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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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we're going to fix them all. not a joke. this is gonna be a gigantic change. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and that bridge collapsed dramatically, underscoring the president's message on the need to shore up the nation's infrastructure. welcome everyone to the four i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes. we're getting more we'll have more on that story in just a moment, but first, some breaking news that we want to bring to you right now. ktvu has learned that the director of california's embattled employment developed apartment. is now stepping down . rita seanez announced her resignation to staff and an email she was hired a little more than a year ago to try to clean up that troubled department. our investigative reporter, brooks jarocz is working the story right now and have an update for us soon. once again, though the head of the dd has now stepped down. now to that bridge collapse in pittsburgh, the ntsb now investigating what happened there this morning, a commuter
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bus and several cars were on the bridge at the time of that collapse. officials say the bridge was last inspected in september. it's condition was reportedly rated as poor by the pennsylvania department of transportation right after today's collapse, rescuers repelled nearly 150 ft, while others formed a human chain to help rescue people run the bus. which was partially dangling off the bridge. technicians repelled down using ropes to go down over the side. they helped the firefighters that were here initially on scene also did like a daisy chain with hands, just grabbing people and pulling them up. now. three of the injured were transported to hospitals. none, though of the injuries is life threatening. the collapse of that 50 year old bridge, though, underscores the reason for president biden's visit today to pittsburgh. he's pushing for more funding for infrastructure. in his stalled build back better bill. united
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states of america used to be ranking number one in the world. and investing in the future. we must change that trajectory. we have an opportunity ahead of us right now. while there is bipartisan agreement that funding for roads and bridges is desperately needed. republicans claim that the president's plan is less focused on traditional infrastructure. and more on liberal priorities. in light of that collapse. today, we thought it would be appropriate to see how california's almost 26,000 bridges are doing. so we signed ktvu tom vacar to find the data sorted out and tell us the rest. according to the federal highway administration, california has 1493 bridges classified as structurally deficient. that means 5.8% have at least one key element. the deck the superstructure or foundation rated in poor or worse condition cost to put them in fear or good condition. about $12 billion.
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the big push to repair, refurbish and rehabilitate the bridges began in 2017, the legislature and governor brown enacted sp one, the largest transportation bill in state history. the other key players public support, raising even more money at the ballot box. the voters of california and the voters of the bay area in particular. deserve a lot of credit. in the last four years, the number of troubled bridges has steadily decreased by 21% taking 319 bridges off the deficient list. those are your tax dollars at work. and we're all safer for it. this is a direct result of planning, commitment and execution on the part of caltrans, as well as funding coming from state and federal highway funds. tolls and gas taxes. there are multiple sources of funding to do the ketchup job that you describe. and now comes even more big funding from the federal
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bipartisan infrastructure law signed into law by president biden in november. we're looking at 849 million for this fiscal year alone. and 4.2 billion over five years of the nation's top 250 most heavily traveled but structurally deficient bridges 61 or in california. the bay area has 37 such bridges all of southern california, 18 and the central valley. six of the nine bay area counties, only five have deficient bridges. alameda and contra costa with 11 bridges each san mateo was seven, salon a with six and santa clara with two deficient means needing work , but under constant inspection and nowhere near to close them down. we thought there were any structural problems with the bridge. we would close it immediately and address them now, you know. tom vacar ktvu fox two news well, the chp has some new details on the deadly
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crash on the richmond san rafael bridge that happened on wednesday night. investigators say a big rig telling an empty trailer was headed east. when it crashed into a toyota sucre that had stalled there on the bridge . both vehicles were engulfed in flames. the truck driver was not hurt. however the driver of the toyota was trapped in the vehicle and died at the scene. that person's name has not been released. the chp says that drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a factor in that crash. all right. the 49ers are putting the finishing touches on their game plan for sunday as they try to make it back to the super bowl for the second time in three years. you know how hard it is to get their anything. that's the biggest thing that's how hard it is to get there, and you just want an opportunity to get there again. because you feel if you can get there, you can do it. but i know i know the road that it takes to get there and it's not easy. um and you're looking for every second you can to get that opportunity again. the teams had a good season, but
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everyone knows success for the san francisco 49 ers is measured in lombardi trophies, not nfc championship game appearances. they will have to take down the rams on sunday to have a chance of winning their sixth title. we one game away. you know, i guess a dimensional opponent. seeing it, you know, had a number of the past couple times we played them, so i feel like i ain't no better stage than this. 49ers fans know they have to keep an eye on aaron donald of the rams . he's the three time defensive player of the year. meantime some of san francisco's iconic landmarks are lit up red and gold to get ready for the nfc championship game this weekend. it's just one way the city and the fans are building up their excitement and showing support ahead of sunday's big matchup. against the rams and dozens of 49ers fans are hitting the road to los angeles to see if the niners can advance the super bowl. 56 of course, they can ourself a reporter jesse gary has more now on the track south.
