get vaccinated. stay safe. and
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if people choose not to get vaccinated, well, it's some point. that's you know, that is there that is their personal choice. still some say timing is important and any easing of restrictions will need to look at hospital and staffing capacity as well for hospitals are not stressed. both in terms of bands and personnel, then that gives us the luxury of saying, you know, we can. we can really relax a lot of things now. and dr swartz berg says covid therapies are proving to be very effective in treating people who get covid-19. and that also will help lower the risks of lifting restrictions. andre jana katsuyama reporting for us, janet thank you. next tuesday. a new vaccine requirement takes effect in oakland if you want to dine indoors at restaurants, bars or cafes, maybe even work out at the gym, you'll have to show proof of vaccination. the ordinance also applies to entertainment venues, theaters and large indoor events. oakland
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is allowing exceptions for those who can show proof of a medical exemption and have a recent negative covid test. business owners and customers we spoke with were supportive. we got to do our part. we're on board with it. personally i like having the mandates that we don't have to argue with people about it. i follow rules like on my job. they tell you something to do it and i do it. you know, it's just i try to help out the community any way i could the first time that a restaurant owner or business, or jim fails to comply. they'll get a warning letter after that, though they will be subject to find more than 3000 flights have been canceled tomorrow as the northeast braces were powerful winter storm. more than 90% of scheduled flights at boston's logan airport and new york's laguardia were scrubbed according to flight, aware people are also being urged to stay off the roads this weekend. blizzard warnings extending from virginia all the way up to maine, as lauren blanchard tells us people spent the day stocking up on everything from groceries to snow blowers. we could expect
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up to one ft of snow, but you know, mother nature has a tendency to do what she wants folks in the northeast, getting ready for one wicked big storm. forecasters warned there could be up to three ft of snow dumped in some parts of new england and winds could top 50 mph wind is our biggest problem. i think when there's a storm they say well, come 50 to 75 miles an hour winds and they can do some damage. we try to get prepared for it. while it's expected to move through by saturday night, this is not a typical storm. we should not expect to be back to everything back to normal. the minute the snow stops falling staples already flying off store shelves. they're showing everything. cat food, pet food. the dairy that's pretty stocked are there's probably water and beverages, and that's not looking so good either. and if you're looking to travel this weekend, authorities from the carolinas to maine are warning it could become impossible to
10:20 pm
keep the roads clear during the peak of the storm. boston has hundreds of plows at the ready and after the last blizzard in virginia, stranded motorists on the highway. their governor already declared a state of emergency crews are out brining the roads kind of puts a layer of salt water between the pavement in any ice that might form according to flight aware. already thousands of flights have been canceled in anticipation of the bad weather. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. and we've been watching the storm developed over the past 24 hours, and this will overwhelm parts of the east coast as we take a look at the overall forecast model will zoom in the eastern seaboard here. you see that area of low pressure and intense area of low pressure moving up and really just strengthening so you can see those winds as tight up isobars indicates, in very strong winds coming in at the north and east in a place like boston could easily pick up over two ft of snow with this system coming
10:21 pm
onboard tonight and into your saturday back here in the bay area. the complete opposite. we just have a few visiting clouds and some pretty mild temperatures high from this afternoon. lots of sixties out there warm spot down in the south bay morgan hill 70 degrees in this weekend will be just a little bit cooler but still pretty mild out there with the widespread sixties. here's the plan this weekend saturday, starting off with some cloud cover and then overall fair skies into the afternoon hours on sunday, we'll just have patchy fog in the morning hours with mostly sunny skies satellite tonight, though we're tracking some clouds. moving in from the pacific and those clouds will continue to move in. overnight mainly submit to upper level clouds for tonight into tomorrow morning. current numbers. it is a cold friday night. you can see right now. fairfield 37, santa rosa 41 degrees san jose 51 in san francisco 54. here's a live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary here out toward the bay bridge, and not much of the way of dense fog but mainly submit to upper level clouds
10:22 pm
