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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. for another family who had a french bulldog stolen. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and mike mibach. that dog was reunited with her owner is just a few hours ago, cameras were rolling when someone grabbed the dog on east san antonio street in san jose. ktvu is amberleigh
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live in the area after speaking with family, amber. julie the family went from sadness and anger to joy and relief. the reunion came almost exactly 24 hours after their beloved french bulldog was taken from their front yard. i'm happy. yeah, i can't believe she's back so fast . this is surveillance video given to me by the hernandez family from wednesday night about eight o'clock. it shows a man dealing down looking through the fence at the dog. then a second man jumps over the fence grabs the dog, enhance her off. he turns around and tries to grab a second dog, but it appears that dog eluded him. both men take off. hernandez's daughter spoke to me before the stolen dog was found very angry that somebody could come into my home and take something that was so special to me, but father and daughter tell me about seven o'clock thursday night they received a call from a young
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couple looking for their missing cat. less than a mile from the hernandez home. the couple said they saw the french bulldog, severing, but safe along the sidewalk and recognized it as being the same dog reported stolen on a neighborhood app. i asked hernandez if he thought the thieves had second thoughts and dumped the dog. i don't think they dumped her. i think she might have squirmed her way out. she's it's funny because we call her crazy legs because when i want to hold her a lot of time, it's very hard to hold her. she's very strong. and so i'm thinking that they might have fumbled her and dropped her and she just took off on him. what happens now? what's next? what she gets a good chicken dinner tonight, peter. well tonight, but, yeah, she'll be she'll be watched over. all right. thank you. hernandez tells me he and his family will be keeping a close eye on all their dogs, even though they have a gated fence. they had offered a $1000 reward for the safe return of their french bulldog, shula. they tell me they'll be working it out with a
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couple who found their beloved pet julie mike, so good to see them back with their dog. amber thank you. well, another stolen french bulldog was reunited with its owner just yesterday. is that tito? that's. the dog named tito was stolen at gunpoint in castro valley a week and a half ago. several arrests have been made now in connection with the theft, but so far, police have not provided any further details to attend. detectives in rohnert park said they can't rule out foul play after a 19 year old woman from forestville. was found dead in the backseat of a car. it was 10 15 this morning when police were called to alicia park on santa alicia drive for a porter of an unresponsive woman. when officers arrived, they found her in the back seat of the vehicle, and she was pronounced dead there at the scene. detectives say she had been visiting with friends in the area and have not
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ruled out whether the victim's death is suspicious or related. to a medical emergency. also new attend brentwood. police say a man is in custody on suspicion of bank robbery, investigators say 26 year old brandon elder of anti ah graham to try counties bank at about 1 30 yesterday afternoon. he's being held right now on robbery, as well as several outstanding arrest warrants. san francisco is% getting ready to loosen some of the restrictions imposed on the city as the macron variants swept across the bay area starting tuesday, february 1st, office workers, gym members and other so called stable cohorts will once again be able to gather without masks. indoor settings provided they're fully vaccinated and boosted people who are not fully vaccinated and boosted will be able to attend large outdoor events with a negative covid test. health officials say the latest surge appears to be peaking. the cases are still high. they're coming down, but our hospitalization seem to have peaked and are leveling off, and we anticipate that they will also go down as
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the cases go down, so it's good news for san francisco. school age kids will still need to wear a mask to go to class and people who are going into a store or other public setting will need to keep their masks on as well. san francisco lights up red and gold to get ready for that big nfc championship game this weekend across town tonight you could spot buildings covered in niners color really just one way fans are building up to sunday's big matchup against the rams. many fans will want to celebrate the game day with gatherings across the bay area. that's right. but doctors say it's very important here to take pandemic steps to celebrate. a flea ktvu elissa harrington. live in oakland tonight with the recommendations, elizabeth. you know, some doctors think that we are already coming down from the peak. but they're worried about these gatherings where you're in close quarters where a lot of times. people will not be wearing masks because they're drinking or eating, and they worry that these football gatherings could lead to another spike in cases. this is video
