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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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heels of problems with hundreds of thousands of disability insurance claims frozen over concern of fraud yet again. former director michael bernick says. regardless things have gotten better at the troubled department, a big improvement in terms of the anti fraud provisions. um and it's unfortunate. the current ones have slowed. um um some payments in terms of disability insurance, but if the department does nothing, what's the result ? and you have another $20 billion going out, and nobody wants that? governor gavin newsom just released a statement thanking director signs saying in part with her stent fans, leadership and dedication to public service director signs spearheaded important reforms at the department. to better serve working californians prevent fraud and hold bad actors to account governor newsom has appointed a new director, nancy
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fairies, various has served as the chief deputy director of external affairs, legislation and policy for more than a year . signs expressed her confidence in her successor, saying. various has worked tirelessly leading strategizing and initiating new strategies. she'll be sworn in on tuesday. live in the newsroom tonight. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. some 49ers and rams fans planted turned sunday's nfc championship game into a weekend long party. yes, we already see niners fans heading south for the game. at the same time, rams fans are out all over southern california, showing love for their team. they'll need here. so fly stadium in inglewood and the winner of sunday's game will in fact returned to the stadium for the super bowl. ktvu is an ruben caught up today, with 49ers fans determined to make their presence known. in rams territory. the 49 or faithful are on the move. flights from sfo two locks are packed with
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red and gold. the minute uh, goal kick that field goal we got on and start buying tickets. booking reservations. really excited to be there and support the team. oh, my gosh. so excited, so excited, marcel, because we're going to take over their house, you know, and they try to block us, not we found a way so it's going to be awesome . the rams attempt to limit ticket sales to 49 or fans was short lived. and now it appears 49ers fans may outnumber rams fans in their own stadium. that's according to vivid seats, which has a proprietary algorithm called fan forecast. so we know that 49ers fans will be traveling from north kabul. we also know there are a lot of 49ers fans who are in the rams backyard, and so our data is projecting that roughly 65% of the crowd will be wearing red and routing for the 49 ers on sunday, 65. and even stronger showing than at the week 18 game, which was also full of the faithful. fans are hoping to
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turn so fi stadium into levi's south. and i think that the energy level that the niners fans bring, especially when we're away games. we bring it, we bring it. we turn it into our house to keep that energy up. united airlines has planned a pep rally at sfo saturday morning. they'll also hand out swag for fans to take on their flights. this is video from a similar rally they held two years ago. we have sourdough sam coming out. we have the niners drumline that will be here as well. and the goal is to recreate the stadium feeling so get customers excited as they're heading down. to l. a to cheer on the team. also saturday, the 49ers are hosting what they call the los angeles invasion, a fan event at tom's watch bar los angeles. it's a chance for the 49 or family to find each other before game day, but we give that energy and they take it and deb are run with it. and jimmy throw some touchdowns and we'll get this victory down there for sure. the airport pep rally starts at 9:30 a.m. saturday. however it is at the gates so
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you'll need to be traveling in order to see it at sfo and ruben ktvu fox two news. alright so fans interested in taking a drive instead to l. a just to get in the mix of the nfc championship crowd need to understand. it will be difficult to find a place to park anywhere near sofi stadium parking shortage has nearby businesses posting online ads for places to park city of inglewood is encouraging businesses to offer alternative parking. and some spots are going for as much as get this. $700 the owner of a nearby medical complex isn't quite charging that much, but his spots well, they'll still cost you you're gonna have a heyday, aren't you? well i don't know. hey. they were out of service in the city of the angle. i'm not trying to be a profiteer office. what's your price for the nfc championship dollars $90 this sunday. and then for super bowl sunday 140 150. still make a pretty good penny there well, one reason why parking is so limited around the stadium is the nfl is already
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using stadium parking to prepare for the super bowl. loyalty to the 49ers and rams relieving some homes divided tonight, lord diaz picks up our team coverage to the build up of sunday's game and she is live in rancho cucamonga tonight. we're fans of both teams are making the most of living under one roof. laura, tell us about it. while christina lot of people have complicated relationships with their football teams, because they nfl teams, they've come and gone, but for one rancho cucamonga family complicated doesn't begin to describe it. well, just watch and you'll see what i mean. it's a saloon style bar. we have built. my in laws live back here in the back house, and unfortunately there rams fans at the gomez savio's home in rancho cucamonga. it's a house divided, literally, baby fill and crystal gomez, rabid 49, or fans. you know, i'm nine years old and i watched him they