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in the predawn darkness on a quiet east san jose called a sack. these football fans are packing up and heading out, hoping to witness history at the end of their journey. are the best thing about it. is that our teams in the nfc championship for sure. jesse mendez and his mates are members of 408 faithful. the fan support group usually has a pregame tailgate spread at levi stadium. but friday sees them taking everything, including the grill , roughly 400 miles south to suffice stadium and we called sofi stadium levi cells, so this is our second home, basically, so we're going to go down there and take it over and showing that with the matter faithful is all about this isn't their first time tailgating on the road and they're not alone. bang bang niner gang bang bang gang e 40 raps about the niners and is also headed south to support them in sunday's clash, then we're doing this for the for the uk area, man. you know what i'm saying? this brings hope
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confidence. you know what i mean ? you know sense of conflict like this is what it is mass forces. everything you know, tailgating has long been a tradition at sporting events, but experts say it provides more than food and memories. fandom has always had sort of a sensible longing. that's been infused within and we all want to feel like where a part of the teams that we root for and more importantly, we, we want to feel like we affect the outcome, but they're super fans actually have an impact once it's kickoff, and the niners must defeat a divisional opponents for the third time in one year. maybe it gives a boost to the 49ers because it's almost not quite almost like a home field advantage. ah and certainly a lot of 49 years. fans will be in the stadium, and it takes away that advantage that the rams and their contingency will have. so even if subtle, it will have a difference. tailgating outside the stadium is one thing getting
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inside so far to see the action. is another and it'll cost you plenty. stubhub ticket resale site says this playoff game between the rams and 49ers could set a record for a non super bowl ticket price. outside the home of the niners here in santa clara, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. and you can watch sunday's nfc championship gang right here on ktvu. fox to regain coverage starts at three o'clock sunday afternoon. kickoff is at 3 30. well lunar new year is almost here in san francisco is preparing to welcome in the year of the tiger, katie's christian captain. live now force and chase center with the warriors are holding a lunar new year celebration and christian. this is just part of part of a series of events to welcome the lunar new year. yes that's exactly right. if you take a look here around me at thrive city right outside chasing, you can see that the usual warriors blue and gold has been replaced with the sea of red and gold. maybe a
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little nod to the 49ers in there as well. the warriors here welcoming lion dancers, and we'll have all kinds of celebrations underway here. just a peek at how the city is preparing to welcome the year of the tiger. san francisco's chinatown is buzzing with activity as the neighborhood prepares to welcome the lunar new year and the visitors it brings. the department of public works has painted the dragon lights and steam cleaned the iconic dragon gate. san francisco police foot patrols are out on the streets as well, preventing robberies and burglaries and car break ins scams. a lot of its community like i was talking about earlier community relationships. we can't be everywhere at once. we can increase presence, but what's really helped us is actually the community themselves, telling us what's going on. but with the new year in sight, it's not all work. officers here say they're ready to welcome visitors to chinatown . in addition to talking with the people we usually see we love speaking with people who are asking for directions, asking for recommendations for food if you come to chinatown
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and ask us for recommendation for food, we will not disappoint nancy. you law and her family started what has now become a chinatown tradition, the zodiac wall and kerouac alley next to her business as a way to spruce up the area and spread cheer about the new year. the character that was chosen this year embodies the struggles. the aapi community has faced this last year before you have the tiger. we want to do strong strength. so the chinese character chinese character it's going to be up. the war is going to be strength. we want the united community. we all have a strong community. and lunar new year festivities got underway in earnest saturday tomorrow morning with the flower market fair right there in san francisco's chinatown. we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu. fox studios is going to be a lot of fun and especially the return of the chinese new year parade this year. christian looking forward to it. thank you. absolutely see you there. we'll do. coming up
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supply chain issues are hitting some industries harder than others. we'll go live to seattle , where seafood producers say they are struggling to keep up. and starting today, you can get free and n95 masks at select pharmacies across the country where you can find them here in the bay area. another pretty day around the bay area with only minor changes coming our way for minor changes coming our way for your weekend. i'll have a lo it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new honey mustard rotisserie-style chicken. it's sweet, it's tangy, it's tender, it never misses. you could say it's the steph curry of footlongs. you could, but i'm not gonna. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re...