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from last weekend's 49ers game against the green bay packers from a sports bar in walnut creek, excited fans high fiving and cheering on the team. a fun time for many, but doctors say these types of gatherings are putting people at risk of spreading covid-19 the one thing that this virus loves us for people to get together indoors. um for prolonged period of time, and that's what the football parties are going to be about dr . john schwartzberg, an infectious disease specialist at uc berkeley, said he expects another spike in cases because of these sports gatherings. he said. the best thing to do is keep parties small. if you're going to choose to go to a party indoors with a group of friends make sure that they're all vaccinated and boosting and if possible, have guests take a rapid test before showing up? i for one, i'm not, you know, saying don't go and enjoy life or engaged with life in a meaningful way. but there's
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still a lot of omicron circulating even though we're definitely coming down the mountain, dr peter chen hong at ucsf said. there's still a lot of virus out there. he understands. people want to enjoy the niners success, but said it's important to take personal responsibility. as a person. you have to think about your risk and benefit and who you are, if you're immune compromise. if you are older than 65 not boost it. you just probably want to keep your covid guard up a little bit more. one way to do this is to upgrade your mask. both doctors say k n 95 are the best. then n 95 or even a surgical mask with a cloth mask over. it makes a better seal and it's going to a bar. it's best to sit outside and distanced from others. try and sit away from people if you're outside, but everybody's crunched in together in front of one screen. that's not going to be too much better than being in diverse. now as you know, a lot
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of bars are really excited about the game as well. and they want to have a really successful viewing parties and many of those bars are taking precautions. they're limiting capacity. they're making sure they have hand sanitizer. in other sanitizing equipment on hand, and we'll make sure to check vaccination status as well . reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. we can all have fun. play it safe and get the win. and all should be good. alyssa. thank you. and just a reminder here that you can watch sunday's nfc championship game right here on ktvu. fox to pregame coverage kicks off at three o'clock. and then the kickoff of the game just after 3 30. the west contra costa school district is facing a teacher strike if they don't have a covid safety plan in place. by tomorrow, teachers took part in the public comment period during last night's school board meeting. they want daily and 95 kn 95 facemask for students and staff knew covid testing plans and formal plan to handle covid outbreaks the teachers union authorized to
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strike if their demands are not met. running on skeleton crews right now. so nurses are exhausted. the new the new normal is for nurses to work 48. i was a week, which is michael was doing friends of a stanford nurse think his death proves more attention needs to be paid to the pressure healthcare workers are facing right now coming up here. how his death strikes a chord across the healthcare community, plus. cameras were rolling when houston police officers got into a shootout with a carjacking suspect coming up gunfire leaves three officers in the hospital tonight. adam barry weather another beautiful day out there with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures and tracking a few more clouds on you
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it's time to break free. ♪i want to break free♪ ♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. dumbarton bridge last week is shedding new light on struggles that healthcare workers are facing during this pandemic. ktvu is evan sernoffsky spoke to friends of michael o'dell and other nurses about the mental toll. they're all facing. he has their story. new attacks. but it's just been a nightmare. surreal nightmare, so horrible. joshua paredes keeps wondering
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if there was something that could have been done to save his close friend and roommate, michael o'dell. the 27 year old nurse at stanford hospital, died last week. investigators believe he likely took his own life after abruptly leaving in the middle of his shift. hotels body was found floating in the waters and fremont near the dumbarton bridge. just i don't understand how this happened. his friends went to know if the hospital did enough to find odell that morning before it was too late. the nurse doesn't just leave their patients for no reason. unless they're in danger. that's the only reason that would happen or their hurt somewhere. paredes who's also a nurse, said hospitals like stanford need to be more aware of the burden on so many of their nurses as the coronavirus drags on, running on skeleton crews right now. so nurses are exhausted. the new the new normal is for nurses to work 48 hours a week, which is michael was doing in a statement to ktvu. stanford hospital
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officials said they were deeply saddened about o'dell's death. and quote upon being informed that odell maybe missing we alerted authorities and worked with them to help confirm his whereabouts. several of our nurses personally participated in the search efforts. o'dell's death may be an extreme case of a growing problem in health care. a recent poll among healthcare workers, published in the journal of internal medicine , found 74% of them had depression. 37% reported ptsd symptoms and 15% had suicidal thoughts. pandemic has gone on so long that we are no longer able to tolerate the stressors of the position. and we are immediate help and we are sounding the alarm. david hernandez is an er nurse at stanford hospital. he didn't personally know odell, but said his death struck a chord, he said too many nurses don't do enough to care for their own mental health. and face troubles like depression, anxiety and