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won the super bowl one at the next year. and from that point on, i mean, it's always been my team fills in laws joe and rita diehard rams fans always praying. actually when there's parties. because a lot of 49 fans are here, so we have to be louder than them. 14 year old daniel, caught in the middle defected to his grandparents. he proudly wears the blue and gold. jerry rice signed football. everywhere you look team spirit from the 49ers flags down to rita's ram blue uggs. now that's a true fan, but come sunday at the end of the game. go to your house were favored by 3.5 points . you know which team will say hug while the others says yes, but it could get a little little while you know we could. you know, she she she don't know what she's doing. that's what happens with rams fans a lot. you know, it's just glad that they're both competitive. and
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then we both nfc championship is pretty rare. i think it's only the second time they've ever done that. bang bang bang all day nighter who's right who's had. some good natured trash talk right there. i will tell you, whoever loses, they have to cook dinner for the other family for an entire week and where the opposing team's jersey so there's going to be payback. but there's going to be a lot of fun in that household. come sunday. i'm laura diaz reporting live from rancho cucamonga. christina and andre back to you. and thank you so much for a that's not a bad bet their dinner for a week. that's that's great. pretty nice. thank you so much, laura. alright san francisco mayor london breed in los angeles mayor eric garcetti have not disclosed whether they've made a friendly wager going on this game. but mayor garcetti did post on twitter today, saying proof mayor breed delivered on their last bet over the giants national league division series matchup with the dodgers. he posted photos of a piece of
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suspension wire. from the golden gate bridge, and he said that the wire arrived today, months after their bet. the caption includes. thank you, mayor breed always bet on blue. hopefully he'll say something to her. after this game, we'll see. george kittle in the 49 years. no, their opponent better than most. there is dangerous as ever with stars all over the field. that's all we're focused on is the opportunity to play football against the rams, the division rival. it will be the third time by the way, the 49ers will face the rams this season. this one more crucial, though, than the first two as the niners are one win away from the super bowl later in sports here from both jimmy garoppolo and kyle shanahan on their unique opportunity. ktvu fox two is the place to be to take it up. take it all in on game day. all the niners action will get things started by the way. nine a.m. with our road to the championship show. pregame coverage starts at three in the afternoon and after the game stay with us for the toyota postgame show and a new episode
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of next level chef. this proposal would cost more than the entire budget of california as much as $391 billion to be exact. coming up new at 6 30 state lawmakers get ready to vote on a plan designed to bring single payer healthcare to california, plus oakland puts new pandemic error demands on people going to restaurants and gyms. and it looks like the same old whether story around here with lots of sunshine. mild temperatures in this pattern will continue into the weekend. will continue into the weekend. we'll have the update coming up mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. my new spicy cluck which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps,
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. oakland must show proof of vaccination. ktvu head really tells us how the ordinances going over with some restaurant owners and customers. no shoes, no shirt. no vaccine card. no service beginning tuesday. if you want to eat inside a restaurant bar or cafe in
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oakland, you should be prepared . you will need to present verification of your vaccination status before you were seated inside. this applies to guests. 12 and up. adults must also show id. there are similar mandates for indoor businesses in san francisco and berkeley. lev delany is executive chef and co owner of chop bar in oakland's jack london square. we've got to do our part. we're on board with it. personally, i like having a mandate so that we don't have to argue with people about it. he won't have to argue with diego gomez chop bar customer. i follow rules like on my job. they tell you something to do it and i do it. you know, it's just i try to help out the community any way i could. it's all done very reasonably and logically, common sense. logic is really what's going to rule the way this is implemented. oakland city council member dan kalb introduced the emergency ordinance, which also applies to entertainment venues, theaters, gyms and large indoor events and the first time a restaurant owner or a business or a gym
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fails to comply. they'll get a warning letter and then after that, they'll be subject to fines, oakland restaurants and gyms began posting notices a couple of weeks ago, alerting customers about the requirement. i think you have to take it in stride. there's been a lot of changes. some are not terrible. like all this outdoor seating that we have started because of the pandemic. oakland is allowing exceptions for those who can show proof of a medical exemption and recent negative covid test. if you're just picking up food, placing an order or using the restroom, you won't need to show your vaccination card in oakland. henry lee ktvu box two knees. more than 1000. teachers in the west country. constant unified school district are threatening to strike unless the school district agrees to a list of covid safety protocols by tonight, the teachers union says if an agreement is not reached, a majority of its members will support a strike vote. they're demanding high quality masks for students and teachers weekly testing for all and twice a week , testing or remote learning for classrooms where there's been a