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there is a limit of three masks per person, and the process to pick them up will vary from store to store more than 1000 teachers in the west contra costa unified school district are threatening to strike unless the district agrees to a list of covid safety protocols by tonight. the teachers union says if an agreement isn't reached, a majority of its members will support a strike vote. they're demanding high quality masks for students and teachers, twice weekly testing and remote learning for classrooms where there's a covid outbreak. they also want qualified substitutes in classrooms whenever a teacher is out sick. have a very privileged school here with good ventilation and great buildings and great teachers, and i think every school in the district should have the same access to, uh, error. and a community that supports them that our school has. and until that happens, we have to advocate for the entire district. the school district says it's already taking steps
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to keep people safe, including providing students with k n95 masks and the pain might unified school district is dropping its outdoor mass requirement for students during pe classes. the district says that covered cases have decreased from 228 the week of december 10th two, just 27 last week, the vaccination rate at schools is more than 90% mask will still be required outdoors other than during pe until february, 4th. the district says if cases continue to decline, it will eliminate outdoor masking altogether on february seven. students in the oakland unified school district will not be required to be vaccinated against covid-19 until the start of the next academic school year. in the fall. the district had set a deadline of monday for all students to be vaccinated or have a medical or personal belief exemption. but the school board voted to extend that deadline to august 1st. that's because nearly 3000 unvaccinated students would be out of school
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if enforcement of the requirement begins next week. happy friday to all of you. we have some pretty fabulous weather out there to enjoy with only subtle changes coming our way in time for your bay area weekend live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary where we do have high clouds overhead. i'll show you the source of those here in just a moment where quality across the region today. good to moderate. do expect this to continue as well . right now we have a good air quality reported in near san rafael, meanwhile, right there along the central base stretch, we've got oakland san francisco bird with city of towards san jose, reporting moderate air quality and then you head over towards santa cruz, and it's a mix of good and moderate air quality. here's a view of storm tracker to there's a look at where some of those clouds are coming from. we do have a system off the coastline. unfortunately, not going to bring us any rain. in fact, we're looking at dry weather through the weekend and perhaps to start february right now the
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winds generally light we do have napa reporting eight mph oakland coming in from the northwest at nine and coming in from the south over novato at six. in our hills this afternoon. the winds not too bad we've got to oakland north reporting 17 mph big rock ridge reporting 16 so partly cloudy skies a cool conditions but feeling pretty nice out there still at this hour, a little bit cooler about areas like santa rosa. meanwhile happening. bay is up by five degrees over yesterday and half moon bay, one of the warmer spots right now, at 63 degrees that actually just dropped like a second ago. it was 66 a moment ago. 65 right now in the southeast san jose and in the north bay. 64 over napa so getting into the evening hours, those clouds will continue to drift in from the south will wake up tomorrow morning with partly cloudy skies and patchy fog are inland city is going to be near freezing once again some of our areas in the north based santa rosa looking at 32 tomorrow morning, we're going to be very, very culture. you there. meanwhile the inner east
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bay 35 for folks in livermore. and around the bay upper thirties too low forties along the east based shore 46 in san francisco. 50 degrees expected at pacifica. i'll have a look at your afternoon highs and the rest of your weekend coming up in just a little bit. all right. we'll see the bit rosemary. thank you. the pandemic is still making life hard on suppliers of popular products and rising prices are affecting options for consumers. foxes jake care, alexis's in seattle now where a major seafood distribution center is feeling those price price hikes and jake. if i'm ordering the fish filet tonight, it sounds like it might cost me more. right alex, and customers are actually wondering the same thing. now take a look at the poor behind me. here in seattle , you might notice one or two boats, but for the most part, they're all gone. now that's because one of the biggest fishing seasons of the year kicked off just this month and suppliers spent the weeks leading up wondering if they'd be able to get a big enough hall. we have a very short