drifting overhead for tonight. so add that to the forecast first thing tomorrow morning, overnight lows in the thirties and the forties, so definitely want to bundle up to start your weekend. tomorrow morning. you can see after that cold start, so we will have this increasing sunshine and another mild afternoon another day, with temperatures back up into the sixties by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. we continue to look for those rain clouds coming up. let you know if we have any rain chances to talk about in the five day forecast will be paying close attention, mark. thank you. the oakland boys and girls club says it is in need of help after damage to its roof from the recent windstorm. the group says the wind storm a week ago caused more than $50,000 in damage to their clubhouse on international boulevard. they say they need to come up with $5000 to cover the insurance deductible, so they're reaching out to the community for help in hopes of raising money to make those repairs. parts of chinatown in san francisco, getting ready getting all decked out for the lunar new year celebrations were the
10:23 pm
united community. we all have a strong community next to report on the effort to san francisco.s
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prepping to welcome in the new year of the tiger ktvu is christian captain tells us for some, the symbol of the tiger has a special meaning as the aapi community has survived a rise in racist attacks and the stress of the pandemic. san francisco's chinatown is buzzing with activity as the neighborhood prepares to welcome the lunar new year and the visitors it brings. the department of public works has painted the dragon lights and steam cleaned the iconic dragon gate. san francisco police foot patrols are out on the streets as well, preventing robberies and burglaries and car break ins scams. lot of its community like i was talking about earlier community relationships. we can't be everywhere at once. we can increase presence, but what's really helped us is actually the community themselves, telling us what's going on. but with the new year
10:26 pm
in sight, it's not all work. officers here say they're ready to welcome visitors to chinatown . in addition to talking with the people we usually see we love speaking with people who are asking for directions, asking for recommendations for food if you come to chinatown and ask us for recommendation for food, we will not disappoint nancy. you law and her family started what has now become a chinatown tradition, the zodiac wall and kerouac alley next to her business as a way to spruce up the area and spread cheer about the new year. the character that was chosen this year embodies the struggles. the aapi community has faced this last year before you have to tiger we want to do strong strength. so the chinese character chinese character it's going to be up the war is going to be strength. we want a united community. we all have a strong community. lunar new year festivities kick into high gear on saturday morning with the flower market fair in the heart of san francisco's chinatown in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news ktvu is a
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proud sponsor of the chinese new year celebration and parade. the parade takes place this year on saturday, february 19th. you can watch a special broadcast of the chinese new year parade one week later as well on february 26th. or the stunning scene unfolding today in pennsylvania 50 year old bridge buckles just hours before visit from president biden to address the very issue. there's a fight over this flagpole taking place right now in san francisco. the city wants it removed from its current position in front of the home and next. why the homeowner says he should be allowed to keep it right where it is? later in sports north cal versus south cal or so cal, a longtime rival glee coming to a head joe fonzi deep dives into the historical context of the 49ers rams meeting in the nfc championship. and in order to california youth soccer team launches an effort to raise money but this is not your average youth sports fundraising effort. it involves sex toys, and it's
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pennsylvania collapsed, injuring at least 10 people. a commuter bus since several cars were on that bridge this morning when it buckled. it happened just hours before president biden was set to visit pittsburgh to push is $1 trillion infrastructure bill that includes bridge maintenance. the president virtually did the wreckage and met with first responders telling everyone there the bridge will be built back better. they're gonna fix them all. not a joke. this is going to be a gigantic change, and there's 43,000 nationwide. and. we're sending the money and by the way to give you guys a more money to cops, officials say the condition of the 50 year old bridge was recently inspected and rated as quote poor. by the
10:31 pm
pennsylvania department of transportation. and here in california, there has been a push to address an aging infrastructure. kcbs tom vacar tells us how many bridges are in bad shape and what's it going to cost? to get the according to the federal highway administration. california has 1493 bridges classified as structurally deficient. that means 5.8% have at least one key element, the deck the superstructure or foundation rated in poor or worse condition , costs to put them in fear or good condition. about $12 billion. the big push to repair , refurbish and rehabilitate the bridges began in 2017, the legislature and governor brown enacted sp one, the largest transportation bill in state history. the other key players public support, raising even more money at the ballot box. the voters of california and the voters of the pay area in particular. deserve a lot of
10:32 pm