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covid outbreak. they also want qualifying substitutes in classrooms when a teacher is out sick. in school district says it's already taking steps to keep people safe, including providing students with n95 masks. students in the oakland unified school district will not be required to be vaccinated against covid-19 until the start of the next academic school year this fall. the school district had a deadline set for monday, but all students had to be vaccinated by then or have a personal medical exemption. but the school board voted to extend that deadline to august 1st. that's because nearly 3000 unvaccinated students would be out of school if enforcement of the requirement began next week. our website you can keep up with it. with the pandemic updates. you have an entire section dedicated to the coronavirus. you can go to ktvu .com/ covid. well, the ntsb is now investigating the pittsburgh pennsylvania bridge collapse, which injured at least 10 people. a commuter bus and several cars were on the bridge this morning when it collapsed. officials say the 50 year old
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bridge was last inspected in september. its condition was reportedly rated as poor by the pennsylvania department of transportation. three of the injured were transported to hospitals. none of the injuries though life threatening the irony here is that collapse happened just hours before president biden was set to visit pittsburgh to push his $1 trillion infrastructure bill that includes bridge maintenance . the president visited the wreckage and met with first responders. telling everyone there the bridge will be built back better. they're going to fix them all. not a joke. this is going to be a gigantic change, and there's 43,000 nationwide. and. we're sending the money. and by the way, i'm gonna give you guys a more money to cops. well under the president's bill, pennsylvania is scheduled to receive a lot more than $1.5 billion for bridges. and here in california . there's been a push to address aging infrastructure here to ktvu tom vacar tells us how many bridges here are considered
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efficient and what it's going to cost to get them repaired. according to the federal highway administration, california has 1493 bridges classified as structurally deficient. that means 5.8% have at least one key element. the deck superstructure or foundation rated in poor or worse condition. cost to put them in fair or good condition about $12 billion. the big push to repair, refurbish and rehabilitate the bridges began in 2017, the legislature and governor brown enacted sp one, the largest transportation bill in state history. the other key players, public support, raising even more money at the ballot box. the voters of california and the voters of the bay area in particular deserve a lot of credit in the last four years, the number of troubled bridges has steadily decreased by 21% taking 319 bridges off the deficient list. those are your
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tax dollars at work. and we're all safer for it. this is a direct result of planning, commitment and execution on the part of caltrans, as well as funding coming from state and federal highway funds. tolls and gas taxes. there are multiple sources of funding for to do the ketchup job that you describe. and now comes even more big funding from the federal bipartisan infrastructure law signed into law by president biden in november. we're looking at, um 849 million for this fiscal year alone. and 4.2 billion over five years of the nation's top 250 most heavily traveled but structurally deficient bridges 61 or in california. the bay area has 37 such bridges all of southern california, 18 and the central valley. six of the nine bay area counties, only five have deficient bridges. alameda and
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contra costa with 11 bridges each san mateo was seven, solano with six and santa clara with two. deficient means needing work, but under constant inspection and nowhere near to close them down. we thought there were any structural problems with the bridge. we would close it immediately and address them. now you know, tom vacar ktvu fox two news. well another beautiful day. i know it's a great outside with the sunshine and mild temperatures, but it is getting a little bit old. we could definitely attract. we kept it really use some rainfall. the track here in the bay area, but at least the chances kind of fading away quickly. highest from this afternoon, we're showing you another round of sixties another round of a few spots right around 70 degrees out toward morgan hill, 70 antioxidant e three in santa rosa 64 degrees here is your weekend outlook. now the mornings will be pretty cold thirties and forties possibilities of patchy frost but into the afternoon hours, still fairly nice with partly to mostly sunny skies. your weekend
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will be dry. it will be mild once again. here's the satellite . tonight we can see the clear skies up above but some clouds just offshore. these clouds will be working their way into the region for tonight and into tomorrow morning to the cloud cover around first thing tomorrow morning and then increasing sunshine into the afternoon current numbers out there. san francisco. upper fifties conquered 55. san jose in the mid fifties and livermore 51 degrees. here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco kind of interesting shot here because you can see those clouds working their way into the region. so some breaks in the cloud cover here, but the clouds definitely moving in for tonight and into tomorrow morning, so to start off your weekend partly cloudy skies some patchy fog definitely want to bundle up first thing tomorrow morning, but then into the into the afternoon hours will scale back on the clouds. more sunshine into the afternoon hours and temperatures once again another round of sixties. you will wake up to some clouds first thing tomorrow morning and then more sunshine into the afternoon hours. we continue to look for the rain clouds and our
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five day forecast and we'll have more on that with your full update coming up in just a little. all right, from our weather to weather out east to winter storm system heading to the northeast as emergency managers take action tonight, coming up millions of people spending multiple states brace for white out conditions, and sonoma county's district attorney puts out a warning about a phone call scam coming up. how can artists are using those calls about jury duty oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now.