4:20 pm
margin of time. the clock is already ticking for seafood suppliers. court engineer joe oliver is working hard to keep enough crew members healthy, too, man fishing boats. we worked with the state of alaska and i made sure that our crews were kind of isolating trying to stay on the vessel without getting into the community. seafood hubs like seattle saw all time sales highs last year trial that global sees ceo bob de settle says it takes a lot of sacrifice for cruz to bring in enough fish to keep those numbers up. it's hard work long hours. many months away from home many months away from the children. the price of fresh seafood went up almost 7% in 2021. costs of fuel supplies and packing materials are all increasing on fishing boats, putting even more pressure on suppliers. we've got to keep our boats running. they have a lot
4:21 pm
of costs to it. the pandemic wasn't very good to us. one seafood marketing group says people are buying fish to take better care of themselves during the pandemic. we're entering into a year that we have record consumption. all estimates are that that consumption is not only going to continue to increase, but it's going to continue to increase at record levels. and more assess supply and production might take a slight dip this season, but there will still be plenty of supply to meet that demand. so when you guys down in the bay area put in that big order up here, it should be able to get down to you guys just fine. in seattle. jacare alexis ktvu, fox two news. we certainly hope so, jake. thank you. proposed vaccine mandate for students and look at president biden's first year in office coming up after the break we'll catch up with the issue is host alex michaelson for a p
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and pediatrician richard pan proposed legislation to mandate the covid vaccine for all students to attend in person classes about the question is, is this a policy backed by science or a step too far? that's the big debate coming up this weekend on our political show. the issue is host alex michaelson joins us now for a preview. hey, alex. hi alex and heather. nice to have both of you together for a change. yes this week are big debate is over this issue of vaccine mandates. of course. dr pan says that he would get rid of the personal belief exemption that would go into effect in january of next year. it's very controversial. we've seen in some school districts that have already tried this. a lot of students have not complied with that concept. so this week on the show on the left, we have progressive attorney ethan beerman and on the right daily wire host michael knowles. here's some what that's saying.
4:25 pm
don't stop the spread. they don't stop infection. we know that the infection fatality rate for kids from all forms of covid , and especially from this most mild form. the micron variance is extremely low you're looking at about 400. uh deaths of kids under 18 per year since the pandemic began, and when you factor in severe comorbidities, it's probably significantly lower than that. that is much less than deaths from cancer. that's much less than deaths among children from heart disease. vaccines are already required. this is par for the course to protect our children in the community, and it's important to note the science is overwhelmingly in favor of taking a multi layered approach , like dr pan talked about and as long as there is still medical exemptions allowed. then i think that that's the right move for community protection because i don't want my child brick coming home and transmitting it to my grandparents and then them passing away. so alex. what
4:26 pm
we've seen in the past is any time california has debated a vaccine mandate. it's been incredibly emotional with the opponents among the loudest on this issue versus any other issue. now you add covid and all the political causation of the vaccines. on top of that. this issue of the vaccine mandate for kids could be the most hotly contested issue that we see in sacramento over the next year, almost as hotly contested as rams versus 49. no contest there, alex. i mean, i see you. we appreciate you wearing your 49ers read by the way today, so , um, you're going to be like everyone else so far stadium, right? i well, that is part of the story actually marcotti on the show, talking about the fact that niners fans are much better when it comes to actually going out and supporting their team.