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exhaustion. every day. you fear that if you open up that you're having mental struggles that perhaps that rule affect your professional career that will affect your development. it could affect your advancement. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and if you or someone you know, needs support, you can call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1 802 73 talk that is 1 802 73825. three houston police officers are recovering tonight after being shot by a suspect who is now surrendered to authorities. the incident began at about 2 40 this afternoon as officers responded to a family disturbance impossible shooting at a home in houston. when officers arrived, the suspect drove away and led police on a
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chase for several miles that chase ended when the suspect crashed his vehicle. police say the suspect using a semiautomatic weapon, then fired at officers and all three returned fire. the suspect managed to get away. he fled the scene in a stolen car and then barricaded himself inside a home . several hours later, he came out with his hands up and was arrested. police say he had a neck wound that will require surgery. a man who was shot while trying to help a robbery victim and conquered, has died. calvin crosby was at the sun valley mall on new year's eve when he saw a man being robbed by several suspects. concord police say crosby jumped in to help the victim and was shot. authorities say they have arrested someone in connection with the killing, but won't release any more information. calvin crosby was 32 years old. he is one of san francisco's most infamous cold case killers. a man referred to as the doodler terrorized the city's gay community. back in the 19
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seventies, police say he would kill gay men dumping their bodies on beaches and trails and tonight new information. about this decades old case, crime reporter henry lee tells us that doodler has now been linked to 1/6 victim. for more than four decades. killer who preyed on gay men in san francisco has never been caught. he was given the name the doodler. he met his victims at bars and then lured them by offering the sketch them on napkins. he told us surviving victim he was an art school and studying to be a cartoonist. for years. sfpd said he's killed five men. but on thursday, investigators say another man worn andrews was likely his sixth victim, the angry seemed like a nice guy. you know, i'll these guys someplace nice guys. andrews was attacked in april 1975 at lands in but unlike the other victims who were stabbed to death andrews was beaten with a rock and tree branch under the bushes looked at the cliffside thought about this and thought, yeah, it looks like there was a struggle. san francisco
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chronicle reporter kevin fagan and the lead sfpd cold case investigator went to the scene where andrews was found. if you're going to fight back against the doodler, the knife could easily go flying off the cliff. what do you do? then you pick up a tree ranch and you pick up a rock and pick up whatever you got to finish the job. but as the number of victims groove leads soon turned cold. it was a different era back then, and the relationship between the gay community and the police were tense. it was kind of a wonderful scene. it was the burgeoning of the gay rights movement. well, the same time there were still sodomy laws on the books there was still crossed, resting, lost the books. police interviewed other men who escaped the doodler and developed the sketch back in 1975. in 2018. investigators released this age progression composite of what he might look like now. on thursday, sfpd doubled the reward for tips in the case to $200,000. police have also interviewed a possible suspect a couple of times over the years. he's still alive, but you can only call him a person of interest because they don't have enough to nail that a case you have to do beyond a
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reasonable doubt. it's been 47 years since the first doodler homicide now, even though so much time has passed. there's no statute of limitations for murder, so anyone with information is asked to call the sfpd. in san francisco. henry lee ktvu faster news. a barrier whether not feeling feeling like january out. there are lots of sunshine, some really mild temperatures and looks like our dry weather stretch will continue into your friday into the weekend and into next week. take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon. lots of sixties, even a 70 to report in the morning hill area this afternoon. it looks like tomorrow we'll still be talking about the widespread sixties and your friday forecast. every thursday. we get the drought update, and as you can see, not too much change here, so we are still officially in severe drought would be nice to attract some more rain drops heading toward the bay area, but unfortunately that is not the case is things remain drive into a next week. here's a satellite as you can see lots of clear skies up and down. our coastline
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has some cloud cover. they'll offshore kind of move the map side here. this cloud cover will be approaching our coastline. first thing tomorrow morning. so for tomorrow we are expecting partly to mostly cloudy skies will gradually thicken up the high cloud cover throughout the morning hours. it is a cold thursday night the right now 37 degrees in fairfield, san francisco, though 54 san jose 49 fremont in the upper forties. here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco still in the clear we're going to wake up to some cold numbers. first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures in the thirties and the forties with mostly cloudy skies. the weekend's still talking about some changes ahead our way as well. we'll have more on that with your full forecast coming up in a little bit. mark thank you. containment is growing in the wildfire burning in big sur cal fire says the colorado fire is now 70% contained. it's burned 700 acres since it started last friday. cal fire says a burn pile ignited the nearby brush and strong winds. evacuation orders