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♪ at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. every year i ask chris, where are we going? as a single mother, i definitely think it's important as a way to connect. i've never been out to the san juans and things have really shocked me. i am so greatful to be able to experience it with my son, and to feel so comfortable. this will be something that we'll talk about forever.
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is expected to hit the east coast this weekend. it's threatening to bring out whiteout conditions system areas . katie byrne shows us how multiple people in states there are preparing a nor'easter promising to wallop the east coast this weekend. millions of people from the southeast through new england facing the potential for heavy snow, dangerous winds and power outages, plans. make sure i'm stuck that would batteries and blankets and everybody's good. my wife is like, you know, if you're going to go to a space, get your stuff. get the sled doing out the storm forming off the coast of the carolinas today , it's expected to strengthen as it moves further up the east coast overnight into saturday, turning this nor easter into a bomb cyclone for those in coastal areas concerned about the afternoon tide. maybe some moderate flooding. the national weather service has issued blizzard warnings for about four
6:24 pm
million people throughout the new england area. new jersey and maryland. new jersey governor phil murphy says white out conditions are possible. those conditions could deteriorate quickly. so let's leave the roads empty for all the road crews to do their jobs. and if you see a road crew getting into position or working, please let them have the right away. eastern and southern new england are expected to see the worst of this storm. forecasters say parts of the region could see anywhere between 1 to 2. ft. of snow officials are urging people to help out their neighbors, check on older neighbors and offer help to those who may not be able to shovel themselves out . the storm will be out of the region by sunday, but cold temperatures will continue. and they're against it. rhode island, katie byrne, fox weather. the u. s defense secretary told russia today that there is still time and space for diplomacy to resolve tensions in eastern europe. the russian military build up continues on the border with ukraine. in addition to sending more assets to belarus, just to the north. the russian military
6:25 pm
is also holding drills in the black sea. nato was keeping a close watch on both areas load. austin said that the u. s and its allies have offered russian president vladimir putin options. and that conflict is not inevitable. and mr putin can do the right thing as well. there's no reason that this situation has to devolve into conflict. he can choose to deescalate. he can order his troops away. he can choose dialogue and diplomacy. russia says it is still considering an official response to the u. s after its key demand halt to nato expansion was rejected. diplomats from four countries will meet in berlin in two weeks to discuss an end to the crisis. we like this flagpole as part of the reason we bought the home. but the city of san francisco has a problem with it coming up . why some people think that flagpole must go. and later in sports, nor cal versus so cal. a rivalry as old as time.
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joe fonzi takes a deep dive into the historical context of the 49ers rams meeting in the nfc championship. and we'll dissect a heated battle over plans to offer universal healthcare and california state yep, it's go time with wireless on the most reliable network.
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department is stepping down, redesigns announced her resignation to staff and an email today. she was hired a little more than a year ago to clean up the troubled
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department. a new director will be sworn in. we're told on tuesday. some san francisco 49 ers fans are heading to los angeles for the championship game. members of the 408 faithful are fan group are amongst thousands of niner fans who will be in so far i stadium on sunday, but witnessing history will not come cheap. stubhub says prices could set records for a football game that is not the super bowl. alright next tuesday. a new vaccine requirement takes effect in oakland. it will apply to indoor dining at restaurants, bars and cafes and for people who want to work out at the gym. the ordinance also applies to entertainment venues. theaters in large indoor events. oakland is allowing exceptions for those who can show proof of a medical exemption and a recent negative covid test. you're watching the channel two news at 6 30. the new effort to bring self single payer healthcare to california faces its next challenge monday . the assembly is set to hold a floor vote. and while there are many steps ahead, our political reporter greg lee tells us you at 6 30 that this is a major step in a contentious battle.