credit. in the last four years, the number of troubled bridges has steadily decreased by 21% taking 319 bridges off the deficient list. those are your tax dollars at work. and we're all safer for it. this is a direct result of planning, commitment and execution on the part of caltrans, as well as funding coming from state and federal highway funds. tolls and gas taxes. there are multiple sources of funding for to do the ketchup job that you describe. and now comes even more big funding from the federal bipartisan infrastructure law signed into law by president biden in november. we're looking at, um 849 million for this fiscal year alone. and 4.2 billion over five years of the nation's top 250 most heavily traveled but structurally deficient bridges 61 or in california. the bay area has 37
10:33 pm
such bridges all of southern california, 18 and the central valley. six of the nine bay area counties, only five have deficient bridges. alameda and contra costa with 11 bridges each san mateo was seven, solano with six and santa clara with two. deficient means needing work, but under constant inspection and nowhere near to close them down. we thought there were any structural problems with the bridge. we would close it immediately and address them. now you know, tom vacar ktvu fox two news. well, none of this story. another former tesla employee is suing the carmaker over allegations of ongoing racist and sexist comments. mercury news reports that chanel dixon, who is black, worked for tesla in the solar power division. she says she was harassed and discriminated against with racial slurs and inappropriate sexual comments. ls october, san francisco jury ordered tesla to pay nearly $137 million to a
10:34 pm
black former worker who says he suffered racial abuse when diaz said he faced daily racist remarks, including the use of the n word. it is a symbol of national pride, a landmark in san francisco in a neighborhood for decades, but now the city says it has to move. the dispute is over a flag pole in which is that, he says, is in the way of street improvements. ktvu is rob ross spoke with the homeowner who is now trying to fight city hall. for generations. this flagpole has been standing tall on kirk, um, avenue in san francisco, not far from ocean beach would like this flagpole as part of the reason we bought the home. and homeowner, peter stern says his two year old daughter likes it, too. she often helps him raise the flag each day. she runs down the street, you know, and sees the flagpole kind of symbolizes where the houses you know there's home data. neighbors also seem on board with it and seeing the flag. we moved here from france and my daughter. that's how she learned with the american flag was, but the problem is the city doesn't want the flagpole at least not there
10:35 pm
. the department of public works left this notice at the home, saying it has to be removed or that he needs to apply for a permit. but the notice doesn't say why a bit frustrated so um just reached out to the inspector here on file and try to get a little bit more information. the homeowner says he's tried calling and emailing the public works department, but so far no one has gotten back to him. i'd like to just talk to somebody and see if we can figure out a solution. do we place to call? a spokeswoman for the department told us this city is making improvements to the sidewalks where people with disabilities and the flagpole is in the way and that if the homeowner wants to keep it, he can apply for a permit to move it someplace else. the city says the poll is on public property, the homeowner argues it's on his property will fight to keep the flagpole. my wife and i both work full time. we got two little kids were busy. it's just another kind of a headache of and i just get to the to get to the answers and figure out what i got to do to keep the flagpole. the notice says he has
10:36 pm
30 days to figure it out. it's unique. write something. is there is a fight to keep kind of the heritage of san francisco here and keep some of these historic homes the way they are , and to us, that's kind of historical, the department of public works said friday. it is willing to work with the homeowner in san francisco rob roth, ktvu fox two news. the house committee looking into the january 6th attack on the u. s. capitol whining now its investigation members have issued subpoenas to 14 republicans from seven states that joe biden one in the last election. investigators say that the gop member sent in false slates of presidential electors in 2022 the national archives. they say it was part of an effort by former president donald trump's campaign to try and overturn the results of the presidential election. being off to add 11, a second booster shot now being offered in san francisco, but only for a certain group of people. we will have those details up ahead. and a barrier weather looks like a
10:37 pm
nice weekend forecast with some pretty mild temperatures, but we definitely need some more rainfall coming up and let you know if you have any rain chances to talk about in the five day forecast also had youth sports fundraisers are as american as apple pie. but some say one soccer teams use of sex toys to raise money. is just
10:38 pm
oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. parents started asking questions . reporter melanie window tells us the valentine's themed fundraiser included the sale of adult toys. adult toys being sold as part of a fundraiser that supports natomas football academy, a soccer club with an extensive youth program. that fundraiser launched this week, but just pulled down from facebook and email links that