10:20 pm
have been lifted and highway one has reopened to traffic officials also say the fire destroyed one structure. a small start up in san francisco says it's found a way to combat wildfire, such as the colorado fire using artificial intelligence. fox news, grady tremble shows us how it works. you can think of these as high tech fire spotters. these cameras get mounted on mountaintops and high vantage points all across the west coast of the country and even in australia, and they can pick out using artificial intelligence technology fires. sonia kastner is the ceo of this company, pano that is pioneering this technology. and it's already in use in the real world as we speak. absolutely we're in four states and the united states and also australia and tell me what the goal is because, you know, traditionally decades ago, there were people in fire towers looking for fires. this is essentially the same thing, but it uses cameras. absolutely where it's the exact same principles of fire tower you
10:21 pm
mount on a high location where smoke you can see smoke rising and we used the art. we use artificial intelligence to detect the smoke, and then we use triangulation methods, same as what would be using a watchtower. to determine the exact latitude and longitude and send crews there. nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. exactly every mega fire started as a small fire. so if we can detect, confirm and pinpoint the fire quickly, we can allow first responders to contain it while still small, so already there about 25 of these cameras deployed across the us and in australia, and the goal in the future is to grow that number so they can prevent wildfires save property and, most importantly, saved lives in san francisco, grady tremble. fox business. doctors now pointing to two different drugs , fueling the country's overdose crisis coming up how they say these smaller but powerful drugs are being used with more common illegal ones on the street. also ahead as ukraine prepares bomb
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ukraine in the white house, saying that president biden reaffirmed the readiness of the united states and its allies quote to respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. meantime the kremlin says the u. s response to its security demands leaves little ground for optimism. but dialogue is still possible. fox news benjamin hall has the latest us fighter jets have moved to estonia and russian fighter jets to belarus . as the noose tightens on ukraine. we've continued to see the accumulation of combat power now residents in kiev a bracing for possible russian airstrikes , opening up soviet era bomb shelters in preparation. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot visited one of the 5000. this is just one of several bomb shelters in this apartment complex and northern
10:25 pm
kiev in the event of an invasion. this is home. it's a little bit rough. this bomb shelter is said to handle about 60 people. it has electricity and will soon be stocked with food, water, medical supplies, but not much more than that. despite the fears inside ukraine , though the state department hopes putin will choose the path of diplomacy. we hope he will see here. a real opportunity for a legacy of security and arms control rather than a legacy of war. but it wasn't long after ambassador sullivan delivered the u. s response to the russian foreign ministry yesterday that moscow said it wasn't satisfied and that there were few reasons for optimism. ukraine has become a toy in the hands of nato. nato is also trying to show a more unified front, the german foreign minister, giving the clearest sign yet that the north stream two pipeline which gives russia huge control over european gas supplies, would be sanctioned in the event of an invasion. young full range of our responses will be available
10:26 pm
, including nord stream two, but others believe north stream two should be stopped. now i do think that now would be a very, very good time to gon the north stream pipeline. that should get the germans attention if it doesn't get vladimir putin's attention in the last few years, gas prices have soared to record highs, filling russia's coffers. u s. oil imports from russia, also soaring at a 10 year high. germany has also been criticized for refusing to send weapons to ukraine. it has a long standing policy not to send weapons to war zones. instead it has sent a field hospital and helmets. the mayor of kiev, calling the helmets that joke, adding. what next pillows president biden will host the new german chancellor olaf schultz of the white house next month, the first meeting between the two leaders since schultz took office. at the state department. benjamin hall, fox news. and you're really finding children not being a baseline of trauma
10:27 pm
had really no child should have to experience the suicide rate among young black people. doubles coming up. behavioral health workers breakdown. what's behind the increase in depression? and an anxiety also ahead. the port of oakland puts off a boat on a plan that has it at odds with its neighbors and later in sports. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan coming to the defense. of jimmy garoppolo . as the doubters are getting even louder this week, sports director mark ibanez will have the coach's reaction and we will introduce you to some special introduce you to some special little dogs, who some say are it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new honey mustard rotisserie-style chicken. it's sweet, it's tangy, it's tender, it never misses. you could say it's the steph curry of footlongs. you could, but i'm not gonna. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re...