6:30 pm
the stakes keep rising on the latest attempt to bring single payer healthcare to california monday. lawmakers in the state assembly are set to vote on a b 1400 the framework for government funded universal health care system. so we're trying to save money in our system, make it more efficient and acts and accessible truly to everyone. san jose assembly member ash kalra is the bill's author. under the proposal, private insurance plans would effectively be replaced by a state run plan called cal care. a number of labor groups, including the california nurses association back the plan, but there's plenty of opposition. there needs to be significant improvements to be made when it comes to health care in california, and i don't think anyone questions that i think what people are concerned about is that this proposal is the wrong answer. assembly republicans started a petition opposing the plan chief among their concerns how to pay for the bill. a committee analysis estimates the cost would be between 314 and $391 billion a
6:31 pm
year a b 1400 is tied to a funding proposal, aka 11. tax hikes on businesses in high earners, which needs to be approved by the assembly, senate and voters. the entire state budget proposal by the governor that he announced is around 200. $86 billion, so this proposal would cost more than the entire budget of california. even the taxation mechanism which some estimate will be $160 billion, or more is less than what we're paying now and they don't talk about that. the committee estimates the total cost of health care in the state this year will be around $517 billion. 222 billion of employer and household spending 295 billion paid by local, state and federal taxes. the california medical association, california hospital association and more than 100. other medical and business groups opposed the plant. as for governor newsom,
6:32 pm
here's how we responded earlier this month with respect, i think there's a approach. that's a better approach, and it was approach we were taking that was embraced by many of the same legislators that for some reason has changed a little bit. as this bill comes out of nowhere. i hope that we can move this forward and eventually bring single payer healthcare. mature ur residents to all of you. adding to the stakes here, the progressive caucus of the state's democratic party tweeting and threatening to take away their endorsement votes for any lawmaker who does not approve of the plan. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu, fox two news well residents and sonoma county are being warned about jury duty scams. authorities say scammers are calling people and telling them that they failed to report to jury duty and must pay a fine or be arrested. or the district attorney's office says . if you fail to show up for jury duty, you will not be contacted by police. you will receive a postcard in the mail from the county sonoma. well a federal appeals court has upheld california's net neutrality law
6:33 pm
rejected an attempt by telecom groups to prevent it from going into effect. this means the state can enforce its ban on internet providers from slowing down or blocking access to websites that do not pay for premium service. proponents of the state law are now calling on congress to impose a similar ban. at the federal level. okay san francisco homeowner is trying to fight city hall. the dispute is all over a flagpole that has been in front of the home for decades. the city says the neighborhood landmark is in the way of needed street improvements. ktvu is. rob ross spoke with the homeowner and the city about this dispute. for generations. this flagpole has been standing tall on kirk, um, avenue in san francisco, not far from ocean beach would like this flagpole as part of the reason we bought the home. and homeowner, peter stern says his two year old daughter likes it, too. she often helps him raise the flag. each day. she runs down the street, you know, and sees the flagpole kind of symbolizes where the houses you know there's home data.
6:34 pm
neighbors also seem on board with it. seeing the flag. we moved here from france and my daughter. that's how she learned with the american flag was, but the problem is the city doesn't want the flagpole at least not there. the department of public works left this notice at the home, saying it has to be removed or that he needs to apply for a permit. but the notice doesn't say why a bit frustrated so um. just reached out to the inspector here on file and try to get a little bit more information. the homeowner says he's tried calling and emailing the public works department, but so far no one has gotten back to him. i'd like to just talk to somebody and see if we can figure out a solution. do we place to call? a spokeswoman for the department told us the city is making improvements to the sidewalks where people with disabilities and the flagpole is in the way and that if the homeowner wants to keep it, he can apply for a permit to move it someplace else. the city says the poll is on public property, the homeowner argues it's on his property will fight to keep the
6:35 pm
flagpole. my wife and i both work full time. we got two little kids were busy. it's just another kind of a headache of and i just get to the get to the answers and figure out what i got to do to keep the flag pull the notice says he has 30 days to figure it out. it's unique. write something. there's a fight to keep kind of the heritage of san francisco here and keep some of these historic homes the way they are, and to us that's kind of historical. the department of public works said friday. it is willing to work with the homeowner in san francisco. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. as we reported earlier. president biden signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law in november. now some of those billions of dollars are starting to be allocated in california and here in the bay area. california is set to receive nearly $46 billion from the bill , including investments in roads , ports a and power lines. house speaker nancy pelosi was at san francisco international airport today talking about airport infrastructure. she highlighted the $25 billion in aviation
6:36 pm
infrastructure investments in the bipartisan bill back better infrastructure bill. it includes more than $250 million for sfo. that money will be used for several airport projects, including completing the final phase of the harvey milk terminal one which was postponed due to the pandemic. over the next five years. 250 million is coming to sfo to jumpstart upgrades to terminals stalled by covid and we are fighting for a civil share. of a $5 billion pot for california specifically, so there's more more to come. the infrastructure bill is also expected to help pay for noise mitigation efforts in cities near the airport. and upgrading sfo's electrical power distribution system. or caltrain is a big step closer to electrifying its service along the peninsula linking the south bay in san francisco representative issue and jackie spear, both among the leaders at an event today to mark a milestone for caltrain. it's the
6:37 pm
final installation of a foundation that will provide power for the electrified service. there are more than 3000 foundations along the 150 mile caltrain corridor. today the final foundations for a new modern 21st century climate friendly electrification of this system is what we're celebrating today. so this day is taking its place in caltrain history. and in washington senators dianne feinstein and alex padilla today called on the department of transportation to boost federal funding for the electrification project. and right now it's total cost is $2.4 billion. the electrified service is on track to begin running in 2024. bay area gets ready to welcome the year of the tiger coming up the symbols special meaning for the aapi community, getting hit with racist attacks and other challenges and see how people in
6:38 pm
san francisco's mission bay neighborhood will be able to take advantage. of free ♪ in the last thirteen years after having kids, we get so busy in our day to day lives, our careers, our jobs. but this trip, all we are doing is going and enjoying ourselves. reconnecting on that love, that romance, the affection for each other. you know, life is short, you really don't have to plan so much. sometimes you have to just go.