10:40 pm
had been blasted to over 1000 parents and adults in the club. now closed after kcr a started asking questions about the fundraiser and parents raised serious concerns club leadership , saying they made the decision to pull down the fundraiser to appease anyone who might have been upset by it. there's a backlash with this, and people are really unhappy about it. then then we won't do it again. we're just trying to keep the fields open right now for everybody. she says the club needs to raise money to offset costs. membership fees don't cover things like park rental lights, coaches and referees and the administrative cost of running the club. that's where fundraising comes in. if that fundraising offsets $80,000 that parents and adults would have to pay in order to participate in soccer. in a statement to casey are a three, several natomas football academy parents wrote. after communicating with several
10:41 pm
other natomas faa families. we feel that integrating a youth sports fundraiser with an adult toy vendor was ill advised. we hope that natomas f a board will strongly consider ending this fundraiser with all due haste, as well as giving more thorough scrutiny to any and all fundraising campaigns moving forward. disneyland is moving forward with the vaccine mandate for all employees. that's according to the union that represents food and breath bridge workers at disneyland, the world disney company will require all employees to be vaccinated by april, 11th. disney first announced this requirement last year, but several unions went to the negotiating table, asking that park guests also be required to be vaccinated. the union says those negotiations were not successful. employees will soon receive an email with the details of the mandate. well the new efforts to bring single payer healthcare to california
10:42 pm
the heated arguments for and against it and the major hurdle the bill faces next week. and meteorologists mark tamayo will meteorologists mark tamayo will have oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability
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♪ at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. every year i ask chris, where are we going? as a single mother, i definitely think it's important as a way to connect. i've never been out to the san juans and things have really shocked me. i am so greatful to be able to experience it with my son, and to feel so comfortable. this will be something that we'll talk about forever. next challenge. on monday, the assembly set to hold a floor vote, and while there are many steps ahead, political reporter greg lee tells us it's a major step in a contentious battle.
10:45 pm
the stakes keep rising on the latest attempt to bring single payer healthcare to california monday. lawmakers in the state assembly are set to vote on a b 1400 the framework for government funded universal health care system. so we're trying to save money in our system, make it more efficient and acts and accessible truly to everyone. san jose assembly member ash kalra is the bill's author. under the proposal, private insurance plans would effectively be replaced by a state run plan called cal care. a number of labor groups, including the california nurses association back the plant, but there's plenty of opposition. there needs to be significant improvements to be made when it comes to health care in california, and i don't think anyone questions that i think what people are concerned about is that this proposal is the wrong answer. assembly republicans started a petition opposing the plan chief among their concerns how to pay for the bill. a committee analysis estimates the cost would be between 314 and $391 billion a
10:46 pm
year a b 1400 is tied to a funding proposal, aka 11. tax hikes on businesses in high earners, which needs to be approved by the assembly, senate and voters. the entire state budget proposal by the governor. that he announced is around $286 billion, so this proposal would cost more than the entire budget of california. even the taxation mechanism which some estimate will be $160 billion, or more is less than what we're paying now and they don't talk about that. the committee estimates the total cost of health care in the state this year. will be around $517 billion 222 billion of employer and household spending 295 billion paid by local, state and federal taxes. the california medical association, california hospital association and more than 100. other medical and business groups opposed the plan. as for governor newsom, here's how we responded earlier
10:47 pm
this month with respect, i think there's a approach. that's a better approach, and it was approach we were taking that was embraced by many of the same legislators that, for some reason has changed a little bit. as this bill comes out of nowhere. i hope that we can move this forward and eventually bring single payer healthcare. mature you are residents to all of you. adding to the stakes here, the progressive caucus of the state's democratic party tweeting and threatening to take away their endorsement votes for any lawmaker who does not approve of the plan. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu fox, two news community members in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood will soon have access to free healthy food options. today, the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of karina food hub. it's located inside an affordable housing community on mission bay boulevard. organizers say it is similar to a grocery store, but the food is free for those in the community.