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new baja turkey avocado with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re... children's mental health, and experts are sounding an alarm about a disturbing increase in depression and suicide. among black youth. ktvu is jana katsuyama spoke with
10:30 pm
behavioral health workers about the problems. she's there in the newsroom. with the story, geno mike and julie. the suicide rate for black youth is now higher than other racial groups, according to state data, and there's concern that with the added stress from the pandemic, more needs to be done to reach out and support those children to prevent more deaths. concern is rising about the mental health of california's black youth data from the state department of public health shows the suicide rate of young black californians has doubled since 2014. it has doubled since 2014. it's kind of 80% since 28 kids dr george woods in oakland neuro psychiatrist in chief scientist at crestwood behavioral health. says it is alarming. it's really at unusual phenomenon. we typically at that scene that break up suicide within the african american child and adolescent community, experts say some factors causing more depression among black youth are poverty, homelessness
10:31 pm
, the stress of the pandemic and exposure to violence. something which those who work with young people say, is sadly all too common. any kind of a venue where you ask for a show of hands. how many of you know someone who has been killed? and almost every hand will go up in the room and too frequently. it's a family member. elvis ter stanley is president of the oakland boys and girls club, which tries to help children build skills for better mental health with programs like smart moves smart moves as an acronym skills, mastery and resilience training. and so it's designed to help young people to make smarter, more deliberate moves as it comes to coping to navigating and increasingly complex and changing world with mental health definitely has a stigma behind it, and more so with people of color. martin lopez diaz, co executive director of brothers on the rise, says his program works with young men of color in
10:32 pm
oakland, taking them out into nature and mentoring them to help their emotional resilience and we do it through. social emotional learning where we're teaching them about. what's it look like? or what is it about having a good relationship with someone or how to have empathy with others picking up? it's okay to share your emotions. it's okay to cry. and dr woods says, if you think a young person is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, it is very important to reach out and ask if they have considered hurting themselves. we have some resources on suicide prevention that we posted on our website just go to ktvu .com. and click on web links like yes. so important to keep that door open to keep the conversation going with your friends and your loved ones at all times. alright, jana katsuyama live in the newsroom. jenna. thank you. new attend tonight. a suspect is under arrest in connection with the deadly stabbing in concord last weekend, police say 31 year old thomas ariano was stabbed to death inside a home on bennett
10:33 pm
way near port chicago highway last saturday evening. authorities arrested the suspect in lafayette yesterday with the help of the fbi. the suspect's name, still has not been released. two alarm fire broke out at a senior apartment homes complex and pleasant hill started around one o'clock this afternoon at hooks 10 senior homes on west hoxton road. the contra costa county fire protection district says this started as an electrical fire in an unoccupied unit. one man, though in an adjacent apartment had to be rescued from a balcony. he was taken to a hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. many other residents were able to get themselves safely out. we dodged a bullet could have been much worse here, but fortunately lot of good things happened. i think that we're in our favor one. most of the people were able to self evacuate. h to the fire was held to one unit in one building which prevented any danger really to any other residents. firefighters were able to knock
10:34 pm
this one down unless than an hour. there's no word yet on whether any residents at the apartment complex were displaced. a boat on a new gravel yard at the port of oakland has been postponed. the court withdrew the item from the agenda just before tonight's meeting. so far, we don't have an explanation as to why eagle rock aggregates is looking to sign a deal for 18 acres of land at birth, 22 to bring in rock and gravel to make concrete. neighbors say the facility will also bring dust and pollution to west. oakland advocates say they hope the delay means that the ports and eagle rock will pursue negotiations on improvements california et de officials say most of the 340,000 disability checks they suspended are fraudulent. the agency halted payments on disability claims associated with about 27,000 suspicious doctors today, state officials nearly all say nearly all of those doctors had not verified their identities. the department could not say how much money was paid in fraudulent claims. officials say people who have legitimate
10:35 pm
claims that were halted will be processed as quickly as possible once their identities are verified. well the state is asking more than a million people to submit proof of eligibility for pandemic relief that they received. the money came from a program created by the federal government but managed by the dd ktvu is tom baker has the details. months after they receive their checks . the dd wants 1.4 million unemployed recipients, mostly for federal pandemic relief to provide proof that they are eligible and entitled to the money they received previously. only people who are w two workers largely were able to obtain unemployment insurance. many recipients freelancers are small business owners who got pandemic relief. say they don't have specific documents that can definitively proved that they were seeking work or working documents that were not required when the relief was granted in
10:36 pm
the trump administration. this was very poorly designed program. um and it had very lax standards. very lax protocols. people want to attack any deep, but these decisions in state government and federal government were made elsewhere. it's not easy d that was responsible for how this money went out if they can't prove it , the edie edie wants the money back in some cases as much as $30,000. either voluntarily or forced collection through garnishment property leans, reducing other benefits or court actions. the state has been stung and severely criticized for writing $20 billion in checks to fraudsters. but blames federal government requirements for the claw back policy. the former ed director, says most of these 1.4 million claims probably are legitimate silla people, um, would be eligible given these very lax standards and those that may not be eligible. it's largely a taste