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welcome in the year of the tiger ktvu christian captain tells us for some, the symbol of the tiger has a special meeting as the aapi community has endured a rise in racist attacks and the stress of the pandemic. san francisco's chinatown is buzzing with activity as the neighborhood prepares to welcome the lunar new year and the
6:41 pm
visitors it brings. the department of public works has painted the dragon lights and steam cleaned the iconic dragon gate. san francisco police foot patrols are out on the streets as well, preventing robberies and burglaries and car break ins scams. a lot of its community like i was talking about earlier community relationships. we can't be everywhere at once. we can increase presence, but what's really helped us is actually the community themselves, telling us what's going on. but with the new year in sight, it's not all work. officers here say they're ready to welcome visitors to chinatown . in addition to talking with the people we usually see we love speaking with people who are asking for directions, asking for recommendations for food if you come to chinatown and ask us for recommendation for food, we will not disappoint nancy. you law and her family started what has now become a chinatown tradition, the zodiac wall and kerouac alley next to her business as a way to spruce up the area and spread cheer about the new year. the character that was chosen this year embodies the struggles. the aapi community has faced this
6:42 pm
last year. for years, the tiger we want to do strong strength. so the chinese character chinese character it's going to be up the war is going to be strength. we want a united community we all have a strong community. lunar new year festivities kick into high gear on saturday morning with the flower market fair in the heart of san francisco's chinatown in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. ktvu as always, is a proud sponsor of the chinese new year parade. the parade takes place this year on saturday, february 19th, and you can watch our special broadcast of the chinese new year parade one week later on february 26. well, our weather patterns still fairly quiet. it has been an interesting rainy season. in terms of rain chances. we'll have more on your forecast. we'll have your weekend outlook coming up. let's scare to ktvu heather holmes. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock
6:43 pm
news on ktvu, plus christina, those who got the johnson and johnson vaccine can now get a third shot. we'll tell you about the bay area city offering the extra dose plus new details on the new covid sub variant. we'll look at how contagious it is, and we also discussed the need for 1/4 vaccine shot. with the bay area infectious disease specialist. those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight at seven over on ktvu. plus we'll see you then but first after the break, see how a new food hub will help one san francisco neighborhood celebrated mix of cultural celebrated mix of cultural foods. it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new honey mustard rotisserie-style chicken. it's sweet, it's tangy, it's tender, it never misses. you could say it's the steph curry of footlongs. you could, but i'm not gonna. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re...