10:48 pm
food and housing under the same roof just builds a stronger community in terms of access in terms of health in terms of wellness, and we're really excited for this partnership. organizers say the food hub offers a mix of cultural foods found traditionally in black, brown and indigenous communities . the hub will also host events and activities. and a barrier weather wish we had some new material looks like we have the same old weather story of lots of sunshine, some pretty mild temperatures that will continue into the weekend and into next week's temperatures as you would expect, or above the average and that'll be the case. basically over the next couple days, at least you can see the average highs for today as we take a look at the graphics, mainly upper fifties, close to 60 degrees. and a few degrees above the average and i'm sure you have noticed that dry weather stretch last rainfall three weeks ago, so extended period of dry weather that will continue through the weekend through the rest of the month. and also as we start off february, 2022 the
10:49 pm
short term we're tracking a big band of high clouds as you can see offshore and the high clouds drifting in from the pacific. so more cloud cover tonight into tomorrow morning, and then we'll probably have some more sunshine by the afternoon hours here. you can't see the occurred numbers out there for the 10 o'clock hour, beginning to cool off, especially out toward the delta fairfield right now. 37 degrees napa 40 san francisco 54 in san jose, checking in 51. here's our live camera checking out the golden gate bridge was still just some scattered high clouds moving in, so we're not much in the way of dent fog. we could have a few patches first thing tomorrow morning, but mainly some high clouds, all linked up, but to this area of low pressure to our south, and this will actually move into southern california for tomorrow. so this will also be a source of the cloud cover for tonight into your saturday morning and then into the weekend. basically it's high pressure, wants to stick around and remain offshore. so with that, just kind of a repeating forecast a cold start the morning hours, clearing skies and some mild conditions
10:50 pm
for the afternoon of the storm tracks still pushed up to our north. here's the forecast model . you can see for the first half the day some cloud cover for the second half the day clearing skies. maybe those in fog could redevelop their portions of the coastline by a late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. and then on sunday looks like a sun cloud mix could have somebody hazy sunshine paints a visit and temperatures actually cool off a little bit for the second half of the weekend highs for tomorrow will be in the sixties warmest occasions approaching the upper sixties, so once again cloud cover for the first half the day increasing sunshine for the second half and also watching the weather. and southern california down in los angeles, inglewood for the big championship game. we are expecting lots of sunshine. temperatures will be warm, close to 70 degrees at kickoff. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast. basically looks like the entire state is dry. the entire state is mild and you can see that's kind of reflective here. in the forecast partly sunny skies on monday tuesday mostly sunny skies. was
10:51 pm
interesting and not in a good way. there's the chance we could have increasing fire danger next week on day five there that wednesday panel indicates some breezy conditions and those winds could pick up that may actually boost the fire danger so knots not a development. we want to see this time here. not at all, especially since we saw already a wildfire in january. okay mark. thank you. today a federal judge re sentenced tiger king's joe exotic to 21 years in prison, reducing his original sentence by only a year. joseph maldonado passage was sentenced to 22 years for a murder for hire plot involving animal welfare activists, carol baskin , both of whom were featured in the popular netflix series. a federal appeals court agreed to the re sentencing after ruling that the original sentence range for maldonado passage was too high. his attorneys say they will appeal the re sentencing and petition for a new trial. her next 49ers more than familiar with her opponent in the nfc championship game. after the break, frank mallicoat will
10:52 pm
have some final thoughts from the team on the unique third matchup of the season with the rams. then on the 11 o'clock news changes to how businesses operate in oakland what you'll need now, if you want t ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) imagine a place where we can finally be free. free to zoom without a meeting request.