10:37 pm
of confusion in terms of not intending to defraud the government, though people have a right to appeal through a so called trusted referee. the ov tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. it's that next generation. the one after that. my grandchildren and their children the experiments still works. united states supreme court justice stephen breyer reflecting there on the future of the american experiment as he announces his retirement from the high court. justice, breyer said he does remain optimistic about the country's future. his retirement also gives president biden the opportunity here to possibly make some history of his own ktvu is greg lee has more on grayer's legacy and who could possibly replace them? people have come to accept this constitution and they've come to accept the importance of the rule of law. justice stephen
10:38 pm
breyer spoke publicly for the first time after making it official after nearly 28 years he'll retire from the supreme court with the court's senior liberal by his side. president biden called breyer a model public servant is a beacon of wisdom on our constitution and what it means. and through it all justice priorities worked tirelessly to give faith to the notion that the law exists to help the people. justice breyer , san francisco native sent the president this letter formally announcing his retirement. his career spans four decades on the federal bench. mother used to say it's every race, every religion and she would emphasize this and it's every point of view possible. and it's a kind of miracle. and yet they've decided to help. solve their major differences under law. breyer also quoted george washington and abraham lincoln and their belief that american democracy is an experiment. it's an experiment that's still going on. and i'll tell you something.
10:39 pm
you know who will see whether that experiment works. it's you, my friend person i will nominate only some of the extraordinary qualifications, character experience and integrity. and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states. supreme court president biden reaffirmed his campaign promise to women on the short list d c circuit judge. hitachi brown jackson, california supreme court justice leandra kruger. berkeley law professor amanda tyler clerked for late justice ruth bader ginsburg and knows both women calling them exceptional. it would be wonderful to see the president choose someone who will replace justice breyer and continue to carry the torch for being a careful and thoughtful jurist. thinking about how the law affects people in the real world. president biden said he'll pick someone by the end of february, with democrats ready to move quickly setting up a
10:40 pm
confirmation battle in the senate. republican senator mitch mcconnell, writing the president must not outsource. this important decision to the radical left. the american people deserve a nominee with demonstrated reverence for the written text of our laws and our constitution. in a nod to the partisan split, the president said he will seek out the advice of senators from both sides of the aisle as well as from vice president harris before making his pick. greg lee ktvu. box two news i think he's the principal dogs are the lucky charm of the 49ers. the 49ers have special dogs on their side in the run up to the nfc championship game coming up, see how the dogs are being worked into their routine. edit barrier weather looks like we'll have a view high clouds as we head into your friday forecast. but what about your weekend? we'll have the update coming up after the break and a new mix of drugs, complicating the country's effort to slow down in
10:41 pm
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like a lot, a lot.
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fans. they're joined by their extended friendship family to support the hometown team, and it's all thanks to one northern california family. ktvu cristina rendon met with the breeders responsible for these dogs in demand. it's a puppy bowl like no other. this is the frenchie faithful decked out in 49 years gear and, yes, they're playing with a football signed by nick bosa. i think these french bulldogs are the lucky charm of the 49ers. jay mar del rosario and his brothers own gut frenchy. they started breeding in 2000 and nine and never imagined being a part of the 49ers family. i thought it was a dream. and like i woke up from us and man, this isn't a dream. we got invited to levi stadium and i got to bring you know a few people brought about, you
10:44 pm
know, six or seven dogs. this is video from 2000 and 18. when got frenchy delivered zoe to the team. in 2020. the niners added another frenchie named rookie, the pooches have their own official instagram page filled with pics of them and players. these frenchies are not just cute to look at. they also offer some emotional support the ones for the 40 niners how players on the injured reserve list and the rookies when they're around. it's almost as if players don't focus on the work anymore. they kind of get their mind off of it. get the jitters out, right play with these dogs and to have these dogs around every day while they're practicing. i think that's definitely helping the 49ers win. deborah's dario has even sold dogs to vernon davis, navarro bowman and two players on other nfl teams, boy all these dogs are part of the same pedigree as zoe and rookie. his name is cash with gut friend she this is panda panda express . this is sophie. this is delilah. she is a lilac tan got
10:45 pm
frenchy and movies got frenchy uni of other yet. in the half, and she's actually the mother of michael, this is hennessy. this got frenchy saraya. he's four months and he's isabella. the frenchie faithful are pumped for the nfc championship game and happy to be a part of the 49ers family go. go niners friendship ! go linus got friendship. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. turn it up. i love it. go! niners three days in count. here we go. you can watch that. niners and rams games sunday, gh here on ktvu fox to pregame coverage starts at three o'clock kick off set for 3 30. two drugs complicate the country's drug overdose problem coming up the fatal mix they're making with other illegal drugs . and after a wet october and december january, somewhat disappointing as we give you a live look out there at the bay
10:46 pm
bridge in the city. by the bay in the distance. we're checking in with meteorologist mark t oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds.