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it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything
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like the new baja turkey avocado with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re... when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. hmm. can't think of anyone! which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. soon have access to free healthy food options. today the tenderloin neighborhood
6:46 pm
development corporation held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of katrina food hub to eat, that means let's eat and tagalog by the way, it is located inside of it. affordable housing community on mission bay boulevard. organizers say it's similar to a grocery store, but the food is free for those in the community. food and housing on the same roof just builds a stronger community in terms of access in terms of health in terms of wellness, and we're really excited for this partnership. organizers say the food hub offers a mix of cultural foods found traditionally in black, brown and indigenous communities . the hub will also host events and activities. another warm day out there with lots of sunshine. you may have noticed a few high clouds are drifting overhead, but no what chance of rain with those clouds. those clouds mainly headed down towards southern california as we start off the weekend temperatures for today. once again you can see above the average average temperatures would be in the upper fifties to right around 60 degrees, everybody most areas in
6:47 pm
the sixties this afternoon with a few spots right around 70 degrees, so we keep using the same old calendar. graphic last rainfall about three in fact, three weeks ago today being the 28 so dry this week. no drops of rain expected for the rest of the month, and it looks like february starts off dry as well . unfortunately now let's talk about those clouds you can see in the pacific. those high clouds moving in from the south and west, so we'll continue to attract the clouds for tonight. and into your saturday morning and then decreasing cloud cover into the afternoon hours. current numbers out there for the six o'clock hour right now, you could still see some fifties and the warm spot still in the sixties out toward fairfield 60 to san jose 55 in san francisco . 58 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. we have partly cloudy skies for tonight to the high clouds definitely increasing overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning, big weather story will be out toward the east coast, especially up toward the door. england this weekend, a major storm is
6:48 pm
setting up because he that area of low pressure nor easter is a developing and hefty snow accumulations and blizzard conditions as you can see here, so not only the snowfall but also the strong, gusty winds, primarily a one day event, and that will be for tomorrow for your saturday out across the west. we're tracking this week area of low pressure offshore, those arrows kind of pointing out its eventual path that will be heading down toward the southern california heading to the east into a southern california. so we just had this high clouds for two night into tomorrow morning. serious high pressure really wants to stick around. so after a cold start for both saturday and sunday morning, we are expecting clearing skies and mild conditions. the storm track is focused up to our north with no hope of rain this weekend or into a next week. of course, they have the warm weather down in southern california. so sneak peek for the game the championship game for the rams of the 49ers. we're expecting lots of sunshine and others a canopy overhead but still even before the game for the
6:49 pm
tailgaters, tailgaters. we have temperatures right around 70 degrees. keep in mind that's about about 60 degrees warmer than the niners played in the last week in a green bay here is the forecast models showing you this. it's picking up on the cloud coverage tonight into tomorrow morning, decreasing clouds throughout the afternoon hours on saturday, and then this is your sunday we could have a few passing high clouds but still in mild forecast for the second half of the weekend. temperatures for tomorrow after the cloud cover in the morning will bring back more. sunshine. into the afternoon hours. lots of sixties for your saturday afternoon and the warmest occasions back up into the mid to maybe the upper sixties. sunday is still nice than more sunshine into the next week, with maybe partly to mostly sunny skies this weekend, so the weather is just great this weekend, especially on sunday, so if you want to get outside sunday afternoon, i don't think there's anything to watch on tv sunday afternoon, not want to get outside for a hiker for walking. but yeah, all weekend long. we're looking pretty good would be nice if it rained that day, so we're all stuck inside watching the game. all right.
6:50 pm
wouldn't that be? yeah, that would be nice. be nice mark. thanks well, there's concern that climate change may alter more than just the coastline in san francisco. a study from north carolina state university found that warming climate is affecting the yeast in bread. the study's authors told the examiner this week that higher average temperatures may threaten the existence. of certain species of yeast, including one that gives san francisco sour dough its unique flavor. bakeries in the city say that they are able to manage swings in temperatures to some extent, at least for now. sunday's game between the 49 years of the rams is on track to break stubhub sales record for any nfl postseason game outside of the super bowl, and it looks like the home of the rams is going to be a sea of red and gold once again. the latest projections, so 65% of the fans will be rooting for the niners. 49 cars are more than a familiar familiar with your opponent leading nfc championship game next in sports friend mallicoat
6:51 pm
will have parting words from the team on the unique third matchup of the season. here's a look at your friday night lineup. you can watch w w e friday night smackdown here on ktvu that starts at eight that andre what?d
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