4:27 pm
you know, for the rams. we had 21 years where he didn't have a team here, so congrats to the niners for at least getting more fans in the stands. the question is will they be the better team? of course, they have won six times in a row. but this is the game that really matters and go rooms absolutely go niners faithful fans, of course through and through. it should be a fun one on sunday, though, we'll talk about it next week. i'm sure enjoy the game, alex. alright, same to you. all right, take care. alright if you've been dreaming of a four day work week and who hasn't? well you may be in luck. we'll tell you about the new proposal by a california lawmaker aimed at making your weekend a little longer. also, house speaker nancy pelosi, paying a visit to sfo today, the changes coming to the airport. funded in the peloso
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international airport today to discuss airport infrastructure speaker pelosi highlighted the $25 billion in aviation infrastructure investments. in the recently passed infrastructure bill includes more than $250 million for sfo. it will be used for several airport projects, including completing the final phase. of the harvey milk terminal one which was postponed due to the pandemic. over the next five years. 250 million is coming to sfo to jumpstart upgrades to terminals stalled by covid and we are fighting for a similar share. of a $5 billion pot for california specifically, so there's more more to come. of
4:31 pm
the infrastructure bill is also expected to help pay for noise mitigation efforts in cities near the airport and upgrades to sfo's electrical power distribution system. caltrain is a big step closer to electrifying its service along the peninsula linking the south bay with san francisco representative santa s shoe and jackie speier were among the leaders said an event this morning to mark a milestone for caltrain. it's the final installation of a foundation that will provide power for the electrified service. there are more than 3000 foundations along the 150 mile caltrain corridor. and today the final foundations for a new modern 21st century climate friendly electrification of this system. is what we're celebrating today. so this day is taking its place in caltrain history. in washington senators dianne feinstein and alex
4:32 pm
padilla today called on the department of transportation to boost federal funding for the electrification project. right now it's total cost is $2.4 billion. the electrified service is on track to begin running in 2024. well a state lawmaker from riverside county is now pushing for a four day work week here in california. the proposal by democrat mark takano would require employers to pay workers overtime after 32 hours. supporters of the measure say the four day work week has actually increased productivity in other countries. but opponents say a shorter workweek would cause more problems for california business owners. they were already struggling during the pandemic. the casa sanchez building in san francisco's mission district is on track right now to become one of the city's first latino owned properties to receive historical landmark status. the board of supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance on tuesday that
4:33 pm
would designate the building as the landmark and a required second vote is slated for next week before it, then heads to mayor breeds office for final approval. joining us now to talk more about casa sanchez is cultural significance in san francisco, is the founding member of the san francisco latino historical society and cervantes and wonderful to have you on today. appreciate you taking the time. casa sanchez, as we know it is has been around here in the bay area for 100 years. almost talk about why historical landmark status is so important for the family owned business we're talking about and for the broader community in the mission. thank you. alex recovery. the cost of sanctions landmark. this is one of the first of many pan latino businesses that have been documented as a historical asset . a lot of people don't know are the pan latino business community has existed? in different parts of the city since before the bear flag
4:34 pm
report and this really signifies that it's being documented as far as our contributions to the city and county of san francisco and casa sanchez has done more than just ah! provided um, food for the district. they've taken leadership. in diverted quattro in the mission merchants association. and it needs to be start to the documentation of both are tangible and intangible assets to the community, which is important in land use. issues that come up so the community now has a voice. this is one of the first of many that will be done. and we move forward to becoming from an invisible society here in san francisco to visible society. how did the popularity of casa sanchez helped to really transform that entire neighborhood? and turn
4:35 pm
the mission into what it is now. it was the organizing efforts that happened. i mean the mission merchants associations with a relationship with casas with carlos santana. brought these missions, too. musicians to the mission, but they also were engaged in community. um in helping those institutions like st peter's or healthy. people, other businesses, i think bob sanchez took. a lot of leadership in doing that. he being one of my mentors when i started my business 30 years ago , so he's been in leadership, hispanic chamber of commerce buo really look at the social heritage aspects of this business. with the work of his sister, martha sanchez. it having this ingenious, uh, corn
4:36 pm
men tattoo, which brought more businesses that they could handle to the area was a great contribution to so um, the family is really engaged in the latino community and has brought a lot of sources here. yeah they have certainly changed a lot in that neighborhood. and of course, the custom sanchez logo . some people even have it tattooed on their bodies as well. that shows how much they appreciate the food and culture. yeah that was martha sanchez idea, so she's got a knack for positioning. uh she has a great neck and marketing. you know, your group helped costas sanchez apply for this historical status . i'm curious if this is sort of the first domino, are you also working on getting other local institutions in that area? similar recognition and what places are you trying? so to let you know is that in 2000 and 10. we started looking at that the