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♪ at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. crossing through the mountains and seeing that long open landscape. it's big, it's wild, it's unknown. you know, one of the things we value while we are traveling, is it allows us to relate to each other differently, and bring us closer. as a family, you bring these little humans into the world. and you only have so much time with them, you just got to use it well. u. s overdose crisis. one of the drugs has the street name is so it's a synthetic opioid believed to be 20 times stronger than fentanyl. isil can be absorbed. by skin contact, ingestion or
10:49 pm
inhaling. researchers say both drugs are often being taken in combination with fentanyl. some officials say they are concerned that the anti overdose drug narcan may not be as effective. n counteracting their effects. well, this is the time of year we should be busy a tracking storms and strong winds and sierra snowfall, not the case. not too much change with our weather story this week, and in fact, temperatures remain mild for tomorrow and into the weekend. take a look at this picture today from pacific heights, looking out toward san francisco bay out toward the golden gate bridge and the marine headlands completely in the clear, so a nice thursday afternoon. it's a pretty mild temperatures. average temperatures for today for the state would be close to 60 degrees. everybody up above the average today, widespread sixties and a few neighborhoods inching closer to 70 degrees. last rainfall was january 7th that we actually had some real measurable rainfall here in the bay area. that was a few weeks
10:50 pm
ago, but it is dry this week. no more rain expected into into the into the weekend or two early next week, so it looks like february starts off dry as well . here's a satellite right now. lots of clear skies up and down our coastline. we will have some high cloud cover begin to increase overnight tonight and into your friday morning. so tomorrow morning, we are expecting partly to mostly cloudy skies. whole night. right now, you can see the current numbers fairfield, already in the upper thirties 37 degrees santa rosa 43 san francisco, checking in 54 some forties down. in the south bay. here's our live camera looking out toward the south bay in san jose , and we do have mostly clear skies called the start tomorrow morning. we talked about that earlier temperatures in the thirties and the forties and then into the afternoon hours. widespread sixties major storm, not for us, but this will definitely capture the weather headlines for tomorrow, especially by friday night and saturday morning and major snow producer possibly over a foot of
10:51 pm
snow in the boston areas that snowfall picks up our dry weather stretch will continue 20. days today we attack on a few more mild, few more dry days in this mild pattern sticks around. we're just watching this system drift closer to our coastline for tomorrow that will sit in a few extra clouds throughout the day on your friday the weekend starts off cloudy and then partly cloudy skies by saturday afternoon. forecast highs for tomorrow. after that cold start tomorrow morning. lots of sixties out there. once again. some cloud cover skies, becoming partly sunny into the afternoon. so it looks like a quiet pattern. i wish those clouds could produce some raindrops for us, but not showing up just yet. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast the weekend starts off with some cloud cover and then probably some sunny breaks into was saturday afternoon. sunday looking just great watching the football games on sunday, and we are expecting maybe a few clouds on monday fair skies and tuesday, but it's a great weather pattern, but unfortunately it looks like this dry weather pattern will continue at least until at least right on through the first week
10:52 pm
of february. mark. thank you coming up in sports. two warriors named starters in the upcoming all star game, and tonight they proved why they earn that honor. sports director mark avancez with highlights next and then on the 11 o'clock news, alabama follows through with an execution just hours
10:53 pm
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to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. room tonight. well we knew very early. it was going to be a good day for the golden state warriors. but when steph curry and andrew wiggins got named the all star game it would only be a great day. if they won the game and that they did quite convincingly against the minnesota t wolves all smiles. andrew wiggins will join steph curry, in his first all star
10:55 pm