what should be another great football weekend. it's the 49ers of rams right here on fox to sunday afternoon at stake a trip to super bowl 56, which happens to be at that very same venue. so fi stadium. these two teams know one another. oh, too well, it's unusual, but this will be the third meeting this year, niners crushed the rams and weak 10 31 10 in a game. they never trailed at levi's. in a week 17 and a game they had to have to win a playoff berth. they beat l. a at overtime. 27 24 after trailing by 17 out of the gate, here's jimmy g on their third and most important shot at the rams. i mean, this will be my first time. i've never actually done it. so um, it'll be a little different, but, yeah. i mean, these guys know us. we know them. there's really no uh , no secrets or anything like that. so just about, you know, going out there beating your man
6:55 pm
and execute. there's not much to soak in we knew what the tape was going to look like before we turned it on. i think it makes for a little bit more fun of a football game. lots on the line. we're going to play as hard as we can. they're going to play as hard as we can. and um i'm going to see who makes the most plays and who makes the least mistakes. and the niners have owned the rams the last three years. they are six and over that stretch, and they fly out of san jose tonight at 10 34. l a. now this l. a berry of rivalry is nothing new. as ktvu joe fonzi reports it's been going on for decades now, including a biggie this past october. five it was just three months ago that two of baseball's oldest rivals met for the first time in the postseason . posey familiarity breeds contempt. it's the rams and 49ers lay it on the line and now in a rivalry even older in its time in california, and 49ers and rams will meet for just the
6:56 pm
second time in the nfl post season. beginning in 1950. the two teams have met at least twice every year. the one exception is the 1989 season when they also met for the nfc championship. ronnie lott made a key play early on the road to super bowl 24. the rams. jim maverick will always be remembered for one play on that day. i don't know that i've ever seen a quarterback gets knocked down when the result contact probably unfairly. the phantom sack is the signature moment of average 12 year career. and it helped increase the visibility of an arrogant young broadcaster who might not have gotten the exact result he was trying to provoke. i think that you probably won't say it again. i bet i do. okay chris. sunday's game may not turn out to be quite as iconic as that one in january of 1990, but the current generation of players on both teams is set to take its place among those who have played in
6:57 pm
145 previous meetings between the 49ers and rams. joe fonzi ktvu, fox. two and i think we told you that game. of course. right here on fox 23. o'clock 3 30 kickoff two warriors will start next month's nba all star game. steph curry. no surprise, but andrew wiggins is a huge surprise. it is his first all star selection, and wiggins will be in the starting five and he was all smiles. last night at chase was the league's number one pick in 24 teams come alive with the dubs and steph curry has a lot to do with that. he's been struggling the last month, but last night he let loose against t wolfs wiggins old team. about 29 points, including 63 balls. this is his eighth all star selection. and for curry, though it was all about number 22. in our group tax was going crazy, uh, celebrating wigs, his , uh, his first one, so it's pretty special, obviously for
6:58 pm
him amazing accomplishment. no, he's been through his career and well deserved feel overshadowed in the moment in the group chat and everything. yeah i think there's like a 30 minute delay before draymond realized. yes. congratulations to me. good stuff that all star game february the 20th thing, cleveland. so are you tired of calling the washington football team, the washington football team next week that will likely change. the official announcement comes out after this weekend's game, but apparently some crack. internet sluice discovered that the domain commanders .com has been transferred to a company that controls the league's names. the team nor the nfl would confirm, but it's a pretty good bet. by the way, the commanders will play at levi's this fall, but the niners have a little work to do this weekend. just a little bit, baby. i don't know about the commanders, though. it's just doesn't seem lots of time. they're coming. washington football seemed fine to me. hey, what do i know? all right, thank
6:59 pm
you for joining us. everybody. you for joining us. everybody. we'll see you back here here's the problem with teleportation. lay it on me. assuming a device could be invented which would identify the quantum state of matter of an individual in one location and transmit that pattern to a distant location for reassembly, you would not have actually transported the individual. you would have destroyed him in one location and recreated him in another. how about that? personally, i would never use a transporter, because the original sheldon would have to be disintegrated in order to create a new sheldon. would the new sheldon be in any way an improvement on the old sheldon? no, he would be exactly the same. that is a problem. so you see it, too. gablehauser: dr. hofstadter. dr. cooper. dr. gablehauser. dr. gablehauser. gentlemen, i'd like you to meet dennis kim.
7:00 pm
dennis is a highly sought-after doctoral candidate, and we're hoping to have him do his graduate work here. graduate work. very impressive. and he's only 15 years old. not bad-- i, myself, started graduate school at 14. well, i lost a year while my family was tunneling out of north korea. advantage: kim. gablehauser: i thought maybe you boys could show dennis around. let him see why we're the best physics research facility in the country. i already know you're not. you don't have an open science grid computer or a free electron laser, and the string theory research being done here is nothing but a dead end. excuse me, that is my research, and it is by no means a dead end. well, obviously you don't see it yet, but trust me, you will. gablehauser: dennis, we've discussed this. we're in the process of updating our equipment, and we welcome your input on our research goals, and we've agreed to look the other way if you want to use up to 20% of the grant money you attract to smuggle your grandfather out of pyongyang.


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