4:37 pm
planning department wasn't really documenting your assets. they missed the whole period. really what? which is made permission, which is the mission room. you if we've been working as a team with this, believe me, we're doing it all pro bono because we have businesses already. you know, i'm an architect in business, so we do this. work for the community on a pro bono basis, but it's the work of dr carlos. cordoba was a professor and historian that has made a lot of contributes contributions. um lorraine garcia nakata, who contributes to the art. and alan martinez, former historic preservation commissioner who also is an architect. that like myself. clients. this is important in documenting the history and especially first voice, not through books. but through the connections we've had over several generations. in this city. so that's how we're
4:38 pm
documented and first voice. we're looking at others, the other next one that we're going to be finessing. some is we landmarking of mission cultural center for latino art, and we've been doing a lot of research. we have a lot of the founding members that are going to be gathering together in the next week or so to talk about the founding of the cultural center. most of these people are from central american that arrived here, um during the war south, so refuge here in san francisco and the years the ones that really made it important. from from poetry. the arts at mission cultural sort of what we have to leave the conversation right there. appreciate you taking the time today so important to preserve that. the history and the culture in that community, and cervantes is with the san francisco latino historical society. appreciate you doing it. thank you take care of alex.
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year to get a booster shot, they say a growing number of foreign countries now placing restrictions on how long travelers can stay with just one or two shots for covid-19, and they warn travelers may see their foreign trip cut short. without a booster. like tahoe has some new rules for air b and bs and other short term rentals meant to help alleviate the housing shortage and address
4:42 pm
complaints by locals six months into a moratorium that halted short term rental permits in north lake tahoe. plaster county supervisors approved a new set of rules to rein in the number of vacation rentals and protect what little housing inventory is left. this new ordinance would cap the number of rentals in eastern plaster county to 25% of current housing stock. that ordinance goes into effect in march. t g, i f to all of you. hopefully you have some outdoor plans for the weekend because our weather pattern is going to continue with pretty fabulous conditions out there. we'd love to see some rain. unfortunately that is not in the forecast a live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary, where we do have a little bit of mid and high level cloud cover out there with us this afternoon. this coming off the coastline. and there is a view of it there, so we'll continue with the mid and high level clouds getting into the evening hours tomorrow morning. likely wake up with
4:43 pm
partly cloudy skies, perhaps a little bit of patchy fog notice that little bit of blue right off the central coast southern california coastline as it moves ashore, it kind of fizzles out really doesn't provide any rain to the state. dry conditions in store for this sunday's game as we get into tuesday, though, i do want to stop it here. notice how we do have something that kind of drops in what we've been seeing over the last week or so are systems that are kind of similar to what we get in spring and fall. they kind of drop in on the backside of california and kick up that northeast wind so we may have another one of those patterns setting up for tuesday. in any case, it doesn't look like we're going to get any rain out of that. and then as i go all the way into thursday notice how far north that rain line is so high pressure will continue to deflect any storms from coming our way, and we have now been in a dry pattern for three weeks. so we're going to end january on a dry note, and it looks like we're starting february the same way. mild
4:44 pm
temperatures expected a four year afternoons in the sixties and still in the sixties. at this hour from today, we've got 62 degrees in san francisco. 62 right now in concord in the north base, 64 over napa. our overnight low is going to be quite chilly, very similar to where we've been in recent days. santa rosa expected to start out right about freezing, so it's going to be bone chilling for you 37 in the energy, east bay of concord and around the babel go upper thirties for fremont, as well as redwood city, low forties and oakland and 46 expected for san francisco tomorrow morning. getting into the afternoon temperatures may come down just slightly from today, but still going to be above average by six degrees over san jose going to 66 for your bay area saturday and seven degrees above average for santa rosa expected to hit 66 as well. around the bay area 62 for san francisco for the inner east based 63 for concord and as we get into your extended forecast , notice, not going to see much change. cool overnight lows. mild afternoon highs under fair skies back to you alright,
4:45 pm
sticking with the sunshine, rosemary. thank you. there is concern that climate change may alter more than just the coastline in san francisco study from north carolina state university found a warming climate is affecting the yeast in bread. the study's authors told the examiner this week that higher average temperatures may threaten the existence of certain species of yeast, including the one that gives san francisco sour dough its unique flavor. bakeries in the city say they are able to manage swings in temperature to some extent so far. well australia is pledging to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to preserve one of its most beloved natural wonders . prime minister scott morrison is promising $1 billion over the next nine years to improve the health of the great barrier reef. that's more than $700 million. the reef is threatened by warming ocean temperatures bleaching the coral that provides habitat for sea life. the prime minister responded to critics who question whether the government's approach is enough.