game was a starter. no less. draymond still has got a shot at being a reserve warriors played like all stars against the t wolves. sensational ball movement and steph to clay. nicely done with the left hand and steph celebrating his eighth all star selection. six of 10 from three. he is dancing again and to the tune of 29 points. shot clock. why did down here? and you can't have splash brothers without the pool like jordan's 19 after bench, they just all meshed beautifully tonight, up six with about six minutes left. t wolves very athletic team, but wigs will bury the three he had to come through. on a day like this. he had 19 points and looking good workers. put it away. 1 20 world. 1 15 play very much in rhythm. tonight he had 23 9 of 16 shooting golden state. in fact, 58.3% from beyond the arc. all star wigs that can start
10:56 pm
calling him this afternoon. it wasn't that 31 13 is mind blowing, you know, it's like my little pregame nap. and my girl. my daughter is woke me up and said you're starting your starter. not that was dreaming for a second. i was like, what's going on? i'm thankful, no impending putting in a lot of work. um and you know, i found a home here. that's good to hear and hope he sticks around a while on the college courts tonight for both cal and stanford little sojourn down to southern california and successfully done for the stanford cardinal jared has taken on number 15 usc down in southern california. we're tied at 60 under a minute, harrison ingram with a tough drive. we'll get it to drop cardinal up to with 31 seconds left. under 10. seconds left. cardinal up three mobley for the game time. three that is a no go to and stanford
10:57 pm
wins it 64 61. in fact, they sweep usc and the season series cardinal, now five and three. in the pac 12. better days, you would think ahead for cal kicked up much worse than tonight. mark fox company hitting the skids in conference play, ucl. ah, putting the brewing compassion. cal i may yakis, the steel any seals it on the other end 17 turnovers for cal. that was the story 81 57 u c l, a bears now 22 and seven in the pac 12 the great bill cartwright will be twitching in his sleep tonight after watching us f blow this one versus st mary's. j mari boogie will hit the long way out three right before the intermission. he had 19 of the dons up 41 24 at halftime and looking good, but st mary's class act that they are roaring back usf up to under two minutes
10:58 pm
left, alex ducasse will miss matthias task will follow it up . 63 all still touch another gayle smith and again tests with the cleanup work. plus he's fell that counts. he had 27 72 70 gales win it. they come from 23 down to take it there now four and one in conference, the dons three and three santa clara by the way, one on a buzzer beater against byu. highlights of that at 11 o'clock. you know some people? they just have it. you could rip jimmy garoppolo all you want. say what? you will look at the statistics measure him up against the all time great. the guy is a winner, no matter what you want to call him despite the 49ers, now, just one victory away from the super bowl. lots of folks still seem to get their kicks. ripping this guy, you know the quarterback who is now 31 14 as a 49ers starter in the regular season
10:59 pm
and the playoffs. he's four and one coach. kyle knows what's up. jimmy is one of the main reasons we're here. he's done an unbelievable job. people don't give them enough credit. jimmy is a very good quarterback, and he doesn't worry about any of that stuff and he never really changes. and i think that's what people respect the most about him. um and then the way that he goes in battles on the field. i mean, everyone knows how tough he is. everyone knows how hard he'll compete running with the ball and our our guys also know we can throw pretty well too. make sure you got it made. who cares about the fans? at this point? they're always complaining about quarterbacks. 3 30 game time you'll see it on channel to it by the way, team usa wins and men's soccer highlights of that. and it's coming up in about 20 minutes or so perfect. alright, mark. thank you. thank you, 11. let me see very angry that somebody could come into my home and taking something that was so special to me. fortunately the dog stolen from home in san jose is safely
11:00 pm
back with its owners tonight. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. and good event. i'm mike mibach and i'm julie julie haener. it has happened again. a french bulldog stolen from her family was just reunited with her owners. hours ago, cameras captured the moment someone grabbed the dog on east san antonio street in san jose ktvu is amber lee spoke to the family about tonight's happy reunion. i'm happy. yeah, i can't believe. she's back so fast. this is surveillance video given to me by the hernandez family from wednesday night, about eight o'clock. it shows a man dealing down looking through the fence at the dog. then a second man jumps over the fence grabs the dog, enhance her off. he turns around and tries to grab a second dog, but it appears that dog eluded him. both men take off. hernandez's daughter spoke to me before the stolen dog was found very angry that somebody could come into my home and taking something


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