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our way on their way to la for sunday's nfc title game at sofi stadium. the team took off but a half an hour ago out of san jose. but prior to take off, they got quite the send off. so there you go. 200 plus nine are diehards waving flags here at la given the team a great send off at levi stadium destination southern california touchdown around 11 30 tonight a light
10:55 pm
workout and i walk through saturday, then it's game on comes sunday. afternoon now these two teams know each other very well, very unusual, but sunday's clash will be their third meeting this year. the 49ers won both games this season . in fact, they have won the last six against la since 2019. niners crushed the rams have week 10 31 10 of the game. they never trailed data and levi and in week 17 3 weeks back and again, they had to win to get into the playoffs. they hammered la and overtime 27 24. that's after trailing by 17 out of the gate. here's jimmy g on their third and most important shot. at battling the rams. i mean, this will be my first time. i've never actually done it. so um, it'll be a little different, but, yeah. i mean, these guys know us. we know them. there's really no, i know secrets or anything like that. so just about, you know, going out there beating your man and execute. there's not much to soak in we knew what the tape was going to look like before we turned it on
10:56 pm
. i think it makes for a little bit more fun of a football game. lots on the line. we're going to play as hard as we can. they're going to play as hard as we can. and um i'm going to see who makes the most plays and who makes the least mistakes. and we'll all be watching game time. 3 30 on sunday, right here on fox to our coverage starts at three o'clock. now this l. a barea rivalry is nothing new as ktvu is, joe fonzi reports. been going on for decades, including a biggie this past october. it was just three months ago that two of baseball's oldest rivals met for the first time in the postseason. video parody breeds contempt. it's the rams and 49ers lay it on the line and now in a rivalry even older in its time in california, and 49ers and rams will meet for just the second time in the nfl post season. beginning in 1950. the two teams have met at least twice every year. the one
10:57 pm
exception is the 1989 season when they also met for the nfc championship. ronnie lott made a key play early on the road to super bowl 24. the rams jim maverick will always be remembered for one play on that day. i don't know that i've ever seen a quarterback gets knocked down when the result contact probably unfairly. the phantom sack is the signature moment of average 12 year career. and it helped increase the visibility of an arrogant young broadcaster who might not have gotten the exact result he was trying to provoke. i think that you probably won't say it again. i bet i do. okay chris. sunday's game may not turn out to be quite as iconic as that one in january of 1990, but the current generation of players on both teams is set to take its place among those who have played in 145 previous meetings between the 49ers and rams. joe fonzi ktvu, fox two, and the next
10:58 pm
chapter is on sunday number two with its college basketball team in the country. they continue to roll stanford beating up on arizona state by 28. tonight the cardinal of 1 15 of their 18 tara vanderveer is team leaving no question and i'd second quarter stanford already at 24 8. watch. haley johnson. i don't need any help. she will slice in through a lot of traffic to over 12, she added. tim boards as well. third quarter pull it away . watch lacy whole from outside, take game and drove one of her 23 pointers. the cardinal, now six in pac 12 play. they win it next up number eight arizona on sunday. well he wants seven super bowls and owns just about every passing record in the nfl, but could be a very native tom brady. be close to retirement number of nfl sources saying yes , brady took last week's loss to the ramps to heart, he rallied back down 27 3 to tie it only to lose on a last second field goal out of the playoffs. he goes radius thrown for over 48 miles
10:59 pm
and over 700 touchdowns. he's played intense super bowls, winning seven that one of the best years ever at age 44, but with little to prove and a growing family. many insiders are saying number 12 will likely hang them up sometime in the next couple of weeks. but we got a little time. so why don't we check this out? farmers insurance open round three par 3/8 hole. i think you know what's coming here. that's maverick makes nearly at a stanford portola valley followed the razor laser red line, anyway. well, there you go. right in the cup. he's got it that is his second ace on the pga tour daily had a 560 seventies only to back of the lead in that. bring on sunday. guys that's for his it right. all right. thank you so much. we appreciate it, frank. next at 11 . alright so frank gave you the details from a sports angle
11:00 pm
49ers faithful now turning out in force. levi stadium tonight to give their team a huge send off as he had to l. a the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now your fans are getting pumped up for sunday's nfc championship game. good evening . i'm andre senior, and i'm cristina rendon. the 49ers are in the air right now scheduled to land in l a. about a half an hour from now. earlier tonight, though, fence fill the street outside levi stadium to cheer on the team busses. headed to the airport. in case you can't make out what they're saying. they're saying beat l a and testing out their vocal cords before the big game


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