4:46 pm
our government's put $2 billion already. into world leading management of this reef. and now we put another billionaire, and so i'd say to those that they need to keep up with just how much we're doing. the reef has always been a priority for our government. the money will be spent to reduce pesticide runoff into the water as well as combat illegal fishing and deal with invasive species. russia and the west are both building up forces in eastern europe as the diplomatic process continues to play out, the latest from ukraine after the break. and coming up a little bit later, at five o'clock tonight, we'll have much more on that breaking news that we told you about the head of the troubled state employment department stepping down our investigative reporter brooks jarocz will join us with a look at her replacement, and it's a flag fight in san francisco. a homeowner says he's had the flank poll up for years . but now the city wants to
4:47 pm
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trying to help. a robbery victim in concord has died. calvin crosby was at the sun valley ball on new year's eve when he saw a man being robbed by several suspects. concord police say crosby jumped in to help the victim and was then shot. authorities say they've arrested someone in connection with the killing, but they won't release any more information. calvin crosby was 32 years old and berkeley and uc berkeley police are investigating an assault on a cow student campus police reporter female student got into an argument with three women. it keeps bar and grill on durant avenue at around one this morning. authorities say that three women then started kicking and punching the student while they were in line for the restroom. the student, then went outside but was confronted once again by the same group of women campus. police say the woman attacked the student again. no
4:50 pm
word on the victim's condition, but she was able to go back to her home. and talk to berkeley police. a family in the south bay is now reunited with their french bulldog that had been stolen by thieves. surveillance camera captured the moment someone grabbed the dog on wednesday from the front yard of a san jose home. last night, a couple found chula less than a mile away. they say they recognized her from a notice on a neighborhood app. the dog's owner says he doesn't think the thieves dumped her. don't think they dumped her. i think she might have squirmed her way out. she's it's funny because we call her crazy legs because when i want to hold her a lot of time , it's very hard to hold her. she's very strong. and so i'm thinking that they might have fumbled her and dropped her and she just took off on him. the family had offered $1000 reward for the dogs safe return. they say they'll be working that out with a couple who found her a rare joint appearance from the nation's top military leaders, with general milley and defense
4:51 pm
secretary austin both saying the us remains committed to our nato allies and this is russia's foreign minister insists if it was up to russia, there will be no war. but president biden is warning that russia could invade ukraine next month. fox news steve harrigan reports now from kiev. it is a day of diplomacy. russia says it's considering an official response to the u. s. after its key demand, a halt to nato expansion was rejected. but moscow also says america's willingness to discuss issues like missile defense and military drills is assigned. the russian strategy is working. diplomats from four countries will meet in berlin in two weeks to discuss an end to the crisis. we certainly have no intent. whatsoever that i'm aware of, um, putting offensive forces to attack russia, and i don't think that's nato's intent at all. meanwhile the military build up continues on both sides. in addition to sending more assets to belarus, just to the north russian militaries also holding drills in the black sea. with
4:52 pm
nato, keeping a close watch on both areas. nato is already in the region. we only have assets both on the ground in the black sea region and the baltic region . beyond the military preparations. the u. s. is also planning a strong economic response targeting moscow's wallet with crippling sanctions aimed at russian banks, companies and imports. if ukraine is attacked, russia says that would lead to a complete severing of diplomatic ties and the west is misunderstanding the goal of the russian military troops. are not a threat. they are warden. to ukraine. not to try any reckless military adventures and the white house is holding talks to make sure potential sanctions don't interrupt the global financial system. in kiev, ukraine. steve harrigan, fox news. the countdown is on as the beijing
4:53 pm
2022 winter olympics began in just one week and last minute preparations are well underway. olympic organizers are putting the finishing touches on the olympic village and the national stadium. but the biggest issue facing organizers is still covid-19. a total of 13 new cases were detected among personnel working at the games, although no positive cases were detected in athletes or team officials. the games are scheduled to run from february 4th to the 20th. if all goes as planned, beijing will become the first city to host both the winter and summer games on the tiger king was re sentenced today, producing his time in prison by one year. the federal judge agreed to the re sentencing of joseph maldonado passage, also known as joe exotic after an appeals court found the original sentence range was too high. exotic was sentenced to 22 years for a murder for hire plot. involving carol baskin, the owner of tampa's big cat rescue, but the
4:54 pm
new sentence will only be one year shorter the judge reducing his sentence to 21 years behind bars. his attorney said they would appeal the re sentencing. and also petitioned for a new trial. team from johns hopkins university has successfully used a robot in surgery without any human supervision. the robot repair to pig's intestine without anyone guiding it. the robot called star, which stands for smart tissue autonomous robot has high repetitive motion and precision capability, along with high precision imaging for accuracy. researchers say it could adjust to soft tissue changes in real time star could be used in future human abdomen or pelvis procedures to aid surgeons. coming up today. here on the floor. prices are going up for netflix subscribers
4:55 pm
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subscribers know about neil young. as of this morning, apple music's home page featured a playlist of neil young albums with the title we love, neil. apple streaming service also labeled itself the home of neil young in a tweet and also sent out at least one push notification to users promoting young's latest album. this not so subtle dig at its streaming rival spotify comes after young pulled his music from that streaming platform in protest of what he says is podcaster joe rogan. hosting guests to spread lies about coronavirus vaccines . netflix watchers are getting ready to pay more for the service. the streaming platform raised its monthly subscriptions 1 to $2 in february. the standard plan rose from 13 99 to $15.49 here in the us and premium plans will now cost 1999 per month. the basic plan will
4:58 pm
remain at 9 99 customers will start seeing that change next week. well blowout earnings for apple changing of the guard at home depot and new car prices dipped for the first time in several months. box of c. j poppa has our top business stories tonight. apple smashes ball street expectations the tech giant has been able to navigate supply chain issues to report record earnings and strong sales increases for nearly all of its products. iphone sales rising 9% and total revenue for the holiday quarter was up 11. the company is predicting supply constraints will ease in the current quarter . luxury company lvmh says it's business in the holiday season was stronger than pre pandemic levels. it was helped by cells of louisville thanh bags and do your perfumes. lvmh also owns tiffany and cosmetics retailer sephora leadership shakeup. home depot tapping chief operating officer ted dekker as its new ceo, will replace current ceo
4:59 pm
craig muneer, who will stay on as chairman of the board. home depot has seen tremendous growth during the pandemic, thanks to work from home trends and a strong housing market. toyota says it's vehicle sales rose by more than 10% last year. making it the world's biggest carmaker for a second straight year and putting it further ahead of its nearest rival volkswagen. meanwhile new car prices falling for the first time in 10 months, online car info platform, truecar says the drop from december to january is 2. snapping a nine month streak of increases for more stories log onto fox business dot com in new york. i'm c j. poppa. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. and off the top tonight breaking news. ktvu has learned the head of the troubled california employment development department is stepping down. good evening. i'm andre senior and i'm cristina rendon. it is a shakeup at the top. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz broke this story
5:00 pm
online just about an hour ago. he's in our newsroom now and brooks, the head of e d d resigns today. is there a replacement already in place? there actually is. it was just hours ago, several sources inside the told me they had just received word there. director was stepping down. then i got my hands on an email from director redesigns not only announcing she's resigning, but who would replace her? science has brought in a little more than a year ago to clean up the mess of systemic issues, outdated technology and rampant fraud. you see your there, she announced her resignation to staff and an email saying governor newsom appointed a new director. nancy fairies who will be sworn in on tuesday. variance is currently the chief deputy director of external affairs legislation and policy signs said various has had a major hand in transformations that are now taking place in pdd, and we'll continue to see them through. this latest shakeup follows numerous complaints from californians about problems, most recentl


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